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I'm looking at the name Gabe, as analternative name to Gaybba, as an Irish colleague of mine pronounces the names the same! It appears from my initial search that Gabe possibly originates in Ireland. My great, great, grandfather originated from Scotland born 1830, arriving in South Africa in 1850, where his name became Gaybba.

His journey to South Africa could have been an escape route, or just an adventure. As yet we do not know. However, there is a strong belief he stowed away aboard a ship, then bribed someone to allow him to jump ship in Saldhana Bay, South Africa. A port that is known more for industrial shipping like iron ore etc. Which leads more to the possibility he sought adventure. Its believed there were two brothers with him in South Africa, but as yet there is no evidence to prove this.

Are there any Gabe's out there, who have a James who dissappeared around 1849 with two brothers?

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Gibb of Glasgow, Scotland

I am researching my maternal line. The name GAYBBA! Which, I think was originally GIBB. My GG Grandfather James Gaybba is first
recorded at his marriage to Helena Susanna Amandina Lerm in 1857, in
South Africa. On the record of his marriage and death certificates, it's noted that he
originated from Glasgow, Scotland. I have researched the internet,
and at the Mitchell Library in Scotland, but the name Gaybba does not
exist. After an extensive search at the Mitchell Library, I found a
family with the name GIBB on the 1841 census,who had all the relevant
names, that are hereditary names in the Gaybba line, although the
date of birth is recorded as 1824, whereas on his death record it's
recorded as 1830. However, I discovered in the 1851 census, James
was missing, and one of his brother's John, was a sailor. Which has
some significance to a couple of stories that have circulated in the
Gaybba family over the generations.

One story suggest's he stowed away aboard ship, and jumped off at
Saldanha Bay in South Africa. Another story, suggests he was a fugitive from the law. From the surviving passenger records for the
period around 1850, there are no records of a passenger by either
name. Suggesting that there may be some truth in one of the stories
of his passage to South Africa.

Another story recalls him walking into town with two others in kilts, there has been a suggestion that the two were brothers of his, however no brothers, or kin of brothers have been found.

One other clue on the reporting of his tragic death, his sister with the surname of Grimes was there with her children.

Are there any Gibb's out there who recognise this small portion of
a story? Any Gibb's who have a relative who they're researching
that dissappeared around 1850? Or anyone researching the name
Gaybba, but cannot find the origins of the Gaybba name? Or any Grimes with links to South Africa. Outdshoorn, Clan William, Saldhana Bay.


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