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Update on Bixenman Books

After emailing the long list of people expected to be interested in the republishing of the Bixenman Family History Book, Volume 1, I received an email from a distant cousin. She said, "I wish I had known you were looking for Sister Catherine's books. She gave me her copies of the Bixenmann family books and I have two copies of Book 2 and would love to send it to you as you are the first one to express interest."

So, my republishing wasn't "necessary" in order for me to obtain a copy. That's okay though. I'm happy to have it available to others who are interested given the short supply that is out there. I've decided to do the same thing with volume 2. I'm actually considering putting the two volumes together into one. I believe it would be within the page limits of the on-demand self-publishing site. If so, I think I'll make them available individually, in case someone needs just one volume. In addition, I'll see if I can put them into a single volume. I think this could be the next major project, to start from scratch to publish the entire Bixenman Family Tree book, including George Bixenman's branch, since I've since received that also.

However I proceed, I'll definitely work with Paula to be sure the best possible book is published.

Completed Project

I just republished the Bixenman Family History book, Volume 1. Thank you Paula for sending me good copies of the original book. I've received the first copy of the book and verified it looks good. You can order it here.

This makes two major projects I've finished in the past few months. The next major project is to take the research already completed on my wife's genealogy and put it into a database so we can use it for various future projects. First though, a break from genealogy for a bit to work on things around the house. What? Real life exists? Yes, there is a life outside of genealogy. Time to work on it a bit.

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Continuing Progress on Projects

I finished scanning and editing the pages of the Bixenman Family History book and am in the process of generating and verifying the pdf file for on demand publication. Hopefully I'll have a copy of the book in my hands in the next week or two.

Gift from a cousin

I've been working on recreating (to republish) the family history books of the Bixenman family using my poor quality scans for the pictures and retyping all the text. That's quite a job when just volume 1 is nearly 500 pages! My distant cousin sent me good quality photocopies of all the pages of volume 1. Now, I'm scanning each of these in and will just have to clean them up a bit and put them together into a book. What a life saver! Instead of MAYBE having it done by the end of the year, I fully expect to be done well before that. Thank you Paula!


I was able to meet up with the ship expert on Wednesday and got good scans of the ship image and the ad for Norddeutscher Lloyd from the time-frame of my great-grandfather's voyage to America. It lists the trip between Bremen and New Orleans for November 19 and shows that the Hanover I is the ship making the voyage. My great-grandfather took the trip in September of 1872 so it's not an ad for his exact voyage but at least in the correct time-frame because he traveled on this ship.

I put together the updates for the book. Every time I think I had it ready, I found another small thing to correct. Finally, on Saturday, I published the Second Edition of the book. I posted a note about it on my extended family's Facebook group page and sent the email to the long list of relatives that would be interested. I also posted .pdf files of the pages that were changed the most onto my Family History Links page on Rootsweb so people who have the first edition can print them up and place them into their book so they have all the updated information.

This morning, I got an email from one of my second cousins saying that another second cousin, who traveled from Australia to attend our family reunion last month had passed away. He went in for knee surgery and was home recovering when he passed in his sleep. I'm glad I was able to meet James Adrian Panther, b. Feb 29, 1944, d August 24, 2012 before his passing.

Now to get back to re-publishing my dad's genealogy. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the year.

First Family History Blog Entry

I'm not sure if I want to try to keep up on a genealogy blog but thought I'd give it a try. Just my thoughts on what I've been doing lately and challenges I'm having.

My genealogy work load is through the roof right now. Granted, I don't do it for a living and I don't do anyone else's genealogy so it's just what I feel I need to work on for my own family tree. I just have so much in the works that I'm having difficulty keeping up. Here's a list off the top of my head:

1. Second edition of my Panther family history book. I put out the first edition almost exactly one year ago and I've gotten new information that really needs to be in there. The updates are: a) a CORRECT picture of the ship my great-grandfather came to America on. The one in the first edition is, not only wrong, but very wrong. This is the main reason I want the second edition put out. b) An old family photo from the village he was from that no one knew who was in it. My second-cousin sent me a letter she's had in her possession for a while that tells us exactly who it is. c) New information about the history of the ship my great-grandfather's brother came over on. I need to get this put out because the city manager of the village my ancestors are from is ordering 6 copies of the book and I want to be sure they have all the correct information. This is high-priority, like in the next week. The person who gave me information about the ships also appears to have a schedule/ad from the shipping company my great-grandfather use from the approximate timeframe. It actually advertises for the voyage my great-grandfather took to America. The problem is that I've had difficulty getting together with the person who has this. It's just that my work schedule is inflexible at the moment and she's only available during certain times. I can't decide how to arrange my priorities at the moment. I really want to include this schedule/ad but I really need to get the second edition published ASAP.

2. Republishing my father's family history books. Someone put out my father's paternal grandmother's genealogy about 12 years ago but there are no copies available any longer. It's a two-volume set of hardcover books of about 450 pages each. I got my hands on a set about 6 months ago and I scanned them in using a very quick handheld scanner, except I got good scans of the photos. The person that put out the original books stated in the introduction that she is not copywriting the books and anyone can use the information any way they choose, but should just include acknowledgement, so that is not a problem. Besides, I'm just doing an on-demand publication for my immediate family because I truly want a copy of the books for myself and some of my siblings might also. I've got about 300 pages done. I'm having to retype the text and insert the photos. Once I get 100 pages into it, with photos, Word starts responding quite slowly so I'm having to split the books into several sections. I hope to have volume one done this year. The second volume will likely have to wait until next year.

3. My wife's genealogy. The good news is that the research for her family history is complete. We borrowed a copy of one of the books from her brother. I'm working on entering this into a database on my computer. Once this is done, there is a book put out for her grand-uncle when he became a US Senator and her mother was born and grew up in Germany and has an extensive family history on her side. I just need to gather everything into a database so we can work with the information.

4. Original research. Recently found two new sets of great-great-grandparents. I'm hot on the trail to jump the pond to track their families back to Ireland. One of my great-grandmothers has always been a mystery. I MAY have figured out where she was born. I'm just waiting to hear back from their local genealogy society from the query I sent them a few weeks ago.