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Theodora Helen STANLEY - Canterbury, Napier, Cambridge

Theodora Helen STANLEY (1858-1945)
- had 9 known children -

she was married in New Zealand on 4 October 1875 to:
John James Broughton EPPS (1838-1883)
Theodora was 17 & John was 37
He was a Cook. In 1881 they were living in Templeton, Christchurch


... 1
1876 - 1930 John William Herbert Epps
- born 16 January 1876
- John married Margaret Catherine McBURNIE in 1901
- their known children:
1912 - John Bernard Gordon Epps

... 2
1877 - 1958 William Henry Epps
- born 12 July 1877
- William married Annie WATTAM (1876-) on 1 May 1905
- daughter of George & Mary Ann WATTAM
- Annie's brother Robert married William's sister Emma (see below)
- their known children:
1906 - Cedric George Epps
1908 - Winifred Rose Epps
1909 - William Henry Epps
1911 - Stanley Bertram Epps

... 3
1879 - 1964 Bertram Alfred Broughton Epps
- born 8 June 1879
- Bertram married Eliza?/Raiha TAKIMOANA in 1908
- their known children:
1910 - Ethel Epps

... 4w
1881 - 1961 Martha Helen Broughton Epps
- born 25 March 1881
- Martha married Sutherlnad SHAW (1880-1927) in 1904
- their known children:
1905 - Dougla Shaw
1907 - Myrtle Marion Tremblett Shaw
1910 - Ronald Sutherland Shaw

... 5
1883 - 1954 Emma Louisa Epps
- Emma was born 3 months after her father died
20 April 1883 at Southbridge, the widow of the late Mr John Epps, of a daughter. Hawkes Bay papers please copy
- Emma married Robert WATTAM (1883-1957) on 20 Sep 1905
- son of George & Mary Ann WATTAM who arrived in NZ 1875
- Robert's sister Annie married Emma's brother William (see above)
- Robert & Emma were farmers on the crner of Zig Zag & Swayne roads, Fencourt District, Cambridge
- their known children (they had 6):
1907 - Hazel May Wattam
1908 - Robert George Wattam
1911 - Eileen Mary Wattam
EMMA LOUISA Wattam died 19 Feb 1954 aged 70 in Cambridge, Hamilton
ROBERT Wattam died 14 March 1957 aged 73 in Cambridge
- they are buried Plot 220, BLock G at Hautapu cemetery

JOHN EPPS died 4 February 1883 aged 45
5 Feb 1883
... About 6.30 p.m. yesterday a man named John Epps, who has been cooking for the workmen at the Waiau bridge, was crossing from the township to their camp on the other side of the river, when he fell off the narrow planking and was drowned. Two of the workmen were crossing at the same time but unfortunately neither of them could swim. They both however, ran down the river bank and endeavored to intercept him. One of them, named Laurence Georgeson, at great risk to himself, got within a short distance of him at the ford, but failed to reach him and immediately aferwards he disappeared. Numbers of men were soon on the spot, and continued till dark in the search for the body, but without avail. Constable Cartmell and a party of men rode some distance down the banks of the river in the hope of rescuing the unfortunate man. The search was resumed at daylight next morning, the body was found on a spit about two miles down, and carried to the Waiau Hotel, where an inquest will be held. It would appear that in falling he struck against some of the woodwork of the bridge, as his head was much out and bruised, and was seen floating on his back for a considerable distance down the stream. Report says that Epps was a good swimmer and had received a medal from the Royal Humane Society for saving life. He leaves a wife and four young children (Emma was born 3 months later), totally unprovided for. An inquest will be held to-day if possible

ON 30 April 1887 THEODORA had a son (father not recorded):
... 6
1887 - 1983 Frederick Rupert Epps
- no spouse found for Frederick
- after his mother married his name became Marshall

ON 26 February 1889 THEODORA next married Robert MARSHALL (1837-1909)
- Theodora was 31 & Robert was 52
- Robert was a son of James MARSHALL (of Scotland died in Ireland) & Mary McBRIDE (1796-1861) (of Ireland died in Napier, NZ). Robert first married Mary Jane MANDER in 1863 & had 8 children at Meanee Flats from 1864-1876

... 7
1890 - 1891 May Marshall
- born 4 Oct 1890
- May died 3 August 1891 aged 10 months

... 8
1891 - 1968 Leslie Arthur Marshall
- born 19 September 1891 at Brookfields, Meanee, Napier
- in 1902 Leslie was enrolled at Goodwood School, Cambridge, Waikato
- Leslie married Daphne Stephanotis TORY (1893-1990) in 1915
- Daphne was a daughter of Samuel TONG & Isabell WATERWORTH
DAPHNE Marshall died in Hastings

... 9
1893 - 1976 Stanley Douglas Marshall
- in 1906 Stanley was enrolled at Goodwood school, Cambridge, Waikato
- Stanley married Elizabeth WARNOCK in 1921

ROBERT MARSHALL died 30 April 1909 aged 72
- burial unknown at this time

THEODORA HELEN Marshall died 24 April 1945 aged 87 in Cambridge
- she is buried Plot 18, Block J at Hautapu cemetery

can you help with where Theodora, John were from ??


When the Waiau River ferry bridge opened in 1887, replacing the ferry, there was a grand opening, with a huge marquee erected on the flat land near the bridge. It has been known ever since as Champagne Flat.
These days the bridge (at only 35 metres) is popular with first time Bungy jumpers

Theophilus 'John' Abbott MELLSOP - Waiuku from 1855

Theophilus 'John' Abbott MELLSOP was born 1803 in Parsonstown,
now Birr, County Offaly, Ireland

London Gazette, 22 May 1842
... 66th Foot, Theophilus John Abbott Mellsop, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Newdigate, promoted in the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards

The Tablet, 1st March 1845
WAR OFFICE, Feb., 25
... 66th Foot-Ensign Theophilus John Abbott Mellsop to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Coates, whose promotion has been cancelled

Anna 'Maria' Sophia SPEEDY was born 1803 in Dublin, Ireland

John & Maria married in Ireland in 1832
they had 6 known children & then emigrated to New Zealand

Maria left Drumcondira, Dublin, Ireland with their 6 children, on the Carnatic which left London 3 Sep 1855 and arrived into Auckland 28 Dec 1855. A possible brother, James Speedy, accompanied her but not seen on passenger list
John appears to have taken a different route (via America) and arrived 1856 or early 1857. More research needed.
The family settled in Glenbrook (near Waiuku/Pukekohe), Auckland

... 1
1834 - 1896 John Thomas Mellsop
- John married Charlotte Elizabeth CRISPE 4 Sep 1862 in Mauku Church in a double wedding with sister Maria
Daily Southern Cross, 6 September 1862
... On the 14th ultimo, at the Mauku church, by the Rev A. G. Purchase, Mr J. T. Mellsop, of Knockmaroon, to Charlotte Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr Crispe, of Stanlake. No cards sent
ALSO, at the same time and place, Mr Francis Stevens, of Auckland, to Maria, second daughter of Mr J. Mellsop, of Mauku. No cards sent
- daughter of Joseph CRISPE & Jane HEYWOOD
their 10 known children:
* 1863 - 1934 Mary Theodora Heywood Mellsop
* 1864 - 1930 Harold Crispe Mellsop
* 1866 - 1884 Leonora Mellsop
* 1867 - 1938 Charles Heywood Mellsop
* 1869 - 1913 Arthur Ethelbert Mellsop
* 1870 - 1960 Kathleen Mellsop
* 1874 - 1952 Florence Lillian Mellsop
* 1875 - 1924 Jane Octavia Ida Mellsop
* 1877 - 1963 Harry Oswald Mellsop
* 1879 - 1914 Laurence Lionel Mellsop

... 2
1837 - 1883 Annie Elizabeth Mellsop
- Annie married John WHEELER in 1866
their 10 known children:
* 1867 - 1891 Katherine Elizabeth Wheeler
* 1868 - 1940 Charlotte Maria Wheeler
* 1870 - 1947 William Edward Wheeler
* 1871 - Ernest Wheeler
* 1873 - 1938 Edith Wheeler
* 1874 - 1968 Thomas Ochold Wheeler
* 1876 - 1941 Gertrude Wheeler
* 1879 - 1945 Arthur Octavius Wheeler
* 1881 - 1977 Olive Clair Wheeler
* 1882 - 1954 Harry Cecil Wheeler

... 3
1839 - 1865 Maria Mellsop
- Maria married Francis STEVENS (1835-1911) 14 Sep 1862 at Mauku Church in a double wedding with brother John
their 2 known children:
* 1863 - 1865 Ada Minnie Stevens
* 1865 - 1932 Clara Elizabeth Stevens
New Zealand Herald, 25 March 1865
... STEVENS - On the 11th March, at Bolton-street, Wellington, Maria, the beloved wife of Francis Stevens, Esq., late of Auckland, aged 26½ years
- Francis next married Lydia Emma SLADEN (1835-1871) in Wellington 9 Jan 1867
- he next married Ellen MacLURCAN (1837-1916) in Wellington 30 Dec 1871

... 4
1840 - 1924 Bessie Allen Mellsop
- Bessie married Heywood Melville CRISPE 14 may 1874 in Auckland
- son of Joseph CRISPE & Jane HEYWOOD
their 4 known children:
* 1876 - 1953 Heywood Melville Crispe
* 1880 - 1880 Joseph Leslie Crispe
* 1881 - 1962 Clarence Augustus Crispe
* 1886 - 1948 Colin Raymond Russell Crispe
New Zealand Herald, 26 February 1924
OBITUARY of Mrs Heywood Crispe
... ... The death of Mrs Heywood Crispe, which occurred at the residence of her son, Mr H. M. Crispe, at Mauku, last Friday, removes the last of the original settlers of Mauku still remaining in the district. The only tow survivors of the band of pioneers who originally came to Mauku 67 years ago are now Dr J. Giles and Mr. W. Gearson, of Auckland.
Mrs Crispe was the youngest daughter of the late Mr John Mellsop, who, with his family, arrived at Auckland by the Carnatic on December 27, 1855. A few months later they proceeded to Mauku where settlement was just beginning, and took up land. All communication with the outside world was then by way of an arm of the Manukau, there being no roads. One of the difficulties of frontier life then was to obtain an education for children, and in Mrs Crispe's case it was solved by sending her to be taught with the children of the Rev. John Morgan at Te Awamutu. This meant a canoe journey of three days up the Waikato and Waipa Rivers, with halts at Kohanga, where the Rev. Dr. Maunsell had a mission station, and at Rev. Mr. Ashwell's mission at Taupiri. During the two or three years she spent at Te Awamutu Mrs Crispe witnessed the birth of the "King" movement and the coronation of Potatau (Te Wherowhero), the first "King"
In the year 1861 the natives of Patumahoe, who had always been unfriendly toward the adjacent Mauku settlers, became so threatening that the Government deemed it prudent to remove the woman and children to a place of safety and arm the men. The immediate cause of the crisis was the finding of the dead body of a native named Eriota, who the Maoris chose to believe had been shot by a white man. The non-combatants were all taken aboard a schooner en route for Onehunga, and the men garrisoned Major Speedy's house. The next day the natives, having given satisfactory assurances of their pacific intentions, the fugitives returned to their homes. Later it was proved beyond all reasonable doubt that Eriota had been murdered by a slave named Pukapuka.
Two years later, when the Waikato war broke out, there was another hurried flight of the settlers from their homes. This time, after spending three days and nights in the church, guarded by the rifles of the Mauku volunteers, the women and children were conveyed to Auckland, not to return for nearly a year. The men, under the command of the late Major D. H. Lusk, remained, and put up a record for bush-fighting only exceeded by Jackson's and Von Tempsky's redoubtable Forest Rangers. Of the, only two are known to be still living. Mr James Finlay, of Auckland, and Mr Charles Dromgool, ot Tuakau.
In 1874 Mrs Crispe married, her husband being the late Mr Heywood Crispe, one of the original settlers, and a member of the Forest Rifles, who died about 15 years ago. There are three sons, Messrs H. M. and Clarence Crispe, of Mauku, and Mr Colin Crispe, of Clevedon

... 5
1841 - 1900 James Mellsop
- James married Emma Lascelles WILY in 1882
their 4 known children:
* 1883 - 1883 Henry Arthur John Mellsop
* 1886 - 1969 Winifred Lascelles Jenner Mellsop
* 1888 - 1916 Geoffrey Henry Jenner Mellsop
* 1891 - 1965 Dorothy Speedy Jenner Mellsop
New Zealand Herald, 10 April 1900
... Quite a shock was experienced through the Mangere district yesterday morning when it became known that Mr James Mellsop, head teacher of the Mangere school, had died suddenly at his residence about midnight on Sunday. Mr Mellsop was enjoying the best of health until 10 o'clock on Sunday night, when, as he was preparing to retire, he was seized with an apoplectic stroke. Dr Scott, of Onehunga, was summoned by telephone, and arrived within three-quarters of an hour, and stayed by his patient till death took place. Mr Mellsop has been head teacher of the Mangere school since June, 1884, a period of nearly 16 years. His death is not only a great loss to the Mangere district, but a distinct loss to the teaching staff of the Auckland Education Board. During his term of office at the Mangere school the annual high percentage of passes, the number of scholarships and honours taken by his pupils, as well as the tome and discipline of the school, show a splendid record.
Mr Mellsop leaves a widow and three children, the youngest of whom is eight years of age. They are assured of the deepest sympathy of the residents of Mangere in their great bereavement

... 6
1843 - 1925 Charles William Mellsop
- Charles married Mary Ellen BAYLIS in 1871
their 4 known children:
* 1871 - 1968 Charles William Mellsop
* 1874 - Henry Mellsop
* 1877 - Elinor Mellsop
* 1880 - John Mellsop

JOHN MELLSOP died 4 August 1887 aged 83
Auckland Star, 12 August 1887

... MELLSOP - On August 4, at the residence of his son, J. T. Mellsop, Knockmaroon, Waiuku East, John Mellsop, late of Dublin, Ireland, in the 84th year of his age

MARIA MELLSOP died 4 July 1892 aged 88
New Zealand Herald, 8 July 1892

... MELLSOP - On July 4, at Waiuku, Maria, relict of the late John Mellsop, in her 89th year


from the site Cyclopedia of New Zealand (Auckland District)
(which mentions a mumber of the above)

there are 228 HARRIS on my tree - including New Zealand settlers

a list of the 228 HARRIS on my tree as at 24th September 2010

1. Harris, Abraham (1810 - 1874)
2. Harris, Abraham William (1882 - 1900)
3. Harris, Abraham 'ABE' (1858 - 1921)
4. Harris, Abraham 'DICK' (1876 - 1968)
5. Harris, Abraham 'JOHN' (1933 - 1989)
6. Harris, Abraham John 'ABE' (1855 - 1935)
7. Harris, Akuira (1916 - 1916)
8. Harris, Albert
9. Harris, Albert Redvers (1907 - 1971)
10. Harris, Alexander Thomas
11. Harris, Alexandria Victoria 'MAUDE' (1875 - 1963)
12. Harris, Alfred (1874 - 1937)
13. Harris, Alfred George (1861 - 1955)
14. Harris, Alfred John Samuel (1889 - 1917)
15. Harris, Alice Mabey (1868 - 1941)
16. Harris, Alice Marion (1892 - 1970)
17. Harris, Alice May (1899 - 1934)
18. Harris, Alisha June (b.1928)
19. Harris, Allan Rayner (1879 - 1918)
20. Harris, Allan Roy (1920 - 1986)
21. Harris, Alma Dolly (1901 - 1990)
22. Harris, Amey (b.1797)
23. Harris, Amy Gertrude (1879 - 1956)
24. Harris, Anne (b.1818)
25. Harris, Annie (1866 - 1867)
26. Harris, Annie (1867 - 1937)
27. Harris, Annie May (1897 - 1950)
28. Harris, Annie Myrtle (1901 - 1974)
29. Harris, Arthur Abraham (1872 - 1942)
30. Harris, Arthur Benjamin (1874 - 1937)
31. Harris, Arthur Ernest (b.1935)
32. Harris, Arthur Frank Bernard (1905 - 1975)

33. Harris, Bernard Orsman (1902 - 1978)
34. Harris, Bertha Hinemoa (1900 - 1956)
35. Harris, Bertha Mura (1899 - 1978)
36. Harris, Beryl Marjorie 'MAY' (1904 - 2002)
37. Harris, Blanche Ethel (1885 - 1955)
38. Harris, Bruce Campbell (b.1923)

39. Harris, Cavell Alicia (1916 - 1994)
40. Harris, Cecil 'DICK' (1906 - 1997)
41. Harris, Charles David (1843 - 1913)
42. Harris, Charles Leonard (1884 - 1962)
43. Harris, Charles Richard (1906 - 1978)
44. Harris, Charles Russell 'JACK' (1910 - 1974)
45. Harris, Charlotte (1854 - 1944)

46. Harris, David (1808 - 1874)
47. Harris, David (1842 - 1843)
48. Harris, David Trevor (1926 - 1952)
49. Harris, Dulcie Evelyn (1889 - 1972)

50. Harris, Edith Emma (1879 - 1888)
51. Harris, Edna Emma (1905 - 1981)
52. Harris, Edward (1773 - 1824)
53. Harris, Edward (b.1812)
54. Harris, Edward George (1867 - 1934)
55. Harris, Edward Richard (1835 - 1901)
56. Harris, Edward Shane (b.1947)
57. Harris, Eleanor 'HELEN' (1819 - 1882)
58. Harris, Eleanor 'Nellie' (b.1881)
59. Harris, Eliza (1852 - 1933)
60. Harris, Eliza Ann (1873 - 1908)
61. Harris, Eliza 'PHOEBE' (b.1874)
62. Harris, Elizabeth
63. Harris, Elizabeth (b.1803)
64. Harris, Elizabeth (1864 - 1923)
65. Harris, Elizabeth Jessie (1882 - 1930)
66. Harris, Elizabeth Sarah (1851 - 1913)
67. Harris, Elizabeth Ellen . (1844 - 1903)
68. Harris, Elizabeth Jessie (1875 - 1961)
69. Harris, Elizabeth Sarah (1868 - 1948)
70. Harris, Ellen Matilda (1848 - 1938)
71. Harris, Emily (1866 - 1936)
72. Harris, Emily Mary Jane 'JEAN' (1902 - 1987)
73. Harris, Emma (1856 - 1950)
74. Harris, Emma Jane (1860 - 1938)
75. Harris, Emma Jane (1835 - 1835)
76. Harris, Ernest William Gregory (1888 - 1979)
77. Harris, Eva Ellen (1883 - 1968)
78. Harris, Evelyn Arete 'RETE' (1904 - 1960)

79. Harris, Frances Holly 'RITA' (1904 - 1987)
80. Harris, Francis (1850 - 1869)
81. Harris, Frank Edgecombe (1892 - 1973)

82. Harris, George (1846 - 1894)
83. Harris, George (1877 - 1961)
84. Harris, George Edward (1889 - 1917)
85. Harris, George Gregory (1894 - 1979)
86. Harris, George Hutchinson (1911 - 1912)
87. Harris, George Richard (1937 - 1981)
88. Harris, George Rigby (1853 - 1857)
89. Harris, George Ernest (1876 - 1897)
90. Harris, George Pain Hutchinson (1891 - 1916)
91. Harris, Gwen Minnie (b.1933)

92. Harris, Harriett Ann (1868 - 1897)
93. Harris, Henry Edgecombe (1863 - 1932)
94. Harris, Henry Edgecombe (1887 - 1960)
95. Harris, Henry George 'GUV' (b.1873)
96. Harris, Henry Walter (1902 - 1978)
97. Harris, Herbert Hewinson (1872 - 1946)
98. Harris, Hubert Raymond Massey (1891 - 1918)

99. Harris, Ian Douglas (1932 - 2005)
100. Harris, Ian Layton (b.1953)
101. Harris, Ida May (1884 - 1952)
102. Harris, Ida May (1893 - 1957)
103. Harris, Ida Myrtle (b.1909)
104. Harris, Ihia Isabel Jessie 'Betty' (1915 - 1996)
105. Harris, Isabella Charlotte (1887 - 1934)
106. Harris, Ivy Catherine (b.1895)

107. Harris, Jack (1911 - 1966)
108. Harris, Jack Mabey (1921 - 2000)
109. Harris, James (1861 - 1937)
110. Harris, James (1866 - 1867)
111. Harris, James (b.1878)
112. Harris, James (1832 - 1887)
113. Harris, James (1833 - 1897)
114. Harris, James Nelson (1890 - 1954)
115. Harris, Jane (1842 - 1871)
116. Harris, Jane Amelia (b.1865)
117. Harris, Janet Belemore (1849 - 1925)
118. Harris, Jean
119. Harris, Jessie (1871 - 1927)
120. Harris, Jessie (1908 - 1965)
121. Harris, Jessie Rose (1875 - 1957)
122. Harris, Jessie Elizabeth (b.1884)
123. Harris, Joan (1805 - 1857)
124. Harris, Joan Edna (1932 - 1984)
125. Harris, Job (1879 - 1960)
126. Harris, Jobe
127. Harris, John
128. Harris, John (1845 - 1848)
129. Harris, John (1867 - 1900)
130. harris, John (1943 - 1943)
131. Harris, John B. (b.1848)
132. Harris, John George 'JACK' (1863 - 1936)
133. Harris, John Robert (1866 - 1910)
134. Harris, Jonah (1879 - 1897)
135. Harris, Jonah (1840 - 1917)
136. Harris, Joyce Louisa 'JOY' (b.1913)

137. Harris, Kathleen Valentine (1898 - 1898)
138. Harris, Kelly (1914 - 1993)

139. Harris, Leonard (1885 - 1946)
140. Harris, Leonard (1895 - 1969)
141. Harris, Leslie Charles Abraham (1925 - 1990)
142. Harris, Lilian Eade (1883 - 1967)
143. Harris, Lloyd George (1918 - 1962)
144. Harris, Luke (1818 - 1878)
145. Harris, Lulu Ivy (1902 - 1969)

146. Harris, Mabel Jane (1887 - 1966)
147. Harris, Margaret
148. Harris, Margaret Ellen (1889 - 1951)
149. Harris, Margaret Jimita (1895 - 1961)
150. Harris, Margaret Rose (b.1936)
151. Harris, Mary (1847 - 1931)
152. Harris, Mary (1865 - 1865)
153. Harris, Mary Ann (1871 - 1872)
154. Harris, Mary Harriet (1817 - 1836)
155. Harris, Mary Jane (1877 - 1942)
156. Harris, Mary Agnes (b.1889)
157. Harris, Mary Ann (b.1796)
158. Harris, Mary Ann (1844 - 1937)
159. Harris, Mary Ann (1861 - 1942)
160. Harris, Mary Ann (1831 - 1893)
161. Harris, Mary Ann 'SIS' (1883 - 1952)
162. Harris, Mary Ellen (1870 - 1927)
163. Harris, Mary Maria (1873 - 1907)
164. Harris, Mary Ann (b.1865)
165. Harris, Matilda (1871 - 1923)
166. Harris, Maud Annie (1876 - 1948)
167. Harris, May (1887 - 1962)
168. Harris, Merville Simpson (1901 - 1949)

169. Harris, Ned (1904 - 1970)
170. Harris, Nelson (b.1904)
171. Harris, Ngaire (1906 - 1907)
172. Harris, Noel Victor (1891 - 1929)

173. Harris, Olga Irene (1896 - 1966)
174. Harris, Olive Roberta Johnson (1896 - 1979)

175. Harris, Phebe Joyce (1913 - 1984)
176. Harris, Phillip James (b.1966)
177. Harris, Phoebe 'MINNIE' (1881 - 1942)
178. Harris, Phylis (1900 - 1976)
179. Harris, Phyllis Jessie 'JESS' (1899 - 1991)

180. Harris, Rachel (1863 - 1926)
181. Harris, Ralph ' Webb' (1908 - 1992)
182. Harris, Rayner 'RAY' (1894 - 1918)
183. Harris, Reuben John (1889 - 1896)
184. Harris, Rex Arthur Barlow (1913 - 1971)
185. Harris, Rita
186. Harris, Robert (1881 - 1969)
187. Harris, Rose Hannah (1881 - 1942)
188. Harris, Roy (1895 - 1918)

189. Harris, Samuel George
190. Harris, Samuel Gregory (1858 - 1907)
191. Harris, Samuel Gregory (1816 - 1902)
192. Harris, Sarah (b.1800)
193. Harris, Sarah Jane (1854 - 1854)
194. Harris, Sarah Ann (1844 - 1878)
195. Harris, Sarah Jane (1837 - 1918)
196. Harris, Sarah Jane Annie (1877 - 1972)
197. Harris, Sophia (1873 - 1922)
198. Harris, Sophia (1811 - 1888)
199. Harris, Sophia 'PEARL' (1887 - 1955)
200. Harris, Sophia Jane 'JENNIE' (1877 - 1928)
201. Harris, Sophia Jane Annie (1868 - 1910)
202. Harris, Sophia Ann Helen (1867 - 1956)
203. Harris, Sydney Abraham (1911 - 1989)
204. Harris, Sydney Reginald (1892 - 1961)

205. Harris, Thomas (1814 - 1818)
206. Harris, Thomas (1880 - 1950)
207. Harris, Thomas (1839 - 1924)
208. Harris, Thomas Abraham (1870 - 1948)
209. Harris, Thomas Errol (1891 - 1951)
210. Harris, Thomas John 'PUKIO JACK' (1905 - 1996)

211. Harris, Verna Doris (1897 - 1964)
212. Harris, Viva Elaine (1894 - 1897)

213. Harris, Wallace
214. Harris, Walter (1865 - 1936)
215. Harris, Walter (1910 - 1910)
216. Harris, Walter (1837 - 1915)
217. Harris, Walter Claude (1891 - 1917)
218. Harris, Walter Lawrence (1887 - 1896)
219. Harris, William (1860 - 1954)
220. Harris, William (1835 - 1901)
221. Harris, William Charles (1875 - 1938)
222. Harris, William Henry (1850 - 1853)
223. Harris, William James 'JOB' (1908 - 1961)
224. Harris, William Maxwell (b.1951)
225. Harris, William Walter (1870 - 1946)
226. Harris, William Henry (1868 - 1927)
227. Harris, Wyvern Edward (1898 - 1918)

228. Harris, Yvette Joan (b.1930)

they held HOTEL LICENSES in NELSON 1867

The first publicans' licences were issued in Nelson in April 1842. There had been considerable public agitation to legalize a trade which had begun to flourish outside the law. Eight licences were issued and another six the following year. All were within the town, except for one at Motueka.

Some of these first public houses lasted only a year or two and left little evidence of their existence. The Ship Inn of J. Collins, The Shamrock Inn of T.K. Warburton, the New Zealand Tavern of Thomas Bright and William White and William Miller's Tavern come into this category. The Auckland Hotel of Richard Mills, in Nile Street East, became a private boardinghouse in 1844.

Others with a short life-span were the Nelson Hotel of William Wright, at the junction of Bridge Street and Haven Road and Edward Ellerm's Lord Collingwood Inn, in Bridge Street. In 1843 the Lord Collingwood Inn was bought by T.K. Warburton and he added a ballroom, which was the scene of a select ball on New Year's Day 1844.
... more at link above

The ANNUAL LICENSING MEETING held on Tuesday, April 16, 1867 for the district of NELSON, was held at the Court-house beofre J. Poynter, sq., R.M., and the following Magistrates:- A. Richmond, N. G. Morse, N. Edwards, Captain Wright, Sheppard, Brunner, Renwick, G. White, W. W. Wells, A. Williams, and others

Some additional info taken from 19th CENTURY NELSON HOTELS
* PART 1 written c1987
* PART 2 written c1988

The following licenses were granted:

Ann ADAM, - Anchor Inn
... The Shipwright's Arms, on section 61 Haven Road, was licensed by Frederick Freeman in 1860. The six-roomed mud and wood house had been built in 1856. It was taken over by Stephen Adam in 1861 and renamed the Anchor Inn in 1862. Adam died in 1864 and the hotel was then run by his widow, Ann, until the late 1870s. A new Anchor Inn was built in 1883, with Benjamin Osborne becoming landlord and a name change to the Clarendon Hotel. It closed in the 1890s and became a boarding-house

Henry BALY, - Wine and Spirit Merchant

Henry Silvester BUSH, - Steam Boat Tavern
... The Haven Inn was licensed by William Crowther in 1854 and stood on section 39 Haven Road, at the bottom of Russell Street. In September 1856 Crowther respectfully advised lovers of the sport of skittle-playing that a large and commodious covered skittleground was now attached to the Haven Inn.
In the Police Court in April 1858, William Crowther accused Charles Hamilton of forcibly entering the Haven Inn and assaulting him. Crowther had hit Hamilton over the head with a soda bottle. The case was dismissed and both men were bound over to keep the peace.
At the licensing meeting in April 1858 the name was changed to the Northumberland Arms. John Marsden took the hotel over from Crowther in March 1860 and changed the name to the Steamboat Tavern. The hotel was rebuilt about 1864, with Henry Silvester Bush as landlord. Frederick Stock took over in 1872, but died two years later. The Steamboat Tavern had closed by 1887

Robert CARTER, - Lord Nelson Hotel
... On the north side of Bridge Street, between Trafalgar and Collingwood Streets, were the Lord Nelson (18651872) and the Geelong & Ballarat Hotel (18651868)

Hugh CORREGAN, - Miners' Arms
... The Miners' Arms Hotel, built in 1855, was on the north west corner of Hardy and Collingwood Streets. Henry Jasper was an early landlord. The hotel was rebuilt in 1883 and, before this, its name had been changed to the Panama Hotel. The Panama closed in July 1976 and the building is now used as legal offices

Hugh COTTIER, - Albion Hotel
... The Albion Hotel was over the road from the Pier, at the entrance to the Albion Wharf. It was licensed by Frederick Stock in April 1859. Later landlords were Hugh Cottier and Samuel Wadman. It ceased operating as an hotel in the 1880s. The building was demolished in 1910 and the site was later used for the Port police station

Robert DISHER, - Trafalgar Hotel
... George Taylor took the Anchor Inn in 1852. In November 1854 he advised that the building was to be replaced and that he trusted, in a short period, to be able to provide superior and comfortable accommodation for both man and horse. The new building deserved a new name and, the following March, Mr & Mrs Taylor advertised that their new and extensive premises, the Trafalgar Hotel, would be open in a few weeks.
Mrs Taylor had secured the services of an experienced French cook, which would enable her to provide dinners in a superior style. An active and efficient tavern waiter had also been engaged and visitors could depend on receiving attention and civility. In conclusion they trusted that the Trafalgar would, like the illustrious battle which gave it name, not be forgotten by the 'men of Nelson'. This building stood until 1907, when the Trafalgar Hotel became an elaborate three storey structure

Joseph EDWARDS, - Prince of Wales Hotel
... The Prince of Wales Hotel was in Collingwood Street, between Nile and Manuka Streets. It was run by Joseph Edwards, in a five-roomed cottage, from 1864 to 1867. Its moment of fame came in August 1866, when a barman rescued nine year old Henry Webb from a runaway horse and took him into the hotel. Henry suffered broken bones, but there was hope of a recovery

Edward EVERETT, - Bank Hotel
... The Bank Hotel stood next door to the Masonic in Hardy Street and was destroyed in the 1867 fire. The building was owned by Edward Everett and had been built in 1859. Originally the location of the Nelson Club, it had become an hotel in 1865

Charles GENTRY, - Wakatu Hotel
... The Wakatu Hotel, the best known of the early public houses, stood on the north-west corner of Trafalgar and Bridge Streets. It had been built in 1843, by the merchants Nathan and Joseph, to replace their store at Auckland Point. They sold-up in August 1843 and the building was leased to James Williams, who continued to use it as a store and auction rooms. In October 1844, Williams absconded in debt to Alexander Perry, another merchant, who then rented the building. Perry converted it for use as a public house, and it was licenced as the Wakatu Hotel early in 1845. The first landlord was John McDonald, a gardener of Brook Street.
The Wakatu Hotel, described as commodious premises, included a billiard room and was an important social centre in the early days of the settlement. It was the scene of many public and private meetings and testimonial dinners. When it closed, The Colonist noted that a visit to the Wakatu Hotel had been regarded by country residents as the one relief from their struggles, as they had always been sure of finding congenial company there.
The Bank of New South Wales bought the property in 1877 and advertised the buildings for removal. The buildings and their contents were auctioned on 13 July 1877. The contents, which included spittoons, found a ready market and the buildings were purchased for thirtynine pounds by Thomas Harley, who had been born on the premises.
Next door to the Wakatu Hotel in Bridge Street stood the Galatea Hotel, built in 1868. Thomas Askew was the first landlord. The licence was taken by Mrs Russell in 1873 and the name changed to the Exchange Hotel. The Exchange closed on 17 September 1951 and its licence went to the Metropolitan Hotel

James GRAHAM, - Thistle Inn
... Further along Bridge Street, the Thistle Inn stood between Harley Street and Provincial Lane. It was built in 1855, was still there in 1876, but had gone by 1887

Henry JASPER, - Pier Hotel
... The Pier Hotel was built on section 34 at the Port by Hooper & Co in 1859. It was licensed by Joseph Winterburn and had nine rooms. In 1885 a new Pier Hotel was built alongside the existing building. The Pier closed 9 September 1967 and was demolished 1 October 1967

W. JENNINGS, - London Tavern
... The London Tavern, built in 1857 on section 60, was double-storeyed, with thirteen rooms. In January 1858 the Nelson Examiner reported that Mr F. Stock had opened his spacious hotel with a sumptuous dinner, and the toast drunk "success to the landlord". It suffered a succession of landlords and by 1873 had ceased to operate as an hotel. It became a boarding house and private residence, until finally taken for school grounds in the 1970s

John JERVIS, - Commercial Hotel
... In 1843 the Lord Collingwood Inn was bought by T. K. Warburton and he added a ballroom, which was the scene of a select ball on New Year's Day 1844. Warburton had also held the licence for the Commercial Hotel in Bridge Street. In 1843 the Commercial was taken by J. Cockburn. It was described as extensive premises and included a billiard room

Thomas MARTIN, - Rising Sun
... The Rising Sun Hotel, in Waimea Road near the corner with Van Dieman Street, was built in 1857 and licensed by John Goldsworthy in 1858. Thomas Martin presided in the 1860s, followed by H. Hall, J. R. Gilbert and Alfred Bradley. The hotel was rebuilt in 1883 and continues in the same building

Charles McGEE, - Nelson Hotel
... Others with a short life-span were the Nelson Hotel of William Wright, at the junction of Bridge Street and Haven Road and Edward Ellerm's Lord Collingwood Inn, in Bridge Street. In 1843 the Lord Collingwood Inn was bought by T. K. Warburton and he added a ballroom, which was the scene of a select ball on New Year's Day 1844

Charles MOORE, - Post Boy Hotel
... The Post Boy Hotel, at the corner of Vanguard and Gloucester Streets, was licensed by George Potter in 1868, in a house built in 1866. His widow continued to run the hotel for several years after his death in 1872. The building was condemned by the Licensing Committee in 1930 and a new hotel opened in December of that year, with the name The Club. In March 1939 the name reverted to the Post Boy

Stephen OWENS, - Mitre Hotel
... The Mitre Hotel, on the north-west corner of the intersection, was built in 1859. Another victim of the 1866 fire, it was rebuilt the same year and was renamed the Criterion Hotel in the 1870s. It had become the Temperance Hotel by 1887, which must have gladdened the heart of the Temperance Hall over the road. It lasted until 1912

Joseph PORTHOUSE, - Royal Hotel
... Information on a fire in the old Royal Hotel, Bridge Street, in March 1915, has been found since writing part one of this article. The replacement for this building combined with the Metropolitan Private Hotel on the corner, to open as the new Royal Hotel in 1916

George POTTER, - Coach and Horses
... The Freemasons' Arms, on the north-east corner of Trafalgar and Bridge Streets, was licenced in 1842 by F. A. Lloyd. It became a centre for members of the Oddfellows Lodge, who held their meetings there. Thomas Sullivan, a central figure in the Lodge, held the licence from 1846 to 1854 and, in 1847, the name was changed to the Oddfellows' Arms. It was the venue for Lodge dinners and for their charity occasions for widows and orphans. In 1856, the Oddfellows built their own hall and transferred their activities to it.
William Akersten took the licence in 1858 and changed the name to the Marine Hotel, reflecting his interests at the Port, where he had a well-known chandlery. Akersten advertised that Lloyd's Register, Marryatt's signal books, charts of New Zealand and many works of reference in nautical matters, would always be found on the table of the Captain's Room
Charles McGee took over in 1859 and the Marine Hotel was advertised to let in January 1864. George Potter, the new licencee, gave the hotel a new name the Coach and Horses. The building was replaced in stages, beginning with the Trafalgar Street frontage in 1870. This was added to in Bridge Street in 1877 and there were later extensions along Trafalgar Street. The hotel had its final change of identity in 1906, when it became the Central Hotel. It closed in December 1972 and the licence went to the new Rutherford Hotel. The building still stands. see photo

George RICHARDSON, - Golden Fleece Hotel
... The Fleece Tavern was built at the corner of Nile Street and what is now Rutherford Street in 1858. George Richardson held the licence until his death in 1869. The name changed to the Golden Fleece in the early 1860s. The hotel was the venue for Nelson Building Society meetings for many years. In May 1904 Alexander Handel advertised that he had taken the Golden Fleece, which had been thoroughly renovated and refurnished "accommodation and liquor will speak for themselves". The hotel was rebuilt in 1916. An application was granted in December that year for the Golden Fleece to carry on in temporary premises. The new building was half completed, but the contractors were experiencing difficulty in obtaining bricklayers. On the application of Mr E. Moore, the name was changed to that of the Dominion Hotel

Frederick STOCK, - Custom House Hotel
... The Customhouse Hotel was built in 1865, opposite Akersten's store at the Port. John Hitchcock was the first licensee and others included Mrs Beaver, John Gilmer and then his wife. In the early hours of 26 November 1903 the hotel was gutted by a fire, which also destroyed the Union Steamship Company's Office. Frank Dakin the landlord, his family and other occupants escaped with minor injuries, but Mr Bridle lost his bicycle

Jonathan Akrill THORNTON, - Victoria Hotel
... previously Bridge Hotel

Richard TOWNSEND, - Greyhound Inn

Joseph TRIMBLE, - Masonic Hotel
... Opposite the Commercial Hotel, on the north-east corner, stood the Masonic Hotel. Built of wood in 1850, it was destroyed by fire on 7 November 1867. It was replaced by a two storied brick building and its rather harsh appearance was softened by the later addition of stone facings. The Masonic Hotel was demolished 16 April 1955. The Bank Hotel stood next door to the Masonic in Hardy Street and was destroyed in the 1867 fire. The building was owned by Edward Everett and had been built in 1859. Originally the location of the Nelson Club, it had become an hotel in 1865

W. K. WATERS, - Geelong and Ballarat Hotel
... On the north side of Bridge Street, between Trafalgar and Collingwood Streets, were the Lord Nelson (18651872) and the Geelong & Ballarat Hotel (18651868)

John WHENT, - Prince Albert Hotel
... The Prince Albert Hotel was built in 1857, a little further along Nile Street East from its namesake. Owned by Hooper and Dodson, the first licence holder was Joseph Edwards. He was followed by G. Herwin and William Good. The Prince Albert was rebuilt in 1888, opening on 12 November of that year, and this building survives today

John WILSON, - Bush Inn

William WRIGHT, - Ship Hotel
... The Ship Hotel was licensed in 1866 by William Wright, in a building put up in 1861 and added to in 1865. It was on section 35 at the Port and later landlords included James Jacks and Joseph Moreling. The name changed to the Tasman Hotel in 1912 and the hotel closed 16 July 1966, making way for the present Tasman Tavern

Henry John Louis AUGARDE, - Turf Hotel, Stoke

William AUTY, - Motueka Hotel, Motueka
... The first publicans' licences were issued in Nelson in April 1842. There had been considerable public agitation to legalize a trade which had begun to flourish outside the law. Eight licences were issued and another six the following year. All were within the town, except for one at Motueka

Thomas William BENFIELD, - Star and Garter, Richmond
... Lower down Queen Street today, the Star and Garter Hotel still serves the travelling public and local people under the management of Mr Jack Pretty. The present roughcast building was built to replace the old wooden building which was demolished after being damaged by fire in 1950. The first building was sited off the roadway. A curved carriageway was a distinguishing feature of this hotel, only removed when the establishment was rebuilt, although several structural changes had been made. Mr J. R. Dodson was the owner in 1880 and onwards. Numerous landlords have served loyally over the years. Some who were there before 1900 were: 1860 R. Disher, 1865 R. Malcolm, 1867 T. W. Benfield, 1873 W. Tovey, 1886 J. Harris, 1892 Matthew Green, 18951903 J. Schroder, who was relieved by Mr Hurley and son. And so the list goes on spanning 133 years of service since George Snow conferred the name of a well known London Inn on the first hotel in Richmond

C. BLACK, - Wheat Sheaf, Richmond

Newman BOSELEY, - Bay View Hotel

John DISHER, - Spring Grove Hotel, Spring Grove

A. HUBBARD, - Elephant and Castle, Ranzau

George LYNE, - Swan Inn, Motueka

George Fairweather MOONLIGHT, - White Hart, Richmond
... Built in 1867 by George Moonlight, almost opposite the Red Horse, was the White Hart, displaying a white deer with wide spread antlers. Following George Moonlight was Mrs Kite in 1871, J. Hay 1888, Victor Granville 1889, Henry Satherley 1890, Mr Brocklebank 1898. It, too, was razed by fire and rebuilt as a boarding house. Mrs Windlebourne kept that for a number of years. John Sharp was owner in 1887. The Gladstone Park Motor Camp caretaker lives in the third building to be erected on the site

John RYAN, - Plough Inn, Richmond

H. WARREN, - Red Horse, Richmond

John DEVONPORT, - Commercial Billiard Saloon

R. DISHER, Trafalgar Hotel

The application of Adolphus DIDSON, for a license at Riwaka, was refused

- formerly the MARINE HOTEL until 1864 -

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they lost their lives on the SS WAIRARAPA - midnight 28 October 1894

the ss WAIRARAPA sailed from Sydney at 6:00pm on Wednesday October 24th 1894. It sank at 8 minutes after midnight (morning of) October 29th 1894 after striking Great Barrier Island outside Auckland

Because the ship's books and papers (passenger list) were lost nearly every site visited has a different number of deaths. This journal will endeavour to record them as accurately as intensive research allows. Your help would be welcome ...

The original list of all those drowned on the wreck of the ss WAIRARAPA on the night of 28th October 1894 was taken from the Otago Daily Times through Papers Past
- that article is very, very long and very informative about the tradgey and those that died

- another source of names was from SS Wairarapa Graves which also supplied these statistics, (bearing in mind that every source differs in the exact numbers on board and who died):

Male Crew 17 died, 45 survived, total 62 - 72.6% survived
Female Crew 3 died, 0 survived, total 3 - 0% survived
Total Crew
- 20 died, 45 survived, total 65 69.2% survived
Woman & Children 54 died, 18 survived, total 72 - 25% survived
Male passengers 51 died, 62 survived, total 113 - 54.9% survived
Total passengers
- 105 died, 80 survived, total 185 - 43.2% survived
Total = 125 died, 125 survived, total 250 - 50% survived

Statements by Survivors

I have put the names in surname alphabetical order for easier reference

- many names and/or ages have been difficult to find as many of the passengers were from Australia.
Your help to complete this list would be appreciated ..

Miss Chris Arkle age ?, Christchurch
- Daughter of Mr James Arkle, (Mayor) of Eblana Bank, Palmerston
- Sister in law of Mr Hubbard, bookkeeper at Fletcher, Humphreys & Co.
- Returning from holiday in Australia. Saloon passenger
- Drowned in an attempt to get ashore

Mr James Bailey age ?, Livingstone, North Otago

Mr Baker aged ? - death not veified

Henry Thomas Baldwin age 3, Wellington
Sydney Jesse Baldwin age 85, Wellington
Mrs H Baldwin age ? Wellington

Miss Barton, aged ?

Mr J Beregar age ? ex Prinz Regent Luitpold for Wellington
- From Germany, steerage passenger

Mrs Begg, a daughter of the late Mr North of Portobello and sister of Mr H. North, farmer of Omimi

Mr George Bird age ?, Wellington
Mrs Bird age ?

Mr J A or J E Bowker age ?, Daylesford Victoria

Mr Arthur Bray age ?, Sydney
Asher Bray age 24

Mr G Bromwell age ?, Napier

Pascoe Brown aged 6,
William Foster Brown aged 8
Mr George Brown age ?
Jane Brown aged 62
Sarah Brown aged 28
(1 of these was Mrs Foster Brown, Auckland)

Patrick Burke age 41-45, Crew, Sailor
- a married man living in Main Rd, Woodhaugh

Miss E Burton age ?, Sydney

Mr T Butler age ?, Napier
Mrs Butler age ?, Napier

Mr George Chick age ? Port Chalmers. Well known licensee of Chick's Hotel. Body may not have been found. Brother in law of Mr Warry who also perished

Mr G Clark/Clarke age ?, Napier

Mr James Cooper aged 34-40, Crew, Trimmer
- born in England, lived in Melbourne. Unmarried

Mr Albert Courtney/Courtenay age 21
Mrs Ellen Courtney/Courtenay (nee Evans), Albert's wife age ?
Albert Thomas George Courtenay age 11 weeks
- big thank you to travelnut for names & ages (see comments below)

Mr John Cree age ?, Oamaru

Mr Richard Croucher aged 32, Crew, Steward
- married man of Auckland

Elizabeth Clara Crowther aged 7 months
Sylvia Fredericka Crowther aged 3
Laura Maud Crowther aged 7
Mr Frederick Crowther aged 35
Mrs Laura Elizabeth Crowther aged 27

Mr T or J Davis age ?, ex German steamer

Mr John Dean age ?

Mr Mark Dickson age ?, ex Austral, Edinburgh

Mr J Donovan age ?, Geelong

Mr David Dryborough age ?, Sydney

Mr Stephen Dunckley age 53, drysalter, Essendon, Melbourne

Mr Frederick Ellis age ? - death not verified

Laura Flavell age 27, Captain Salvation Army, Christchurch

Mrs J M Fyfe age ? Dunedin
- wife of Mr . M. Fyfe of the firm Fyfe and Cuming, drapers
- resided in Queen St, Dunedin she left in the Mararoa 12th Sep
Infant Fyfe age ? Dunedin

Miss Annie Glen age ?, Sydney

Mr A Gordon age ? ex Austral

Miss Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Grindrod age 34, Crew, Stewardess
- single woman of Melbourne. FOrmerly with the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Company

Mr Thomas or G Hastie age ?, North Otago

Mr P Heavey age ? - death not verified

Mr Charles Walter Hill age 36, of Wallace & Co, Chemists, Christchurch
Mrs Sarah Hannah Hill age 37, Christchurch

Mrs H Hollis age ?, Adelaide

Mr Arthur Holmes age 24, Crew, Assistant Forecabin Steward
- born in London, unmarried and lived in Clarendon St, Dunedin

Reverend Mr Hotcke age ? Lutheran missionary, Minyip Victoria

Mr T C or J C Howland age ?, Livingstone, North Otago

Mr W Johnstone age ?, ex RMS Austral

Mr Elias Jones age 22, Crew, Fireman
- unmarried son of Elias Jones who lived between Warrington and Omimi

Mr William Henry Judd aged about 50, Crew, Chief Steward
- he was the oldest steward on the books of the Union Company whom he joined in January 1876. Prior to this he was the chief steward of the steamers Albion and Hero and for about 9 years he was providoring for Mr D. Gibson of Melbourne

Miss H Keen age ? - death not verified

Mr Andrew Kelly age ?, Dunedin

Miss Daisy Knight age ?, Wellington, neice of the Chief Justice, returning from a lengthy visit to Australia

Mr J.F. 'Fred' Leighton age ?, was returning home after 4½ years

Mary Emma Levesque (nee Wilcock) age 27. Geelong. Married James Daniel Levesque (scroll to end at that link)

Mr J Lewis age ?, a butcher in Hope St Dunedin. Left a wife and family

Mr G Lyon age ?, Napier

Mr J L Mackay age ?

Mr W Denniston Manderson age ? West Coast

Mrs Archibald Manderson age ?, Sydney, NSW

Mrs C W Martin age ? by the Prinz Regen Luitpold (German Mail Steamer) to Australia

Mr George McDonald age 16, Crew, Deck Boy
- brother of James below
- they lived with their widowed mother at the corner of Cumberland and Dundas St Dunedin

Mr James McDonald age 15, Crew, Brass Boy/Saloon Boy
- brother of George McDonald above

Mrs Charlotte McDonald age 34, Crew, Stewardess
- a widow living in Port Chalmers. She had 4 children dependant n her. Her husband had been emplyed by the Union Company as a shore hand

Mr Robert OR John McGee age 33, Crew, Trimmer
- unmarried, lived in Sydney

Mr John McIntosh age 40, Crew, the Captain.
- As the bridge gave way he dived into the sea with a woman and neither was seen again

Rev Seraphim McIvor C.P. age ?, Hobart

Mr Joseph/James McKenzie age 50, Leeds, England

Mr Charles McKinnon age ?, East Strathbourne, Victoria

Mr Allan James McLean aged about 25 Crew, Steward
- single man, he was a native of Victoria and was a new man in the service of the Union Steam Ship Company

Mr John McLeod age 37, Crew, Sailor
- married man with 3 children
- lived in the Wairarapa since 1890
- lived at the Glen, Mornington
Mr Duncan McMillan age 25, Waikouaiti

Miss Annie McQuaid age 27, Crew, Assistant Stewardess
- single woman, daughter of Mr R. MacQuaid, poulterer of George St Dunedin

Mr James Melicie age ?, Naples, ex Austral

Mr Charles Alfred Merrill age 27, Crew, Trimmer
- married man His wife & child lived in Melbourne
- former jockey

Mr A Mills age ?, Te Aroha

Mr Hugh Monaghan aged 36-41, Crew, Baker
- single man. Baker

Miss Agnes Morse Pitches age ?, bound for Southland, ex German steamer

Mr Edward Pratt age 26, Crew, Lamp Trimmer
- single man. He lived in Dunedin

Mrs Jane Rayward age 30, Christchurch
Dorothy Rayward age 2, Christchurch
Gwendoli Rayward age 6 months, Christchurch

Miss Read age ? ex RMS Austral for Wellington

Mrs Rhodes age ?, Cairns, Queensland
Infant Rhodes age ?, Cairns, Queensland

Mrs Rosmergy age ?, New Plymouth
Miss Rosmergy age ? New Plymouth
Miss Rosmergy age ? New Plymouth

Mary Ann Stewart Rowbotham age 45. Sydney

Mr Leslie Runting age ?, Melbourne

Mrs T (Louisa) Ryan (nee Smith) age 28, Port Chalmers. Daughter of Mrs Nicokas (Mary) Smith below. Louisa married Thomas Ryan, a Fireman on board, a few months before

Mr William Scoular age 64
- head of the firm of W. Scoular and Co., of Jetty St, Dunedin & his wife and two daughters
- played the violin and was a performing member of the Dunedin Orchestral Society
Mrs Fanny Mary Scoular age 48, Dunedin
Fanny Scoular age 17, Dunedin both her & Nellie were educated at the Girls High
Nellie Scoular age 19, Dunedin

Mr Andrew Sherry, otherwise J Donovan age ?, Geelong Victoria

Mr Walter Simpson age 35, Crew, Sailor
- single man. A native of Scotland

Mr W H Sinclair age ?

Mrs Skewes age ?, Napier. Husband survived
Child Skewes age ?, Napier
Child Skewes age ?, Napier
Child Skewes age ?, Napier

Mrs M (Amelia) Smith age ?, Auckland, ex RMS Austral, wife of a well known civil servant

Mrs Nicholas (Mary) Smith (nee Coleman) age 52, Port Chalmers
- Mother of Mrs T Ryan above. Mary was born in 1842 at Boyle, County Roscommon IRL, the daughter of Dominic COLEMAN and Mary McHUGH, she arrived at Port Chalmers on the GANANOQUE in 1863.
- She married Nicholas Smith at Dunedin in 1864

Mr Joe Some age ?

Mr Thomas Spencer age 68, Auckland

Mr William Stanley age ? Geelong Victoria

Mrs C or D Stewart age ?, Launceston, Tasmania

Mr E Stuckey age ?, England, ex RMS Austral

Miss Sullivan age ?, Hunter Hil, Sydney

Mr J. Talbot age ?, Victoria

Mr Tarabochia age ?, Naples, ex Austral. Master Tarahochia survived

Mrs G. Tuckworth age ?, Wellington
Child Tuckworth age ?, Wellington

Mr Henry Vear age 42, Crew, Chief Cook

Mr F. Veneke age not recorded

Mrs Eliza Vorbach (nee Schild) age 70, Victoria, Australia for Blenheim
full name was Elizabetha Margretha, born in Germany 1894
- big thank you to leebear for more info (see comments below)

Mr Chan Wong age not recorded

Mr William Warry age ?, Port Chalmers
- brother in law of George Chick. Buried in Port Chalmers

Mrs Hephzibah Waterhouse age 41, Dungong, NSW
Hephzibah Marguerite Lawry Waterhouse age 3, Dungong, NSW

Mr West age ?, booked for Port Chalmers
Mrs West age ?, booked for Port Chalmers
Master West age ?, booked for Port Chalmers
Master West age ?, booked for Port Chalmers

Mr William Whaley age 45, Camberwell, Victoria

Frank Carlton White age 33, Ballarat, Victoira. Shared a cabin with JC White below

Mr James Charles White age 85, from Jondaryan Queensland, had been in NZ for 66 years

Miss Sarah Williams aged 20, Auckland, became tangled in the line which was made from the foremast rigging in an attempt to get people ashore

Mr Willis age ?, former shop assistant at Wallace & Co Chemist Christchurch. Had been in Australia for medical treatment for varicose veins

Harry Year, cook. He was a resident of Auckland and joined the steamer from there. He had previously been cook on the Moa and Takapuna

the SS WAIRARAPA from Wikipedia

the book the Wreck of the S.S. Wairarapa

the book on trademe as at October 2010 Eight Minutes Past Midnight

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they sailed from AUCKLAND to MELBOURNE & SYDNEY on ss HERO - 19 Jan 1872

From the DAILY SOUTHERN CROSS 19 January 1873

s.s. HERO, 851 tons, Logan, for Sydney and Melbourne.



Captain and Mrs FOX & child
Mr Robert HORNE

Joseph BOFFA
William COLE


Mr BATEMAN & family
Mr & Mrs HODGE
Mrs Morris MARKS who was travelling with her recently widowed daughter:
- Mrs Albert Ephraim COHEN (Lizzie Marks aged 23)


- Cruickshank, Smart and Co., agents

CARGO per s.s. HERO
for Sydney:-
123 bales flax - J. R. ROBERTS
25 bags grass seed - R. BAIRD and Co.
3 packages - HENDERSON and MacFARLANE
7 boxes gold - BANK of NEW SOUTH WALES
2 cases fish - F. W. NELD and Co.

for Melbourne:-
1 case cigars - H. N. ABBOTT
16 bales flax - J. S. MacFARLAND
4 casks horse-shoes,
80 ingots zinc,
2 cases Muntz metal,
and 33 bales sundries - A. SMART
1 case drapery - A. CLARK and Son
1 box tobacco, 1 case jewellery, 5 cases drugs

Auckland in 1872
from the site Auckland Art Gallery, Toi o Tamaki

Thomas AITKEN + Isabella Noble MORTON - Invercargill

from WOODLAND marriages 1864 - 1920

* Thomas AITKEN aged 24 (1866-1934)
married 18 December 1889 to:
* Isabella Noble MORTON aged 26 (1861-1949 born County Cavan)

- the known children of THOMAS & ISABELLA:
... 1
1891 - 1947 Harold Morton Aitken

- Harold married Elsie ENGLAND in 1918
HAROLD died 8 March 1947 in Dunedin
- last address 21A London street
ELSIE died 30 Dec 1966 in Invercargill aged 76
- last address 3 Harewood court
- they are buried together Plot 22, Block 200 at Andersons Bay cemetery

... 2
1894 - 1966 Stanley Brown Aitken
STANLEY died 30 July 1966 aged 72

... 3
1901 - 1952 Ethel Gertrude Aitken
- Ethel wasn't married
- she died 9 June 1952 aged 50
- her last address was 88 St Andrew street
- she is buried with her parents (see photo)

* Thomas died 7 August 1934 aged 68
- his last address was Ramrig street
* Isabella died 2 February 1949 aged 88
- her last address was 17 Ramrig street
- they are buried together Plot 162, Block 24 Easter cemetery Invercargill

PLOT 162, BLOCK 24
at Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill
HEADSTONE READS: (2 headstones)
Thomas 1866 - 1934
Isabella Noble 1861 - 1949
Ethel Gertrude 1900 - 1952

Thomas AMBROSE & Elizabeth MURRAY, buried Woodville New Zealand

Elizabeth Murray was born about 1845

She married Thomas Ambrose Ambrose in 1876
their (known) children were:
1877-1950 Spencer James Ambrose
- married Ada May Corner in 1903
they had Spencer William Ambrose in 1904, died 1972
- Ada died aged 38 in 1915
- he married Emily Ure (1885-1979) in 1917
- daughter of Robert & Emily Ure

1879-1918 Albert Thomas Ambrose
- served in WWI as a Private
- serial number 47384
- NZEF, 26th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company
- embarked 9-6-1917 on the Willochra
- DIED OF WOUNDS 1-10-1918 in France
- buried II.G.10.
Ribecourt British Cemetery, Nord, France

1881-1935 Ada Ethel Ambrose
- died aged 53, didn't marry

1886-1886 Ella Celia Ambrose
- died aged 5 weeks

Elizabeth was living at 50 Coromandel St, Wellington when son Thomas enlisted. She was at 138 Owen St, Wellington when he died in France

- Elizabeth is buried next to her husband Thomas who died aged 75, 13 years before her, in the Old Gorge Cemetery in Woodville.
Her details were provided by her son Spencer James Ambrose on 27-1-1927

Thomas ARTHUR + Elizabeth DAWSON - Invercargill

from WOODLAND marriages 1864 - 1920

* Thomas ARTHUR aged 38 (1839-1912)
married 25 April 1878 to:
* Elizabeth DAWSON aged 22

- the known children of THOMAS + ELIZABETH:
... 1
1879 - ? Ellen Ninetty? Arthur

... 2
1880 - 1941 Sidney Harcourt Arthur
- Sidney died aged 60

... 3
1881 - 1882 Winnifred Inez Arthur
- Winnifred died 28 January 1882 aged 6 months
- she is buried Plot 7, Block 4 at Eastern cemetery, Invercargill

... 4
1882 - 1883 Francis Wilfred Arthur
- Francis died 16 October 1883 aged 10 months
- he is buried Plot 7, Block 4 at Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill

... 5
1884 - 1973 Frances Dunseath Arthur
- Frances married Hugh Brereton TENNENT in 1908

... 6
1886 - ? Reginald Rossiter Arthur
- Reginald married Jeanette FLEMING in 1911

... 7
1889 - Olive Evelyn Arthur
- Olive married Rupert Percy WITTENHALL in 1907

THOMAS Arthur died 18 December 1912 aged 73 in Wellington
- he is buried Plot 7, BLock 4 at Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill

, Invercargill
... interred in Plot 7, Block 4:
1874 - Agnes Arthur age not recorded
1880 - Mary Arthur aged 13
1882 - Winnifred Inez Aethur aged 6 months
1883 - Francis Wilfred Arthur aged 10 months
1893 - John Arthur aged 81
1893 - Margaret Minnie Arthur aged 14 months
1897 - Hannah Arthur aged 82
1903 - Helen Binette/Ninaette Arthur aged 24
1912 - Thomas Arthur aged 73 (died in Wellington)

Thomas ASKEW 1841-1891 - buried Woodville, New Zealand

Thomas Askew was born about 1841
he died in 1891 and is buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery in Woodville

- 3rd October 1891

A settler named Thomas Askew, says the Woodville Examiner, who had a section and house in the settlement, died on Sunday night. Mr and Mrs Askew have been living at Ashhurst but deceased came to the settlement to prepare the way for their return.
Mr Goff who lives near, sent a child over for some vegetables and on her knocking at the door she heard groans and opened it, when deceased was found to be dying. He was attended to but died as above,
Deceased had been complaining of being unwell for sometime and a post mortem examination conducted by Dr Davemport revealed the fact that death resulted from cancer. He has four sons occupying responsible positions at Lyttelton

Please leave a comment if you can help with his wife, children and life in Ashhurst and Woodville

When Thomas died his details were provided by Joseph Barrott on 30-9-1891 - who was Joseph Barrott?
Who was Mr Goff, Thomas's' neighbour

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