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John Bassett and Martha Carbis in St Hilary between 1815 and 1820

After John Bassett and Martha Carbis got married by Banns in the Paul parish church on the 15 Mar 1812. Their first born, John, arrived sometime in 1814, however I have not yet been able to locate where he was christened but I do know that he died in 1815 at the age of one and was buried in St Hillary. It would appear soon after that a second son was born in 1816, William, he was christened in St Hilary at the time the family were living in a tenement called Rosedown. He was their only child to be christened in the St Hilary parish church. William was christened in a private ceremony. The next time I find the family is when they have moved out of the area to Breage (by 1820), perhaps to seek work in the mines there. I am thinking that the family were in St Hilary between 1815 and 1820.
If any one has any information or any theories as to why they moved when they did to various places eg mines closing down, new mines opening up or any information on the family and/or why they were in St Hilary would be great. I would also be interested in information about the tenement called Rosedown
I also seem to remember that if a christening was done in a private ceremony, it had to be paid for and this was somehow significant but I cant remember why, so I am hoping that perhaps someone can let me know


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John Bassett and Martha Carbis married in Paul, Cornwall 1812

The first firm record that I have of John Bassett and Martha Carbis living in Cornwall is their marriage Banns. The marrage that took place in the Paul parish church on the 15 Mar 1812. Both appear to be of the Paul parish "John Bassett Sojouner of this Parish and Martha Carbis of this Parish"

It is most likely that at least Martha was christened in the Paul parish church as it was the custom of the day that marriages took place in the brides's church. This assumption is reinforced by the 1851 & 1861 census returns where Paul is listed as Martha's birthplace.

In the same census returns John was listed as being born in Madron,a neighbouring parish of Paul.

I also know from their eldest son William's christening record that the new family moved and was living in the St Hilary parish in a tenement called Roseudgeon. The next time we find the family they have moved out of the area to Breage (by 1820), perhaps to seek work
in the mines there.

Questions arising:
Has anyone been able to find the record of the baptism of Martha Carbis born Cir 1793-1794 possibly in the villiage of Mousehole? (I think my original conclusions were drawn from a gedcom that someone had sent me and/or through the IGI which I'm only just trying now to verify.)


John BASSETT born circia 1814 buried 1815 St Hillary, Cornwall, England

I am looking for the christening of John BASSETT born circa 1814 location unknown although possibly anywhere between Madron where his parents were married in 1812 and St Hilary, Cornwall where he was buried on 17-May 1815, at the age of 1,where his family appear to have settled for a few years before moving on to Toon Tanner a tenement in Breage

His parents were John BASSETT & Martha CARBIS who were married on 15 Mar 1812 in Paul, Cornwall. Eight months after on 13th of December, 1812 his grandfather, William CARBIS was accused of stealing sheep, he absconded almost immediately with his fellow felons, two of John's uncles William CARBIS (Jnr) and Francis BASSETT . It appears that sometime shortly after John's parents John and Martha may have also have moved out of the area to St Hillary.

We think that John was their first born, born in 1814, although we have not yet been able to locate where he was christened we do know that he died in 1815 at the age of one and was buried in St Hillary.

It would appear soon after that another son was born in 1816, their second child William Bassett, who was christened in St Hilary, at the time the family were living in a tenement called Rosedown.
I am hoping that if I can find John BASSETT 'S christening in 1814 it might shed some light on the families whereabouts at the time of his birth.

I am hoping that someone might have come accross him and his family while doing other research.
Fingers crossed.

John THOMAS born Tavistock, Cornwall died Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia

There is an unusual headstone for one of my ancestors John Thomas in Eaglehawk Cemetery, Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia.

It is unusual because it has ceramic tiles inlaid into the headstone that are quite ornate.

The headstone has three sections

The top section reads
In / loving memory / of / John Thomas / aged 70 years, / born in Devonshire, / Died at Sandhurst / May 22nd 1879 / The faith the conquers all, / And doth the mountains move, / And saves who'er on Jesus call, / And perfects them in love.

The section carved into the granite below the tiled section
Also / Maragaret Thomas / unable to read next four lines that are engraved into the granite under the tiled decorative section of the headstone

Bottom section an atached cement plaque
Greatly beloved / by their children

According to his death certificate, the informant was his son Michael Thomas he was born in Tavistock, Cornwall.(source John Thomas Death Certificate Year 1879 registration #4501)

I would like to know if it was common for people born in this region to have their headstones decorated with ceramic tiles?
I feel there must be some significance with the tiles but am not sure what it could be and would interested in other peoples thoughts or ideas on the subject?
I would also be interested in making contact with anyone connected to John Thomas and his family.


Lokking for Thomas Manderson born 1877 Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia

Thomas MANDERSON was the child of Hannah YOUNG and Thomas MANDERSON. Thomas married one of my ancestors Lillian CRUMP and then seemed to disappear.
As my search for Thomas has not been successful so far I have decided to focus on his mother to see if I can find a lead through that,
Hannah YOUNG was born 6 Jul 1840 England and married Thomas MANDERSON(born 1840) in Easington Durham, England. Hannah and Thomas had the following children, only three survived past the age of two years.
1. Infant b & d England
2. infant b & d England
3. infant b & d England
4. infant b & d England
5. infant b & d England
Hannah and Thomas arrived in Australia on the Palmtree leaving Liverpool on the 12/4/1866
6. Mary Ann b. Sept 1867 (married Henry GANNAWAY b.1866 w/hills) and moved to WA
7. George b. 1870 d. 5/3/1870 Eaglehawk
8. Thomas b.1871 d, 14/8/1872
9. Peter b. 1873 Nerring d. June 1873 Eaglehawk
10. William b. 1875 Eaglehawk m.1896 to Christina WILLIAMS d. 4/7/1910 Broken Hill [William was still living there in 1911]
11. Thomas b. 1877 Eaglehawk d. unknown m. 1903 to Lillian Crump
12. Elizabeth Jane b.1883 Eaglehawk d.28/9/1880 Eaglehawk
13. Hannah b. 1883 Eaglehawk d.22/2/1885 Eaglehawk

Thomas MANDERSON b. 1840 d.16/8/1895. In the Argus on Friday 6 December 1895 it was announced that Letters of administration have been granted by the registrar to the estates for .... Thomas Manderson for 200 pounds. ... amongst other names.
It appears that Hannah also brought two lots of land 58/59F (Eaglehawk) on 22/10/1895, this still has to be verified (source:-Annette O'Donohue & Bev Hanson, Eaglehawk & District Pioneer Register Volume 3 J ~ M (Maiden Gully, Vic. : A.M. O'Donohue, 2003)) Eventually locating these land titles and finding out when they were sold might help to locate when Hannah moved out of the area.
Hannah remarried two years later in 1897 to John Laughton in Footscray 1897
We know that she was in Eaglehawk in
1903 where she and her husband were living in Caldwald St Eaglehawk
1909 where she appears to be living without her husband in Junction St Eaglehawk
But between 1910 until her death in 1919 we are not sure where she was living.

Hannah died 18 Oct 1919 at McDonald Street, Coolgardie, Western Australia, which is where her daughter (Mary Ann Gannaway nee Manderson) lived.
Published in the Western Argus (Kalgoorlie, WA Tuesday 28 October 1919
LAUGHTON.-On October 18, at i .McDonald-st., Coolgardie, Hannah (better known as "Grandma"), dearly beloved mother of Mary Ann and Henry Gannaway, and grandma of Tom and Maggie Gannaway (of Bunbury), and Henry and Emily (Wagin), and Lottie and Bede Chesher (Coolgardie), and great-grandma to Bonnie, Phyllis, Eva, Irene and May, and sister of M. A. McLean. Aged 79 years and 3 months. Deeply mourned.

Anyone got any clues or pearls of wisdom that might help shed light of either Hannah YOUNG or her son Thomas MANDERSON?

Cheers, Sandra

Looking for an article in the Leader Newspaper in between 9 Dec 1967 and 17 July 1968 in NSW

I have a wonderful cutting of an article that appeared in an unknown Newspaper possibly in the local Leader Newspaper for Como or Strathfield, NSW (as reference has been made to the Leader calling (see transcription of the article below)).

As Caroline Williamson's birthday was the 9th December and she is 103 years old, I am assuming that the article was published between 9 Dec 1967 and her death on the 17 July 1968. It doesn't appear that TROVE has digitized the newspapers yet; I am hoping that someone who might have access to the local newspapers of the area would be able to see if they could find the article for me. I am needing to reference where it came from, for my records. Someday I am also hoping that one day I can obtain a clearer copy of the accompanying picture if I can work out where the article came from.

"Woman, 103, asks: "Why all the fuss?"
Anyone would think nobody had been that old before chided Mrs Caroline Williamson, who at 103 is a very spry lady.
Mrs. Williamson willingly showed the photographer the birthday telegram her great-grandson sent from Beirut.
But she still could not see that her great age warranted any special fuss.
Her mother in fact was almost 105 when she died.
Mrs Williamson lives in Cremona Road, Como, with her daughter, Mrs Norma Cawse.
Newcomers to the house wonder if Mrs Williamson is unable to walk or has lost other faculties.
"One of the television men wanted to know if she was in a wheelchair" laughed Mrs Cawse.
In fact, Mrs Williamson walks about the house with just a helping had and assists her daughter with the dishes or vegetables.
She looks very much younger than her years and was distressed, when the Leader called, that her hearing seemed to have failed just in the past week.
The daughter of a British Army man, she was born in Bombay.
Her father came to Australia to buy horses for the cavalry when Caroline was nine years old.
He returned to buy the first hotel in Maryborough, Victoria.
That was the start of a new life for Mrs. Williamson - one which led her to every State in Australia.
Six Children
Her husband died 20 years ago, so she went to her daughter in Western Australia.
They returned to New South Wales in 1955.
The eldest of her six children is Monty, 82, who is still a professional dancer and choreographer in the city.
She has two sons in Gosford and one in Strathfield.
Mrs. Williamson's birthday was on December 9.
She received letters from strangers and was mentioned on several television programs.
And she giggled like a schoolgirl about all the attention:
"Why, I'll be 104 next year!" she said with an impish grin."

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Looking for Caroline WILLIAMSON's nee MUNRO Obituary

I am looking for the obituary of Caroline Williamson who died in Como, NSW, Australia at the age of 103 on the 17th July 1968 and who is buried in Woronora Cemetery, which is also in NSW.

I have searched TROVE but as yet have not been able to locate any obituary which could mean 3 things that either the local paper for the area has not yet been digitized, or I have not been able "see" it in the newspapers I have searched or there was never an obituary.

Thanks to the BillonGraves site I do have a photo of the graves stone [BillionGraves, Database And Images (Http:// : Accessed 25/05/215), Memorial Page For Caroline Williamson, Find A Grave, Citing Woronora Cemetery, 121 Linden Street Sutherland 2232.}

If anyone is able to help I would be absolutely thrilled.

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Looking for information for John Bassett pre his marriage to Martha Carbis in Paul, Cornwall

Not much is known about John Bassett born 1970 before his marriage to Martha Carbis in 1812, other than his occupation which was listed as sojourner in the parish register.
A sojourner just means someone who is a temporary resident, but in Parish Registers its meaning is a little more precise. When the Hardwicke Act was introduced in 1754, clerks were required to enter the parish for each party to a marriage. If they had been resident for more than 3 weeks then they were shown as o.t.p. (of this parish). However, for someone who had only taken up residence in lodgings to avoid the necessity for banns fees, this was frowned upon and the word sojourner was added to the entry to indicate that they had met the letter of the law but didn't really belong.(Found in the Glossary of the website belonging to West Penwith Resources)

If this definition is applied to my John Bassett it implies that he had moved into the parish in order to marry Martha and that he may not have been living in Madron for much longer than 3 weeks.

The idea that he was not born in Paul is also supported by the the 1851 & 1861 census which gives Johns birthplace as Madron a neighbouring parish of Paul.

On investigation of the Madron Parish records there is a record of a John Bassett who was christened in 1790. Unfortunately only one parent, the father, was given.

"5 Sep 1790 John s/o William Bassett, pauper at Madron"

On John Bassett's death certificate (he died 1868) his father is listed as William a farmer and his mother is listed as Mary unknown a farmers wife. (the names and/or may or may not be an accurate record). If John Bassetts parents were farmers at some stage the usage of word paupers may inidicate that they have come upon hard times.

The use of the term "farmer" seems to cover pretty much anyone who owned or rented a piece of land on which they carried out some type of farming-like activity.

Johns father, William, was listed as a pauper at his christening - perhaps he fell on hard times at one point just but before and perhaps even after that he may have had a smallholding. Maybe at Johns birth his father was struggling, but later he managed to rise above the pauper status just before the birth of his last daughter Jane.

After perusing the parish records I have identified Johns the possible siblings, below are the transcribed entries
1. 4 Jan 1784 Anne d/o William Basset at Madron
2. 11 Sep 1785 Francis s/o William Bassett, pauper at Madron
3. 20 Jan 1788 William s/o William Bassett, pauper at Madron
4. 5 Sep 1790 John s/o William Bassett, pauper at Madron
5. 8 Mar 1792 Mary d/o William Basset, pauper at Madron private baptism"
6. 9 Mar 1794 Mary d/o William Basset, pauper at Madron
7. 13 Mar 1796 James s/o William Bassett, pauper at Madron
8. 17 Feb 1798 Hanna d/o William Basset, pauper at Madron private baptism
9. 23 Mar 1800 Jane d/o William Basset at Madron private baptism

The most likely marriage for William is to a Jane Mathews Banns Pub July 27, Aug 3 & 10 1783 the actual marriage took place on March 13 Sep 1783.

In all there appear to be 3 marriages for persons named William Bassett in Madron.
William Bassett (signed with child like writing) Jane Mathews (signed with a mark) Banns Pub July 27,Aug 3 & 10 1783 Marr 13 sep 1783 Witness Sibion Thoastes? who signed his name Witness Mathew Hoken who signed his name Page 212 Reg#844
William Bassett (signed with a mark) to Eleanor Sampson (signed with a mark) 1761 23 June Witness James Bassett who signed his name Witness Margery Grenfell made a mark Page 45 Reg#178
William Bassett to Magery Grenfield 1735 Aug 23

However the William who married Jane seems the most likely one based on a bit of investigation. The other Williams marrying in Madron are too early:

This William was able to sign his name however the signature was in very childlike writing. This may have been an indication that there was some source of income in his background enough to at least for him to learn how to write his name. Or he may have learnt to write his name for a single purpose such as to sign apprenticeship papers.

When he became a pauper he may not have had enough money to pay for his own children to learn to write which would explain why when his son John comes to get married he is unable to sign his own name in the parish register.

On Williams marriage certificate it stated that both William and his bride were both of the parish of Madron.

The idea that Johns mother is Jane Mathews is Johns father is contradicted by Johns own death certificate which says it was Mary. (Death certificates however are notoriously unreliable)

Looking at the list of Johns possible siblings it would appear that something must have happened between 1784 and 1785 as his father was not listed as Pauper on his sister Annes christening record but by 1785 he was listed as a pauper, on his son Franciss christening record.

Looking for John MILLIGAN in Scotland

John Milligan born in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland in 1827
In 1861 he lived in Dawell Brae, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland his wife and children and was running a grocer shop.
By 1871 and till after 1881 he was living in Duddingston Midlothian Scotland and was a spitit merchant.

He married Hannah but may have another wife before Hannah called Margaret but I am not sure
Hannah maiden name unknown was born about 1828 in Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland
John appears to have died between 1881 and 1891, although this has not been confirmed as the Scotish census does not give the maritial status of the people listed in the house hold, however John was not present and his wife was living with her daughter Margaret's family.
Children of John are:-
1. Alex Milligan born about 1849 in Haddington, Haddingtonshire possibly the son of the first wife Margaret
Children of John & Hannah appear to be:-
2. Isabella Milligan born about 1854 in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
3. Margaret Milligan born about 1857 in Dunbar, Haddingtonshire, Scotland
4. Robert J C Milligan born about 1860 in Dumbar, East Lothian, Scotland
5. Hannah Milligan born about 1862 in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
6. Elizabeth Milligan born about 1865 in Drummore, Midlothian, Scotland

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Looking for the parents of William LOVELL, Compton Martin, Somerset, England

William LOVELL, born possbily between 1806 and 1807 in Compton Martin, Somerset, England
William married Mary.
Mary was born about 1801 in Chillcott,Somerset, England

They had seven children:
1. Ann, born about 1826 in Compton Martin, Somerset,England
2. William, born about 1826 in Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
3. Francis, born about 1829 in East Acton, Middlesex, England(Francis married Hannah. Hannah was born about 1836 in East Acton, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom. They had five children: Edward Francis, Emily, Albert, Walter and Louisa.)
4. Mary, , born about 1834 in Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
5. Elizabeth, , born about 1838 in Compton Martin,Somerset, England
6. James, , born about 1840 in Compton Martin, Somerset,England, UK
7. William, .born about 1844 in Compton Martin, Somerset, England, UK