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Australia - Old Newspapers Wanted - National Library Project

WANTED: The nation's missing newspapers

If you have a pile of old newspapers under your bed or in a stack out in the shed, we want to hear from you. As part of the nation-wide Australian Newspaper Plan, libraries across the country want to find, collect and preserve the nation's missing newspapers. Newspapers did more than just report the news. They told stories of their time, through ads, photographs and even their design - stories we want to preserve for all Australians.

For a full list of 'wanted' newspapers, go to

Blandthorn - Chester, England to Bendigo/Sandhurst, Vic, Australia


I'm looking for information on the BLANDTHORN family from the Chester area of England. Would love parents and dates for Thomas and his wife.

I have:

Thomas Blandthorn

Born: 1830 Chester, England
Died: 1907 Bendigo, Vic, Australia

Married to:

Sarah Ann Munro
Born: 1837 London

Married in Melbourne, Vic, Australia 1st March, 1852.


John Blandthorn M
Thomas Blandthorn M
Elizabeth Blandthorn F 1855 in Castlemaine, Vic, Australia
Margaret E Blandthorn F 1856 in Vic, Australia
Elizabeth Ann Blandthorn F 12 Jun 1860 in Castlemaine, Vic, Australia
William Blandthorn M 1873 in Sandhurst, Vic, Australia
Mary Ann Blandthorn F 1875 in Sandhurst, Vic, Australia
Rosana Blandthorn

I'm descended from:

Elizabeth Ann Blandthorn
Born: 12 Jun 1860
Castlemaine, Vic, Australia
Died: 12 Oct 1904

who married:

John Harper
Born: 17 Nov 1856
Castlemaine, Vic, Australia
Died: 13 Mar 1927


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BOSWELL, Stephen of Ware, Hertford, England

I'm after details of the Boswell Family from Ware, Hertford, England. I have Stephen BOSWELL b. 1824, mother named Mary. No father/husband listed on the 1841 Census. Stephen married Sarah, also of Ware. I believe her maiden name may have been Brooks/Brookes. One possible connection is that on the night of the 1851 census they were listed as "visitors". The family in the house next door were Brooks. By 1861 Stephen and Sarah were in Edmonton, London. Love to hear from anyone with a connection.

Canet Family - London


I'm interested in the Canet Family based around London. The root person in Zacharias Theophile Canet and his wife, Margaret Turnbull. If you are related to this family, please join us at:

I am descended from their son Robert, as are most Canet's found in Australia. But I would love to hear from any Canet's still in the UK.

Information on Robert and other members of the family can be found at:


Canet In Australia

Most people with the surname Canet in Australia are descended from Robert Canet.

Roberts parents were Zacharias Theophile CANET who married Margaret TURNBULL, daughter of Algernon TURNBULL and Margaret Ann MORGAN, on Jan 18 1841 at St Annes Church, Westminster, London.

Their children were:
Catherine Honorine (1841)
Honorine (1842)
Theophile (1843 to 1848)
Robert (1845-1936)
Philip (1847)
Theophile (1949)
Margaret (1851)

Robert married Elizabeth Ann MONTGOMERY (1859-1948), daughter of John Montgomery (circa 1815-1892) and Elizabeth SANDILANDS (1829-1903), on May 20 1878.

Their children:
Henry (1878-1953) married Alice Cassandra BARTLETT, married Cecile Alice May O'DONNELL
Elizabeth Ann (1880-1955) married William Charles DUDLEY
Honorine (1882-1883)
Albert (1883-1955) married Linda Caroline Miechel
Rosa Honorine (1885-1965) married Frederick Abbott RIMES
Robert George (1886-1956) married Gertrude Catherine EASTON
Violet (1888-1889)
Daisy (1889-1986) married John Joseph HOAREY
John (1891-1969) married Alexandra DUNBERTON
Honorine Renee (1893-1979) married John Cochrane GARDINER
Charles (1895-1978) married Katherine Lottie MACAULEY
Jessie Grace (1898-1974)
Pauline Isabelle (1899-2001)

Further information on the descendents of Henry Canet and his sister Elizabeth are available.

Charles SAPSFORD, Great Hallingbury, Essex

I'm looking for information on Charles SAPSFORD, b. 1810 in Great Hallingbury, Essex, England. I believe his mothers name was Jane. He married Amy PRIOR in Nov 1831. He died in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England in 1869. I'd love information on his parents if anyone is able to share. There are large numbers of this family born and raised in Great Hallingbury.

COSTER - Dublin, Ireland

Hi There,

I am looking for information on the COSTER family possibly from Dublin. I have information of a John WHITLEY from Dublin, born about 1887, whose parents I believe are John WHITLEY and mother of COSTER. This may have been her married name from a previous marriage, she may have been widowed.

John WHITLEY (b 1887) moved to London and then came to Australia in the mid 1930s. Here married Emily Eliza Margaret RANN.

Any information on John or his parent would be great.



Looks like the Irish link may just have been family lore. I now have John WHITLEY, marrying in 1920 in London. His father is listed as John WHITLEY. I can find him on the 1891 and 1901 census, but his birth place is different on each. I think the 1891 location is wrong - listed as Raud, Dorset, can't find this town. In 1901 its listed as Shoud, Middlesex.

John WHITLEY, son of John WHITLEY and Sarah Ann COSTER. Coster was her name from her first marriage to Henry COSTER. She had three children with him, the last born after his death. She then had five children with John WHITLEY. Her maiden name most likely LUCAS.

Love to hear from people who might have a connection.

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Hamilton Lewis O'Donnell - Tyrone to Australia

Hi All,

Now that some of the Irish records are Online, I've been able to get some confirmation on a few things.

Hamilton Lewis O'Donnell married Emma Jane Todd - no change

Children - addition of one son (Irwin) and changes to birth years.

Richard Willis O'Donnell, born 1837 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; died 1907 in Shepparton, Vic, Australia.

Annie Jane O'Donnell, born 1840 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; died 1915 in Shepparton, Vic, Australia; married George McMaster; born in County Tyrone, Ireland.

Thomas O'Donnell, born 1842 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; died 01 Sep 1910 in Shepparton, Vic, Australia.

Irwin O'Donnell, born 06 Apr 1845 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; married Margaret Jane Brien.

Hamilton Lewis O'Donnell, born 13 Oct 1847 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; died 08 Mar 1920 in Shepparton, Vic, Australia; married Annie Brown 11 Mar 1872 in Geelong, Vic, Australia.

John James O'Donnell, born 1854 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; died 1920 in Boort, Vic, Australia.

Irwin is still in Ireland in 1874 but I can find no death record for him there.

All the above birth years have been confirmed.


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HARPER, Henry - Bere Alston, Devon to Bendigo, Vic, Australia


Looking for info on:

Henry James HARPER b. c. 1813 Bere Alston, Devonshire, England. Came to Australia sometime before 1848. I believe he landed and may have married in South Australia before moving to Bendigo. He married Ellen BRAY in 1848. This was his second marriage.

Would like information on his parents and Ellen's family if available.


James Henry Harper M 25 Jan 1849
Angelina Harper F 18 Dec 1851 in Adelaide, SA, Australia
Elizabeth Ellen Harper F 29 Jan 1854
John Harper M 17 Nov 1856 in Castlemaine, Vic, Australia
Samuel Harper M 22 Mar 1860
Sarah Harper F 14 May 1862
Eliza Jane Harper F 23 Aug 1864
Harriet Melinda Harper F 7 May 1867
Stephen Harper M 17 Jul 1869
Thomas Harper M 8 Jul 1871
Josiah Harper M 8 Jan 1876

Henry James HARPER first married Harriet FLOYD. Children:

William Harper M 1835
Charlotte Harper F 1837
MaryAnn Harper F 1839


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