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archibald drummond + miss key marry

Archibald is janet (graham)drummonds, abt 5th grt grandfather , born in Scotland in 1600s,believed to have emigrated to USA. the generations to janet ,next ??? then,1760s is john + eliz gardiner, son alexander m Catherine dew dow , 2nd marriage was cathy clark,1780s then hugh drummond our 3rd grt grandparents m ann Drysdale,born muthill Scotland,these are janets parents our 2nd grt grt grandparent, m james Symons in 1854.lived in Victoria aus , 5 children ann , john , janet, mary mrs William taylor ,our 1st grt granparents he was born 1860 , mary born ballarat Victoria, 1861, m 1877. died in geelong 1928 his death 1929,there were abt 12 children , 1890 amy Victoria Chisholm mrs E D,arcy, our grandmother was Margaret ann taylor mrs Frederick dunstall born 16th april,1883. they had 12 children- 6 boys fred , Arthur , walter uncle wally ,Robert,james + stanly all deceased , last male died july 2013 , in Adelaide STH AUS, then 6 females still living ,the youngest , then 1st girl born - ellen, 2nd ada, 3rd girl our mother born 25th sept ,1913 in sth aus grace linda ivy mrs Donald carter 7 living children one boy died 20th june 2001 .in Brisbane Q aus died of non hodgkins lymphoma. 5 girls still living , + 2boys. back to dunstalls, our mothers + her sibblings born in sth aus, from 1903 until last female living born 16th dec ,1922. abt, dunstalls have a folly in sussex England ,also, road , street + church , in Australia the men share farmed on large farms, with their cousins,in south aus. also they started up , a coach from yankallili to Adelaide, + granddad Frederick received trophies for hay stacking , and training brumbie horses,

janet (graham)drummond gedcom

drummond - graham, connections to flemming. related to Drysdale clark, gardiner,key, to 1600s find gedcom for this connection

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family group record for charles thorpe

adding more about Thorpe carter , connections Gifford Gordon our uncle brother to Donald + Robert, sisters known as Cassandra, 1st name ??maude or ??/ Cassandra, Donald fathered 8 kids only 7 living bill , died 20th june 2001, 5 girls 3 boys . back to Thorpe family , by family search in records from british isle 06/11/2007 family group record charles + mary ann, both born 1808 , in london eng marry 1827 in London , charles died 28th july 1892 in Adelaide sth aus , mary died 07 sept,1875 in Adelaide Australia Frederick Thorpe 1st born 1828 in London eng 2nd born ellen bosher thorpe b 1829 in London eng,bernhardt thorpe born 1832 died 3 years old 1835 in lon eng,william Alfred 1833 died same year, clara b 1834 William garner twin to Thomas Thorpe, b 1stjan1841 in burnside sth Australia married kezia Hall , 5th feb, 1863 born in Bowden sth aus. Thomas died 22nd july 1923in Australia,IgI pedigree, jesus Christ view.asp?recid=100361122284&spo 10th 17th-2007 family group _record.asp?familyid=336363852 6th -11th-2007

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drysdale drummond add james symons william taylor all connected in victoria aus

dunstall frederick started the coach line from adelaide to yankallili abt 1870s , we then have margaret ann taylor _m - frederick they have 12 kids 6 boys + 6 girls 7th born grace dunstall born 25th sept,1913 in ceduna sth aus,marrying my dad donald lindley carter. born 21st march 1908 a baker come handy man.they had 8 kids 3 boys 5 girls , mary symons our great grandmum -m -william taylor 1877 in victoria. having 12 kids. as our grandmum margaret ann taylor had. two of these 12 are still living.grace died one year after our eldest brother bill died of non hodgkins lymphoma,in june 2001 mum in july 2002. the girls on mums side of family seem to have autoimmune diseases all different types. mary symons mrs w taylor was the daughter of janet drummond born february,1832 in dunfermline scotland,also her parents,ann drysdale + hugh drummond ,born 1807 ,he was 1801. he was said to have been in the armed forces.as far as i know they only had 3 children. eventually they all moved away from scotland to australia for janetann + hugh are not there until the death of janet being able to sign her death certificate. janet seems to have died young. maybe after her 5th child jane born 1864 abt , son john born in hiedleberg vict, anne in collingwood, janet , then mary born ballarat 1861. died in geelong in 1928, his death 1929 william died a year later than mary. this is the history of carter drummond drysdale connection to scotland

my sister - in -law was a payne in brisbane now mrs carter

john walker + miss fuller from edinborough scot,abt 1880. sons frederick + albert walker fred - m - emma gertrude whitehurst, abt 1911. born eileen gertrude walker may-1912 _m - john william milner dec 26th 1936 or 37, eileens two brothers reginald walker married dorothy. alan born 24th june abt 1915 married sylvia. a chimney sweeps daughter, all in england,

dan greer of brisbane married to carter family in 2000

greer are my relatives ,a niece . still living . privacy required . looking for currie in geddes + gebbie gedcom connection to carter dunstall connection. also jolly to dunstall taylor symons connection. johnstone taylor symons carter connect.

i thought i already gave many carter ancesters

but here ,again i will add my brothers have also collected files on our family , carter with thorpe HALL < HILL , may be mary green or Kingsford from london to hindmarsh aus ,Barns mcdonald ,hedge. then carter has , schofield davies jones, knowles, smith we have collected from other engins back to 1500 for carter ,thorpe from 1700s in london to australia. this is all for now it is getting late here + cold near bathurst will add more information later

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family connections to carter from garston england

sir names start with > J < jolly with dunstall , mary jones,mrs carter, johnstone with taylor symons drummond, jenkins with dunstall, start with >M< milner with carter, mckenzie, mcdonald with thorpe, start with >C< carey to carter, chisholm in carter ,campbell with carter cunning, >d< dunstall drysdale drummond , >B< for barnett to carter, brown to dunstall, >S< schofield to carter ,symons to taylor ,smith to carter, >K >knowles with carter< >W < waller to dunstall, whitwell with wonnocott from walker,to whitehurst + milner THE FIRST SIR NAMES ARE RELATED TO THE SIR NAME BESIDE them