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Emiline was the mother of Edith White b.1885 - this is all that is known of her at this time. I am looking for her partner or husband surname White who was the father of Edith

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Does anyone know of a Edith White who married Samuel Peck jnr in 1905/6 - maybe in Lower Hutt - but some of the family were in Woodville during this era so that is a possibility
I am trying to find who her parents were thereby tracing her back to Reuben King as it is said he was her grandfather

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I have been concentrating my research on Samuel Peck 1875-1946
but he had 3 younger brothers and I would like information on them
if anyone knows anything

They were:
HENRY Peck b.1883 married Violet LAWRENCE d.1971

LEN (probably Leonard) Peck b.1886 married Ida NELSON

JACK Peck b.1889 d.1959 Apparently Jack did not marry


This request is also under WHITE, EDITH of TAITA NZ

I need help to find some information on my brick wall - my grandmother Edith Peck (nee White)

She only died 50 years ago yet I cannot find anything as simple as her parents or siblings even though I can find lots of information on her (I believe to be) grandfather REUBEN KING born 1831

If anyone thinks they can help here is what I have so far:

Edith Peck - nee White was born in Lower Hutt NZ in 1885
- She married Samuel Peck jnr in 1905 and had 4 children
Frances Emmeline

She died in 1958 and is buried in Taita Cemetery

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Joseph TAUCHER + Josepha HOLMAN on Terpsichore NZ 1876

Josep Taucher was from Spindleruv Mlyn, a town in the Czech Republic in the Krkonoe.

He married Josepha Holman in about 1859.

They arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on the TERPSICHORE from Hamburg with 6 children in March 1876
Robert aged 16 -
Antonie aged 13 -
Marie aged 9 -
Josepha aged 8,
Johann aged 2 -
Paline aged 6 months.

They had at least another 3 children
Josepha - SOPHIA
Margaret - MAGGIE
Katrina - KATE

They eventually settled in Carterton, Wairarapa.
All I have on the children is:

Robert Taucher 1860
- he married Helen Evans
Antonia - ANNIE Taucher 1862
Marie Taucher 1866
Johann - JACK Taucher 1873
- he married Isabella Peck
Pauline - POLLY Taucher 1875
Josepha - SOPHIA Taucher
Margaret - MAGGIE Taucher
Katrina - KATE Taucher

I would like lots more info on the family if you can help ...

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JESSOP marriages New Zealand 1855-1930 - GROOMS

some JESSOP marriages in New Zealand 1855-1930
- some birth dates may ne approx, based on age at death -

Alfred James Jessop (1882-1943)
- married May Matilda LLOYD (1887-1969) in 1907

Arthur Jessop (1897-1961)
- married Gladys Mary BUTLER (1896-1934) in 1917

Charles Jessop
- married Bridget ATHY in 1873

Charles Ernest Jessop (1894-1989)
- married Annie Louisa LITTLE (1891-1963) in 1918

Claud Ashley Jessop (1904-1942)
- married Ellen Frances LANG (1897-1977) in 1924

Ebenezer Jessop (1848-1920)
- married Maria BURKETT (1856-1924) in 1877
- they had 10 known children

Eric Raymond Jessop (1904-1962)
- married Lela DYKE in 1930

Ernest Albert Jessop
- married Annie Ruby MOSES (1882-1951) in 1909

Frank Jessop
- married Lucy Flora BARBER in 1922

Fred Jessop
- married Edith Louisa TIERNEY in 1897

Frederick Jessop
- married Elizabeth SMITH in 1914

George Jessop
- married Lily BARNETT in 1930

Harold Jessop
- married Catherine Teresa MAINDONALD in 1917

Henry Laten Jessop
- married Jessie Margaret TANSLEY in 1908

Herman Henry Maser Jessop
- married Minnie Reid MORTON in 1905

Horace Walurn Jessop
- married Emily Masson De RENZY in 1914

Hugh Jessop
- married WInifred Eva NEIL in 1908

Hugh Jessop
- married Freda May STEHR in 1919

James Henry Jessop
- married Alice Emily ANDREWS in 1883
- 10 known children

James Simar Jessop
- married Elizabeth CORMACK in 1904

John William Jessop
- married Maria Angelina WINTER in 1891
- 4 known children

Joseph Jessop
- married Maude Mary Lee TAYLOR in 1897
- 1 daughter, 1898 Myra Jessop

Joseph Fielding Jessop
- married Catherine ANDLING in 1864

Leonard Jessop
- married Christina Annie SMITH in 1925

McKinley Edward Henry Jessop
- married Ruby Myrtle BROWN in 1925

Richard Jessop
- married Mary Read WATSON in 1873
- 5 known children

Robert Jessop
- married Annie Florence McLEOD in 1916

Thomas Jessop
- married Sarah GARNETT in 1858

Thomas Jessop
- married Minnie WATSON in 1900

Thomas Finnamore Jessop
- married Ruby Ralston WYLLIE in 1926

Thomas Gittings Jessop
- married Janey BANKS in 1927

Thomas Valentine Jessop (1880-1940)
born in Nelson
son of Ebenzer Jessop & Maria Burkett
- married Rose HARRISON (1876-1952) in Nelson in June 1904
daughter of Arthur Harrison & Esther Peapell
the had 5 known children
1904 - 1962 Eric Raymond Jessop
1906 - 1986 Gertrude Jessop
1908 - 1984 Thomas Jessop
1910 - 1977 James Jessop
1912 - 1960 David Jessop
- Thomas & Rose divorced in 1914
* Thomas Valentine Jessop next married Roses's sister, Hilda May Harrison (1891-1953) in Marton in Oct 1916
they had 6 known children
1914 - 1983 Keith Jessop
1916 - 1997 Marjory Jessop
1918 - 2010 Dorothy Harrison Jessop
1918 - 2012 Nita Jessop ?
1926 - 1967 Lewis Ebenezer Jessop
1927 - 2008 Ruth May Jessop
* Thomas died in Feilding aged 60
* Hilda died in Feilding 13 years after him aged 62
they are buried together Plot 1216, Row 62, Block 2 at Feilding
(see photo below)
The late Mr T. V. Jessop, of Mt Biggs, whose death occurred suddenly last week, was a breeder of draught horses in his younger days and exhibited them at A and P shows throughout the district. His farming activities concerned farms at Brightwater, Brunswick, Marton and finally at Mt Biggs, where he remained for 19 years. He was the secretary of the Mt Biggs school and a member of the Rangitikei Club.
The late Mr Jessop was twice married and left to mourn his passing are his wife and grown up family. There are 5 daughters and 6 sons. There are 8 grandchildren, and Mr Jessop is also survived by 2 sisters and 2 brothers - De Castro (Masterton), Stratford (Nelson) and Messrs W and K Jessop (of Hope and Otaki respectively)

William Alfred Jessop
- married Edith Amy NEWPORT in 1906

William Henry Jessop
- married Alfreda Myrtle LEE in 1930
- they had at least 6 children


HEADSTONE at Feilding cemetery

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