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the WRATT on PECK of TAITA (includes New Zealand settlers)

the WRATT on the tree as at 15th October 2010

1. Wratt, Ada Ann (b.1884)

2. Wratt, Ann (1824 - 1907)

3. Wratt, Arthur Laurence (b.1887)

4. Wratt, Arthur Robert (1863 - 1933)

5. Wratt, Doris Evelyn Estelle (1899 - 1993)

6. Wratt, Elizabeth Hannah

7. Wratt, Elsie (1893 - 1909)

8. Wratt, Elsie Agnes (1892 - 1892)

9. Wratt, Elsie Harriett (1896 - 1995)

10. Wratt, Emma Evaline (b.1890)

11. Wratt, Ernest George (1904 - 1904)

12. Wratt, George (1850 - 1942)

13. Wratt, George (1822 - 1871)
- married Hannah McARTHUR

14. Wratt, George Rasmus (1888 - 1957)

15. Wratt, Ivy May (b.1885)

16. Wratt, Jane (b.1847)

17. Wratt, John Godfrey (1890 - 1929)

18. Wratt, John McArthur (1853 - 1945)

19. Wratt, Katherine (1843 - 1914)

20. Wratt, Laurence William (1895 - 1896)

21. Wratt, Richard (1845 - 1925)

22. Wratt, Sarah Ann

23. Wratt, William (1826 - 1897)

the wreck of the CYRUS - Wellington 1874

Ship "Cyrus"
- under Powell ANDREWS

Date of Casualty : 7 Mar 1874
Name of Master : Powell ANDREWS
Age of Vessel : 6 years
Rig : Barque
Register Tonnage : 317
Number of Crew : 10
Number of Passengers : 3
Nature of Cargo : Ballast, 90 tons
Nature of Casualty : Stranded; total loss
Number of Lives Lost : 5
Place of Accident : Two and a half miles to the eastward
of Sinclair Head, Cook Strait
Wind Direction : SE
Wind Force : Strong breeze

Finding of Court of Inquiry
Master careless in navigation of his vessel. His certificate
suspended for twelve months. But as he endeavoured to do his
duty, was always at his post sober and steady, Court recommended
that first mate's certificate be granted to him during period
of suspension of his certificate as master.

* James de Montmorency Wrigglsworth aged 7
* Harold de Montmorency Wrigglesworth aged 5
* second mate of the ship Cyrus
* seaman of the ship Cyrus
- Jane and her children were crushed to death by the falling of the deckhouse. The 2 men lost their lives trying to get a rope to Jane and her children. The others on board were rescued by people from the shore. The vessel was reduced to matchwood within hours. Captain Andrews's crtificate was suspened for 12 months

Owhiro Bay is home to the CYRUS and the WELLINGTON, which went down on the same day within yards of each other

Three masted barque of 317 tons, built at Prince Edward Island in 1874.
Length 119 ft, Beam 27 ft, Depth 15 ft.

Lies 60m off shore on the west side of Owhiro Bay. In 5m of water on a rock and gravel bottom. Visibility 2-8m.

The Incident:
On 7 March 1874 was blown up on rocks during a terrific gale while sailing from Wellington to Australia in ballast. 50m to the west the Wellington was being wrecked at the same time.

Virtually nothing identifiable remains, however close inspection of the sea floor has revealed pieces of copper sheath, nails or brass. Gold and silver coins, and jewellery have also appeared.

the WRIGHT on PECK of TAITA (includes New Zealand settlers)

the WRIGHT on the tree as at 15th October 2010

1. Wright, Andrew Dean

2. Wright, Cristopher John

3. Wright, Daniel

4. Wright, Edith Ellen (1880 - 1958)

5. Wright, Eliza Larkins (1849 - 1879)

6. Wright, Elizabeth Jane (1839 - 1910)

7. Wright, Ester Hiatt - (1731 - 1778)

8. Wright, Harriet (b.1841)

9. Wright, Herbert S. (1885 - 1945)

10. Wright, Isabelle Darling (1915 - 1982)

11. Wright, James William (1852 - 1925)

12. Wright, Kelly Joanne

13. Wright, Louisa Fanny Pane (1859 - 1948)

14. Wright, Mary Ann (1837 - 1904)

15. Wright, Mavis Christian

16. Wright, Nola Barbara (1910 - 1990)

17. Wright, Percy

18. Wright, Peter

19. Wright, Samuel Charles (b.1874)

20. Wright, William

21. Wright, William Darling (1875 - 1953)

the WRIGLEY on PECK of TAITA (includes New Zealand settlers)

the WRIGLEY on the tree as at 15th October 2010

1. Wrigley, Alexander William (b.1891)

2. Wrigley, Alice Mary (1890 - 1964)

3. Wrigley, Arthur Gillian (1892 - 1949)

4. Wrigley, Edward (1852 - 1853)

5. Wrigley, Edward Stuart (1903 - 1959)

6. Wrigley, Ellen (1850 - 1924)

7. Wrigley, Eunice Ellen (b.1893)

8. Wrigley, Eva Melina (b.1898)

9. Wrigley, Eveline Agnes (1900 - 1901)

10. Wrigley, Fanny Ursula (1857 - 1879)

11. Wrigley, Frederick Gillian (1895 - 1963)

12. Wrigley, Frederick Henry (1859 - 1900)

13. Wrigley, Grant J.

14. Wrigley, Joseph Stanley (1902 - 1980)

15. Wrigley, Lucy Jane (1854 - 1868)

16. Wrigley, Lucy May (1895 - 1964)

17. Wrigley, Margaret (b.1918)

18. Wrigley, Mary Eliza

19. Wrigley, Thomas (b.1860)

20. Wrigley, Thomas Gillian (1848 - 1864)

21. Wrigley, Thomas Gillian (1825 - 1867)

22. Wrigley, William Gillian (1847 - 1918)

23. Wrigley, William Thomas (1888 - 1964)

The WRIGLEY's buried in Archer St Cemetery MASTERTON

The WRIGLEY's buried in Archer St Cemetery Masterton, New Zealand

CATHERINE nee McLeod 1863-1924 aged 60
- Row 7 - Plan IV
- with Fred Henry
- they married in 1888
- also with Frederick

CHARLES JAMES 1903-1985 aged 82
- Row 23 - Lawn Z
- with Eunice Alice

ELIZABETH ANN nee Wellington 1883-1962 aged 78
- Row 9 - Plan I
- with James Charles
- they married in 1901
- they had:
1902 - Charles James Wrigley
1907 - John Eric Wrigley
- Elizabeth was a twin daughter of John & Emlen Wellington
- John & Emlen's other children were:
1883 - Lilly Emlen Wrigley, Elizabeth's twin sister
- married William Henry Judd in 1903
1886 - Edith Grace Wrigley
- married Frank Edward Wells in 1915
1891 - Oscar Wrigley
- married Jean Kay in 1914

ELLEN JANE 1911-1992 aged 81
- Row 12 - Plan IX Pioneer

ELLEN SMITH nee McGovern 1878-1963 aged 85
- Row A - Lawn A-X
- married William Leonard in 1902
- had 4 (known) children:
1903 - Leonard Arthur Wrigley
1905 - Eva Gladys Ann Wrigley
- married Robert Edward Gordon Lee in 1927
1906 - Mary Mavis Wrigley
1908 - Earnest Michael Wrigley

EUNICE ALICE nee Howard 1904-1985 aged 81
- Row 23 - Lawn Z
- with Charles James
- they married in 1926

EVA NELLIE nee McKain 1880-1970 aged 90
- Row 17 - Plan I
- with John Christopher
- they married in 1899
- no known children

FLORA MAY nee Isles 1895-1972 aged 77
- Row G - Lawn A-X
- with Frederick Gillian
- they married in 1920

FRANK 1882-1883 aged 6 months
- Row 1 - Plan VI
- son of Edmund & Betsy Hannah Wrigley
- his siblings were:
1878 - Florence Wrigley
- married Herbert Edward Gardiner in 1899
1881 - Alice Wrigley
1886 - Edgar Wrigley born in Masterton, died aged 71 in Huddersfield, England
-- Edgar was a New Zealand rugby footballer who represented his country in both rugby union and rugby league. Wrigley played rugby union for the Red Star club in Masterton and between 1903 and 1907 he played 18 games for Wairarapa. His brothers, Harry and Tom, also represented the Union. When Edgar Wrigley made his All Blacks debut in 1905 he was only 19 years 79 days of age and was the youngest person to play for the All Blacks

FREDERICK HENRY 1859-1900 aged 41
- Row 7 - Plan IV
- with Catherine & Federick Henry
- son of Thomas Gillian Wrigley & Mary Welch
- Thomas and Mary are buried in Petone
- brother of William Gillian buried here

FREDERICK HENRY 1914/15-1916 aged 1 or 2
- Row 7 - Plan IV
- buried with grandparents Frederick Henry & Catherine

FREDERICK GILLION 1896-1963 aged 67
- Plot 1 - Row g - Lawn A-X
- with FLora May
- they married in 1920
- son of Catherine & Frederick Henry

JAMES (scroll to very last entry, includes a photo) 1825-1904 aged 79
- Row 12 - Plan IX Pioneer
- with Sarah Ann
- born in Yorkshire, arrived in Wellington in 1852, spent 2 years there then settled in Masterton. Married Sarah Bennington a daughter of one of the earliest settlers in Masterton. He was the first bootmaker to start business in Masterton

JAMES CHARLES 1874-1925 aged 51
- Row 9 - Plan I
- with Elizabeth Ann

JOHN CHRISTOPHER 1868-1932 aged 64
- Row 17 - Plan I
- with Eva Nellie
- they married in 1899
- no known children

MARY CATHERINE 1892-1972 aged 80
- Plot 80 - Row W - Lawn A-X

SARAH ANN nee Bennington 1847-1913 aged 66
- Row 12 - Plan IX Pioneer
- with James

WILLIAM GILLIAM 1847-1918 aged 72
- Row 7 - Plan III
- married Alice Dew in 1887
- Alice is buried in Te Awamutu
- had 10 (known) children
- son of Thomas Gillian Wrigley & Mary Welch
- Thomas and Mary are buried in Petone
- brother of Frederick Henry buried here

WILLIAM LEONARD 1870-1938 aged 60
- Row A - Old Ground
- married Ellen Smith McGovern in 1902
- son of James & Sarah Ann above

the WWI names on the ROLL OF HONOUR at DOYLESTON memorial library, Canterbury

DOYLESTON is a small Canterbury township in the South Island of New Zealand. It was named after Joseph Hastings Doyle, a publican from Christchurch who moved to the locality
- Joseph Hastings Doyle was born in Scotland and arrived in Canterbury about 1863

Doyleston as it was, a small township twenty-six miles south-west from Christchurch, on the Christchurch-Southbridge railway, and about one mile from the town of Leeston

Doyleston's name was once changed to Cheddar in recognition of the importance of the dairy industry to the area, however the friends of the township's namesake, Mr Doyle, argued against the change and it reverted to its original name.

the list of names was taken from the site Doyleston memorial library

I have put the names into alphabetical order for easier researching

.. The memorial comprises a small brick library with two large white marble tablets in the entrance porch recording the names of 42 service persons who went to WWI. Of these 6 are recorded as casualties.
Of 32 servicemen who went to WWII from the district, one was killed.

Please visit that link for photos and the names as they were carved -

the names on the ROLL OF HONOUR at Doyleston memorial library;

the * at a name indicates they made the 'supreme sacrifice'

- WWI - 1914 - 1918



BOAL - Frederick John
- Private #6/4204 with NZEF, 11th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was S. Boal (father) Doyleston
- Frederick married Elsie May ADAMS in 1921

BOAL - Hugh Robot
- Private #24129 with NZEF, 13th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Samuel Boal (father) Killinchy, Canterbury
- Hugh married Elsie Maud McKee MILLAR in 1923

the above 2 Boal soldiers were brothers, 2 of the 8 children of Samuel BOAL & Eliza Jane LEMMON

BOWIS - William Frederick
- Private #6/189 with Canterbury Infantry Battalion
- NEXT OF KIN was William Bowis (father) Doyleston, Christchurch
William was a son of William BOWIS & Sarah Ann QUIGLEY

*CARTER - Walter
- Private #32432 with NZEF, 19th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company
- son of John CARTER & Margaret McKAY of Leeston, Canterbury
- KILLED IN ACTION Ypres, Belgium 6 August 1917
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs M. Carter (mother) Lakeside, Canterbury


DAWSON - Richard William
- Private #33702 with NZEF, 21st Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company
Richard was a son of William DAWSON & Margaret MATTHEWS
- Richard married Rachael Caroline Hopa PAURA in 1924

- Lance Corporal #60915 with the NZEF, 31st Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs E.L. Donaldson (wife) of Lincoln
- Henry married Ellen Louisa TUCKER in 1917

EDDY - Stephen Harvey
- Private #68597 with the NZEF, 35th Reinforcements B Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs Eddy (mother) Doyleston, Canterbury
Stephen was a son of Richard & Elizabeth Ann EDDY
- Stephen married Dora CONSTANCE in 1920

GREEN - Samuel
- Private #78616 with the NZEF, 41st Reinforcements F Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs M.K. Green (wife) c/o W.H. Eddy, Southbridge
- Samuel married Marlborough Kate EDDY in 1917

GREENAN - Patrick
- Priate #62961 with NZEF, 33rd Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Regiment, A Company
- NEXT OF KIN was T. Greenan (father), Doyleston
Patrick was a son of Thomas & Annie GREENAN

HEWITT - Lawrence William
- Lance Corporal #79979 with NZEF, 41st Reinforcements F Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs E.E. Hewitt (wife) Doyleston, Canterbury
- Lawrence married Ethel Eleanor MOODY in 1912

HOSKIN - Albert
- Private #29253 with NZEF, 18th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Sydney Hoskin (father) Doyleston
- Albert married Maud Margaret BISMARK in 1927


*KELLY - William
- Private #40014 with the NZEF, 26th Reinforcements F Company
- son of the late Dennis (1829-1894) & Catherine (1846-1896)
- his parents are buried in Timaru with a brother Dennis (1881-1898)
- KILLED IN ACTION Ypres, Belgium on 3 December 1917 aged 40
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs Mary McWilliams (sister) Wanganui (married Alexander McWilliams in 1901)


MAW - Beilbie (born 1895)
- Private #40228 with the NZEF, 23rd Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs G. Maw (mother) Doyleston, Canterbury
- Belbie married Mary Kathleen QUIGLEY in 1924

MAW - Mark (born 1882)
- Private #55519 with the NZEF, 28th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs. E. H. Maw (wife) c/o G. Maw, Doyleston
- Mark married Elizabeth Henrietta GULLIVER in 1916

MAW - Thomas Charles (born 1890)
- Corporal #60962 with the NZEF, 41st Reinforcements H Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs T.C. Maw (wife) Southbridge, Canterbury
- Thomas married Minnie Amelia TUCKER in 1917

the above 3 Maw soldiers were brothers, 3 of the 12 (known) children of George & Mary Anne MAW

McCABE - Francis
- Private #46962 with the NZEF, 25th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was W. McCabe (brother) Doyleston


*McLACHLAN - Clement Rothery
- Rifleman #53711 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, Reinforcements G Company (part)
- son of Alexander McLACHLAN & Elizabeth ROTHERY
- DIED OF WOUNDS in France on 18 April 1918
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs E. McLachlan (mother) Doyleston, Canterbury

*McLACHLAN - Colin John Alexander
- Sergeant #20931 with the NZEF, 19th Reinforcements Otago Infantry Battalion, D Company
- son of Archibald McLACHLN & Mary LAMONT
- KILLED IN ACTION in Ypres, Belgium on 12 October 1917
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs A. McLachlan (mother) Doyleston, Canterbury



*O'BOYLE - John
- Rifleman #44143 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, Reinforcements G Company
- son of James O'BOYLE & Mary Ann CLARKE of Doyleston, Canterbury
- KILLED IN ACTION Ypres, Belgium on 1 October 1917
- NEXT OF KIN was J. O'Boyle (father) Doyleston, Canterbury

O'BOYLE - Joseph Michael
- Rifleman #25/1006 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 3rd Battalion, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was James O'Boyle (father) Doyleston, Ellesmere

O'BOYLE - Patrick James
- Private #11715 with the NZEF, 12th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was James O'Boyle (father) Doyleston, Canterbury

O'BOYLE - Thomas
- Private #76162 with the NZEF, 40th Reinforcements E Company
- NEXT OF KIN was James O'Boyle (father), Doyleston, Canterbury

... all the above O'Boyle soldiers were 4 of the 8 children (6 of them sons) of James O'BOYLE & Mary Ann CLARKE ...

PEARCE - James
- Private #78622 with the NZEF, 40th Reinforcements A Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs V. Pearce (wife) Doyleston, Canterbury
- James married Violet BOAL in 1916

PRATT - Colonel Frank
- Sergeant #52692 with the NZEF, Miscellaneous Embarkations Details for Special Duty
- NEXT OF KIN was G.W. Pratt (father) 598 Hereford Street, Linwood, Christchurch
Colonel was a son of George William & Sarah PRATT
- he married Hessie McFAUL in 1917

QUIGLEY - Francis
- Corporal #60988 with the NZEF, 38th Reinforcements B Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs M. Quigley (mother) Doyleston, Canterbury



*ROBB - William James
- Private #21737 with the NZEF, 17th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company
- son of James ROBB & Letitia RUSHBROOK
- KILLED IN ACTION Ypres, Belgium on 12 October 1917
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs L. Robb (mother) Doyleston, Canterbury

SISTER M. Mc. ??

STAPLETON - Edward (born 1889)
- Private #63052 with the NZEF, 32nd Reinforcements Otago Infantry Regiment, D Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs M. Stapleton (mother) Doyleston
Edward was 1 of 9 children of Michael STAPLETON & Mary MULLAHY

TOD - Charles
- Private #40258 with the NZEF, 23rd Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs Catherine Tod (mother), Doyleston, Canterbury

TOD - J. (not found)

TOD - Robert
- Trooper #7/405 with NZEF, 32nd Reinforcements Mounted Rifles Brigade
- NEXT OF KIN was Mrs Catherine Tod (mother), Doyleston, Canterbury

TOD - William
- Rifleman #44170 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, Reinforcements G Company (part)
- NEXT OF KIN was David Tod (brother) Doyleston, Canterbury

the names on the ROLL OF HONOUR for WWII

the WWII names on the ROLL OF HONOUR at DOYLESTON memorial library, Canterbury

DOYLESTON is a small Canterbury township in the South Island of New Zealand. It was named after Joseph Hastings Doyle, a publican from Christchurch who moved to the locality. (Joseph Hastings Doyle was born in Scotland and arrived in Canterbury about 1863)

Doyleston as it was, a small township twenty-six miles south-west from Christchurch, on the Christchurch-Southbridge railway, and about one mile from the town of Leeston

Doyleston's name was once changed to Cheddar in recognition of the importance of the dairy industry to the area, however the friends of the township's namesake, Mr Doyle, argued against the change and it reverted to its original name.

the list of names was taken from the site Doyleston memorial library
... The memorial comprises a small brick library with two large white marble tablets in the entrance porch recording the names of 42 service persons who went to WWI. Of these 6 are recorded as casualties.
Of 32 servicemen who went to WWII from the district, one was killed.

Please visit that link for photos and the names as they were carved -

the names on the ROLL OF HONOUR at Doyleston memorial library
(I have put the names into alphabetical order for easier researching)
the * at a name indicates they made the 'supreme sacrifice'

WWII - 1939 - 1945



BARR - G. L.

BRAY - K. T.








HILL - E. G.

* JOHNSON - Lloyd Harding
- Sub Lieutenant with the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve, Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMS Argus, Fleet Air Arm
& HMS Sparrowhawk
- KILLED ON ACTIVE SERVICE in Orkney Islands, Scotland on 3 February 1943 aged 21
son of Ernest Alfred JOHNSON & Lucy Eva Johnson BRIGHTWELL of Leeston


McCLOY - L. P.

McCABE - F. A.







SMITH - L.? G.










the names on the ROLL OF HONOUR for WWI

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the WYATT buried in Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington before 1910

the WYATT buried in Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington before 1910:

Edith Wyatt
- born 1874
- died 20 February aged 12 months

Edmund Estcourt Wyatt
- born 1815
- husband of Margaret Bennett
- died 17 November 1885 aged 70
- buried Plot 910

Margaret Bennett Wyatt
- born 1836
- wife of Edmund
- died 15 March 1906 aged 73
- buried Plot unknown

Mary Wyatt
- born 1867
- died 3 November 1889 aged 22
- buried plot unknown

the WYCHERLEY family in New Zealand

this journal was written for ejc111 and the query Looking for information regarding Mary Agnes Funnell ... Mary Agnes married Charles Joseph Wycherley in 1892 & they had 1 daughter, Dorothea Mae. I would like to learn more about my great grandparents, especially Mary Agnes who I know died 11 September 1916 at 48 years of age. Charles also died young, 7th January 1907, only 37 years old. I would like to learn what happened to Mary Agnes & Dorothea after his death & more about her family. I know there was a connection with Suckling (another unusual name) but know very little about my mother's early life. She died in 1992, before I was old enough to become interested in my ancestry

ejc has said that Charles Whittingham Wycherley wrote a diary about his voyage to Auckland on the JESSIE READMAN in 1885. This will be added as soon as it is available

the WYCHERLEY marriages in New Zealand

WYCHERLEY deaths in New Zealand

the FUNNELL marriages in New Zealand

there was a M. WYCHERLEY who was Captain of the bargue "PLATINA" bringing cargo and 2 passengers into Port Nicholson 6 July 1840, having left Gravesend 24 Feb 1840

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

also on wiki
- born in Shropshire, died in London
- added here because of his name and location
(given enough time one would find the connection Im sure)

John WYCHERLEY (1732-?) married Mary FOWLER (1744-?)
- on 11 February 1763, Market Drayton, Shropshire, England
- they had a son George WYCHERLEY (1779-1827)

... George WYCHERLEY married Hannah GUILDFORD (1780-?)
- they had a son John WYCHERLEY (1803-1865)
- born 17 August in Adderley, Market Drayton, Shropshire, England

... John WYCHERLEY married Mary Edwards WHITTINGHAM (1803-?)
- they had a son Charles Whittingham WYCHERLEY (1843-1915)

- Charles married HANNAH KEZIAH SPARROW (1848-1887) about 1869
- Hannah was born 1848 in Cripplegate, London
- Charles & Hannah arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on the 21 November 1885 on the JESSIE READMAN with 10 children (see the voyage at link above)

note - for some reason Charles decided against staying in Auckland as 8 months later he opened for business in Wellington, a (overland) trip of 650km

In July 1886 - WELLINGTON
58 Willis-street, Wellington (near Duthie & Co.)
C. W. WYCHERLEY begs to announce that he was opened as above, and respectfully solicits public support. Having had upwards of 20 years experience, he is prepared to execute all orders entrusted to him efficiently, and will study to combine ecellency with econony in all the details of his business. Especial attention to repairs.

In October 1886 - WELLINGTON
... C. W. WYCHERLEY, Saddler and Harness Maker, Willis-Street, Wellington. We depend upon the good quality of our work to make both name and fame
Maker of Prize Saddles London International and Weymouth Industrial Exhibitions, Saddles, Bridles, Breastplates, Martingale's Ladies Saddles, Boys Saddles, &c., & c.
Harness of every kind - Single, Pair Horse, Tandem. Four-Horse, Buggy, Brougham, Cart and Farm Harness, all hand work, well known for general excellence, neatness, and durability. No machine-made harness. Repairs by experienced workmen, with economy and speed. Leather Cases made to order. Portmanteaux repaired. Covers made.
Patterson's Celebrated Embrocation. Try it.
C. W. W. gives especial care to combine excellence and economy, in all the details of his business, and endeavours by best work and materials, with moderate charges, to merit public support.
C. W. WYCHERLEY, Saddler, Willis-street, Wellington, formerly Weymouth, England

On 13 March 1887 - WELLINGTON
... Charles' wife Hannah Kezia Wycherley died aged 39
- she was buried Plot 155.P at Bolton street cemetery, Wellington with Charles
- Charles remarried, see 1891 ...

In November 1889 - WELLINGTON
... A noteworthy exhibit at the Agricultural and Pastoral Association's Show was the collection of English and colonial saddlery and harness sent out by Mr C. W. Wycherley, of Willis-street. It elicited many complimentary remarks from those competent to form an opinon, but as it was a mixed exhibit of English and colonial goods, Mr Wycherley was obliged to be content with second honours in the prize-list. He was, however, more that compensated by the greater variety of goods which he was able to place before he public, as well as by effecting sales to the cvalue of 50

On 3 January 1891 - WELLINGTON
... Charles Whittingham WYCHERLEY remarries Maria MARTIN (1841-1923), possibly a former rather than a nee name
- Charles is then 49 and Maria is 50
- Charles dies 24 years later and is buried with his 1st wife Hannah
- Maria dies 8 years after him and is buried Plot 324 W at Karori Wellington. DEATH - WYCHERLEY, at her Residence, No.96 Broughton street, 9th January 1923, Maria, widow of the late Charles W. Wycherley; aged 82 years

In June 1891 - WELLINGTON
... The latest additions to the telephone Exchange are:- The Postmaster-General's office; Government Buildings; Mr J. J. Curtis' private residence, May-street; Mr C. W. Wycherley, saddler, Willis-street

In October 1893 - WELLINGTON
... 21 SADDLES! 21 SADDLES 1
21 SADDLES, slightly damaged by rats in the liings only, to be sold cheap
C. W. WYCHERLEY, Importer and Manufacturer, Willis-street, Wellington

... Wycherley, Charles Whittingham. trading as the Bible, Book, and Tract Depot, 16 Cuba Street, Wellington, Bankers. National Bank of New Zealand Private residence, 210 Willis Street. Established 1881

In March 1897 - WELLINGTON
In connection with the recent exhibition, the following have been awarded crtificates:- Under Class A ... and C. W. Wycherley, saddlery and harness ... The above list, the committee remarks, is composed of the most prominent and attractive exhibits produced by colonial labour

In August 1902 -
Mr Henry Hughes, 183 Hereford Street, Christchurch, reports the following applications, as extracted from the Government "Gazette," accepted by the Patent Office to August 21:-
... and C. W. Wycherley, securing horse covers in position

In July 1903 - MANAWATU
Have in Stock -
Claphams Horseholders
Macmiliam's Leather Goods
Vacuum Leather Oil
- HARNESS of every description made on the premises or kept in stock
Will also repair and renovate tennis racquets
The Square, Palmerston North
- (the son was his 1st born, Charles Joseph Wycherley)

In August 1904 - MANAWATU
A simple and useful breeching has been patented by Messrs Smith and Co., ot the Strand, London. It has no crupper or breeching strap, being fastened to the shafts, especially for gigs and buggies. Messrs C. W. Wycherley and Son have been appointed agents for this district
- In 1904 they also had in stock new ladies' saddles in the latest styles

In March 1905 - MANAWATU
... Cart, Lead and Plough HAMES
Leading, Shaft, Back and Tug CHAINS
Dray, Leading and Farm HARNESS
And all other Horse Gear, at C. W. WYCHERLEY & SON,
Saddler, &c., Palmerston North

On 30 December 1906 - WELLINGTON
... Charles Joseph WYCHERLEY, of Ashhurst, eldest son of C. W. Wycherley, of Wellington, died in Dunedin aged 37 and was buried in PLOT 1A, BLOCK 47A at Northern Cemetery Dunedin on 2nd January 1907

In October 1908 - OTAKI
.. Mr C. Barrow, who has carried on a saddlery business here for many years, has sold out to C. W. Wycherley and Sons, of Wellington

In January 1909 - MANAWATU
... It was resolved that Mr C. W. Wycherleys tender for the supply of 600 dog collars at 6s per dozen be accepted

On 16 February 1910 - MANAWATU
... The claims made by the Wellington Saddlers' Union were before the Conciliation Commissioner (Mr P. Hally) and trade representatives this morning. The city employers were represented by Messrs A. W. Blanchard, C. W. WYCHERLEY, and Wiggins, junior, and the whoe of the employees by Messrs Murray, Findlay, and Tomlinson. Messrs. Blanchard, Wycherley, and Wiggins only represented the employers in the city.The proceedings were adjourned until early next month in order that the country employers might take steps to be represented

In September 1913 - MANAWATU
Palmerston North has been visited by burglars, the saddlery shop of Messrs C. W. Wycherley and Son, and the parcels office at the railway station having been expolited. In connection with the former an arrest was made by the polce yesterday, a man named James Burt having been charged with the offence

On 13 December 1915 - DUNEDIN
... Charles Whittingham Wycherley died in Dunedin aged 73 but was buried in PLOT 155P at Bolton St cemetery Wellington with his wife Hannah

In April 1916 - WELLINGTON
... Charles W. WYCHERLEY ... 5,531 (about $683,431 in 2011)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1/ ...

- born in Weymouth, Dorset
- he married Mary Agnes nee SCHONBOHM, formerly FUNNELL (1868-1916) on Christmas Eve 1892 as her 2nd husband. Mary Agnes had married Francis Walter Funnell (1858-1891) on 21 February 1887. He died of Influenza on 11 Nov 1891 aged 33 at the residence of Mrs Carter, Bell Street, Wanganui

- the 'residence of Mrs Carter' was that of Mary Agnes's mother Margaretha Catharina, nee SPIERING, formerly SCHONBOHM ...


Charles Joseph Wycherley was in business with his father as C. W. WYCHERLEY & SON of Palmerston North. The business was opened as C. W. WYCHERLEY, Saddle and Harnessmaker and Importer in Willis street Wellington in July 1886 (see Charles Whittingham Wycherley above)
... taken from the NZETC link at Joseph's name, written about 1897:- Wycherley, C. J, Saddler and Harness Maker, Main Street, Ashurst Telegraphic address, Wycherley, Ashurst. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Palmerston Road. Mr. Wycherley was born at Weymouth, Dorsetshire, and left there with his father's family in 1886, arriving in Auckland during the same year per ship Jessie Readman. He learned his business with his father partly in the Old Country, but mainly in Wellington at the well-known establishment of Mr. C. W. Wycherley. In 1890 the above business was established, since which time it has been carried on with marked success. The building is of wood and iron, and two stories high, and was built for him by the late Mr. Powley. A fine stock of saddlery is kept, all the English goods being imported from Home by Mr. C. W. Wycherley, of Wellington, to the evident advantage of both houses. Mr. Wycherley is the only saddler in the Pohangina-Ashurst district, and the establishment is well patronised
- on 7 June 1921 his saddlery workshop was damaged in a fire that serously damaged Cole's music shop next door, gutted the Repatriation Department Offices and damaged other adjoining shops, Mr Lauchlan the jeweller, Mr Small the dentist, Mr Raffles violin tutor, Mr Holmes Runncles piano tuto, Mr Price the artist, the Salvation Army rooms and the Theosophical Society

Charles and Mary Agnes had a daughter

- Dorothea Mae James Wycherley, born 11 December 1899
- the 'James' name came from her step grandmother, Phillis James Laskey, wife of John Carter, mother-in-law of Margaretha Catharina
- researching whether Dorothea was, in fact, adopted


death of Charles Joseph WYCHERLEY, of Ashhurst, eldest son of C. W. Wycherley, of Wellington, died in Dunedin 30th December 1906 aged 37 and is buried in PLOT 1A, BLOCK 47A at Northern Cemetery Dunedin

Mary Agnes died on 11 September 1916 aged 48
- she was buried in Terrace End cemetery, Palmerston North
- her headstone reads:
widow of the late
11th SEPT 1916, AGED 48
- Mary Agnes had been living in Palmerston North. She was a Lutheran

there is a foot plague that reads:
.. also her mother
Died May 22 1919, aged 76 years
- at the time of her death Margaretha had been living at 148 Scandia Street, Palmerston North (now named Albert street). She was a Lutheran


2/ ...

- Alfred was born in Weymouth, Dorset
- he married MAUD ELLEN LICKFOLD (1872-1949) 27 April 1893 Palmerston North
- Maud was 1 of 3 children born in Prahran, Victoria, Australia, to Mark LICKFOLD & Ellen TONKIN:
1869 - 1956 William Lickfold
1871 - ? Thomas Alfred Lickfold
1872 - Maud Ellen Lickfold
The Lickfold family then moved to NZ between 1872 & 1876. They then had 3 more children
1876 - Susannah Lickfold
1877 - ? Mark Lickfold
1879 - 1959 Harry Lickfold

the known children of ALFRED & MAUD WYCHERLEY

1895 - 1980 Charles Sparrow Wycherley
- Charles' name was drawn in September 1917 in the Military Service Ballot: MANAWATU: WYCHERLEY, Charles Sparrow, Farmer, Utuwai. He appealed against this on religious grounds. He said he was single and worked a 200 acre farm, which he owned. He also helped his neighbour with their shearing and ploughing. Alfred Wycherley, father of the appeallant, said he was one of the Brethren and he was sure his son was genuine in his beliefs and asked that his son be put into non- ombatant work alone. If his son had been put down as a freethinker it was a mistake. Witness said the Brethren were not recognised as such. Charles served in WWI as Private 3/3995 with the NZEF, 37th Reinforcements New Zealand Medical Corps, leaving Wellington on 9 May 1918 on the HMNZT 103, the Maunganui destined for Liverpool, England. His Next Of Kin was his father, Alfred Wycherley at Utuwai, via Ashhurst
- Charles married Violet Lavinia LEGGETT (1897-1988) in 1921
- in July 1940 Judgment in the case of Percy Foot, lorry driver, against Charles Sparrow Whycherly, contractor, both of Ashhurst had been given in the Compensation Court by Mr Justice O'Regan. The accidnet occurred in September, 1938, when the plaintiff suffered pelvic injuries wile loading logs.
- in Sept 1940. Dalgety and Company Ltd, Palmrston North, report having recently negotiated the following sales:- ... and M. P. Daniel, 388 acres at Colyton to C. S. Wycherley, Ashhurst; C. S. Wycherley, 200 acres at Komako to A. E. Billett, Utuwai; C. S. Wycherley, 8 acres at Komako to Mrs A. E. Billett, Utuwai
- Charles was a Sheep Farmer. His last address was Ruahine street
- he died 18 August 1980 aged 85
- Violet died 7 years later, on 27 March 1988 aged 90
- her last address was Roy street, Palmerston North (same address as an Owen Albert Wtcherley 1922-2001)
- they are buried Plot 011 & 013, BLock 010, Area R at Kelvin Grove, Palmeston North

1897 - 1951 Mark Edwards Wycherley
- possibly born in Woodville
- in July 1917 Mark Edwards, farmer at Utuwai was selected in the NINTH BALLOT of Feilding & district, for ilitary Service
- Mark married Lilly Gertrude ROSE (1897-1984) in 1919
- Lilly was 1 of a least 10 children of Joseph Benjamin ROSE & Emma FOLEY who came from Halesowen, Dudley
- Mark was a Farmer. He died 21 August 1961 aged 64. His last addres was 56 McKenzie Rd, Palmerston North. Lily died 3 years later on 5 Feb 1964 aged 67. They are buried Plot 091 & 093, Block 002, Area P at Kelvin Grove

1899 - 1985 Cassia Mary Wycherley
- Cassia married James Viner WALTON (24 July 1899-1982) in 1921
- there is a Frederick Viner Walton (24 Sept 1902-1977) buried at Kelvin Grove who is probably a brother

1900 - 1986 Jessie Ellen Wycherley
- Jessie married John Keith CURRIE (1902-1967) in 1923
- John Keith was a son of John CURRIE & Martha SCOTT

1902 - 1962 George Alfred Wycherley
- nothing known

1903 - 1994 Robert Martin Wycherley
- Robert married Myriam Alice SIMPKIN (1907-1962) in 1927
- Myriam was 1 of at least 9 children of Walter SIMPKIN (1871-1945) & Hannah Mary ? (1875-1937)
- Walter Simpkin was a farmer in Arapohue, Northland and was an Exclusive Brethren.
- Myriam died 5 September 1962 aged 55. buried Plot 015, Block 014 at Ashhurst cemetery.
- Robert died 4 May 1994 aged 90. His last address was Napier Rd, Ashhurst. He is buried Kelvin Grove

1905 - ? Doris Maud Wycherley
- nothing known

1907 - 1971 Joy Wycherley
- Joy married Keith Branton MALCOLM (1903-1988) in 1930
- Keith was a son of Arthur MALCOLM (1874-1973), 1 of 10 children of John MALCOLM & Jane JORDAN & Birdie PAYNTER (1878-1979), 3rd of 10 known children of John PAYNTER & Ellen WITHERS

1908 - 1982 Gladys Irene Wycherley
- Gladys married John Stuart CURRIE (1904-1977) in 1930
- John Stuart was a son of Robert CURRIE & Janet STEWART

1916 - 2000 Esther Teresa Wycherley
- born in Palmerston North (possible daughter, not verified)
- Esther married Robert Malcolm CURRIE (1910-1995) 15 September 1943 as his 2nd wife. His 1st wife was Gertrude Winifred SANDHAM (1910-1942, buried Ashhurst), daughter of George & Sarah Tildesley SANDHAM
- Robert was a son of John CURRIE & Jessie Ann Louisa HART (1886-1965 the 8th of 11 children of Martin HART & Mary Ann DAVEY)

In 1916 George, Robert, Doris, Joy & Gladys Wycheley were pupils at Umutoi School, Feilding when they each gave 1 shilling to the 'Sailors fund collection' in aid of the men who lost their lives in the Jutland Battle

in January 1917 Alfred wrote to the Pohangina COunty Council remining them that a sum of money was set aside two years ago to make a deviation on Makiekie road, neat Mr Didsbury's house. He objected to this money being used fo another purpose and requested the Council to go on with the work


3/ ...

- born in Weymouth, Dorsetshire
- Jessie married Frederick HOWELL (1867-1949) in 1902


4/ ...

- Hannah married Alfred Theodore CHILDS (1872-1950) in 1898
- they lived at Akatarawa, Wellington

the known children of Alfred & Hannah:

1900 - 1983 Martin John Holmes Childs

1902 -1976 Eleanor Mary Childs
- Eleanor married James Broom SALTER (1900-1990) in 1924
- James was an Accountant in Wellington
- Eleanor died 26 November 1976 aged 74
- James died 1 April 1990
- they are buried together Plot 4/E, Section PUBLIC at Makara cemetery

1906 - ? Ruth Agnes Childs

1907 - ? Lucy Gertrude Childs

1910 - ? Phyllis Teresa Childs

5 ...

- born in Weymouth, Dorsetshire
- Henry married Rachel SCOTT (1876-1940) in 1900
- Rachel was a daughter of William & Fanny SCOTT
- Henry was a Saddler. They lived in Victoria Ave Palmerston North
- Henry & Rachel are buried Plot 032, Block 003 at Kelvin Grove

the known children of Henry & Rachel:

1901 - 1975 Katherine Mary Wycherley
- born in Palmerston North
- Katherine married Cecil George HART (1901-1975) in 1930
- they were Exclusive Brethren
- Cecil was a Sheep Farmer. A son of George HART (1875-1943) of Sulcoates, Yorshire & Mary Dear BAUCKHAM (1879-1954) of Sussex, England (both buried Kelvin Grove)
- Katherine died 17 Nov 1975 aged 74, a month after Cecil. They had been living at 39 Henare St Palmerston North and are buried Plots 061 & 063, Block 005 at Kelvin Grove

1903 - 1966 Grace Margaret Wycherley
- in February 1899 Grace was presented with a Meallion in connection with the Wellington Centre of St John Ambuance Association. The event was held in the Anglican School room, Sydney St Wellington
- in January 1917 Grace qualified (from Palmerston North) for the Junior National Scholarship in the Wanganui district with 597 points
- Grace married Richmond Escolme HARRISON (1902-1991)
- Richmond was a son of John HARRISON & Ida SCHONBOHM (sister of Mary Agnes Schonbohm (formerly Funnell) who married Charles Joseph Wycherley above, (see #1/)

1905 - 1985 Ida Hazel Wycherley
- Ida married David Dunlop CURRIE (1903-1973) (see also her cousins under brother Alfred above)
- David was a son of Thomas CURRIE & Jeanie Roden ? (1866-1921) (or Roden as surname)

1908 - ? Frances Neuala Wycherley
- nothing known at this time

1910 - 1993 Henry Charles Brian Wycherley
- in Dec 1929 Henry was at the University of Otago and passed the Dental Intermediate exam P.
- in December 1932 Henry passed his Second Professional Examination for B.D.S. in the Dental Profession in the Medical and Dental Examination
- in June 1934 Henry passed the third professional examination for the degree of B.D.S. in the Medical and Dental Examination held by the Uiversity of New Zealand
- in November 1944 the Cruiser Ship H.M.N.Z.S.'GAMBIA' arrived in Wellington on her first visit to New Zealand and had a compliment of New Zealand and Royal Navy personal. Henry was listed as one of the Officers on board: ... T/SURGEON-LIEUTENANT (D) H.C.B. Wycherley, R.N.Z.N.V.R.


6/ ...

- Grace married James Rundle FRETHEY (1882-1961) in 1915
- James was 1 of 9 children of William Henry FRETHEY (1841-1889) & his 1st wife Eleanor ISAAC (1852-1885). Eleanor died the day after giving birth to Walter Frethey. His father next married Florence Jane 'Florrie' RANSOM (1853-1842) from Lower Hutt, a daughter of John Robert RANSOM & Harriet Lucy SOWERBY
- James Rundle Wycherley got his middle name from his great grandmother Mary RUNDLE who married his grandfather Thomas FRETHEY in 1807 in England
- Grace died 23 May 1946 aged 68 and was buried Plot 155P at Sydney street Cemetery, Wellington. (A photo of the Wycherley family plot was photographed in the late 1960s by the City Sexton, P. J. E. Shotter, prior to its being dismantled to make way for the Wellington motorway)
- her husband James died 26 Sep 1961 aged 79 and was buried Plot 28Z/2 at Karori


7/ ...

- born in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England
- Clement married Margaret Helen/Ellen IVORY (1879-1968) in 1905
- Ellen was a daughter of John IVORY & Ellen BARNARD (1856-1938)
N O T E of interest - John Ivory and Priscilla Ivory, whose daughter Edith married a son of Mercy Gertrude Wycherley (#8/ below) were siblings. They emigrated into Auckland in 1851 as children on the CASHMERE with their parents William & Betsy Ivory and siblings Betsy (aged 7) and Edward (aged 1)

Margaret Helen died 1 April 1968 aged 88. Her last address was 23 Clifton Rd, Hamilton, Waikato
Clement Whittingham Wycherley died 20 months later on 28 Dec 1969 aged 90. His last address was Peachgrove Rd, Hamilton, Waikato. Their ashes were spread GARDN-SUNKN-0000 at Hamilton Park cemetery

the known children of Clement & Helen Wycherley:

1907 - ? Pearl Rosemary Wycherley
- nothing known at this time

1908 - 1996 Kenneth John Wycherley
- Kenneth married Alison Margaret WINTER, daughter of Frank M. & Agnes WINTER Alison served as W/3983, AircraftwomanClass 1, with the New Zealand Women's Auxiliary Air Force Royal New Zealand Air Force. She died 26 August 1943 aged 23 in Mangere, Auckland and was buried Location: DD-D-41 at Hamilton East Cemetery.
DEATH - WYCHERLY, Alison, M., W.A.I., died from natural causes, 26/8/1943. Gunner K.J. Wycherley,314 Victoria Street, Hamilton (husband)
Kenneth died 53 years later on 23 Oct 1996 aged 88. He was cremated at Hamilton Park cemetery (possibly remarried)

1909 - 1998 Joyce Helen Wycherley
- Joyce married Clarence Athol Lester JONAS (1911-2004)
- a son of Ernest Lester JONAS (1870-1952) & Alice Emily/Emilie COLLIER (1875-1972)


8/ ...

- born Weymouth, Dorsetshire
- Mercy married Ernest Arthur SUCKLING (1884-1983) in 1911
MARRIAGE SUCKLING-WYCHERLEY - On the 13th September, at Wellington, A. E. Suckling, fifth son of John Suckling, of Christchurch, to Mercy, G. Wycherley, youngest daughter of C. W. Wycherley, of Wellington
- Ernest was a son of John (1854-1918) & Sarah Cornelia (1850-1901) SUCKLING



9/ ...

- born in Weymouth, Dorsetshire
- Arthur was a Locksmith in Wellington
- he married Mary Beaton SANGSTER in 1913
- daughter of Alexander SANGSTER (1850-1921) & Emily Maria MARTIN (1856-1938)


In 1909 - WANGANUI
WYCHERLEY'S SALE of Ironmongery, Crockery, etc Tingey's Buldings (opposite Opera House)
Look out for today's BARGAINS - A. J. WYCHERLEY, (late of U.F.C.A.)

In 1921 they were living at 97 Upland Rd, Kelburn

7 June 1923
"I can make no offer; I have only got what I stand up in",: declared Arthur Jefferson Wycherley, key specialist, at a meeting of his creditors held yesterday afternoon. Bankrupt attributed much of his misfortune to loss of time and expenses incurred in trips to London and New York in connection with patents. The meeting was presided over by the Official Assignee (Mr S. Tansley), and there were twelve creditos present or represented. Mr M. F. Luckie appeared for bankrupt.

The debts to unsecured creditors were shown as totalling 1020. The stock-in-trade was estimated at 284 4s 6d, leaving a deficiency of 507 7s

The principal unsecured creditors were:- H.W. Beauchamp 40; Ballinger and Co., 15; Wellington Publishing Co., Ltd., 50; J. Sangster, 90; W.H. Edwards and Son, 93; C. Wycherley, 130; Patterson and Barr Ltd., 136; R.W. Cameron and Co., 40; Hanna and King, 20; J. Mattox and Son, 58 11s 5d; "New Zealand Times," Ltd, 30

Bankrupt, in his filed statment, said that he commenced business in 1918 with a capital of approximately 60. After a year's work the result was entirely satisfactory. Early in the second year he found it necessary to employ labour, and the net result of the second year's work, though not as satisfactory as the first, showed a substantial margin. It was found that more capital was required to carry the business on, and a loan at a low rate of interest was arranged with his brother-in-law.
He pledged as security a portion of his interest in his deceased father's estate. A little later more capital was required owing to the growth of the business, and a further loan was negotiated, the security being of the same character.
Late in 1919 he suffered a nervous breakdown, and was compelled to spend some time in the North and pay a heavy price for labour to carry on the business during his absence.
Towards the middle of 1920 he became assoiated with a private limited company bearing his name, to which for 500 he sold patent rights in connection with locks. This money was merged into the business as soon as it was received.
Late in 1920 he undertook to go to England on behalf of the company, the latter paying all expenses and 5 per week to his wife during his absence. A manager at a salary of 5 per week was engaged to conduct the business while he was away, and his salary was regularly paid till bankrupt returned to New Zealand in April, 1921. The manager's services were dispensed with, and bankrupt assumed control. It was discovered that the business had suffered very considerably as a result of his absence.
Things took a better turn later in 1921, when he was again asked to go abroad on behalf of A. J. Wycherley, Ltd. He left for New York in October. Some time between 15th October and 17th October the premises were entered and a quantity of goods stolen. He left for New York on 17th October, A. J. Wycherley, Ltd., paying all expenses, as well as 10 oer week to his wife, so that the business would not be drawn on for household expenses.
Shortly after he left New Zealand the man he had left to carry on his business left his employ, and started business on his own account. When this information reached bankrupt in New York, in November, he immediately cabled instructions that, failing certain arrangements being made, the business must be closed.

His wife here took charge of affairs, and in order to protect both his creditors and himself kept the business going. The 10 per week which his wife was entitled to was merged into the business from January to June, 1922. Matters in connection with his trip overseas did not turn out as anticpated by the company or himslef, and to-day his share holding in the company was valueless.
Late in July he found that his business was in a very unhealthy condition financially, and he arranged for a further loan from his brother-in-law, giving as security practically the whole of his interest in his father's estate.
An overdraft was guaranteed at the Bank of New South Wales, and the account was operated upon solely by his wife, who at that time was taking an active hand in the business. Much of his time was taken up during this period with matters relative to the patents.
Late in November, Mrs Wycherley became tired of the incessant strain, and went into business elsewhere. Early in January bankrupt suffered a breakdown and went into hospital. After leaving hospital, bankrupt had two private meetings with his creditos. On 14th February a resolution was passed, which, in effect, allowed him to carry on his business for 18 months. Some weeks later Mr Edwards took proceedings against him, and on the advice of his other creditors he filed his petition in bankruptcy.
Mr W.H. Edwards said that he would have been perfecty agreeable to wait 18 months for his money on condition that Wycherley had nothing to do with the finances of the business. On the other hand, Wycherley had come back and had taken charge himself, and had not allowed the supervisors to manage the business.
It was decided to sell the business as a going concern
Bankrupt informed the Assigness that he could make no offer to his creditors, and had only what he stood up in
On the motion of Mr. W. H. Edwards, it was decided to allow bankrupt 7 per week from the date of the filing of the petition until the business was disposed of.

In July 1923
Havng purchased the Bankrupt Business of Arthur J. Wycherley, Lock and key Specalists, the Premises at Kodak Corner are available for Letting
TOLLEY AND HUNT, Locksmiths, Basement No. 1, Willis street

in July 1936
A pleasant party was given by Mrs E. R. Lowe, wife of Captain Lowe, at her home at Lyall Bay on Saturday evening in honour of the forthcoming marriage of Miss Mary HAZELDON, daughter of Mr and Mrs P. Hazeldon, Northland, and Mr Paul Wycherley, son of Mr and Mrs A. J. Wycherley, Karori. Dancing was enjoyed by the guests and an exhibition of tap dancing was given by Miss V. Ford. A buffet supper was served and the toast of the prospective bride and bridegroom was proposed by Captain G. Clee.
Among those present were: Captain & Mrs G. Clee, Mrs W. Andrews, Mr & Mrs D. C. Clifford, Mr &Mrs C. R. Judd, Mr & Mrs C. Howell, Mr & Mrs R. Fergus, Mr & Mrs C. Boocock, Mr & Mrs H. Wilson, Mr & Mrs Doughty, Mr & Mrs A. Morrison, Misses: Una Thomas, Sheila Coates, Joan Powell, Myra & Rona Sarginson, Joan Sincliar, Dorothy Went, Marie Boight, Jean Guise, Vera Freeman, Violet & Kathleen Ford, E. Gapes, Joy Sutherland and Messrs: Cliff Camp, Jack Julian, Edward Lowe, Ron FLetcher, Max Tennant, Maurice Kitching, Will Bailley, Peter Hogan, George Taylor, Harold Lowe, TOm Clifford, Mal. Hunt, Perce Johnson, Digby Cooper, J. McKee, A. Jones, V. A. Truda, Reg Davidson, Rodd, Ken Hancock, J. McKay, David Morris and A. Mathieson

- Arthur died 9 August 1951 aged 68 and is buried PLOT 445 H, PUBLIC3 at Karori Cemetery


10/ ...

- born in Weymmough, Dorsetshire, England
- Ernest married Elisa Cleofe LENZINI (1886-1980)
- Elisa was born in Italy, 1 of 11 children of Giovanni LENZINI (1847-1905) & Elisa MARCHETTI (1852-1837) who emigrated to New Zealand in 1875
- Ernest died 2 January 1951 aged 66. His last address was 152 Albert St (originally named Scandia street, where Margaretha Carter lived at number 148). He was a Methodist. He was buried Plot 019, Block 012, Area C at Kelvin Grove
- Elisa died 29 years later on 10 May 1980 in Palmerston North Hospital aged 95. She had still been living in 152 Albert st

the known children of ERNEST & ELISA:
- (born in Palmerston North)

12 August 1913 - 2008 Joan Sybil Wycherley
- Joan married Christian MENG (1911-1977)
- Christian was a Farmer at Whakarongo, Palmerston North
- Joan died in Upper Hutt
- they are buried together at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North

10 March 1914 - 1992 Elvira Cleofe Wycherley
- Elvira was a known cellist. She performed on radio many times. On 8 Feb 1937 at 8.22am she played on Radion 2YA Wellington, "Elegie' (Faure); "Melodie" (Bridge); & "Havanera" (Ravel)
- In December 1935 ENGAGEMENT, BABER-WYCHERLEY, The engagement is announced of Elvira Cleofe, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs Ernest Wycherley, Palmerston North, and William Somervil BABER (1908-1976), eldest son of the late Dr. & Mrs John James Yarrow Baber (1860-1926), of Remuera, Auckland
- she married John 'Jock' Malfroy STAVELEY (1914-2006), (later SIR John Staveley) the blood transfusion pioneer
- Jock served in WWII as Lieutenant 11726 with the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force (2NZEF) 6th Field Ambulance & 2nd Field Transfusion Unit. At the time he served Elvira was living at 152 Albert St, Palmerston North, but his enlistment address was given as c/o Auckland Hospital where he was a Medical Practioner

18 March 1920 - 1976 Maurice Ernest Wycherley
- in Feb 1939 Maurice Ernest Wycherly of Palmerston North passed his School Certificate examination
- Maurice married Pamela Flora STICHBURY (1927-2000)
- Pamela was a dauughter of Vincent John STICHBURY (1891-1967) & Thelma Florence CAMERON (1899-1986)
- Vincent & Thelma had a Home Bakery and lived in Nelson St, Feilding. One of their sons, Peter Cameron Stichbury (1925-2004) was a Doctor in Palmerston North


BUSINESS PREMISES of Charles Joseph Wycherley
Main St, Ashhurst c.1897
... "of good size and handsome appearance"

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the WYETH on PECK of TAITA (includes New Zealand settlers)

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2. Wyeth, Charles (1842 - 1928)

3. Wyeth, Charles Henry 'TIE' (1880 - 1948)

4. Wyeth, Elizabeth Ann (1856 - 1921)

5. Wyeth, Esther Dora 'ESSIE' (1895 - 1987)

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7. Wyeth, James Shirreffs 'JIM' (1888 - 1967)

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13. Wyeth, Lucy Maria (1878 - 1917)

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23. Wyeth, Sarah Jane (1847 - 1930)

24. Wyeth, Thomas (1897 - 1973)

25. Wyeth, Thomas 'TOM' (1849 - 1940)

26. Wyeth, unnamed BOY (1853 - 1853)

27. Wyeth, unnamed BOY (1864 - 1864)

28. Wyeth, William George (1884 - 1954)

29. Wyeth, William George Runnalls (1841 - 1916)