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Naming Traditions-

When doing genealogical research we all know that a persons name is the strongest clue to the next person we search for. For many years naming traditions were used as to honor a parent or grandparent, but these patterns have became a valuable asset to genealogist. When a couple married and proceeded to have children the following name patterns existed: First born boy-maternal grandfathers first name, First born girl-maternal grandmothers first name, Second born boy-paternal grandfathers first name,Second born girl-paternal grandmothers first name, Third born boy-fathers first name, Third born girl-mothers first name. As more children in the family were born you will probably find aunts, uncles,and other names of extended family members used. If a child is born and one of it's older siblings has died that name may be given to the baby in honor of the lost one. If not sure of a mothers given last name or the maternal grandmothers look at her children's names. Very often the last name may be a middle name given to one of her children. I hope this hint works for others as well as it has helped me in my search for the past.

Samantha (Davis) Gentile

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