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Prince family from northern NY

I finally found out some things about my maiden name. "Prince". geez, I didn't realize it'd be so difficult. They lived in Clovelly, England until my great, great granddad move to Hopkinton, NY. They weren't involved in the civil war as far as I can tell.

looking for info on the Prince family from Hopkinton NY

I am trying to find out more about my father's side of the family. Grandfather's name was Hilea O. Prince. His father's name was John M. Prince and his father's name was William Prince from England. That's as far as I've gotten. William was a harness maker. Not sure when they came to the US though. Father's family migrated to Hopkinton NY.

looking for info. about Hilea O. Prince, and his ancestors from NY

I have been trying to find out if John Miller PRINCE is my grandfather's father. My grandfather's name was Hilea O. PRINCE born in 1883/84. I can't verify if John was Hilea's dad??? My dad's name was/is John William PRINCE born in 1910. As far as I know they were all born in NY state.

I have no idea if my grandfather had sibblings, I don't know who John M. PRINCE married...nothing. My father never talked much about his family.


Rosenbarker's from NY, and Prince family NY

I am looking for information on both sides of my parent's family. Neither parent talked alot about their family. My grandfather's name was Lawrence Rosenbarker, and I believe his father was Joesph. But not sure. In the cemetary there is a Hiram Rosenbarker, but am assuming he's related, but again not sure. My grandmother was Bertha Dodge being her maiden name, but I remember my mother saying grandma was adopted. Lawrence was born in 1884, and Bertha I believe was born in 1887?

I am at a flat end with my dad's family. All I know is granddad's name was Hilea O. Prince, born in 1885. I think NY, but not sure. He married my grandmother Hazel Belle Parker in 1908. My dad never did talk much about his family. All the family member's are buried at Hopkinton/Ft. Jackson cemetary in northern NY. Hazel, I was told had a twin brother and at the age of 13, her father kicked her out. That's all I know about her.

I sure need all the help I can get...PLEASE!!

Prince family from NY state

I am looking for information about my grandfather Hilea O. Prince born in NY in 1884. I know he married Hazel Belle Parker in 1908. But I know nothing about his parents, if he had brother's or sisters. My father's name was John William Prince, and he had one brother Ethan Allan Prince and one sister Izora Prince, who married a William StHilaire. I also know that Hilea and Hazel had a child or two that died young, but sure how young. Hilea O. Prince was buried in Hopkinton, NY., as well as Hazel.

If anyone out there knows anything about Hilea O. Prince, will you please let me know. My father has died along time ago and known of them ever spoke about any of the family history.

Thank you all.

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