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Moore DNA

Here is a little information about Moores getting their DNA tested.

It really is a very easy process. You can just order the test kit from They mail you two little scrapers. You scrape the inside of you cheek. It does not hurt. Left cheek one morning; the right cheek the next. You put the scrapers in a little plastic bottle and mail them off. Then you wait several weeks (6) and you will receive your results and all of your matches. Hopefully you will match me. Then the fun begins. I have found lots of lost cousins and have proven at least one cousin was not really my cousin. That was the hard part.

I had my DNA tested at You will get it done cheaper if you join and have it tested through the Moore-Worldwide group. We receive a discount. Go to We are pretty much the only Moore group that is active in the Moore groups. The 12-marker test cost $99. That's a good one to start with. The 37-marker test is $189. The 25-marker test is $148 and the 67-marker is $269. I have received my 12, 25, and 37 marker results a long time ago. I am waiting for my 67 marker results. They should be in any day now.

I have matched 404 other people with my DNA thus far. Most are on the 12-marker test, but several are on the more helpful 25 and 37 marker tests.

There is no use spending the extra money for the 67-marker test right off. If you don't match anyone on the 12, you can just wait until you do. However, if you do match someone you should upgrade to a higher marker test. The more markers the better. I started with the 37-marker and matched people on 37 markers right off. Another Moore researcher that I thought was my cousin started with the 37-marker, because I recommended him to do so, but he has never matched any Moores. If you are short on money, only do the 12-marker test and see what happens. If money is no issue, just going straight for the 67-marker test will save you time and money.

You can see the results of all the Moores that belong to this group at this link

Just looking at this site will be helpful to many. has tons of useful information about the ins and outs of having you DNA tested and what it means. Remember dont order your test straight through them. Order it through the Moore Worldwide group and you will receive a discounted rate.


James Thomas Moore

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Bowling Green, KY 42104-4730

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