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some TERRY marriages in New Zealand 1872 to 1930

some of the marriages in New Zealand form TERRY (surname)

Albert Edward Terry
- married 1896 Edith HUMPHREY

Albert Henry Reading Terry
- married 1916 Alice Lillian REVELL

Alfred Terry
- married 1897 Biney MacKENZIE

Alfred Terry
- married 1915 Christina BROWNLEES

Alfred Terry
- married 182 Augusta TERRY

Alfred Terry
- married 1928 Jessie Beatrice EDWARDS

Alfred Albert Terry
- married 1916 Susannah AMOS

Alfred George Allan McKenzie Terry
- married 1921 Florence Dorothy KIRKWOOD

Allan Terry
- married 1925 Isabel Maxwell MOYES

Allan Joseph Terry
- married 1926 Christina Ivy PATERSON

Arthur Barrett Terry
- married 1916 Ethel Hilda SEXTON

Arthur Charles Terry
- married 1909 Ruby Esmay ROSS

Arthur James Terry
- married 1904 Mary Grace BETTERIDGE

Arthur Powell Terry
- married 1924 Elsie May DAVIS

Barrett William Terry
- married 1880 Mary Jane HUDDLESTON

Brian Maxted Terry
- married 1928 Thelma Delancy HULFORD

Cecil Hycott Terry
- married 1918 Lucy May STUBBING

Cecil Ralph Terry
- married 1922 Alice May ROBERTSON

Charles Terry
- married 1918 Margaret RICHARDSON

Charles Gordon Terry
- married 1924 Laura Mildred CARTER

Cyril Edward Terry
- married 1923 Violet Eileen Agnes LAY

Denby Terry
- married 1903 Sarah Emily HEY

Edward George Terry
- married 1912 Gertrude Mary BROWN

Edward John Fowler Terry
- married 1906 Sarah Elizabeth EVANS

Edwin Terry
- married 1896 Mary Ann HELLIER

Eric Bertram Terry
- married 1924 Gladys Ivy Phyllis COOPER

Ernest Terry
- married 1912 Olive GRIERS

Ernest Alfred Terry
- married 1917 Ann May HUSSEY

Ernest Edward Terry
- married 1903/48 Mary Maria LONDON

Fred Harold Terry
- married 1915 Edith Mary EVANS

George Terry
- married 1878 Margaret BELL

George Terry
- married 1890 Amy Gertrude HILLIER

George Terry
- married 1907 Mary Ann RAE

George Henry Terry
- married 1905 Catherine Ross GRAY
George Ryrie Terry
- married 1915 Edith Maria WALTERS

George William Terry
- married 1904 Mary CHRISTIANSEN

George William Terry
- married 1913 Frances Mary Emma DAWSON

George William Terry
- married 1907 Ida MIDDLEDITCH

Graham Edward Terry
- married 1899 Jessie LEISHMAN

Harold Chown Terry
- married 1920 Constance Minnie OAKLEY

Henry Terry
- married 1911 Alice MEDLIN

Henry Terry
- married 1874 Annie SMITH

Herbert Atkins Terry
- married 1890 Annie Agnes CUREEN

Herman Richard Terry
- married 1925 Mary Wakeling DALZIEL

Horace John Terry
- married 1921 Lilian Constance ASHBY

James Terry
- married 1883 Louisa Anna FENNELL

James Henry Terry
- married 1912 Lucy Ellen Strangward NICCOLLS

John Terry
- married 1922 Beatrice Annie BUSHBY

John Terry
- married 1892 Mary Teresa KITTSON

John Henry Terry
- married 1920 Janet Grace BROWN

John Percy Terry
- married 1913 Vera Gladys HALLAMORE

John Roy Terry
- married 1918 Mary Louisa WITTER

Joseph Terry
- married 1890 Georgina COLLIER

Joseph Henry Terry
- married 1920 Agnes McMILLAN

Lawrence Terry
- married 1888 Eva Lucy TRAIL

Lawrence William Terry
- married 1914 Elsie VICKERS

Leslie Winston Terry
- married 1922 Elizabeth Fulton GLEN

Norman John Terry
- married 1925 Sylvia May COOPER

Percy Maynard Terry
- married 1928 Marie Isabelle Rosalind Victoria BIRKNER

Ralph Terry
- married 1920 Margaret MALONE

Reginald Albert Henry Terry
- married 1928 Beatrice DOWSETT

Reginald Frank Terry
- married 1927 Olive Elvinia LANDELL

Robert Terry
- married 1895 Emily Lulu WILTSHIRE

Robert Frederick Terry
- married 1908 Winifred Jessie WILLIAMS

Robert John Terry
- married 1924 Helena Irene HADEN

Robert Joseph Terry
- married 1920 Christina Thelma CROWTHER

Sidney Ernest Terry
- married 1914 Sarah Anne LANE

Sydney Terry
- married 1925 Jane Christina MEADS

Thomas Ernest Terry
- married 1910 Annie HURLEY

Thomas Ernest Terry
- married 1920 Ellen HURLEY

Thomas Maurice Terry
- married 1927 Thelma Esme Norah BURKE

Thomas Stanley Terry
- married 1915 Louisa May YOUNG

Walter Terry
- married 1906 Matilda ANDERSEN

Walter Terry
- married 1905 Mary CAMPBELL

Walter Edward Terry
- married 1876 Eliza Rouse Devere CARTER

Walter Thomas Terry
- married 1902 Elizabeth DICK

Walter Warden Terry
- married 1925 Evelyn Maude AUSTIN

William Terry
- married 1889 Augusta HARRIS

William Terry
- married 1883 Annie Campbell Stewart McLENNAN

William Terry
- married 1875 Christina MANSON

William Edwin Terry
- married 1923 Mary FINDLAY

William George Terry
- married 1872 Caroline CARD

William George Arthur Terry
- married 1907 Alice SMITH

William Harold Terry
- married 1920 Ella Florence Margert MIDDLETON

William Henry Terry
- married 1921 Amelia HASTIE

William Henry Heaton Terry
- married 1882 Margaret WARDEN

William Herbert Terry
- married 1922 Mary Winifride PERRIN

William James Terry
- married 1921 Ada Gordon DILL

William Samuel Harold Terry
- married 1930Joyce Evelyn LASSEN

some THIRKELL marriages in New Zealand between 1871 - 1923

some of the Thirkell marriages in New Zealand between 1871 - 1923:

Amelia Mary Thirkell
- married Arthur FITCHETT in 1874

Annie De la Maine Thirkell
- married Herbert Wilson CARBURY in 1917
from the EVENING POST 8 June 1917:
A military wedding took place at the Presbyterian Church, Roseneath, on 2nd June, when Miss Annie de la Maine Thirkell, second daughter of Mr and Mrs George Thirkell, of Oriental Bay, was married to Captain Herbert Wilson Carbury, N.Z.V.C., eldest son of Mr and Mrs J. Carbury, Dublin, Ireland. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a dress of crepe-de-chene and ninon with a veil and orange blossoms. Miss Hilda Stewart, of Palmerston North, was the bridesamaid, and wore a dress of cream silk and lace, with a black velvet hat. Sergt. S. K. Sidells, of the 28th Reinforcements, was the best man. The officiating minister was the Rev. Hugh Beggs, M.A. After the ceremony a reception was held at 'Glenburn' the residence of the bride's parents

Arthur Victor Thirkell
- married Joy Ethel CHAPMAN in 1914

Evelyn Florence Berry Thirkell
- married Herbert Victor MORRIS in 1916

Frederick George Thirkell
- married Emily Elizabeth BERRY in 1882

George William Thirkell
- married Annie CAMPBELL in 1890

Hector George Thirkell
- married Alexis Anne CAMERON in 1921

Jane Annie Thirkell
- married Stanley Upham JOHNSON in 1917

Kate Florence Thirkell
- married Thomas William John Crang BOWDEN in 1884

Louisa Thirkell
- married Augustus POATE on 25 Noeber 1878
- Augustus was from Hampshire, England
- he died on 4 May 1889
- in 1879 they were living in Tory street Wellington
- a daughter, Ethel May Poate died on 6 June 1901 aged 18 at her grandother's (M. Tirkell) home, Muir Villa, Oriental Bay, Wellington. Ethel excelled at art

Maria Ann Thirkell
- married George Herbert HAWKINS in 1871

Sybil Kentmuir Thirkell
- married William Joseph KITCHING in 1912
- William Joseph Kitching was the youngest son of Thomas Henry Kitching and grandson of Edward Kitching and Ann Fahy
- he was a Draper in Wellington for a time and lived in Martinborough for many years (see judyg comment below)
- Sybil died on 16 July 1972 aged 81
- William died on 10 July 1973 aged 85
- they are buried in Plot 380 E at Karori cemetery Wellington

Thomas Thirkell
- married Lena TAYLOR in 1925

William Ernest Leonard Thirkell
- married Florence May STAFF in 1917

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some THUNDER marriages in New Zealand between 1877 - 1890

some of the THUNDER marriages in New Zealand 1877 - 1890:

Caroline Thunder
- married John VERRAN in 1890

Ellen Thunder
- married John LAND in 1880

Emma Thunder
- married William FINLAY in 1877

Sarah Thunder
- married Charles Henry DORE in 1877

Thomas Thunder
- married Hannah SCANLON in 1888
- they had Thomas Henry Lee Thunder in 1888

some TOOMATH marriages New Zealand 1854 - 1924

some TOOMATH marriages New Zealand between 1854 - 1924:

Amy Grace Toomath
- married Edward William Smyth in 1891

Arthur Hugh Toomath
- married Frances Henrietta Guilford in 1902

Doris Frances Toomath
- married Hugh James Taylor in 1931

Edward Toomath
- married Eliza Jane Battersby in 1854

Edward Archibald Toomath
- married Eileen Norah Maloney in 1924

Edward Battersby Toomath
- married iAmy Frances Meek n 1899

Florence Mabel Alice Toomath
- married William Davidson Smith in 1925

Hannah Mary Toomath
- married Thomas Athol Blayney in 1922

James Toomath
- married Alice Jane Hobbs in 1884

Mary Jane Toomath
- married Luther Halliwell in 1876

Roderick William Toomath
- married Chrissie Frame Renwick in 1922

William Toomath
- married Janet MacKay Whiteford in 1889

some TRENBERTH marriages in New Zealand 1892 - 1928

some of the TRENBERTH marriages in New Zealand 1892 - 1928:

Amy Selina Trenberth
- married Charles MORLEY in 1907

Dorothy Jane Trenberth
- married Davey James WRIGHT in 1922

Edward John Trenberth (1875-1948)
- arried Lydia ABLETT (1876-1950) in 190

Edward Norman Trenberth (1901-1966)
- married Alice HOUSTON (1904-1988) in 1924
- Edward died 20 August 1966 aged 65
- he was cremated at Karori, Wellington

Elsie Lydia Trenberth
- married John Clarence FALLOON in 1925

Evelyn Trenberth
- married Carl Oscar CHRISTOFFERSEN in 1915

Henrietta Trenberth
- married John FORD in 1892

Henrietta Trenberth
- married George COCKERELL in 1902

Laura Trenberth
- married James POLOCK in 199

Selina May Trenberth
- married Arthur Leslie LEAMAN in 1928

Tom Trenberth (1884-1959)
- married Rose PURDOM (1888-1972) in 1911

William Patrick Trenberth (1895-1951)
- married Gladys Mary SHURROCK (1899-1973) in 1918

some TRESIDDER marriages in New Zealand between 1866 - 1929

some of the TRESIDDER marriages in New Zealand between 1866 - 1929:

Allan Leslie Tresidder
- married Mary Margaret Gibbons in 1929

Edith Mildred Tresidder
- married Camfort Wood in 1909

Edward John Tresidder
- married Florence Edith Levex Walters in 1910

Elizabeth Jane Tresidder
- married Edward Sings in 1882

Elizabeth Jane Tresidder
- married James Mahon Thomson in 1897

Elizabeth Mary Tresidder
- married Archibald McInnes in 1891

Ernest Tresidder
- married Jane Scott in 1908

Evelyn Grace Tresidder
- married Albert Kemp in 1904

Frances Mary Tresidder
- married Robert Crisp in 1927

Harry Tresidder
- married Iris May Fleming in 1921

James Tresidder
- married Elizabeth Mary Wood in 1911

John James Tresidder
- married Elizabeth Emily Barber in 1914

Martha Tresidder
- married William Henry Leau in 1901

Mary Ann Tresidder
- married John Crawford in 1893

Nicholas Tresidder
- married Elizabeth Jane Barritt in 1869

Nicholas Tresidder
- married Florence Reid in 1906

Vera Mary Tresidder
- married Allan Sylvester Dennison in 1925

William Tresidder
- married Sarah Ann Newsome in 1866

William John Tresidder
- married Elizabeth Hall in 1894

William John Tresidder
- married Elizabeth Holmes Rees in 1922


some TRESSLER marriages New Zealand 1894-1927:

Charles Frederick Tressler
- married Martha WILLIAMS in 1894

Ethel Maud Tressler
- married Ernest Henry SPENCER in 1897

Ethel Maud Tressler
- married George Henry SMITH in 1924

Florance Tressler
- married Carl John Henry PAYNE in 1904

John Tressler
- married Martha Ann SMITH in 1897

John William Tressler
- married Sarah Mary Ellen O'BRIEN in 1924
- Sarah died on 7 Nov 1953 aged 56 in Invercargill
- she is buried in Plot 456 - Block 34 Eastern Cemetery
- John died 12 Oct 1971 aged 76 and is buried with her and Ronald & Mervyn Tressler
- their headstone reads:
In loving memory of
Sarah Mary Ellen
Beloved wife of
William Tressler
Died 5th Nov 1953 aged 56 years
Also the above
William Tressler
Died 12th Oct 1971 aged 76 years
At rest
Ronald Francis
4th son of the above
11.1.1934 - 7.11.1993
Mervyn William
Eldest son of Sarah & William
27.6.1926 - 2.11.2002

John William Tressler
- married Eveline MacNEILL in 1925
- see burials below

Joseph Thomas Tressler
- married Mary FOWLER in 1924

Margaret Elizabeth Tressler
- married Reginald David BUUCHANAN in 1912

Martha Florence Tressler
- married William John HARRIS in 1924

the TRESSLER at Eastern Cemetery Invercargill
.. some birth dates may be based on age at death ..

- born 1938
- 30 March 2009 aged 71

EVELINE Tressler
- born 15 June 1904
- died 18 June 1994 aged 90
- buried Plot 142 - Block 40 with John (see below)
headstone reads:
In loving memory of
John William Tressler
Died August 6 1991
In his 90th year
Also his beloved wife
Died June 18 1994
In her 91st year

- born 4 October 1904
- died 27 Dec 1986 aged 82

- born 1895
- died 12 Oct 1971 aged 76

- born 26 January 1902
- died 6 August 1991 aged 89
- buried Plot 142 - Block 40 with Eeline

KENNETH MARK Tressler 5 April 2010 aged 45
Southland Crematorium

Mervyn William Tressler
- born 27 July 1926
- died 2 Nov 2002 aged 76

- birth unknown
- death unknown aged ?

- born 1934
- died 7 Nov 1993 aged 59

- born 1897
- died 7 Nov 1953 Tressler aged 56

- born Dec 1961
- died Dec 1961 aged 4 Days
- buried 6 Dec 1961 Plot 20 - Block 37
headstone reads:
Stephen Tressler
Died Dec 5 1961
Andrew Kennard
Died Jan 8 1968
Cherished memories of
Rowland Lemuel Allott
2 January 1936 - 9 May 2003
Dearly loved husband of Mary
And loved father of
Kim and Craig
The melody lives on
In loving memory of
Gwendoline Bella
Died 29th March 1991
Aged 79 years
Beloved wife of
Lemuel Craig Allott
Died 24th March 2000
Aged 89 years

- born 1832
- died 31 July 2005 aged 73

- born 14 February 1928
- died 14 Nov 1987 aged 59

some TRIPE marriages New Zealand 1891 - 1930

some TRIPE marriages New Zealand 1891 - 1930:

Alfred Harry Tripe
- married Laura Brent in 1926

Alice May Tripe
- married Daniel Race Godfrey in 1929

Delia Decima Claire Tripe
- married Herbert Charles Date in 1920

Dorothy Mary Bullen Tripe
- married Lawrence Clervaux Chaytor in 1920

Ellen Dorothy Tripe
- married Allan MacDonald Johnson in 1899

George Challoner Plumridge Tripe
- married Margaret Alicia Burke in 1910

Herbert Henry Montgomerie Tripe
- married Marion Josephine Addenbrooke in 1915

John Robert Bullen Tripe
- married Harriette Mary Bell in 1891

Joseph Albert Tripe
- married Mary Elizabeth Richardson in 1900

Julian Septimus Tripe
- married Alice May Toohill in 1905

Mary Elizabeth Georgina Tripe
- married Bertram George Mitford in 1901

Richard Edward Tripe
- married Amy Margaret Williams in 1930

some TURNPENNY marriages in New Zealand 1888 - 1922

some TURNPENNY marriages in New Zealand 1890 - 1920:

Albert Edward Turnpenny
- married Olive Phoebe Round in 1920

Augustus Mathew Turnpenny
- married Mercy Annie Marriott Harris in 1894

Emma Mary Turnpenny
- married Zachariah Wright Biddle in 1888

George John Turnpenny
- married Caroline Louisa Parker in 1890

Harriett Elizabeth Turnpenny
- married John Hawkins in 1903

Kathleen Merle Lily Turnpenny
- married Allan Ernest Pain in 1922

Leslie Hylton Turnpenny
- married Ethel Easterbrook in 1920

Mercy Annie Marriott Turnpenny
- married Marcus Lewis Sullivan in 1903

William John Turnpenny
- married Alma Winifred Woods in 1919

some UDY in New Zealand

a list of the UDY as at 13 October 2010

* Ada Eliza Udy (1869-1950)
born in Greytown to William Udy & Ann Maria Ticehurst
married William Bellve (1868-1946) in 1906 and had 2 daughters
they died in Tauranga

* Agnes Udy (1878-1973)
born in Greytown to John Udy & Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett
married Peter Bain in 1897

* Albert John Udy (1883-1941)
son of John Udy & Mary Ann Cadwallader
married Elsie Barbara Waterson in 1904
* Albert blew up his house (which was owned by his mother) in Waihakeke in 1912 by using 20lb of gelignite whilst drunk. According to newspapers of the day 'every board went skywards'

* Albert John Udy (1924-1987)
son of Albert John Udy & Elsie Barbara Waterson
married Heather Andrew

* Alfred Valentine Udy (1867-1948)
born Valentine's Day to Hart Udy (1835-1905) & Elizabeth Holland
married Flora Elizabeth McKinnon in 1899

* Alvin Hart Udy (1894-1896)
born Greytown to Hart Udy (1857-1933) & Alice Isabel Poad
Alvin died 2 Feb 1896 aged 15 months

* Ann Udy (1833-1879)
born in Cornwall, England to Hart Udy (1808-1890) & Jane Clemence
married William Saywell in Greytown in 1851

* Annie Udy (1856-1876)
born in Lower Hutt to Hart Udy (1835-1905) & Elizabeth Holland
Annie died aged 19 in Greytown

* Arthur Clemence Udy (1891-1966)
born in Greytown to Thomas Clemence Udy & Emma Alfred
married Florence May Fairburn in 1929

* Beryl Eva Udy (1911-1996)
daughter of Walter James Udy & Annie Judd
married Charles Leslie Organ (1910-1949) & had 2 daughters
married Roland Flowerday Palmer (1902-1965)
Roland's first married Laura Elizabeth Henderson

* Billie Olwen Udy
daughter of Owen Llewellyn Udy & Zena Emily Smith
married Graham Alfred Sims

* Charles Udy (1863-1943)
born Lower Hutt to Hart Udy (1835-1905) & Elizabeth Holland
married Jemima Annie Gallon in 1890 & had 6 known children
they are buried in Mangatainoka

* Charles Bryce Udy (1901-1987)
born in Eketahuna to Charles Udy & Jemima Annie Gallon
married Chloris Margaret Small (1909-1994) in 1930
- daughter of Neil Small & Ethel Louisa Howie

* Dan Osmond Udy (1909-1973)
born in Gore, Southland to Daniel Knight Udy & Violet Frederica Millar

* Daniel Knight 'Dan' Udy (1874-1935)
born in Greytown to William Udy
From Wairarapa-Bush Rugby Football Union Dan Udy, as was his All Black cousin, Hart Udy, a utility forward. He twice represented in New Zealand sides, and graced the field for some eleven seasons, taking all the positions in the scrummage. Showing perhaps a preference for either the front row or the side; he played for his country from both places. Entering the Wairarapa side late in 1894, Dan Udy had to wait a considerable time before his ability received just reward, it being in 1901 that he first was given his All Black jersey. He was again recognised in 1903, playing seven matches in Australia, including the only Test (the first played by New Zealand). On that tour he hooked with G.A. Tyler (Auckland). He played for both United Greytown and Greytown Clubs. Dan Udy is also another Wairarapa man to play for North Island and for Wellington Province. Born in Greytown, he was a farmer at Mimihau
married Violet Frederica Miller (1881-1978) in Gore 1908

* Edith Evelyn Udy (1867-1907)
born in Greytown to John Udy & Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett
married Charles Bowles in 1889 & had 2 sons

* Edna Annie Udy (1893-)
daughter of Hart Udy & Alice Isabella Poad
married Gilbert Henry Treseder (1891-1965) in 1923

* Edwin William Udy (1867-1952)
son of William Udy (1838-1930) & Anne Maria Ticehurst
married Isabella Campbell in 1890 & had 7 known children

* Elizabeth Ellen Udy (1865-1943)
born in Greytown to John Udy & Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett
married George William Thomas in 1886

* Elizabeth Jane Udy (1859-1940)
born Lower Hutt to Hart Udy (1835-1905) & Elizabeth Holland
married Thomas Robert Saywell in 1883 & had 4 children

* Emily Olive Udy (1882-)
born in Greytown to William Udy & Anne Maria Ticehurst
married Ernest Otto Leppien in 1904

* Ena Adelaide Udy (1912-2007)
daughter of Albert John Udy & Elsie Barbara Waterson
married Colin McNeish

* Eric Thomas Herbert Udy (1903-1969)
born in Carterton to Thomas Clemence Udy & Emma Alfrieda Waterson
married Ellen Barbara Winifred Holdem in 1930

* Eva Udy (1876-1952)
born in Greytown in Hart Udy (1835-1905) & Elizabeth Holland
married Thomas Jackson Rowse in 1900

* Eva Udy (1916-2003)
daughter of Albert John Udy & Elsie Barbara Waterson
married Arthur Mervyn Till

* Frederick 'Fred' Udy (1873-1917)
born in Greytown to John Udy & Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett
married Ellen Elizabeth Spicer in 1902
11 October 1902 - CARTERTON NEWS

Carterton was thrown into a mild state of excitement on Wednesday morning and afternoon, no less that three interesting weddings being solemnised. Early in the morning, Mr Fred Udy was married to Miss Ellen Spicer, eldest daughter of Mr John Spicer, of Carterton. The bride was prettily dressed in heliotrope. At 12.30 Mr Henry Richard Cadwallader, third son of the late Mr William Cadwallader, was married to Miss Mary Bayliss, of Dunedin, a neice of Mr A. G. Bayliss, of Carterton. The bride was charmingly dressed in cream-figured lustre, and was attended by Misses Price (2), Cadwallader (2), Hercock and Turnbull, as bridesmaids. Mr G. W. Deller was best man, and the Rev. R. Young officiated. Immediately after, Mr Albert Rayner was married to Miss Agnes Snell, daughter of Mr James Snell, and was attended by Misses Rayner and Madden, as bridesmaids

* Hart Udy (1785-1822)
born in Lanlivery, Cornwall
married Ann Brokenshire in Cornwall in 1807. They had 8 known children. One son, Hart Udy (1808-1890), emigrated to NZ and another, James Udy, emigrated to Utah, America

* Hart Udy (1857-1933)
From Wairarapa-Bush Rugby Football Union Hart Udy This first Wairarapa All Black (Rugby Union Footballer) gained his New Zealand honour as a member of the 1884 side to Australia. He played in the preliminary fixture before leaving New Zealand and seven times in Australia, including the three fixtures against New South Wales. Actually Wellington Union has claim to him as one of the Capital City's representatives, as Hart Udy's Club, Greytown Club, was then in the Wellington Union area. However, the fact remains that this notable player was a Wairarapa man; he finished his active career before the advent of Wairarapa Union. Hart Udy was a scrummager, the New Zealand Rugby Annual of 1885 describing him as "A powerful forward, always pretty adjacent to the ball. Lasted from start to finish." As a Wellington representative, he appeared against New South Wales in 1882, the visiting team being the first-ever side to come to New Zealand. Hart Udy, born in Greytown, had a playing weight of 12st. 12lb (82kg). He served as a Wellington selector 1884-85. His brother, son and grandson all played representative rugby, as did three cousins. One of those cousins, D K Udy, represented New Zealand 1901, 03. Initially a timber worker Hart Udy later became a blacksmith and wheelwright
married Alice Isabella Poad in 1891

* Hart Udy (1901-1966)
son of Hart Udy (1857-1933) & Alice Isabel Poad
married Margaret Ellen Cowper

* Hart Udy (1808 - 1890)
born Cornwall, England
married Jane Clemence (1811-1896) in 1832 in Austell, England
They both died in Greytown

* Hart Udy (1835-1905)
born Cornwall to Hart Udy (1808-1890) & Jane Clemence
married Elizabeth Holland in Waiwhetu in 1855

* Hart Clemence Udy (1881-1905)
born in Greytown to John Udy & Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett
Hart was found drowned in a drain in Carterton aged 24. He was subject to fits and is was presumed he fell into drain during a seizure

* Hazel Ivy Udy (1915-2008)
daughter of Albert John Udy & Elsie Barbara Waterson
married Sydney Nolan Hogan

* Henry Hart 'Harry' Udy (1872-1956)
born Greytown to William Udy & Anne Maria Ticehurst
married Alice Louisa Morrison in 1902

* Horace Owen William Udy (1904-1992)
son of Thomas Clemence Udy & Emma Alfrieda Waterson
married Zoe Sybil Souness

* Ida Udy
daughter of Eric Thomas Herbert Udy & Ellen Barbara Winifred Holdem
married ? Matthews

* Iola Ina Udy
daughter of Eric Thomas Herbert Udy & Ellen Barbara Winifred Holdem
married Charles Edward Mann

* Ivy Isabel Ellen Udy (1895-1970)
daughter of Thomas Clemence Udy & Emma Alfrieda Waterson
married William Ebenezer Drysdale in 1917

* James Udy (1863-1946)
born in Greytown to John Udy & Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett

* Jane Udy (1850-1929)
born in Petone to Hart Udy (1808-1890) & Jane Clemence
married Robert Gill Welch in 1868 & had 9 known children

* Jessie Udy (1876-1956)
born in Greytown to John Udy & Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett
married Owen Arthur Cadwallader (1875-1912) in Carterton in 1896
- Owen was a twin, his sister Mary Ann Cadwallader married John Udy, Jessie's sister
Jessie next married William Joseph Keeshan (1874-1962) in 1914
- William is buried in Hamilton Park

* John Udy (1835-1903)
born in Cornwall, England to Hart Udy (1808-1890) & Jane Clemence
married Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett in NZ 1858 and had 10 children
From 'Borough of Carterton
- Councillor John Udy is the second son of the late Mr Hart Udy, senr. Arriving in New Zealand with his father, he attended a school in Wellington, and after a few years came to the Wairarapa district, working at general farm work, till he joined his father and brothers in the Matarawa sawmill
When his father retired from the sawmill, Mr Udy commenced farming on his own account. In 1881 he resumed sawmilling, settling at "Waiakakariki", some seven hundred acres in extent. Mr John Udy and his brother, Mr William Udy, were the first to open out the flax industry in the Carterton district. The subject of this notice constructed a bridge over the Ruamahunga, twenty-five feet in height, which was used for getting over logs to his sawmill.
He is married, and has 10 children.
With his father and brothers he served in the Greytown Rifles for five years, under Captain Boys. (read his brothers and fathers bios on their pages) At one time Mr Udy took active interest as a member of the Greytown Cricket Club.

* John Udy (1859-1932)
born in Greytown to John Udy & Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett
married Mary Ann Cadwallader in 1883
- sister of Owen Arthur Cadwallader who married Jessie Udy

* Joseph Udy (1845-1848)
born in Petone to Hart Udy (1808-1890) & Jane Clemence
Joseph died aged 2.4 by drowning in the Awa Moutu, or third river, of the Hutt River

* Josiah Udy (1872-1956)
son of John Udy & Elizabeth Mitchell Bassett
married Emily Bubb (1881-1970) in 1913
- 5th of 17 children of Oliver Bubb & Julia Fryer
Josiah died in Wellington & buried at Karori

* Joyce Catherine Udy (1905-1938)
born in Petone to Walter James Udy & Annie Judd
Joyce was a school teacher She died aged 33 from toxic myocarditis and is buried at Taita

* Kate Anne Udy (1876-1963)
born Greytown to William Udy & Anne Maria Ticehurst
married Andrew James Thompson in 1910

* Lauris May Udy (1918-2014)
daughter of Albert John Udy & Elsie Barbara Waterson
married John Lawrence Peck (1919-2010)
John is buried plot 465 at Clareville cemetery
Lauris is buried with her parents at Clareville

* Leonard William 'Leo' Udy (1904-1986)
married Ngaire Humphries Balfour

* Lionel Douglas Udy (1908-1973)

* Logan Udy (b.1910)

* Louisa Jane Udy (1865-1948)

* Maria Udy (1863 - 1875)

* Mary Udy (1845 - 1907)

* Mary Ann Udy (1861 - 1943)

* Mary Ellen Udy (b.1871)

* Maude Mary Udy (1866 - 1943)

* Myrtle Annie Rosetta Udy (1890 - 1941)

* Norman Haywood Udy (1895-1973)

* Owen Llewellyn Udy (1885-1904)
son of John Udy & Mary Ann Cadwallader

Owen drown aged 19 in the Ruamahanga River
TWO YOUNG MEN MISSING - CARTERTON. Henry Cadwallader, 29 years old, single and Owen Udy, 19 years old, natives of Carterton, are missing. They left the Bush Hotel for Poratahi, where they had a metalling contract, and it is supposed that in attempting to cross the Ruamahanga river, which is in flood, they were drowned. Their horses were found on the river bank, but there is no trace of the men. Large parties are out along the river banks to-day searching for the missing men - Cadwallader and Udy. It is supposed Udy was washed off, and that Cadwallader, who was his uncle, and a splendid swimmer, went to his assistance, with the result that both were drowned

* Owen Llewellyn Udy (1910-1942)
married Zena Emily Smith
Owen was killed in action in Egypt WWII 28 June 1942

* Samuel Udy (1864 - 1865)

* Sarah Udy (1847 - 1926)

* Sarah Ticehurst Udy (b.1880)

* Thelma Colenso Udy (1900-1978)
daughter of Hart Udy (1857-1934) & Alice Isabella Poad

* Thomas Clemence Udy (1840 - 1927)

* Thomas Clemence Udy (1865 - 1952)

* Vera Evelyn Udy (1901 - 1980)

* Walter James Udy (1865 - 1932)

* William Udy (1838 - 1930)

* William George Udy (1861 - 1877)

Councillor John Udy
second son of Hart Udy (1808-1890)

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