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Why is the American People believing that Jesse Woodson James was an Outlaw, when he was a Military Intelligence Officer, serving in the Am. Civil War (1860's) & wasn't murdered in 1882?

The James Brothers & the Younger Brothers & the Dalton Brothers & the Ford Brothers descend from Dalton Sisters, and I am Directly Bloodkin to them, since I am a Dalton Family Descendant, too.
The Military (American Armed Forces) was Permanently Connected to the Freemasonry, so that Military Connected Families could help each other, even if it had to be done in secrecy, like the Life of Robin Hood, another figure of importance in the History of Royalty Families.
It must be for Financial Purposes that Agencies & Organizations, are Making MOney from the James Outlaw Gang History, when their version of the history is not true.
Hazel Davis-Clark, Historian / Genealogist

I'm seeking information on the Harness Family of Virginia & North / South Carolina.../ Georgia...Indian Connections

From all accounts I descend from Alexander Harness aka Dragging Canoe, an American born Indian, who decends from the Harness Families of Virginia, and he was of the CHEROKEE / SHAWNEE / SEMINOLE TRIBES.
My ancestor from him, is: Mary Harness, who married a John Henderson, and who had a daughter by the name of Mary Henderson who married a John (?) Davis, born 1740.

The Seminole Tribe, their name,is Originally spelled: si-mi-no-li, meaning OUTLAW / OUTCAST, mostly because of an Epidemic of Smallpox,
which left the body of the victim, to have Scars, like the Chickenpox
does....and the Change to the Skin of the Tribal People, was thought to be Shameful, so they Outcast some of their own people, who "joined together", to develop their own tribe.

They were also, part of the Armed Forces, first to serve in their own tribes, before the scarring, and then they were Influenced to Serve with the British Soldiers...but then, changed their mind, and Served on the Side of the Colonists.

All Tribal Indians, were of Mixed-Blood, (sometimes Multi-Racial), between 1776/1778 to 1830, a Span of 50+ Years, BEFORE THEY WERE REQUIRED TO BE RE-LOCATED, not as per them being of indian heritage, but because they were of the Military Connected Families of America,and Their Succeeding Geeerations, were of Military Connected Families, AFTER the Establishment of the U.S. Constitution!

All Countries were Fully-Conquered in the Same Manner as was America & It's People, originally, IN-PART, of Native American Heritage.

They are known as Native American Indians...indians born as an American Citizen, just like that of anyone else...American-Born Citizen.

Pocahontas, a daughter of Chief Powhatan, was the First American Daughter of a Chief, who became the First (not the last) Vicitm to the Conquering Process, by a Military / Armed Forces group of people.
She was the First P.O.W., in America.

The Daughters of All the Tribal Chiefs, became "captivated" by the Succeeding Generations, from the Soldiers of the Armed Forces, when ORDERS were issued for these Succeeding Generations, to "go & marry the Chief's Children"...which they did, to bring forth a New Nation of People, to Replenish the Earth.

Hazel Davis-Clark, Advocate
to & on Behalf of Military Connected Families of USA
20750 E. CR 1140, Stigler, Oklahoma 74462
Email: [email protected]

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