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The surname WARREN fits into my tree several generations back.Mary Ann Warren married Alfred George Woodcock 29//11/1847 in Bordesley Warwickshire,England.Alfred and Mary Ann's daughter Mary Ann Woodcock married Herbert Wilson 1874 in New Zealand.They were my great grand parents on my fathers side.
Although I don't know if they are connected to the Warrens of Surrey who were Earls of Surrey dating back to 1300's,I do know that in the family were silversmiths,locksmiths,clockmakers and bell hangers.

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This family of SPEEDEN's were originally from Linlithgow in Scotland.They are now settled in New Zealand.The family has their tree back to 1730.They own a very successful mushroom farm in N.Z.


A Valentine Buchly from Switzerland married my great great Aunt Maria Barbara Ott in Christchurch New Zealand 7/11/1858.I have found several possible children.I would like to find out for sure how many children they had and their names.

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My connection to this unusual surname is through my brother in law Len Saunders from N.Z.
His mother was Louisa Hannah Earring b. 1905(he remembers his mother saying that it had the two R's.Louisa married Ernest Herbert Montague Saunders b. 2/7/1902 at Battersea.Their children were;
Leonard Alan Henry b. 5/5/1929
Montague William d.1965
Graham Joseph
Leslie Kenneth
Irene Murial
Maud Frances
Gillian Joyce
Would anybody be able to provide the birthdates etc. of this family??


One of my great grandmothers was Sarah Scotney b. 1838 in Southwick England.The story is that she was travelling to New Zealand(or Australia) and met John Bailey from Titchmarsh Northamptonshire England in Adelaide Australia.They were married 1/10/1859 at the Wesleyan Chapel,Kongarilla,Adelaide Australia.

They returned to England and then emigrated to N.Z. with the rest of the Bailey brothers and their families.John Bailey died in Auckland N.Z.5/5/1865.Sarah was with child.(Harriet Adelaide)Two houses and a section were left to Sarah,also a section from the Bailey estate at Paparoa.(Although no-one seems to know what happened to that)

John Wilson(one of my great grandfathers) who had met John Bailey and Sarah Scotney on the same ship where they met, married Sarah 24/4/1866 Auckland N.Z.
John and Sarah Wilson had 8 more children.

Edit; According to the birth and marriage certs.Sarah was the illegitimate daughter of Mary b.1817 daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth.

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I have read with great interest the information given by Ngairedith to Keitha regards the COE family of Wairarapa.I have Coe's originaly from Desborough U.K. on my tree.The earliest I have is Edward b.12/11/1732.Then his son George b.12/11/1773 M.Amelia.Their children John Frederick b.4/2/1816 @ Bedford,Samuel B/21/6/1817 @Kettering and George b.4/3/1819.
Samuel M.Sarah Elizabeth Huet(Huguenot family)b.16/12/1851 @Hackney.Their children were; Elizabeth b.28/7/1843 @Bethnal Green.Emma Sarah b.15/2/1846 B.G.,Amelia b.26/3/1848B.G.,Ellen b.29/8/1850 d.7/12/1858.
Samuel married a second time to Louisa Brooks 27/5/1867.

Elizabeth M. George James Hollings b.1826.(11 children)He had 1st married Selina Popkins and had 5 children.

Has anybody got any connections to my COE's ???

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Just started looking for information on this family.I have already found on "the Net" that Peter and Mary(Griffin) and family of six children immigrated to N.Z.(1890)Peters father was Thomas and mother Mary(Shield).settled Lifford Ireland.
My sister was married to George Curreen.Now widowed.George was related to all the Curreen's in N.Z.

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This OTT family I have researched back to 1700's.
The earliest that I have found is Johan Martin married Maria Catharina Schauerin.Martin was a day labourer.Their child Johan Jacob b.1799 married Maria Barbara Kern.Jacob was a citizen/weaver.Maria's parents were Jacob Kern and Dorothea Frizen,Jacob was a grand citizen/weaver.
Johan Jacob and Maria Barbara had two sons and a daughter and Maria had a daughter Anna Magdalene Kern.The sons were Johan Jacob b.1830,Johan Georg b. 1831.Maria Barbara b. 1832.
Johan Jacob and wife Frederike Greneger emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1850's,Jacob was employed by the North German mission as a shoemaker, to make shoes for the Maoris on a small island at the bottom of New Zealand.The island was Ruapuke Island.Apparently he made very good shoes and people would travel from the mainland(South Island of New Zealand)to get shoes from him.He financed his brother and sister to N.Z. in 1857.His brother was a tailor and did very well with his trade in N.Z.His descendents still live in the south island of N.Z.
Jacob did so well with his shoemaking that he was able to get his own pub in Lornville,just outside Invercargill.Unforunately he died in 1876 just 46yrs old.The same year the family lost their only little daughter Louisa Marie-10months and youngest son George Frederik age 5yrs Although Frederike lived to a good age she had been committed to a pychiatric hospital since 1878.Jacob and Frederike had other sons.They were Alfred William b.1870,Charles Jacob b.1871,Henry Edward b. 1872,Francis b. 1875.
Alfred M.Margaret Philip 1905 2 children
Charles M.Eiza Pullinger 1890
Henry M.Rosabella Lukey 1910
Francis M.Eleanor McMechan 1897


Our WILSON family emigrated from Lincolnshire England to New Zealand in the 1800's.
A lot of research was done in the 1960-1970's by a cousin Nell McGillivray.Quite a few of the family will be familiar with the first booklet she produced called The Wilson's in New Zealand-4 and 1.She also went to Lincolnshire and did research.After which she produced a further booklet called Kith and Kin -Lincolnshire.So our family has been very lucky to have all this knowledge.

It appears that the family had resided in Bishop Norton for several generations.

I have a possible line; Richard b.1608c M.Elizabeth Barnabie b.1612c M. at St Marks lincoln 5/6/1634.
Child : Richard b.1635(St.Marks) M. Mary ??
Children : John b.25/2/1671
Richard b.4/1/1675 @ Blyton M. Elizabeth Pannell b. Bishop Norton 13/1/1699
Children: Richard B.4/1/1700
William and Mary b. 10/2/1725
Thomas b.30/4/1732 M.Mary Graves @ Tealby 3/7/1753
I have the family tree from there forward.

I would like to find a connection to the Gunn Clan.In my family it was told that we were from the Gunn Clan.


BRADSHAW.This is what I have found out about the Bradshaws.
They were already an established and wealthy family when William the conqueror arrived in 1066.(the de before the Bradshaw name in early times means with William)I have been told.
The oldest line was located at Bradshaw, Bolton.But other early branches were at Haigh Hall Wigan, Atherstone Warwickshire, Twisden Kent, Marple Derbyshire.
For whatever reason William the conqueror didn't take over the Bradshaw lands.Apparently he gave them more.
Bradshaw's at Eyram left there never to return when the plaque hit that place.Valuable tapestries ordered, were just left to rot.
One "story" I have found is that one family had to sell their lands after several generations of a predominance of daughters, where a dowry had to be found and too much had been borrowed.
Of course there have been in history famous and infamous Bradshaws.

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