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About the Poem/Song Part 2 of the sage of the PETERS, TERLOAR, MCDONALD

This poem or song,while a tad more complicated than was the case of Emily May (PETERS)MCDONALD, relates a similar situation. Emily May was only 4 years old when her mother died and Jane Elizabeth MCDONALD cam to care for the children and kept house for the family. When Jane Elizabeth married Emily's father,Jan's younger brother, Herbert Lloyd (Bert) MCDONALD became Emil's step-uncle.
Bert was only 6 years older then Emily, and when Emily was in her teens fell in love.
Father George did not approve of the match, so Emily and Bert eloped, and went to live in South Australia, where they stayed for a number of years.
This of course brought up the interesting situation mentioned earlier.
As husband of her husband's sister, her father was also her brother-in-law. And as sister and brother-in-law to their father, Jane and George were the children's aunt and uncle, but as father and step-mother to their mother, Jane and George were their gandparents.

Whew what a complicated mess.

A further complication occurred when Emily may's aunt, her mother's younger sister, Madeline (Madge)TRELOAR, married another McDonald siblings, Alexander (Alec),older brother of her husband, and younger brother of her step mother. So her aunt was also her sister_in_law.

I would love to find more information very interesting family

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Dorothy Ruth MCDONALD & Robert MILLER

Morning all.
I am trying to locate missing links in the family
Dorothy Ruth McDonald B:22 Oct 1933 D:2004 &
Robert MILLAR B: 1926 no other details but they had a daughter
Kay Christine MCDONALD B: 27 Dec 1950 in Horsham in Victoria, Australia - who went up for adoption just after she was born (my Cousin)
We all think she was part of the family anyway, back then my Aunt went away and came back with a baby girl.
I am trying to find a link
Her birth Grand Parents were Hedley Francis MCDONALD & Edith Ellen BROWN can't find anything about her Birth father all that she has been told that her birth Father Robert MILLAR B: 1926

Emily May PETERS

Looking for information of Emily May PETERS
Parents of George Peters and Emily Jane Treloar

Emily May PETERS is the 3rd child of George and Emily

Information I have on Emily Jane Peters Born: 16 May 1893 Birth Place: Digby, Victoria, Australia Death: 13 Oct 1987 not sure where. Did she marry? did she have any children?

Hope someone can help

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George PETERS 1st Marriage Emily Jane TRELOAR 2nd Marriage Jane Elizabeth MCDONALD

George PETERS B:27 Feb 1869 D: 26 Jul 1951
1st Wife Emily Jane TRELOAR B: 1872 D: 20 Jan 1898

Had 5 children
Henry Earest
Emily May
William James
Herbert George

2nd Wife Jane Elizabeth MCDONALD B: 03 Jan 1878 D: 1943 (my side of the tree) no marriage I can fine

Had 9 Children
Anne Elizabeth (my grandmother)
Alfred Stanley
Amy Glady
Percy Donald
Elsie Mytle
Dorothy Jean
Reginald John
Dulcie @ Stella died at birth

Now don't have all dates for marriages death and births

The story goes Georges 1st wife one of her children wanted to married Georges 2nd wife child, now George was furious and but his foot down and said no, but they eloped one night and fled to Western Australia were they married, not sure if its true but everyone knows this story
I do have a poem that was written about the story, but will post tomorrow.

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John Flurrence GOLDING of Ouyen & Sarah Ann BANNER-McCONKEY of Mildura Victoria UPDATED 10/1/12

Another few loose ends

John Flurrence GOLDING of Ouyen & Sarah Ann BANNER-McCONKEY of Mildura both in Victoria, Australia
Married 1900 in Natimuk, Victoria, Australia

They had 13 children
Charles Albert B: 25 Nov 1901 of Sea Lake, Victoria D: 1970
Ethel May B:1902 of Sea Lake, Victoria D:1907
Eleanor Maude B:1905 (but can't find a death date)
Charlotte May B:1907 of Sea Lake, Victoria D:1968
Harold Clarence B:1909 of Sea Lake, Victoria D:1967
Allan John Thomas B:1912 of Horsham, Victoria D: 1963
Ronald Henry B:1914 of Horsham, Victoria D:1962
William Ashwell B:1916 of Sea Lake, Victoria D:1987
Glady's Beryl B: 1919 of Sea Lake, Victoria (but can't find a death date)
Jack Tyrrell B:1921 Sea Lake, Victoria D:1922
Dorothy Jean B: 18 Sep 1923 Sea Lake, Victoria D: 27 Jul 1972
Kathleen Mary B: 15 Sep 1924 D: 24 Sep 1988

Hoping someone can tell me the deaths of
Eleanor Maude B:1905
Glady's Beryl B: 1919


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Looking for "Golding of Surrey in England"

This is what I know John GOLDING married Charlotte CASSIDY not sure when
but they had a son
George John GOLDING born 1820 died 1903 in Horsham, Victoria, Australia

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My Story - lynniegirl - GOLDING (maiden name)

Just a little bit about myself I would like to share.

Since searching my family tree, it is interesting that I haven't come across anyone that has a disability, I know it wouldn't show up in the records, but talking to family not a trace of another disabled relative, so that proves I am unique.

I was born with a disability called Arthrogryposis (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita) is a term describing the presence of a muscle disorder that causes multiple joint contractures at birth. A contracture is a limitation in the range of motion of a joint. I used to walk on elbow crutches and these days I use an electric wheelchair to get around.

I have 6 siblings and I am smack right in the middle, 3 sisters older and 2 sisters and a brother younger. I was blessed to come from a large family as I was not spoilt, in fact I had to do chores around the house like my other siblings, because of that reason, I am a stronger person.

It hasn't stopped me, I am married, have children and a grandparent and loving begin a Nanna

"Everyone has a disability just mind stands out"

I am a keen knitted, go swimming, play Bocce, love my computer and searching my family tree, and am on a few committees, all volunteering work.

My motto "there is not such word as can't"

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Name Change

In doing my family tree but cousin only recently found out she was adopted which is not all that different and I know how to add an adoption in my Family tree marker, but her birth name is completely different, how can I connect the both as begin the same person
The program I am using is Family Tree Maker Version 16

any help would be fantastic

ORMA Florence may Martha - William George BALDOCK

I have started doing my mother's side of the tree, she was a BALDOCK and growing up she always told me she had English and French blood in her,
both her parents were born in England and was sorry I didn't find out about more of her family history.
But have managed to go back as far to 1869 when Florence ORMA was born my grandfather was William George BALDOCK and married her.

I don't know who even William George BALDOCK's parents were, as all the records would be in England and haven't a clue were to look.

I do know Florence May Martha ORMA parents were John ORMA but don't have any details and his wife was Esther but no maiden name and I would say they had more children but only have Florence listed

I don't mind doing the research myself but just don't know were to look for overseas records

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Photo of my Father (Leonard Albert GOLDING)

Just going through a lot of old photos of my Dad and thought someone on this group might not have the photo of a relative that is in the photo with my Dad.
Dad (Leonard Albert GOLDING) He is the one that's circled if anyone recognizes the other army buddy would like to here from you

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