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KING FAMILY - Penge, 1850 - 1910

BESSIE LOUISA KING - b.1889 - Penge Surrey

her mother was Fanny Martha KING(nee George)
her father was George KING

Fanny Martha King Died in 1905 - Croyden - and three years later Bessie immigrated to Australia on board SS Omrah - but I am not sure the whereabouts of her siblings as her father also died.

Her siblings were:-

- Norman King - 1883
- Kate King - 1885
- Hettie King - 1887
- George King - 1894

There is currently one living child of Bessie Louisa,and I am trying to find the records of his mothers family, sadly he was adopted after birth as Bessie died very shortly after the birth.

Norman KING - Surrey BORN 1883

Wanting to discover further on Norman King from Penge, Surrey and his family.

1901 Census has both Norman and his father George as a black smiths.

His mother Fanny Martha King (nee GEORGE) died in 1904 while their youngest daughter Bessie was only 15 years old. 4 years later in 1908 she immigrated to Australia.

Would love to hear from anyone that may have some information for me, either big or small. Everything will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Elsie Brooks/Brookes (nee Bailey) from Cape Town South Africa - Married Mr Brookes/Brooks of Sydney, Paddington - Bondi

Have been in contact with relative, and found the following information:

She was born in South Africa, brothers name was George Richard BAILEY, father is George Edward BAILEY. Mothers name is Mary Ann BAILEY, nee YOUNG.
Elsie's DOB very rough estimate would be 1880-1900

She married a Mr Brooks/Brookes of Paddington, Sydney region or surrounds. Both were very wealthy couple.

I know this is very basic a somewhat abstract, but hopefully someone out there may have a connection and can share some information


Bribie Island Heavy Battery R.A.A 1941

Looking for anyone with information, records, photographs or anything that may assist in researching a relative whom was in the Bribie Island Heavy Battery R.A.A in July 1941. Three years later in 1944 he was transferred to 2/10 Battalion and in January 14th 1944 was set for Port Moresby on the ship "Canberra".

Any information or hints either small or large would be much appreciated, as currently only have one photograph of my relative and the only stories I know of his time in the war are from his Army records I just received.

Thanks in Advance.

Miss Carol Olsen - born. 1924 - Brisbane

Miss CORAL OLSEN was engaged to marry Thomas Edward Merry in 1943, Thomas was sent to war and upon his return there were no further records of him and CORAL.

I have found newspaper articles on Carol from 1946, where she was in a car accident, on corner of River Terrance and Main Street, at Kangaroo Point. The article goes on the describe CORAL as 22 years old, single and from Malcolm Street, Hawthorne

Would love to hear from anyone might be related or have any information on the Olsen family of Brisbane in the time frame 1890 - 1950 or beyond.

Thanks in Advance.

"Roseburgh"?, Cape Town, South Africa - George Richard Bailey b.1882

Looking for any records of the BAILEY family of Cape Town from 1880 to 1900.

I have a record of a Mr George Richard BAILEY whom married Miss Bessie L KING in Australia 1910, on this certificate it listed his birthplace as Rose"burg"? or maybe rosesaur, "i am unable to understand writing", his parents were George Edward BAILEY and Mary Annie BAILEY(nee YOUNG).

Thanks in Advance.

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Fanny Martha King - Penge Surrey - b. 1851, d. 1904, Croydon, England

Am looking to see if anyone can help me out of the parents of Fanny Martha KING(nee GEORGE). Married George KING. Residence, Surrey England. Died 1904, Croydon (ref: vol. 25 pg. 232)

1891 census has her and her husband George, with their four kids, Norman, aged 8. Kate, aged 5. Hettie, aged 3. Bessie L , aged 2. and a boarder William BARNETT, aged 19.

Fanny died aged 50, Bessie Louisa King was only aged 15.

Next records I have found (unsure if it is her) is a passenger records of a Bessie L King. 1908. on board S.S. Omrah - departing London 21 Feb 1908.

Then two years later in 1910 Moree (location wrongly spelt "OREE" on ansestory BDM records) , Bessie was married to George R BAILEY. George was from Cape Town, South Africa, child of George Edward Bailey and Mary Annie BAILEY (nee YOUNG)
Bessie died young at age 38 in Boomi, New South Wales, Australia. Some of her youngest children might have been adopted out but am yet to find records.

Would love to hear from anyone that may be looking into the same families.

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George richard BAILEY family of South Africa, Cape town 1840 1880 - Immigrated to New south Wales Australia

I have the following Bailey's in my tree, would be interested to hear anyone whom has any information on this family.

George BAILEY Born: South Africa, est dob 1845 - 1850
married Mary Annie YOUNG (est dob 1845 - 1850) Born South Africa.

CHILD if George BAILEY and Mary Annie YOUNG

George Richard BAILEY
1878 - 1957
Born: Cape Town, South Africa
Died: Walcha, New South Wales, Aus

George R BAILEY, immigrated to Australia and married Bessie Louisa KING in 1910 at Moree NSW.

Bessie Louisa BAILEY (nee KING) - Moree - Boomi

Bessie Louisa King (b.1889 d 1927)
Mother Fanny Martha King (nee George)
Father: George King.

I have just purchased the Marriage cert of Bessie Louise king whom she marred George Richard BAILEY in 1910 at Moree NSW. and on this cert. it has down the following information:-
Mother of bride - Fanny Martha King - Occupation - N/A -
Father of Bride - George King - Occupaion - Farrier? (hard to read)
Brides birth place - Penge, Surrey, England: DOB 1889 Brides Occupation - Cook

If anyone can you can provide any further details either of Fanny Martha George or George King or possibly siblings of Bessie Louisa King please forward them via email.

I have now found photos of Bessie and George

Best Regards, Blake Merry Australia.

William Roads Merry, Lagoon Flat, Texas - Tabacco Grower - use of Google Books - Handy but tricky

I have just stumbled across a record book "New South Wales. Parliament - 1917" Which has records of William Roads MERRY (b.1897 d.1980) as a farmer. he is explaing the reasons why he believes a railway should be build form Inverell to Texas.

As the book was not available to full view only ‎Snippet view, only small section about one to two sentences were available. But I had figured out, I was able to change to search text to match the last two to three words seen in the snipet and it would continue the text. The text below is what wasW found.

" Do you think this district will grow almost anything with the exception of tropical fruits. 4576.. In this district the good agricultural land extends about 20 miles from Inverell, and into Ashford it is poor country for 8 or 10 miles? Yes. 4577. If a railway were I William Roads Merry, farmer and grazier, Hillsdon, Lagoon Flat, Queensland, sworn, and exa1ninod: 4578. O'hairm0.n.] How far from the border do you live. I have had 5 acres under tobacco, and it supports myself, wife, and familyi of five At any rate you consider, from your knowledge of the district, that it would be materially benefited by a railway from Inverell to Texas If a railway were built rfrom Inverell to Texas tobacco-growing could be encouraged very much, because the leaf could go direct to the manufacturing centres I did not grow any; the season was too dry ... I consider 2% tons is a good average crop ofi 5 acres, although I have got as much as 2 tons 16 cwt. Would the people hercabouts be benefited by the construction of a railway from Glcn Innes or Guyra to Inverell? It is hard to say. Fat stock would not go to Brisbane, because there is always a better market on this side of the border At Ashford we got evidence that 5 cwt. to the acre is an average crop. Is that statement true? No I have seen as much as 23 cwt. grown on a special patch "