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The lost family

Robert Vose was a powerful man in New England. A founding father of The Mass Bay colony made it so. That power transferred down through his descendants. Josiah Vose was the son of a Captain and preacher. The preacher did not approve of a marriage, or so the rumor goes. In the "official" book written by Ellen Vose, she writes two wives 1) Margaret Rush 2)Rhumah. Both have sons named Josiah Vose. Margaret's Josiah merely states d.y. What happened to Margaret? Where did she go? Where did her son go? There is no record of his death. There is no record of her death. There is no record of a dissolved marriage. What happened? Are the rumors true? Did Nathaniel, his father, disapprove and therefore dissolve the marriage? Why? The Vose's may have been Puritans. Margaret may be from the Philadelphia/New Jersey Rushs. Perhaps the differences were vast and his father did not want him to be married to her, chasing her away. But where did she go?

The book mentions nothing of her death, she is just a blurb nothing more. Then suddenly a Josiah shows up in Milton and marries into a prominent family, the Coffins. Where did he come from. He's an apprentice to other Vose's. They treat him like family. Where and How he fits in is the never ending question

Margaret Rush

I am researching Margaret Rush born about 1737 to John and Margaret Rush in Boston Mass. I think he was born about 1717. Any help would be helpful