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I have photo's that belong to someone else and want to give them to their owners !!!

1-1896 MRS ESTHER LEETS (OR MRS LEETIS) Isl Conn/ GRACE HUBBARD TYLER 10-14-1887/ROGER WILLIAMS PARLE /RUTI'S wedding day 4-22-1950/ MABLE & CATHERINE BRYAN/ Leets Isl Fred Butler's Home, GRANDPA BUTLER, on steps. /AS_KAS & WALTERas kids/ MISS LAMMARON 1931/ BRONEO Family / MRS HALGER/BARBARA WALTER abt age 5 w/ a boy abt age 10/ HARRY "THE WRECKER" eating grapes abt age 6/ AUNT NELLIE & a small dog/CHARLES GARDNER GRAINISS ( or Grainuss..Granuss) 3ys/ MILDRID PARTIDGE ARNOLD abt age 10/ EVELYN WARN BARSTOW pre-teen/ LYMAN PREST(ON), I think/ KARL JOHNSON, brother to Solomon, and family./MARY STAUGH's son/ GEORGE, HELEN and AUNT ALICE, known as "little Aunt"/ EDIT SWENSON, ( Arlington Studio Boston)/GLEN SHOCK age 4/ ADA KITCHEL ADAMS ( Mrs TD)/Larger photo of, '12th Annual Convention on the New England Luther Legue @Pontiac RI July 7-8 1928' / LIN VAN GERTRUD LAGERBLAD-Den 23 1901/ MARY STABAUGH 1937 50 yrs/ JUANITA FARRIS WOODS/ ALMA ANDERSON & kitty, girl abt age 4. I do not wish these to just go to an antique dealer, i feel they need to go to their original owners, their family. I have a photo, history of my family and they are priceless. You can email me. gina @ [email protected] These seem to be in the Conn/Mass area.