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Martinus Jensen, born abt 18 February, 1879 in Brønderslev, N...

Looking For Martinus "Martin" Jensen who was born January 18 February 1879 in Brønderslev, Nordjylland, Denmark

Father: Willum Marthinus Jensen, (son of Jens Sørensen & Anne Simonsdatter)
Mother: Ane Jensdatter

Children of Willum and Ane Jensen:
Jens Andreas Jensen, b. 06 Jan 1876,
Martinus Jensen b. 18 Feb 1879, (my great grandfather)
Ane Cathrine Jensen
Ansine Othea Jensen, b. abt 1884,
Johanne Jensen, b. 07 April 1886,
Per Gronborg Jensen, b. 20 Jul 1890,
Else Jensen, b. abt 1901
Karen Marie Jensen (no d.o.b)
Carl (Karl) Jensen (no d.o.b)

Martin Jensen immigrated to New Zealand abt 1910 where he met Te Tai Ngunguru Tipene. They were married 24 April 1911 at the Registry Office, Auckland, New Zealand.

Their 3rd daughter is Moana Mary Jensen. Moana is my grandmother.

Moana's eldest child is Harata Matekitawhiti Te Moana. Harata is my mother.

My mother adored grandfather Martinus and she spoke fondly of him, of the holidays she spent with Koro Martin and Nanny Nguru as a child. She remembers him for his kind and gentle manner. The area where they settled in Aotearoa (New Zealand) was Wharekahika (Hicks Bay), in the East Coast of New Zealand where Martinus became a farmer. Martinus Jensen was highly respected in his community.

My mother said he often spoke of his siblings with much affection. She recalls he said his family were farmers and resided around the Manna Tise Furreby area in Hjørring, Danmark. We believe he kept in contact with Jens Andreas, Ansine, Johanne and Per Gronborg and remembers when her grandfather was in very high spirits and very happy after speaking with his sisters Johanne and Ansine by telephone.

We know he took passage by ship from Copenhagen to New York and may have spent 1 year in America along with his brother (not confirmed), from there he jumped ship onto a whaling vessel and travelled to Australia and from there to Auckland New Zealand.

Martin Jensen died at the family homestead in Wharekahika on 11 Oct 1948. He was was deeply mourned.

I would like to find any information on Martin Jensen's siblings. All information would be appreciated.

Max Simpson

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Martinus (Martin) Jensen, born 18 February 1879 in Brønderslev, Hjørring, Denmark

I am seeking information on my Gt Grandfather's family and ancestry.

Born: Feb 18, 1879 in Brønderslev, Hjørring, Denmark

PARENTS: Willum Martinus Jensen & Ane Jensen (born Jensdatter).

F: Karen Marie Jensen b. abt 1874
M: Jens Andreas Jensen, b. 06 Jan 1876,
M: Martinus Jensen b. 18 Feb 1879, (my great grandfather)
F: Ansine Othea Jensen, b. abt 1884,
F: Johanne Jensen, b. 07 April 1886,
F: Ane Jensen (no d.o.b)
M: Per Grønborg Jensen, b. 20 Jul 1890,
F: Else Jensen, b. abt 1901
M: Carl Jensen (no d.o.b.)

Martinus Jensen arrived in New Zealand abt 1910. He met and married Te Taingunguru Moana Tipene known as Nguru Tipene / Nguru Stevens (english translation for Tipene is Stevens) in 1911 at the Auckland Marriage Registry. They had 13 children:

F: Tuiti Dawn
F: Ani Margrete
F: Moana Mary (my grandmother)
M: Wiremu Joseph (Bill)
F: Hinemoa Waipuku
M: John Sydney (Monty)
F: Te Raipine
F: Ngaronoa (Nora)
F: Mihitai Apani
M: David George
F: Heeni Ngarangi Kamaea
M: George Hori
F: Maraea Te Okeroa

Martin and Nguru would move from Auckland to Tuarua where Martin was involved in drainage and infrastructure for a short time. From there they eventually moved to Wharekahika (Hicks Bay) on the Eastern Coast of New Zealand where they settled and he farmed the land. I am told Martin was a clever man, very highly regarded and greatly respected in the community. He embraced the customs and traditions of Maori and spoke the Maori language fluently like it was his own native tongue. My mother speaks fondly of him and she loved and adored him. She spent her childhood holidays with Martin and Nguru and recalls how he had a special way of communicating with his farm animals. Each animal had a name and he when he called their names they would run to him and nudge him gently. The animals followed him about the farm and he would hand feed them.

We know Martin kept in contact with some of his siblings in Denmark and the USA. There are travel records indicating Jens Andreas & family and Johanne and husband Christian Marius Pedersen & family and several other relatives and friends all departed Denmark on the same ship bound for the USA and their information correlates with their arrival in New York. Johanne, Christian Marius and Jens Andreas and others continued on to Utah and Minnesota. The timeline seems to indicate to be about 1909-1911. He proceeded by ship to Argentina then on Sydney Australia and we understand Martin worked his passage between Australia and New Zealand as a whaler on a whaling vessel where he eventually settled.

Martin Jensen died at Wharekahika (Hicks Bay) on 11 Oct 1948.

At his tangi (funeral) he was mourned in the real traditional Maori style as according to Maori ceremonial and customary rites. People travelled from all over New Zealand to honour his memory and pay their respects.

I am searching for information on his family, parents Willum Matinus Jensen (b.1843) and Ane Jensen born Jensdatter (b.1843), his siblings, his grandparents Jens Sørensen (b.1795) and Anne Simonsdatter (b.1803). Most particularly Jens parents Søren Christensen (b. abt 1759) and Anne Jensdatter, their lineage, Søren's father Christen Sørensen (born 1729) and his wife Else Jensdatter and Christen's father and mother Søren Christensen (circa 1694) and wife Mette Clemendsdatter. They appear to have lived in the Furreby, Kirke, Hjørring, Børglum area in Northern Denmark.

Any information would be appreciated.

Max Simpson

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