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Chinese Genealogy and The Zhou Dynasty/Chou Dynasty

I expect that not many people in the United States of America are interested in Chinese genealogy, let alone a study of the Zhou Dynasty. Are there any Chinese out there wanting to know where they come from or doing research on their family trees?

Currently, by history's record, the Zhou Dynasty/Chou Dynasty is China's Imperial family. Anyone with the following Chinese surnames is officially a Chinese prince today:

Chow (Chou, Zhou), Lum (Lin), Chang (Cheng), Goo (Ku), Wu (Wo, Woo), Ing (Ng), Ching (Cheng), Ho, Chiang, Mau (Mao), Choy (Tsai), Sun, Yap (Yip, Ye, Yeh), Wong (Wang), Lai, Kee (Ke), Kwock (Kwok, Kok, Kuo, Guo, Kop), Lau (Liu), Loui (Lui), Dang (Teng, Tang, Deng, Dung), Siu (Hsiu, Hsiao), Young (Yang, Yong), Chock (Cheuk, Cho), and Tom (Tan, Tam).

Recent History of China's Imperial Family:
The last dynasty to rule China was the Ch'ing Dynasty, which represents Manchurian governance over Han-Chinese people. The last indigenous or Han-Chinese dynasty was the Ming Dynasty, whose rulers were surnamed Chun.

Prior to the conquest of the Ming Dynasty, which happened in 1643-44, China's Imperial family at that time, surnamed Chun, made a marriage alliance with people of the Zhou Dynasty, herein after being referred to as the Chou Dynasty. The main lineage of the Chou Dynasty, represents the king's lineage, intermarried with the elder or senior lineage of the Ming Dynasty. When the Ming Dynasty ended, Court secretly got together and installed the Chou Dynasty king descendant as Emperor of China as a reward for their support of the Ming Dynasty. Thereby, it is the Chou Dynasty's Imperial lineage which is China's Imperial lineage and Imperial family today.

The main lineages or key descendants fled China, during the 1870 to 1890, to the United States of America.

Today, most reside in Hawaii and California.


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