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WALKER to WYSOCKI Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

The people with the surname W who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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WALKER Edward Luther, 2 May 1917 aged 33
- buried Grave 15, Block G with sons Ivor & Reginald
- Edward was an Engine Driver
- a son of Enoch WALKER & Eliza Ann GROVES

WALKER Ivor Philip, 31 July 1921 aged 6.6
- buried Plot 15, Block G with his father Edward & brother Reginald
- son of Edward Luther WALKER & Eustelle Emerinze de MALMANCHE
see link at Edward Luther Walker

WALKER Reginald Irvine Luther, 2 Nov 1906 aged 1
- was living in Tamaki, Dannevirke
- buried Plot 15, Block G with Edward and Ivor
- born 14 Oct 1905 to Edward Luther WALKER & Eustelle Emerinze de MALMANCHE
see link at Edward Luther Walker

WALL Charles Douglas, 27 July 1911 aged 3 weeks
- buried Plot 82, Block J with sister Gladys
- was living in Maharahara, Dannevirke
- a son of Charles Frederick WALL & Helen Murray ANDERSON

WALL Gladys Ellen, 25 Aug 1909 aged 3 months
- buried Plot 82, Block J with brother Charles
- was living in Te Rehunga, Dannevirke
- a daughter of Charles Frederick WALL & Helen Murray ANDERSON

WALL Reginald Alexander, 6 Dec 1913 aged 2.6
- buried Plot 39, Block K
- a son of Charles Frederick WALL & Helen Murray ANDERSON
NOTE Charles & Helen married in 1902. Their known children:
1903 - 1973 James Fredric Wall
1904 - 1929 Peter John Wall
1905 - 1979 Leslie Wall
1907 - 1921 Mary Jane Wall
1908 - 1982 Albert William Wall
1909 - 1909 Gladys Ellen Wall
1910 - ? Elsie Catherine Wall
1911 - 1911 Charles Douglas Wall
1913 - 1913 Reginald Alexander Wall

WALLACE George Mathewman, 24 March 1907 aged 4.5 months
(database has 4.5 years)
- buried Grave 27, Block E
- born 7 Nov 1906 yo John James WALLACE & May Gertrude GAMBLE
the children of John and May were:
1901 - Milton James Wallace
1903 - Thomas Francis Wallace
1905 - John Herbert Wallace
1907 - 1907 George Matthewman Wallace

WALSH (Mrs) Barbara Lumsden (nee PRATT), 4 July 1909 aged 34
- Barbara was in the Dannevirke Hospital
- she is buried in Plot 32, Block E with son James
- Barbara married James Walsh in 1901
- the children of James and Barbara were:
1902 - 1969 John Patrick Walsh
- John was a sheep farmer living in Piri Piri, Dannevirke
- he is buried with his brother Martin Pratt Walsh in Mangatera Cemetery
- the database has his age as 61, he was 67
1904 - 1906 James Edward (below)
- died aged 2.5
1907 - Mary Deeley Walsh
1908 - Martin Pratt Walsh
- died aged 76, buried in Mangatera cemetery with brother John Patrick

WALSH James Edward, 2 Oct 1906 aged 2.5
- buried Plot 31, Block E with mother Barbara

WALSH Mary Gwendoline Ann, 11 Nov 1900 aged 9 weeks
- buried Plot 5, BLock D

WALTERS Henry, 24 Nov 1911 aged 71
- buried Grave 45, Block H
- birth year of about 1840, Henry was a Labourer

WARD Thomas, 22 Feb 1913 aged 78
- buried Grave 46, Block K
- birth year of about 1835
- Thomas was in the Dannevirke Hospital

WATERS Alexandrina (nee McKAY), 3 July 1909 aged 62
- buried Grave 80, Block J
- birth year of about 1847, Alexandria married Andrew Waters in 1876
- lived in Burns St, Dannevirke
- the children of Andrew & Alexandrina:
1878 - 1936 Jane Sangster Waters
- didn't marry
1879 - 1964 Andrew McKay Waters
- died aged 84
1881 - 1964 Margaret Wilhelmina Waters
- married James Samuel DICK in 1911
- she died aged 84
1882 - 1884 Kenneth Francis William Waters
- died aged 1
1883 - John Herbertson Waters
- married Annie MORRISON in 1900

WAUGH Donald Urquhart, 28 Aug 1906 aged 7.10
- buried Grave 68, Block F
- a son of James WAUGH & Margaret URQUHART
- the 6 sons of James & Margaret:
1886 - 1959 John Hutton Waugh
- married Alice GERKE in 1909
1887 - 1974 William Urquhart Waugh
- married Clara Minetta ROSS in 1922
1891 - 1981 James Davidson Waugh
- married Susan PALEMR in 1904
1894 - 1981 Adam Waugh
- married Esther Annie HUTCHINSON in 1924
1896 - 1974 Hugh Fraser Waugh
- died aged 78
1898 - 1906 Donald Urquhart Waugh
- died aged 7 (above)

WEBB Louisa Ellen, 8 April 1906 aged 71
- buried Grave 32, Block C
- Louisa was a widow

WEBBER Arthur Charles, 2 Aug 1936 aged 77
- buried Grave 44, Block H with wife Mary
- was living in Raumati, Dannevirke
- married Mary Richards Williams in 1879

WEBBER Mary Richards (nee WILLIAMS), 1 Nov 1911 aged 50
- buried Grave 43, Block H with husband Arthur
- was living in Te Rehunga, Dannevirke
ARTHUR & MARY had 13 known children

WEISERT Emil Frederic 22-6-1895 aged 31
- Emil married Hilda Andersdotter FREDSBERG on 26th December 1893 in Norsewood
- Hilda was born 2-9-1872 in Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden to Anders FREDSBERG & Elsa Danielsdotter
- she died in Hastings on 22-5-1949
- they had a son Godfrey Egbert Weisert who DIED OF WOUNDS in Gravenstafel, Somme France 2-9-1918.
Hilda remarried Henry CARLSON on 22-5-1901 in Dannevirke and was living in Otuarumia, Hawke's Bay at the time of Godfrey's death

WHEATON Hector Edward, 6 Nov 1909 aged 56
- buried Grave 39, Block K
- Hector was in the Dannevirke Hospital

WHITE Eleanor Pretoras, 26 Jan 1909 aged 2
- buried Grave 30, Block K
WHITE - On the 26th inst., at Tepapakuku, Eleanor Pretoris, infant daughter of C. and L. M. White, aged two years
- a daughter of Charles WHITE & Lillas Martha JARVIS
the known children of Charles & Lillas were:
1895 - Mary Elizabeth White
1897 - Amy Ambrosine White
1898 - Elsie Doris WHite
1900 - Annie Laura White
1903 - Vera Lillias Martha White
1904 - Hughey Eric White
1905 Norman Oliver WHite
1907 - Pretoras Eleanor White
1908 - James McChayne White

WHITEHEAD Edward, 29 Sep 1911 aged 41
- buried Plot 62, Block H
- Edward was a farmer

WHITEHEAD Sophia, 21 Feb 1905 aged 76
- buried Plot 78, Block F

WEISNER Herman Julius, 27 Dec 1907 aged 56
- buried Grave 1907, Block G
- In 1881 he was working on the Manawatu Gorge
- In Oc 1882 he was sentenced at Wanganui to 4 months prison for stealing 3 cheques
- In Jan 1888 he was charged with perjury in the Palmerston North District Court
- In 1894 a house on the Foxton Line owned and occupied by Herman was destroyed by fire
- In August 1896 he was living in Cheltenham near Feilding when sentenced to 10 years hard labour for a serious crime
- (the name is sometimes seen spelt Wiesner)

WILEY Albert James, 25 Sep 1892 aged 5
- buried Grave 85, Block B with father William

WILEY William Martin, 15 Nov 1918 aged 68
- buried Grave 85, Block B with son Albert
- born in Hutt Valley 1850, he married Damarus Owen WAKELIN (1854-) in 1878
- was living in Weber, Dannevirke
their known children:
1880 - 1881 Amelia Janet Wiley (born & died in Carterton)
1882 - 1944 Cornelia Jane Wiley (born Carterton m.Frederick Rosenbeck 1906)
1885 - 1972 Edward Hamilton Wiley (born Dannevirke)
1887 - 1892 Albert James Wiley (born & died in Dannevirke)
1889 - 1889 Willard Wiley (born Woodville, died aged 4 weeks in Woodville)
1890 - 1979 Damarus Isabella Wiley (m.Charles Alloway 1912)
1893 - 1965 John Ballance Wiley
1896 - Jessie Wiley (born in Waipatiki)

WILKS James Royal, 19 Dec 1907 6 weeks
- (spelt Wilkes on the database)
- was living in Kaitoki, Dannevirke
- a son of William George Arthur WILKS & Emma WILLISCROFT
the children of WILLIAM & EMMA:
1894 - Arthur Joseph Wilks
1895 - Lilian May Wilks
1899 - Mary Pearl Wilks
1905 - Horace Wilks
1907 - James Royal Wilks

WILKINS Mary, 12 Jan 1899 aged 34
- buried Grave 90, Block A with baby (next)
- a birth year of about 1865

WILKINS unnamed born still 14 Jan 1899
- buried Grave 90, Block A with mother Mary
- son of John Oliver & Mary WILKINS

WILKINS John 'Oliver', 27 July 1944 aged 81
- buried Grave unknown
- a birth year of about 1863
- John was a Labourer in Dannevirke

WILLIAMS ?, 27 March 1901
- buried Grave 6, Block D with Margert
- son of Sidney Williams

WILLIAMS Margery, 30 April 1918 aged 8 months
- buried Plot 6, Block D with unknown child above
- lived in Hunter St, Dannevirke

WILSON Andrew William, 15 Sep 1942 aged 71
- buried Grave 28, Block H with wife Annie
- Andrew was a Saddler
- he lived in Te Rehunga, Dannevirke
born 1871 to John & Janet Wilson, brother of George Robert below

WILSON Annie (nee TROUDE) 22 Sep 1911 aged 34
- buried Grave 28, Block H with husband Andrew & George
- married Andrew William Wilson in 1910
they had a daughter:
1911 - Annie Mildred Wilson
- lived in Rawhiti St, Dannevirke

WILSON Ethel May 1903 aged 2 months
- buried Grave 81, Block E
- daughter of John Thomas WILSON & Anna Carley GREEN
the known children of JOHN & VERA:
1890 - Jessie Janet Wilson (+Alexander TELFER in 1924)
1892 - John Thomas Wilson
1894 - George Henry Wilson
1896 - Andrew William Wilson
1898 - Eileen Wilson (+Frank Ernest HARVEY in 1919)
1900 - James Leslie Wilson
1902 - Ethel May Wilson (aged 2 months)
1904 - Dorothy May Wilson (+Stanbury MILLER in 1930)
1907 - Robert Wilson
1910 - Ivy Wilson

WILSON George, 1910 aged ?
- buried Grave 28, Block H with Andrew & Annie
HEADSTONE of Grave 28 reads: : In loving memory of Andrew William Wilson, died 15th Sept. 1942, aged 71 years. Annie, wife of the above, died 22nd Sept. 1911, aged 34 years. George Wilson, died 1910.
The George Wilson who are recorded on BDM for 1910:
* George Edmund Wilson, 14 Jan 1910 aged 30
* George Arthur Martindale Wilson, 27 Jan 1910 aged 23
* George Charles Wilson, 22 April 1910 aged 2
- son of Alfred William WILSON & Lucy Mary CHAPMAN

WILSON George Robert 28 April 1912 aged 43
- buried Grave 27, Block H
born 1868 to John & Janet WILSON, brother of Andrew William above
Manawatu Standard, 29 April 1912 DANNEVIRKE, April 28 - George Robert Wilson, who had been missing from Kaitoke since Friday, was found on Saturday evening with his head blown off. At the inwuest this morning the medical evidence showed that deceased had suffered fron bad health, and a verdict of suicide while mentally depressed was returned

WINDLE Margaret (possibly nee BROWN), 30 March 1905 aged 38
- birth year of about 1867
- mother of Nicholas (below) ?
HISTORICAL Record only - BURIED at WAIPAWA cemetery

WINDLE Nicholas Thomas, 8 Oct 1902 aged 6 days
- buried Plot 9, Block E
- son of James WINDLE & Margaret BROWN
the known children of JAMES & MARGARET:
1895 - 1944 John Vincent Windle
- married Edith Julia CULLING (1896-1958) in 1926
1897 - 1938 James Henry Windle
- died aged 41
1898 - Henry Windle
- married Mary HOLLAND in 1912
1902 - Nicholas Thomas Windle
- died aged 6 days (above)

WIREMU Rawinia, 27 July 1900 aged 3
- buried Grave unknown

WOLLAND Phillis, 16 July 1901 aged 2 days
- buried Grave 56, Block A
- daughter of Henry Levy WOLLAND & Emily Selina GASCOIGNE of Knight street
- Emily Selina Gascoigne was born in Birmingham, Warwick. Her father Edward Gascoigne (sometimes written Gaskin) emigrated on the RAKAIA in August 1877, arriving into Lyttleton on 10th December.
He worked hard on constructing the main trunk railway until he had enough money to send for his wife Emily and their 4 children (Emily Selina, Ellen, William Edward and Alfred) who arrived on the 'CITY of AUCKLAND' in 1878. They settled in Feilding, left Palmerston North for Shannon in 1889, then to Apiti in 1896
- the known children of Henry Levy & Emily Selina were:
1899 - 1994 Kenneth Hilton Wolland
- he married Emily Doris Valerie HELM in 1920
- he married Hazel SMART in 1931
- Kenneth died aged 95
1901 - 1901 Phillis Wolland
- died aged 2 days
1904 - 2001 Winifred Vera Wolland
- married Edward TAYLOR

WOOD Edward, 31 July 1910 aged 88
- buried Plot 31, Block 1
- Edward was an Engineer, he lived in High St Dannevirke

WOOD William, 1 Feb 1909 aged 34
- buried Plot 43, Block K
- William was a Labourer
- he was in the Dannevirke Hospital

WOODCOCK Edward Thomas, 10 Dec 1898 aged 48
- buried unknown location

WRATT George, 27 May 1942 aged 92
- buried Grave 83, Block F
- birth year of about 1850
- George was a Sawmiller

WRATT Catherine Jane (nee MEDHURST), 7 Aug 1912 aged 71
- buried Plot 8, Block F with her son William
- was living in Cadman Rd, Dannevirke
- married George Wratt in 1872

WRATT (aka MEDHURST) William 'Willie', 7 Aug 1903 aged 27
- buried Plot 7, Block F with his mother
(on database under William Medhurst)
- born 1876 to George WRATT & Catherine Jane MEDHURST
West Australian Sunday Times, 15 April 1900
... Probably owing to the plague, a Pahiatua (N.Z.) resident named William Wratt notifies that he intends to change his name to William Medhurst. it is dangerous to bear such a name when a price per head is offered
Manawatu Standard, 8 August 1903
... Mr William Medhurst, who was in business in Pahiatua for some years as a saddler, died at Dannevirke yesterday from consumption
Auckland Star, 12 August 1903
... The death at Dannevirke of Mr William M. Wratt, of Pahiatua, is announced. The deceased, who was the son of Mr G. Wratt (Dannevirke), and leaves a widow (Amelia Christianna) and child (Irene Maren born 10 March 1903, died 23 Jan 1904 aged 10 months), was only 27 years of age, and held a saddlery business in Pahiatua till a few months ago. Then illness seized him, and he was taken to his father's house, where he died. He was an old Dannevirke boy, where he learnt his trade. He was given a military funeral in recognition of his services as a volunteer
... Our Dannevirke correspondent writes:- After a long and painful illness, Mr William Medhurst, son of Mr G, Wratt, a well-to-do local resident, passed away at his father's residence at the early age of 27. The deceased, who leaves a wife and child, until a few months ago carried on a saddlery business at Pahiatua. He was brought up in Dannevirke, where he learned his trade. As an athlete and a member of rifle corps and other societies he was well and popularly known during his residence in the town. Death came as a happy release. The late Mr Medhurst was accorded a military funeral, the mournful ceremony being largely attended. The Rev A. Grant conducted the burial service

WRIGHT Caroline, 17 June 1908 aged 65
- buried Grave 34, Block H
- wife of George
- lived in Waitahora, Dannevirke

WRIGHT David Overbeck/Oberbeck, 1 April 1902 aged 41
- buried Grave 19, Block D

WRIGHT Frederick William, 20 Dec 1907 aged 8 days
- buried Grave 19, Block E
- son of Frederick William WRIGHT & Dora Mary STEVENSON
children of FREDERICK & DORA (possibly more):
1907 - Frederick William Wright
1909 - Earl Stevenson Wright
1910 - Dora Mary Wright
1912 - Ella Lillian Stevenson Wright
1913 - Joan Stevenson Wright

WRIGHT Robert Edward, 31 Jan 1907 aged 55
- buried Grave 57, Block G

WYETH William Henry, 8 March 1910 aged 14 weeks
- buried Grave 14, Block I
- lived in McPhee St, Dannevirke

WYLIE Lady Leita Caroline, 12 Aug 1984 aged 76
- buried Grave 103, Block G
- was living in 53 Stanhill Dr, Chevron Island, Queensland, Australia
- her ashes are buried with Sir Campbell Wylie
He is not on the cemetery database although it says Lady Leita is buried with him ??

WYLIE Sir Campbell, 14 May 1904 aged 88
- buried Grave 102, Block G
- Former Commonwealth Judge, Sir William Campbell Wylie was born 14 May 1905 in Dannevirke, a son of William James WYLIE (below) and Edith Grace STOGG. He was educated at Auckland Grammar School and at Auckland University College. He qualified as a barrister at the Inner Temple and saw military service from 1941 to 1946. He held the position of Crown Counsel in Malaya in 1946 and in 1950 became Senior Federal Counsel. From 1951 to 1955 he was Attorney-General at Barbados, in 1955 in British Guiana and in 1956 in the West Indies. From 1959 to 1963 he was Federal Justice of the Supreme Court of the West Indies and was Chief Justice of Sarawak and Sabah. William Campbell Wylie was knighted in 1963 and died 1992...

WYLIE Mary Ann 1917, 10 May aged 75
- buried Plot 103, Block G
- birth year of about 1842, mother of William James (next)
- was living in Port Ahuriri, Napier

WYLIE William James, 21 April 1907 aged 37
- buried Grave 101, Block G
- William was from Napier & a Storekeeper in Dannevirke
- he married Edith Grace STOGG in 1903
their 2 known children:
1905 - William Campbell Wylie (became Sir Campbell Wylie, see above)
1907 - James William Wylie

WYSOCKI Edwin Joseph, 13 May 1907 aged 24 days
- a son of Theodore WYSOCKI (1862-1950) & Kate SHENNAN (1866-1924)
- Theodore & Kate were married on 21 Jan 1893 in Palmerston North
- Theodore was a Tailor. He commenced business in Dannevirke on the corner of Millers Rd & High St. He moved his business in 1893 to the building previously occupied by Mr Bates bookshop. He moved again to larger premises in 1901 next to Barraud & Abraham and opposite Neagles, High St Dannevirke
the children of THEODORE & KATE:
1893 - Robert Carlile Wysocki
1895 - 1967 Archibald Theodore Wysocki
- married Frances Mary Cecila LYNESS in 1922
1896 - 1990 Claude Shennan Wysocki
- married Mary Josephine ARTHUR in 1924
1899 - Leonard Wilford Wysocki
- married Veda Zarelle SMITH in 1919
1907 - Edwin Joseph Wysocki

... The A names ABBOTT to AYLWARD

... The B names BAER to BURTON

... The C names CALDER to CUNNINGHAM

... The D names DAILL to DUNSTALL

... The E names ECCLES to EVANSEN

... The F names FALCONER to FYFE

... The G names GAMMON to GUNTER

... The H names HAINES to HYNDES


... The J names JACOBI to JONES

... The K names KENNY to KUITI

... The L names LAMBERT to LYNN

... The M names MABERLY to MURRAY

... The N names NASH to NUTTALL

... The O names O'CONNOR to O'SULLIVAN

... The P names PALENSKY to PRIOR

... The R names RANKIN to RYAN

... The S names SARGISSON to SYKES

... The T names TACON to TWEEDDALE

... The V name VICARY

... The W names WALKER to WYSOCKI


Wallace Wilfred NELMES - Bristol, England to Christchurch, New Zealand

Wallace Wilfred NELMES was born in Bristol England in 1871
- he was a Railway Guard
- he married Grace CAMPBELL in 1903
- he lived at 15 MacKenzie Ave, Christchurch
- he died on 24th January 1958 aged 87
- he is buried in PLOT 83 - BLOCK 48 of Linwood Cemetery
- Grace was born in Springield, Christchurch
- she died on 25th July 1968 aged 86 and is buried with him

two of their known children were:
1904 Annie Jessop Nelmes
1908 Ivy Adeline Jessop Nelmes

From the BUSH ADVOCATE - 8th August 1907
On Saturday morning, the Oxford-Kaiapoi train, due about seven o'clock at West Eyreton, had passed that station two miles, when a man was seen lying stretched out, apparently dead, on the road near the line. Guard Nelmes and the engine-driver, Stirling, pulled up the train. They found the man quite benumbed with the sharp frost, and unable to move. With assistance, he was lifted into the guard's van, and conveyed to Kaiapoi. There the police conveyed him in a van to the police station, where he was wrapped in blankets, and attended, and a doctor was called in. The man's name was ascertained to be Frank Brown. He was a passenger on Friday evening's train to West Eyreon, arriving at 7p.m. and got off to go to a farm where he was employed, about two miles away. He had with him a bottle of whisky, and sat down by the wayside and drank its contents, and fell asleep. This was on an open and exposed part of the country, and considering that there was from 8 to 10 degrees of frost, it is almost a wonder that he survived the experience. He was able to appear at the Kaiapoi Court report the Press, and was ordered to ay 12s 6d expenses.

From the STAR - 8th March 1909
.. Wallace Wilfred Nelmes, second-class guard, appealed against his retention as second-class guard, and claimed that he should have been promoted in the classification list of April, 1908, to first-class guard. He conducted his own case

Walter BECKINGHAM 1857-1913 - Timaru New Zealand

Who were the parents of Walter Beckingham 1857-1913 ?

He was a POSSIBLE son of Honeyborn Beckingham ahd Sarah Ann Rock but no records can be found at this time to verify this.

Honeyborn and Sarah's known children were:
George 1835 - 1906
James Edward 1837 - 1905
Anne Elizabeth 1842 - 1925
William 1852 - ?
Emma 1855- 1937

Walter married Mary Donnellan (1861-1946) in 1880.
The children found for them so far are:
1881 - Maud Josephine
1884 - Gleniti Constance Evelyn
1885 - Alice Harriett Ethel
1887 - Kate Emily
1895 - 1978 James Edward Walter
- James served in WWI at the age of 19
NEXT OF KIN - Mrs W. Beckingham (mother), Wai-iti Road, Timaru,
EMLISTMENT ADDRESS - Wai-iti Road, Timaru,
BODY ON EMBARKATION - 5th Reinforcements
EMBARKATION UNIT - No. 2 New Zealand Stationary Hospital
PLACE OF EMBARKATION - Wellington, New Zealand
VESSEL - Maunganui or Tahiti or Aparima
DESTINATION - Suez, Egypt (24 July - 6 August 1915)

NOTE - Walter was in the NZ Volunteer Corps, 2nd South Canterbury Regiment as a Lieutenant Colonel:

A Company Timaru City Rifles, Capt John Gillis
B Company Temuka Rifles, Capt E. Richardson
C Company Ashburton Rifles, Capt W. E. Dolman
D Company Port Rifle Guards, Capt Frank A. Raymond
E Company Timaru Rifles Capt. W. Beckingham (made Captain in 1897)
F Company Waimate Rifles, Capt. H.C. Barclay
G Company Geraldine Rifles, Capt. Kenneth Mackenzie
H Company, Ashburton Guards Rifles, Capt E.F. Nichols

In 1869 (aged 12) Walter was in Class III of the Timaru School and came 2nd in his class of 15 for 'very creditable reading'

In 1873 (aged 16) Walter was an apprentice for the South Canterbury Times printing office and his employer took him to court for not obeying orders to roll the press at 11.30 at night (after having worked all day and despite not being paid for about 6 weeks)
- story here: Breach of Masters & Apprentices Act

In 1880 (aged 23) Walter married Mary Donnellan (1861-1946) in 1880.
- Mary was from County Clare
The children found for them so far are:
1881 - Maud Josephine Beckingham
1884 - Gleniti Constance Evelyn Beckingham
1885 - Alice Harriett Ethel Beckingham
1887 - Kate Emily Beckingham

In 1891 (aged 34) he was heading to Christchurch for the District Grand Lodge meeting of the United Ancient Order of Druids

In 1897 (aged 40) Walter was made Captain, from Lieutenant, of the South Canterbury Battalion
- he was also by then, in the furniture trade which adds to the theory he may have been Honeyborn's son

In 1898 (aged 41) Walter built a house on his section at the corner of Grey Road & Sefton street, (Seawiew) Timaru

In 1899 (aged 42) Walter was nominated by Mr Frederic Jaumand Le Cren (1864-1949) and S. F. Smithson as Councillor for the North West Ward of the Timaru Borough Council in lieu of Mr Alfred Targuse, deceased. Being the only nomination he was duly elected

In January 1913 (aged 55) Walter was buried in Plot 17 - Block F (new row 9) of the Timaru General Cemetery. His wife Mary lived to 85 (1946) and was then buried with him

In July 1913 Walter`s estate was valued at 6358
- (a July 2009 equivalent of $901,814.)

Walter CLARK + Catherine McKERCHAR - Invercargill

from WOODLAND marriages 1864 - 1920

* Walter CLARK aged 33
married 1 November 1900 to:
* Catherine McKERCHAR aged 23
Walter was the 8th of 13 children of James CLARK + Elizabeth GRAHAM of Ohoka

- the known children of WALTER & CATHERINE:
... 1
1902 - 1970 James Ernest 'Jack' Clark

- James married Margaret Winifred howie (1921-1994)
JAMES died 15 Dec 1970 aged 68
MARGARET died 17 nov 1994 aged 73
- they are buried Plot 1083, Block 39 at Eastern cemetery, Invercargill

... 2
1903 - 1975 Frank Gladstone Clark
- Frank married Bertha Agnes SADLIER (1905-1995) in 1928

... 3
1907 - Rita Lyndhurst Clark
- Rita married Douglas Farquharson LECKIE in 1929 as his 2nd wife
RITA died in the Bay of Islands 7 June 1994 aged 86
- she is buried Plot 255A, Block 23 at Eastern cemetery Invercargill with:
* her husband Douglas (1897-1969)
* 3 day old son of Rita & Douglas, Graham Leckie (19 Sep 1934)
* Douglas's 1st wife Catherine Campbell Leckie (nee McEwan 1895-1926)
NOTE Lieutenant-Colonel 18399, Douglas Farquharson Leckie, Served in WWI in Canterbury Mounted Rifle Regiment, Anzac Mounted Division from 1916-1919. In WWII he was Commanding Officer of the 23rd Battalion from August 1940 until March 1941, and from May 1941 until June 1942. He also commmanded 75 Sub -Area in the Middle East from August 1942 until March 1944
* Mentioned in Despatches (MiD)
* Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE)
* Efficiency Decoration (ED)
* awarded the O.B.E.
* read also Whose fault was failure on Crete?

... 4
1909 - 1965 Mina Rosewill Clark
- Mina was a Spinster
- in 1935 & 1938 she was living at 32 Catherine street, South Dunedin

... 5
1911 - ? Margaret Graham Clark

* Walter died 15 Sep 1951 aged 84
* Catherine died 6 Nov 1967 aged 90
- their last address was Lorn street, Invercargill
- they are buried Plot 224, Block 34 at Eastern Cemetery

Plot 224, Block 34 at Eastern cemetery Invercargill

In loving memory of
Walter, Loved husband of Catherine Clark
Who died 15th Sep 1951 Aged 84 years
Also the above
Catherine, Died 6th Nov 1967 Aged 90 years
*Christina McKerchar
Died 9th Aug 1955 Aged 68 years
*Christina Gillow McKerchar, daughter of James McKerchar & Margaret Gillanders

Walter Edward GREAVES + Sarah Ann PITTAMS - Pahiatua, New Zealand

*Walter Edward GREAVES was born 2nd June 1859 in Wellington
- a son of John GREAVES & Harriet HOLT of Hinckley, Leicestershire, England

his siblings were:

1850-1895 - Harriet Greaves
- born in Hinckley Leicestershire
- married Cornelius OATHAM in 1873
- died in New Zealand
the children of Harriet & Cornelius were:
1875-1919 - Clara Elizabeth Oatham
- married Henry Neal WINTER
- had 9 known children
1877-1881 - Ada Louisa Oatham
- died aged 4
1880-1942 - Herbert Cornelius Oatham
- married Minnie ANSTICE in 1922
- married Eliza SHORT
1882-1884 Ada Oatham
- died aged 2
1884-1957 - Walter Oatham
- married May Ellen WHELEN in 1912
- had 4 known children

1852-1857 - Sarah Ann Greaves
- born in Hinckley
- died in Wellington aged 4

1855-1877 - Geroge Greaves
- born in Birmingham
- died in Hokitika aged 21
- he and Thomas WILTSHIRE were drowned on the 4th Oct 1877 in the Hokitika river when taking a boat from town to the Maori reserve saw-mills. One of the horses suddenly slipped in a crab hole, throwing the rider and pulling the other horse after him

1829 - *Walter Edward

1861-1861 - Sarah Jane Greaves
- born in Wellington
- died aged 2 weeks

1865-1873 - John Timothy Greaves
- drowned in the Raumahunga River, Masterton aged 8

*Walter Edward Greaves
- he married Sarah Ann PITTAMS on the 8th July 1884 in Woodville

their children were:
1887-1961 Walter John Greaves
- married Evelyn Mary COLE (1880-1960) in 1909
(Evelyn had a daughter Frances Evelyn Cole when they married)
- they had 3 known children

1889-1963 - Elizabeth Emily Greaves
- married John Kemp LICKFOLD (1872-1940)
- had 2 known children

1891-1968 - Mary Jessamine Harriet Greaves
- married Frank BAKER in 1909
- had 5 known children

1894-1894 - Margretta Ethel Selina Greaves
- died aged 3 hours

1895-1973 - Joseph William Greaves
- married Jane Alice MILLER 91901-1958)
- had 3 known children

1897-1908 - Frederick Charles Greaves
- died aged 11 in Mangatainoka of phosphorus burns

1900-1979 - Esther Edith Greaves in 1918
- married Edward James NEALE (1895-1981)
- had 5 known children

1903-1974 - Clarence Howard "Clarry" Greaves
- married Annie Mary O'CONNOR in 1925
- they divorced
- he married Violet Evelyn KEMPTON 91908-1977)
- he changed his name to Clarence Howard KEMPTON

1904-1987 - Grace Mercy "Dolly' Greaves
- married Albert Edward STOBBS (1904-1973)
- 2 know children

1906-1993 - Sydney Spencer Francis Greaves
- born in Woodville
- married Myrtle Rose O'HAGAN (1906-1948)
- had 4 known children

1907-1995 - Hubert Ivan Greaves
- married Sophia OAKLEY (1907-1965) in 1927
- married Irene Monica LAVERY (1910-2004)

1912-1983 - Sarah Muriel Evelyn Greaves
- married Albert GARWOOD
- had 5 known children

Walter died on the 21st September 1926 in Mangatainoka, Pahiatua
- he is buried in GRAVE 17 - PLLOT 3 - BLOCK at Mangatainoka
- he is buried with his wife Sarah who died 17th September 1930

their HEADSTONE reads:
In Loving Memory Of
Walter Edward Greaves
died Sep 21, 1926a ged 67 years.
Also his wife Sarah Ann Greaves
died Sep 17, 1930, aged 64 years.
Sweet Peace

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Walter FREEMAN + Annie WACKETT - Wellington 1855

WALTER FREEMAN (1829-1879)
was born in London
- a son of Robert FREEMAN (1805-1891) & Mary Ann LENEY/LEANEY (1803-1876)
ANNIE WACKETT (1823-1901)
was born in Hertingfordbury, Hertfordshire, England
- a daughter of George WACKETT (1777-1850) & Ann GARDENER (1781-1849)
Annie had a daughter, Theresa Wackett (1849-1940) prior to marriage

Walter & Annie married 22 April 1851 in London
* on 20 March 1855 Walter & Annie left London and emigrated to New Zealand on the 'New Era', arriving in Wellington 27 June 1855. Annie's daughter Teresa is on the list as aged 6 but their first born, Walter, is not (he would have been an infant). There is also a Teresa Wickett on the passenger list (no age given), was she a sister of Annie? or a double-up of Annie's daughter? (see at link)

the known children of WALTER & ANNIE
... 1
1849 - 1940 THERESA (WACKETT) brought up in Wellington as Freeman
- Theresa married James Burton PENNY (1841-1915) on 26 Oct 1870
- they were farming in Clareville by 1881, bought Dakin Cottage in Clareville, Wairarapa, off Charles Dakin (1827-1895) in 1885, sold it in 1891, moved to Wellington and by 1914 they were in Otaki. James died in Wellington 1915

- the 9 known children of THERESA & JAMES:
1/ 1871 - 1880 Theresa Penny
Wellington Independent, 11 August 1871 PENNY - On July 30, at Grassendale, Whareama (10km north of Tinui), the wife of James Burton Penny, Esq., of a daughter. THERESA died 1 Aug 1880 in Wellington aged 9 years & 2 days

2/ 1872 - 1946 James Burton Edward 'Jim' Penny
- Jim married Phoebe GREATBATCH (1870-1945) 1 July 1915
- daughter of Walter 'Joseph' GREATBATCH & Mary BEVAN of Featherston
PHOEBE died 5 June 1945 in Wellington? aged 75
JIM died 27 Nov 1946 in Hawera aged 74

3/ 1876 - 1879 Edward Henry Walter Penny
EDWARD died 3 March 1879 aged 2.11

4/ 1878 - 1977 Ethel Marion Emily Penny
- Ethel married Charles Christopher Machell WATSON-MUNRO (1877-1942) 7 April 1910 in Wellington as his second wife (divorced in 1905 from Emily Bourke (nee Coates) - they had married in Cape Town in 1904 when he served in the Boer War)
Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 April 1910 On Thursday afternoon, at St Thomas' Church, South Wellington, Miss Ethel Marion Emily Penny, eldest daughter of Mr James Burton Penny, Newtown, and niece of the Primate of New Zealand (Samuel Tarratt Nevill, see below), was married by the Rev Mr Walker to Mr Machell Watson-Munro, of Monmouthshire, England. The bride was attired in a dress of white chiffon taffeta with lace trimmings, and wore a handsome veil of Brussels net, over 50 years old, in which her aunt had been married. The bridesmaids - Misses Katie and Millicent Penny - were dressed in heliotrope silk muslin, with hats of deeper shade. Mr Geoffery Withers acted as best man, and Mr L. W. Hawkins gave the bride away. After the wedding a family gathering was held at Mr Penny's residence. Mr and Mrs Watson-Munro left in the afternoon by the Manuka for Dunedin, where their future home is to be. (Ethel & Charles had 4 known children)

5/* 1881 - 1974 Evelyn Watson 'Lyn' Penny
- Lyn married Lawrence Wood HAWKINS (1879-1950) 18 Dec 1905 in Lower Hutt
- a son of Samuel Stocks (1837-1888) & Jane HAWKINS of Tuapeka
Evening Post, 23 December 1905 HAWKINS-PENNY - On the 18th December, 1905, at St Augustine's Church, Petone, by the Rev B. H. Ward, Lawrence Wood, only son of the late Samuel Stocks Hawkins, of Yorkshire, England, to Evelyn Watson, third daughter of Mr James B. Penny, of Petone
LAWRENCE died in NSW, Australia aged 71. Lyn died 11 Sep 1974 in Picton aged 93

6/* 1884 - 1924 Katie Gertrude Penny
- Katie married Alfred Naylor PALMER (1872-1943) in 1911 in Wellington
- a son of George & Elizabeth Mary PALMER
- Katie & Alfred had 3 children
KATIE died 21 April 1924 aged 40 in Wellington
- Alfred next married Linda Mary TURNER (1893-1968) 28 June 1928
- daughter of Jacob (1843-1916) & Prudence Ann (1849-1924) TURNER of Dovedale
Evening Post, 3 July 1928 On the 28th June, 1928 at St Peter's Church, Wellington, by Rev G. C. Blathwayt, Alfred Naylor, youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs George Palmer, Wellington, to Linda Mary Turner, youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Jacob Turner, of Motueka
- they had a daughter

7/* 1886 - 1974 Millicent Isabella Nevill 'Millie' Penny
- Millie married William John Henry HAASE (1887-1960) 21 Dec 1911 in Wellington
- a son of Peter Mathias Henry HAASE (1856-1923) & Margaret CLARKE (1863-1940)
MILLIE died 13 March 1974 in Lower Hutt

8/* 1889 - 1980 Henry Reginald 'Reg' Penny
- Reg married Margaret Wallace 'Maggie' OUGHTON (1886-1983) in Taranaki in 1919
- daughter of James Sinclair OUGHTON & Anne SHIRLEY
REG died 1 June 1980 aged in Hawera aged 91

9/* 1892 - 1935 Charles Vivian Penny (murdered in Porirua)
Evening Post, 17 October 1935 The Funeral of the late Charles Vivian Penny will take place at the Clareville Cemetery of Saturday, October 19, 1935, at 12 noon, Private internment. J. R. CROFT, Undertaker. Lower Hutt and Petone
- he is buried with his parents James & Theresa

JAMES BURTON PENNY died 25 Feb 1915 aged 74 in Wellington
Evening Post, 25 February 1915 PENNY - On the 25th February, 1915, at his residence, 25 Roy-street, (Newtown) James Burton, beloved husband of Theresa Penny, in his 74th year. Interment at Carterton
Hawera & Normanby Star, 25 February 1915 Mr R. (Reg) Penny, of Okaiawa, to-day received word of the death of his father in Wellington, after a long illness. He and his brother, who have been residents of Okaiawa for some years, will have the sympathy of many friends in their bereavement
- his probate was granted to the Public Trustee in Wellington May 1915
THERESA Penny died 4 June 1940 aged 91 in Wellington
Evening Post, 5 June 1940 PENNY - On June 4, 1940, at Wellington, Theresa, relict of the late James Burton Penny; aged 91 years (Interment at Clareville Cemetery, Thursday, noon)
- they are buried Plot 75, OLD UNSEC at Clareville cemetery, Carterton

NOTE Rev Samuel Tarratt NEVILL, Anglican Bishop, (1837-1921) was married to James Burton Penny's half-sister, Mary Susanna Cook-Penny (1834-1905)


... 2
1854 - 1931 WALTER FREEMAN
- Walter married Anna Maria 'Annie' HASSETT (1859-1895) 11 Jan 1879
Daily Southern Cross, 28 June 1872 SUPREME COURT CRIMINAL CALENDAR The following is the calendar of prisoners for trial at the Supreme Court, Auckland, commencing Monday next, the 1st July: - & Anna Maria Hassett, English, aged 12, single, Church of England, (can) read and write, obtaining goods by false pretences (four charges). Anna pleaded guilty of larceny and sentence was deferred
- the 8 known children of WALTER & ANNIE: (Walter had a total of 10)
1/* 1879 - 1897 Walter Freeman
WALTER died aged 18 from head injuries sustained in a cycle race held Palmerston North to Ashhurst on 14 Aug 1897
Feilding Star, 16 August 1897 FATAL RESULT OF A BICYCLE ACCIDENT - The young man Walter Freeman, eldest son of the caterer on the Wellington-Manawatu Railways Coy's refreshment room-keeper, injured during the bicycle road race on Wednesday afternoon, remained in an unconscious state, and a little after four o'clock this afternoon his condition suddenly changed for the worse and he expired almost immediately. An inquest will probably be held.
- This made Walter the first fatality in cycle racing in New Zealand

2/* 1880 - 1902 Frederick Wackett 'Fred' Freeman
FRED died 9 Nov 1902 in a rowing accident on the Wanganui River aged 22.5
Wanganui Chronicle, 11 November 1902 FATAL ACCIDENT
- A MAN DROWNED IN THE RIVER ... Quite a gloom was cast over Aramoho on Sunday morning when it became known that an accident had occurred on the River, by which a young man name Frederick Freeman had lost his life. It appears that at about ten o'clock on Sunday morning some members of the Aramoho Rowing Club went out for a row in the four-oared out-rigger, the crew consisting of Henry Sutton, Samuel Walkley, Frederick Freeman, George Tasker and John Lowry. When about 150 yards from the shore, on the return trip, the boat swamped, the heavy gale having made the water very rough. As Lowry could not swim, Sutton and Walkley went to his assistance, and succeeded in placing him on the bottom of the overturned boat. Freeman, in the meantime, being in difficulty, Tasker went to his assistance, as also did Walkley when he had placed Lowry in safety on the bottom of the boat. On Walkley arriving, Tasker, being exhausted, relinquished his hold on Freeman. Walkley, also being exhausted, let go of Freeman shortly afterwards, and the latter sank. He was then within five yards of the shore. Tasker and Walkley were very exhausted, and only with difficulty reached the bank, where willing hands pulled them from the water. Sutton and Lowry were taken from the bottom of the boat by the crew of the launch 'May', which happened to be passing. Messrs Albert and Henry Sutton began dragging operations as soon as Freeman sank, and at about 11 o'clock recovered the body. Efforts at resuscitation were made for an hour, when Drs Hatherley and Porritt, who had been summoned, pronounced life to be extinct. Freeman was 22 years of age, and was a son of Mr Walter Freeman, of the Aramoho Refreshment Rooms. Sincere sympathy will be felt for the sorrowing relatives. An inquest will be held at 9.30 this morning.
The deceased was a member of the Sixth Contingent in South Africa, and while there was promoted to be Sergeant-Major. Mr Freeman desires to thank those who assisted to recover the body of his son and also in attempting to resuscitate life
- Frederick is buried Plot 027, Block 026 at Terrace End cemetery

3/* 1882 - 1968 Leonard Robert 'Len' Freeman
- Len married Gertrude Elizabeth MADGIN on 21 Jan 1910 in Waikanae
Manawatu Standard, 20 January 1910 WEDDING BELLS ... A wedding which created much interest in Waikanae took place in the church there yesterday afternoon, when Mr Leonard Freeman, son of Mr Walter Freeman, of Wellington, was married to Miss Gertrude Madgin, daughter of Mr and Mrs Madgin, of Tilehurst, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. The Rev J. Jones officiated. The bride, who was given away by Mr A. Williams, wore a frock of white Brussels net and lace over ivory glace silk, Over a wreath of orange blossom she wore her mother's bridal veil. She carried a shower bouquet of white flowers, and wore the bridegroom's gifts, a handsome cameo pendant and Maltese lace scarf. Miss E. Freeman, cousin of the bridegroom, from Palmerston North, who was chief bridesmaid, wore a frock of turquoise blue chiffon taffetas with black picture hat, and carried a shower bouquet of sweet peas. Two little bridesmaids, the Misses Marjorie and Jean Freeman, sisters of the bridegroom, wore frocks of white embroidery and Kitty Bellairs hats, and they carried white crooks with clusters of sweet peas. Mr J. Jameson, of Levin, was best man. After the wedding, about forty guests were entertained at a reception at Mahara House, where the rooms were decorated with sweet peas, native flowers, and ferns. Mr and Mrs Freeman afterwards left by motor car for Wellington where they caught the boat for Nelson, the bride travelling in a cream serge coat and skirt, with black hat -
- they had a son, Walter Madgin Freeman in 1911 who died aged 24 hours
They lived for a time in Sydney. Both died in New Zealand
LEONARD died 15 September 1968 aged 86

4/* 1883 - 1919 Millie Annie Freeman
- Millie married Edward William OLIVER 27 March 1907
MILLIE died 12 Feb 1919 in Wellington aged 36
- she is buried Plot 230 B, CH ENG2 at Karori cemetery

5/* 1885 - 1944 George Roxburgh 'Jack' Freeman
- born 25 March 1885, George served twice in WWI as Private 10/2141 with the Wellington Infantry battalion, 5th reinforcements, embarking from Wellington 13 June 1915. He was seriously wounded at the Dardanelles in 1915. He next served with the NZEF, Hospital Ship No 2 Marama (Second Sailing of Fourth Charter), embarking from Wellington 19 Oct 1918. Both times his next of kin was his father at 63 Molesworth Street, Wellington
GEORGE died 6 June 1944 in his home fire at Valley Road, Paraparaumu aged 58

6/* 1889 - 1889 Hilda Teresa Freeman
HILDA died as an infant

7/* 1890 - ? Mabel Freeman
- nothing known of Mabel at this time

8/* 1891 - 1942 Guy Linton Freeman
- Guy was born in Wellington 5 November 1891
- attended College Street School, Palmerston North and was in Standard 1 in 1902
GUY died in Wellington 28 July 1842 aged 51
- he is buried Plot 277 O, CH ENG2 at Karori

ANNIE Freeman died 22 July 1895 Feilding Star, 24 July 1895 DEATH - On the 22nd inst., at Palmerston North, Annie, beloved wife of Walter Freeman; aged 36
- she is buried Plot 024, Block 026 at Terrace End cemetery

Walter remarried to Margaret Alice WATSON (1865-1932) in 1901
- they had 2 daughters:
1/ * 1903 - 1978 Marjorie Edith Florence Freeman
- born 28 May 1903, Marjorie married Harry Savery PARR (1897-1972) in 1926

2/ 1906 - 2000 Jean Frances Freeman
- born 22 August 1906, Jean married Douglas Vivian BANKS (1906-1973) in 1932 & had 6 children
- Douglas was born in Masterton to James Henry BANKS & Catherine Mary EASTHOPE

WALTER Freeman died 10 February 1931 aged 76
- he is buried Plot 1903 C of E at Bolton Street cemetery (see photo)
Evening Post, 12 February 1931 WALTER'S OBITUARY
... The death occurred yesterday of Mr Walter Freeman, at the age of 76 years. The late Mr Freeman, who was a well-known and popular figure in the Thorndon district, and been ill for many months, and his death was not unexpected. he was born in London, and arrived in Wellington with his parents on the New Era in 1855. He became one of the earliest pupils at the Thorndon School, under the late Mr Mowbray. Mr Freeman entered the catering business, and took over the old bank luncheon rooms on Lambton quay from his father and mother. later he was proprietor for Barrett's Hotel and of the Island Bay Hotel. In 1886 he left for the Manawatu district, and while there he was instrumental in getting the Manawatu Railway Company to put dining cars on their trains. Subsequently Mr Freeman returned to Wellington, and for many years he conducted a pastrycook's business in Molesworth street. He is survived by his widow, three sons (Messrs. Len, Jack and Guy Freeman), and two daughters (Mrs H. S. Parr of Wadestown, and Miss Jean Freeman of Ohau). The funeral will take place to-morrow at the Bolton street cemetery
MARGARET Freeman died 4 June 1932 in Wellington
- she is buried Plot 1903 C of E at Bolton Street cemetery (see photo)


... 3
1856 - 1898 ROBERT FREEMAN
- Robert married Henrietta HELLYER (1858-1927) in 1880

- the 3 known children of ROBERT & HENRIETTA:
1/* 1880 - 1881 Albert Hellyer Freeman
- Albert died aged 4 months

2/* 1883 - 1948 Florence Amy Freeman
- Florence married William Francis HARRISON in 1930

3/* 1894 - 1958 Stanislaus Lovegrove Freeman
Evening Post, 14 July 1885 ROYAL HOTEL - The advertisement announcing the transfer of the Royal Hotel from John Maginnity to Robert Freeman will be found elsewhere. Coming after such a popular and business-like landlord as Mr Maginnity, Mr Freeman will have no light task if he wishes to preserve the high character which the house has hitherto maintained, but there are two things in favour of this being done, one being the fact that Mr and Mrs Freeman are well known as experienced caterers for the public, and the other that all the liquids vended will be supplied from Maginnity's wholesale stores, in Panama-street
Evening Post, 5 February 1886 WELLINGTON RACING CLUB SUMMER MEETING was inaugurated to-day under very favourable circumstances as regards weather. The course, which had derived much benefit from the recent rains, was in capital order, not too hard and not too soft. The special trains were fairly loaded and the first three took out about a thousand passengers. This number was considerably augmented by the contingent which patronised the road, and those who arrived by train from the country, so that at the time appointed for the first race there were about 2000 persons on the course. Mr Robert Freeman, of the Royal Hotel, is catering in the grand stand luncheon room and bar
Evening Post, 2 June 1887 THORNDON LICENSING COMMITTEE - The application for renewal of license was granted to Robert Freeman for the Royal Hotel

ROBERT Freeman died 23 November 1898 in Palmerston North aged 42
Feilding Star, 24 November 1898 FREEMAN - On the 23rd November, at Palmerston North, Robert Freeman, (brother of Walter Freeman), aged 42 years
Evening Post, 24 November 1898 - Mr Robert Freeman, at one time steward of the Wellington Working Men's Club, died in Palmerston North yesterday, after an illness of three weeks. The deceased, who leaves a wife and three children, was a brother of Mr Walter Freeman, the well-known caterer on the Manawatu Railway Company, and was very popular. He was a native of Wellington, and was 42 years of age
- he is buried Plot 025, Block 026 at Terrace End Cemetery with:
* brother Walter's wife Annie in 1895
* brother Frederick Freeman in 1902
* Walter Madgin Freeman (1911-1911) infant son of his brother Leonard Robert Freeman


... 4
1858 - 1921 AMELIA ANNIE 'Millie' FREEMAN
- Millie married James HUTCHESON (1857-1911) 25 May 1882 in Wellington
- a son of John Mack HUTCHESON & Mary GORRIE
Evening Post, 25 May 1882 MARRIAGE
... HUTCHESON-FREEMAN - On the 25th May, at St Paul's Cathedral, Wellington, by the Ven Archdeacon Thorpe, James, eldest son of Mr John Hutcheson, of Blenheim, to Millie Annie, youngest daughter of the late Mr W. Freeman, of Wellington

- the 2 known children of MILLIE & JAMES:
1/* 1883 - 1896 Frederick John Hutcheson
- Frederick died 22 December 1896 aged 13

2/* 1888 - 1980 Frances Marion Hutcheson
- Frances married Charles Rawle WILLIAMS (1879-1954) in 1920

JAMES Hutcheson died 15 December 1911 aged 54
Marlborough Express, 16 December 1911 ... The death of Mr James Hutcheson, of Grove Road, occurred yesterday afternoon. The deceased had complained during the day of indisposition, but his condition was not regarded as serious, and the discovery that he had passed away came as a shock to his family. Mr Hutcheson lay down on his bed in the afternoon, and it was found at about five o'clock that he had expired. The deceased, who was a native of Blenheim and the eldest son of the late Mr J. Mack Hutcheson, was 54 years of age. Part of his business career was spent in Christchurch and Wellington, and several years ago he returned to Blenheim to take over the store established here by his father in the early days. He had resided in Blenheim ever since. A widow and one daughter are bereaved by his death; Mr David Hutcheson and Mr Ronald Hutcheson, of the Wellington district, are brothers, and Mrs Bird, of Nelson, a sister of the deceased
AMELIA Hutcheson died 31 January 1921 aged 62


... 5
- born January 1861
MARY ANN died 21 April 1865 aged 4.3
Evening Post, 21 April 1865 DIED
... On the 21st inst, Mary Ann, at her father's residence, aged four years and three months, youngest daughter of Mr Walter Freeman, pastry cook, Lambton Quay. The friends of Mr Walter Freeman are respectfully requested to attend the funeral of his daughter Mary Ann, which will leave his residence, this day, at 4 o'clock. W. J. Hall & Sons, Undertakers, April 22nd, 1865
- she is buried Plot 1903 C of E at Bolton Street cemetery (see photo)


... 6
JANE died 25 March 1865 aged 7 months
- died the day after brother James & a month before sister Mary Ann
- she is buried Plot 1903 C of E at Bolton Street cemetery (see photo)
NOTE Janie is on BDM as being born 22 August 1864
ALSO Wellington Independent, 23 August 1864 BIRTH FREEMAN - On Monday, August 22nd, the wife of Mr Walter Freeman, Lambton-quay, of a daughter
ALSO Evening Post, 25 March 1865 DIED At Lambton Quay, Jeanie, youngest daughter of Mr Walter Freeman, pastry cook
BUT the Bolton street database has her death as March 1863
- I believe the year error is with the cemetery's database


... 7
1865 - 1865 JAMES FREEMAN
JAMES died 24 March 1865
- the day before his sister Janie & a month before sister Mary Ann
Wellington Independent, 25 March 1865 FREEMAN - On Friday, 24th March, at Lambton-quay, James, youngest son of Mr Walter Freeman, baker
NOTE he is not on the Bolton street database


WALTER FREEMAN died 24 August 1879 aged 50
Evening Post, 25 August 1879 Another old colonist, in the person of Mr Walter Freeman, has passed away. Mr Freeman arrived in Wellington about 25 years ago in the ship New Era, and soon afterwards commenced business as a baker and confectioner in Lambton Quay. He was actively engaged in carrying on the business until three years ago, when he began to suffer from dropsy, and since then he has been an invalid. The late Mr Freeman was the second baker in Wellington and was much respected by all who knew him. He was also a prominent member of the Ancient Order of Foresters. During the last two years of his life Mr Freeman suffered very much, and he was conscious up the hour of his death. The funeral will take place at half-past 9 o'clock to-morrow morning

ANNE FREEMAN died 30 June 1901 aged 78 in Palmerston North
Evening Post, 1 July 1901 The death occurred here yesterday of Mrs Freeman, aged 80 (sic). Deceased was a very old colonist, and leaves a large family including Mr Walter Freeman, of the Manawatu Railway dining car to mourn their loss
Manawatu Standard, 1 July 1901 We regret to hear of the death of Mrs Freeman, mother of Mr Walter Freeman, the well-known caterer on the Wellington and Manawatu Railway line. The deceased, who had attained the rope old age of 78 years, died at her son's residence, Pitt-street, on Saturday night. Mr and Mrs Freeman, senr., arrived in Wellington in the ship "New Era" in 1855, and for many years kept a confectionery shop in Lambton Quay, near Barrett's Hotel in the days when that part of the quay was known as Clay Point. Her husband predeceased her by 20 years. She leaves a family of three, two married daughters, one residing at Blenheim and the other at Petone, and Mr Walter Freeman. The news of her death will be heard with regret by a large number of friends and relatives
Manawatu Times, 2 July 1901 The body of the late Mrs Freeman was taken to Wellington to-day for interment. Messrs Griggs and Son were in charge of the funeral arrangements
WALTER & ANNIE are buried Plot 1903 C of E at Bolton Street cemetery (see photo)

Plot 1903 C of E at Bolton Street cemetery

last resting place of:
... WALTER Freeman 1829-1879
... his wife Anne Freeman 1823-1901
... his son Walter Freeman 1854-1931 & Walter's 2nd wife Margaret 1865-1932
... his daughter Mary Anne Freeman 1861-1865
... his daughter Janie Freeman 1864-1865
... possibly his son James Freeman 1865-1865 although not on database
photographed in the late 1960s by the City Sexton, Percival James Edward Shotter (1912-1989), prior to its being dismantled to make way for the Wellington motorway

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Walter George BILLOWS - Carterton, Manawatu, Taranaki

Walter George BILLOWS (1867-1938)
was born in Nelson, a son of Michael BILLOWS (a mariner) & Mary Ann DEVENPORT
He originally trained as an Artist
He was later a photographer and lived in Carterton for a time in the 1890s
He had the 'Vandyke Photo Studios' in Dannevirke in 1899
He was the Hon Secretary of the Dannevirke Orchestral Society early 1900s
He was Club Captain of the Wanganui Tennis Club 1917 (at least)

Walter married on 7 August 1890 to:
Alice RICHARDS (1870-1951)

the known children of WALTER & ALICE
... 1
1890 - 1940 Frederick William Billows
- Frederick served as Lance Corporal 14564 with the NZEF, 14th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Battalion, B Company. He embarked from Wellington 26 June 1916, listing his mother Alice as next of kin, living at 15 Halswell St, Wanganui
- he married Gladys CORNICK (1897-1969) 28 Oct 1920
FREDERICK died 7 April 1940 aged 49 in Wellington
- he is buried Soldiers, Plot 25 YY at Karori

... 2
1892 - 1980 Reginald Arthur Billows
- Reginald served as Lance Corporal 14565 with the NZEF, 16th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Battalion, B Company. He embarked from Wellington 21 Aug 1916, listing his mother Alice as next of kin, living at 15 Halswell St, Wanganui
- Reginald married Elsie Clare OGILVIE (1896-1988) 12 Aug 1920
- they had a son
1922 - 2008 Maurice Reginald Billows who received an MBE, Civil Division, in the New Year Honours of 1981 for services to local and community affairs (Order of St John). Maurice died 13 May 2008 aged 86 in Invercargill and is buried at Green Point cemetery
ELSIE died 7 Nov 1988 aged 91. Her last address was given as C-170 Cann St, Bluff. She was buried in Timaru Cemetery. Yet to find where Reginald is buried

... 3
1894 - 1959 Lisle Stanley Billows
- Lisle served as Private 53469 with the NZEF, 27th Reinforcements F Company. He embarked from Wellington 12 June 1917, listing his mother Alice as next of kin, living at 15 Halswell St, Wanganui
- Lisle married Irene Dorothy ROSEWARNE (1903-1956) in 1925
IRENE died 28 Dec 1955 aged 53 & was cremated at Waikumete, Auckland

... 4
1900 - 1900 Walter George Billows
- Walter died aged 28 hours
- he is buried Grave 23, Block D at SETTLERS CEMETERY, Dannevirke with his 24 day old cousin, Gladys Mable Billows (daughter of his father's brother, Sydney Gordon BILLOWS and of Emma Leah SMITH)

... 5
1903 - 1903 Cecil Billows
- Cecil died aged 5 hours

... 6
1904 - Neryl Muriel Baxter Billows
- Neryl married Muarice Marwyn INGLLIS in 1929
(taken from BDM, real name possibly Maurice ? Inglis or Ingles)
- Neryl may have remarried to ? BOTTOMLEY

Walter George BILLOWS died 26 Dec 1938 at New Plymouth aged 71
Evening Post, 6 January 1939
... The death occurred on December 26 at the New Plymouth Hospital of Mr Walter George Billows, of Sackville Street, Fitzroy, at the age of 71 years. The late Mr Billows was born in Nelson, but spent a great deal of his life in Wanganui and Taranaki, where he carried on business as a photographer.
He was a son of the late Captain Michael Billows, who was well known in shipping circles. Mr Billows was a life member of the St. John's (Wanganui) and the Fitzroy (New Plymouth) Tennis Clubs, and was in former years a prominent participant in Taranaki and New Zealand tournaments. He continued to play tennis up to six months ago. He was also a keen golfer, and was the founder of the Sentry Hill Golf Club in New Plymouth. He also took a keen interest in music.
He is survived by his widow and three sons, Messrs:
F. W. Billows (Wellington), R. A. Billows (Timaru), and L. S. Billows (New Plymouth)
and one daughter
Mrs. N. M. Inglis (Wellington)
- he is buried Plot 1, Row 12, Lot 21 at Te Henui

* written 1897 and taken from NZETC
... Walter George BILLOWS, Photographer, High Street, Carterton. This business was established in 1895 by Messrs. Billows and Smith, and is now carried on by Mr. Billows solely. The studio is very conveniently situated for the public, being a few doors from the Bank of New Zealand. The operator, Mr. Shannon, has had considerable experience in his profession, having served ten years with Mrs. Herrmann, of Wellington, and the retoucher, Mr. Gaze, was for some years with Mr. C. H. Manning and Mr. Eden George, both of Christchurch. Every branch of photography is undertaken in the establishment, and the work turned out is considered first-class. Enlargements are a specialty with Mr. Billows.

HEADSTONE of Maurice Reginald Billows
at Green Point Cemetery
(grandson of Walter George Billows - see son 2, Richard Arthur above)
and of his wife Myrie Vay Billow who died in Bluff 1976 aged 52

Walter George GRIMMER + Francesca MAGERY - Dome Valley, Warkworth

Walter George GRIMMER (1853-1931) was born in New South Wales, Australia
he married on 1 March 1876 in Mahurangi, North Auckland to:
Francesca MAGERY (1855-1905)

the children of WALTER & FRANCESCA:

... 1
1878 - 1950 Lily Mary Grimer
- Lily married Joseph WEDDING (1880-1959) in 1908

... 2
1880 - 1938 Minnie Constance Grimmer
- Minnie married Oliver PARTRIDGE (1875-1940) in 1900
- they had 9 known children

... 3
1881 - 1965 Herbert James Grimmer
- Herbert married Caroline Rachel WOODCOCK (1882-1963) in 1908
- they had 4 known children

... 4
1883 - 1939 Ernest Francis Grimmer
- Ernest married Kitty MANLEY (1890-1974) in 1911
- they had 2 known children

... 5
1884 - 1933 Eva Francesca Grimmer
- Eva married Harold Lewis WILSON (1878-1977) in 1910
- they had 5 known children

... 6
1885 - 1920 Harold Grimmer
- Harold married Annie Ethel OLDFIELD in 1911
- they had 2 known children
21 January 1920 Quite a gloom was spread over the whole district when it became known that Mr Harold Grimmer had passed away. He was taken ill on Sunday morning (11th January) and though everything was done that could be, it was of no avail, and he passed away on Thursday night. Harold was the third son of Mr Walter Grimmer, of Brookdale, Streamlands. He had spent all his life in Dome Valley. He was a citizen that we can ill spare. His industry is manifest by the appearance of his farm. He was kind-hearted and sociable and given to hospitality. He was beloved by all who had the pleasure of his aquaintance. His place will be hard to fill. Those who knew him best loved him best. His kindly face and hearty manner will be missed for a long time.
For several years he had been secretary of the local picnic committee, and was treasurer of the Church of Christ, to which he belonged. The funeral, which took place on Sunday in Warkworth, was largely attended, and would have been more so if the time of the ceremony had not been altered. Mr Page, evangelist, conducted the service, assisted by Mr Latimer. "Asleep in Jesus" and "Sleep on, beloved" were sung at the graveside. In the afternoon a memorial service was held, the meeting house being filled. Mr Latimer presided, and Mr Page gave a splendid address, basing his remarks on James 4;14 - "For what is your life, it is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little while and then vanisheth away". He spoke of the high esteem in which deceased was held; of his uprightness and geniality and of the blank his death would make in the district. He spoke of the uncertainty of life, and exhorted all to be ready and to make good use of the time given. Concluding with the well-known lines of Longfellow - "Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime and departing leave behind us footprints on the sands of time"
To his wife and two little ones, his father, brothers and sisters we extend our warmest sympathy

... 7
1889 - 1970 Walter Raymond 'Ray' Grimmer
- Ray married Elsie Maud PRICTOR (1892-1978) in 1917
- they had 4 known children (see comments below)

... 8
1890 - 1906 Daisy Muriel Grimmer
- Daisy died 22 February 1906 of pneumonia
24 February 1906 An inquest touching the death of a young girl named Daisy Muriel Grimmer, who died on Thursday night at the residence of her sister, Mrs Partidge, Woodside-road, Mount Eden, was held before the City Coroner (Mr T. Gresham) this morning. Sergeant Carrol represented the police. Evidence was given by Dr Bull to the effect that Miss Grimmer's death was due to bronchial pneumonia and the jury returned a verdict of death from natural causes

... 9
1891 - 1912 Grace Myrtle Grimmer
- Myrtle died aged 20
25 Sep 1912 A further affliction has befallen Mr W. Grimmer and his family through the death of his daughter Grace in her 21st year. Miss Grimmer caught a severe cold and as time passed serious symptoms developed. It was thought best to try the air of the Waikato, but all to no purpose. While Miss Grimmer was part of the way on the homeward journey the end came. The interment took place in the Anglican cemetery on the arrival of the steamer on Monday. Mr W. Latimer of Port Albert, conducted the service and urged on the mourners presend need of preparation for the journey all must take. By the desire of the one who had gone, the hymn "Anywhere with Jesus, I am not afraid" was sung

Francesca died 21 May 1905 aged 50
27 May 1905 It was with regret that the many friends of Mr Grimmer and family learned of the death of Mrs W. Grimmer of Dome Valley at Auckland on Sunday. Mrs Grimmer had been ailing for the past 20 years. The body was brought to Warkworth on Monday last per s.s. Kapanui and taken out to deceased's late residence. A funeral service was held in the Christian Meeting House, Dome Valley, on Tuesday and deceased laid at her last resting place, the Angilcan cemetery, at 3 p.m. Deceased, who was only 50 years of age, leaces Mr Grimmer, five daughters and four sons to mourn their loss. Mrs Grimmer was deeply respected by all who knew her and was a most enthusiastic church worker. She was one of the promoters of the building of the Christina meeting house at Dome Valley. In fact, through her labours the church was kept going for a number of years. Dome Valley has lost a loving worker that will be greatly missed for years to come. Mr Latimer conducted both services impressively

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Walter GIRLING & Hannah READMAN - Napier, New Zealand

Walter GIRLING (1852-1930) married Hannah READMAN (1860-1930) in 1887

they had 14 known children
- (born in Napier)

1888 - 1970 Walter George Girling
- Walter married Eliza Jane WILSON (1895-1992) in 1925

1889 - 1967 Ethel Sarah Girling

1890 - 1890 Edith Ellen Girling
- Edith died aged 10 months

1891 - 1891 Alice Maud Girling
- Alice died age 3 weeks

1892 - 1892 Annie Emily Girling
- Annie died aged 3months

1893 - 1893 James Leonard Girling
- James died aged 3 months

1894 - 1961 Ada May Girling
- Ada married Ernest Joseph ROBINSON in 1922

1895 - 1895 Albert Ernest Girling
- Albert died aged 10 weeks

1896 - 1964 Laura Eva Girling
- Laura married Clarence George Bland VINING (1896-1960) in 1920

1897 - 1898 Bertie Henry Girling
- Bertie died aged 6 months

1898 - 1899 Doris Hannah Girling
- Doris died aged 7 months

1899 - 1899 Arthur Herbert Girling
- Arthur died aged 2 months

1899 - 1899 Robert William Girling
- Robert died aged 2 months

1902 - 1965 Francis Roy Girling
- Francis married Doris Caroline PHILIP (1905-1972) in 1929

Walter Girling was the POundkeeper in Napier

thankyou to muny for Hannah's surname

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Walter GURDLER & Emma Alice HUBAND - Temuka

Walter GURDLER (1869-1943)
- was born in Uxbridge Middlesex to David GURDLER & Lydia HOLMES
- Walter married Emma Alice HUBAND (1877-1946) in 1899
- Emma was born 24 May 1877 in Timaru to Henry HUBAND & Eliza Ellen JONES

the known children of WALTER & EMMA:

... 1
1900 - 1985 Amy Alice Gurdler

- Amy married George Henry TOMLINS in 1926

... 2
1902 - 1975 Charles Frederick Gurdler

- Charles married Doras May BUTCHER in 1928

... 3
1904 - 1904 Annie Maud Gurdler

- Annie died aged 3 months at Arowhenua
- she is buried Plot 496, Row 165 at Temuka cemetery with brother Walter

... 4
1906 - ? Fanny Gurdler

- nothing known

... 5
1907 - ? Lydia Ellen Gurdler

- Lydia married John Richard STEVENS in 1932

... 6
1908 - 1988 Myrtle May Gurdler

- born on Christmas Eve
- Myrtle may not have married

... 7
1910 - 1994 Rose Jane Gurdler

- born 2 October in Christchurch
- Rose died 29 June 1994 aged 83
- she is buried Plot 192, Block SS3 at Bromlwy cemetery

... 8
1911 - ? Eliza Ann Gurdler

- nothing known

... 9
1912 - 1925 Walter James Gurdler

- Walter died aged 13 at Otekaieke (120km south of Timaru)

on 22 July 1914 Walter was in the Temuka Court and was fined 2s and costs in respect to the absence of each of his two children from school
* can you add further to this family?

Walter Gurdler died 18 April 1943 aged 74
- his last address was 5 Mackworth street, Christchurch
Emma Alice Gurdler died 28 May 1946 aged 69
- her last address was 5 Mackworth street, Christchurch
- they are buried together Plot 192SS, Block 3 at Bromley cemetery

Plot 496, Row 165 at Temuka
WALTER Gurdler & his sister ANNIE