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WHITLEY and COSTER - London to Australia

Hi All,

John WHITLEY was born in Tottenham, Middlesex, England in about 1882. I haven't been able to verify his exact birth details yet. He married Emily Eliza Margaret RANN (03 Jan 1899 Edmonton, Middlesex, England) on 08 Jun 1920 at the Church of the Precious Blood, Hertford Road, Lower Edmonton, London, England. This is a different church than what was handed down in the family history but confirmed via marriage certificate.

John WHITLEY was listed as a journeyman blacksmith on the certificate and his father is listed as John WHITLEY. No mothers details are recorded. However, with the Coster connection, we were able to find that his mother was most likely Sarah Ann COSTER. She was previously married to Henry COSTER who died in 1877. They had 3 children. Her maiden name was probably LUCAS. She married John WHITLEY in March 1885 and had 5 children - John, Rosa, Jessie, Walter and Robert.

Love to hear from anyone who might be connected.


WILKES/MADDALENA in Dungog and Manning Valley, NSW, AU

I've run into a bit of a brick wall researching the Wilkes family.

The person I am interested in is Albert Vincent WILKES. He was born
22 Mar 1902, Stuarts River, NSW, Australia. D. 1973 in Evans Head,
NSW, Australia

Now the squirly part is that the only documentation I have on him is
his marriage certificate (the original, not copy/extract) 22 Nov 1926.

On this his name is listed as Alfred MADDALENA. He lists his fathers
name as Louis MADDALENA. The only other document I have is my
grandmothers Baptism Certificate - her name is listed as Gwendoline

I have evidence that his mother, Mary Louisa WILKES married Louis
Napoleon MADDALENA sometime in 1907, after which they had a number of

So, at least until the birth of his daughter in 1927 he was using the
name MADDALENA, I believe he found out some time in 1928 (I have a
letter dated 1960 from the Registrar Generals Dept saying that my
grandmothers birth records were changed in 1928 to list Albert
Vincent WILKES as her father) at some stage after 1927 he started
using the name Albert Vincent WILKES ie mothers maiden name. Birth
certificate lists no fathers name. So he might have needed a birth
certificate at some stage and found out that Louis Napleon MADDALENA
was either not his biological father or was his biological father -
though out of wedlock - and started using his mothers name.

What am I looking for?

1) Evidence, story, family gossip as to who his father might be. His
mothers family are originally from around the Dungog area of the
Hunter Valley but starting around 1971 at least three children,
including Mary Louisa, Clara Caroline and Whitney Wilkes were born in
the Manning River area. Her parents were Thomas Frederick WILKES and
Susannah Philipa GREGORY.

2) Fill in some of the history around the WILKES and MADDALENA families.

3) Some ideas on where information might be found about the real
story of his birth and any tips on tracing children born outside of wedlock.


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John HUGHES - Gloucestershire, England to Sandhurst, Vic, Australia

Looking for information on John HUGHES b. 1828 from Gloucestershire, England. He moved to Sandhurst (Bendigo) Vic, Australia where he died 14 May 1884. He married Sarah Ann DAVIS from Chew Magna, Somerset, England, 15 Apr 1852 in Melbourne, Vic, Australia. I believe his parents were John HUGHES and Louise MOXHAM. I have no details on these people, would love to know which villages or towns they are from.

MONTGOMERY - Downpatrick, County Down

Looking for information on John MONTGOMERY, b. 1816 in Downpatrick, Co Down, Ireland, d. 1892 Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia. He married Elizabeth Ann SANDILANDS in Geelong, Vic, Australia 22 Aug 1849. Any details on his family or his life.

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MONTGOMERY and SANDILANDS - Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia

Elizabeth Ann SANDILANDS, daughter of James SANDILANDS and Margaret WILKINSON. She was born in London about 1830 and died in Tallygaroopna in 1903. She married John MONTGOMERY in 22 Aug 1849 in Geelong, Vic, Australia. Interested in any family history or photos etc.


Would like information eg parents of James SANDILANDS b. 07 Dec 1795, Westminster d. 16 Dec 1867 Templestowe, Vic, Australia.

Married Margaret WILKINSON (b. 01 May 1795 Stock-On-Tees, Durham, England, d. 05 Jun 1863 Templestowe, Vic, Australia).

Her parents were George WILKINSON and Ann CLARKSON. James' daughter, Elizabeth Ann SANDILANDS (b. 1830, Londong, d. 1903 in Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia) is my ancestor.

Henry BAKER Colyton, Devon and Waltham Cross

Looking for details on Henry BAKER. Born 1848 in Colyton. Married Elizabeth SAPSFORD in 1867 in Whitechapel, London, England. Family seemed to be then based in Waltham Cross. Children were: Mary, Polly, Harry, John, Rose, May Information on death and parents would be great. I believe parents were John Baker b. 1812 and Mary Ann PARSONS.

Charles SAPSFORD, Great Hallingbury, Essex

I'm looking for information on Charles SAPSFORD, b. 1810 in Great Hallingbury, Essex, England. I believe his mothers name was Jane. He married Amy PRIOR in Nov 1831. He died in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England in 1869. I'd love information on his parents if anyone is able to share. There are large numbers of this family born and raised in Great Hallingbury.

HARPER, Henry - Bere Alston, Devon to Bendigo, Vic, Australia


Looking for info on:

Henry James HARPER b. c. 1813 Bere Alston, Devonshire, England. Came to Australia sometime before 1848. I believe he landed and may have married in South Australia before moving to Bendigo. He married Ellen BRAY in 1848. This was his second marriage.

Would like information on his parents and Ellen's family if available.


James Henry Harper M 25 Jan 1849
Angelina Harper F 18 Dec 1851 in Adelaide, SA, Australia
Elizabeth Ellen Harper F 29 Jan 1854
John Harper M 17 Nov 1856 in Castlemaine, Vic, Australia
Samuel Harper M 22 Mar 1860
Sarah Harper F 14 May 1862
Eliza Jane Harper F 23 Aug 1864
Harriet Melinda Harper F 7 May 1867
Stephen Harper M 17 Jul 1869
Thomas Harper M 8 Jul 1871
Josiah Harper M 8 Jan 1876

Henry James HARPER first married Harriet FLOYD. Children:

William Harper M 1835
Charlotte Harper F 1837
MaryAnn Harper F 1839


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COSTER - Dublin, Ireland

Hi There,

I am looking for information on the COSTER family possibly from Dublin. I have information of a John WHITLEY from Dublin, born about 1887, whose parents I believe are John WHITLEY and mother of COSTER. This may have been her married name from a previous marriage, she may have been widowed.

John WHITLEY (b 1887) moved to London and then came to Australia in the mid 1930s. Here married Emily Eliza Margaret RANN.

Any information on John or his parent would be great.



Looks like the Irish link may just have been family lore. I now have John WHITLEY, marrying in 1920 in London. His father is listed as John WHITLEY. I can find him on the 1891 and 1901 census, but his birth place is different on each. I think the 1891 location is wrong - listed as Raud, Dorset, can't find this town. In 1901 its listed as Shoud, Middlesex.

John WHITLEY, son of John WHITLEY and Sarah Ann COSTER. Coster was her name from her first marriage to Henry COSTER. She had three children with him, the last born after his death. She then had five children with John WHITLEY. Her maiden name most likely LUCAS.

Love to hear from people who might have a connection.

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