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The fascination of Heraldry.

I made a very surprising and exciting discovery! One of the elusive families on our tree had a coat of arms and crest!

An extract taken from the "Genealogical and Family History of the STATE OF MAINE, vol lll" for the name of PULSEVER / PULSIFER reads:
"The coat-of-arms is given in Rietstap: De gu, a'une aigle de profil d'or le vol leve perchee sur un serpent de sin, ondoant en forme de S pose en bends la tete en haut.
Crest: Un lion ramp patti d'or et de gu tenant de ses pattes un demi-vol de gu."

I have spent some time cudgelling my tired brain to recall snippets of rusty school-girl French, and I have a vague perception of what the extract might mean, although I will be delighted if there are any experts out there who can give me an informed translation.

I have also discovered some marvellous web-sites that offer great insight into the origins and symbolism of heraldry. Better yet there is a seemingly endless supply of heraldic images and many of the sites encouraged me to have a go at designing my own crest and shield.

It must be noted that an armorial device may be awarded to a specific individual, but never to a surname, and descendants do not have an automatic right to employ a previous bearers coat of arms. To do so constitutes an offence and, theoretically could result in prosecution; however, it is enormously entertaining to while away a wet afternoon designing a personal version just for fun.

For the mariner ROWSE family of Brixham, with its documented two hundred year history of living by the sea, the temptation proved too much, and the result just had to be fish and ships!!

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Thomas WYATT married Marye WAYMOTHE / WEYMOUTH.

I have this marriage in 1603/4 (writtten this way because of the calendar alteration) in Brixham, South Devon. I think, as children, this couple may well have witnessed the Spanish Armada fleet sailing up the English Channel, and I am trying to find out something about status and occupation. Can anyone suggest the kind of research I should be following to find out more about how these families lived?

Where did Grace and Henry go?

In 1779 at Totnes in Devon, by special licence, Grace ROWSE married Henry BEEDLE at the church of Saint Mary's in the High Street, and I have never found a trace of them from that day forward.

The Devon County Records Office has quite a large collection of special licences, but naturally they don't have that one! (See rules of genealogy!)

In those days the marriage register did not record ages, or father's names, which doesn't help.

So what became of them, and where did they go? Someone must have them on a tree somewhere, surely??

William CHAMPION married a girl called Richorde WYATT in 1630.

I have checked the baptism registers and Richorde was not an uncommon name for girls in South Devon back in the early 1600's. But maybe she didn't like it that much because her daughter was named Elinor, baptised in 1631.

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