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Looking for more information on Prudence Southwood married to Pleasant Williams

Hi I am seeking more information on Prudence Southwood born abt 1806 believed to be in Ky, and died in Breathitt County, AR.(?) about 1840's
She married Pleasant D. Williams in 1830. Their children were John Thomas Williams 3/25 1832 and Patsy Williams b 1836 Breathitt County Kentucky or Hazard,Perry Co KY.
I would love to verify what info I have for Prudence, and how she ended up in Arkansas.
We know Pleasant remarried in 1840 to Elizabeth Fugate, but not sure what happened to Prudence.

Did she die giving birth to Patsy, divorce Pleasant or what? Really need the exact death date.
I have not been able to locate any info for Prudence in Ark. Death, census, etc.
I have considered if this was a typo and she was born in Breathitt County Kentucky but still nothing has been found to verify this.
I am doing my Williams Genealogy.
If anyone can help, it would be so very appreciated

Looking for my Robinson family Joseph W Robinson

I am fairly new at genealogy and I am hoping someone can help me.
My Grandmother died when my father was 10 mos old. We grew up knowing very few of his mothers Robinson Family.
I have very little information regarding the Robinsons and the more I find the more confused I get.
If you can help me, please do so.

My father was Leroy E. Lacy B 2-18-1918 D.10-03- 1985 Married July 1st, 1939 at Bixby Ok. to Anna Laura Lacy b 11-24-1919 DIED7- 21- 1994.
Dad's parents were Nathan D. Lacy b 5-15-1904 d.7-27-1974 Fayettville Ark. Nathan Married Mary Tennessee Robinson. 8-17-1883 D.Dec 03-1918

Mary's parents were ***Joseph Wm. Robinson b 8- 23 1855 d.3-08-1923 married ***Nancy J. Taylor
Marriage for Joseph and Nancy Date Nov 8, 1877

I have seen the Nancy J. mentioned at several other websites as the wife of Joseph, but can not find a middle initial on any census, wills etc. for her.

Correction. I now believe that there is another Nancy buried next to my Grandmother Mary. I can not find a death date or location for Nancy J. Taylor Robinson anywhere.

Children of **Joseph W. Robinson and **Nancy Taylor Robinson
(1) Lizzie Robinson m: William Plummer - No Children.
(2) Thomas Speedball "Speed" Robinson
(3) Bell Robinson d. 10-31-1935 m:#1 Sam Porter #2 ? Dean
**(4)Mary Tennessee Robinson m. Nathan Lacy Son of James Lacy and
Lucy Jane Wheeler Lacy married on 5-15-1904
(5) Harve Robinson b: 5-14 1887 St. Paul, Madison Co, AR d. 6-1975
(6) James Leroy Robinson b: Dec 1889
(7) George Robinson b 5-03-1891 d 3-3-1989 m: Sally Ketcher 1889 -
(8) Ida Robinson m: Frank Yates
(9) Fred Robinson Never Married
(10) Marie Robinson b. ? d. 4-14-1977? m: John Weir
(11) John Robinson m.Delia Lacy
I might mention here that my father was always told he was at least 1/4 Indian. We have always thought that this was of Cherokee blood. However I have found Creek and Choctaw mentions the name Robinson in different Native American records as well as the Cherokee. We are no longer sure at this time what tribe his mother, grandmother? was from.

My main confusion is with the father of Joseph.
Joseph's birth record is as follows.
Kentucky Birth Records, 1852-1910
(Census of 1860 shows his age at 44?? This figures out that he was born in 1855 This date is the same as one of my mothers records.
Name: Joseph W Robinson
Birth Date: 27 Aug 1854
Birth County: Clay
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Father's Name: "Thos P Robinson"
Mother's Name: "Elizabeth Cook"
County of Residence: Clay

From census records 1860: My Division, Jackson, Kentucky, Thos/Thomas P. Robinson age 44 /abt 1816 names his Wife as "Elizabeth Reed" Robinson age 32 /abt 1828
Thomas Robinson age 17 abt 1855
Susan Robinson age 16 abt 1844
Mercus L Robinson age14(Marcus)abt 1846 - Will shows this name as
Marcus not Mercus.
Eliza L Robinson age 12 abt 1848
**Joseph W Robinson age 6 b Aug 1855
Elizabeth Robinson age 4 abt 1856
John F Robinson age 1 abt 1859

I have found a will from 1839 for a Thomas Robinson. This may not be my Thomas Robinson.
Will of Thomas Robinson, 1839 Laurel County,Kentucky NAMES WIFE AS "MARY" I do not see how this can be the same Thomas Robinson due to the fact that in the will He calls himself "of considerable age" ... Maybe this is Joseph's W. Robinson b.abt 1855 grandfather?

It could not be Thomas Speed Robinson since he also would not have been born in 1839. I considered that maybe Elizabeth's name was Mary Elizabeth, but there is no way that Thomas Robinson could have been married to Elizabeth (according to the 1860 census) since she would have only been 11yrs old in 1839 and in no way could have given birth to all these children. lol

If someone can help me get back on track, it would be so very appreciated. I am doing reseach on 5 different family names and have decided to concentrate on the Robinson family first until this is completed.

Here is a copy of the will of in 1839 As you can see the same children are named as on the census.

Will of Thomas Robinson, 1839 Laurel County, Kentucky
Source: Will Book 1, page 156 In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Robinson a Citizen of Laurel County & State of Kentucky "being advanced in age but of sound mind and memory" and knowing that all men must die, Doth make constitute & ordain this my last Will & Testament
First I commit my Soul & body to that great beneficient Being who bestowed With gratitude & thankfulness for the many blessings _______. I request my Just debts to be faithfully paid out of my estate.
I give to "Mary" Robinson my beloved Wife the tract of land on which I now live in Laurel County containing 200 acres with all it's improvements and advantages during her life and after death I give and bequeath the said tract of land to my "nine" children.

(To wit)(Jane Lillon (? or Jane Sutton?), Mary Murphy, John Robinson, Martha(?) Wyatt, Thomas Robinson, Jonathan M(? or W.?) Robinson, William Robinson, James M. Robinson, and Marcus L(? or S.?) Robinson) to be sold by them and the purchase money equally divided.
I further direct my executors hereafter to be appointed that if Mary Robinson my wife Should wish to Move from said *asin? before allowed to(?) her they my executors with her consent may if they think proper Sell and Convey the before named 200 acres of land with all the appertenances thereunto belonging for the best price to be made for the same. And the money _____ _____ my Executors are directed to lay out two thirds of it for land in Some new Settlement, and one third to be put in improvements on said land.
Which land and improvements is to be for the use and benefit of Mary Robinson my Wife during her life.
And after her death it is the property of the above named legatees to be devided as above directed. I further give to Mary Robinson my Wife, the crop of all sorts that is made on my farm the present Season. Also a sufficiency of meat to be taken out of my Stock for the Support of my family the ensuing year. I give to my Son Thomas Robinson three hogs to follow for his own use. I give to my son William Robinson one Colt claimed by him as his Own property. Also I give to my Son James M. Robinson, one Colt claimed by him as his own property. Also I give to my Son Marcus L. Robinson, my saddle and saddle bags as his own property. I also give my Son John Robinson Ten dollars. I also give to "Mary Robinson" my wife one third part of my personal estate (after taking out that part of my estate before given by this Will) for her own proper use and benefit during her life and after her death, if any of said property be left to be devided equal amongst my legatees before named. My wife to take her part _____ this by appraisement, ____sale(?) I also allow the other two thirds of my personal estate together with my land not before named in this Will to be sold by my executors on a credit and my executors to Convey the _____ to the purchase of said land to be equally divided to the before named legatees. I also appoint my two Sons John Robinson and James M. Robinson, my executors with a request they shall See this My Will faithfully executed and carried into effect. I further request that the Court require No security of my executors but that they enter into bond with out security. In Testimony where of I assign this with my hand and affix my seal as my last will and testament this 30th day of July 1839.
Thos. Robinson - Seal Robert Owens -his mark Amos Farris Caleb(?) Sutton (? or Litton?) Laurel County Court October Term 1839 A paper purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Thomas Robinson dec'd. was this day produced in Court and proven by the oath of Robert Owens and Caleb Sitton(?) two of the subscribing witnesses thereto to be the act and deed of the said Robinson.
It was also proven by the Witnesses aforesaid that at the time the testator signed sealed and acknowledged said Will he was of sound mind and disposing memory.
It is therefore ordered by the Court that the Same be admitted to record as the last Will and Testament of the said Thomas Robinson dec'd which is done accordingly. Att. W. H. Ran dall Clk.

I hope someone can help me get answers.

I am looking for more information on Kiziah Brooks Williams Family

I am working on my family heritage. As you will see I have a lot of questions regarding my family.
I have the following info and need to find out more about these family members. Any Documents would be very appreciated. I am especially interested in Birth and death certifcates, marriage license's.
I have most of the James Williams family line, but need more information on his wife POSSIBLY Kiziah Elizabeth Brooks.
I do not really have proof of her name, birth, or death date.
I did see one record online that someone had given her birth date as 1735 and another that says about 1740.?
It is said that Kiziah's Father was Littleton Brooks b. 1720, d.1777 (he was only 15 when Kiziah was born?) I am uncertian if this birth date is correct, but I realize it is possible.
*** I would like to see any proof located that shows James1 wife was named Kiziah/Keziah with her last name shown. If you have this, please, please send me a link or a file.

James and ? Children were.

** 1- Phillip "Buck Spike" WILLIAMS 10 Feb 1753 in 96th Military District, Charleston, South Carolina, and died 12 SEP 1848 in Volga, Johnson County, Kentucky. He married Ann Floating CLOUD. She was born 1754, and died 1840 in Volga, Johnson County, Kentucky.

2- Hardin WILLIAMS born 27 APR 1764 in 96th Military District, Charleston,
South Carolina. He married Jane HART.
3- James WILLIAMS.
4- Jarrett WILLIAMS.
7- Sherrod WILLIAMS.
8- Nancy WILLIAMS.

I would also like more information For Ann married to Philip Buck Spike Williams. I have seen many names for Ann.
Running Water, Floating Cloud/Running fawn. Does anyone know for certain whom Ann's Father was?
She was born 1754, and died 1840 in Volga, Johnson County, Kentucky. I do have pictures of their graves.

Philip and Ann's children are
**1- John Thomas WILLIAMS , Sr. b: 1782 in North Carolina (now Tennessee),died 1885 in Perry County, Kentucky.
Rebecca COMBS born 1795 Married 17 JUL 1809 in Clay County, Kentucky, daughter of Nicholas "Danger Nick" COMBS and Nancy Euphemia GRIGSBY.
2- Robert Sanford WILLIAMS b: 1786 in Claiborne County, Tennessee, and died 1851 in Johnson County, Kentucky. He married Mary HOSKINS. She was born 1790. He married Nancy PICKLESIMER 19 MAR 1848. She was born 1828 in Kentucky.See guion Miller rolls applications for Philip (Shows wife name Amanda Evaline age 61)
3- Joseph WILLIAMS b: 1793 in Tennessee. He married Elizabeth LNU. She was born 1810 in Kentucky. She married Robert HOOD in 1819
4- Hardin "Hardy" WILLIAMS b: 1794 in North Carolina now Tennessee Birth: 27 APR 1764 in 96th Military District, Charleston, South Carolina
See Children of Hardin and Jane Hart in My notes / Doument 1808-1875 Elizabeth P. Simer FloydCoKYMarriages
5-Lewis WILLIAMS b:1794 in North Carolina or Tennessee, and died 1830 in Ke ntucky. Married Elizabeth "Betsy" HUNT 22 FEB 1818 in Clay County, Kentucky, daughter of Jonathan HUNT and Mollie ROGERS. She was born 1802 in North Carolina
6- Luranna S. WILLIAMS b: AUG 7, 1799 in Tennessee, and died 19 FEB 1885 in Johnson County, Kentucky.
She married Nathan PICKLESIMER 20 FEB 1821 in Floyd County, Kentucky. He was born ABT 1799.
7- George W. WILLIAMS , Sr. b: 1800 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. He married Rebecca BLEVINS, daughter of William BLEVINS and Sarah "Sally" LNU. She was born 1815 in Virginia, and died 16 DEC 1858 in Carter County, Kentucky.
8- Susannah WILLIAMS b: 1800 in Tennessee. She married Jesse FORTNER 20 MAY 1822 in Floyd County, Kentucky. He was born ABT 1800.

Then I have this information from my mothers notes.
Williams Indian Chief Roll # 3 1900 Indian Territory Pg. 78 Township 18 range 25 - I do not know if this is referring to Pleasant Williams - John Wesley Williams - or John Thomas Williams -

Then I found this info as well. John Thomas Williams (Jr or SR?) as Cherokee Chief in Perry Hazard Kentucky. This was found in a court house in Arkansas. I would love to find any documentation on this.

If any one can help add more "documented" facts to this lineage it would be very appreciated.

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