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GenCircles merges with My Heritage - Louisiana Resources

Louisiana Genealogy Blogs on GenCircles

GenCircles offers clubsfor your surname that is much like a message board. It also offers a location message board for each state, county and country.

Louisiana on GenCircles

From: Interment.net

GenCircles Merges with MyHeritage

by Steve, Sunday, December 23, 2007
Pearl Street Software, maker of GenCircles and Family Tree Legends, has merged with MyHeritage.com, recently named one of the best genealogy Websites of the year 2007 by Family Tree Magazine. The first move from this merger is that Family Tree Legends (a genealogy software) and GenCircles have been made 100% free!

The merger is also bringing the "Smart Matching" technology free for GenCircles and MyHeritage users. Smart Matching is a specialized genealogy technology developed by Pearl Street Software and further advanced by MyHeritage, to connect family trees. It works by comparing millions of names, facts and tree connections - intelligently. When two family trees are connected, both their owners are informed, and benefit from the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

They advanced the Smart Matching technology into what they call, "Smart Matching 2.0", which covers spelling and phonetic variations, understands nicknames and name synonyms and deals better with ethnic variations.

Visit online...


Family Tree Legends...


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Genetic Genealogy Learning Center

Genebase.com has a tutorial on Genetic Genealogy. You can access the page here .

Johnston, Hoffman, Keissel, Zweifel, Hoerner, Doclar, Huckins

Johnston Family Tribal Pages

JOHNSTON - Georgia to Louisiana
HOFFMAN - Germany to Louisiana, USA
KEISSEL - Germany to Louisiana, USA
ZWEIFEL - Switzerland to Louisiana, USA
HOERNER - Germany to Louisiana, USA
DOCLAR - Louisiana, USA
HUCKINS - Maine to Louisiana, USA

Louisiana Born - Greenwood Cemetery, Hillsdale, St. Louis County, MO

Burials Greenwood Cemetery
Hillsdale, St. Louis County, Missouri
From: Data Extraction Emmet Kane from Burial Records

January 21, 2008

1874 - 1908 Burial Extracts Louisiana Born

Listed as born in "Louisiana"
Could be Louisiana, MO?

Barret Julius 11 Aug 1877
Butler Elisabeth 24 Apr 1878
Black Ellen 16 May 1880
Bell Emily 27 Jan 1880
Dunaway Katie 7 Apr 1880
Robinson Minerva 12 Feb 1880
Thomas Alcinda 17 Apr 1880
Sowes Joseph 23 May 1880
Axion Eddie 25 Jun 1881
Watts Nettie 10 Jun 1881
Perkins Robinson 22 Apr 1883
Lee Vina 27 Dec 1886
Carter Julia 12 Feb 1887
Jones Levi 15 Dec 1889
Sheppard Stephan 2 Mar 1889
Tyler Jasper 31 Oct 1889
Brooks Peter 1 Jan 1890
Gaines Serina 20 Apr 1890
Reshar Edward 16 Nov 1890
Smith Lora 19 Nov 1890
Johnson Molier 2 Mar 1891
Breidlove O W 12 Nov 1892
Willson Charley 11 Dec 1892
Ransom Elisa 1 Jun 1893
Bonaparte George 4 Jul 1894
Harris Jennie 2 Jul 1894
Johnson Mary Bruine 18 Nov 1894
Moore Loudon 25 Mar 1894
Pembrook Joseph W 4 Dec 1894
Robinson Samuel 7 Nov 1894
Thomas Emily 24 Dec 1894
Williams Flora 16 Apr 1894
Anderson LuLu 24 Apr 1895
Foster Daniel 31 May 1895
Palmer William 4 May 1895
Snoten Louis,JR 17 May 1895
Smith Charlotte 21 Mar 1895
Sims Robert 4 Jun 1895
Bass Annie 3 Sep 1896
Armstrong,Charles 14 Jan 1896
Blackington,Edmund 3 Mar 1896
Cushingber,Geo 27 Jul 1896
Crenshaw Mary 15 Mar 1896
Grief Eliza 20 Jan 1896
Jones William 24 Jul 1896
Morgan Butler 3 Jun 1896
Moncrief Richard 1 Sep 1896
Mcneal Jennie 25 Apr 1896
Smith Mamie 8 Feb 1896
Cue Nixy 8 Oct 1897
Harding Albert 24 Mar 1897
Harrison George 2 Dec 1897
Jackson Lettie 7 Oct 1897
Moran Joseph 23 Nov 1897
Bowman Louisa 13 Mar 1898
Ridly Monetta 4 Mar 1898

Listed as born in "LA"

Smith Susan 15 Aug 1878
Bemitt Bradley 13 Oct 1880
Daily Gilbert 24 Jul 1880
Mack Charley 1 Nov 1880
Phillipps Aline 23 Jul 1880
Stampton MalindaJ. 21 Dec 1880
Washington,George 2 Dec 1880
Bruin Nathan 17 Oct 1881
Goodman Wash 17 May 1881
Mitchell John 23 Nov 1881
Brooks William 10 Mar 1882
Knodgler Roberta 18 Jul 1882
Kirtland John D. 23 May 1882
Nicholls Major 12 Jun 1882
Quillans Rebecca 21 Oct 1882
Tolbert Alice 4 Feb 1882
Young Westley 14 Dec 1882
Williams Charles 9 Sep 1882
Cowen Lizzie 10 Jun 1883
Hargate James 18 Jan 1883
Gray Annie Mrs 11 Dec 1883
Jefferson Jessie 8 Dec 1883
Jones Lebecca 11 Oct 1883
Munroe MayElisa 12 Feb 1883
Reddick Martha 5 Aug 1883
Williams Alice 13 Nov 1883
Bartlett Louis 3 Feb 1884
Anderson John 26 Nov 1884
Davis LuLu 17 Jun 1884
Jones Alexander 2 Jun 1884
Moore Cornelia 18 Jan 1884
Matthews Emma 24 Oct 1884
Shaw John 6 Dec 1884
Anderson Archie 14 Feb 1885
Buckner Josie 28 Oct 1885
Davis William 10 Aug 1885
Overhall Louis 26 Apr 1885
Reed James 14 Jun 1885
Randell Clara 29 Jul 1885
Peterson Simpson 16 Jan 1885
Sims Henry 25 Jul 1885
Sanders Anna 30 May 1885
Thomas Scott 27 Oct 1885
Green FrederickB 13 Mar 1886
Lambs LuLu 1 May 1886
Ross Solomon 6 May 1886
Scott Cordelia C 6 Apr 1886
Tolbert Daniel 13 Jul 1886
Bookers Foster 13 Sep 1887
Bowers Alice 8 Apr 1888
Buckner Horace 24 Jul 1888
Brown Lou 16 Jan 1888
HendersonSilas 20 Feb 1888
Helms Elisha 26 Nov 1888
Grief Mathilda 23 May 1888
Green Willie 2 Aug 1888
Johnson Margaret 31 May 1888
Lee Robert E. 4 Sep 1888
Taylor Katie 13 Apr 1888
Strain Carrissa 22 Apr 1888
Wilson James 9 Feb 1888
Williams GeorgeW 12 Jan 1888
Balis Daisy 22 Feb 1889
Cacey Collins 28 May 1889
Brown Ben 10 Feb 1889
Bray Frisene 5 Jan 1889
Pain Sophia 26 Jun 1889
Sumler Mary A. 2 Mar 1889
Brown Wallace 26 Jun 1891
HendersonCynthiaA 27 Apr 1891
LivingstonAngeline 2 Dec 1891
King Kizah 18 Sep 1891
Jones Sarah 24 Jun 1891
Miller Flora 21 Jul 1891
Palmer Oscar L. 17 May 1891
Wells Anna 25 Mar 1891
Gearuno Fannie 21 Jan 1892
Morris Maria 24 Feb 1892
Robinson Precilla 4 Apr 1892
Turner Emeline 8 Jan 1892
Anderson Henry 3 Nov 1893
Jacobs George 4 Sep 1893
Keller Celestine 8 Oct 1893
Randall James 20 Aug 1893
Shelby Cora 6 Aug 1893
Urbanks Eleonora 3 Jul 1893
WilliamsonMaryJane 20 Aug 1893
Allen O B 22 Oct 1895
Collins Hardenia 30 Jun 1897
Lee Lillie 7 Jul 1897
Palmer Mary 24 Apr 1897
Shannon Lou 23 Feb 1897
Thomas Washington 15 May 1897
Branch John 16 Jul 1898
Irvin Clara 2 Jun 1898
Hayden Ben H. 24 Feb 1898
Loctoir Duff 20 Feb 1898
Murdock Leonard 8 May 1898
Smith William 12 May 1898
Smith Issac 18 May 1898
Williams Kate 26 May 1898
Stuart William 12 Sep 1899
Edwards Lizzie 6 Mar 1900
Logan Ed 30 Jun 1900
Campbell Fannie 1 Mar 1905
Randles Adline 9 Feb 1905
Mcgee Agnes 28 Feb 1905
William Gordon 9 Feb 1905
Harris Mary 21 Apr 1907
Jones Betsey 31 Mar 1907
Monroe Louis 16 Jul 1907
Randel Perry 11 Mar 1907
Robinson James 23 May 1908

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Louisiana Genealogy

LAGENWeb has uploaded a bunch of interesting records this month from several Louisiana parishes. My Yahoo Group, Louisiana Genealogy Blogs, has posted a link to the archives available. Some of the uploads were for the following parishes: Tangipahoa
East Baton Rouge

I also surfed upon an interesting on-line story from Louisiana Road Trips. Surf in to read historical articles and stories from Louisiana!

I began testing the timeline at Our Story today. Surf over and see a few Family Tree Circles, Louisiana related, genealogy articles.

Louisiana Genealogy Blog - Submit your family webpage

Join Louisiana Genealogy blog and help create links to genealogy blogs in Louisiana! You may submit your Louisiana related family page online here.

Louisiana Genealogy Feeds now available on the blog

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Louisiana related families on Family Tree Circles

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Family Tree Circles Search - Louisiana

Louisiana Surnames

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Louisiana Tribal Pages

I've added all of the search results from Family Tree Circles from Louisiana to my subscriptions. Family Tree says that it will notify me of updates to these journal pages. I've also created a site on Tribal Pages. They were in the news today on PR Web. Where did I come from?
For those of you who have not tried out Tribal Pages, you should really check them out! They have a unique mapping from Google maps that allows you to track your ancestors across the globe. Check it out here.. I've used the Family Tree Circles search results as an example and since I did not enter complete birth or death dates the mapping does not fully function, but you can get the general idea from their site. It also posts a list of all of your surnames that you are researching, has a guestbook, and an event calendar.