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Thomas Bawden Bryar b. 1831 Marazion Cornwall

Thomas Bawden Bryar was baptised on the 30 November 1831 in Marazion Cornwall. He was the eldest son of Richard Bryar and Mary Ann Bawden. Refer to Richard Bryar journal for further information.

Thomas appeared in the 1841 and 1851 census living with his parents. Although he was married when the 1851 census was taken, he along with his wife Mary Ann were still living with his parents in Carnyorth. Refer to Richard Bryar journal for further information.

Thomas Bawden Bryar married Mary Ann Roberts Burgess on the 25 January 1851 in St Just in Penwith. Mary Ann was the daughter of William Burgess and Elizabeth Roberts, and was baptised on the 26 December 1828 at St Breaca in the parish of Breage.

Children of Thomas and Mary:

1. Elizabeth Ann Bryar baptised 1852, died 1852.

2. Elizabeth Ann Bawden Bryar baptised 2 March 1853 in Breage. Migrated to Sth Australia with her parents and siblings in 1857 on board Sumner.
Elizabeth married William John Whitla/w on the 6 March 1869 in Clunes. She died on the 12 August 1932, at 29 Sargood St, Coburg, and was buried in Fawkner Cemetery.

3. Susan Jane Bryar baptised 17 January 1855 in Breage. Migrated to Sth Australia with her parents and siblings in 1857. Susan married John Oates in 1870 in Victoria. She died on the 14 August 1924 in Footzcray.

4. Esther Ann Bryar baptised 24 March 1857 in Breage. Migrated to Sth Australia with her parents and siblings in 1857. Esther married Edward Radford in 1877 in Rushworth Victoria. They had eight children.

5. Phillip Bawden Bryar baptised 14 November 1858 in Kooringa Sth Aust. Presume she died.

6. Thomas Bawden Bryar born 7 August 1860 in Kooringa Sth Aust. He married Elizabeth Jane Watson on the 1 January 1885 in Victoria, they had five children. Thomas died in 1928 in Bendigo.

7. Marianne (Mary Ann) Bryar born 12 June 1862 in Wallaroo Sth Aust. She married George Roberts in 1880 in Victoria. They had one child Thomas John Roberts who was born and died in 1881. Marianne died in 1933 in West Footscray.

8. Phillip Bawden Bryar born 24 November 1864 in Moonta Sth Aust. He married Ester Ann Watson on the 10 April 1883 in Victoria. They had ten children. Phillip died in 1903 in the Bendigo Hospital.

9. Hephzibah Bryar born 14 December 1866 in Moonta Sth Aust. She married Joseph Herbert Hirst in 1887 in Victoria. They had five children. Hephzibah died in 1933 in East St Kilda.

10. Phillip Bryar born 7 December 1869 in Clunes Victoria. She married William Davies in 1889 in Sandhurst (Bendigo_. They had eight children. Phillipa died in 1939 in Essendon.

11. Rebecca Jane Bryar born 6 May 1872 in Eaglehawk. She married Richard Philip Cannel in 1892, and remarried in 1907 to James Matthew Middleton. Rebecca died in 1950 in Yarraville.

(to be continued)

Richard Bryar b. 1809 Cornwall

This journal is about my ancestor Richard Bryar and his family, from Cornwall to South Australia.

Richard Bryar was baptised on the 28 July 1809 in St Just in Penwith. As far as I have been able to determine, he was the only child of Philip Bryar and Alice Reseigh. They were married on the 29 July 1808 in St Just in Penwith.

Richard married Mary Ann Bawden on the 6 February 1831 at St Hilary. Mary Ann Bawden was the daughter of Edward Bawden and Mary James, and was baptised on the 25 October 1807 in St Hilary.

Richard and Mary's children:-

Thomas Bawden Bryar bapt 30 Nov 1831 in Marazion.

James Bawden Bryar bapt 11 Dec 1831, All Saints Marazion. No further information is known.

Richard Bryar bapt 25 Dec 1832, All Saints Marazion. Died 9 April 1838.

Philip Bryar bapt 11 May 1834, All Saints Marazion. Died 25 Sept 1834.

Philip Bryar bapt 9 Aug 1835, All Saints Marazion. Died 1 Mar 1836.

Mary Anne Bawden Bryar bapt 12 Mar 1837, All Saints Marazion. Died 3 Nov 1840.

Alice Jane Bryar bapt 15 Sept 1839, All Saints Marazion. Migrated to Sth Australia with her family in 1857. She married William Henry Rowe on 2 Feb 1859 in Kooringa Sth Australia.
Children: Mary Ann Rowe born 4 Aug 1859 Kooringa.
Alice remarried on 22 Sept 1860 in Redruth Sth Australia, to George Clark.
Children: Emily Jane Clark 20 May 1863 Kadina
William Clark 8 July 1864 Wallaroo
George Henry Clark 17 Mar 1866 Wallaroo Bay
Philip Clark 29 May 1868 Wallaroo Mines
Annie Clark 7 June 1873 Wallaroo Mines
Elizabeth Jane Clark 4 Sept 1875 Wallaroo Mines
Emily Ethel Clark 7 Oct 1877 Wallaroo Mines
Alice Jane Bryar died on 12 April 1914 at Parkside in Adelaide.

Mary Ann Bryar bapt 19 Mar 1841 in Penzance. Migrated to Sth Australia with her family in 1857. Married Samuel Gilbert on 18 October 1859 in Kooringa.
Children: Samuel Gilbert 1 April 1860 Redruth. Died 1860 Redruth.
Elizabeth Jane Gilbert 17 Aug 1861 Wallaroo. Died 1867 Wallaroo Mines.
Mary Ann Bryar died on 18 June 1862 at Wallaroo Mines.

Elizabeth Bryar born in about 1844. Migrated to Sth Australia with her family in 1857. Married John Henry Pardan 11 April 1868 in Kadina.
Children: John Henry Pardan 7 March 1869 Wallaroo Mines. Died 1869.
Richard Henry Pardan 20 Jan 1870 Wallaroo Mines. Died 1870.
James Henry Pardan 1 Feb 1871 Wallaroo Mines.
Elizabeth Jane Pardan 6 Feb 1872 Wallaroo Mines. Died 1872.

Richard John Bryar bapt 19 Sept 1847 in Penzance. Migrated to Sth Australia with his family in 1857. Married Emma Jane Ford 13 April 1873 at Yelta Mine.
Children: Richard Bryar 22 Jan 1874 Yelta Mine. Died 1874.
William Bryar 10 Mar 1875 Yelta Mine. Died 1875.
Martin Bryar 10 Mar 1875 Yelta Mine. Died 1875.
Emma Jane Bryar 14 May 1876 Kooringa.
Edith Maud Bryar 4 June 1878 Yelta Mine.
Beatrice Bryar 8 July 1880 Nth Adelaide.
Alice Elizabeth Bryar 12 Dec 1882 Glen Osmond.
William Bryar 31 Oct 1884 Eastwood.
Sydney Norman Bryar 1890 Broken Hill.
Richard Bryar died 24 Sept 1898 in Broken Hill in a mining accident.

CENSUS 1841 - Richard Bryar and Mary Ann Bawden

Richard Bryar aged 30 - tin and copper miner
Maryann Bryar aged 30
Thomas Bryar aged 9
Alice Bryar aged 2
Mary Ann Bryar aged 2 months

Fore Street - Ref: HO107/144/2 26/15/2

CENSUS 1851 - Richard Bryar and Mary Ann Bawden

Richard Bryar head aged 41 - tin miner - born St Just Cornwall
Mary Ann Bryar wife aged 43 - born Penryn Cornwall
Thomas Bryar son aged 20 - tin miner - born Marazion
Mary Bryar daur-in-law aged 22 - born Breage
Allace Bryar daur aged 11 - born Marazion
Mary Ann Bryar daur aged 10 - born Marazion
Elizabeth Bryar daur aged 6 - born Marazion
Richard Bryar son aged 3 - born Marazion

Carnyorth Pendeen. Ref: HO107/1717 166/30/34

Richard and Mary Ann, along with their children, Alice, Mary Ann, Elizabeth and Richard migrated as assisted immigrants to South Australia. They arrived in Port Adelaide on the ship Monsoon on the 17 March 1857. Both Alice and Mary Ann were listed as domestic servants. The family settled in Burra, and later moved to the Wallaroo Mines near Kadina.

Richard's eldest son Thomas Bawden Bryar also immigrated to Sth Australia, but he came out separately with his wife and children in 1857 on board the ship Sumner.

Richard Bryar died on the 6 Sept 1865 in Kadina, and his wife Mary Ann died on 4 June 1870 at Wallaroo Mines.


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