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Looking for relatives of Cornelius Corfield

Looking for relatives of Cornelius Corfield Born 1838 in Manchester,Lancashire, England. He Emigrated with his wife Caroline,to Montgomery Alabama, USA.Cornelius's Father was Cornelius Corfield born 1809, and his mother was Ruth Dickinson.

Looking for relatives of Cornelius Corfield

Looking for relatives of Cornelius Corfield Born 1838 in Manchester,Lancashire, England. He Emigrated with his wife Caroline,to Montgomery Alabama, USA.

Looking for relatives of Cornelius Corfield

Looking for relatives of Cornelius Corfield Born 1838 in Manchester,Lancashire, England. He Emigrated with his wife Caroline,to Montgomery Alabama, USA.

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Jubil Corfield

Looking for Death Details on Jubil Corfield Born 1872, he was the son of William Corfield and Ellen Shaw.He reside in Manchester, Lancashire, England.I was wondering if he may have emigrated, as some of his family lived in America. Would appreciate any help,regarding this matter.

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Can anyone help please, I thought I had it all worked out and then it took a turn, thought that my gr gr gr granddad WILLIAM CORFIELD BORN IN 1850 was born of RUTH AND CORNELELIUS, but this appears not to be true this means that I have got do a lot of researching all over again, if there is anyone out there with any details of William married to Ellen can you please get in touch with me, meanwhile everything is on hold whilst I recharge my batteries and contemplate what to do next. this family tree researching is fun but also challenging. will hope in anticipation that someone out there that can help me, maybe someone will have my William and ellen corfield on their family tree marra

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family tree circles

Got to say, what a fantastic site this is, very helpful with family research, very informative, not a lot of sites on the internet, like this one, all I can say is, to me personal contact goes a long way, and you certainly will get that on this sitE, once again THANKS TO YOU ALL AT FAMILY TREE CIRCLES

corfield family in manchester lancs england

can anyone help me please, looking to find my great great grandads parents he was named WILLIAM CORFIELD and he was born in 1850, his wife was named ELLEN SHAW born 1848, he was married in MANCHESTER in 1869, but I once again have hit a brick wall, there are two or three in the England births and christenings, but I don't know which was his, i have found him and his family on alot of the censuses, I don't expect anyone to do my research for me, if someone can tell me what to do to find his parents I would be most grateful,, I have also looked on parish registers. I seem to be doing so well on my other family lines, its just that this one that is a puzzle.
thanks for anyones attention on this matter

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Elizabeth was my Grandmother, who died one week before i was born in 1953,i learned from this fantastic site that she was put in a home for Waifs and Strays in Haslingden,as her mother passed away,she was 15 yrs old,last night after some researching i learned also that her sister Jessie may also have been put in the Workhouse,so when i say this has been a roller coaster of emotions it certainly has,even though i didnt know these relatives, i was very upset to discover these facts,makes me realize, just how lucky i am to still have my mother, going strong at the age of 91years.There must be some relatives of the CORFIELD FAMILY out there in Manchester or anywhere,i do hope i find them ,because non of this makes sense,my father did have a mum and dad, EVEN THOUGH HE WAS AN ONLY CHILD some relatives must have been around then. Its all a HUGE mystery to me because i have quite a few relatives on my mothers side, that i am in close contact with, im hoping that someone out there will respond, or even direct me in what to do next,saving me from once again putting all my notes in a cupboard again for another 12 months, the same as what i did last time.

looking for william corfield

trying to find the father of Jubil Corfield born in 1872 who was married to Jessie greatbanks, these are my grandparents whom were never spoken about in my family i have found a William and Ellen corfield nee shaw whom i think are my great grandparents,and also ruth corfield nee dickinson and cornelius corfield,whom i think are my great great grandparents, i dont know why but it just doesnt seem right,maybe im lacking confidence,but this all seems so hit and miss. I have found this to be a rollercoaster of emotions, and also very time consuming, the time just flies when you are researching for your relatives. Can anyone help me,i would be most grateful, if not, i will possibly put all my notes away, in a cupboard , again, for about 12 months and hope i can find the time I suppose everyone else feels the same at some point

researching families

I just want to say what a fantastic site this is when i started in july i think i hadnt got a clue wot i was doing, but thanks to the help and guidance of this site i am starting to feel quite good at wot i am doing, researching families is not an easy thing. Personally for me it has been a rollercoaster of emotions, particularly because i was brought up, to be told that i had no family, and why did i want to contact any family as it wasnt important, particularly by my mother, who is still alive a good 90yrs young i have got to say that you do NOT recieve the help and support, through communication, anywhere else on the net, that is why this one is different. Also just like to tell everone about my favourite site, Family, this a free site, and i know when i say free u wont believe me cause they all say that theyr free and theyre not, BUT THIS ONE REALLY IS, im not joking, so to any learner out there, give it ago, you will be pleasantly surprised. My motto is this. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR INFORMATION ON MY FAMILY, AS MY FAMILY BELONGS TO ME AND NOBODY ELSE. SIGNING OFF NOW MARRA