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Nicholas John Old and Grace Ann Hooper

Nicholas John Old and Grace Ann Hooper were married in Melbourne in 1874. MRN 1562. Though it says Launceston on the Pioneers CD. SO not sure about the location.

Children born to the couple were-
Mary Ann born 1877. BRN 21756.
Martha 1879 at Dookie. BRN 8630.
William John 1881 at Devenish. BRN 15698.
Emily Cadelia 1883 at Devenish. BRN 15778.
Lavinia Sophia 1885 at Devenish. BRN 17036.
Theophilus Samson 1887 at Devenish. BRN 18944.
Gertura Ivy Theresa 1889 at Devenish. BRN 11659.
James Henry 1891 at Devenish. BRN 22127.
Olive Daisy Grace 1893 at Devenish. BRN 3021.

Lives of the children are as follows-

Mary Ann Old married Frederick William Berthun at Devenish in 1901 MRN 5864.

They went on to have three children - William John born 1902,
George Raymond 1904,
Daisy Lavenia 1906.
All were born in Wangaratta.

Though on the listing it shows the father of Daisy as being Albert Edward Berthun not Frederick William Berthun. Which is very strange.

Lavinia Sophia Old married John Beggs at Boxwood in 1909. MRN 9048

William John Old married Mary Elizabeth Beggs in the same year and place. MRN 7415

This might be a case of a brother and sister marrying a sister and brother.

Gertura Ivy Theresa had a son Albert in Ballarat East in 1917.

Theophilus Samson married Cath Annie Church in Devenish in 1914. MRN 88. They had daughters Lillian Grace b 1914, Iris Cath b 1917 and Mavis Jean b 1920.

Martha married John Thomas Roberts at Boxwood in 1905. MRN 4970.

Emily Cordelia married Robert Cummings in 1916. MRN 10952.

James Henry married Alma Beryl Dobson in 1918. MRN 1806

Olive Daisy Grace Old no details of a marriage as yet.


Charles Jonas Clark and Ann Powell

Charles Jonas Clark was born in England 20th September 1829 to Benjamin Thomas Clark and Anne Leaford Shuker.

Charles married Elizabeth Tolliday in 1853 and they had one daughter Jane when they migrated to Australia with Elizabeth's mother Jane, sister Christiana and two brothers William and John Curtis in 1855.

Charles and Elizabeth went onto have 9 other children born in Australia. Elizabeth passed away in 1874.

Charles married Ann Powell in 1892. More details to come I hope.

Charles died on September 20th 1892, (his 63rd birthday)at Scarsdale, Victoria. He was buried at the Smythesdale cemetery on September 24th 1892.

More research to do, as I didn't realise until today that he had remarried. He wasn't married to Ann Powell for long as the marriage was in 1892 and he died the same year.

Organising to get a photo of the gravestone for Charles Jonas from the cemetery in Victoria. Here is hoping.


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Herbert Numa and Edith Evelina Drew

Herbert Numa is the first son of Jane and Charles Louis Numa.

His mother was Jane Martha Clark who came to Australia aboard the British Empire in 1855.

Herbert was born 14/7/1883 and died 14/7/1958. He married Edith Evelina Drew on 16/12/1916. Edith was born on 5/4/1887 and died 9/4/1992.

They had four children. Three daughters and one son.

Edith Nancy born 1/10/1917 and died 7/1918.

Dorothy Edna born 23/11/1918 and died 12/1992. She married John Holroyd and they had three children all married.(James, Richard and Joan)

Elsie Norma born 22/3/1921 married Thomas Fricker and had three daughters all married.(Lorraine, Judy and Susan)

Herbert Leslie born 22/6/1925 and died 17/4/1984. He married Elaine Frances Ruck on 25/11/1952.Elaine was born 26/11/1927 in Hawthorn. They had three children. Two boys and one girl. (Michael, Andrew and Amanda)

Charles Louis Numa and Violet Irene Cole

Charles Louis Numa is the second son of Charles Louis and Jane Martha Numa (nee Clark). He had one brother Herbert. Known as Herb.

Charles Louis Numa (2nd) married Violet Irene Cole.

They had a daughter Beryl Martha who died aged 3 at Clifton Hill in 1915, DRN 974.

They had three sons-

Herbert Keith born 1920 in Brunswick East. BRN 18801. He married Frances Nellie Lamont in 1942. MRN 14256. Frances passed away aged 60 in 1981. DRN 09155.

Horace Charles Reginald born in Brunswick in 1914. BRN 10162. Married Phyllis Marion Catherine Bucknell in 1937. MRN 4403.

Jack who died in 1934. DRN 2702.

Violet Irene Numa died in 1958 aged 74 at Geelong. DRN 23488.
Charles Louis 2nd died at Footscray aged 78 in 1966. DRN 16265.


Benjamin Thomas Clark and Ruth Butterworth

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Ruth Butterworth and John Briggs

Ruth was born 23rd April 1817 at Middleton, Lancashire, England. She was Christened on 10th August 1817. She was the daughter of James Butterworth and Mary Fielding.

Her first marriage was to John Briggs. They had seven children all born in England. The family migrated to America sometime after that last child was born in August 1855 and November 1856. Records show that her husband John and two of the children died in the same month of November 1856. Some illness must have befallen the family.

She married Benjamin Thomas Clark seven months later on 28th June 1857. They had one daughter Lavinia Alice Clark(e) born 2nd June 1858 in Salt Lake City. Lavinia died in November 1860. (aged 2 years 5 months old)

They were married less than three years when she died on 4th August 1860. Leaving her family of five ranging from 24 years to just 5 years.

Did Benjamin and his wife Ann Southwell care for the younger Briggs children? Or did the eldest daughter Eliza and or Sarah raise them.

Ann Southwell had two more children Ellen born 1857 and Charles 1859 with Benjamin whilst he was married to Ruth from 1857 to 1860.

Was he married to both women at the same time?

I have four journals on Benjamin Thomas Clark.

1. with Ann Shuker
2. with Ann Southwell
3. with Ruth Butterworth
4. with Marth Larkins

Benjamin Thomas Clark died at Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on 4th November 1867. He was buried at the Salt Lake Cemetery in November 1867.

Ann Southwell died in 1887, 30 years after Benjamin passed away

Ann Shuker 25/9/1820
Ann Southwell 25/5/1850
Ruth Butterworth 28/6/1857
Martha Larkins 28/4/1866

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Benjamin Thomas Clark and Martha Larkins (4th wife)

Martha Larkins was born on 15th April 1822 in Cambridge, England.
At some stage she has migrated to Utah, USA

I have no records of her parents at this stage. I do not know if she had been married before nor had any children previously.

She married Benjamin Thomas Clark on 28th April 1866.

There are no records of any children from this union.

Martha would have been 44 years old and Benjamin was 67 in 1866.
He died one year and nine months after he married Martha.

Benjamin Thomas Clark died at Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on 4th November 1867. He was buried at the Salt Lake Cemetery in November 1867.

At this time I do not have any more details on Martha.

Benjamin's Marriages
Ann Shuker 25/9/1820- 12 children
Ann Southwell 25/5/1850- 4 children
Ruth Butterworth 28/6/1857- 1 child (died 2 years old)
Martha Larkin 28/4/1866 - record