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The London Gazzette - worth having a look at for death notices & insolvencies

I often search for death notices and personal details in the Newspapers but have recently found two unexpected notices in the The London Gazzette.
You can imagine how delighted I was to find that my second cousin twice removed, Reginald Harry Ebbott had received an OBE.
I also found death notice of Jane Grylls Jacka in the same publication so its worth having a look at.

Happy hunting.
Cheers Sandra

The process of finding Caroline Williamson's nee Munro illusive obituary

Recently I posted a request for help to find the Obituary of Caroline Williamson nee Munro.
I received response from janilye who had graciously taken the time to consult the Ryson Index (why hadn't I thought of that?). Caroline WILLIAMSON does have a notice in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 18th JULY 1968.

Having now located a reference for the obituary I am now trying to locate an actual copy of the wording from the newspaper.

The steps I have taken so far are as follows:-

1. I have consulted the Australia Online Historical Newspapers which shows where you can find free copies of digital copies of the newspapers unfortunately it shows that in TROVE The Sydney Morning Herald has only been digitized between 1842 and 1954.- no joy here

2. Next I consulted the Google News Archive site which showed that there were 38,755 issues of Sydney Morning Herald between Apr 3, 1830 - Dec 31, 1989 - I was very excited I thought I could smell victory but alas there were only 5 of the 24 issues held in the archive for July and for the 18 July the edition that has been archived is the late edition and unfortunately there is no listing for Caroline Munro which could mean one of 2 things either the Ryson Index is incorrect (possible but not likely) or more probable that the death notice appeared in an earlier edition. - so no joy here.

3. Then it struck me perhaps as State Library of Victoria member I could access the "Sydney Morning Herald" which it turns out that I can, including a lot more resources. A list of can be found here Free journals, databases and ebooks. So I rummaged around in my files and dusted off my library card only to find that it didn't work. I immediately contacted the library by email who responded and confirmed that the card had expired so that I'd need ot re-register. To register was very easy all I had to do was fill out an online form "You can tick the option to have the card posted to you. This will take between 3 and 5 business days."

So it shouldn't be long before I can actually read Caroline's missing death notice/obituary!

By the way there was another alternative to accessing The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald as they do have their own private archives covering the period between 1955-1995 however payment is required for access.

The pennies I save by waiting to use the State Library I am hoping to put towards purchasing another death certificate for my research - something that can't be found for free!

Thomas Crump in Australia

Thomas Crump lived in Victoria, Australia for 32 years before he died of a Disease connected with the heart and an Inquest was held on the 14 April 1874. He married Selina Wheeler in 1850, at that time there was no mention of Thomas having a previous marriage. On his death certificate however there is mention of a previous marriage partiuclars of first marriage unknown.
It is still unclear when Thomas came to Australia although it does appear that he was born in 1815 in Kent England, although we have been unable to find proof of this, and there has been some mention that he may have imigrated to Australia on MARQUIS OF HASTINGS arriving 04 02 1841 in Botany Bay, (SR NSW Film AL 2134) which has yet to be verified. [the AL code indicates that his name may have been found on an Agent's Immigration Lists, (lists of immigrants in private ships))

Thomas was a brickmaker, he lived and worked in an around Melbourne.

If anyone can offer any further information or suggestions as to where to head next in my quest for information I would most greatful.


Thomas Crump son of Elizabeth Crump & William Mynn Jnr born Kent, England

Thomas CRUMP was born on 22nd November 1813 and baptised a month later on 2nd January 1814 Church of England, Goudhurst, Kent. He was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Crump late a servant of Mr W. Mynn, the father was listed as William Mynn Jnr a farmer, both were from the parish.
William Mynn Jnr did not marry Elizabeth, when Thomas was christened Elizabeth was referred to as the late a servant of W. Mynn which indicates that she was no longer working for the family. It appears that William married Susannah Heath on 17 Dec 1825 Kensington and Chelsea, Middlesex, England
A few years after Thomas christening Ann Crump marries William Startup, according to the IGI William Startup and an Ann Crump on the 10 Feb 1816 in Tudeley, Kent, England.
Now the hunt is on to find out more about Thomas' mother and father. Any one have any helpful hints?

Thomas Crump's first wife Rebecca Underhill & second wife Selina Wheeler

After much searching I have now located Thomas Crump's first wife.
Thomas Crump died on the 13 Apr 1874 in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia. On his death certificate it was stated that he was born in Kent, England and had been living for 32 year in Victoria .
Based on time lived in Victoria he would have arrived around 1841/2. His death certificate also stated that he had been married twice although the name of his first wife was not listed, as particulars were not known at the time.

The only Thomas Crump arriving in Australia in 1841/2 was on the Marquis of Hasting on 4 February 1841, listed as being married and was accompanied by his wife Rebecca Crump. On Rebeccas record it was listed that she was formerly known as Underhill presumably her maiden name as her fathers surname is also given as an Underhill.

According to the Maidstone church records there was a marriage between a Thomas Crump and a Rebecca Underhill on the 15 Nov 1834 .

Seven years later that couple were migrating to Australia, seven years after arriving Rebecca died on 28 Aug 1848 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. There appears to have been no English or Australian born children to the couple, according to Rebecca's migration papers her state of bodily health was rather delicate. Both were Wesleyan Methodists.

Two years later Thomas married Selina Wheeler on 30 Dec 1850 in the Weslyan Church, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Thomas JACKA and Elizabeth GILBERT orignally from St Buryan, & then relocated to St Sithney, Cornwall

Thomas Jacka and Elizabeth Gilbert are my 5 x great grandparents
Thomas Jacka was christened on 15 Aug 1733 and married in 1760 to Elizabeth Gilbert, both events took St Buryan.

Elizabeth Gilbert was born 9 July 1732 in St Buryan (sources: IGI, collaborated by The Jelbert Society in Thomas Gilbart (Morvah & St Buryan), this assertion is support by the custom of the day that marriages took place in the brides's church.

Thomas and Elizabeth are both buried in St Erth (source: Dees St Erth, Cornwall, UK Genealogy Page)). It is thought that Thomass father, John Jacka, originally came from St Erth so perhaps this is why Thomas returned there, before he died, perhaps there was some family connection there that drew him back.
Establishing the links between different family members
Transcription of the Probate/Death Duty Register entry for Thomas Jacka
(Source Citation: IR 26/339, EXETER: Cornwall Archdeaconry, Repository The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU)
(Note this is not the original will, but instead a copy made by the clerk.(source:CORNISH PROBATE RECORDS))

Date of the Probate or Admin & Sum Sworn
- 1796, May 4th, Under £300
Name and description of Testator or Intestate
-Thomas Jacka of St Erth, Yeoman
Names & places of Abode of the Exeors or Administrators
John, Joseph & James Jacka, Residuary Legatees, sons of John Jacka, The remainder of his goods
Auxiliary Legatees -
- Abraham Jacka, son, One hundred Pounds
- Elizabeth Jacka, Daughter, Fifty Pounds
- Ann Jacka, Daughter, Fifty Pounds

(Note - A 'yeoman' described as such in a nineteenth century census or directory was someone who owned his own land. This could be a big or a small landowner, especially when the term is used in a directory, but the census might more usually describe a big landowner as a 'landed proprietor'. A yeoman might in other contexts be described as a 'gentleman'source:- Index of Old Occupations)

All the children (see list below) except the two eldest sons, Thomas and William, are included in the Will. Both sons had already married so perhaps their father had already given them their inheritance while he was still alive?

Cornish Will Abstract for Thomas Jacka, St Erth yeoman
written - 04-Apr 1796
proved - 04-May 1796
pages - 421/422

son - Abraham
daughters - Elizth, Ann Jacka
3 sons - John, Joseph, James
witnesses - Thomas Ellis, James Otey

(Source:- Cornish Will Abstracts 1793 1797, Microfilm #0090202, Barons Morishe Reference found on.Dees St Erth, Cornwall, UK Genealogy Page))
Note yet to be sighted, may contain further information that maybe of interest

Thomas Jacka and Elizabeth Gilberts children:
1. Thos (Thomas) JACKA 1760-1833) who married Anna Moyse in 1790
2. William JACKA (1763- ?) who married Margaret Wood in 1790
3. John JACKA (1764- ?) who married Mary Lambrick in 1800
4. Elizabeth JACKKA 1766-1849) who married William Jelbart in 1800
5. Abraham JACKA 1769- ?)married ?
6. Joseph JACKA (1771- ?) who married Charity Berryman in 1798
7. James JACCKA (1774- ?) who married Eleanor Hammill in 1800
8. Ann JACKA (1777- ?)

Interested in making contact with anyone also researching the Jacka and/or Gilbert names in Cornwall.


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Two John Bassetts - Almost a case of mistaken identity

On John Bassetts death certificate (died in Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia) in 1868 his age was 80 and his parents were William Bassett and Mary Unknown. Therefore we deducted that he must have been born in circa 1788.
Research turned up a John Bassett christened 27 March 1788, St Izzey, Cornwall his parents were William Bassett and Mary Symons. At this point we felt very excited that we had found our John. However, after further research a descendant was found in Roma, Queensland, Australia who refuted our claim of kinship in the nicest way possible.
The following information was forwarded for us to digest:-
John Bassett [son of William Bassett (1761-1831) & Mary Symons (1767-1832)] Christened 27 Mar 1788 in St Izzy, Cornwall who died 7th Oct 1851 in Fairwater House, Taunton Somerset.John was a lunatic confined to Fairwater House Lunatic Asylum for many years admitted July 1828 having previously been a patient at a similar establishment near Tauton, Fivehead House since 25 Oct 1822.This was a wholesale move and transfer of license from the one to the other asylum by the same surgeon/owner. Private patient. Cause of death peritonitis and effusion in the chest (Somerset RO 1/5/87).
This therefore couldn't be the John Bassett who married Martha Carbis as he died in England in 1851 whereas our John died in Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia in 1868

So it was back to the drawing board, until a second promising John Bassett was unearthed, who was also born in Madron

John Bassett christened 5 September 1790, Madron, Cornwall Unfortunately only one parent is given, the father, in the Madron Parish records see below
"5 Sep 1790 John s/o William Bassett, pauper at Madron"
On John Bassett's death certificate1 in 1868 his father is listed as William, a farmer, and his mother is listed as Mary unknown, a farmers wife.
Another conundrum perhaps John's parents had in the past been farmer but had become paupers just before John was born?
It would seem highly likely that the descendants in Australia had no clear memory of who John's parents were, or what their occupations were. Australia is a long way away and death certificates are not the most reliable source of information.
So until someone comes along to prove something different I've decided to lay claim to this John, at least for the momment.

Two Mary Ebbotts help need to disentangle them

There are two Mary Ebbotts in the 1841 Census, and both are living with relations. I have managed to solve the identity of one of them but the other who must somehow be related is a complete mystery to me, Im sure shes related but I cant work out how, I am presuming that Ebbott is her married but that leaves me none the wiser. Anyone know who Mary Ebbott who is living in the with the Bone family below is? Fro further detail see below:-

The mystery Mary
Name: Mary Ebbott, Age: 55, Estimated Birth Year: abt 1786
Street Address: Treludick, Egloskerry, Cornwall
Household Members:

1. John Bone, 60, Farmer, Cornwall (father of Sarah Bone who married John Ebbott born 1808)
2. William Bone, 20, Cornwall
3. Julias Bone, 20, Cornwall
4. Jane Bone, 25,Cornwall
5. John Coram, 15,Cornwall
6. Ann Congdon, 15, Female Servant, Cornwall
7. Henry Coram 3, Cornwall
8. Elizabeth Woof, 35, Cornwall
9. Fanny Woof, 4 Mo, Cornwall
10. Richard Woof, 10, Ag Labourer, Cornwall
11. Walter Pearse, 10, Ag Labourer, Cornwall
12. Mary Ebbott, 55, Cornwall (not sure who this Mary Ebbott)
13. Sarah Pearse, 30, Female Servant, Cornwall
(Piece: HO107/134/1 )

My Ancestor Mary Ebbott nee Ferrett
The Ebbott family living in Trerimince, Tresmeer, Cornwall
Household Members:
1. Philip Ebbott,65, Farmer, Cornwall
2. Mary Ebbott, 55, Cornwall, (presumably Phillips wife)
3. Wilmit Ebbott, 85, Independent, Cornwall (Philipss mother)
4. Henry Ebbott, 20, Tailor, Cornwall
5. Gregory Ebbott, 20, Cornwall
6. William Ebbott, 11, Cornwall
7. William Congdon, 20, M.S, Cornwall
8. William Cory, 15, M.S, Cornwall
9. John Reed, 11, M.S, Cornwall
10. Elisabeth French, 15, F.S, Cornwall
11. Mary A Rundle, 20, F.S, Cornwall
12. Henry Harris, 7, M.S, Cornwall
(Piece: HO107/134/14)

Place: Alternon Tresmeer
Address: Trerummer

1. Philip EBBOTT, Head, M, 76, Retired Farmer, Cornwall - Tresmeer
2. Mary EBBOTT, Wife, 68, Cornwall - Treneglos
3. William EBBOTT, Son , 21, Farm Servant, Cornwall - Tresmeer
(Piece: HO107/1899)

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Two Thomas CRUMPs came from England to Australia - almost a case of mistaken identity

When doing research for my illusive Crump Ancestors, I thought I had finally located my mysterious x3gr Grandfather alas after considerable delving I discovered that he couldn't have be mine. Close but not close enough.

Both Thomas Crumps came to Australia around the early 1840s,
Thomas Crump(1) my ancestor
Thomas Crump(2) the guy who I originally thought might have been my ancestor -Thomas Crump(1)
Both Thomas' were born in in the early between 1800s, within 3 years of each other.
Thomas Crump(1) c1815
Thomas Crump(2) 1818

Both Thomas' were out of general English population by early 1840s:-
Thomas Crump(1) according to his death certificate he had been in Victoria Australia for 32 years before he died, making his arrival date to Victoria in 1842
*the first positive record of Thomas in the Port Phillip District and was found in the 1845/46, in the LaTrobe Ward of the Melbourne Rate Books. He was the owner of a 4 roomed house with a Kitchen, Stable and Yard.
*There has been some speculation that may have immigrated on the Marquis of Hasting on 11 Oct 1840. arrived Sydney 4 February 1841 under Captain T.A Carr left Plymouth 11/10/1840, however nothing has been confirmed yet)
Thomas Crump(2) was convicted at the Central Criminal Court on 19/10/1840 of Larceny: Stealing a roll of flannel at the age of 22 and was sentenced to 7 years. He spent 1 year, 5 months on a Hulk. Before he was transported to Tasmania in Australia on the Candahar left Portsmouth on the on the 17/3/1842 and arrived in Van Demons Land on 21 July 1842

My original thought was that it could be possible that possible that Thomas Crump(1) & (2) were the same person and that Thomas had been convicted in England and transported to Van Demon's Land and then somehow traveled to Victoria were he married my 3x great grandmother Selina Wheeler.

Thomas Crump(2) married Lydia Johnson and they were married on the 6 April 1846 (Yr 1846, Reg#2321) in Hobart. This is still consistent with the possibility that Thomas (1) & (2) were the same person as on Thomas Crump(1)'s death certificate it stated that details of his first wife were unknown, therefore when Thomas (1) remarried in 30 Dec 1850 in Melbourne, I initially thought that Lydia Johnson may have died between 1847 and 1850, making Selina Wheeler his second wife.

It wasn't until I found that Thomas Crump(2) died in 1866 according to an inquest held in Hobart on 7 Nov 1866, was accidentally killed, that I knew he could not be my Thomas(1) who did died until 1874 in Victoria, Australia.

In Summary

Thomas Crump(2)
Birth c 1818, his native place of origin was listed as Bethnal Green, London
Thomas was convicted at the Central Criminal Court on 19/10/1840 of Larceny: Stealing a roll of flannel at the age of 22 and was sentenced to 7 years.
He spent 1 year, 5 months on a Hulk. In the records only one family was mentioned an uncle whose name was John.
He was transport to Tasmania on the Candahar left Portsmouth on the on the 17/3/1842 and arrived in Van Demons Land on 21 July 1842

August 1842 he spent his probation in a Station gang for seven months at Lovely Banks, which is north of Hobart on what is now known as the Midlands Highway.
He then moved to the Prisoner's Barracks where on the 19/5/1843 he was found to be neglecting his work and as punishment he was given 6 days solitary & then on the 17/6/1843 in the Probation Prisoners' Barracks where once again he neglected his work as punishment he was given two months hard labor on the roads presumably near Browns River.
He returned to the Prisoner's Barracks on and onto various work assignments in Sandy Bay, Hobart, & Bridgewater and then back to Hobart where on 4/11/1844 in Abbott, Hobart he was charged with misconduct in resisting a constable in the execution of his duty he was put in solitary for 14 days.

He was granted permission to marry Lydia Johnson and they were married on the 6 April 1846 (Yr 1846, Reg#2321) in Hobart.
Together they had 6 children
Thomas Henry Crump born 12 Dec 1846 (Yr1846, reg#2857)
John Walter Crump Born9 Oct 1848 (Yr1848, reg#3285) (died 22/11/1897)
1. Lucy Lydia Crump born 14 Apr 1851 (Yr1851, reg#3842)
2. Eliza Crump born 4 May 1853 (Yr 1853, reg#1853) (died 4/5/1853)
3. Eliza Crump born 3 May 1853 (Yr 1853, Reg#2249)
4. William Crump born 6 Apr 1854 (Yr1854, reg#4340)

He received his first ticket of freedom on the 7/7/1846 and his Free Certificate on the 19/10/1847
Inquest held on body in Hobart on 7 Nov 1866, verdict accidentally killed. Crime report 11 January 1867

Thomas Crump(1)
In contrast my ancestor Thomas Crump was born in 1815 - , Kent, England and died in 13 Apr 1874 Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia. Immigrated: arriving in Victoria in, 1842. according to his death certificate. He married twice, details of his first wife are unknown.
His second wife however was Selina Wheeler (Abt 1834 - 24 Jul 1899) married on 30 Dec 1850 in Melbourne, , Victoria, Australia
their children were:
1. William Crump (1851-1866)
2. Theophilus Crump (1853-1930)
3. Albert Crump (Abt 1855- )
4. Walter Crump (Abt 1862-1923)
5. Christina Crump (Abt 1864-1882)
6. Thomas Crump (1866-1948)

I have not yet been able to find any reference to any of Thomas' family of origin making it very hard to go back any further.

Still looking for the puzzle pieces


Understanding the Probate of Thomas Jacka 1796

Thomas Jacka is my 5 x great grandfather, so I was very excited when I found the listing of his will in the A2A archives. But now I realise locating the will is one thing but understanding is entirely another. If any one can shed any light on the context and meaning of the will that would be great. Below is a summary of my musings so far.

Transcription of the will entry
[Source Citation: IR 26/339, EXETER: Cornwall Archdeaconry, Repository The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU]
Date of the Probate or Admin & Sum Sworn - 1796, May 4th, Under £300
Name and description of Testator or Intestate - Thomas Jacka of St Erth, Yeoman
Names & places of Abode of the Exeors or Administrators John, Joseph & James Jacka, Residuary Legatees, sons of John Jacka, The remainder of his goods
Auxiliary Legatees -
- Abraham Jacka, son, One hundred Pounds
- Elizabeth Jacka, Daughter, Fifty Pounds
- Ann Jacka, Daughter, Fifty Pounds

- Wills beginning in 1715, are not original wills, but are instead the copies made by the clerk.CORNISH PROBATE RECORDS

- that of all the children (see list below) the two eldest children Thomas and William are not included in the Probate. Both sons had already married so perhaps their father had already given them their inheritance while he was still alive.

Thomas Jacka and Elizabeth Gilberts children:
1. Thos (Thomas) JACKA1760-1833) who married Anna Moyse in 1790
2. William JACKA(1763- ?) who married Margaret Wood in 1790
3. John JACKA(1764- ?) who married Mary Lambrickin 1800
4. Elizabeth JACKKA1766-1849) who married William Jelbartin 1800
5. Abraham JACKA 1769- ?)married ?
6. Joseph JACKA(1771- ?) who married Charity Berryman in 1798
7. James JACCKA(1774- ?) who married Eleanor Hammillin 1800
8. Ann JACKA(1777- ?)

My questions
1. Is 300 pounds a lot of money for this era
2. Is it common for the oldest children to be left off the will etc; and if they could have been given their inheritance before the father died. What laws applied at the time etc, etc.
3. There are three "exeors" or administrators are John, Joseph and James Jacka.
a. Why isn't Abraham one of these, when he gets the biggest amount of money??
b. He doesn't seem to be married as yet I have found no such record?
c. Why aren't Thomas and William administrators? If they had already received their inheritance, couldn't they still have been administrators, especially seeing they are the eldest 2 sons??
d. Are Thomas and William living in the same town - perhaps they are living too far away to be involved?