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James ROBIESON & Eliza Percy RENALL, Masterton NZ

James ROBIESON (1839-1927) was born in London, a son of George & Elizabeth Robieson. He married Eliza Percy RENALL (1845-1887) in Masterton, NZ in 1863
Wellington Independent, 16 April 1863 - MARRIAGE
ROBIESON-RENALL - April 11, at Masterton, Wairarapa by the Rev W. Ronaldson, Mr J. Robieson, of Carterton, only son of the late Mr George Robieson, builder, Denmark-street, Soho, London, to Eliza Percy, eldest daughter of Alfred William Renall, Esq., J.P. M.G.A.

* Eliza was 1 of 13 children of Alfred William Renall (1813-1902) from Maldon Essex (M.P. of the Hutt Valley, built Wellington's biggest flour mill at Taita and twice Mayor of Masterton) and of his second wife, Eliza Percy (1825-1878) from Sherborne, Dorset, both are buried in Masterton
* James came to NZ as a 12 year old on the barque Eden, arriving in Wellington 28 Nov 1850, with his sister Jean (aka Jane) and her husband Charles Rooking Carter
NOTE Adele Pentony-Graham, well known Carterton Taphophile, was kind enough to message me the info that the name Robieson was originally Robertson - that when Jean Robieson married Charles Rooking Carter at St James Church Piccadilly on 6 March 1850, her name was written on the Certificate as Jane Robertson

the 13 children of James & Eliza
... 1 1864 - 1959 George 'Alfred' Charles Robieson
born 30 Jan at Mount View, Carterton
married Ida Emily Mabel Hawk (1872-1960) in 1895
* Ida was a daughter of Henry Joseph McLeod Hawk & Mary Smith
Wairarapa Daily Times, 21 Nov 1895 - MARRIAGE
A wedding of some interest to you in the Wairarapa, took place at St Paul's pro-Cathedral, Thorndon, on Monday last, when Mr George A. C. Robieson, the popular Relieving Officer of the Wellington District Railways, was married to Miss Ida E. M. Hawk, of Wellington. The bride was attended by Miss Edith Hawk, her sister, and by Miss Ethel Pauling, a cousin; and the ceremony at the Church, where at only the more intimate relatives and friends of the young couple had assembled, was conducted by the Rev. Mr Sprott. Subsequently the wedding party adjourned to a light dejeuner at the residence of the bride's mother in Tinakori Road, from whence the newly-united pair, with many good wishes, set out by the afternoon Manawatu train en route for Auckland and the Hot Lakes, where the honeymoon will be spent midst the delightful surroundings of that charming tourists' paradise. Mr Robieson, the bridegroom, it should be mentioned, is the eldest son of an esteemed pastoralist up your way - Mr James Robieson, of "Cavelands" He is also the senior grandson of the respected and genial old identity, Mr A. W. Renall, of Masterton
On 21 Oct 1892 George was gazetted a Registrar of Birth, Death & Marriages for Featherston district
In Jan 1894 he was the relieving station-master on the Wellington-Eketahuna line when, running late to catch a train, he was riding his bicycle at top speed when he came into a collision with a plough that some 'stupid bucolic' had left in the middle of the road. The result was that he performed a double somersault and was much injured. He picked himself up and found his bike a miniature heap of ruins
On 22 Nov 1895 George was living in Mauriceville when he was appointed a Registrar of Marriages
In 1896 he was relieving station-master in Featherston while Mr Smith took a holiday. He was also gazetted in Featherston to be Deputy Registrar of Marriages, Births & Deaths
* By 1919 they were living at Telford Terrace, Oriental Bay
the 3 known children of George & Ida
* 1896 - 1980 Guy Hamilton Robieson (In 1919 he became engaged to Philippa Margaret Brind 'Peggy' Kendall, daughter of Dr Henry William Martindale Kendall of Wellington, the same time that sister Doris became engaged to Lawrence Foster. Peggy married William Beaumont Fisher in 1921. Guy married Linda Catherine Amon in 1926). Guy was Bombardier 50522, 29th Reinforcements, NZ Field Artillery, NZEF
* 1898 - Doris Edith Robieson (Dux of St Catherine's, Kilbirnie in 1912. Married Lawrence Dallington Foster. In 1930 they were living in Sydney when sister-in-law Linda (wife of Guy) went over for a visit)
* 1910 - 1993 Phyllis Maude Robieson (became engaged to Wilfred Fortune of Hawker St, Wellington in 1931. He married Emily Edith Zoe La Trobe in 1933)
George died 2 Jan 1959 aged 95. Ida died 25 June 1960 aged 88. They were cremated at Karori

... 2 1865 - 1936 Maude Elizabeth Lane Robieson
born Mount View, Carterton
Maude was a member, and on the committee of, the District Nursing Guild of St John. She spent her time nursing the sick and the poor. In 1904 she received a First Aid Certificate from the St John Ambulance Association. In 1916 she was the First Nursing Officer of the Wellington Nursing Division. In 1921 she was the superintendent
married Albert Stace (1858-1934) of Porirua, in 1924
* Albert was a son of Thomas Hollis Stace & Amelia Sophia Lucas.
Evening Post, 28 June 1924 - MARRIAGE
STACE-ROBIESON - On the 4th June, 1924, at St Paul's Pro-Cathedral, Wellington, by the Ven. Archdeacon, A. M. Johnson, M.A., Albert Stace to Maude Elizabeth Lane, eldest daughter of Mr James Robieson, Masterton; both of Wellington
* Albert had first married Lucy Cornford (1862-1896) in 1887 and had 3 children
Evening Post, 13 June 1887 - MARRIAGE
STACE-CORNFORD - On 4th June, 1887, at St Mark's Church, Wellington, by the Rev R. Coffey, Albert, fourth son of Thomas H. Stace, Pahautanui, to Lucy, youngest daughter of William Cornford, Makara
Evening Post, 11 May 1936 - MAUDE's OBITUARY
The news of the death of Mrs Albert Stace, of Pitt Street, Wadestown, will be received with sincere regret by a large circle of friends, specially those of the District Nursing Guild and St John Ambulance Association. Mrs Stace had not been in good health for a brief while and went into hospital recently, passing away on Saturday morning. Mrs Stace was the daughter of the late Mr James Robieson, of Masterton and the widow of the late Mr Albert Stace, and has been resident in Wellington for a considerable number of years ... (more at above link)
buried Karori, Wellington

... 3 1866 - 1952 Alice Jane Eliza Robieson
born 27 July at Mount View, Carterton
married Pierce Charles Freeth (1869-1931) of Silverstream (previously editor of the Nepean Times, N.S.W.), in Masterton 2 March 1892
* Pierce was a son of Joseph John Freeth & Mary Ellen Cotter & brother of Frances Louisa Freeth who married Alice's brother Frederick
Wairarapa Daily Times, 4 March 1892 - A HAPPY EVENT
An event in which a great deal of interest was centred, notwithstanding that its celebration was carried out in a somewhat unostentatious manner, took place at Masterton on Wednesday morning. We refer to the marriage of Miss Robieson, daughter of Mr James Robieson, of Cavelands, Masterton, to Mr P. C. Freeth, editor of the Nepean Times, N.S.W., and son of Mr J. J. Freeth, Clerk of the R.M. Court, Wairarapa ... she was attended by six bridesmaids: the Misses May, Eunice, Jane and Eliza Robieson (sisters of the bride) and Misses Renall and M. Freeth ... (more at link)
the known children of Alice & Pierce
* 1892 - 1974 Alice Kathleen Jessie 'Katie' Freeth (+ Frederick Leslie Bowron)
* 1895 - 1957 Pierce Hugo Napier Freeth (+ Margaret Brown)
* 1896 - 1990 Vincent Hubert Freeth (+ Henrietta Mary Patricia Caesar)
* 1900 - 1988 Una Miro Aotea Freeth (+ Moss)
* 1903 - 1903 Norman Freeth (new born)
* living in Opawa, Christchurch in at least 1914, see sister may Esther above

... 4 1868 - 1952 Willie Hewlett Percy Robieson
born 13 May at Motuhaku, near Masterton
Dominion, 30 April 1908 - BEST MAN
This has been a busy week for weddings in Masterton. On Tuesday at Knox Church, Miss Jessie Agnes Hood, eldest daughter of Mr D. Hood, of the Railway Department, was married to Mr C. O. Sander, of Cross Creek railway staff. In the same church on the following day Mr Thomas Carlyle Irving, fourth son of Mr Irving, of Invercargill, was married to Miss Blanche Angela Dorset, fourth daughter of the late Mr John Dorset, of Wellington. The bride was attended by three bridesmaids, Miss F. Dorset, Miss Iris Dorset and Miss Mary Athya. Mr W. H. Robieson was best man. The Rev A. T. Thompson performed the ceremony and after the wedding a reception was held at Mrs Dorset's residence in Renall Street
married Florence Esther Kay (1889-1981) in 1912
* Florence was a daughter of John Kay & Elizabeth Lochead Ross
New Zealand Times, 11 March 1912 - A NAPIER WEDDING
A quiet but very pretty wedding took place at the Cathedral, Napier, on Thursday last, when Miss F. Kay, of Ormond, Poverty Bay, was married to Mr W. H. Robieson, of Clevelands(sic, Cavelands), Wairarapa. The bride, who was given away by her brother, wore a charming gown of ivory crepe de chine over satin duchesse. Her veil was of embroidered tulle caught with a spray of orange blossom and she carried a sheaf of white asters and bouvardias, and an ivory prayer book. Miss Winnie Kay, as bridesmaid, wore a frock of pale rose voile over charmeuse of the same shade and carried a bouquet of pink bouvardias and Michaelmas daisies. Her hat was a large picture shape trimmed with shaded roses of pink and heliotrope. Mr Norman Robieson was the groomsman, and the guests were limited to the immediate relatives of the bride and bridegroom. Mrs Kay, the bride's mother, wore a tailored costume of dark royal blue cloth with a stylish toque of the same shade, finished with an aigrette of small heliotrope roses. Mrs P. C. Freeth (nee Robieson) wore a smart cloth costume of reseda green cloth, finely braided and finished with Oriental embroideries, a tagel straw hat with reseda green plumes. Miss Robieson's gown was of black and white voile with very effective trimming of insertion threaded with black satin and wide black satin revers. Her toque was of heliotrope bordered with pink and heliotrope bebe roses and a heliotrope scarf completed her costume
buried Archer Street, Masterton

... 5 1869 - 1955 May Esther Jessie Robieson
born 25 May at Motuhaku Farm, Masterton
May never married
Star 14, April 1914 - FOR WOMEN FOLK
Miss May Robieson, of Otaki, is visiting Christchurch as the guest of her sister, Mrs P. C. Freeth (Alice Jane), "The Grange" Opawa
buried Archer Street, Masterton

... 6 1871 - 1952 Ernest James Frederick Robieson
born near Masterton
school attended Te Whiti. He excelled at free-hand drawing
Wairarapa Daily Times, 22 Feb 1893 - PAINFUL ACCIDENT
A painful accident happened to Mr Ernest Robieson at Cavelands, Te Whiti, last Sunday, says the Observer. He was in the act of mounting a young horse, when the animal jumped away and his foot slipped from the stirrup. Mr Robieson came down with violence on his knee, which was severely cut and the cap injured
first married Frances Louisa Freeth (1871-1928) in 1898
New Zealand Times, 7 July 1898 - MARRIAGE
ROBIESON-FREETH - At St Mary's Church, New Plymouth, on Tuesday, June 28, Ernest James Frederick Robieson, son of James Robieson, Esq., Cavelands, Masterton, to Frances Louisa, eldest daughter of Joseph J. Freeth, Esq., New Plymouth
* Frances was a daughter of of Joseph John Freeth & Mary Ellen Cotter & sister of Pierce Charles Freeth who married Frederick's sister Alice
the known children of Ernest & Frances
* 1899 - 1967 Earl Cashmore Robieson (reporter on The Sun, Melbourne)
* 1901 - 1954 Keith Noel Robieson
* 1903 - 1964 Dudley Richmond Robieson (+ Marie Brenda Gardener)
* 1906 - 1989 Nora Jeanette Robieson (+ Kelvin Rowland Shepherd)
* 1909 - 1961 Kitty Marion Robieson (+ John Barton Elliott)
* 1911 - 1977 James Frederick Robieson (+ Ruby May Bowler)
Ernest next married Ivy Maria McDonald (1882-1976) in 1930

... 7 1873 - 1943 Charles Rooking Carter Robieson
born 13 Jan at Motuhaku, near Masterton
school attended Te Whiti
Charles first married Maud Elizabeth Repton Skelley (1872-1923) in Carterton 22 March 1900
* Maud was born in Tasmania, a daughter of John Reuben Malachi Skelley & Elizabeth Repton Mills who are both buried in NZ. Her uncle (father's brother), Stephen Culmer Skelley (1855-1939) also lived in Carterton. Her brother Captain Percy William Skelly (1877-1918), based in Wellington, died in France, from wounds received on active service, in June 1918
the known children of Charles & Maud, born Wellington
* 1906 - Charles Vernon Robieson (+ Valda Renouf)
* 1908 - Howard Neville Robieson (+ Rowena Bethwaite)
- Lieutenant 40868 WWII 29th & 30th Battalions. Lawyer with Herd, Joseph, Robinson & Olphert, Wellington
* 1911 - 1995 Cara Lisbeth Robieson (+ Winston Leybourne Bertie-Willoughby)
Charles next married Fanny Elizabeth Kirk (1873-1925) of Tauranga, in Auckland, 15 July 1925. Daughter of Henry Kirk & Annie Colebrook
Evening Post, 28 Sep 1925 - MARRIAGE
ROBIESON-KIRK - On the 15th July 1925, at 50 Epsom avenue, Auckland, by the Rev L. H. Hunt, Charles Rooking Carter, of The Terrace, Wellington, fourth son of Mr James Robieson, of Masterton, to Fannie Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Henry Kirk of Epsom, Auckland
Charles next married Dorothy Florence Willoughby (1899-1980, nee Robertson) at St Andrew's, The Terrace, Wellington, 3 Sep 1930
* Dorothy was a daughter of William Eyre Robertson & Annie Stella Chapman who married in Dunedin 1892
Charles died in Martinborough, 5 Jan 1943 aged 69 and cremated at Karori, as were his first two wives
Evening Post, 8 Jan 1943 - Charles' OBITUARY
The death occurred this week at Martinborough of Mr C. R. C. Robieson, in his seventieth year. Mr Robieson was a well-known figure in the Public Service and the commercial life of New Zealand. The son of Mr James Robieson, a pioneer sheep farmer of the Wairarapa, Mr Robieson had the usual schooling of the pioneering days and in 1889 joined the Railway Department as a cadet ... he is also survived by two sons of his first marriage, Mr Vernon Robieson, of Melbourne and Lieutenant Neville Robieson, of the Second N.Z.E.F., and a daughter, Mrs Willoughby, of Martinborough. Two children of the second marriage also survive him ... (more at link)
* Dorothy next married Maurice James Burdan (1884-1961) in 1956

... 8 1874 - Jessie Eunice Robieson
born 9 Nov at Motuhaku, near Masterton
married Jabez Gooder (1867-1942) in 1924
* 7th of 11 children of Northend Gooder & Harriet France
they lived Auckland, Palmerston North, Blenheim

... 9 1876 - 1919 Jane Emily Robieson
born 7 July at Motuhaku, near Masterton
Wairarapa Age, 16 March 1914 - WOMAN'S REALM
Miss Jenny and Eunice Robieson are going to Wellington to-day for a short holiday
died 22 Nov 1919 aged 43
Wairarapa Daily Times, 22 Nov 1919 - Jane's OBITUARY
It is with deep regret that we chronicle the death of Miss Jane (Jennie/Jenny) Robieson, fifth daughter of Mr James Robieson, of Pownall street, Masterton, which took place at the Cole street private hospital this morning. Deceased had been seriously ill for several months past, though hopes of her recovery were entertained till a few days ago. Miss Robieson, through her enthusiastic support of all projects having for their object the social and general welfare of the community, earned for herself widespread affection and respect. She was a most indefatigable worker in all patriotic matters, and all through the influenza epidemic this time last year, Miss Robieson worked day and night to relieve the suffering of many victims, and gallantly stayed at her post until the epidemic ceased. The death of Miss Robieson also removes one of Masterton's most popular lady athletes. She has been "runner-up" in the golf championship of New Zealand, and was always an energetic member of the local club. Miss Robieson was also a member of the Tennis Club, and on all occasions did her best to further the interests of the local club. Very general sympathy will be felt for the relatives in the sad bereavement. The funeral will leave the residence of Mr James Robieson, Pownall street, to-morrow afternoon, at 1.30 o'clock
burried Row 6, Plan II Archer Street, cemetery

... 10 1878 - 1968 Eunice Amy Robieson
born Wairarapa
possibly never married
Wairarapa Age, 10 Sep 1913 - SOCIAL NEWS
Mrs Henry of Landsowne, Miss Robieson and Miss Eunice Robieson, of Pownall-street, have gone to Napier for the golf championship
Wairarapa Age, 10 Sep 1913 - SOCIAL NEWS
Mrs Henry of Landsowne, Miss Robieson and Miss Eunice Robieson, of Pownall-street, have gone to Napier for the golf championship
Wairarapa Age, 16 March 1914 - WOMAN'S REALM
Miss Jenny and Eunice Robieson are going to Wellington to-day for a short holiday
Evening Post, 7 Nov 1921 - MASTERTON GOLF
The final for the Masterton Golf Club's challenge rose bowl was won by Miss Eunice Robieson, who was so successful at Heretaunga recently. Miss Payton's trophy for a twelve-hole bogey competition was won by Miss Diddams, of Greytown. On behalf of members, Miss Robieson made a presentation to Mrs Emery for her services to the club during the season
buried Archer Street, Masterton

... 11 1879 - 1966 James Frank Robieson
born Wairarapa
married Emily Turner (1877-1967) in Rotorua, 1908
Evening Post, 2 March 1908 - MARRIAGE
Mr J. F. Robieson of the Tourist Department, was last week married to Miss E. Turner, of Whakarewarewa, at St Luke's Church, Rororua
Evening Post, 28 Sep 1908 - NEWS
Captain Anderson has taken a house in Kelburne, close to the kiosk and Mr Robieson, of the Tourist Department, is moving into the house in Hobson-crescent, lately occupied by Captain Anderson. Mrs James Hislop and her son and daughter left for Sydney last week. Her house in Hobson crescent has been bought by Mr Robieson's brother-in-law, Mr Freeth and is nearby Mr Robieson
the known children of James & Emily
* 1911 - 1918 Norman Leslie Robieson (aged 7)
* 1912 - 1992 Cecil James Robieson
- Private 44156 WWII, 8th Infantry & Headquarters 3rd, of Grey Lynn, Auckland
buried Archer Street, Masterton

... 12 1882 - 1978 Eliza Percy Renall 'Lizzie' Robieson
born 'Cavelands' Te Whiti
married Bede Wallace Maxey Clarry (1895-1971) in Masterton in 1920
* Bede was born in Melbourne, a son of Henry Maxey Clarry & Kathleen Gertrude McDonald (her 1st husband was William Quirk). Bede had siblings & half siblings born in Australia and a sister, Winifrede Mary Philomena Clarry, born in NZ in 1900
Free Lance, 13 Oct 1920 - MARRIAGE
Miss Lizzie Robieson, youngest daughter of Mr James Robieson, of Masterton, and sister of the manager of the State Fire Insurance, was married yesterday (Tuesday) at Masterton to Mr Bede Clarry, of Nelson. Mr James Robieson, who sold out of the Cavelands Estate a few months ago, was for 54 years prior to that the next-door neighbour to Sir Walter Buchanan, and they are both 83 years of age within three months of each other
Free Lance, 20 Oct 1920 - SOCIAL GOSSIP
The marriage of Miss E. P. Robieson, the youngest daughter of Mr James Robieson, one of Masterton's oldest settlers, to Mr Bede Clarry, son of Mr Clarry, formerly a Nelson solicitor, at Masterton the other day, was a very pretty affair. The bride was attired in a very dainty gown of pale heliotrope georgette over palest blue, with a pale heliotrope silk net veil, fastened with anemones of the same shade, and carried a sheaf of anemones and other flowers to match her gown, the latter having been beautifully embroidered by one of her sisters with pearl and crystal beads toning with the shades of the material. The only bridesmaid was a niece of the bride, Miss Kathleen Freeth, in cream net, inset with insertion and medallions of filet lace and a swathed belt of turquoise blue velvet, her hat being of fine lace straw, trimmed with turquoise blue velvet and fruit of tangerine shades. Among those present were, Mrs Hugh Williams, Miss Vallance, Miss M. Cameron, Mrs Cummins, Mr and Mrs C. Bennett, Mr and Mrs Robieson, Mrs V. Donald, Mr and Mrs D. Buchanan, Mr and Mrs P. C. Freeth of Palmerston, Mr C. R. C. Robieson, Miss Robieson, Mrs George Robieson and Miss Doris Robieson, all of Wellington

... 13 1884 - 1915 Norman Athelstan Robieson
born 'Cavelands', Te Whiti
Wairarapa Daily Times, 12 June 1905 - Norman's coming of age
The coming of age of Mr Norman Robieson, youngest son of Mr James Robieson, of Caveland, Te Whiti, was celebrated on Saturday with a dinner and fancy dress ball at the homestead. The health of the guest was proposed in felicitous terms by the eldest son, Mr George Robieson, of Wellington, and toasted with honors, and that of "the father of the family" by Mr Pierce Freeth, of Palmerston. The family, which is one of the oldest and most respected in the Wairarapa, consists of seven daughters and six sons.
Norman was wounded by shrapnel. He died on the hospital ship HMS Asturias, bound for England where his wounds could be better treated, but died 21 Aug in the Mediterranean between Malta and Gibraltar and buried at sea
Free Lance, 3 Sep 1915 - DEATH
Lance-Corporal N. A. Robieson, reported to have died at sea on the hospital ship, was well known in the Wairarapa and Wellington. He was the son of Mr James Robieson, of Masterton, and a younger brother of Mr C. R. C. Robieson, manager of the State Fire Insurance. He enlisted with the First Reinforcements, and such was his ill-luck that he was severely wounded by a shrapnel shot soon after reaching the firing-line
[ROBIESON, Lance Corporal, NORMAN ATHOLSTON, 11/817. Wellington Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F. Died of wounds, on H.M.H.S. "Asturias," 21st August 1915. Age 31. Son of James Robieson, of Pownall St., Masterton, Wellington, and the late Eliza Robieson (died 1887, see next). Native of Wairarapa, Wellington. Also served in Egypt. 75.

Eliza Percy Robieson died 19 Nov 1887 aged 42
James Robieson died 2 Feb 1927 aged 88. He is buried Row 11, Plan II at Archer Street cemetery, Masterton with wife Eliza, son Willie and Willie's wife Florence
NOTE Masterton cemetery database has her death date as 11 Feb 1921 aged 42. This, of course is terribly wrong, a birth year of 1879 - making her younger than half her children. ALSO SEE the death of her son. ALSO READ son Norman's death note from Cenotaph ... ROBIESON, Lance Corporal, Norman Atholston, 11/817. Wellington Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F. Died of wounds, on H.M.H.S. "Asturias," 21st August 1915. Age 31. Son of James Robieson, of Pownall St., Masterton, Wellington, and the late Eliza Robieson. Native of Wairarapa, Wellington. Also served in Egypt. 75.

* In 1861 James had a house on section 28 Taratahi Plain
* In 1873 James was on the Electoral Roll as having 547 freehold acres at Taueru, Motuhaku
* In 1874 James's brother-in-law, Charles Rooking Carter sent him (at Taratahi), 2 rams & 2 ewes pure Spanish-French merino sheep which he purchased at Rambouillet, the most famous sheep breeding district in France. The arrived on the 'Wemyss Castle'
* In 1878 James Robieson, the proprietor of "Cave Lands" whereon that curiosity known as "The Caves" is situate, has found it necessary to give notice that the caves can only be inspected by permission from himself. We understand that Mr Robieson has been obliged to adopt this course in consequence of persons visiting the caves lately having removed portions of the interior, which form the chief beauty of the caves and which Mr Robieson naturally wishes to protect and preserve

* Robieson Road in Te Whiti is named after James

BAYFIELD marriages NZ

BAYFIELD marriages in NZ 1878 - 1922
NOTE When researching this name many have the spelling as BayfEIld, especially on BDM

Alice Bayfield (1886-1943)
married Thomas STANIFORD in 1922
Evening Post, 8 Feb 1943
STANIFORD - On February 6, 1943, at Wellington Hospital, Alice, beloved wife of Thomas Staniford. At rest.
* Alice was cremated at Karori. Believe her ashes are probably South Island

Arthur D'Oyley Bayfield (1850-1917)
* brother of Walter Wormald Bayfield below
* born in Wangford, England to Arthur (1820-1861) & Matilda Anne (1817-1909) Bayfield. Arthur snr became a Chemist and Druggist on Canterbury St, Lyttelton (see notes below)
* married Georgina Charlotte BUSH (1854-1925) in 1877
Nelson Evening Mail, 22 Sep 1877 - MARRIAGE BAYFIELD-BUSH, 21 Feb, Spring Grove, Arthur D'Oyley, eldest son of the late Arthur Bayfield, Lyttelton, Canterbury, to Georgina Charlotte, 2nd daughter of the late Dr Bush of Nelson
the known children of Arthur & Georgina
1877 - 1960 Arthur George D'Oyly Bayfield
1881 - 1952 Frederick Walter 'Fred' D'Oyly Bayfield
*1883 - 1942 Geraldine D'Oyly Bayfield (buried Orowaiti)
1885 - 1946 Henrietta Maud D'Oyly Bayfield
1887 - 1954 Mary Gertrude D'Oyly Bayfield
1892 - 1948 Lionel John D'Oyly Bayfield (manager Chateau, Tongariro)
1893 - 1963 Georgina Marguerite D'Oyly 'Daisy' Bayfield (teacher in Westport)
Star 18 July 1917 - DEATH of ARTHUR (died of gangrene)
BAYFIELD - July 17, at Westport, Arthur D'Oyley Bayfield, aged sixty seven
Greymouth Evening Star, 19 July 1917 - OBITUARY
Mr A. D. Bayfield, an old resident of the Buller district, passed away at the age of 67. He was an Englishman by birth, but arrived at Lyttelton by one of the first four ships when a child of nine months on the Randolph. At the age of 12 he entered the service of the Bank of New Zealand at Lyttelton. In 1870 he was an officer of the Bank of New Zealand in Westport, and was subsequently manager of the National Bank at Reefton. He left the bank and was in business at Nelson where he began business as an auctioneer and land agent in partnership with the late Colonel Holden Webb. About 27 years ago he settled in Westport, where he held several Government appointments. Mr Bayfield was always interested in mining development and he floated into a company, the Westport-Cardiff Coal Mine at Seddonville, a property which was afterwards taken over by the Government. He leaves a widow, four daughters and three sons, one of the latter being with the New Zealand Force on the Western front (Lionel John, Gunner 2/2574)
Press, 15 July 1925 - DEATH of GEORGINA
The death occurred on Monday afternoon, of Mr A. D. Bayfield, highly esteemed and much beloved resident of Westport, where she has resided for over thirty years. The late Mrs Bayfield, whose husband pre-deceased her some years ago, was a daughter of the late Dr Bush, of Brightwater. She is survived by a family of four daughters and three sons - Misses Geraldine and Daisy Bayfield of Westport. Mrs Strachan, wife of Mr Sherman Strachan, editor of the "Westmore News." Mrs Keller, wife of Mr Peter Keller, engineer, Public Works Department, Taihape. Mr A. D. Bayfield, well-known in business and rowing circles in Wellington. Mr Fred Bayfield, North Island and Mr L. J. Bayfield, officer in charge of the Tourist Office, Christchurch
* Arthur is buried at Orowaiti Middle cemetery with wife Georgina, daughter Geraldine and with grandson Arthur William Strachan aged 13 months
*Press, 21 May 1942 DEATH OF GERALDINE
Friends in Canterbury and more particularly on the West Coast, will learn with regret of the death, in Dunedin, this week, of Miss Geraldine D'Oyly Bayfield, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs A. D. Bayfield, formerly of Westport. Miss Bayhfield, who was educated privately and at the Wanganui Girls' College, was prominent in hockey, tennis and golf on the West Coast, and besides being proficient in each sport, she did more than her share on the administrative side, in which she was particularly thorough. An ardent church woman, she gave much time and thought to Sunday school work. Miss Bayfield, who was assistant librarian at the public library, Westport, spent several weeks in Christchurch last month. She is survived by three sister - Mrs Sherman Strachan (Westport), Mrs Peter Keller (Dunedin) and Miss Daisy Bayfield (Waimate) and three brothers - Messrs A. D. Bayfield (Wellington), Fred Bayfield (Auckland) and Lionel Bayfield, Manager of Chateau Tongariro

Arthur George D'Oyley Bayfield (1877-1960)
married Ethel May WALKER (1881-1968) in 1906
daughter of Henry Walker & Elizabeth Ellen Harris of Wellington & Masterton
the known children of Arthur & Ethel
1907 - 1987 Ina Ethel Bayfield
1912 - 1996 Nancy Bayfield
1916 - 1999 Georgina Joan Bayfield

Gwendolen Harriott Bayfield (1905-1983)
married Percival Leslie BURKE (1902-1965) in 1926
son of Edward/Edwin Thomas Burke (1872-1942 born Westport-buried Kelvin Grove) & Emma Caroline Burrell (1871-1958, born Hokitika-buried Kelvin Grove with Edwin)

Harriett Elizabeth 'Eliza' Bayfield (1852-1942)
married Henry James Vanzoelen ROGERS (1832-1904) in 1876
son of Rev John Rogers (1789-1856), Lord of Home, Wentnor, Salop, Rector of Myndtown, Shropshire & Mary Ann (Marianne?) Bodenham (-1846)
Henry arrived in NZ about 1860. He was living in Lyttelton in 1878 when he registered his dog at the Town Clerk's Office. He died in “Te Tahuna”, Sumner, Christchurch 19 Oct 1904, when he was a Boarding House Keeper.
Star, 18 Oct 1904 - DEATH of HENRY ROGERS - At Te Tahuna", Sumner, Henry James Vanzoelan Rogers, youngest son of the late Rev John Rogers of "The Home," Bishop Castle, Shropshire; aged seventy-two years.
Press, 21 Sep 1942 - DEATH of HARRIETT ROGERS - On September 18, at Christchurch, Harriett Elizabeth, widow of the late Henry J. V. Rogers, formerly of Lyttelton; aged 90 years
Henry & Harriett are buried Plot 101 at Linwood

Henrietta Maud D'Oyly Bayfield (1885-1946)
married Sherman STRACHAN in 1908
NZETC, Westport 1906 Mr. SHERMAN STRACHAN, Editor of the “Westport News,” was born in Montrose, Scotland, and is a son of the late Mr. J. Strachan, Montrose shipyards, Scotland, Mr. Strachan came to New Zealand at an early age, and was educated at Port Chalmers. He passed through the entire routine of a newspaper office, and became the editor of the “Westport News” in the year 1899
the known children of Henrietta & Sherman
1910 - 1963 Geraldine Mary Strachan
1912 - 1943 James Sherman Strachan
- Flying Officer James Sherman Strachan (391122) served as a pilot in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. He was the son of Sherman Strachan and of Henrietta Maud D’Oyly Strachan (nee Bayfield), of Westport, Nelson, New Zealand. Flying Officer Strachan was with the RAF when he died aged 31 on 8th April 1943. His grave is in Glenalina Section AS Grave 16 Belfast City Cemetery, Co. Antrim.
1913 - 1969 Margaret Jean Strachan
1914 - 1999 Alan David Strachan
1916 - Dorothy Alison Strachan
1920 - 1921 Arthur William Strachan (aged 13 months, buried with grandparents)

Ina Ethel Bayfield (1907-1987)
married Thomas DENNIS in 1935

Lionel John D'Oyly Bayfield (1892-1948)
married Eileen Vaughan COLEMAN (1895-1972) in 1922
daughter of George Thomas Coleman & Lilla Thompson

Mary Gertrude D'Oyly Bayfield (1887-1954)
married Peter KELLER in 1913
the known children of Mary & Peter
1915 - 1998 Constance Mary Keller
1917 - 1956 Albert Arthur Keller

Mary Harriet Maud Bayfield (1880-1853)
daughter of Walter Bayfield & Jemima Feary
married William PATTERSON in 1902

Matilda Bayfield (1855-1939)
daughter of Arthur & Matilda Bayfield
married William Francis EKINS (1853-1940) in 1882
the known children of Matilda & William, born Nelson
1883 - 1923 Arthur Huitson Ekins (pdf)
- served as Corporal 29238 with the 18th, Canterbury Infantry, C Company NZEF. Married Edith ? in West Norwood in 1918 and they returned to NZ after the war. They had 1 child. He was killed by a tree being felled at his home in South Nelson
1885 - 1901 Leonard D'Oyly Ekins (buried Linwood)
1889 - Reginald George Ekins

Ruby Margaret Bayfield
married Daniel Frederick McENNIS in 1910
the known children of Ruby & Daniel
1911 - 2000 Margaret Maud McEnnis (+ Martin)
1914 - 1980 James Daniel McEnnis
1917 - Joan Ethel McEnnis

Walter Wormald Bayfield (1856-1880)
brother of Arthur D'Oyly Bayfield above
born in NZ to Arthur & Matilda Anne Bayfield
married Jemima FEARY (1857-1913) in Palmerston South, 21 Oct 1878
born in Wakefield, Nelson, 1 of 11 children of Thomas James Feary & Elizabeth 'Betsy' Clark of England
the known children of Walter & Jemima
1879 - 1937 Walter Thomas 'Bert' Bertram Bayfield
Walter died, Globe 21 April, 1880 - BAYFIELD On April 20th, at Timaru, of typhoid fever, Walter Wormald, third son of the late Mr Arthur Bayfield, of Lyttelton, in his 24th year
Westport Times, 7 May 1880 We notice by the Canterbury papers that Walter Wormald Bayfield, brother of Mr A. D. Bayfield, died on the 20th instant, at Timaru. The deceased was only 24 years of age, and was engaged in the Reefton Survey Office, about two and a half years ago. The cause of death was typhoid fever, and general sympathy is expressed at his untimely end.
Star, 1 December 1880 - BIRTH
BAYFIELD - November 8th the widow of the late Walter Bayfield, a daughter..
1880 - 1953 Mary Harriet Maud Bayfield
Jemima next had a daughter
(registered 1 Jan 1883, father unknown)
1883 - Lucy Mary Bayfield
Jemima next married William George Rudd 'Ed' PARKER (1849-1930) in 1885
the known children of Jemima & Ed
1886 - Florence May Parker
1888 - 1942 William Frederick 'Frank' Parker (died Melbourne )
1891 - Ethel Jane Parker
New Zealand Herald, 30 Aug 1930 - DEATH
Mr W. G. R. PARKER. The death has occurred in Auckland of Mr William George Rudd PARKER, at the age of 81 years. Mr Parker was born at Torquay, Devon. He served with the 89th Foot Regiment and was in the famous march to Khandahar under Lord Roberts. Mr Parker came to New Zealand in the early seventies. He is survived by one son, living in Melbourne, and two daughters, living in Auckland. Mrs Parker died 17 years ago.

Walter Thomas Bertram 'Bert' Bayfield (1879-1937)
married Ruby Margaret GUNDRY (1884-1967) in 1904
1 of 8 children to William Hickley Gundry & Ellen Maria Deighton
Star 7 Nov 1904 - MARRIAGE BAYFIELD-GUNDRY - October 26, at St Matthew's, St Albans, by the Rev J. H. Rogers, Walter Thomas Bertram, only son of the late Walter Wormald Bayfield, of Lyttelton, to Ruby Margaret, youngest daughter of William Hickley Gundry, of St Albans.
the known children of Walter & Ruby
1905 - 1983 Gwendolen Harriott Bayfield
1908 - Jean Dorothy Bayfield
Ruby Margaret Bayfield (Mr Hunt) petitioned for the dissolution of her marriage with Walter Thomas Bertram Bayfield, on the grounds of adultery. After hearing evidence, his Honor granted a decree nisi, to be made absolute in three months, with costs against the respondent on the lowest scale
Walter next married Rose HUNT (1879-) in 1922
Rose attended French Farm School at Akaroa and, along with her siblings, excelled in all subjects, her needlework in an exhibition in 1898 was "far above the average"

Arthur & Matilda had children born in Christchurch
1851 - 1918 Charles Lubbock Bayfield (also a chemist in Lyttleton, buried in Reefton)
1853 - 1853 John Bayfield (aged 1 day)
1855 - 1939 Matilda Bayfield
1856 - 1880 Walter Wormald Bayfield
1858 - 1886 Mary Bayfield
Lyttelton Times 19 Oct 1886 - DEATH BAYFIELD - Oct. 17, at Madras street, Mary, the youngest daughter of the late Arthur Bayfield, of Lyttelton; aged 28 years

LAMONT marriages NZ 1859-1937

The known LAMONT GROOMS 1859-1937
as at 3 Dec 2017 ~ spelling as written on NZ BDM
also see LAMONT buried Dunedin

Andrew Dunlop Lamont (-1975)
Born in Scotland to Thomas Lamont, Andrew married Mary Eveline Dwyer (1897-1967) in Auckland in June 1920
They moved to Sydney where he bought a house in 1922. They had 2 children and Andrew was a cook on the S.S. Saros. He divorced Mary in Sydney in April 1936, the co-respondent was Robert 'Bob' Marchant who worked on the same ship
Mary died in Camperdown
* Andrew was later a foreman pastrycook in Sydney for Henry Stein

Archibald Lamont (1887-1958)
married Josephine Nolan (1898-1945) in 1921

Archie Lamont
married Eileen Elizabeth Roff (1911-1978) in 1936
daughter of George William Roff (Master Mariner) & Maria Harriet Pelley

Arthur Thomas Lamont (1891-1960)
son of James Lamont & Mary Jane Quaintance
married Evelyn Alice Jeffery (1890-) in 1926
daughter of Edward (1860-1939) Jeffery & Alice Susannah Tibbs (1869-1927) of Christchurch
Arthur served in WWI as Trooper 30438 with the 21st Reinforcements, Mounted Rifles Brigade, NZEF. His next of kin was his mother at Gladstone Rd., Gisborne
- he is buried at Karori, Wellington

Benjamin Mollison Lamont (1904-1993)
son of Cuthbert Edward Lamont & Lillias Stuart Mollison
married Rona Josefa Ferandez (1909-1998) in 1936
- served in WWII as #474655. He was a warehouseman in Mt Albert, Auckland

Carl William McAllan 'Allan' Lamont (1894-1916)
married Ethel Phillipa Millar (1894-1914) in 1912
daughter of Davidson Stoupe Millar & Elizabeth Lamont, see Brides below
Ellesmere Guardian, 19 Aug 1914 - DEATH
LAMONT - On August 17th, 1914, at her residence, 26 Franklin street, Dalmore, N.E. Valley, Pine Hill, Dunedin, Ethel Phillipa, the beloved wife of Allan Lamont and second daughter of Davidson Millar, Leeston; aged 21 years. Deeply regretted
In Oct 1914 Allan served with Otago Mounted Rifles, 2nd Reinforcements as Trooper 9/718. He died of disease 8 Feb 1916 in Egypt. His next of kin was his father, Thomas Lamont of Pine Hill, Dunedin
Otago Witness, 16 Feb 1916 - DEATH
LAMONT - On February 8, at Civil Fever Abbassia Hospital, Egypt, Trooper Carl William McAllen Lamont (2nd Reinforcements, 5th Otago Mounted), third son of Thos. Lamont, of Pine Hill; aged 23 years
* Ethel is buried Andersons Bay Dunedin

Charles Lamont
married Barbara Elizabeth Thompson Ellis in Dec 1922

Charles Lamont
married Mary Jane Pinn (1906-) in 1932
base born daughter of Emily Jane Pinn (1886-), who was 1 of 10 children of Richard John Pinn & Matilda Mowbray

Charles Malcolm Lamont (1888-1976)
son of Malcolm Lamont (1856-1923) & Sarah Ann Bryan (1859-1924)
married Mabel Marjorie Clark (1894-1966) in 1920
daughter of William Clement & Ellen Clark
- served in WWI as Rifleman 12207 with 3rd Reinforcements, 3rd Battalion, G Company, New Zealand Rifle Brigade. His next of kin was his father, a Fruiterer in Westport

Cuthbert Edward Lamont (1879-1953)
born in Oamaru to John Lamont & Eliza Annie Inconnu(?)
married Lillias Stuart Mollison (1877-1935) in 1902
born in NZ to Benjamin Mollison (1846-1906) & Christina Stuart of Scotland, died Oamaru
- Cuthbert was a dentist in Otautau, Southland
the known children of Cuthbert & Lillias
1902 - 1977 John Stuart Lamont
1904 - 1993 Benjamin Mollison Lamont
1905 - 1946 Donald Cuthbert Swinburne Lamont
1907 - 1989 Fletcher Alexander Lamont
1910 - 1953 Max Lyall Lamont
1913 - Elizabeth Lyall Lamont
1917 - 1986 James George Lamont

David Lamont (1884-1975)
born in Riverton to John Stewart Lamont from Northern Ireland & Jane Shirreffs from Scotland
married Ellinor Annie Mason (1879-1935) in 1904
the known children of David & Ellinor
1904 - David Lamont
1905 - Dougal McKenzie Lamont
1906 - 1989 Jean Agnes Lamont. Never married
1908 - William Lamont
*1909 - Christabel Annie/Anne Lamont
1910 - Ellinor Joyce Lamont
*1912 - 1995 Ronald Lindsay Lamont
1916 - Clare Lamont
1917 - 1991 William Wilson Lamont
* Ellinor is buried Andersons Bay Dunedin with daughter Jean

David Strathmore Lamont (1904-1983)
born in Oamaru to David Lamont & Eleanor Annie Mason
married Gertie Rebecca Thomas (1908-2006) in 1928 in Fairlie
daughter of Henry Thomas & Ellen Braddick

Donald Lamont (1842-1923)
born in Scotland, arrived NZ about 1877/8
married Jane McDonald in 1878
Donald is buried Andersons Bay, Dunedin with Donald John McDonald (1828-1923)

Donald Lamont
married Catherine Shaw (1883-1969) in 1923
daughter of Archibald Shaw, born 1841 in Inverness, Scotland, arrived NZ about 1891, buried Dunedin with the PAGE & SHAW families of ... Jessie Wilhelmina Page, John Elliot Page, Marjorie Wilhelmina Page and Alexander, Elizabeth Margaret, Hugh Finlay & Wilhelmina Caroline Shaw

Donald Clark Lamont (1895-1978)
married Veronica Hazel Ruthberg (1901-1936) in 1921
married Frances Ida Midwinter (widow, nee Heenan) in 1944
New Zealand Herald 26 Jan 1945 - MARRIAGE
LAMONT-MIDWINTER - On December 22 1944, at Auckland, Donald Clark Lamont, of Point Chevalier, to Mrs Frances Ida Midwinter, of Oneroa, Waiheke Island
* Ida first married Adolphus Midwinter in 1907

Dougal McKenzie Lamont (1905-1975)
son of David Lamont & Ellinor Annie Mason
married Violet Maud Harris (1909-1973) in 1926

Duncan Lamont (1872-1907)
from Ireland, arrived NZ about 1893
married Georgina Sinclair (1881-1957) in 1907
both buried Andersons Bay Dunedin with sons Alfred & Donald Sinclair Lamont

Duncan Lamont
married Isabella Dalgliesh Miller (1907-1980) in 1933

Edward Victor Lamont (1901-1966)
son of James Lamont & Mary Jane Quaintance
married Ena Rachel Castles (1910-) in 1929
daughter of John Castles & Sarah Jane Roberts

Ernest Wilfred Lamont (1907-1986)
married Ailsa Smith in 1933

Frederic Lamont
married Jessie Mabel Orr (1885-) in 1919
daughter of James Orr & Jessie Reid

Frederic Lamont (1894-1949)
married Alma Flewellen in 1937
daughter of Thomas Flewellen & Esther Amelia Israelson of Canterbury

George Lamont (1904-1964)
son of John (1855-) & Jane Anne (1863-) Lamont of Northern Ireland
married Vina Eveline Whiteman (1907-1981) in 1928
born in Greytown, 1 of 12 children of James Arthur Whiteman & Sarah Ticehurst Udy. Granddaughter of William Udy & Anna Maria Ticehurst
George & Vina had 7 children
Vina is buried in Piopio

George Lamont
married Brenda Mabel Tudini in 1934

George Duncan Lamont (1879-1941)
married Mary Owens in 1904
the known children of George & Mary
1905 - 1905 Ronald Richard Alexander Lamont (9 weeks)
1906 - 1934 Gwendoline Margaret Lamont
1908 - 1908 Roy Duncan Lamont (9 weeks)
1909 - 1963 Jean Evelyn Lamont
1910 - 1977 Eric Duncan Lamont
1911 - Gladys Lamont
1917 - Madge Lamont

Edwin Morgan Lamont (1913-1989)
born in Rakaia, Canterbury to Thomas Laurence Lamont & Martha Jane Morgan
married Eileen Florence Louisa O'Brien (1920-2008) in 1936

Harold Lamont (1898-1968)
married Ethel Margaret Potts (1899-1953) in 1918
daughter of James Potts & Phillippa Olsen

Harold Edwin Lamont (1901-)
son of Thomas Beattie Lamont & Harriet Victoria Noakes
married Sylvia Victoria Shanks (1901-) in 1923
daughter of John Leckie Shanks & Mary Eleanor Russell

Henry Alexander Lamont (1903-1973)
son of James Lamont & Mary Jane Quaintance
married Ada Ruth Hazell (1913-1997) in 1934
daughter of William Edward Hazell & Ada Ryder of Gisborne

Herbert Oswald Lamont (1905-1979)
son of James Lamont & Mary Jane Quaintance
married Ruby May Ancrum (1908-1973) in 1929
Ruby was born in South Shields, South Tyneside
- they had 5 known children and are buried in Gisborne

Hugh Lamont (1840-1921)
Hugh was a butcher
married Annie Don(n) (1854-1895) in Knox Church, Masterton 27 Sep 1892
buried together in Northern cemetery, Dunedin

Hugh Lamont
married Irene Marjory Thomas (1904-) in 1922

James Lamont (1861-1938)
born Belfast, Ireland to Robert Lamont (1834-1893) & Isabella Scales (1830-1871)
married Mary Jane Quaintance (1869-1935) in 1887
born in London
the known children of James & Mary
1887 - 1973 Joseph James 'Jim' Lamont (born Otaki)
1889 - 1956 Robert John Lamont
1891 - 1960 Arthur Thomas Lamont
1893 - 1893 William Samuel Lamont (aged 8 weeks)
1894 - 1953 George Charles Lamont
1897 - 1972 Isabel Mary Ann Lamont (born Gisborne)
1899 - 1958 Emily Cecelia Lamont
1901 - 1966 Edward Victor 'Ted' Lamont
1903 - 1973 Henry Alexander Lamont
1905 - 1979 Herbert Oswald Lamont
1909 - 1986 Elizabeth Theresa May Lamont
1911 - 1980 Walter Angus Lamont

James Lamont
married Ruby Castleton Forster in 1911

John Lamont
married Jessie Tullock in 1863
the known children of John & Jessie
1864 - Ann Lamont
1866 - Jessie Lamont
1868 - John Lamont

John Lamont
married Margaret Moore in 1870

John Lamont
married Ellen Bracewell in 1916

John Alexander Campbell 'Jack' Lamont (1865-1894)
son of Andrew Lamont & Jane Catherwood McKee
emigrated to NZ from Ballyholme, Northern Ireland Oct 1886
married Olivia Marie Squires/Sisam (1866-1951) in 1887
* Olivia was born at Fort Te Papa, Tauranga, daughter of Lieutenant Thomas Squires (of the 1st Waikato regiment) & his partner, Maria Knights
NOTE Thomas was sent to Auckland in 1864 in receipt of a letter from Lieutenant Melsop of Waiuku. He was with the Wanganui Militia in 1868. It is rumoured he was killed by natives, along with two other men, David Cahill (late Sergeant of the No 9 Company) and William Clarke, Wanganui Ranger, at Patea in June 1868. More research required
* Olivia was the step daughter of Alfred John Sisam (1844-1928) when her mother married in 1870
* Maria had 7 half siblings due to this marriage
the known children of John Alexander Campbell 'Jack' & Olivia
1887 - 1965 Anna Elizabeth Violet 'Vi' Lamont
1889 - 1973 John Alexander Campbell 'Cam' Lamont
1891 - 1917 William Alfred Lamont
1894 - 1917 Marshall Leonard Lamont
- William (#12/3381) & Marshall (#15683) were Killed in action in Belgium 8 days apart. Jack & Olivia were living 82, Wairiki Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland - also Wells St., Kingsland, Auckland

John Alexander Campbell 'Cam' Lamont (1889-1973)
son of John Alexander Campbell 'Jack' Lamont & Olivia Marie Sisam/Squires
married Nora Ariell (1892-1962) in 1915
born in Paparoa, Kaipara, youngest of 6 children of John Butterill Ariell (1854-1929) & Mary Thomson (1857-1938)
the known children of John & Nora
1916 - 2000 Olive Lamont
1918 - 1918 Violet Ariell Lamont (aged 1 day)
1920 - 1996 Doreen Ariell Lamont
1921 - 1921 Nora Lamont (aged 1 hour)
1924 - 1924 Jack? Lamont (aged 1 day)
1926 - 2012 William Marshall 'Bill' Lamont

John Nish McDonald Lamont (1907-1986)
married Dorothy Glenny Burgess (1910-1999) in 1935
daughter of Arthur Samuel Burgess & Emily Rachel Bethia Glenny

John Stewart Lamont (1906-1982)
born Edendale, Southland to John Stewart Lamont & Agnes Halliday
married Adalene 'Ada' McDowell (1905-1992) in 1931
he died in Rotorua

John Stewart Lamont (1882-1960)
born in Riverton to John Stewart 'Jack' Lamont (1850-1897) from Northern Ireland & Jane Shirreffs from Scotland
married Agnes Halliday (1885-1984) in 1905 in Invercargill
daughter of William Halliday & Agnes Paxton Calvert
the known children of John & Agnes
1906 - 1982 John Stewart Lamont
1909 - 1989 Agatha Jean Lamont
John next married Maria Amelia West (1888-1964) in 1934

John Stuart Lamont (1903-1977)
married Dorothy Hilda Short in 1930
- John was a photo engraver. He served as Gunner #482766 with the Anti-tank Battery, 2nd NZEF. His next of kin was his wife Dorothy at Faulkner Rd., Northcote, Auckland

John Wallace Lamont (1890-1985)
married Alice Lillian Lewis (1890-1971) in 1916
John was a Quarry Foreman, lived 8 Spylaw St., Dunedin. He died in St Barnabas Home, buried Andersons Bay with Thomas McClellan Lamont (1865-1949), Thomas Henry (1842-1914) & Emma Lewis (1842-1919) & Margaret Fanny Morrison (1918-1981)
known children of John & Alice
1917- Allen Douglas Lewis Lamont

John Walter Lamont (1881-1919)
married Amy Louisa Allen (1879-) in 1906, Karamea, West Coast
daughter of George Allen & Rose Ellen Scarlett
the known children of John & Amy
1906 - 1972 Stanley Malcolm Allen Lamont
1908 - 1992 Norman George Horace Lamont
1910 - 1911 Roy Victor Walter Lamont (aged 3 months)
1912 - 1967 Gordon Ivor Charles Lamont

Joseph James Lamont (1887-1973)
son of James Lamont & Mary Jane Quaintance
married Mary Jane Hay in 1908
born in Hobart, Tasmania to ? & Leah (1860-1916) Hay
the known children of Joseph & Mary
1909 - 1910 Joseph Henry Lamont (aged 8 months)
1912 - 1976 Leah Ethel Lamont
1918 - Mary Isabel Lamont

Leonard Lamont (1897-1973)
married Dorothy Gertrude Jean O'Connor (1905-1985) in 1927
Dorothy died in Hastings and is buried with Leonard at Andersons Bay cemetery, Dunedin

Malcolm Lamont (1856-1923)
married Sarah Ann Bryan (1857-1933) in 1880 in Canterbury
the known children of Malcolm & Sarah
1881 - John Walter Lamont
1882 - Annie Catherine Lamont
1884 - Flonz Emma Lamont
1888 - Charles Malcolm Lamont
1890 - Alfred Alice Mary Lamont
1891 - Minnie Ellen Lamont
1893 - Emily Edith Lamont
1898 - Norman Eadie Lamont

Norman Lamont (1900-1987)
married Cecilia Kapiolani Jean Christian (1914-2007) in 1935

Norman Eadie Lamont (1899-1962)
married Constance Eileen Little in 1926

Norman George Horace Lamont (1908-1992)
married Phyllis Louisa Fox (1913-) in 1936
daughter of William Henry Fox & Kate Bartholomew

Philip Lamont (1895-1973)
married Margaret Anne Peace Soutter (1897-1970) in 1927
daughter of John Soutter & Margaret Chalmers

Robert Lamont
married Helen Dick Macpherson (1880-1950) in 1923

Robert John Lamont
married Annie Pamela Morris in 1914

Stanley Malcolm Allan Lamont (1906-1972)
married Bernice Irene Patricia Craddock (1908-) in 1932
daughter of Alfred John Craddock & Mary Catherine Killen

Stewart Lamont
married Catherine Jane Mackintosh in 1921

Thomas Laurence Lamont
married Martha Jane Morgan (1869-1944) in Rakaia 1891
7th of 11 children of Edwin Morgan (1830-1875) & Elizabeth Price (1835-1911)of Monmouthshire, Wales who emigrated to NZ on the 'Huntress'. Arriving first at Timaru but unable to berth, sailed to Lyttleton arriving April 1863
the known children of Thomas & Martha, born Rakaia, Canterbury
1892 - Isabella Lamont
1894 - Mary Jane Lamont
1897 - Thomas Victor Lamont
1899 - Dorothy Emily Lamont
1901 - Martha Victoria May Lamont
1913 - 1989 Edwin Morgan Lamont
NOTE re Elizabeth Price. After husband Edwin Morgan died in Christchurch in 1875, Elizabeth next married Jens Jensen (1839-1886) in 1877 and had a daughter, Julia Jensen (1878-1964). She next married Henry August William Bretzman (1839-1904) in 1891. She died in Papanui 9 Oct 1911 aged 76

Thomas Lamont
married Lilian May Grimes (1897-1983) in 1934
New Zealand Herald 5 May 1934 - MARRIAGE
LAMONT-GRIMES - On April 30, at Auckland, Lilian, daughter of the late George and Mrs Grimes, Bristol, England, to Thomas Lamont, Devonport

Thomas Lamont
married Annie Mary Caulfield in 1937

Thomas Beattie Lamont
married Harriet Victoria Noakes in 1898
the known children of Thomas & Harriet
1898 - Hypatia Beattie Lamont
1901 - Harold Edwin Lamont
1904 - Elaine Vida Lamont
1908 - 1942 Charles Derrick Lamont
- Charles served in WWII as Sergeant 413710 with the Royal New Zealand Air Force, 115 Squadron, RAF. He was killed in action 17 Dec 1942 in Grafeld, Germany. His parents wereliving in Wainui, Rodney District

Thomas McAllan Lamont (1865-1949)
married Mary Philippa Hayes (1872-) in 1889
the known children of Thomas & Mary
1890 - 1985 John Wallace Lamont
1891 - 1966 Thomas Stanley Lamont
1893 - 1916 Carl William McAllan Lamont
1895 - 1973 Philip Lamont
1897 - 1973 Leonard Lamont Lamont
1899 - 1969 Mary Philippa Lamont

Thomas Stanley Lamont (1892-1966)
married Christina Franklin Grant (1891-1971) in 1920

Thomas Victor Lamont (1897-1972)
born in Rakaia, Canterbury to Thomas Laurence Lamont & Martha Jane Morgan
married Elsie Howard in 1923
Press, 25 Oct 1923 - WOMEN'S CORNER
Miss M. Howard was hostess at a linen shower evening last Saturday given in honour of her sister Miss Elsie Howard, whose marriage to Mr T. Lamont takes place next week. Some beautiful presents of linen were received and an enjoyable evening was spent in games and dancing. Those present included Mr and Mrs Leader, Misses M. and E. Howard, M. Carter, W. Adcock, E. Lawrence, E. Lighfoot, M. Halliday, G. Welsh, G. Thompson and I. Sutherland. Messrs T. Lamont, E. Nuttall, A. Midgeley, J. Birss, W. and D. Taylor, C. Gordon, W. Lester, E. Brightling and F. Regerson

William Lamont
married Mary Taylor in 1881

William Lamont
married Katie Lamont in 1920

William Archibald Lamont (1836-1905)
born in Sydney, 6th of 11 children to Archibald Lamont (1808-1883) & Agnes Leitch (1808-1873)
married Catherine Lyons (1837-1907) in Dunedin in 1859
the known children of William & Catherine
1860 - Agnes Jane Lamont
1861 - Catherine Margaret Lamont
1863 - William Archibald Lamont
1865 - Mary Lamont
1867 - 1920 James Douglas Lamont
1870 - Alice Lamont
1874 - 1935 Robert Lamont
1876 - Edith Grace Lamont
1878 - 1938 George Lamont
* William & Catherine died in Orange, NSW

William Archibald Lamont (1863-1942)
son of William Archibald Lamont & Catherine Lyons
married Sarah Jane Bartlett (1866-1951) in 1887

William Burns Lamont (1906-1942)
married Elizabeth Mackenzie in 1930

The known LAMONT BRIDES 1858-1937
as at 3 Dec 2017
Agatha Jean Lamont (1909-1989)
daughter of John Stewart Lamont & Agnes Halliday
married Matthew Henderson in 1936

Agnes Lamont
married James Keen in 1881
the known children of Agnes & James]/color]
1882 - Amy Catherine Keen
1884 - Rose Emily Keen
1886 - James John Keen
1890 - Lilian Ruth Keen

Agnes Lamont (1904-1985)
daughter of William Lamont & Catherine Mossie, see burials link above for all siblings etc
married Walter Baken (1900-1982) in 1924

Alfreda Alice Mary La Mont (1890-1936)
married Alfred Clark Philpott (1887-1963) in 1920

Alice May Lamont (1887-)
daughter of William Archibald Lamont & Sarah Jane Bartlett
married Herbert Goliath Syar(?) in 1909

Anna Elizabeth Violet 'Vi' Lamont (1888-1965)
born in Te Aroha to John Alexander Campbell 'Jack' Lamont & Olivia Marie Sisam/Squires
married Hugh Shields McCarroll (1884-1960) in 1910
- Hugh was born in Belfast, 1 of 12 children to John McCarroll (1845-1930, b.Ireland d.Te Awamutu) & Jane Hawthorn (1843-1911 b.Ireland d.Kaipara)
[color=green]the known children of Anna & Hugh
1912 - Donovan Hugh Lamont McCarroll
1915 - Ian Hawthorn Lamont McCarroll

Annie Lamont (1865-1927)
married Harry Borrer Kirk (1859-1948) in Dunedin 1885
School inspector, biologist, university professor

Annie Catherine Lamont
married Richard Charles McKay in 1906

Catherine Lamont
married Francis Cyril Marsh (1890-1985) in 1913

Catherine Margaret Lamont (1861-1881)
daughter of William Archibald Lamont & Catherine Lyons
married Walter Saunders in 1879
Walter remarried in 1890 to Maud Sophia Small

Catherine Swinburn(e) Lamont (1878-1931)
born in Oamaru to John Lamont & Eliza Annie Inconnu(?)
married Charles Campbell in 1911

Dorothy Emily Lamont
born in Rakaia, Canterbury to Thomas Laurence Lamont & Martha Jane Morgan
married Percy Major in 1918

Elaine Vida Lamont (1904-1956)
married Leonard Nixon Scott in 1927

Elinor Joyce Lamont
married Alexander Sligo Johnston in 1936

Elizabeth Lamont
married James Adolphus Ludbrook in 1884

Elizabeth Lamont (1863-1925)
married Davidson Stoupe Millar (1866-1944) in 1886
born in County Down, Ireland, 2nd of 14 children of James Millar & Letitia Fergusson McKee who settled in Irwell, Canterbury
the known children of Elizabeth & Davidson
1887 - 1945 John Davidson Millar
1888 - 1889 Christina Ruby Millar
1890 - 1957 Gladys Millar
1892 - 1893 James Millar
1894 - 1914 Ethel Phillipa Millar
- Ethel married Carl William McAllan 'Allan' Lamont, see Grooms above
1898 - Harold David Millar

Elizabeth Lamont (1891-1963)
married Samuel Alexander McCauley (1890-1959) in 1912
the known children of Elizabeth & Samuel
1914 - Violet Elizabeth McCauley
1916 - Samuel Alexander McCauley

Elizabeth Lucy Patti Lamont (1880-1925)
born in Oamaru to John Lamont & Eliza Annie Inconnu(?)
married Hanson Digby Mee (1877-1927) in Knox Church, Invercargill in June1907
born in Timaru to John Mee & Susannah Nevill Digby of London
known children of Elizabeth & Hanson
1908 - Roma Swinburne Mee
1911 - Lucy Ragnhilde Mee
1916 - Leslie Patti Mee
Elizabeth & Hanson died in Wellington

Elizabeth Melville Lamont (1909-1996)
daughter of William Lamont & Catherine Mossie, see burials link above for all siblings etc
married John Ranby Robertson (1905-1991) in 1931
buried Nelson

Elizabeth Theresa May Lamont (1909-1986)
daughter of James Lamont & Mary Jane Quaintance
married Nile Mornington Stone (1907-1969) in 1936

Ellen Lamont (1898-1996)
daughter of William Lamont & Catherine Mossie, see burials link above for all siblings etc
married John David Last (1899-1974) in 1923
buried Christchurch

Emily Lamont
married Trevor Lloyd in 1894
the known children of Emily & Trevor
1895 - Constance Alice Lloyd
1900 - Olive Vera Lloyd

Emily Cecilia Lamont (1899-1958)
daughter of James Lamont & Mary Jane Quaintance
married Charles George Gordon (1888-1967) in 1920

Emily Edith Lamont (1893-1966)
daughter of Malcolm Lamont & Sarah Ann Bryan
married Stanley Burnett White (1884-1947) in 1929

Euphemia Lamont
born Pollokshaws, Scotland
daughter of William Lamont & Catherine Mossie, 1 of 11 children of William Lamont & Catherine Mossie, see John Blain Lamont on burials link above for all siblings
married Henry Frederic Zanders in 1916
- Service number: WW1 67874
buried in Christchurch

Evelyn Jean Lamont (1909-1963)
daughter of George Duncan Lamont & Mary Owens
married Thomas Robert Wingfield (1908-1990) in 1933

Fanny Lamont
married Robert Glendinning Grieve in 1920

Grace Lamont
married John Bruce in 1858

Gwendoline Margaret Lamont (1906-1934)
daughter of George Duncan Lamont & Mary Owens
married Godfrey Arthur Graham (1905-1986) in 1927
son of Hamilton Graham & Gertrude Carter

Helen Lamont
married Alexander Ford in Knox Church, Masterton 19 Nov 1879
the known children of Helen & Alexander
1880 - Alexander Ford
1882 - John Lamont Ford
1884 - William Ralph Ford
1887 - Thomas Walter Ford
1891 - Charles Arthur Ford

Hypatia Beattie Lamont (1898-1995)
daughter of Thomas Beattie Lamont & Harriet Victoria Noakes
married Frank Grafton Vine (1899-1950) in 1925
son of Henry Grafton Vine & Winifred Mary Hartnell

Isabel Mary Ann Lamont (1897-1972)
daughter of James Lamont & Mary Jane Quaintance
married Francis Robert Hennah (1893-1959) in 1916
- Had 1 child when he enlisted in 1917 from Gisborne. He was discharged from war service 28 April 1919 as no longer fit on account of gunshot wounds received in his right shoulder. Isabel was living at 40 Keeling St., Palmerston North

Isabella Lamont
married John Pye in 1866

Isabella Lamont
born in Rakaia, Canterbury to Thomas Laurence Lamont & Martha Jane Morgan
married James John Jarden in 1913
- he was a carpenter in Christchurch
the known children of Isabella & James
1913 - 1983 Raymond James Jarden
1915 - 1987 Benjamin Noel Jarden
1917 - Cyril Thomas Jarden
1927 - 2006 Lloyd William Jarden

Isabella Meldrum Lamont (1896-1976)
married John Piggot Crawford (1885-1959) in 1920
John was born in Mangakaramea, Northland to John Crawford & Isabella Roy Cromb, of Scotland
the known children of Isabella & John
1920 - Margaret Isabella Crawford
1921 - Jean Lamont Crawford
1923 - Isabella Cromb Crawford
1927 - Helen Marjorie Crawford
1929 - Ruth Alison Crawford

Jane Lamont
married Charles Gibson in 1881

Jane Flett Lamont (1876-1959)
married Stephen John Racz (1876-1951) in 1922

Janet Lamont
married John Stobo in Dunedin 1898
Southern Cross, 23 July 1898 - MARRIAGE
STOBO-LAYMONT (note spelling) - at Dunedin, by special license, on the 15th July, 1898, John Stobo Esq., proprietor of the Winton Dairy Factory, to Janet, second daughter of Robert Laymont, Esq, farmer, Dunfriesshire, Scotland
Otago Daily Times, 26 July 1898 - MARRIAGE
STOBO-LAMONT - On the 15th July, at Dunedin, by special license, John Stobo, Esq., Winton Dairy Factory, to Janet, daughter of the late Robert Lamont, Esq., Summerhill, Holywood, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Jessie Lamont
married George Mayo Kebbell in 1874
the known children of Jessie & George
1875 - George Mayo Kebbell
1877 - Christiana Mayo Kebbell
1883 - Alexander Kebbell

Joan Lamont (1898-1985)
daughter of John Stewart & Jane Lamont
married Thomas Neil McKenzie (1895-1969) in 1921
son of Duncan & Amy McKenzie

Katherine Mary Lamont
married Herbert Goliath Segar in 1923

Katie Lamont
married William Lamont in 1920

Lena Lamont
married William Matthews in 1930

Lillias Annie Lamont
born Scotland
married William Stevenson in 1890 of Invercargill
the known children of Lillias & William of Invercargill
1897 - 1961 John Henley James Stevenson (served WWI as Cpl 47572)

Madge Lamont
married Wilbur Charles Young (1913-) in 1936
son of Henry & Effie Young
he had a brother Henry Peter Young (1914-)

Margaret 'Maggie' Lamont (1865-1896)
born in Scotland to John Lamont & Agnes Wylie
married James Frew (1857-1942) in 1886
born in Lanarkshire, Scotland to John Frew & Ann Johnson
the known children of Maggie & James
1887 - 1916 John Frew
1889 - 1917 James Frew
1891 - 1957 William Frew
1893 - Margaret Frew
1896 - Annie Agnes Frew
Oamaru Mail, 11 May 1896 - DEATH FREW - On the 10th instant, at the North Road, Oamaru, Margaret, the beloved wife of James Frew, aged 30 years. The funeral will leave her late residence for the Oamaru Cemetery at 1.30pm on Tuesday, the 12th instant. Friends are kindly invited to attend

Margaret Lamont
married William Duff in Knox Church, Masterton 7 May 1875

Margaret Alice Lamont
married Albert Edward Cunningham Brown (1893-1967) in 1921
son of William & Ann Brown

Margaret Jenkins Lamont (1871-1956)
born in Oamaru to John Lamont & Eliza Annie Inconnu(?)
married Henry Howard Cork (1865-1946) in 1892
the known children of Margaret & Henry
1893 - 1985 Gladys Swinbourne Cork
1895 - 1968 Dorothy Elizabeth Cork
1899 - 1984 Arnold Ericsson Lamont Cork
1901 - 1942 Jack Howard Milton Cork
- Jack was Driver 40971 with the 2 Division NZ Army Service Corps Reinforcements, Second NZEF. He was killed in action in the Western Desert. He enlisted from Mangaweka. His parents were living in Waikanae

Marion Lamont
married Samuel Cuthbertoon Stewart in 1907

Martha Victoria May Lamont (1901-1990)
born in Rakaia, Canterbury to Thomas Laurence Lamont & Martha Jane Morgan
married Richard Clarence Osborn in 1922

Mary Cook Lamont (1868-1950)
married Archibald 'Archie' McLachlan (1865-1931) in Dunedin in 1884
son of John McLachlan (child 3 at that link) (1840-1915) & Jessie Robb
the known children of Mary & Archibald
1884 - Alena Theresa McLachlan
1886 - James Gabriel McLachlan
1889 - Gilbert Mclachlan
1891 - Colin John Alexander McLachlan
1892 - Thomas Campbell McLachlan
1895 - Wallace Lamont McLachlan
1898 - Archibald Albany McLachlan
1900 - Hazel Mary McLachlan
1901 - Laurel Mavis McLachlan
1906 - Renzie Gordon Grant McLachlan
1908 - Una Christina Whyte McLachlan

Mary Lamont
married Thomas 'Tom' Selwood in 1885
the known children of Mary & Tom
1886 - Catherine Grace Selwood
1888 - Sidney Albert George Selwood
1890 - William Archibald Selwood
1895 - Dorothy Grace Selwood
1898 - Hazel Marie Selwood
1902 - Thomas Alfred Selwood

Mary Hall Lamont (1889-1961)
1 of 11 children of William Lamont & Catherine Mossie, see John Blain Lamont on burials link above for all siblings
married Joseph Henry Flavell (1880-) in 1921
son of Robert Henry Flavell & Margaret Sheehan of Kaeo, Mangonui, Waiku
Mary is buried in Nelson

Mary Jane Lamont
married Andrew Weatherspoon Thorburn in 1882
* there was also a Andrew Weatherspoon Thorburn (1860-1945), born in Auckland who married Jane Elizabeth Ruddell in 1881 and had 9 children, 22 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and died in Whangarei ?

Mary Philippa Lamont (1899-1969)
daughter of Thomas McAllan Lamont & Mary Philippa Hayes
married Charles Royston Hughes in 1924

Minnie Ellen La Mont (1892-1924)
married Thomas Atkinson in 1922

Nita Lamont (1907-1989)
married Alister Livingstone Meeking (1905-1991) in 1937
they lived at 38 Kakanui Ave, Hillcrest, Hamilton and are buried in Hamilton Park cemetery

Sarah Ann Lamont
married Leonard Osborn in 1929

HARRIS of Kumara & Hokitika

written for delwyns who wrote on 2017-10-25 05:21:08 ... Harris of Christchurch Rd, Kumara, West Coast, NZ. Am looking for any information on Birth: England 1858 abt - John Harris - d. 1923 NZ / Parents and Siblings. There are other Harris's of Hokitika, and are wondering weither they too connect. Charles Joseph Schumacher and Annie Mary Sophia Harris Adopted my Father.
Many Thanks DelwynS

Hokitika and Kumara are about 50km apart so I feel it is very possible. Delwyn forgot to add names or dates to help in the search, so have written this journal to help her. Would be grateful if anyone knows anything to please write in comments
(journal added separately to ensure it is not accidentally deleted) ;)

These are the Harris in KUMARA that delwyn is refering to ...
John Harris (1858-1922) married Louisa Ridley (1866-1944) in 1887
Their known children were:
* 1888 - 1977 Annie Mary Sophia Harris
** 1895 - 1913 John Major William Harris
.. and twins born 10 Nov 1896
1896 - Violet Harris
1896 - Jane Marion Harris

* Annie Mary Sophia Harris married Charles Joseph 'Joe' Schumacher (1892-1918), son of Philip Clements Schumacher (1860-1923) and Emily Keziah Housego (1859-1930) .. more about his family can be seen at that link ..
* Charles & Annie adopted a boy, William 'John' Schumacher (1912-1959), illegitimate son of Charles's sister Matilda Jane Schumacher
* Charles & Annie had a daughter Annie Mary Schumacher (1917-)
Charles died 16 Nov 1918 in the Westland Hospital, Kumara during the Flu Pandemic

** John Major William Harris was 18 years old, living on Christchurch Road, Teremakau, when on the morning of 17 June 1913 he decided to ride to Wainihinihi with his friend, *Richard Boys Harcourt (1896-1945), to get some cattle. He saddled up but got his foot caught in the stirrup. The horse bolted and John was thrown and dragged over the Waimea Creek. He is buried at Kumara cemetery with his father.
* note Richard Boys Harcourt was born in Hokitika to Richard Allan Harcourt & Sophia Elizabeth Boys. He was driver NX68400, with the AIF, Australian Army Service Corps, 2/3 Motor Ambulance Company in WWII when killed in Malaysia

* In 1916 Louisa Harris drew to the attention of the Westland County Council, the erosion along the old Christchurch road, Teremakau
* In Dec 1918 Louisa Harris, with her neighbour Richard Allan Harcourt (above) and William McKenzie Harcourt (1833-1925), applied for 160 acres of land, block I, at Turiwhate
* John Harris died 20 Nov 1922 and is buried Plot 393, Block 22 at Kumara cemetery. There is also a Sophia Harris (1841-1913) buried there - mother? (as burial dates are the same it needs more research, see burial lists below)
Some Harris in HOKITIKA
John Edward 'Jack' Harris (1865-1922), Miner of Seddon's Terrace Rd., Rimu (written in 1905) was born at Wood's Point, Victoria, Australia, in the year 1865 and came to New Zealand at an early age with his parents, who settled at Hokitika. He was educated in the Church of England School and at the Academy at Hokitika. Mr Harris was afterwards at the Jackson's Bay settlement with his father and when but a youth, started mining with him. He was one of the first at the Rimu “rush” in 1882. About the year 1899, Mr. Harris went to the North Island, where he engaged in contracting and sawmilling work in the Wellington, Hunterville, Palmerston North and Shannon districts. He subsequently took up a dairy farm at Shannon and held it for two years. Mr Harris then returned to the West Coast and settled at Rimu, where he has since resided and has a comfortable home. He has an interest in several mining properties. In 1902, Harris was elected to the Westland Licensing Committee. He is a member of the local Miners' Association, and was for some time a member of the Woodstock school committee; takes a great interest in the temperance movement; is chairman of the Rimu and Woodstock No-License League; and is a vice-president of the West Coast branch of the New Zealand Alliance.
* John was a son of Sigvart Christian Harris & Mary Eagle below. He married Florence Burridge Upjohn (1869-1923) in 1888
They had a son
1888 - 1971 Sigvart John William Harris
- Sigvart married Clarice Mary Wilson (1897-1954) in 1920
some Harris MARRIAGES in Hokitia
* Joseph Tempest Harris (1845-1916)
married Katherine Jane Creighton (1852-1932) in Hokitika 19 March 1870
- their known children:
1871 - Clara Emily Harris
1872 - Edith May Harris
1873 - George Charles Harris
- Joseph was born at sea when his parents immigrated to Tasmania. He was a son of Robert Harris (1819-1858, from Middlesex) & Clara Weymouth (1823-1893, from Devon). Joseph & his family returned to Australia. He and Katherine are buried together in Karrakatta cemetery, Perth, WA
* Sigvart Christian (Jorgensen) Harris (1824-1908) from Oslo, Norway, married Mary Harris in 1885, they were aged 50. He had first married Mary Eagle (1826-1915) in Australia in 1853
- one of his sons is John Edward 'Jack' Harris above.
He had a daughter, Harriet Matilda Harris (1856-1928) who was born in Australia and married Arthur Ernest Bertram Winter in 1877. They are buried in Hokitika
* Elizabeth Humphrey Etta Harris (1885-)
- daughter of Thomas & Frances Harris
- married Thomas Williams in 1905
HARRIS buried at KUMERA to Nov 2017
(dates could be of death OR interment)
* CHARLES Harris, aged 61 - 13 April 1894
- Block 18, Plot 493, with wife Elizabeth Jane & her 2nd husband
* ELIZABETH JANE Harris (Hobbs, Cunningham), aged 69 - 22 Dec 1925
(database has 1-1-1894)
- Block 18, Plot 493, with 1st husband Charles Harris & 2nd husband Richard Hobbs (1841-1908) whom she married in 1895, the year after Charles's death. She next married Charles Cunningham in 1915
* JOHN Harris, aged 64 - 30 Nov 1922
- Block 22, Plot 393, with son John Major William
* JOHN MAJOR WILLIAM Harris, aged 18 - 17 June 1913
- Block 22, Plot 393, with John & Sophia
* SOPHIA Harris, aged 72 - 30 Nov 1913
- Block 22, Plot 392, with John & John Major William
* WILLIAM Harris, aged ? - 30 Nov 1898
- Block 16, Plot 374A
Ww Harris, aged ? - 30 Nov 1912
- Block 22, Plot 393 NOTE There is no record of a Ww Harris. Check the date with those recorded above. Believe this is William or double up of Sophia OR, because written Ww it could mean wife of William
HARRIS buried at WHATAROA to Nov 2017
* MARY Harris, aged 90 - 16 Sep 1915
- Block 2, Plot 7, nee Eagle, first wife of Sigvart Christian Harris (see below)
HARRIS buried at Old Ross cemetery (27km south of Hokitika)
* BENJAMIN Harris, aged 65 - 16 Feb 1907
- Block 21, Plot 15
HARRIS buried at HOKITIKA to Nov 2017
(dates could be of death OR interment)
* ADA Harris, aged 22 - 6 June 1876
- Block 155, Plot 2294
* ADRIAN WILLIAM FREDERICK Harris, aged 27 - 27 Nov 1918
- Block 147, Plot 4120 with wife Irene Dillon (1894-1959)
- married Irene Ellen Mabel Burrowes in 1914, had 3 children. Irene remarried in 1935 to James Dillon
* AGNES CLEMENTINE Harris (nee Ridland), aged 56 - 31 May 1962
- Block 223, Plot 5103, with husband William Thomas
* ALBERT Harris, aged 56 - 18 Nov 1949
- Block 329, Plot 7370
- married Mary ? who next married Hone Bannister, see below
* BERYL JEAN 'Betty' Harris, aged 72 - 16 March 1998
- Block 292, Plot 6733, with husband Thomas Gordon
* ELMA GERTRUDE Harris, aged 85 - 14 Nov 2005
- Block 222, Plot 5076, with parents John Truebridge Harris & Erica Eva Gertrude Olson
* ERICA EVA GERTRUDE Harris (nee Olson), aged 71 - 19 Nov 1966
- Block 222, Plot 5075, with husband John Truebridge Harris & daughter Elma Gertrude
* FRANCIS Harris, aged 71 - 13 July 1929
- Block 353, Plot 6529, with Thomas (1837-1951)
* GORDON ALEXANDER Harris, aged 53 - 6 July 1973
- Block 97, Plot 2661
- born in Dunedin
* HANNAH Harris, aged 50 - 22 June 1884
- Block 64, Plot 1219
* HARRY Harris, aged 51 - 27 July 1915
- Block 278, Plot 6075
* JEAN LILLIAS Harris, aged 83 - 5 Aug 2005
- Block RSA NO 2, Plot 153, with husband Stanley Lorraine
* JESSIE Harris, aged 69 - 11 Aug 1947
- Block 238, Plot 5362
* JOHN Harris, aged 46 - 9 Jan 1869
- Block 26, Plot 816
* JOHN TRUEBRIDGE Harris, aged 71 - 20 April 1963
- Block 222, Plot 5076 with wife Erica & daughter Elma
- son of Thomas & Frances Harris
* JOSEPH Harris, aged 2 days - 27 March 1931
- Block 359, Plot 6394
* LAURA ALICE Harris, aged 61 - 22 March 1973
- Block 97, Plot 2660
* LAWRENCE Harris, aged 1 day - 2 June 1875
- Block 157, Plot 2374
* LAWRENCE Harris, aged 2 days - 9 April 1871
- Block 157, Plot 2374
* LAWRENCE Harris, aged 26- 15 Aug 1876
- Block 83, Plot 1544
* LILIAN MAY Harris, aged 85 - 16 Sep 1982
- Block 193, Plot 4535, with husband William Henry
* LUCY AMELIA Harris, aged 6 months - 6 March 1869
- Block 29, Plot 1009
* MARGARET MARY Harris, aged 81 - 29 April 1973
- Block 79, Plot 1466, with husband William 'Noah'
* MARGARET STUART ANN Harris (nee Harcourt), aged 88 - 26 May 1986
- Block 309, Plot 6913 with husband Thomas Dromcool
- daughter of Gordon Harcourt & Alice Rugg
OF NOTE Gordon & Alice also had a son named Gordon McKenzie Harcourt, so probably descended from the neighbours of delwyn's John & Louisa Harris (read top)
* MARY Harris, aged 59 - 24 June 1949
- Block 329, Plot 7367, 1st married Albert above, next married Hone Bannister. Buried as Bannister, with her daughter Mary Jane (Mahuika 1908-1998), son in law William Russell Wilson & granddaughter Monica Mary Wilson
* PATRICK EDWARD 'Pat' Harris, aged 93 - 17 July 2015
- Block RSA 2, Plot 210
- No. R152685, Able Seaman, Merchant Navy WWII. Late of England, Lyttelton and Ross, at Greymouth
* ROBERT Harris, aged 58 - 4 May 1955
- Block RSA NO 1, Plot 134
* SIGVART CHRISTIAN Harris, aged 84 - 10 May 1908
- Block 216, Plot 4971, from Norway. (1st) Wife Mary, nee Eagle (1826-1915) is buried at Whataroa
* STANLEY LORRAINE Harris, aged 77 - 27 Sep 1991
- Block RSA NO 2, Plot 15, with wife Jean Lillias
- son of John Truebridge Harris & Erica Eva Gertrude Olson
* THOMAS Harris, aged 88 - 28 Dec 1951
- Block 353, Plot 6529, with Francis (1858-1929)
* THOMAS DROMCOOL Harris, aged 66 - 24 Feb 1953
- Block 309, Plot 6913 with wife Margaret Stuart Ann
* THOMAS GORDON 'Tom' Harris, aged 35 - 29 Oct 1957
- Block 292, Plot 6733, result of aircraft accident, with wife Beryl Jean 'Betty'
- Tom Harris, West Coast Airways manager and engineer, was killed in the crash of Auster ZK-AYB, near Maruia Springs, while checking a potential top-dressing job
* WILLIAM HENRY Harris, aged 74 - 20 July 1962
- Block 193, Plot 4535, with wife Lilian May
* WILLIAM 'NOAH' Harris, aged 83 - 27 Oct 1961
- Block 79, Plot 1465, with wife Margaret Mary
- son of William Hamilton Harris & his 2nd wife, Mary Ellen Clifford
* WILLIAM THOMAS Harris, aged 65 - 20 June 1968
- Block 223, Plot 5102, with wife Agnes Clementine
- son of Thomas Harris & Eulalia Mabel Stevens Manning

Headstone of John Major William Harris at Kumara

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Baptisms 1908-1919 at St Matthew's MASTERTON NZ

BAPTISMS at St Matthew's Church, MASTERTON - Sep 1908 to May 1919
* Organised here in alphabetical order for easier finding
* More information may be available at above source link
* Spelling is how it is written on the above source link
** Indicates there is a little more info on the person shown

Masterton's first Church of England was built on the corner of Queen & Church Streets. The first wooden church was replaced by a brick one built on the northern side of Church Street - between Dixon & Archer Sts - and consecrated on 22 Sep 1913. This church was damaged in the 1942 earthquake and demolished. The third church was opened on the site of the second church in 1958. In the early 1990s St Matthew's Church was divided over theological matters, resulting in the resignation of the vicar, Barrie Allom

page 1 A to K
page 2 L to Y

... A ...
Adams, Albert Charles (1915-1995)
** Adams, Ena Nola (1914-2010)
- married ? Shaw
Adcock, Muriel Florence (1916-)
Ahrens, Arthur Larn Ratton (1913-1957)
** Alexander, Mavis Rosina Alfreda, nee Dickason (1916-1988)
- daughter of Alfred Thomas Dickason & Ethel Rosina Hoar
- married Kenneth Dordie Alexander in 1950
- married Allan Gordon Walker in 1979
Allan, Dorothy Clodagh (1916-)
Allen, Charlotte (1883-1958)
Allen, Florence Joan Isabell (1911-2000)
** Allen, Priscilla Gwynneth (1914-1915 aged 10 months)
- source has Patricia Gwynneth
Alsdorf, Valerie Elizabeth (1918-1918 aged 3 months)
Amberger, Henry Philip Beresford (1917-1987)
** Amundsen, Gwendolen Cordelia, nee Baker-Clemas (1916-2005)
- daughter of Albert Edward Thomas Baker-Clemas & Muriel Frances Lewis (siblings below)
Amundsen, Leah Jane, nee Clarke (1905-1994)
Armstrong, John Craddock (1913-1993)
Armstrong, Rodney Irvine (1917-1996)
Askew, Ivelenah May, nee Bell (1916-)
Astwood, Arthur Norman (1910-)
Astwood, Ernest Frederick (1902-1977)
** Astwood, Gladys Louisa (1891-1957)
- married Harold Edgar Low in 1915
Attwood, Arthur William (1909-)
Aymes, Eileen Sydney (1910-)
Amyes, Majorie Edna (1912-)

... B ...
Bacon, Olive Joyce, nee Harrison (1911-2002)
Baird, Kathleen Mary (1917-)
Baker, Harry Samuel (1913-1914)
Baker, Robert Erle (1908-1995)
** Baker-Clemas, Arthur Francis (1912-)
** Baker-Clemas, Burton Lewis (1906-1983)
** Baker-Clemas, Olive Gertrude (1914-)
** Baker-Clemas, Thomas Richard (1905-1980)
- children of Albert Edward Thomas Baker-Clemas & Muriel Frances Lewis (see Amundsen above)
Ballantyne, Louisa Gwendoline (1908-)
Barnard, Helen Rewa (1917-)
Barnes, Alice Amy, nee Winhall (1918-1975)
Barr, Eileen Joan, nee Smith (1917-2010)
Barraud, Alice Patricia, nee Riddiford (1916-2009)
Barrett, Claude William (1917-1985)
Beach, George Osmond (1911-)
Beatty, Robert Alexander (1910-1973)
Beauchamp, Donald Stanley (1910-1987)
Beauchamp, Elizabeth Stanley (1906-)
Beauchamp, Richard Stanley (1909-)
** Beckett, Nora Isabella, nee Hatch (1914-1974)
- previously Rowland, previously Rosval
Beetham, Charles Albert Hindmarsh (1914-1996)
Beetham, Nancy Hindmarsh (1919-2014)
- married ? Evans
Bell, George Hector (1915-2004)
Bennett, Bromley Mountfield (1912-2003)
Bennett, Jack Baird (1908-1977)
Bennett, Katherine Isabelle (1911-1967)
Bennett, Leonard Harry (1909-1990)
Bennett, Olive Elizabeth, nee Newland (1917-2003)
Bell, Arthur Edwin Colin (1917-)
Bevan, Evelyn Nancy, nee Styles (1915-)
Bevan, Kathleen Margaret (1918-)
Bicknell, Phyllis Annie, nee Trass (1915-1996)
Bingham, Margaret (1908-1991)
Binning, Betty Alexandra, nee Taylor (1912-1998)
Bishop, Florence Emily (1909-)
Bishop, Henry (1871-)
** Bishop, Leonard Erl (1916-1920 aged 4)
Bishop, Percy Edward (1910-1966)
Blatchford, Edward (1909-1991)
Blatchford, Geoffrey Norman (1915-1996
Blundell, Lena Blanche, nee Barton (1908-2003)
Boddington, Charlotte Emily (1911-1953)
Boddington, Huia Duncan (1909-1964)
Bodle, Nora Ivy, nee Lewin (1916-2005)
Bodle, Peggy Myra, nee Sellar (1915-2000)
** Boielle, Adolphus Horace (1909-2000)
- 1 of 4 children of Adolphus Blanchard Boielle & Maud Amelia Free (the others also in this list)
Bond, Noelene Jessie (1911-)
** Borthwick, Nancy Hope, nee Williams (1910-1984)
- married Patrick John 'Pat' Borthwick in 1931
Bowcock, Mona Rubina, nee Grantham (1914-)
Bowie, Grace (1912-)
Bowie, Herbert Allan (1909-1965)
** Boys, Harvey Cowell (1910-2001)
- son of James Boys & Fanny Jane Boys
Boys, Norah Helen, nee Henderson (1900-1984)
** Boys, Maurice Ellman (1915-1995)
- 7th of 8 children and twin with Enid Mary Helena Boys, of James Boys & Fanny Jane Boys (1875-1960)
** Brader, Eva Mona (1917-2012)
- 1 of 9 children of Harry Brader & Hilda Newland
- married ? Groube
** Braggins, Victor James (1915-2010)
- son of Charles James Braggins & Ellen Lee
Bray, Edith Alice Lockley, nee Winskill (1914-1999)
** Brookes, Louis Fred (1913-1983)
- BDM has Brooks
Brown, Reginald Percy (1917-1979)
** Bryant, Ernest William (1915-)
** Bryant, Florence Annie (1916-)
** Bryant, Frederick Harry (1915-1916 aged 15 months)
- children of Harry Bryant & Annie Miles
Buchanan, Patricia May, nee Lord (1914-2005)
Buckley, Allan (1906-1959)
Buckley, Colin (1914-1991)
** Buckley, Dulcie (1910-)
- married David Bryce Berry in 1931
Buckley, Malcolm (1913-1996)
Budden, Noel McNaught (1911-1988)
Bulloch, Blanche Jackson Baker, nee Clemas (1910-2009)
Bungate, Harold Edward (1912-1980)
** Bungate, John Albert William (1917-1918 aged 8 months)
Bungay, Lillie Isabella (1907-1999)
Bunny, Ralph (1913-2007)
Bunny, William Ian (1909-1971)
Burborough, Henry James (1916-)
Burborough, Herbert John (1919-2009)
** Burgess, Nora (1916-1917 aged 4 days)
** Burgess, Shirley Florence, nee Lomas (1917-1975)
- first married Squadron Leader Robert Lawrence Spurdle (1918-1994). She next married Geoffrey Guy Burgess & Robert remarried to Mavis Dorothy Marion Binning
Burt, Rona Margaret, nee Blatchford (1917-2009)
** Button, Maud Olive, nee Boielle (1900-)
- 1 of 4 children of Adolphus Blanchard Boielle & Maud Amelia Free (the others also in this list)
Buys, Edward Bernard (1913-)
** Byrn, George Charles Briden (1917-1964)
** Byrn, Mervyn Percival Briden (1915-1992)
- children of Mervyn Byrn & Julia Catherine Harker Briden

... C ...
Caldwell, Nola Lottie, nee Smith (1915-2010)
Calvert, Russell John (1909-2011)
** Cambourn, Beatrice Elizabeth (1911-1999)
** Cambourn, James Spencer (1913-1987)
- above source has spelt their name Cambourne
Cammick, Nance Permain, nee Hosken (1919-2002)
Campbell, Clarence John (1906-1986)
Campbell, Grey Nobel (1911-2003)
Campbell, Isla Emily (1913-2006)
Campbell, Olive Mary (1907-1997)
Campbell, Raymond Eric (1905-1975)
Carrick, Jack William (1908-)
Carroll, Annie Lucy Kemble 'Nan', nee Welch (1915-2005)
Carroll, Murray Charlton (1914-1991)
Carroll, Ola, nee Grose (1916-1989)
Carter, Eileen Dorothy (1914-2012)
Catherall, Haroldene Mary Audrey (1917-)
Catterick, Arthur Earl (1916-2006)
Catterick, James William (1912-1981)
Catterick, Phyllis Irene (1914-)
Challis, Gordon Leslie (1894-1961)
Chapman, Frances Elizabeth (1916-)
** Chapman, Mabel Joan, nee Dohnt (1913-1999)
- daughter of Frederick Edwin Arthur Dohnt & Maud Florence McCalmont
Chesterman, Gordon Clarence (1908-1963)
** Childerstone, Dorothy Una (1912-1993)
- married Keith Frederick Whitehead in 1937
Ciecior, Dorothy Winifred, nee Kemp (1911-2002)
** Clark, Donald (1916-)
** Clark, Dorothy (1912-)
** Clark, Leonard (1917-)
** Clark, Marjory Diana (1914-)
** Clark, Marion (1910-)
- children of Charles Clark & Alice Best
** Clarke, Charles Maurice (1909-)
- son of Albert Edward Clarke & Emily Olive Nightingale
** Clarke, Richard James (1915-)
- son of Samuel & Mary Ann Clarke
Clarke, Robert James (1912-1953)
** Clarke, Robert Nathaniel (1912-1987)
- son of James Clarke & Mary Ann Field
** Clarkson, Olive Elizabeth, nee Bishop (1907-1997)
- married Harold John Clarkson in 1930
Clayton, Henry Arthur (1902-1992)
** Clayton, Joyce Rosalie (1906-)
- married Eric Sydney Harrison in 1929
** Clifford-Jones, Bruce Innes (1917-1939)
- son of Henry 'Harry' Clifford-Jones and Ellen Hanley Stephenson, he attended schools in Hastings, Levin and Palmerston North. His parents were in New Plymouth when he enlisted for war as Pilot Officer 36170 with the Royal Air Force, 9 Squadron. Bruce was a Taranaki tennis champion and reached the semi-final of the 1939 Royal Air Force tournament at Wimbledon. He was one of two pilots accidentally shot down during an air firing practice at Berner Heath 8 Sep 1939. Buried Honington (All Saints) Churchyard, Suffolk
Cole, Kenneth Douglas (1914-1992)
Cole, Maurice Charles (1918-1996)
Coleman, Douglas Alexander (1906-1971)
Coleman, Ernest Eric (1908-1985)
Coleman, Mavis Ellen (1918-2017)
Coley, Annie Hutton Eugenie (1917-1918)
Coley, Samuel Henry (1915-1965)
** Collings, Wilhelmina, nee Catt (1890-1978)
- married Joseph Henry Collings in 1911
Conder, Noel Maxwell (1913-1992)
** Condon, Dorothy Blanchard, nee Boielle (1901-1994)
- 1 of 4 children of Adolphus Blanchard Boielle & Maud Amelia Free (the others also in this list)
Connolly, Norma Elaine, nee Eddy (1916-2002)
** Cook, Aaron (1907-1991)
- son of Aaron Cook & Alice Jane Scadden
** Cook, Daphne Alma (1910-)
- daughter of Robert William Cook & Hannah Louisa May Asborne
** Cook, Robina Hoya (1908-)
- daughter of Robert William Cook & Hannah Louisa May Asborne
** Cook, Winnie Alva (1907-)
- daughter of Aaron Cook & Alice Jane Scadden
** Cook, Wyverne Grey (1908-1976)
- son of Percival Robert Cook & Lilian Maud Wilkin
- Like his father, Wyvern was a Masterton doctor in Lincoln road for many years. Childhood memory of a huge glass ashtray sitting on his desk always filled to overflowing with cigarette butts and his patients smoking in the waiting room
- married Sylvia Mary Dale & had 2 children, Anthony Wyverne Grey (1940-2004) & Juliet (1947-) Cook
NOTE Wyverne's father, Percival Robert Cook, (written 1908) M.B., B.Ch. (New Zealand University), Physician and Surgeon, Lincoln Road, Masterton. Dr. Cook was born in Wellington in December 1867 and is the eldest son of Mr. Edmund Cook, for many years chief postmaster at Dunedin. He was educated at the public schools, the High School in Timaru, and at the Otago University, where he graduated M.B., B.Ch., in the year 1890. After practicing for four years at Roxburgh, Central Otago, he went to England and studied in London, Edinburgh and Dublin. On his return to New Zealand he practiced for six years in Rangiora and Amberley and in the year 1905 established his present practice in Masterton. Dr Cook is an honorary surgeon of the Masterton Hospital and of the Jockey Club. HIS father, Edmund Cook, married Annie Dorothea Brown in 1861 and had 8 children
** Coom, Margaret Louisa (1912-2004)
- daughter of Harry Floyd Coom & Beatrice Louisa Bennett
** Cooper, Stephen Frederick-Louis (1906-1992)
- son of Frederick Stephen 'Fred' Cooper & Ivy Pamela Hill
** Corbett, Dorothy Madge (1908-1962)
- married John Alexander O'Callaghan in 1932
** Corbett, Jack Wilkes (1911-1986)
- son of Henry Claude Bertie Corbett & Emma Louise Sowman
** Corkill, Eva Gladys (1909-1934)
- source has Corkhill. Eva was the base born daughter of Lily Agnes Corkill who married Richard Ernest Graham in 1910 & she became Eva Gladys Graham. Eva married Huia Percy Haxton (1905-1971) in 1930. She died 4 years later aged 25
** Corlett, Edward George (1909-)
** Corlett, Frank Alexander (1910-1911 aged 7 months)
- 2 of 9 children of William Edward Corlett & Amy Yates
Coulter, Kenneth (1918-1981)
Coulter, Ray (1914-2007)
** Coup, Bonna, nee Butement (1910-1984)
- daughter of Frederick John Butement & Constance Bertha Mildred Corbett
- married Arthur Amesbury Coup (1908-1992)
** Cowie, Alma Noreen Lilian, nee Styles (1905-1982)
- daughter of Arthur Ernest Hamilton Styles & Esther Wadham
** Crass, Charles John Kingsford (1915-)
- born 30 Oct 1915 to Gustav Hermann Eugene Krause/Crass (1882-) & Cora Victoria Craven (1882-1916). Hermann was the proprietor of the Club Hotel in Masterton from 1912, previously the Arcadia Hotel, Wellington and of Christchurch & Dunedin. Cora was born in Christchurch. She died 19 Aug 1916 at the Club Hotel aged 34, leaving 3 children, the youngest was 10 months old
** Crass, Paul James (1915-)
- born, or registered on, 30 Oct 1915 to Hermann Friedrich August 'Ludwig' Crass & Georgina Lawson .. the dates of both above Crass births are 'unusual'?
** Creswell, Bruce Caryl (1918-2004)
- he enlisted in WWII from Whangarei where he was a Farmhand. His parents were in Waipu. He served as Driver 43550 with 2nd NZ Division NZEF
** Creswell, Katharine Helen (1916-)
** Creswell, Robert Edward (1914-2004)
- children of Edward Creswell & Ellen Alexandrina Kelling
** Cross, Owen Herbert (1909-1978)
- son of Herbert Cross & Ethel May Reynolds
Cumming, Douglas Gordon (1915-2003)
** Cunningham, Annie Florence (1890-1978)
- daughter of Alexander Cunningham & JohannaFraser
- married Francis William Heaven in 1913
Cunningham, Molly (1917-)

... D ...
Daly, Elie /Elsie? Mary (1918-)
Darvill, Maisie Ethel Beaumont (1913-1936)
Dassler, Mary Elia, nee Denbee (1914-2001)
Davey, Emma May, nee Henshaw (1911-2006)
Davey, Ilma Florence (1912-2002)
** Dawson, Alexander Joseph (1911-1937)
- son of Robert Reese Dawson & May Margaret Susanna Chamberlain
** Dawson, Barbara Hay (1917-1999)
- daughter of Herbert Hay Dawson & Laura Minnie Baskiville
** Dawson, Derrick Meredyth (1910-)
- son of Henry Thomas Dawson & Gwendoline Meredyth Meredith
** Dawson, Elizabeth Anne (1915-)
- daughter of Robert Reese Dawson & May Margaret Susanna Chamberlain
** Dawson, Reese Edinborough (1913-1991)
- son of Robert Reese Dawson & May Margaret Susanna Chamberlain
Dean, Elizabeth Mary (1910-1989)
Dean, James Frederick (1912-1979)
Dean, Mona Grace (1916-2009)
- married ? Stewart
Dean, Raymond Lorraine (1915-1922)
** Dean, Sylvia Juanita, nee Blockley (1899-1936)
- married Henry Allan Dean in 1929
** Dearness, Doris Eliza, nee Wyber (1904-1989)
- married John Henry Scott Dearness (1904-1979) in 1948
** de Castro, Alice Annie Mary, nee Jessop (1878-1964)
- married John Willis de Castro in 1898
Denbee, Thomas Edwin (1918-1940)
** Denby, Albert Charles (1906-1964)
- married Edith Lillian Wellington in 1928
** Denby, Eterina Lilian (1907-1982)
- married Cecil Roy Pycroft in 1926
** Denby, Hilary Thomas 'Tom' (1911-1979)
- married Vena Peck in 1939
** Denby, John William (1910-1955)
- married Rena Rainsford Jessie Hatton in 1933
** Denby, Walter James (1904-1977)
- married Nina Mary Blake in 1928
De Muth, Beatrice Caroline, nee Welch (1918-)
Dickason, Ivy Jane (1909-)
Dickason, John Edward (1917-1940)
Dickason, Reginald Charles Halley (1910-1991)
Dickinson, John Alexander (1905-1982)
Dickinson, Sydney Godmond (1900-1967)
Dickson, Merle (1916-)
Dixon, Amelia Catherine (1908-)
Dixon, Elza Estella (1910-)
Dixon, Herbert Frederick (1908-1959)
Dixon, Kathleen Joyce (1909-)
Dixon, Phyllis Gwendoline (1906-)
** Dixon, Sarah, nee Winteringham (1861-1923)
- married Edward Dixon in 1876
Doggett, Josie Iris, nee Thompson (1917-1986)
** Donald, Elsbeth Florence Vivian (1909-2003)
- married Arthur Edmund Preston in 1932
Donald, Fiona Katherine Vivian (1915-1919)
Donald, Haddon Vivian (1917-)
Donald, Valentine Vivian (1914-1995)
Donaldson, Norman George Alabaster (1910-1951)
Dorrington, Neville Walter (1917-1992)
Douglas, Edgar Hugh (1909-1975)
Downs, Anne Rosemary (1919-)
Douglas, Beatrice Aileen (1915-)
Douglas, Herbert Keith (1915-1952)
** Drake, Georgina Alma Bond (1908-)
- married Hone Louis Varnham in 1929
Duckett, Herbert John (1917-2005)
Duckett, Joan Mae, nee Gray (1917-2011)
Duffy, James Russell (1908-1979)
Duffy, John Howard (1910-1996)
Duffy, Nada Frances (1917-)
Duffy, Norrie Mavis (1911-1985)
Duffy, Reginald Bertram (1913-1998)
Dunn, Margery Elizabeth Sinclair (1917-2009)
Dunn, Wilmot Patricia (1914-)

... E ...
Eastwood, Gladys, nee Hopkins (1913-2005)
Eddie, Ola May (1917-)
Edge, Beatrice Ellen (1911-)
Edmond, Winifred Cleeve, nee Cox (1910-2000)
Edwards, Eileen Ethel (1912-)
Edwards, John Dudley (1915-1924)
Edwards, Joseph Leonard (1917-2008)
Edwards, Mary (1910-1910)
Edwards, Norman Stanley (1911-1991)
Edwards, Violet May (1919-)
Eglinton, Helen (1912-1999)
Elbourne, Dorothy Violet Holden (1913-1999)
Elers, Matangihau Louisa Marian (1914-2005)
Elliott, Betty Gordon (1909-)
Ellis, Geoffrey Roland (1916-)
Ellis, Joyce (1915-)
Ellis, Noeline Dorothy (1918-)
Emery, Kathleen (1909-)
** Engstrom, Vaughan Gothrik Welsby (1913-1943)
- son of Carl Gothrik Engstrom & Ellen Mabel Welsby. Carl was a farmer in Makairo, Pahiatua in 1901 when he served as Private 3364 with the #17 company, Wellington section, 6th contingent in the South African War. Flight-Lieutenant Vaughan Engstrom was killed in action in WWII leaving 1 month old twin daughters. He is buried Ibstock, North West Leicestershire District
** Entwistle, Bernice Ngaire (1911-2000)
- married ? Smart
** Evans, Ethel Inez (1908-1982)
- sister of Jack, Molly & Thomas. Married Raymond Augustus Wilbrock in 1936. Buried Waimairi cemetery, Christchurch with parents Thomas Evans & Ethel Ada (Morgan), husband Raymond & brother Jack
Evans, Gwendolyne Mavis, nee Hall (1911-1985)
** Evans, Jack Bristow (1912-1929)
- Brother of Ethel, Molly & Thomas. Buried Waimairi cemetery, Christchurch with parents Thomas Evans & Ethel Ada (Morgan), sister Ethel & brother-in-law Raymond
Evans, Marjorie Ellen, nee Friend (1910-2005)
** Evans, Molly Emlyn (1912-)
- sister of Ethel, Jack & Thomas
** Evans, Thomas Randall (1908-)
- brother of Ethel, Jack & Molly
Ewing, Nora Olive, nee Welch (1918-2012)
** Ewington, Annie Harriet Maude (1910-)
- daughter of Robert James Ewington & Georgina Maude Fear

... F ...
Fafeita, Hinemoa Cowley, nee Whiteman (1914-1999)
** Fair, Donald Ernest (1917-)
- son of Ernest Fair & Ethel Maud McNabb
** Fairweather, Hubert Edwin Joseph (1911-1975)
- born in Masterton to Hubert Edwin Fairweather from Christchurch & Isabel Annie Simpson from Sydney. Served in WWII with the Australian Army as Captain NX3754. Enlisted 25 Oct 1939. Married May Isabelle Brawn in NSW in 1944. Died in NSW
Falloon, Helen Joan, nee Rutherford (1916-)
Faulknor, Clifford George (1913-1997)
Faulknor, Douglas Albert (1917-1993)
Faulknor, Irene Nola (1915-1916)
Faulknor, Robert Leonard (1918-2006)
Faulknor, Ronald Victor (1908-1969)
Fawcett, Bertha Margaret Maria (1916-1975)
** Fear, Athol Henry (1908-)
** Fear, Leslie Frederick (1911-)
- sons of Frederick Francis Albert Fear & Maud Agnes Wadham
Fenton, Terence Fitzherbert (1915-1974)
** Fick, Eileen Ida (1915-1916, aged 14 months)
- base born daughter of Mata Fick
Fielding, Irene Arabella (1910-)
Fielding, Margaret Jean, nee Bannister (1909-1945)
Finlayson, Beatrice Joyce, nee Palamontain (1914-)
** Finlayson, Betty Court (1917-)
** Finlayson, Dorothy Court (1918-)
- children of (+ Murray Court 1912-1992 & Lincoln Court 1910-1970 Finlayson ), of Donald Wemyss Finlayson & May Edith Court
Flaws, Nilla Jean (1918-2006)
Fletcher, Geoffrey Acton (1915-2011)
Fleming, Montague Henry (1908-1970)
Floyd, John James (1915-)
Forbes, Percival Douglas (1913-1962)
Foss, Alison Mary (1910-1984)
** Foss, Phyllis Margaret (1912-2001)
- married ? Wilson
Fowle, Elizabeth Dorothy Ngaire (1913-)
Francis, Cicely May (1908-1992)
Francis, Derwent Heslop (1910-1912)
Franks, Howard Francis (1910-1985)
Franks, Terrence Wray (1909-1978)
Friend, Arthur Edward (1917-1980)
Friend, Noela Mary Baker, nee Yates (1918-1945)
Fuller, Elizabeth Fanny Margaret (1909-)

... G ...
** Gaddum, Barbara Helen, nee Baird (1915-1997)
- previously Glendinning
Gaddum, Dorothy, nee Hosking (1916-1994)
Gale, Mavis Noeline, nee Henderson (1917-1985)
Garrett, Ernest Stanley (1907-1975)
** Garrett, Ivy (1900-)
** Garrett, Walter (1899-1950)
** Garrett, William Alfred (1903-1980)
- children of Walter Garrett & Fanny Barnes
** Gaskin, Dorrie Sara Revina (1906-1980)
- daughter of Percy William Gaskin & Bertha Mary Zabell. Married Stanley Malcolm Oliver in 1927. Next married Sylvester David Caird in 1940
** Gaskin, Dudley William Zabell (1908-1981)
- brother of Dorrie above. Married Lily Bertha Hensley in 1937
Gawith, Alan Antill (1916-2013)
** Giddings, Esmee Joyce (1908-)
- married Kenneth Olivant in 1933
Gill, Helen Stanley (1916-2002)
Gilson, Philip Charles (1915-2002)
** Goldfinch, Stanley Eggleton (1916-1997)
- son of Adolph Lynch Goldfinch & Mabel Emily Newland
Goodin, Sydney James (1912-1996)
Gourlay, Ronald Paul Crichton (1919-1991)
** Graham, Charles Leonard (1910-1986)
- son of Richard Ernest Graham & Elizabeth Ann Newman
** Graham, May Violet (1910-)
- daughter of Richard Ernest Graham & Lily Agnes Corkill
** Graham, Richard Clement (1908-1984)
- son of Richard Ernest Graham & Elizabeth Ann Newman
** Graham, Rose Agnes (1913-2001)
- daughter of Richard Ernest Graham & Lily Agnes Corkill
** Graham, Victor William (1915-1985)
- son of William Victor Graham & Adelaide Elizabeth Smith
Grantham, Gordon Henry (1912-1961)
** Gray, Athol William (1909-1995)
- source has Grey
Gray, Edna Cecilia (1913-)
Gray, Eileen Joan, nee Sutherland (1912-2009)
Gray, Francis John (1915-1971)
Gray, Vivian Norman (1916-1976)
Grey, Bernie (1912-)
Green, Alan Henry (1914-1974)
Green, Dorothy (1913-2006)
Griffiths, Madge Lorna, nee Trass (1908-)
Grigson, Mary Jean Winifred, nee McCullough (1907-1992)
Groube, Daphne Eveline (1908-)
Groube, Hilmore Leslie Ernest (1910-1978)
Gully, John Hubert (1913-1967)
Gunn, Garth Reginald (1918-1945)

... H ...
Hall, Erle Russell (1916-2006)
Hall, Gordon Stanley (1913-1996)
** Hall, Hazel Jean (1914-2002)
- married ? Francis
Hall, Samuel Albert (1910-1964)
Hannay, Mabel (1881-1945)
Hansard, Grace Alison Vivian, nee Donald (1910-2013)
Hansen, Eunice Annie, nee Hunt (1916-2012)
Harcombe, Marjorie Agnes (1908-)
Harcombe, Norman Wilton (1907-1989)
Harcombe, Robert William (1902-1944)
Hardie, Nancy Vera, nee Lett (1913-1991)
Harris, Arthur Gaythorne (1909-1988)
Harris, Esme Enid, nee Brockett (1913-1993)
Harris, Ihaia Isabel Jessie (1915-)
Harris, Ivy (1908-)
Harris, Norman (1914-)
Harris, Vere Norford (1907-)
Harrop, Myra Lucy (1917-)
Hart, Sydney Arthur (1917-1981)
** Hatch, Geoffrey Rupert (1912-1913)
- son of Rupert Victor Hatch & Kathleen Ellen Percy
** Hatch, Leonard Edward 'Jack' (1910-1986)
- son of Norman Leonard Richmond Hatch & Rose Isabel Lawrence
** Hatch, Stuart Leigh (1917-1981)
- son of Rupert Victor Hatch & Kathleen Ellen Percy
Hausmann, Gwenda Helena (1912-2006)
Hawthorne, Lawrence (1909-1910)
Hayes, Alfred Pierre (1918-2001)
Hayter, Ivy Olive, nee Goodin (1909-1993)
** Hazell, Nancy Isabel (1915-2003)
** Hazell, Ronald Arthur (1914-1989)
- children of William & Kate Hazell
Hazell, William Thomas (1917-)
Heaps, Eric Walter Edgar (1917-1945)
Henderson, Leslie Alexander (1898-1978)
Henson, Alfred Fergan (1914-1970)
Henson, Isabel Ada Beatrice (1916-)
** Henson, Marian Matilda (1908-1972)
- married Caleb Arthur Ewington in 1930
** Henson, Robert William (1911-2007)
- children of Alfred Henson & Agnes Elizabeth Fergan
Hewitt, May Evelyn, nee Wright (1908-)
Heyward, Charles William (1909-1998)
Higgins, Myrtle Iris (1908-)
Higgison, Louis Ivan (1918-1945)
Hill, Harry Lloyd (1902-)
Hill, Lily Harriet (1902-)
** Hills, Mona Joyce (1916-2005)
- married ? James
Hoar, Kenneth Otho (1909-1964)
Hoare, Sybil Grace, nee Gully (1910-1973)
Holdsworth, Herman Malcolm (1912-1992)
Hollow, Thelma Alves, nee Major (1908-1978)
Holloway, Edwin Allen (1908-1991)
Holloway, Frederick John (1913-)
Hooper, Stafford Sutton Richmond (1918-)
** Hooper, Wyndham Richmond (1917-1948)
- son of Dr Richmond Vernon Hooper & Mabel Constance Sutton. Served in WWII as #48169. Enlisted from Russell St., Palmerston North where his parents were at that time
Horton, Raymond Hancox (1912-1970)
** Hopkins, Grace (1916-2002)
- married ? Lyon
** Hopkins, Helen Phelps (1912-)
- daughter of Leonard Seymour Phelps Hopkins & Mabel Doris Laing
** Hopkins, Hereward Cookson Phelps (1915-2009)
- son of Leonard Seymour Phelps Hopkins & Mabel Doris Laing
** Hopkins, Marjorie Phelps (1914-)
- daughter of Leonard Seymour Phelps Hopkins & Mabel Doris Laing
Hopkins, William Gladstone (1917-2006)
Hosking, Owen William (1915-1983)
Houlbrooke, Dorothy (1910-)
Housley, Olive Elva, nee Smith (1917-1995)
Hubbard, Archibald Frederick (1912-1991)
Hubbard, Nancy Warner, nee Loader (1919-1995)
Hubbard, William Willis (1910-1995)
Hudson, Henry Torquil Galbraith 'Torqui' (1915-1982)
Hudson, Mona (1915-)
Hudson, Norman Charles 'Nook' (1909-2000)
Hughan, Finlay Johnston (1911-1979)
Hughan, John Ewart (1915-1998)
Hutchison, Patrick Mace (1914-1975)
** Hunn, Donald Attila (1909-1965)
- son of Frederic John Hunn & Annie Peterson
** Hunn, Mavis Ruby (1912-)
- daughter of Thomas Levi Hunn & Mary Koks
Hunt, Doris Edna (1912-)
Hunt, Ivy May (1912-)
Hutchinson, Eileen Marjorie (1911-)
Hyde, Nilla Doris Clara (1895-)
- daughter of George & Susie Hyde
Hyde, Philip Alfred William (1890-1973)

... I ...
** Ihaka, Eida Alberta (1919-1957)
** Ihaka, Hope (1917-)
** Ihaka, Phyllis (1913-)
- children of George Piripi Ihaka & Helen Brown Lang

... J ...
Jackson, Frederick Arthur (1876-1917)
Jackson, Gwendolen Lois (1918-)
Jackson, Erl Coverley (1911-)
Jackson, Hector Alfred 'Heck' (1910-1988)
Jackson, Martin Keith (1913-1914)
Jago, Mary Eileen (1913-)
Jago, Maxwell Robert (1909-1986)
James, Peggie Daisy (1910-)
** Jessop, Alice Annie Mary (1878-1964)
- married John Willis de Castro in 1898
** Jimmieson, Lillian Nazel Phoebie Alice (1910-)
- married Sidney Claude Gallon in 1932
Joblin, Eleanor Louise, nee Armstrong (1914-2003)
Johnson, Arthur Charles Neils (1908-)
Johnson, Eleanora Mary (1910-)
Johnson, George (1909-)
Johnson, Gibbie (1909-)
Johnson, Jean Evelyn Judd, nee Dickens (1915-2007)
Jones, Beatrice Ethel (1911-)
Jones, Flora Nancy (1910-)
Jones, Frederick Petrie (1915-)
** Jones, Lola Ellen (1909-)
- married Arthur John De La Haye in 1933
Jones, Walter James Briden (1912-)
** Joyce, Ngira Jean Phyllis (1912-)
** Joyce, Thomas Erle (1911-)
- children of Edgar Theodore Joyce & Edith Burkin
Judd, Gordon Ernest (1910-)

... K ...
Keats, Noela Elsie, nee Russell (1916-2006)
Keith, James David (1916-1935)
Kelly, Ruby (1909-)
** Kemp, Doris Irene (1914-2006)
- married ? Davison
Kemp, Olga Mabel (1917-)
Kent, Lydia Doris Ruth, nee Clayton (1899-1988)
Kiellberg, Lily Amelia (1898-1984)
** Kilgour, Leslie Hamilton (1913-1983)
Kilgour, Margaret Lois (1918-2005)
** Kilgour, Noel Williamson (1910-1981)
- children of Arthur Edward Kilgour & Susanah Newbigging Hall
King, Molly Madeline (1915-)
Kingdon, Lloyd Durham (1909-2002)
Kingdon, Victor William (1908-1990)
Kirby, Austin Warren (1915-1983)
** Kirk, George Edward (1913-)
** Kirk, John Wilfred (1915-)
- children of Edward & Margaret Kirk
Kitson, Shirley May Harley, nee Donald (1917-)
Knowles, Beth Charlotte, nee Robinson (1914-1997)
Kummer, Norman Horatio (1913-1960)
Kummer, Joyce Evelyn (1909-1943)

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St Matthews Church c1890

The Anglican Church corner Queen & Church Streets, taken from Church Street, showing the shingle-covered roof and steeple

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Baptisms 1908-1919 at St Matthew's MASTERTON NZ

BAPTISMS at St Matthew's Church, MASTERTON - Sep 1908 to May 1919
* Organised here in alphabetical order for easier finding
* More information may be available at above source link
* Spelling is how it is written on the above source link
** Indicates there is a little more info on the person shown

Masterton's first Church of England was built on the corner of Queen & Church Streets. The first wooden church was replaced by a brick one built on the northern side of Church Street - between Dixon & Archer Sts - and consecrated on 22 Sep 1913. This church was damaged in the 1942 earthquake and demolished. The third church was opened on the site of the second church in 1958. In the early 1990s St Matthew's Church was divided over theological matters, resulting in the resignation of the vicar, Barrie Allom

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... L ...
Lamb, Lennox Stanley (1910-1939)
Lamb, Stanley Grundy (1915-1978)
Lambert, Patricia Mary (1917-)
Lampen, Frances Patricia, nee Jordan (1917-)
Lang, Stanley William (1916-)
Large, Majorie Elsie Mabel (1911-)
** La Roche, Elsie May (1913-)
- daughter of William La Roche & May Cole
** La Roche, Margaret Jane (1917-1999)
- daughter of William La Roche & May Cole
** La Roche, Marjorie Alice (1909-2007)
- daughter of James La Roche & Annie Elizabeth Wood
** La Roche, William Daniell (1914-1983)
- son of William La Roche & May Cole
Larsen, Clara Aldytha Stuart (1910-)
Larsen, Cliff Arthur (1914-1993)
Larsen, Edward Roy (1910-2010)
Larsen, Hazel Gwen (1916-)
** Lawrence, Hector James (1914-)
- son of Alfred Edward Lawrence & Ada Coralie Percy
Lawton, Thomas William (1914-1991)
Lea, Myrtle Irene (1909-1999)
Lee, Eva Constance (1902-)
Lee, George Bernard (1908-1984)
** Lee, Gladys Daphne (1917-1917 aged 3 months)
Lee, Thomas Brook (1903-1985)
Lee, Reginald Stanley (1904-1985)
Lee, Walter Norman (1906-1986)
** Leeks, Ivy Eileen (1910-1910 aged 3 months)
Lenihan, Joyce Archer (1916-1992)
Lenz, Ivy Myrtle Hilder (1909-)
Lett, Jessie Hewin (1912-1967)
Lewin, Eva Remmington (1912-)
Lewis, Leo Hector (1909-1963)
Lewis, Marjorie Hazel Hester (1916-1916 aged 4 months)
Liddington, Joyce Rae (1916-2001)
Lindergreen, Dulcie Rose (1911-)
** Liidemann, Heinrich Johann (1912-)
** Liidemann, Maria Helen (1916-1916, aged 11 weeks)
- children of Samuel George & Frances Lowry Gillson 'Fanny' Liidemann of Pownall St and later Gordon St, Lansdowne
Lindsay, William (1912-1922)
Lipinski, Nancy Karleen, nee Welch (1914-1999)
List, Amelia Newell (1910-)
Littlejohn, Stella, nee McCullough (1901-1981)
Logan, John Kennedy (1909-1984)
Logan, Lois nee Hosking (1916-2011)
Logan, Mary Kennedy (1916-)
Logan, William Kennedy (1911-1989)
Lomas, Alan Lionel (1916-1985)
Long, Clifford Keir 'Jim' (1909-1984)
Long, Phylllis Jean (1915-)
Loveband, Grace Howard (1909-)
Lucas, Edith Winifred, nee Childerstone (1913-2005)
** Luttrell, Eileen Joyce (1912-2003)
- married ? Yortt
Luttrell, Mona (1909-)
Luttrell, Neil Stanley (1913-1997)
** Luttrell, Thora Edna (1910-2004)
- married ? Haycock
Luxton, Myra Elizabeth (1914-1955)

... M ...
Mace, Margaret (1915-)
** MacGregor, Ronald Bruce Leslie (1908-1943)
- son of James Leslie MacGregor & Jessie Pattison. Husband of Joan Isobel MacGregor of Epsom, Auckland. Squadron Leader Ronald Bruce Leslie MacGregor was a crew member of a flying boat of the Royal New Zealand Air Force when it crashed and initially reported missing on a sea flight in Fiji. The list of the crew & passengers later presumed dead. Ronald was awarded the Air Force Cross in that year's King's Birthday honours. He was a club-trained pilot and was employed as a co-pilot by Union Airways, at one time being on loan to Cook Strait Airways. He was stationed with Union Airways at Palmerston North when he joined the R.N.Z.A.F. at the outbreak of the war. He was related to the famous flying ace, Squadron-Leader Malcolm Charles MacGregor
MacKay, Martha Maria, nee Humphries (1862-1930)
Mackay, Rita Daphne Jane, nee Allen (1909-1953)
MacLaren, Leah Irene Mary (1909-)
McCann, Noela Annie, nee Hope (1918-)
McLachlan, Eva Ellen (1910-1968)
McLaren, Ericka Jean (1913-1916)
Madsen, Venetia Millicent (1909-)
Malmo, Eunice Annie Kate, nee Percy (1909-)
Malmo, Nesta Elizabeth, nee Hope (1914-2007)
Maloney, Alice Elizabeth, nee Turner (1883-)
Manion, Kathleen Avis (1918-)
Martin, Eden May (1914-2009)
Mason, Colin Stephen (1918-1988)
Mason, Joseph George (1908-1981)
Mason, Kenneth David (1915-1986)
Matthews, Reginald Horsbrugh (1909-1990)
Maunsell, Denis Shelley (1918-)
Maunsell, John Beresford (1917-1936)
Mayne, Lolita Kathleen (1916-)
McCullough, Charles (1903-1988)
McCullough, Frederick Charles (1908-1979)
McCullough, Noel Marjory, nee Bell (1914-)
McCullough, Philip (1904-)
McCullough, Robert Alexander (1911-1991)
McDonald, Andrew Fraser (1915-1915)
McEwen, Eric George (1911-)
McIsaac, Daphne May, nee Loader (1912-2001)
** McKain, Florence Amelia (1906-1984)
- married Robert Francis Caverhill in 1935
McKenzie, Carlyle Honour (1903-1989)
McKenzie, Josephine Dalrymple (1915-)
McKenzie, Sheila Daphne (1914-)
McLachlan, Donald Garth (1916-1990)
McLachlan, Ormi Anita (1916-2015)
** McLaren, Miriam Joan (1913-1913 aged 5 days)
McLaren, Ngaire Miriam (1913-)
McLaren, Olive Maxine (1916-1966)
McMaster, Thelma Olive, nee Dickason (1912-1976)
**McRae, Thomas Gordon (1912-1971)
- 7th of 10 known children of James Findlay 'Jim' McRae (1874-1943) & Marion Gordon King. His paternal grandparents were James Wright McRae (1841-1925) & Jane Elizabeth Thomson
McWhinnie, Albert Sampson (1912-2001)
McWhinnie, Francis John (1910-1965)
** McWhinnie, Ivan Barnett (1917-1941)
- son of John McWhinnie & Mary Alice Bacon. Sergeant 6307, 22 Infantry Battalion, lived with his parents at 30 Cole St., Masterton on enlistment. He died aged 24 in Crete, Greece WWII
McWhinney, Leslie Taylor (1911-2000)
McWhinnie, Sara Moore (1876-1946)
Meredith, Frederick Desmond Alleyne (1917-2000)
Mexted, Leonard (1918-2003)
Millar, Edith Joan (1916-)
Millar, Evelline/Evelyn Constance (1911-1998)
Millar, Fairley (1912-1912)
Miller, Leslie (1915-1915)
Miller, Phyllis Ethel Myrtle, nee Dickason (1910-1997)
Mills, Isabella Lilian, nee Stidolph (1915-1988)
Minton, Francis Ronald (1918-)
Minton, Roger Mountford (1916-1982)
** Mohekey, Edna Winifred (1915-1991)
** Mohekey, Gordon William (1918-)
- children of Louis Alfred Mohekey (1877-1918) & Ruby Amanda Morgan (1888-1961) both from Victoria, Australia
Monro, Agnes Lillie (1909-)
Monro, David Binning (1910-1977)
Moore, Audrey Dorothea (1912-)
Moore, Howard (1909-1919 aged ten)
Moorhouse, Dorothy Winifred (1907-)
Morey, Edna Constance Francis (1912-)
Morey, Millicent Alicia (1913-)
Mourant, Eva Catherine, nee Jones (1918-1989)
Mowbray, Nellie Lilian (1911-2001)
Mowbray, Violet Mary (1908-)
** Munn, Alfred (1894-1974)
- son of John Daniel Munn & Annie Bloomfield
** Munn, David (1891-)
- son of John Daniel Munn & Annie Bloomfield
** Munn, Herbert Jack (1912-2003)
- son of Herbert Munn & Agnes May Murrell
** Munn, Victor David (1913-2010)
- son of Herbert Munn & Agnes May Murrell

... N ...
Naylor, Molly (1916-1918 aged 1)
Naylor, Richard Thomas (1911-1997)
Neilson, Grace Violet (1908-1972)
Newland, Clement Stephen (1909-2000)
Newland, Clifford Arnold 'Cliff' (1913-2009)
** Newland, Dorothy Lilian (1916-2007)
- married ? Nicholls
Newland, Elva Joyce (1918-2017)
Newland, Ivy Alma (1917-)
Newland, Leslie Joseph 'Monty' (1913-1997)
Newland, Lucy Frances (1914-)
Newland, Ronald Arthur (1916-1989)
Newland, Thomas Holdsworth (1911-1987)
Newman, Thelma Winnifred, nee Denbee (1909-1994)
Nicol, Lillian, nee Barritt (1868-)
Nielsen, Grace Beryl, nee Grose (1918-1973)
Noble, Margaret Peters, nee Murray (1872-)
Nolan, Iris Evelyn, Dickens (1916-2011)
Nops, Herbert Dorset (1913-1961)
Norris, Edmond William (1911-)
Norris, Florence Violet (1913-2003)
Norris, Norman Frederick (1914-1983)

... O ...
O'Brien, Jack Eric (1911-)
O'Callaghan, Raymond John (1917-1944)
O'Connor, Myrtle Mavis (1909-)
O'Hara, Pattie Warner nee Loader (1916-2003)
Odey, Mavis Elwy, nee Drake (1918-2012)
Oldfield, Alma Betty, nee Welch (1914-2005)
Oliver, Alexander Frederick (1909-1996)
Oliver, Jessie Edith (1915-)
** Ormond, Norma Eleanor, nee Bunny (1915-1995)
- previously Fell
Osborne, Cecil Lucas (1909-1973)
Osborne, Frederick Ian MacDonald (1913-1987)
Owen, Myrtle Catherine (1909-)
Owen, Randal Joan (1912-)
Owen, Stanley Grace (1910-1993)

... P ...
Page, Gladys Winifred, nee Oliver (1912-2006)
Pain, Myrtle Stephanie May, nee Sayer (1907-1984)
** Palmer, Alex (1910-1916) aged 6)
Palmer, Frank Charles (1914-1967)
Palmer, Leslie Maurice (1914-)
** Parata, David Hone Kerei Matehaere/Matahaere (1911-1941)
- Served as Private 35998 with the 28th Maori Battalion. Enlisted from 46 Hutt Road, Petone. Died of his wound 24 May 1941 in Crete, Greece. Son of Charles Parata, M.P. and Te Rongokakira, of Wellington
Patrick, Warwick McDonald (1911-1994)
Paynter, Grace Edna, nee Yalden (1906-)
Pearce, Eric Edward (1918-1984)
Pearce, Robert Edward (1916-1961)
Pedersen, Lucy Clara (1912-)
Pedersen, Neil (1915-1984)
Pedersen, Violet Beatrice (1914-)
Peel, William John (1914-1938)
Penistone, James Reginald (1909-1973)
Penistone, Margaret (1914-1988)
Percy, Oswald Prior Rennie (1913-1995)
Permain, Errol Alfred Victor (1911-1990)
Perry, Joan (1918-)
Petersen, Amelia Louisa (1911-)
Peterson, Gordon Boyce (1910-)
Petersen, Henry Leonard (1908-)
Petersen, Margaret (1917-)
Peterson, Walter James (1915-2005)
Phillips, Rex Whewell (1918-1975)
Pinkerton, Nancy (1916-2004)
Pinkerton, Shelia Crawford (1909-)
Pinkney, Edith Madge, nee Shackleton (1907-1960)
Pinkney, Emma Huia (1908-)
Pinkney, Norah Grace (1897-)
Pointon, Darrell Bruce (1914-1977)
Pook, Geoffrey (1910-)
Porter, Clara Juanita (1918-)
Potts, Dorothy Edith (1916-2010)
Power, Douglas Henry (1914-1999)
Power, Kenneth Elliott (1910-1942)
Pownceby, Leslie (1911-)
Pragnell, Clarice Sara (1908-)
Pragnell, Kenneth Archibald (1914-2006)
Price, Edna Llewellyn (1911-1919)
Price, Garth Owen John (1915-1986)
Price, Thelma (1907-1987)
Pritchard, Charles Henry (1917-2003)
Pritchard, Thomas William Samuel (1912-)
Pritchard, Zena Mavis (1911-)

... R ...
Railton, Mary Cave 'Molly', nee Bannister (1912-2005)
Ramsden, Denis/Denys Godfrey (1913-1975)
Ramsden, Ian Cecil (1911-1998)
Reader, Rex Alfred (1911-2007)
Reardon, Robert (1915-1982)
Reed, Lloyd Graham (1915-2000)
Reed, Ngaire Joan (1916-1996)
Reed, Trevor Nix (1914-1998)
Reed, Wyvern Victor 'Bob' (1912-2000)
Rees, Enid Mary Helena, nee Boys (1915-2003)
** Remington, Cecil Henry (1914-)
** Remington, Maisie Marcia (1911-)
** Remington, Wilson Clifford (1909-)
- children of Hugh Remington & Lily Pearl Wadham
Renner, Eric William (1917-1939)
Richards, Betty Isabel (1916-)
Richards, Bernice Elizabeth (1911-)
Richards, Lorna Valerie (1917-1934)
Richards, Olive May, nee Whiteman (1913
Richards, Reginald Charles (1913-)
Riddiford, Helen Valerie (1916-)
Rishworth, Peter Shiers (1915-1943)
Rishworth, Valerie Nora (1917-2011)
Robb, Jean Mary (1917-)
Robinson, Edna Grace (1912-1983)
Robinson, Henry Wirgman 'Harry' (1908-1983)
Robinson, Robert Charles (1917-1976)
Roff, Charles Thomas (1907-1991)
** Rohttle, Matilda (1912-)
- daughter of Michael George & Sojeah Rohttle who were in Blackball early 1912 where he was an 'Assyrian Hawker'. They also had a son Michael in 1915
Rooks, Henry William Grey (1909-)
Rosson, Ethel (1891-)
Rosson, Janet Isabel Mary (1914-1988)
Russell, Edward Godfrey (1918-1995)
Rutherford, Eileen Constance, nee Yalden (1904-1982)
Rutherford, Maud Robinson (1914-)
Rutherfurd, Wilfred Hazelwood (1914-1914 aged 8 days)
Ryan, Beryl Hannah (1912-)
Ryan, Robert Raymond Frederick (1906-1984)

... S ...
Sanders, Freda Margaret, nee Brockett (1909-1995)
Sayer, Annie Margaret (1914-2002)
Sayer, Edward Robert (1911-1975)
Sayer, Leonard Charles (1918-1996)
Sayer, Roy George (1912-1979)
Sayer, Thomas Eric (1915-2001)
Schofield, Eric Norman (1918-1949)
Scholefield, Marjorie Elizabeth, nee Gillies (1913-1999)
Schofield, Robert Sidney 'Buster' (1916-1991)
Searancke, Alfred John (1917-1988)
Searancke, James Thomas (1916-1986)
Searancke, Mary Isabel (1918-)
Sedcole, Alfred West (1907-)
Sellar, Mollie Margaret (1908-)
Sellar, William Michael 'Mick' (1913-2003)
Seward, Elsie Catherine, nee Duckett (1912-2008)
Sewell, Garnet George (1917-1935 aged 17)
Shackleton, Hilda Dorothy (1903-)
Shackleton, Reginald James (1899-1952)
Sharp, Monica Jessie (1909-)
Sharp, Richard Harold Abingdon (1913-)
** Sim, Ivy Grace (1916-1916 aged 2 weeks)
Sim, Malcolm David (1917-1987)
Skeet, Frederick Lufkin (1914-1993)
Smith, Allan William (1916-)
** Smith, Arthur (1916-1916 aged 1 day)
Smith, Gough Wallace (1914-1995)
Smith, Mabel (1890-)
Smith, Rhoda Ellen (1912-2006)
Smith, Rita Isabel (1912-)
Smith, Russell Wordsworth (1913-1983)
Smith, Sherlie Bernard (1908-)
Smith, William (1913-)
Spackman, Edith Emma, nee Grimwood (1880-1982)
Spackman, Edna May (1911-)
Spackman, Iris Dorothy (1918-)
Spackman, Maggie Gwendoline (1913-)
** Spain, William Whitley Temple (1917-1972)
- son of Arthur Temple Spain & Florence Elizabeth Jackson
Speedy, Juanita Margaret, 'Nita', nee Gawith (1914-1992)
Stalker, Eileen Mary, nee Duffy (1916-1998)
Steel, Freeman Jesse 'Jim' jnr (1918-2004)
Stevens, Rolf Clifton (1911-1995)
Stevenson, Agnes Annie, nee Woodham (1908-2003)
Stewart, Edith Flora (1913-2007)
Stewart, William Rupert (1906-)
Stidolph, Louisa Ellen (1911-)
Stott, Rosine Amelia (1909-)
Street, Constance Catherine, nee Drake (1911-1974)
Stuckey, George Seymour (1918-1979)
Sutherland, Eileen Ellen, nee Duckett (1915-1995)
Sutherland, Mavis Alice Esther, nee Claughton (1911-2009)
Sutherland, Thomas Tallentire (1914-2001)
Sykes, Esther Margaret (1911-)
Sykes, Philip Howard (1908-)
Symons, Violet May (1910-1910)
Symons, William Samuel (1909-1987)

... T ...
Tankersley, Douglas Robert (1913-1982)
Tankersley, Helen May (1911-2004)
Tansley, John Alfred Loring (1908-1982)
Tate, Kathleen Annie (1912-)
Taylor, Charles Tasman (1909-)
Taylor, Frederick George (1909-1997)
Taylor, Thomas Seymour (1917-1999)
Teal, Iranui Phyllis (1912-)
Te Bay, Beatrice Margaret Agnes, nee Cole (1912-1995)
Tester, George Raymond (1913-1994)
Thomas, Eric James (1910-1974)
Thomas, Godfrey John Evan (1918-1987)
Thomas, Lily Mary (1915-)
Thomas, Stanley William (1905-1975)
Thomas, Vera Gwendoline (1912-)
Thompson, Dudley Mervyn (1913-1973)
Thompson, Edna Dorothy, nee Brockett (1911-1989)
Thompson, Mary Bristowe (1919-2010)
Thompson, Philip Walter (1911-)
Thompson, Vivian Stanley (1910-1954)
Tinsley, Harold William (1908-1992)
Tinsley, Terence Anders (1909-1988)
Toogood, Eileen Edith Sheba, nee Frater (1910-1986)
Townsend, Ernest Henry (1904-1945)
Townsend, George Oswald (1913-1943)
Townsend, Horace Victor (1906-1993)
** Townsend, Rita Mavis 'Lottie' (1910-2006)
- married Herbert Leonard James Smith in 1931
Trass, Donald Albert (1904-1975)
** Trass, Doris Emily (1913-2003)
- married Ray Clarence Clark in 1937
Trass, Grace Olive (1909-)
** Trass, Leslie Ralph (1904-1978)
- married Ellen Robina McGillicuddy
** Trass, Lilian Mona (1912-1998)
- married Foster Grose Wellington in 1936
** Trass, Norris / Norice (1906-1986)
- children of Samuel Trass & Emily Chaplin Robinson
Treseder, Betty Clyde (1912-)
** Tully, Marjorie previously Goldsmith nee Kibblewhite (1909-1987)
- married Stanley Goldsmith in 1929
- later married ? Tully

... U ...
** Uden, Nellie Maude, nee Sayer (1909-2000)
- married Albert Henry Uden in 1932

... V ...
** Vaughan, Heyward/Heywood Harry (1915-1984)
- son of Thomas & Minerva Vaughan
** Vaughan, Ian Joseph (1915-1976)
- son of Harry Frank Vaughan & Annie Williams
** Vaughan, Jack Cave (1914-1969)
- son of Harry Frank Vaughan & Annie Williams
** Vincent, Albert Henry Milsom (1914-1945)
- son of Frederick Charles Vincent & Muriel Ethel Spackman

... W ...
Wade, Jose, nee Hosking (1913-2010)
Wadham, Lynda Mavis, nee Giddings (1915-)
Wadham, Marjorie (1911-)
** Wadham, Mildred Gladys (1908-2002)
- married Trevor Hector Waite in 1933
Wadham, Royd Asquith (1918-2005)
Wagg, Leo Alvin (1909-1970)
Waite, Robert Henderson (1908-1981)
Walker, Albert Colin (1911-1980)
Walsh, Neville Wenden (1912-1990)
Ward, Phyllis Annie Ethel (1913-2008)
Ward, Rita Elizabeth Ada (1908-2002)
Warner, Clarice Stuart (1914-)
Warner, Flora Ray (1917-)
Watson, Emma Louisa, nee Clarke (1907-2002)
Watson, Eric Bertram John (1914-1961)
Watson, Helen Barbara (1918-2001)
Watson, Margaret Joan (1917-)
Watson, Shirley Susan, nee Amberger (1917-2004)
Watson, Sybil, nee Frater (1914-1994)
Watson, Violet Myra 'Vi' (1910-2007)
Webster, Maisie Isabel, nee Kilgour (1915-2005)
Welch, Allen Vernon (1915-1999)
Welch, Errol Clarence (1910-1994)
Welch, Hugh Sydney Wilton (1917-2007)
Welch, James Kenneth 'Jim' (1914-1981)
Welch, Joan Margaret, nee Hatch (1914-1986)
Welch, John Morgan Read, (1917-1988)
Welch, Lawrence Albert (1915-1996)
Welch, Lois Amy (1914-2007)
Welch, Noeline Isabelle (1913-)
White, Margaret Mary, nee Beetham (1914-2005)
White, Zena Grace, nee Hope (1911-1987)
Whiteman, Garnet William (1912-1951)
Whiteman, Gladys Jane (1911-)
Whiteman, Priscilla, nee King (1886-)
Wickens, Ellen Annie (1919-)
Wickens, James Francis (1914-1980)
Wickens, Kenneth Nelson King (1914-1981)
Wickens, William John (1915-1972)
Wrigley, Marjorie Mary 'Molly' nee Kemp (1913-1994)
Williams, Audrey Temple (1911-)
Williams, Bryan Evan (1917-)
Williams, Joan Elfie (1913-2007)
Williams, Michael Charles Temple (1913-)
Williams, Morvyn (1910-1979)
Williams, Myrtle Willis, nee Devonport (1895-)
Williams, Peter Temple (1915-1997)
Williams, Ronald Wickham Daw (1909-)
Wilmhurst, Barry (1917-1991)
Wilson, John Lewis (1918-1996)
Wilson, Robert Alfred (1915-1992)
Wilson, William George (1917-1999)
Wilton, Edna Dulcie (1908-2001)
Wilton, Gloria Pepita Vanborn (1907-)
Wilton, Gordon Alfred (1912-1977)
Wilton, Harold Cerda (1909-)
Wilton, Lawrence Charles (1910-1953)
Wilton, Norva Ngaio (1908-)
Wilton, Oliver Henry (1910-1990)
Wilton, Rangi (1909-2000)
Wilton, Roger Jack (1908-1977)
Winslade, Laura Grace (1918-)
Winslade, Patience Jean (1914-)
Whitton, Jack Noel (1910-1975)
Wood, Helen Rosemary (1917-1922)
Wood, Ruth Mary (1916-2004)
Wood, Sidney George (1906-1972)
Wood, Thelma Winifred (1900-)
Wood, Vera Victoria (1901-)
Woodham, Robert Arthur (1910-1930)
Woodley, Elsie May nee Saker (1909-1984)
Woolf, Mavis Hilda, nee Norris (1916-2012)
Wootton, Grace Eleanor (1917-)
Wright, Irene May (1915-)
Wright, Joseph Evelyn (1912-1987)
Wrigley, Ernest Michael (1909-1968)
Wyeth, Erl Norman (1914-1998)

... Y ...
Yates, Eileen Margaret Kathleen (1912-1913)
Yates, Kathleen Rona (1916-)
Yates, Vivienne Mary (1914-)
Yeo, Olive Jean, nee Johnson (1912-2003)
Young, James Lorne (1913-1917)

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St Matthews Church c1890

The Anglican Church corner Queen & Church Streets, taken from Church Street, showing the shingle-covered roof and steeple

Arthur William Burrell & Mary Myrtle Holley, Westport NZ

Written for TamaraLee who messaged on 25 Oct 2017...
Hello Ngaire, I was wondering if you would be able to please help me with something.
I have being trying to find a photo of my nana, Mavis Eveline (nee Burrell) for over 25 years now. Our family has no photo of her as a young person before she married granddad Gordon McDonald McRae. Nana and Granddad eloped (I think) and I don't even know if there is a wedding photo of them. We would all love to see what Nana looked liked before her marriage. Apparently she was Miss Westport at some stage - I'm thinking between 1937 and 1940. Can you please help me I would be ever so grateful and appreciative
* If anyone recognises the people in this journal could you please leave a comment which may help Tamara

Arthur William Burrell (1879-1959) was born in Kumara, West Coast of the South Island, to James Burrell (1837-1914) & Eliza Ann Brunton (1847-1927) who married in 1868
Arthur William's siblings were:
.. 1 1869 - 1950 Robert James Burrell
- Robert married Emily Mary Ashton (1871-1910) in 1894 and had 5 children: Maud Alice, Emily Marion, Robert James, May Gwendoline & Anthony Burrell. Emily was a daughter of Anthony Ashton & Emma Yarmans. She died aged 39 and Robert next married Elizabeth May Stark (1881-1953) in 1914

.. 2 1871 - 1958 Emma Caroline Burrell
- Emma was born in Hokitika. She married Edward Thomas Burke (1870-1942) from Westport in 1896 and had 4 children: Edward James, Myrtle, Percival Leslie & Robert John Burke
Edward was a butcher, he & Emma are buried together at Kelvin Grove cemetery, Palmerston North

.. 3 1873 - 1875 Eliza Mary Ann Burrell
- Eliza was born in Hokitika. She died aged 2
West Coast Times, 29 May 1875 FUNERAL NOTICE
The friends of James and Eliza Burrell, are respecfully invited to follow the remains of their late daughter, Eliza, to the Cemetery. Funeral to move from their residence, Brittan-street, near Weld-street, on Sunday afternoon, at half-past three o'clock

.. 4 1877 - 1959 Albert Edwin Burrell
- Albert married Esther Law McLauchlan (1881-) in 1902
Esther was a daughter of Hugh McLauchlan & Mary Bell
Greymouth Evening Star, 5 April 1902 MARRIAGE
BURRELL-McLAUCHLAN - On the 24th February, at Holy Trinity Church by Rev York, Esther Law, second daughter of Mr Hugh McLauchlan, to Albert Edwin, second son of Mr James Burrell, both of this town
of note Esther's older sister, Annie, married the following month in Pahiatua, to Charles Edward Robbie from Palmerston South
- Albert & Esther had 5 known children: Esther Mary, Edwin Albert, Hughie Gilbert Burrell (was a Councillor in Lower Hutt in mid 1930s), Ruth Victoria & Joyce Louise Burrell

.. 5 1879 - 1959 Arthur William Burrell *
- Arthur married Mary Myrtle Holley - see below

.. 6 1882 - 1967 Beatrice Charlotte Burrell
- Beatrice married George Lewis Chittenden (1880-1938) in 1904
George was the 2nd of 8 known children of Lewis Henry Chittenden & Mary Ann Macey. Beatrice & George had 5 children: Allan George, Lewis James, Ivan, Eric Thomas & Edna Alice Chittenden. They are both buried in Nelson

.. 7 1884 - 1889 Florence Jessie Burrell
- Florence died aged 5 years

.. 8 1888 - 1888 Ellen Rosetta Burrell
- Ellen died aged 7 weeks in Greymouth

.. 9 1889 - 1964 Amelia Grace Burrell
- Amelia was married in NZ on 2 Feb 1910 to William James Christensen (1885-1965) of Bundaberg, Queensland. James was a son of Peter Christensen (1859-1941 born Sonderby, Selso Parish, Denmark) & Ellen Clarke (1864-1948 born Maryborough, Queensland) who married in Queensland in 1882 - both died in Bundaberg. Their children were: Jessie Anne, William James, Lillian Agathe, John Peter, Herbert Francis, Robert Cecil & Sidney Percy Christensen
Amelia & William lived in Mundaring & Nollamara, West Australia. Their ashes are interred Position 14, Niche Wall R of the Crematorium Rose Gardens at Karrakatta

... NOTES ...
Their father, James Burrell arrived in Hokitika in 1865 and went to the Kanieri diggings and also followed the gold rushes at Stafford and Greenstone. He spent eight years in Hokitika and later moved to Kanieri, then Greymouth and later moved to Nelson. In June 1913 he was one the pioneers who remembered the "Roaring '60s" at the West Coast Goldfield Jubilee (a good read at that link as it lists many of the people he would have known and been friends with and tells a story of what life was like on the Coast in his day).
* James Burrell died in Nelson in 1914
Grey River Argus, 30 Oct 1914 Many people of this district and the West Coast sawmilling circles, generally, will regret to hear of the death of Mr James Burrell, which tool place at his residence, Haven Road, Nelson, on Wednesday morning. Mr Burrell was one of the earliest settlers of the West Coast, being one of the Pioneers of Westland and as such visited Hokitika on the occasion of the Jubilee celebrations in February last. From the early days he was engaged in sawmilling and on his arrival in Kumara was employed for many years in Blake's sawmills, afterwards Nicholson and Fairbairn's. He the went to Greymouth where he was sawyer for Stratford and Blair for many years and only relinquished his post owing to advancing years and failing strength. Some two years ago he, with his wife, went to Nelson to reside

* Arthur William Burrell, * like his father, was a Sawyer in Kumara with 100 acres of timber area in early 1900-1902 and a sawmill license for 10 acres at Westbrook. He was a member of the Kumara Fire Brigade and he also had the Saddlery and Furniture business of Burrell Bros., at the corner of Main & Seddon streets in Kumara which he put up for sale in 1902.
In Dec 1907 Arthur was working at the sawmill of the Baxter Brothers when he met with a nasty accident, his hand became badly jammed with his first and second fingers being seriously injured. He was taken to the Westland Hospital where they found it necessary to amputate the first finger at the second joint. He was granted a prospecting license at Reefton in 1910. By 1927 he was in Waiuta
Arthur married Mary Myrtle Holley (1881-1961) on 22 July 1902 and they had 6 children

Mary Myrtle Holley was born 8 Sep 1881 in Kumara, West Coast, to William Holley (1851-1934) & Mary Ann Lewis (1848-1920).
Her parents William & Mary Ann were married in Herefordshire, England and had three children before emigrating to New Zealand and having another 6 children
Mary Myrtle's siblings were:
.. 1 1872 - 1955 George Holley
- George married Maria Wasley (1874-1955), in 1900. Maria was 1 of 12 children of William Nicholas Trebilcock (1848-1914) & Caroline Peters (1850-1944) both from Cornwall, England. George & Maria had 4 children: Mary Myrtle, George Edward, William 'Billy' & Rubina Ivy 'Ruby' Holley
NOTE The children of William & Caroline Trebilcock were born Wasley, suggesting a name change
- George died 20 May 1955 in Christchurch

.. 2 1874 - 1951 Sara Ethel Holley
- Sara(h) came 2nd in class in Standard IV at Kumara school in 1888
- She married Charles William Joshua Pierson (1874-1958) in 1902 (brother of her sister Jane's husband) & had 3 sons Charles William Joshua, Herrick Roosevelt Philetous & Albert Ernest Frederic Pierson
NOTE The Pierson brothers were 2 of 10 children of Charles Anson Crocker Herrick Philetous Pierson (1838-1904) from Cairo, Green, New York, USA & Hannah Church (1851-1923) from London who both died in Hokitika
- Sara died 23 May 1951 in Kumara. Charles died in Hokitika

.. 3 1876 - 1881 Emma Holley
- Emma died aged 5 and is buried in Kumara with brother James & their mother Mary Ann

.. 4 1879 - 1952 Annie 'Honey' Holley
- Annie married James Chisholm (1865-1920) in 1904.
James was a son of Duncan Edward Chisholm & Elspeth Janet 'Elsie' Grant
Annie & James had 5 children Elsie Marion, Irene Mary, Annie Margaret, Christina May & Duncan William Chisholm. They both died in Masterton

.. 5 1881 - 1961 Mary Myrtle Holley *
- Mary married Arthur William Burrell, see below

.. 6 1884 - 1909 Jane Holley
- Jane married George Augustus Victor Pierson (1876-1963) in 1904 (brother of her sister Sara's husband). Jane died 5 years later in Ahaura - a son, George Augustus Victor Pierson (1907-1991) married Alice May McQuilkin (1911-2003) in 1932

.. 7 1886 - 1888 James Holley
- James died aged 14 months in Kumara & is buried with mother Mary Ann & sister Emma

.. 8 1889 - 1972 William John Holley
- spouse not found, died in Hokitika 8 June 1972 and buried with his father in Block 284, Plot 6249 at Hokitika

.. 9 1891 - 1962 Elizabeth Maude Holley
- Elizabeth married Charles Arthur Jolley (1885-1961) from Tasmania, in Greymouth on 4 Jan 1910 and had 7 children: Annie Elizabeth, Mary Winifred, Arthur Keith, Lorna Mary, Charles William, Albert George & Edna Celia Jolley.
- Charles was born in Port Cygnet, Tasmania on 2 July 1885, the 5th of 10 children of Edward Jolley (whose father changed the spelling of their name from Jolly about 1875) and of Henrietta Elizabeth 'Annie' King (1859-1897). Charles first married Alice Elizabeth 'Eliza' Glennie/Glennon (1884-) on 22 Dec 1902 in Port Cygnet and had 3 sons in Sorell, Tasmania: Malcolm Henry Charles Jolley (1903-), Sidney George Jolley (1907-) & Irvine Reuben Jolley (1909-). Charles then left Australia, never went back and had no further contact with his family. He married Elizabeth bigamously.
Elizabeth & Charles later moved from the West Coast to Canterbury. They both died in Christchurch.

... NOTES ...
* their mother Mary Ann Holley (nee Lewis) died 6 Feb 1920 and is buried Block 3, Plot 69 at Kumara with daughter Emma (1876-1881) & son James (1886-1888)
* their father William Holley died 24 August 1934 and is buried Block 284, Plot 6249 at Hokitika with son William John Holley (1889-1972)
Press, 24 Aug 1934 William's Obituary
HOKITIKA - The death has occurred of an old and respected resident of the West Coast, Mr William Holley, at the home of his son, Hampden street. Mr Holley was a native of Herefordshire, and was 84 years of age. He leaves a family of four daughters, Mrs Jolley (Hokitika), Mrs Pierson (Kumara), Mrs Chisholm (Masterton), and Mrs Barrett(sic, Burrell) (Westport) and two sons, George (Hokitika) and William (Waitangi). Mr Holley lived for the last 57 years in New Zealand
... NOTE ...
a Mary Ann Holley (nee Duncan) died 29 April 1936 aged 84 and is buried Block 233, Plot 5259 at Hokitika with husband John Holley (1847-1911), daughter Ada Louisa Holley (1879-1947) & son John Holley (1880-1950). Because of her name Duncan she is added here with interest in case of links ...
Grey River Argus, 31 May 1911 DEATH of JOHN
The death of another old and esteemed resident took place about one o'clock on Tuesday afternoon when Mr John Holley of Weld Street, Hokitika, passed away. The deceased had been a resident of South Hokitika since the early days of the rush, following mining pursuits for years on his own freehold there. For some years he has been living a retired life in the town. He was a quiet unassuming man who won the esteem of all with whom he came in contact. Deceased had been in indifferent health for some time and the end came quietly. A widow and frown-up family of nine (five daughters and four sons) add a brother, Mr Chas Holley of Mikonui, are left to mourn their loss and they will have the sincere sympathy of a large circle of friends. Deceased was a native of Wiltshire, England and 64 years of age

The 6 children of Arthur & Mary Burrell
.. I 1904 - 1988 Lillian Alice Burrell
- Lillian married Herbert Charles Aldridge (1901-1968) in 1925 and had at least 5 children
- son of Charles Aldridge & Alice Marion McConnon

.. II 1908 - 1945 Charles Frederick Burrell
- Charles married Dulcie Constance Ruby Dempsey (1911-1948) in 1932 and had at least 2 children
- daughter of William James Dempsey & Leon Love

.. III 1909 - 1963 James Cecil 'Jimmy' Burrell
- James married Thelma Grace Wiffen (1914-1970) & had 2 children in Wellington
- he died in Napier 16 Dec 1963 aged 54

.. IV 1912 - 1994 Allan Arthur Burrell
- Allan is buried with his parents in Westport

.. V 1916 - 1994 Grace Edith Burrell
- Grace married Thomas James Atkinson in 1938 & had 5 children
Press, 11 Jan 1938 WEDDING
ATKINSON-BURRELL The wedding took place recently at St John's Church, Westport, of Thomas James, eldest son of Mr and Mrs T. Atkinson (Derby street), to Grace Edith, second daughter of Mr and Mrs A. W. Burrell, Adderley street (Westport).
The bride, who was escorted by her father, wore a frock of heavy cream satin, cut on classical lines, the trained skirt having pleated panels back and front. The sleeves were pleated from the shoulders and the neckline was finished with a spray of orange blossom, and she carried a bouquet of Christmas lilies.
The bridesmaids were Miss Mavis Burrell, sister of the bride and Miss Lilian Atkinson, the bridegroom's sister. They wore frocks of blue and pink lace and net respectively and halo head-dresses of flowers on net to match. Their bouquets were of pink carnations and blue forget-me-knots.
Miss Edna Aldridge, the bride's niece, attended as flower girl, wearing a frock of cream net over satin.
Mr A. A. Burrell was best man and Mr R. Green was groomsman.
Little Gladys Turner, niece of the bridegroom, presented the bride with a lucky horseshoe as she left the church.
A reception was held at the Elite tearooms. The bride's mother received her guests wearing a navy blue ensemble and a hat to match. Mrs Atkinson wore a brown ensemble and a brown hat. The bride travelled in a brown ensemble and a hat to match

.. VI 1921 - 2000 MAVIS EVELINE Burrell
- Mavis was born 18 Oct 1921. She married GORDON McDONALD McRAE (1911-1997) in Westport 20 Feb 1943 when she was 21 and Gordon was 32. They had 14 children ~ Patricia, Donald (-2000), Murray, Colleen, Duncan, Sandra, Lindsay, Colin, Gordon, Ian, Phillipa, Allan, Raewyn, Clinton
- Gordon was born 19 May 1911 in Clutha, Otago, a son of Duncan McRae & Isabella Mary McDonald. He was a Carpenter and Bridge Builder. He lived in Dunedin, Motueka and moved to Masterton in the 1940s/50s
* Gordon had previously married Florence Marie Emily Lemin (1917-1987) in 1937 and had a son Gavin. Florence is buried with her parents at Invercargill

Mavis Eveline's parents are buried at Westport
Arthur William Burrell died 4 May 1959
Mary Myrtle Burrell died 4 Feb 1961 aged 79
They are buried Plot 46, Block F at Orowaiti cemetery, Westport
Buried with them are:
* Allan Arthur Burrell (1912-1994), his son
* Mary Myrtle Burrell (1880-1961), his wife
* Gordon Stuart Campbell (1905-1966), fitter of Canterbury
* Eileen Corcoran (1922-1996), from Granity, West Coast
* Lawrence Staunton (1878-1962), seaman from Ireland

Mavis Eveline & Gordon are buried at Masterton
Headstone of Mavis Burrell & Gordon McRae
at Riverside, Masterton

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Q surnames at Taumarunui, Manunui, Raetihi,

Taumarunui, 65 km south of Te Kuiti
South of Taumarunui are the villages of Manunui, Piriaka, Kakahi, Owhango, Raurimu and the National Park
Manunui, 6km east of Taumarunui
Raetihi, 77km south of Taumarunui

* Margaret Fraser QUAYLE (1879-1959 nee Humphries)
Buried 25 September 1959 at Taumarunui Old
* married Thomas Edmund Quayle in 1913

* George QUEREE (1874-1960)
Buried 4 July 1960 at Raetihi
with Louisa Mary (nee Hagar)

* Louisa Mary QUEREE (1876-1956 nee Hagar)
Buried 3 April 1956 at Raetihi with George
* married George Queree in 1901

* Mary Ann QUICKFALL (1851-1932 nee Legge)
Buried 30 Oct 1932 at Raetihi
* married John Quickfall in 1882

* Veronica Mary QUINLAN (1945-1945)
Buried 23 Jan 1945 aged 4 days at Raetihi

* Milton Rowler QUIRK (1913-1979)
Buried 23 July 1979 at Taumarunui New, RSA

* Allan Thomas QUIRKE (1914-1986)
Buried 7 May 1986 at Manunui, RSA

* Desmond Edward QUIRKE (1938-1981)
Buried 18 Nov 1981 at Manunui

* Eva Mary Grace QUIRKE (1911-2002)
Buried 5 April 2002 at Taumarunui New

* James Darcy QUIRKE (1919-1988)
Buried 8 August 1988 in Manunui

* John William QUIRKE (1913-2005)
Buried 15 August 2005 in Manunui

* Mary Ann QUIRKE (1899-1988 nee McNally)
Buried 15 October 1988 at Manunui
* married William Joseph Quirke in 1927

* Ruth Winifred QUIRKE (1917-1974)
Buried 8 March 1974 at Taumarunui New

* William Joseph QUIRKE (1882-1963)
Buried 22 June 1963 at Manunui

MANUNUI 1908-15

PITTMAN buried Karrakatta & Fremantle

the PITTMAN buried Karrakatta 1906 to 2015

date: 3 Sep 1927 aged 52
last known suburb: South Perth
Grave Location: Karrakatta

date: 17 March 1986 aged 76
last known suburb: Attadale, WA
Grave Location: garden of remembrance Fremantle

* CLIFFORD Pittman
date: 14 April 1986 aged 65
last known suburb: Dalkeith
Grave Location: Karrakatta

date: 31 Dec 1991 aged 97
last known suburb: Bentley
Grave Location: ashes scattered from Karrakatta

date: 24 Sep 1998 aged 68
last known suburb: Willagee
Grave Location: memorialised at Fremantle

date: 21 March 1977 aged 89
last known suburb: Bentley
Grave Location: ashes scattered from cemetery

date: 10 Sep 1991 aged 82
last known suburb: Dalkeith
Grave Location: family grave at Karrakatta

date: 15 March 1941 aged 51
last known suburb: East Fremantle
Grave Location:

date: 28 Aug 1934 aged 44
last known suburb: Karrakatta
Grave Location: Karrakatta

date: 21 Sep 2002 aged 47
last known suburb: Midland
Grave Location: Fremantle

* JULIETTE Pittman
date: 20 March 1956 aged 79
last known suburb: South Perth
Grave Location: Karrakatta

* KATHLEEN Pittman
date: 6 Dec 1915 aged 15 months
last known suburb: Fremantle Hospital
Grave Location: Fremantle
Notes: parents unknown

date: 29 Feb 2004 aged 81
last known suburb: Attadale, WA
Grave Location: garden of remembrance Fremantle

born: 1874, maiden name King
date: 27 July 1958 aged 84
last known suburb: Bayswater
Grave Location: Karrakatta
* married Walter Jackson Pittman in Subiaco in 1910
* Beatrice died 2 weeks before Walter

date: 12 July 2014 aged 64
last known suburb: Dianella
Grave Location: memorialised at Pinnaroo Valley

date: 14 Dec 1988 aged 40
last known suburb: Osborne Park
Grave Location: Karrakatta

* THOMAS W Pittman
date: 25 Jan 1906 aged 64
last known suburb: South Fremantle
Grave Location: Fremantle
Notes: The West Australian, 26 Jan 1906
PITTMAN -The Friends of the late Mr. Thomas W. Pittman are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Presbyterian portion of the Fremantle Cemetery. The Funeral is appointed to leave his late residence, No. 3 Pilbarra street., South Fremantle, THIS (Friday) AFTER NOON, the 26th inst., at 9 o'clock

Born: 22 Jan 1870 at Busselton as Viola Henrietta Carey. Brought up as a Berry, her mother's 3rd partner's name
date: 20 Dec 1951 aged 81
last known suburb: Cottesloe
Grave Location: Karrakatta
Notes: Viola's first partner was William Gopp
* She married William Adolphus Trankenbergh Clowes in Albany in 1890
* She married George Robert Pittman (1873-1939) in 1902 in Fremantle. They had the Donnybrook Hotel and the Grosvenor Hotel in Perth. George died in Heidelburg, Victoria

Born: 1877 in County of Daly, South Australia
Parents: George Robert Pittman & Emma Mary Ann Jackson
date: 13 Aug 1958 aged 81
last known suburb: Bayswater
Grave Location: Karrakatta
Married: Mary 'Beatrice' Sarah Alice King in Subiaco 1910
Notes: Had a grocery store in Canterbury Tce, Vic Park in 1930s

date: 12 April 2015 aged 88
last known suburb: Willagee
Grave Location: memorialised at Fremantle

Viola Henrietta Pittman

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Joseph James BIRCHLEY & Helen SHEARER - Manawatu

journal written for sarnz who asked 17 Feb 2017 joseph james birchley & helen shearer
in 1872 in nz joseph james birchley married helen shearer daughter of william shearer and mary miki married pre 1856. does anyone have anything they can add to this please

Joseph James Birchley (1850-1908) was born 24 July 1850 in Somers Town, St Pancras, England, to Samuel Birchley (1818-1900) & Susanna Mary Hulford (1828-1902). However, there is indication that as his father's name was not on the birth registration, that he was base born, as Joseph James Hulford, to Susanna Mary Hulford who later married Samuel Birchley. Joseph had a sister, Annie Elizabeth Hulford and siblings William Birchley Hulford, John Hulford Birchley, Charles Birchley (or Hulford) & Frances Martha Birchley. This needs following up.

Joseph arrived into New Zealand about 1857 with his uncle James Samuel Hulford (1823-1864 his mother's brother) and his wife, Joseph's aunt, Frances (1819-1899 nee Pigden)
Wellington Independent, 13 Sep 1864 HULFORD - On the 10th inst., at his residence, Murphy street, (Thorndon) Mr J. S. Hulford (buried Bolton Street)
NOTICE The friends of the late Mr J. S. Hulford, are respectfully requested to attend his funeral, which will leave his late residence, Murphy street, this day at half-past three o'clock. WALLIS, PARSONS & GASCOIGNE, Undertakers
ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS The Brethren of the Court Sir George Grey, are respectfully requested to attend the funeral of their deceased brother, J. S. Hulford, which will leave his late residence, Murphy street, this day, at half-past three o'clock. By order of the V. R., T. D. SMITH, Secretary
* Samuel's wife, Frances Hulford died 17 May 1899 aged 80
Auckland Star, 18 May 1899 DEATH
HUFFORD(sic) On May 17, 1899, Francis, in her 81st year, at the residence of Mrs Swain, Victoria Avenue, Eden Terrace. Private interment, Friday, Purewa
Frances is buried Block A Row 9 Plot 6
NOTE to find out who Mrs Swain was, this was found:
Surname: Burns (Burne?)
Reg No: 4265
Given Names: Charles Francis
Rank: Private
Unit: No 23 Company (Nelson section)
Contingent: seventh
County/City: Waipa
Occupation: baker
Ship: Gulf of Taranto 6 April 1901
Address: care of Mr W. Chappell, Pirongia
Next of Kin: Burns, Mr John
Relationship to Soldier: father
Next of Kin Address: c/o Mrs Swain, Victoria Avenue, Eden Terrace, Auckland
or, maybe it was a boarding house?

* On 15 Feb 1872 Joseph (as Birchley) married Hereni (Helen) Shearer (1855-1940)
Evening Post, 15 Feb 1872 - MARRIAGE On the 15th inst., by the Rev Mr Moir, Joseph James Birchly(sic) to Ellen(sic) Shearer, both of Wellington
* Helen was born in Kekerengu, Kaikora Coast, 1 of 12 children of William Shearer (1812-1887), a Mariner, Whaler, Farmer from Scotland, & Mere (Mary) Pikirewa Hine Korako Te Rehu from Taranaki. Hereni Shearer had a moko kauae (female chin tattoo) which indicated her status as a puhi (high-born, unwed woman), wahine rangatira (women of rank), kahurangi (chieftainess) or ariki tapairu (first-born in a family of note), depending on the woman
Helen's mother on birth & marriage certs Mary is listed as Mary Shearer formerly Weki, formerly Miki, formerly Te Tuhi, formerly Hine Korako Te Rehu or formerly Pikirewa Te Hikoi
Helen's father William Shearer drowned at Foxton aged 75. His obit reads ... Mr William Shearer, who was drowned at Foxton recently, was one of the oldest whalers on the coast. Visiting New Zealand in an English whaler the 'Puzey Hall' owned by Mellish & Co., London, in 1830, he then left for Sydney, returning to Lyttelton in 1835 in the bargue 'Australia' commanded by the late Captain W. B. Rhodes, as third mate. He was one of the four who came up from Lyttelton to Queen Charlotte Sound in an open boat. He came over to Wellington and landed in Titahi Bay, Porirua harbour. He was afterwards connected with the Wellington cargo boats as foreman for Mr J. F. Wills. He left Wellington about 20 years ago and has lived at the Chathams, Taranaki and latterly at Foxton, where his death took place by drowning. He was 76 years of age. He could tell a good many tales about the old fighting days with the Maori round Kapiti

* About 1875 Joseph moved to Foxton where he was a flax dresser, he also ran a Billiard Saloon there
* In 1877 he took over the Foxton & Lower Gorge Ferries and with George Boyd became the Ferrymen
* In Nov 1878 his company Bowe & Buckley were ... "pushing on with their contract for removing the Hydrabad's cargo. They have about 160 tons ready for shipment at Harley's. Six teams are constantly engaged and four more are to join them this week. This lot should make short work of it"
* In Feb 1879 Mr F. Cooper of Wellington, who bought the wreck of the 'City of Auckland,' sold it to Bowe & Birchley, keeping for himself the steering wheel, binnacle, compasses and one bower anchor and chain
* In 1879 he was a Stock Dealer in Palmerston North, in partnership with Thomas Bowe in the firm Bowe, Birchley & Co., until he bought out Thomas's share of the business and ran it with Pat Mangan
* In March 1890 Mr J. S. Morrison, flax dresser of Newtown, Wellington, sued Joseph for breach of contract in failing to deliver 12 tons of best hemp
* In March 1891 he leased the Okaua hemp mill in Shannon
* In Aug 1895 Joseph bought the house and land in Thynne St, Foxton from Mr J. R. McMillan
* In Oct 1899 Helen sold some land she owned in Foxton to Ade Isabel Cook
* In Jan 1901 Joseph asked the Pahiatua County Council for a concession in the toll charged for sheep passing through the toll gate at Upper Gorge Bridge. It was resolved that a concession be allowed of half rates for mobs of 500 and over
* In Oct & Nov 1902 his brother Charles (from outside NZ) put ads in the local newspapers looking for him
* In 1903 he purchased a farm in Taihape and sold his 13 acre property, with 6-roomed house, stables, barns, cowshed etc in Hokowhitu. This went up for auction but was passed in at £1000. It was later purchased by Mr F. Tyer of Palmerston North
* In 1903 his son 'Sid' was charged in connection with an accident on the River bank in which Miss Elizabeth Baker was seriously injured. It was a long, drawn-out trial and because of constant jury disagreement, a new trial began in Sep 1903. Again the jury disagreed and the Crown finally abandoned the case
* In Dec 1903 Joseph put up for sale his well-known property at Hokowhitu, 15 miles from Pohangina & 10 miles from Apiti, consisting of 13 acres with a comfortable dwelling
* On 13 July 1907 his son Jim, who worked in the railway workshops at Aramoho, contracted an illness and died at their home home, 44 Lombard St., Palmerston North, aged 29
* On 28 Feb 1915 his daughter Hilda (Mrs John Dalrymple Oliphant) died in Wanganui giving birth, she was 29. She had only been married 2 years and left 2 sons (her son later died in Dec 1915 aged 10 months)
* In Dec 1917 his son Corporal Malcolm Sydney 'Sid' Birchley, horsebreaker with the Wellington Mounted Rifles, returned to Palmerston North after fighting on the Peninsula. He was the first to offer his services when war broke out & travelled on the transport with 700 horses. He was wounded at Gallipoli. He also took part in the Boer War

Of interest, Joseph bought the gigantic, historic shipwreck 'Hydrabad'
In 1878 the 224-feet long iron-hulled vessel crashed into the coastline 1km south of the tiny Waitarere Beach community in what the papers of the time described as "a furious hurricane". None of the 35 people on board were killed, but the 1350-tonne vessel could not be refloated. Ravaged by fires and rust, she sat in shallow waters out from Waitarere Beach and became a local icon.
Joseph bought the hulk and all the gear etc in 1881 for £5 (equivalent today of $842) when it came ashore at Otaki. He sold a portable engine, a steam winch, a donkey pump, 4 large iron tanks, 2 large cooking ranges (1 suitable for cooking for 60 people) and about 1 ton of old brass and muntz metal. He offered to sell a boiler and steam winch to the Waitara Harbour Board. The 6ft figure head and several of her seats were at one time at his residence, The Avenue, Foxton.

* He served on the jury at inquests
* He had thoroughbred horses and polo ponies. His son Maurice rode a number of the winners. When he was 11 years old he came off his mount 'Black Watch' at the 3rd hurdle but got straight back on and completed his round
* He was an enthusiastic gardener and his 'prodigious' veges were well know around town

Joseph & Helen had 13 chldren
(the last 11 born in Foxton)
...1 Sep 1873 - 1943 Helen Amelia 'Nellie' Birchley
- Helen was born in Kaikoura. She married William Joseph Thomas Park (1859-1927) in 1897 and had 5 children (note how their names match her siblings)
* 1898 - 1981 Ethel Florence Park
* 1900 - 1952 Walter James Park
* 1902 - 1991 William Sydney Park
* 1903 - 1921 Malcolm Clifford Park
* 1906 - 1963 Maurice Lionel Park
William shot himself at Mangamahu, 30 miles from Wanganui, on 23 Feb 1927. He was 68. It was said he was having financial worries

...2 Oct 1874 - 1959 Alice Maud Birchley
- Alice was born in Wellington. In April 1930 she was at the Arbitration Court in Napier seeking compensation for her injury (fracture) sustained during her employment as housekeeper for Samuel McGaffin, farmer of Mangatahi. She was earning £1 a week at the time and was unable to work for years after. She was awarded £127 by the Arbitration Court against his estate (2½ years wages). She never married
NOTE Samuel (1853-1930) died just 2 months before the case but he had told her that all would be better for her when she finally received a pay out

...3 (? month) 1876 - 1958 Clara Mary 'Tottie' Birchley
- In 1892 Clara nicely sang 'Little Sweetheart' at a concert and minstrel entertainment at the Hall in aid of the Foxton Brass band. She married Joseph Burne in 1898 and had 7 children (note how their names match her siblings)
* 1899 - 1937 Sydney Joseph Birchley Burne
* 1900 - Muriel Helen Jane Burne
* 1902 - 1990 Malcolm Gordon Shearer Burne
* 1904 - 1980 Hilda Laura Maud Burne
* 1906 - 1977 James Hilton William Burne
* 1908 - 1998 Hector Wilson Isaac Burne
* 1910 - 1999 Mana Myrtle Evelyn Burne

...4 Apr 1878 - 1907 Joseph James 'Jim' Birchley
- Jim attended Foxton State School in 1891. In July 1906 the Aotea Maori Land Board consented to his leasing Ngarukehu A. (Manawatu) No 10, sec 2, of 541 acres 2 roods. He died the following year aged 29

...5 Jun 1880 - 1966 Walter Lionel Birchley
- In Aug 1906 Walter was charged with failing to provide for the maintenance of his illegitimate child. He married Eda Mary Florence Palenski (Eda Marion Florrie 1887-1965) in 1910.
Eda was a daughter of Heinrich (Henry Theodore) Palenski & Augusta Meissner from Prussia. She died 18 Aug 1965 in Porirua
Manawatu Standard, 8 Jan 1910 WEDDING
They had a daughter
1910 - 1995 Ethel Edith Josephine Birchley who married Thomas Francis McGowan in 1932
In 1919 Walter was charged 2s for riding a cycle without a light
NOTE If that illegitimate child was male and if we could find out who he was, there may still be descendants in NZ. Because of the lack of males producing male offspring the name Birchley dwindled out in the 1970s ...

...6 Nov 1881 - 1939 Malcolm Sydney 'Sid' Birchley
- Sid enlisted for the South African war in 1902 from Wanganui. In June 1907 he was the M.C. at the very enjoyable bachelors' ball held in the public hall at Oroua Bridge. About 80 couple attended. A spouse not found

...7 Nov 1884 - 1915 Hilda Mary Birchley
- Hilda had her father's passion of race horses and was an owner in early 1900s. She married John Dalrymple Oliphant in Wanganui Jan 1913. She had 2 sons:
* 1914 - 1999 John Dalrymple Oliphant
* 1915 - 1915 Maurice Joseph Oliphant
Hilda died due to the birth, her son Maurice died 10 months later

...8 Jun 1886 - 1956 Laura Ethel Birchley
- Laura attended Foxton State School, she excelled at athletics. By Dec 1896 she had not missed one day of school during the last 6 months. Laura never married

...9 Apr 1889 - 1981 Kate 'Myrtle' Birchley
- Myrtle, like her siblings enjoyed sports and did very well in athletics. She was winning school sports races from the age of 8 (Foxton). She was Standard IV at Terrace End school in 1901. She resigned her teaching position at Pine Creek school in April 1911. The school was in Carnarvon (now named Himatangi) and was moved to Ngaturi in 1916 when it had an average attendance of 12 pupils. Myrtle never married

...10 Aug 1891 - 1973 Maurice George Birchley
- Maurice attended Terrace End school. He served in WWI as Trooper 58452, 37th Reinforcements, Mounted Rifles Brigade, NZEF. He embarked for Suez, Egypt on the 'Manuka' 13 June 1918. He was a Stock Agent at the time of enlistment. His next of kin was his mother Helen of Lombard Street, Palmerston North. Maurice married Rita Ellen Park (1905-1970) in 1935 (daughter of Edward Park & Emma Sophia Waller). He was 44 and Rita was 30. Not know if there were children

...11 Jul 1893 - 1983 Alma Josephine Birchley
- Alma received a Good Conduct gold medal in Dec 1909 at the Convent High School. In 1917 she was living at Kimbolton. She married Wallace Royal Gooding (1887-1961) in 1924
Wallace was the 10th of 10 known children of Charles Gooding (1848-1925) & Caroline Iggulden (1844-1912)

...12 Jun 1896 - 1974 Muriel Edith Birchley
- Muriel and sister Alma received honours in Nov 1907 at St Peter's Sunday School, Terrace End. In Dec 1912 she got the highest marks for English, Dictation & Spelling and Arithmetic at the Convent High School. She never married

...13 Dec 1897 - 1977 Henrietta Gertrude 'Etta/Ettie' Birchley
- Etta excelled at sport and in 1914 she was chosen as one of the full-backs in the NZ hockey team to play against England in England. She marred Alexander Joseph John Samuel 'Jack' Brown (1887-1957) in 1927. They had a son in Feb 1929 at Nurse Smart's Kipling Obstetric Hospital in Newmarket, Auckland. Etta and her son spent a few weeks with her parents in Palmerston North in 1932-33, returning to Epsom, Auckland
* Alexander was a son of John Brown & Agnes Woodill
* Nurse Ruby Haleen Smart (nee Law 1894-1968), married Herbert Cecil Smart (1892-1969) in 1925. The Kipling Ave Hospital (c.1926-1935), later shifted to Great South Road, Papatoetoe

NOTE On BDM there is a Kathleen May Birchley who died 16 May 1884 aged 6 months?? They do not have a birth record for her. Not yet followed up

Joseph James Birchley died 15 Oct 1908 aged 58, 15 months after the death of his eldest son Jim
Manawatu Standard, 16 Oct 1908 - OBITUARY There passed away at his residence, Terrace Street, yesterday afternoon, at 2.15 o'clock, an old and respected resident of the Manawatu in the person of Mr Joseph James Birchley. Deceased, who was 58 years of age, had been ill for some time. He had taken to his bed two days after the last Winter Show and has been confined there ever since, the end coming peacefully yesterday. Mr Birchley came out to New Zealand from London with an uncle and aunt when he was about seven years of age and lived in Wellington for some time. Thirty-five years ago he went to Foxton and settled there, making many friends. He interested himself in the flaxmilling industry for a time and then took to stock dealing and droving. After remaining in Foxton for twenty-six years he removed to Palmerston North, where he has since resided. He was wifely known and respected throughout the district for his many estimable qualities and his numerous friends will join us in tendering the sincerest sympathy to the family in their sad bereavement. He leaves a widow and three sons and nine daughters, two of whom are married, to mourn their loss. The interment takes place to-morrow afternoon
Manawatu Standard, 19 Oct 1908 - HIS FUNERAL The interment of the late Mr Joseph James Birchley took place on Saturday afternoon. The cortege was a large one, friends from all parts of the district having gathered to pay their last respects to deceased. The boy was first taken to St Peter's Church, Terrace End, where the Rev C. C. Harper conducted a short service and thence to the cemetery, where an impressive burial service was also conducted by the vicar
Helen Birchley died 32 years after him on 28 May 1940.
They are buried Plot 29, Block 5 at Terrace End in a family plot, along with:
* 1907 - son Joseph James aged 29
* 1939 - son Malcolm Sydney 'Sid' aged 57
* 1956 - spinster daughter Laura Ethel aged 70
* 1959 - spinster daughter Alice Maud aged 84
* 1974 - spinster daughter Muriel Edith aged 77
* 1981 - spinster daughter Kate Myrtle aged 92 (died Awapuni hospital)
* they all lived at 44 Lombard Street, Palmerston North

Plot 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31, block 5 at Terrace End cemetery, grave of those listed above