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Searching for information for William Holdridge

Searching for information for William Holdridge[Holdredge] b ABT 1610 in England. Married to Isabella Craddock b ABT 1614 probably in England.William Holdridge immigrated on the ship "Elizabeth" in 1635. He was a tanner and among the first settlers of Ipswich, MA.
I would like information as to the names of Williams parents and siblings. William was my [many times]gt grandfather. Are there other Holdridge descendants on this forum? Would like hearing from you.
Thanking you in advance, [email protected]

Searching the information for Robert Wingfield

Robert Wingfield b 1403 in Letheringham,Suffolk, England d 1454 in Letheringham. Married to Elizabeth Goushill b ABT 1402 in Derbyshire, Worcester, England.
Robert Wingfield s/o Robert Wingfield & Elizabeth Russell.
Searching for parents names, siblings names for Robert b 1403.
Your help would be so appreciative, thanking you in advance.

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Searching for information for branches of the Gum tree

My husband is a descendant of the Gum tree. Roger Gum, which happenes to be at least 2 Roger Gum's, very confusing. The Roger that came to America from England may of been born 1620, the ship that brought him here possibly was the "Amsterdam". Some 3rd party sources say he came from Culmstock,Devonshire,England. I haven't any proof of this at this point, but, working on that. I find there is a Roger Gum b 1650 who married Francis Potter b ABt 1686. Their son John was b ABT 1688 in Sussex Co., Delaware. John and unk wife had a son Jacob b maybe 1764.
These dates would seem to me to be a little off, so use at your own discretion.
Jacob married Sarah Claypoole, there seems to be a very large family of Claypoole's. I have traced the Claypoole family back to Lords & Ladies, Kings & Queens, very interesting searching.
My main research mission is to find the ancestors of Roger Gum from
Has anyone researched this and found any helpful information? If there is would you please contact me and share that information?
Thanking you in advance.

[email protected]

Searching for information for Hugh Poston

Would anyone have information for Hugh Poston? DOB is unknown to me. In fact been unable to find any thing for him, even census reports,locations etc. One place states he was born in 1809 in Hampshire Co., VA.
Would really appreciate it if there is a family member who might recognize the name or might know of which family he might of come from.
Thanking you in advance for any help given on this.

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Searching for information for Elizabeth See

Elizabeth See b 26 Feb 1754 in Hardy, West Virginia d 1791 in Adams Ohio
d/o Frederick Michael See & Catherine Vanderpool. I have seen a report saying Elizabeth See was married to Chief Cornstalk. Was Elizabeth See Indian name Helizikinopo? I am confused. Is there anyone who could help me to get this puzzle straight? Or were there more than one Chief Cornstalk?
Help with this would be so appreciated, thanking you in advance.

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Searching for information for Princess Aracoma Sky[Keigh-tugh-quah]Cornstalk

Princess Aracoma Sky Cornstalk b 1740 in Shawnee Nation, Ohio d 1780 in Logan Co., West Virginia. Married to Bolin Baker b 4 May 1738 in Ashe Co., NC d26 Aug 1840 in North Salem, Linn Co., MO.
Princess Aracoma was d/o Chief "Keigh-tugh-quah" Cornstalk & Helizikinopo.
Princess Aracoma & Bolin Baker had 9 children. All except 2 died of the plague.
Does anyone have family history of this family? I would really be appreciative and thanks in advance for your help on this family.

[email protected]

Searching for information for Rachel Davidson

Rachel Davidson b 3 Aug 1803 in Madison Co., KY. d 1 Dec 1874in Montgomery Co., Iowa. She married Samuel L BAKER. Parents of Rachel DAVIDSON was James DAVIDSON & Mary MORRIS.
Searching for some proof of this.
Is there anyone of this line that might have it and could help me?
I would really appreciate that help, thanking you in advance.

[email protected]

Searching for information for Robert Hodges

Looking for information for Robert Hodges b ABT 1700 in VA. Father of Isham Hodges b 23 Mar 1763 in Franklin Co., VA d 14 July 1839 in Sumner Co., TN. Married to Elizabeth "Betsy" Clay b 18 May 1763 in VA. Isham s/o Isham b 1730.
Does anyone here have information about names of parents, siblings etc.?
I have a lot of information about the Hodges family as far back as Robert, then it stops. This is from family records passed down to me.
It would be so helpful if anyone has additional information on this branch of my tree. It would be so very appreciated, thanking you in advance.

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Searching for information for Nancy Hill [Hodges]

Looking for information for Nancy Hill b 1730 in Franklin Co., VA. d. 1774 in Henry Co., VA. Married Isham Hodges [first Isham] b 1730 in VA d 1782 in Henry Co., VA. Is her father William Hill? Who was her mother & did she have siblings?
this information would be so appreciated so very much, I would like this for my children and grandchildren.
The information of the first paragraph came from my family records.
This family links to the Marsh family, Blackmore family, also connecting is these families of; Davies, Gum, Claypoole, Cromwell,Angell,Wingfield.
Thanking you in advance for your help.

[email protected]

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Buckley's of England>PA>KS

The earliest Buckley I can find in my family tree is Edmund Buckley.b
11 Apr 1818 in Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England. On 7 Sept 1844 Edmund married Susannah Scott b 13 Sept 1815 in Yorkshire. They married in Philadelphia, PA. Edmund died 18 Jan 1880 in Ames, Cloud Co., Kansas. I have a very good history of this family, if you have questions. feel free to email me. [email protected]