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Jupiters from South Dakota and Washington

Here is what I have so far, if anyone has more to add PLEASE let me know, thank you!

Joseph Jupiter born 1900 in South Dakota
He has 3 siblings that I know of:
John born 1894
Lizzie born 1895
Frank born in 1897, died in WWI in 1920
All three born in South Dakota

I think his mother's name is Annie born 1865 in Russia(?), and his fathers name was also Joseph born 1863 in Austria(?)

We have also been told the Jupiter's came from Bohemia, but don't know if that is true.

Burchams from Kansas

I have information on the following Burcham's, but am always looking for more:

Ruth Juanita Burcham (married name Coon) born 1914 in Fulton Kansas
Byron Burcham born 1877 in Fulton Kansas
Andrew Jackson Burcham I born 1817 in North Carolina
Andrew Jackson Burcham II born 1844 in Bloomfield Indiana
Joseph Burcham born 1786 in Norh Carolina
John Burcham II born 1765 in Maryland
John Burcham I born 1738 in New Jersey
Joseph Burcham born 1708 in New Jersey
James Burcham born 1670 in Norfolk, England
Henry Burcham II born 1638 in Norfolk, England
Henry Burcham I don't have a DOB, in Norfolk, England

looking for William Sherman Jones of Michigan

This is my grandfather and I am having a hard time finding anything on him. I don't even know his birthdate. But it's arong 1870 I think from what my dad tells me. He was married twice, the second time to My Grandmother Lillie Belle. I think her maiden name was Fuller, but again I'm not sure. She also had been married once before, but her first husband died. Her first married name may have been Church. But those two names may also be backwards. My Dad doesn't have a very good memory for these things. They both had children from their first marraiges, and then had quite a few more togather. My Dad was the only boy. His sister's names were:
Winifred (actually my's daughter from her 1st marraige)

looking for COON of kansas and wasington

I am looking for for anything about George Cyrus Coon, George P. Coon, or Charles Lucas Coon

Kizia/Keziah (maiden name Vaneman) who was Charles Lucas's wife
Mary Frances (maiden name Phillips)who was George P's wife
Ruth Juanita (maiden name Burcham)who was George Cyrus's wife