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ancestors of: BURDEN WATERMAN and AFLEET

Hi All
I have traced my family history of BURDEN back to 1615 The male ancestry of whom there were many!!!
The womam they were married were as follows:
Edward BURDEN b.1615 d.1682 m. Elizabeth ? 1634 Stanton Harcourt OXFORDSHIRE ENGLAND
Thomas BURDEN b1635 d.1699 m.Margery ? 1655 Stanton Harcourt OXFORDSHIRE ENGLAND
Robert BURDEN b.1712 d.1785 m.Judith HAZEL 1735 Stanton Harcourt OXFORDSHIRE ENGLAND
Thomas BURDEN b.1738 d.1807 m.Jane AFLETT 1767 Stanton Harcourt OXFORDSHIRE ENGLAND
John BURDEN b.1769 d.1838 m. Sarah WICKSON 1795 Eynsham OXFORDSHIRE ENGLAND
Edward BURDEN b.1820 d.1898 m.Ann WATERMAN ? Eynsham OXFORDSHIRE ENGLAND
Thomas BURDEN b.1860 d.1918 m.Clara ? Eynsham OXFORDSHIRE ENGLAND
John BURDEN b.1891 d.1963 m.May EARP ? Eynsham OXFORDSHIRE ENGLAND

I would really like some more information about the other sides of the family if anyone knows anything would really like to fill in abit more of my family tree thankyou

How can I find out the name of the ship my ancestors travele to the USA on?

I'm trying to find out the name of the ship on which my GGUNCLE nad his wife went to the USA on The information I have is that it was the COLORADO but not sure. Where do I start?

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How can I find out the exact year of birth, death and buriel of a relative?

Problem is: I am in touch with a distant relative fron USA and we are trying to find out how we are related.... I have gone back (and further) to GEORGE BURDEN
To make things easier I will say (A) for GEORGE in USA and (B) for GEORGE in UK

The things which are the same are:
1. Both have the same parents
3. Both married ANN

The things which are different are:
1. Date and year of birth
2. (A) Died and is buried in USA and (B) died in EYNSHAM not sure if he's buried in EYNSHAM yet (got to find out)

As you can see abit of a barrier Would really appreciate it if anyone could help us thanks in advance

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Looking for any relations for CLARENCE BURDEN b1898 OHIO

Hi Everyone
I have found that the above person is a COUSIN of ours what I would like is ANYONE who is related to him or his family to get in touch.
Maybe then I could fill in another part of the BURDEN family history

george burden born in eynsham oxfordshire england approx

1806 and died in USA ohio in 1906 and george burden born same place in 1817 (approx) died in eynsham england were related?
I am in touch with someone in USA and we are trying to find if the BURDEN family are related and how!
Both george's were married to someone called anne we have come to a dead end at the moment thankyou for reading


I have only been using this page from today and have found out something new a conection to our ggg grandfather

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