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i dont think that i said thank you for the information on the tarn/ireland families it sure has answered a lot of queries

Time is running out

Recently a family member has come across part of our family that she had never heard of before and apparently the persons are from a place named Teesdale and something called forest on frith,the family is tne Ireland and the Tarn families but there is alot of controversy around them and shes not sure whats true and whats not.This is the limited information she has managed to gather which is not much.
Johnathan Ireland born 1777 and died 1824,he is supposed to have an illegimate son Joseph Ireland to a tamar tarn from a place called kirkwood ? in teesdale area.
the confusion starts after their son Joesph[born 1803-1869] married Elizabeth Cousins.
JONATHAN[s/o Joseph&Elizabeth Ireland had a son named Jonathan but he was baptised a Tarn[dob 1828 death 1866] and his brother Thomas 1833 1914] WAS BAPTISED tARN ALIAS iRELAND ]
CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!! THIS LADY OF 81 would like to know something about them before she passes which she could do anytime due to illness,this is a plea can anyone help hope that this makes sense to someone as this is all that this lady can remeber in dribs and drabs

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looking for a connection between

Robert Howard Osborne,all that i know of him is he had a son who was killed in the war[name not known]
and that he married a lady that was known by the name 'Dot'.
He also had to daughters i think known as Doreen and another daughter either Paula or Pauline.
Also i know that Robert was a second hand dealer in 1923,in New Zealand,other than that i have nothing
not even where he was born
If anyone can help please do

look for help with the Ireland family please

i am looking for some information please on the Ireland family from Kirkhouse Fold in Middleton on Teesdale,
What i have managed to find is not much im afraid just these few facts and they are rather confusing maybe someone can shine a bit of light on this.
Jonathan IRELAND [BORN 1828 AND DIED IN 1866] however information given was that Jonathan was baptised in the name of Tarn and so were his siblings ELIZABETH,THOMAS,TAMAR,HANNAH AND JANE.
Not sure how that came about maybe someone does.
Anyway he married a lady by the name of Margaret Watson,she was born in 1831 and died 1857. they had to children
Joseph Ireland and Robert bor in 1855 and is shown in the 1871 census as Ireland not Tarn.
Robert married Ellen HEWARD who was born in 1857 and died in 1945.
It has been mentioned they may have come from fORREST ON FRITH but has not been verified
Hoping someone can help

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Fielder-Sawyer Families From Kent

I am looking for the family of John Sawyer [ have no dates sorry]
All that is known of them is that John sawyer married a lady by the name of either
[ am very unsure if its mary catherine,maria catherine or just maria]her maiden name was Fielder
They had a daughter by the name catherine maria sawyer/maria]
She was born in Kent on november 7th 1841 and died in epsom .surrey in 1906
Their daughter Catherine Maria Sawyer[very confusing im sorry] any how she married a
Charles Henry Gutry who was from France but they were married in England.
Please can anybody help as im trying to find out this information for an 81 year old aunt.

trying to desperately find

i am doing this on behalf of an 87 year old lady that is looking for a relative by the name
of Samuel Gratrix,believed to be roughly from the Cheshire District,not much is known of this
person or the family,but it is believed[not verified] as this lady doesnt know much about the family,but knows that in some way they are related,maybe distantly but she would like to know if she is for sure.
She had heard that there was a lady named Eliza that fitted into the picture somewhere but unsure if this is true
all of this is now just coming to light for her after so many years,and she would desperately like to find out she says 'before she goes and its to late' so please can anybody help please please

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please can someone help

Could anyone please help me to find the following people
Looking for any members please of this Bloxham Family especially the parents
Im looking for the parents of Henry John Bloxham born in London,England in 1851.
I would also like to know if this person had any siblings as well please.
what i know is that Henry John left at some stage maybe around his late teens.
He married a MaryAnn Saunders from Middlesex,London. She was born in 1852&died in 1939 in New Zealand
Her father was John Saunders mother unknown
Any help please/thank you

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looking for any information please on the following families

looking for children of lillian may downing and Gerald Frederick Adams Scott
Lillian May Downing is the daughter of Captain WILLIAM JAMES SEYMOUR DOWNING/EUGENE HOLLAND?
She was born circa 1874-1875
Believe that they may have come from the area of Sussex or Bristol
William was born in Bristol,so just a guess thats where the family maybe from.
I am also looking for members of the Atkins family as not much is known of them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you.

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sandiland family

i am looking please for some information on the Sandiland family especially of interest is the
family of Robert Sandiland and Mary Cross.
I would also please like to find out something from i believe they had a daughter named Sarah and she has a brother i believe with a very unusual name beginning with the letter R.
It is probable that they come from Scotland but i believe Sarah was married in Scotland and then came to England
IM thinking that Sarah was born around circa 1727-1735
Any help be great

Looking for Green Family


They are Robert Keith Archibald Green/Agnes Marion Green[nee Pettitt]
They had a son named Robert Donald Green who was born in 1895 in Brixton,LOndon.
The son won the military cross in France in 1916.
If its possible i would like to know the fathers occupation please
Also Robert married a lady in 1932 AT BETHNEL GREEN in Middlesex,London
[it is said but not confirmed that Robert Donald had a son named
Peter Robert Casson Green who was born in England [possibly and went to AUSTRALIA
[ nothing has been verified here]