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Martin Jordan

Martin was born in Potsdam, Prussia, Brandenburg, Germany. He travelled to New Zealand and then on to Sydney, NSW, arriving on 2 Mar 1876 per the Brig Welcome remaining there for one year. From there, he travelled to Tasmania where he met and married Julia Mary Jane Delphin. He was in Tasmania for seven years before coming to Carlton, in Melbourne where they settled. They lived at 5 Little Grattan Street, Carlton when he first received his naturalization certificate in July 1906 and his occupation was Marine Stores Collector. They resided at 171 Madeline Street Carlton when he made the application for a replacement in March 1915.. The certificate was actually burnt some years before.

Prussia no longer exists as such but its boundaries were:
North: Bound by Baltic Sea, Denmark and North Sea
South: Bound by Czechoslavakia, Bulgaria
West: Luxemberg, Belgium, Holland
East: Poland Lithuania

Well, well, well, after all these years I have had huge success. I was referred by another researcher on the internet to the registry office in Potsdam. That advice was soon poo pooed by another researcher who pointed out that those records (civil registrations) did not begin until 1874, the record I am looking for is 1850. However, I had already emailed the Registry office in Potsdam and they were so wonderful, they immediately referred me to churches who hold the older records and I now have the baptism certificate for Martin Ferdinand Karl Jordens and his parent's names. My next email to them will be for siblings. So if anybody is looking for old recrods in Potsdam try this and the cost was as small 17.80 Euros.


William Fell and Elizabeth Hulme from England to Australia

The fell history originates in Scotland and eventually moves to settle in Manchester, England.
This history starts with the union of Francis Fall (Fell) and Dorothy Entwhistle in 1773. Francis and Dorothy had a son, William James who then married Elizabeth (Betsey) Greenhalgh in 1797. William and Betsey in turn had a son, William James who married Elizabeth Hulme in 1829. All of these marriages were in Manchester, England.

William and Elizabeth left England on the ship "London" bound for Wellington, New Zealand, .sailing from Gravesend on 13th August 1840 and arrived January 1841 The ship was 700 tons commanded by Captain H Shuttleworth. There was 119 udults, 68 children under 14yrs and 10 under the age of one. Six births and four deaths occured on board.

William acquired land at Dillmans Town, New Zealand ( near Kumara ) but sold it for drink later on. William was a baker in the British Army and at some time he was a baker in New Zealand. Elizabeth signed her name with an X more comonly known as her mark.

Family history has passed down that Elizabeth (Hulme) Fell was the first white woman to reside in Clunes, Victoria, Australia.

Seems that James Fell and Elizabeth Hulme arrived in NZ 1839 stayed 13 years and came to Victoria about 1852

. William Hulme (b.Abt 1765-Of,Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England
sp: Elizabeth Palmer (b.Abt 1769-Of,Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England
. James Hulme (c.1 Jan 1791-Of,Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England)
2. Elisabeth Hulme (c.8 Jul 1792-Of,Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England)
2. Thomas Hulme (c.9 Sep 1792-Of,Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England)
2. William Hulme (c.10 Aug 1794-Of,Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England)
2. John Hulme (c.25 Dec 1795-Of,Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England)
2. John Hulme (c.25 Mar 1804-Of,Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England)
2. Samuel Hulme (c.12 Oct 1806-Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England)
2. Gleave Hulme (c.22 Jul 1810-Manchester Cathedral,Lancashire,England

2. Elizabeth Hulme (b.6 Jan 1809-Manchester,England;d.4 Jun 1895 (age 86)-
sp: William James Fell (b.5 Sep 1807-Manchester,England;m.16 Feb 1829;d.30 Oct 1861 (age 54)-Clunes,V,Australia
Children -
3. John Alfred Fell (b.27 Dec 1829-Manchester,Lancashire,England;d.15 Oct 1890 (age 60)-Sandhurst,Victoria,Australia)
3. Sarah Fell (b.3 Aug 1831-Manchester,England;d.Deceased)
3. William Edward Fell (b.20 Jul 1834-St Paul's Whitechapel,London,England;d.Abt 1839 (age 6))
3. Thomas Fell (b.20 Nov 1836-London,England;d.5 Mar 1899 (age 63)-North Fremantle,Western Australia,Australia
3. Betsey Fell (b.3 Aug 1838-St Paul's Whitechapel,London,England;d.29 Aug 1840 (age2)-Aboard ship "London")
3. Annie Harriet Fell (b.10 Jan 1840-Taranaki,New Zealand;d.1879 (age 39)-Victoria,Australia)
3. Elizabeth Fell (b.16 Feb 1843-Taranaki,New Zealand;d.1853 (age 9)-Prob New Zealand)
3. Amelia Fell (b.21 Feb 1846-Wellington,New Zealand;d.6 Jun 1904 (age 58)-
3. William Joseph Fell (b.21 May 1850-Taranaki,New Zealand;d.26 Oct 1930 (age 77)-Bendigo,Victoria,Australia

Jordan, Martin from Prussia to Tasmania

Does anybody know how to trace ancestors from Prussia (Germany), I have a gGrandfather with minimal info. He was born in Prussia in 1850 and came to Tasmania on vessel "David G Fleming" in 1860/1, m Julia Delphin in Tas. 1880, moved to Victoria and had 5 children. He died in 1931 in Bruns. Vic. but I don't know how to trace him further back in Germany.

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