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BBC name archives recorded on net a Genoa origin of Gannaway name as orig couple Jacopo de Genoa m a Leonora de Medici 1644?

As Gannaway is the name of the Guardian who adopted me - I have another name - of which the provenance is impossible to decide- I would like to find out, the veracity of the Web infor - particularly as my Guardian's information was of a UK father (UK accepts this)immigrated in 1900's to NZ with Archtectural skills - My Guardian 's claim was her father Albert's father Charles (married to a Emmeline Harvey) was a direct descendant of Sir Christopher Wren- I cannot see this at all - except for the fact - facially structurally Sir Christopher and My Guardian share similar bone structure - as per Sir Christopher sculptural bust - I do understand that a "Harvey" was part of Sir Christopher's mathematical tuition?

Somehow I doubt the link - Sir Christopher's apparent immediate family masculine line failed. Although I as much as I understand Sir Christopher had a childhood friendship with either Charles I or II - Charles I's wife being I understand a Marie de Medici? related or a daughter of Catherine de Medici of France - All this is a little improbable to me - dates just don't cohere.

I would like to know if the BBC archives have anything more than the above - the Italian family appearing to change their names for a political survival reasons to a Spanish Name - and then into Dutch - and then Gannaway - their is a family archive in a University in USA - I do not know which one it is - it maybe Maryland.

The family Gannaway multiplies prolifically - are deeply in America and there are two family lines in NZ here - however what I was told - the NZ and the English families in NZ were remote connections - All this is along time ago - but as I am not in a position to pursue my own origins more than I have - I would like to know a bit about the two people who basically were responsible for my upbring - I can live without this info - just a bit of tidying up