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From Ellis to Lee and then back to Ellis again

In 1851 Alfred Ellis was 12 years old and still living at home with his family at 5 Garden Row, Finsbury, Middlesex, England, UK.

In 1861 I have been unable to find Alfred with his parents in the Census he appears to have left home but his whereabouts are a mystery.

The next time he appears is on 27 Apr 1864 when he marries Martha Bartlett in St James Church, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England. The following year they have their first child Alfred (Jnr) in 1865, Alfred is christened shortly after his birth.

When each of the children are born their births are registered under the name Ellis. For most of the births except daughter Martha Sarah Ellis the mother lists her maiden name as Ellis. However for Martha Sarahs birth she lists her maiden surname as Lee, it was the first time that Martha had acted as an informant for one of her childrens births and although she acted as informant for all the subsequent birth registrations this was the only time that she listed her maiden name as Lee and not Bartlett.

Between 1870 and 1876 all the children of Alfred and Martha were born at 257 St Georges Road.

However in the 1871 census we find the family using a different surname at their family home address 257 St Georges Road, St. George, Camberwell, Surrey
1. Alec Lee, 3?, Bootmaker, London
2. Martha ", age 31, Chiddingstone
3. Alfred ". age 5, London
4. Edward ", age 3, "
5. Martha S " age 3 mo, "

Alfred even changes his christen name from Alfred to Alec.

The family must have moved house after 1876 and before Sep 1880. as Martha who died on the 2 Sep 1880 is registerd as having died at 245 St Georges Rd, Camberwell, Surrey. The death is registered under the name Martha Lee, the informant is Alexander Lee, widower who was present at the death.

In 1881 The widowed Alfred is found to be still living at 245 St Georges Rd, Camberwell, with his family
1. Alfred LEE, Head, Widow, Male, age 41, Boot Maker
2. Martha LEE, Daur, Female, age 10, Scholar
3. Kate LEE, Daur, Female, age 9, Scholar
4. Charles LEE, Son, Male, age 7, Scholar
5. Walter LEE, Son, Male, age 5,
6. Frederick LEE, Son, Male, age 4, Scholar

Alfred only went back to his real surname once he remarried Mary Elizabeth Southgate.

And the 1891 census we find him living with his new and young family at
5 June Grove, City Of London, London, England, UK
1. Alfred Ellis, 5, Bootmaker
2. Mary Ellis, eife, aged 39
3. Millie Eliis , Daughter, 5
4. Hugh A Ellis, Son, aged 3

Some interesting observations
The first child Alfred was christened soon after he was born, at present we have not been able to locate the second sons christening and the younger children were only christened after their mother Martha Sarah died.
1. Martha ELLIS, bapt 27 May, 1881,
2. Walter and Kate Ellen ELLIS bapt 9 Sept, 1881;
3. Charles and Frederick ELLIS bapt 30 Sept, 1881
All at St. Lukes Church, their abode address was always given as 245 St Georges Road.

The children of Alfreds second marriage Millie and Hugh were also bapt at St Luke's Church with the home address listed at 245 St Georges Road.

Something must have happened after the eldest child was born. For Alfred to change both his first and last names in the census returns, but what we dont have any ideas as yet.

Whose signature?
In 1864 Alfred was able to sign his own marriage certificate
1865 Alfred Ellis signed his sons birth certificate with an X The mark of Alfred Ellis, Father
1867 it is not clear if Alfred signed his second sons birth certificate or not.

Continued use of the surname Lee
None of the descendants appear to have retained the surname Lee, all appear to have reverted back to their birth name other than in the Census returns which appears to be the only place, as yet, that we have been able to find reference to the surname being used in connection to our family.

The question is now where do I go next to try and find out why the family changed thier surname even if it was only temporarily?
I would love to hear from other researching this family, or any one else who could perhaps give any clues as to what's going on here.

Hannah BOGIE born circia 1827 in Scotland who married John MILLIGAN in KIRKCALDY, FIFESHIRE, SCOTLAND

I am looking for information on a Hannah Bogie born cirica 1828 possibly in Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland who married a John Milligan according to the IGI on 30 Oct 1846 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland.

I have found a Hannah Ropper Boggie who was born 05 AUG 1828 and christened on the 24 AUG 1828 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland and child of DAVID BOGGIE & ISABEL FYFE but I 'm not sure if she is the same person. I think I have found the family in West Gallatown North Side, Dysart in the 1841 Scottish Census; which would have been close to where my Hannah would have been born and got married.

Any information would be most helpful.


Hannah Roper MILLIGAN nee BOGIE

Looking for more information on Hannah and her family
Hannah Bogie
Born: 5 August 1828 - Gallatown, Kirkcaldy, , Fife, Scotland(C119513 1820 - 1843 1040195)
Christened: 24 Aug 1828, Dysart, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom (C119513 1820 - 1843 1040195)
Daughter of: David & Isabella Bogie (nee Fyffe) Hannah's and parents and her mother's maiden name was found on her death certificate 1900 Milligan, Anna Roper (Statutory Deaths 685/060040)
Died: 24 Feb 1900, at 9 Mentone Ave, Portobello, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom (Statutory Deaths 685/060040)

Hannah's Parents
Hannah BOGIE is the daughter of david BOGIE and Isabel FYFFE
David BOGIE, son of Robert BOGIE and Jannet CURRER, was born on 3 May 1792 in Leslie, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom.(IGI -M119512 1735 - 1819 1040195)
Isabel FYFFE was born about 1791 in Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom.
The couple married 30 Jul 1813 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Has anyone used the new release of Clooz 3?

I'd be interested to hear of peoples experiences, I have just brought a copy of the program and as with all new programs it's taking a bit to get my head around it.

Hezekiah Bennetts

I have very little concrete evidence concerning Hezekiah Bennetts ancestors, so I read with interest your thoughts.

On Hezekiah's death certificate in 1900 his parents were stated as William Bennetts and Nancy Unknown. I'm fairly certain this is incorrect, and that the informant their daughter Rebecka who immigrated with her parents at the age of 7 may not have even remembered her grandparents names.

I have however located his marriage details on the parish registers as detailed below:-

Perranzabuloe, Cornwall
Marriage banns, 1823-1844
Image 93
Page 180
I PUBLISH the banns of Marriage between Hezekiah Benne(unable to read in the crease of the page, so I am assuming when I cross reference the entry on the CORNWALL ONLINE PARISH CLERKS (Genealogy) website that is the entry for Hezekiah Bennetts) of this parish Bachelor and Mary George Sojourner in the Parish Widow.
If any of you know cause of just impediment why these two Persons should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, ye are to declare it.
This is the first time of asking --- Dated 10th day of March 182
This is the second time of asking --- Dated the 17th day of March 1839
This is the third time of asking --- Dated 24th day of March 182
Perranzabuloe, Cornwall

Marriage entry parish records 1837-1860
1839. Marriage Solemnized in the Church in the Parish of Perranaluloe in the County of Cornwall.
No. 47
When Married March 28
Name and Surname Hezekiah Bennetts, age 21, Condition Bachelor, Rank or Profession Miner, Residence at the time of the marriage Chiverton, Father's Name and Surname Philip Bennetts, Rank or Profession of Father ?
Name and Surname Mary George, age 26, Condition Widow, Rank or Profession ---, Residence at the time of the marriage ????, Father's Name and Surname Thomas Nance, Rank or Profession of Father ?
Married in the Church of Perran according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me. George Bellamy.
This marriage was solemnized between us Hezekiah Bennetts sign Mary George's sign in the Presence of us, Edward Searle Symons, & Francis Veall

So at least I am able to confirm that Hezekiah's father is most likely Philip.

His parents were Philip Bennetts (?born 1779? ) and Anne/Nancy Rickard(Richards) married on the 13 Nov 1800 in Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England where Philip was listed as being from Perranzabulo
I have managed to identify the following siblings for Hezekiah as follows:-
1. Jenefer christened 03 Jan 1802
2. Ann christened 03 Jan 1804
3. Philip christened 26 Dec 1808
4. Sally christened 29 Sep 1811
5. Richard christened 03 Dec 1813 the family were living in Churchtown, St Allen and Philip was working as a Farm Labourer
6. John christened 19 Nov 1815 the family were living in Churchtown, St Allen and Philip was working as a Farm Labourer
7. Hezekial christened 22 Oct 1818 the family were living in Churchtown, St Allen and Philip was working as a Farm Labourer
8. Edward christened 26 Dec 1820 the family were living in Churchtown, St Allen and Philip was working as a Farm Labourer


Hezekiah Bennetts from Perron, Cornwall to Australia first to Chewton and then to Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia

Hezekiah Bennetts who was born c 1818 in Perron, Cornwall, England, son of Philip and Nancy Bennetts.

His first wife, Mary Nance1805 - died on 15 Aug 1878 in Chewton, where she is also burried. They were in 1839, Perranzabube, Cornwall, England.

He married his second wife almost 6 months later, Mary Bullus born c1808 - died 22 Mar 1895. Mary Bullus also died in Chewton and was also burried in the Chewton cemetery, she was 10 years Hezekiah's senior.

Hezekiah Children from his first marriage
1. Mary Bennetts (Cal 1840- )
2. Unknown Bennetts ( - )
3. Mary Jane Bennetts (Est 1842-Bef 1878)
4. Nancy Bennetts(Est 1842-Bef 1900)
5. Rebecka Bennetts (Est 1849-1912) who married Joshua Jackaon 3 Jul 1869 Chewton, Victoria, Australia
6. Mary Anne Bennetts (Est 1852-Bef 1878)

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has a connection with this family, Hezekiah Bennetts IS my 3xgreat grandfather.


Isabella Munro nee Jennings born in India died in Australia

Isabella Munro nee Jennings born in India died in Australia
Isabella was born 26 Dec 1837 in Maharashta, Bombay, India and christened on 14 Jan 1838 according to her birth certificate. Her father George Jennings was a Gunner Artillery (presumably in the India or British armies, I am not sure which) and her mother was Catherine. We think Catherine's surname may have been Jacob this has yet to be confirmed. married Alexander Andrew Munro aka Palmer(29 Sep 1826 - 13 Nov 1901) on: 28 Apr 1853 - St. Andrew Church, Bombay, India. Alexander was born in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland and Alexander had 12 Children:
1. Blanche Angelina Louisa Munro (1857-1920)
2. James Palmer Munro (1858-1920)
3. Ruth Isabelle Munro (1860- )
4. Andrew George Munro (1861-1958)
5. Mary Ann (Minnie?) Munro (1863-1945)
6. Caroline Munro (1864-1968)
7. Margaret Jane (Maggie) Munro (1866-1895)
8. Catherine Eva Munro (1869-1950)
9. Francis William (Frank) Munro (1871-1960)
10. Sammuel Jennings Munro (1873-1945)
11. Isabel Mary "May" Munro (1876-1943)
12. Phoebe Munro (1878-Bef 1938)
The first 8 of the children were born in India, the last four were born in Australia.
Isabella died Nov 1938 - 8 Greeves Street, Fitzroy, , Victoria, Australia and was burred on the 14 Nov 1938 - Melbourne General Cemetery, College Crescent, Parkville, Victoria, Australia at the age of 104.
Interested in making contact with fellow researchers and family.

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John & Martha Bassett In Breage between 1820 to cirica 1861

John Bassett and Martha Carbis, married in the Paul parish in 1812, and lived in St Hilary from 1815 to 1820. The couple moved from St Hillary and then lived in various places in Breage between 1820 and 1851 before leaving the area.

Evidence of where they were lived in Breage can be found in two of the local parish churches and also in the 1841 and 1851 census records

Parish Church Records

A list of John & Marthas children who were christened in Breage are found in the following parish churches are as follows:-

the Germoe church:-
*John 1820 (IGI)
*Francis 1823 (Transcribed from the Parish Records by the On line *Parish Clerk)
*Anne 1826 (IGI)
*Martha 1828 (IGI)
*Samuel 1838 (Transcribed from the Parish Records by the On line Parish Clerk)

the St Breaca church:-

*James 1833 who was also burried in this church in 1833 (Transcribed Parish Records by a fellow researcher)
*James 1834 (Transcribed from the Parish Records by a fellow researcher)

(It appears as though these churches were quite close together, according to the Parish Locator program about 2 miles apart, why the family had various children christened in two different churches is unknown. According to Genuki Germoe has been considered as a separate parish for many years, but the Church has been subordinate to that of Breage. It is located in the far south-west of Cornwall, sandwiched between the parishes of Godolphin and Breage. This was eminently a mining parish, but it also had some good farms. Originally, the houses and shops were built to satisfy the needs of miners digging for tin and china clay)

Census Records

In the Census records the family can be found residing in the following places

Blowing House Stamps, Breage
(HO107/136/3, Folio:64, Page:19)
1. John Bassett, aged 50, Tin Miner, born Cornwall
2. Martha Bassett, aged 45, , born Cornwall
3. William Bassett, aged 25, Tin Miner, born Cornwall
4. John Bassett, aged 20, Tin Miner, born Cornwall
5. Ann Bassett, aged 15, Dressing, born Cornwall
5. Martha Bassett, aged 12, Dressing, born Cornwall
6. James Bassett, aged 8, born Cornwall

Godolphin Mine, Breage, Cornwall
(HO107/1913(11) Folio 245 Page 14)
The following list of people were recorded as living in the house -
1. John Bassett, Head, aged 60,Tin Dresser, born in Madryn Cornwall,,
2. Martha Bassett,Wife aged 57, born in Paul Cornwall,,
3. James Bassett,Son, aged 16, Tin Miner, born in Breage Cornwall,,
4. Martha Bassett,Dau, aged 22,Tin Dressing, born in Breage Cornwall

In the 1861 the family havd moved out of the area to Fraddam, Gwinear also in Cornwall
In summary it appears that they lived in Breage in the following places

Troon Tanner - between 1820 and 1833)
(which I believe was tenement in Breage according to An Index to the Historical Place Names of Cornwall

During this period the following children were born John (1820), Franics (1823), Anne (1828), Martha (1828), James (1833) who was also buriied the same year, James (1834), although not all were christened in the same church.

Percolly, Germoe 1823

According to Francis Bassetts christening records the family appear to be living in Percolly. Percolly could be the name of a house in Toon Tranner or a small villiage however at this stage I am not sure, more information is needed.

Godolphin Downs - Betweeen 1833 and 1839 the family (according to their sons James christening record and Samuels burial record,)

Godolphin 1839
this could be the same place as Godolphin Downs, which was listed on Samuels christening record

Blowing House Stamps - by 1841

Godolphin Mine - by 1851

The family had moved out of the area by 1861.

I would like to sort out the various places where the family lived and I would like also to determine if these places are one and the same such as blowing House Stamps and the Godolphin mine and how Percolly fits in? The more details I get the more information I need to make sense of it all.


John Bassett and Martha Carbis in St Hilary between 1815 and 1820

After John Bassett and Martha Carbis got married by Banns in the Paul parish church on the 15 Mar 1812. Their first born, John, arrived sometime in 1814, however I have not yet been able to locate where he was christened but I do know that he died in 1815 at the age of one and was buried in St Hillary. It would appear soon after that a second son was born in 1816, William, he was christened in St Hilary at the time the family were living in a tenement called Rosedown. He was their only child to be christened in the St Hilary parish church. William was christened in a private ceremony. The next time I find the family is when they have moved out of the area to Breage (by 1820), perhaps to seek work in the mines there. I am thinking that the family were in St Hilary between 1815 and 1820.
If any one has any information or any theories as to why they moved when they did to various places eg mines closing down, new mines opening up or any information on the family and/or why they were in St Hilary would be great. I would also be interested in information about the tenement called Rosedown
I also seem to remember that if a christening was done in a private ceremony, it had to be paid for and this was somehow significant but I cant remember why, so I am hoping that perhaps someone can let me know


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John Bassett and Martha Carbis married in Paul, Cornwall 1812

The first firm record that I have of John Bassett and Martha Carbis living in Cornwall is their marriage Banns. The marrage that took place in the Paul parish church on the 15 Mar 1812. Both appear to be of the Paul parish "John Bassett Sojouner of this Parish and Martha Carbis of this Parish"

It is most likely that at least Martha was christened in the Paul parish church as it was the custom of the day that marriages took place in the brides's church. This assumption is reinforced by the 1851 & 1861 census returns where Paul is listed as Martha's birthplace.

In the same census returns John was listed as being born in Madron,a neighbouring parish of Paul.

I also know from their eldest son William's christening record that the new family moved and was living in the St Hilary parish in a tenement called Roseudgeon. The next time we find the family they have moved out of the area to Breage (by 1820), perhaps to seek work
in the mines there.

Questions arising:
Has anyone been able to find the record of the baptism of Martha Carbis born Cir 1793-1794 possibly in the villiage of Mousehole? (I think my original conclusions were drawn from a gedcom that someone had sent me and/or through the IGI which I'm only just trying now to verify.)