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I AM TRYING TO RESEARCH MY GRANDPARENT born 6th feb 1897,his name was FREDERICK CHADWICK and he was born in PATRICROFT LANCS,I know that his fathers name was THOMAS CHADWICK,and his mothers name was MARGARET BRIERLEY before she was married.If you can help or even if thier on your family tree please contact.


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I am looking for any descendants, of the CORFIELD family, who lived in BRADFORD,MANCHESTER LANCS ENGLAND, they also lived in OPENSHAW,MANCHESTER LANCS, ENGLAND.I have never been aware of any of this side of my family and i would really like to find someone.I am not very good at this researching business,and i keep hitting brick walls especially around the 1830s area,can anyone give me any advice on tracing my relatives, do i now have to look on the parish registers for this era. I am not prepared to pay for information on any website , for information MY FAMILY.

awaiting any help on this matter


Is there anyone researching the corfield name, i am searching for my grandparents and family that lived in Bradford Manchester lancs, would be so pleased to hear from anyone researching the same, i am looking around the 1860s period,ive actually, read that if your name is corfield , then you are related to all corfields, i find this a little hard to believe, can anyone confirm whether this is true or not.

thanks for reading this

corfield family in manchester lancs england

can anyone help me please, looking to find my great great grandads parents he was named WILLIAM CORFIELD and he was born in 1850, his wife was named ELLEN SHAW born 1848, he was married in MANCHESTER in 1869, but I once again have hit a brick wall, there are two or three in the England births and christenings, but I don't know which was his, i have found him and his family on alot of the censuses, I don't expect anyone to do my research for me, if someone can tell me what to do to find his parents I would be most grateful,, I have also looked on parish registers. I seem to be doing so well on my other family lines, its just that this one that is a puzzle.
thanks for anyones attention on this matter

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EDWIN HEALEY blacksmith

hi can anybody help me,

I an trying to trace my great great grandad,he lived in loughborough leicestershire, and i beliveve he was a blacksmith, i am searching family search. org, trying to find him, but to no avail i have stated before that i cant afford to pay for MY OWN FAMILYS HISTORY, AND I NEVER WILL, TO BE HONESTeven IF I COULD AFFORD IT I WOULDNT. if anyone can direct me , i would be so grateful, as i seemed to be doing so well before this..anyway my granparents name was EDWIN HEALEY, AND HE WAS MARRIED TO SARAH ELIZABETH HEALEY, THEY HAD TWO SONS CALLED LEONARD AND ERNEST


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Elizabeth was my Grandmother, who died one week before i was born in 1953,i learned from this fantastic site that she was put in a home for Waifs and Strays in Haslingden,as her mother passed away,she was 15 yrs old,last night after some researching i learned also that her sister Jessie may also have been put in the Workhouse,so when i say this has been a roller coaster of emotions it certainly has,even though i didnt know these relatives, i was very upset to discover these facts,makes me realize, just how lucky i am to still have my mother, going strong at the age of 91years.There must be some relatives of the CORFIELD FAMILY out there in Manchester or anywhere,i do hope i find them ,because non of this makes sense,my father did have a mum and dad, EVEN THOUGH HE WAS AN ONLY CHILD some relatives must have been around then. Its all a HUGE mystery to me because i have quite a few relatives on my mothers side, that i am in close contact with, im hoping that someone out there will respond, or even direct me in what to do next,saving me from once again putting all my notes in a cupboard again for another 12 months, the same as what i did last time.

family tree circles

Got to say, what a fantastic site this is, very helpful with family research, very informative, not a lot of sites on the internet, like this one, all I can say is, to me personal contact goes a long way, and you certainly will get that on this sitE, once again THANKS TO YOU ALL AT FAMILY TREE CIRCLES

HEALEY family

Trying to trace family of LEONARD HEALEY my grandad who died before i was born.He lived in loughborough leicester,He was born in 1895, his parents were called, SARAH ELIZABETH HEALEY AND EDWIN HEALEY, if anyone has these names on thier family tree i would love to be contacted.

hoping for a reply



hi, i am trying to trace my great great grandad, his name was , EDWIN HEALEY, AND HE CAME FREOM GRANTHAM LOUGHBOROUGH LEICESTERSHIRE,he was married to SARAH ELIZABETH HEALEY, I BELIVE,BOTH BORN IN leicestershire, eedwin was born around 1862 era. and so was SARAH ELIZABETH HIS WIFE



Jubil Corfield

Looking for Death Details on Jubil Corfield Born 1872, he was the son of William Corfield and Ellen Shaw.He reside in Manchester, Lancashire, England.I was wondering if he may have emigrated, as some of his family lived in America. Would appreciate any help,regarding this matter.

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