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Anyone interested in helping me solve a "puzzle"?

I could use some help. I hope I can keep this non-confusing.
Starting with Clyde William Davies b 31 Oct 1931 in Troy Doniphan Co., KS. still living. Father was David Emanuel Davies b 15 Oct 1903 in Troy, Doniphon Co., Ks.
d 26 Jun 1998 Wathena, Doniphan,KS. S/O Shelby A. Davies b 30 Sept 1873 in Fanning, Doniphan Co., KS. d 1Jun 1944 in Troy, Doniphan Co., KS. Husband of Margaret Mary Harmon b 7 Nov 1876 d/o King Emmanuel Harmon b11 Aug 1841 in Ohio,d
1912 in Oklahoma, and Mary Ann Selix b 1841 d 1936.
I have received information from a family member that King Emmanuel's father was John B Harmon DOB-DOD N/A, he was married to Mary Kuntz DOB-DOD N/A.
They tell me John B. Harmon father was Boston A Harmon b 1800 d 1851. He was married to Meriba Stout b 1804-d1831. Boston A Harmon father was Conrad Harmon b
1748 d 1823.
I consider I have proof of John Harmon being King Emmanuel's father from the death cert. I have for King Emmanuel.It also states Mary Kuntz as his Mother.
On Mary Ann Selix parents, from her death cert. it states her father being Alfred Selix and her Mother being Phoebe Derwacter/Darwacter/[many different spellings of the name]
I am having trouble finding any thing of proof that their is a connection of King Emmanuel to Boston or Conrad Harmon.
Does any one know of a connection of this family? Are there any descendants on this sight or know where I can get my questions all answered?
Thanking you in advance,
Maxine 06

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Are there any descendants from John Harmon on here?

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Are there other descendants of Josselyn here?

This is such a large family, I am so surprised you are not active here.
This name is also spelled Joslin and Josceline.
Gilbert Jossceline b ABT 1005 in Normandie, Brabant, France. S/o Lambert
Josceline 11, Count of Brabant and Louvain.
Lambert b ABT 0952 in Louvain, Brabant,France, d 1015.
If you have family history, I would appreciate hearing back from you.
Thanking you in advance,

Baker family genealogy~ Do you descend from Samuel L Baker???

According to what I have found in my research, Samuel L Baker b 3 Aug 1803 in Madison Co., KY. d 26 Mar 1874 in Villisca, Montgomery Co., Iowa. Samuel married
Rachel Davidson b 1810 in Indiana. Samuel was s/o George Washington Baker b 29 Mar 1779 in Wilkesboro, Wilkes Co., North Carolina and married Esther Robertson b
11 Dec 1781 in Caldwell, Cabarrus Co., North Carolina.
Their 3rd child was a daughter, Elizabeth Baker, b 17 May 1832 in Morgan Co., Indiana d 1908 in Villisca, Iowa.She married Isaac Newton Poston b 1826 in TN. They had a daughter Martha Poston and she married James William Buckley. Martha &James "Jim" were my gt grandparents. Now I have believed this my whole life, but now after doing some research for Baker Ancestors on Baker forums, I am so confused and doubting I have the right list of people.
Can someone help me find the ancestors before Samuel L Baker? Would appreciate it so much. Thanking you in advance.


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Buckley's of England>PA>KS

The earliest Buckley I can find in my family tree is Edmund Buckley.b
11 Apr 1818 in Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England. On 7 Sept 1844 Edmund married Susannah Scott b 13 Sept 1815 in Yorkshire. They married in Philadelphia, PA. Edmund died 18 Jan 1880 in Ames, Cloud Co., Kansas. I have a very good history of this family, if you have questions. feel free to email me. [email protected]

Can anyone help me find more information for Joanna Andrews?

I would like to know more about my ancestor Joanna Andrews b 17 Jan 1733 in east
Greenwich, Kent Co., Rhode Island d 4 Jun 1787 in Exeter, Rhode Island. The d/o
Benoni Andrews & Rebecca LNU. DOB for both-UNK Joanna Andrews married John Joslin
b 9 Sept1754 in West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island. I am just not finding the information I would like for my family genealogy. Can any one help me? Who are the parents of Benoni Andrews? And what could be Rebecca's last name? Appreciate any help I can get, thanking you in advance.


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Does any one know about a John Derwacter Harmon

My husband is the gt grandson of King Emanuel Harmon b 1841. He was married to Mary Ann
Selix b 1841. Her Mothers name was Pheobe Derwacter/Duerrwaechter plus other spellings.
Her father's name was Alfred Selix.
I would like information as to who named a son JOHN DERWACTER HARMON?

Thanking you in advance for your time and effort in helping me.
Maxine Davies

[email protected]

Harmon; TO ALL HARMON RESEACHERS; searching for John Harmon genealogy

My husband is a gt gt grandson of John Harmon, we know of one son of John Harmon, that being King Emmanuel Harmon b 11 Aug 1841 in Marysville, Union Co., Ohio. d 19 Dec 1912 in Fairview, Major Co., Oklahoma. Married 8 Oct 1860 to Mary Ann Selix[other spelling=Sealock]b 23 Jun 1841 in Marysville, Union Co., Ohio. d 6 Feb 1936 in Oklahoma. We know John Harmon was married to Mary Kuntz.
[nearly all of this information obtained from King Emmanuel Harmon death certificate]
The children King Emmanuel fathered were: John Sullivan b 15 Aug 1861;
Rebecca Jane "Jeanie" b 19 Jul 1864; Wallace b 1866 d 1877;Flora Alice
b 1868; Adeline "Addie" Francis b1871;Willie b 1873 d 1875;Margaret
"Maggie" Mary b 1876 d1946-married to Shelby A Davies; Roy Statton b 1879 d1946;Ray Stanley b 1881 d 1891; lastly is, Ross Fleet b 1883.
Is there anyone here who might be a descendant of this family that might have information of John Harmon?? Or of Mary Kuntz?
I would like to follow the family back as far as we can, who are the parents of John, King Emmanuel, who were the siblings of both men?
I have hit a brick wall.
I am begging for help, hopefully someone will read this and be able to help me. Thanking you in advance,

Maxine Davies

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How can I find information for Edward Davies b ABT 1742

My husbands 5x gt grandfather, Edward Davies b ABT 1742 in Lydham,Shropshire, England. His DOD is an UNK fact for me. He was married to a Mary ??. Their children were; Thomas Davies b14 Apr 1771 in Treslander, Shropshire, England.
Twins} Edward & Elizabeth b 25 Jun 1768.
John Davies b 17 Jun 1774 in Lydham, Shropshire, England.
Catherine Davies b 14 Dec 1776.
Thanking you in advance for your time and help to find Edward Davies.

Maxine Davies

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