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Tajdar Zaki Khan

Mr tajdar zaki khan was a good friend of my father Mr Noor uddin Ahmad. We were good family friends.Would any one know of his sons and daughter sheeba, who was my class mate.
Khurrum Shahzad Noor

Assalaam aleikum Khurrum Bhai, Thank you so much for our brief...

Assalaam aleikum Khurrum Bhai,

Thank you so much for our brief family tree info.It means a lot to me.Bohat bohat shukriya,I will be sharing it with everybody on my side.inshallah we will be in touch.aur kya aap budaun main kisi se touch main hain, and were you or anyone in your family know my direct family directly,all my mamus still live in sotha mohalla in budaun.My nanihaal dadihaal both are farshoris.inshallah we will be in touch.



Dear Salman,
I was in touch with your eldest Mamujan, Janab Akram Farshori Sahab Marhoom who was a teacher in Delhi. He was a great friend of mine. His mother was my father's Tayazad sister. So he was my third cousin. So is your mother. I vaguely remember attending your parents marriage also. I lost touch with Budaun after my Papa expired in 1979 .Your mother's Mamu is my Taya Janab Zahoor Farshori Sahab, he lives in Canada and has recently visited us. Akram Bhais two daughters and a son live in Delhi and we meet occassionally.

Wow !! thats a very close rishta, zahoori mamu se meri baat cheet hoti rehti hai he also visited hyderabad aur wahaan hamare ghar pay hi stay kiya tha, aur akram mamu ki beti zuby ki shaadi november main hai.we all miss akram mamu a lot.he was a gem of a person.
Main mummy ko bataonga,she will be so happy to hear this ki main aapse touch main hoon,meri hyderabad roz hi baat hoti hai.
attached are some very rare pics of my dada and par dadi.
it also hasyour fathers tayazad sister (my mothers mother)
pic 007 has my dada(ilyas farshori,) nana (rehmaan hussain farshori) and their brother qamar farshori with my par dadi - afzaal fatima wife of Ejaz farshori) the fourth brother missing in the picture is riyaz farshori - who moved to pakistan during police action in hyderabad deccan during partition.
you can also see akram mamu and my dad as kids, and also my mother in one of the pics in the center.very rare pics.if you have any old pics from my side please email me.i have more i will email you.

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Salman and Khurrum are related

in Budaun ApproxEra Khurrums Family
Salmans Family
1st 1440s 1500s Kamaluddin Farshori
2nd 1480s- 1570s Hafiz Sheikh Ladan Farshori
3rd 1530s-1600s Hafiz Sheikh Muhammad Farshori
4th 1570s 1630s Hafiz Sheikh Mangan Farshori
5th 1600s-1670s Sheikh Mansoor Farshori
6th 1640s- 1700s Sheikh Kamal Muhammad Farshori
7th 1670s-1740s Sheikh Durvaish Muhammad Farshori
8th 1700s-1760s Sheikh Muhammad Akram Farshori, our common ansestor had Four Sons- Aminuddin and Qamaruddin ( Nos 2 and 3 do not figure in our geonology)
9th 1730s-1800s Nawab Fasihuddin Farshori(Fasihullah Khan) Courtier of Mughal King Muhammad Shah Alam of Delhi(MINE)

Imamuddin Farshori- Daroga of Budaun appointed by the Mughal King of Delhi(YOURS)

10th 1770s-1840s Hafiz Abdul Muvaiyad Farshori(MINE)
Kamaluddin Hussain Farshori(YOURS)
11th 1800s-1860s Hakim Asasuddin Farshori(MINE)
Ghayasuddin Farshori(YOURS)
12th 1820s-1900s Azizuddin Farshori(MINE)
Ruknuddin Farshori(YOURS)
13th 1870s-1940s Ziauddin Farshori(MINE)
Irshad Hussain Farshori(YOURS)
14th 1900s-1980s Qamaruddin Ahmad Farshori(MINE)
Aijaz Husain Farshori(YOURS)
15th 1930s-1970s Nooruddin Ahmad Farshori(MINE)
Ilyas Hussain Farshori(YOURS)
16th 1960s- Khurrum Shahzad Noor Farshori
Aslam Farshori(YOURS)
17th Savvy Aks Noor Farshori (MINE)
Salman Farshori
The names of other brothers and sisters not directly in the line of ancestry are omitted.

Farshori Families of Budaun

The Farshori Family of Budaun traces its roots as direct descendent of Hazrat Abdullah Abu Baqar Saddique Razi Alloha Anho.Fifteenth in the direct line of descent - Kamal Uddin Farshori and his cousin Mohd Yusuf Farshori settled in Budaun in 1445 AD during the reign of Syed Alauddin King of Delhi.The family originally came to India from Persia some 750 years ago.
Mohd Yusuf's line of family terminated at seventh generation, however most of the Farshories in New Delhi,Hyderabad,Budaun,Bareilly, Nagina,Karachi, Lahore, Canada, US, UAE and UK are the offsprings of Janab Kamal uddin Qazi Farshori.

The Present generation of Farshories is the 32nd generation having direct link with Hazrat Abdullah Abu Baqar Saddique Razi Alloha Anho.
Commander Khurrum Shahzad Noor Farshori can be contacted by any Farshori to try to trace the shijra. Any information is also welcome.

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Khurrum Shahzad Noor Farshori

pse share info on FARSHORI Families around the globe. I am one and have info on most of the budaun families.I am s/o Late Nooruddin Ahmad Farshori and Mrs Sitara Jabeen Farshori, g/s/o of Late Qamaruddin Farshori(Paternal) and Late Mohd Azhar Farshori(maternal).

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