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janet drummond mrs james symons in victoria aus parents

janet moved to australia to live m 1854 to james giving birth to john 1856 , ann , janet, mary , + jane symons family . mary married william taylor in 1877 , mary died in geelong 1928 william died 1929 . they had 12 kids , williams parents robert taylor married mary wilson . no more known about these grandparents + cousins except mary grt granmum gave birth to 12 children also, this was margaret ann taylor M to frederick dunstall ,in 1903 hughs parents were supposedly born in 1700s in scotland ,dad was robert i believe mum not known yet , would like to find the siblings of all grt grt grt grandparents plus thier parents . which clan of drummonds do they belong too . also in gebbie + geddies family all of my family have been added from carter to dunstall taylor symons + wilson adds another drummond isobella mrs john geddies born late 1700s to 1800do not know who added my family or who my blood relatives are in this tree. but there are many people in this tree. would like to find out more about this tree.

looking for carter Y/DNA 47073 holly carter + jefrey raymond carter carters from garston

carter from london john to garston his son john 1670s abt then his son john thomas known as thomas,born in garston abt 1700, also childwell + wavertree dad to john in london believed to be richard still in garston 1500s john was said to have been married to sarrah smith, our carter gedcom file only goes to thoms in 1700, would like to add more to this file . our uncle frank carter went to USA as a pastor or priest ,much later when carters are in footscray vic australia , he married over there + never came back to aussie i think . his parents i think were henry carter from garsto 1874 or 5, when he met caroline eliz schorield + my grandpa was their 1st born william henry born footscray vic on 6th may 1876, his sister jane cotton carter born , M john montgomery. one child was called belinda , ancestry .com has photos , of these relatives from my cousins. jane was called cotton because our grt gran caroline schofils mum with same names except her mum was carol cotton married to william schofield, this caroline cotton only had two daughters florence amilia schofield grandma carol carter had 12 children all born in victoria from 1876 to one baby every 2 years. this family connection to our father donald lindley carter , his mum was rebecca thorpe from hindmarsh born 10 - 10 - 1882 , in south australia , her mum was kezia NEE Hall mrs thoma thorpe, kezias parents were, elizabeth Hill m to John Hall thomas rthorpes mum + dad charles thorpe + mary green or king something no one is sure which mary. so this is our fathers side of family don our dad married grace linda ivy dunstall born 25th sept 1913 in ceduna m 19th march 1932,the day harbor bridge was opened mum died one year after brother robert william known as (bill) age 64 non hodgkins lymphoma.on 20th june 2001 , mum died age 88 yrs in july 27th 2002 , dad died 27 july 1966 age 58 of coronary occl arteriosclerosus anemia , mum died similar causes but 40 years later she remarried norm brought at age 50s he was older than mum . Mum was 7th child of 12 kids born to margaret ann taylor mrs frederick dunstall. her sister was amy victoria chisholm taylor born 1890 M mrs D,arcy ,beverly + dawn thier daughters. gandma was born april 1883, her 12 kids of which the youngest are the only ones alive , the deceased ellen , arthur wally born 1908, ada, robert , number 6 frederick MUM born 7th , olive mrs brown 9th james M betty halliday had 3 kids 0ne boy two girls.last of the not living was mary died of leukemia abt 2011, there was 6 boys + 6 girls one of each are still living. grt grandma was mary symons mrs william taylor they had 12 children also will write more on new sheet

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still looking for hugh drummond + anne drysdale from dumfermline fife scotland born 1800 + 1807 abt

who are thier family + parents looking since xmas only get to 1800 no luck at all trying LDS roots many search engins

why do we not get more information as LDS used to do ,they would allow you to click on parents + syblings in the format allowing people to search further than just the next parent , roots also give ahnanfeld family collection which help people bring peopl

in one year i travelled from victoria aus to scotland ,finding family name in 1066 changed from an hungarian name to a scotish name . changing the whole concept of our family . also allowing family health issues to be maybe related to this nationality . so it pays to know the full picture which was great, but because of cercumstances having the wrong grandmum caused to start all over again from her in 1830s to the next janet causing travelling again but not arriving there as quickley as the 1st trip , disappointing by the changes of the search engins from last year to today. very sad.

finding drummond family to 1300 , as i had the wrong janet + went to that family

followed janet b 1830 instead of the right one b 1832 married james symons not william . all in victoria it was amazing as i collected every generation to 1300s also finding mauritz known in scot as maurice . the drummonds arrived from hungaria with the future king of england + his sisters by being wrecked on the rocks in 1066 . he loved scotland so much he decided to stay , then the surname was changed to drummond as his name was so hungarian . much of my information was given to wikipedia to add into book form as it was so interesting

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dunstall thorpe in sth australia carter schofield in footscray victoria

carter thorpe macdonald Hedge ,HALL < HILL dunstall taylor brown trelligan symons wilson drummond isabella geddes nee drummond janet symons mrs james symons miss drummond ,mum drysdale anne mrs hugh drummond please share on message boards also carter DNA + GEDCOM FILE ALSO THORPE GEDCOM FILE e-mail june carter > j.bon39@live.com GEDCOM in name of JEFFREY raymond CARTER + DNA..... dave edwick gedcom thorpe + carter find from search engins

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family connection carter gedcom already exists, share also gedcom for thorpe -carter london england garston , footscray victoria carter schofield drummond symons taylor dunstall road

i get carried away when typing just keep stating what has to be said. dunstalls from sussex have a folly , moved to yankallila sth australia. dunstalls have dunstall road ancestry book , they made the coach line from adelaide to yankallila sth aus frederick was famous for his wild horses taming , stacking his hay bales. they are related to taylor symons janet m to james symons ,janet came from dumfermline scotland b 1832, married james in victoria 1854, had 5 kids john symons,in hiedleberg vic - b - 1856 abt. ann -born -1858 - janet - b -1859 . mary our great gran born mary symons _ 1861 -m - william taylor 1877 . mary died in geelong in 1928 ,he died 1929. they had 12 kids their daughter margaret ann taylor mrs frederick dunstall sth australia , - b - 1883 fred -b - 1859 much older than grandma ,, they also had 12 children our mother grace linda ivy nee dunstall mrs donald lindly carter he b 1908 ,she -b - 1913 . -m - 1932 had 8 children only one not alive died 2001 she -d 2002 dad died 1966 , marys last 5th born was jane -b - 1864 abt all born in vic australia hoping you may find your matches to collect your world connection gedcom files by from june marie carter