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Researching a HOFFMAN(N) family connected to a Puerto Rican family in New York City

I have been researching my paternal family since 2007. I was adopted in 1955 (born in New york city) Briefly, I have re-united with my biological mother, unfortunatley she can not offer me very much information on my bio-father. My biological mother claims that my father's surname is Hoffman and he called himself "Jack" (for william?? or John??)
In anycase, I have a brother,our mother was extremely young,when she gave birth to my brother in 1952, she was 15 yrs. old.
My brother and I, know that we have the same father (DNA tests proved this) My brother does not know more than I do about our father.I assume that bio-father was born between 1925 and 1937 (bio-mother born in 1937, she lived in Washington Heights NY.City and in 1950,in the Bronx)I have been trying to use "cluster genealogy" and am thinking of making a map.

I do know these things: He has Puerto Rican blood lines through his maternal family (again DNA tests and help from a genetic genealogist proved this)
The maternal surnames concerning his P.R. heritage would most likely be:Arroyo-Otero-Morales-Miranda-Vazquez-Gonzalez-Rivera-Matos. "RIVERA" being the most prevelent surname.

I know too, that there were HOFFMAN families in Puerto Rico abt.1800/1850 they were managing plantations there.Some immigrated to new York City.

I also know that many Puerto Rican families during the late 40's and into the 1950's and 1960's lived in the Bronx, Brooklyn (Kings point) Red Hook (cobble Hill).
I have noted a number of these families through Ancestry.Com. but I can get no closer to finding the correct family.I was going on the lines that perhaps bio-father was a Merchant Marine or in the Navy.I've tried to obtain information from the USMMA to no avail.
Other Hoffmans(n) that I have found in yearbooks Universites, these Univerities in question, will not give out information on their alumni student's families, (as I am interested in the maternal surnames of the mother or grandmother who would have been of Puerto Rican descent)

My mother mentioned that bio-father was an attorney for the goverment,not sure of this.
Have you any suggestions,I would love to have some help.I now live in France,so it would be difficult or costly to go somewhere directly, for further information.


John Paul BRAUN Born-March 26,1894 New York City German or Swedish? BRAUNS

Hello to all,
I am researching my maternal grandfather. John paul Braun, Born March 26,1894 in NY.City (at least I assume in NY.City) There is a possibility that he was from California, and that is why I have been going around in circles,the "brick Wall".
John paul's father's name- Anton or Alexander Braun
" "mother's name- Anna Trauoff or TRAVOFF possibly Russian/Bulgaria
John Paul was a plumber or Pipefitter,After his 1942,WWII registration card, he worked for the W.P.A Work projects Administration in NY.City.Addresses would be: 155,E.109 St.Manhattan NY. and 343,East 142 street Bronx NY. City in abt.1944
He was said to have a twin brother and a sister named Olivia, John was a redhead.

I was told that his family had a chocolate sweet shop, whether in the USA or Germany this can not be made clear. My grandfather claimed that his family was from Berlin Germany, this is doubtful, because the surname Braun is not widespread in Berlin,perhaps he was from a town near Berlin.My grandfather left for California in the 1950's with daughters Lanora Faith and Elizabeth. He died 1971 there.
I have recently been given a 1930 census with information that his parents were from SWEDEN,has anyone SWEDISH Brauns?
I would be grateful to find any living family connected to my BRAUN family.

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Fitzpatrick Family in New York City late 1800's 1900

My Fitzpatrick family is on my grandmother's paternal side.They were Dysfunctional, and very poor.
Bridget Duffy John Fitzpatrick Irish Roman Catholics.John Fitzpatrick was a general laborer,irregularly employed.Their residence was 410,East 64th street,New York CIty (Manhattan) and, 510 East 55th Street N.Y.Also, 409 East 60th street N.Y.
I am searching for the desendants of my grandmother ( Elizabeth Rose Fitzpatrick Born abt.1900 on Jan.1st.)
With her brother and sister who were possibly adopted out they were orphaned and taken away by the NYSPCC. and interned at Saint Joseph's Home in Peekskill New York.
Their names are; Bridget 5 years old and Patrick 4 years old this was About 1911.There were other children of whom I do not even have any trace of,Margaret,John,Agnes,Mary.
Thank you for any helpful information.

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