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Thomas MARTIN + Helena Agnes WARREN - Taihape

Thomas MARTIN (1861-1932)
was born in Dunedin to William MARTIN & Maria BRAILSFORD

Helena Agnes WARREN (1867-1918)
was born in Canterbury to Joseph Connerly WARREN & Lena Agnes IRVING

THOMAS & HELENA married in 1886
they had 10 known children

... 1
1888 - Anne Maria Martin

- Anne married Charles Henry Samuel HARROD in 1903

... 2
1890 - 1970 Helena Martin

- Helena married Gustave Ludvig GUNDERSEN (1881-1946) in 1907

... 3
1892 - ? Margaret Martin

- nothing known

... 4
1897 - 1972 Mary Janet Martin

- Mary married George MELDRUM in 1913

... 5
1898 - 1933 William Martin

- William died aged 35

... 6
1901 - ? George Martin

- George possibly married Florence CORNTHWAITE

... 7
1903 - 1964 James Warren Martin

- married Dorothy HEGINBOTHAM in 1923

... 8
1906 - ? Ester Martin

- married William Arthur PERKINS 1923

... 9
1909 - 1910 Violet Irving Martin

- born 11 March 1909 in Dannevirke
- Violet died 17 Oct 1910 aged 19 months
- buried Grave 88, Block J at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

... 10
1910 - ? Rosie Elizabeth Martin

- nothing known

Helena Agnes Martin died 15 Feb 1919 in Taihape aged 51
(accidentally killed)
Thomas Martin died 12 April 1932 in Taihape aged 71
- they are buried Plot 22, Section Lawn, Block 1, Row 15 at Taihape Cemetery

GRAVE of Thomas & Helena at Taihape

Thomas Moore ARTHUR + Harriet Mary Ann SWALE

from WOODLAND marriages 1864 - 1920

* Thomas Moore ARTHUR aged 21 (1859-1934)
? married 22 November 1881 to:
* Harriet Mary Ann SWALE aged 20

the known children of THOMAS & HARRIET:
... 1
1894 - 1918 Ernest William Arthur

- Ernest served in WWI as Corporal 31455 with the NZEF, 19th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company, embarking from Wellington 15 November 1916. His next of kin was his father Thomas Moore Arthur, Amberley, North Canterbury. Ernest DIED of his WOUNDS in France on 8 April 1918 aged 47. He is buried VI C 5, Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No. 1, Somme, France

... 2
1896 - 1964 William Francis Arthur
- William married Ellen Josephine Hyacinth ROCHE in 1900

... 3
1897 - 1957 Elizabeth Williamina Arthur
- Elizabeth married Frank Laurence MARDON (1899-1971) in 1922

... 4
1899 - 1967 Howard Edward Arthur
- Howard married Jessie Helen BATCHELOR in 1924

... 5
1901 - 1978 Gladys May Arthur
- born 20 June 1901
- Gladys married Clarence Errol CROSS in 1927

... 6
1902 - 1984 Edith Mildred Arthur
- born 9 Dec 1902
- Edith married Jack Carson JONES in 1926

... 7
1905 - ? Audrey Bulah Arthur

Ernest William Arthur

Thomas RANKIN + Helen CRIGHTON - Wyndham

from WOODLAND marriages 1864 - 1920

* Thomas RANKIN aged 26 (1840-1898)
married 3 April 1868 to:
* Helen CRIGHTON aged 20 (1849-1898)

the known children of THOMAS & HELEN:
... 1
1869 - Ellen Rankin

- nothing known

... 2
1870 -1943 Alexander Forbes Rankin
- Alexander married Miriam Evangeline Howie SMEATON (1878-1944) in 1930
ALEXANDER died 16 Nov 1943 agted 73
- he is buried 29.00 Block X at Wyndham cemetery

... 3
1872 - 1896 Mary Ann Smail Rankin
- Mary married William AIM in 1896 in Wyndham
MARY died 27 December 1896 aged 24
- she is buried 81.00 Block I at Wyndham cemetery
- William died 34 years later and is buried with her

... 4
1874 - 1899 Thomas Rankin
THOMAS died 8 May 1899 aged 24
- he is buried 80.00 Block at Wyndham cemetery

... 5
1876 - 1903 William Crighton Rankin
WILLIAM died 6 April 1903 aged 26
- he is buried 80.00 Block I at Wyndham cemetery

... 6
1878 - 1918 Janet Rankin
- Janet married John Augustine ROGGIERO (1881-1943) in 1901 in Wyndham
- on 25 Aug 1902 John was granted his First-Class Stationary-Engine Driver Certificate
JANET died 3 November 1918 aged 39

... 7
1879 - ? Amelia Stirling Rankin

... 8
1881 - 1900 Francis Rankin
FRANCIS died 21 May 1900 aged 18
- he is buried 80.00 Block I at Wyndham cemetery

... 9
1884 - ? Christina Bain Rankin

... 10
1886 - 1909 John Smail Rankin
JOHN died 25 May 1909 aged 23
- he is buried 29.00 Block X at Wyndham

... 11
1888 - 1920 Lindsay Rankin
born 10 October 1888 at Wyndham
- Lindsay married Annie MILNE (1891-1924) in 1911 in Wyndham
ANNIE died 11 May 1914 aged 22 & buried 67.00 Block X at Wyndham cemetery
- Lindsay served in WWI as Rifleman 13100, with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, embarking from Wellington 6 May 1916. His next of kin was his brother Alexander Rankin of Wyndham, Southland.
- Lindsay next married Williamina LANGMUIR in 1918
LINDSAY died 14 March 1920 aged 31, after discharge from the NZEF, from wounds inflicted or disease contracted while on active service. Husband of W. Rankin, of 5 Burwood Avenue, Newington, Dunedin.
- he is buried Block 71S, Plot 6 at Andersons Bay cemetery, Dunedin. His last address was Wyndham

... 12
1890 - 1939 Lloyd Rankin
- born 11 September 1890
LLOYD died 25 January 1939 aged 48

... 13
1892 - 1893 Athol Chisholm Rankin
- Athol died 15 July 1893 aged 16 months (2 days before twin Euphemia)
- he is buried 73.00 Block I at Wyndham cemetery

... 14
1892 - 1893 Euphemia Cossar Rankin
- Eupjemia died 17 July 1893 aged 16 months (2 days after twin Athol)
- she is buried 73.00 Block I at Wyndham cemetery

... 15
1894 - 1900 Lily Rankin
LILLY died 31 October 1900 aged 6
- she is buried 73.00 Block I at Wyndham cemetery

* Helen died 31 march 1898 aged 48
* Thomas died 28 February 1903 aged 63
- they are buried 73.00 Block I at Wyndham cemetery


taken from the site J Fraser & Sons Ltd
where you will find photos of the cemeteries:
? Athol ? Balfour ? Bluff 'Old' ? Calcium ? Centre Hill, Mossburn ? Charlton Park
? Clyde ? Colac Bay, Oraka ? Dipton ? East Winton ? Eastern Bush ? Eastern
? Edendale ? Ettrick ? Forest Hill ? Fortrose ? Garston ? Gore ? Greenpoint ? Kaiwera
? Kingston ? Lumsden ? Mataura ? Orepuki ? Otautau 'Old' ? Otautau ? Pukerau
? Quarry Hills ? Riversdale ? Riverton ? Ryal Bush ? Southland Crematorium
? St John's, Invercargill ? Tararua Acre ? Te Anau ? Tuatapere ? Waikaia ? Waikawa
? Wairio ? Wakapatu ? Wallacetown 'Old' ? Winton 'Old' ? Woodlands ? Wreys Bush
? Wyndham

Thomas RANSOM born Wellington 1877 - moved to Melbourne Australia

Thomas Ransom was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1877
At some stage, prior to 1902 he moved to Australia.
He married Elsie May Young in Melbourne in 1902
They had 8 children in Melbourne, including a set of twins, Ruby and Russell
In 1915 Thomas and his wife and children returned to New Zealand but that year he married again to May Nelson and they had 2 (known) children
Elsie also remarried, in 1916 to ? Hancock - do you know his name and were there any children

I would like to know about Thomas's life in Australia during that period

Thomas ROIL + Sarah SEWERY - Alton Hampshire to Nelson New Zealand

Thomas ROIL was born in Alton, Hampshire (88km SW of London) in 1788
- (birth date estimated on his age at death of 79 in 1867)

Thomas married Sarah SEWERY in England in 1813 - he was 26 and she was 25.

They had 9 (known) children from 1815 to 1833.

On the 29th October 1841 Thomas and Sarah and 5 of the `children` boarded the BOLTON and emigrated to New Zealand, arriving in Nelson on 15th March 1842

The ship`s passenger list has Thomas and Sarah aged 45 and 40 - however many people in those days lowered their ages to emigrate if they were over 40
Their oldest child, James, was aged 26 when they left - he did not emigrate, neither did George, Thomas or Lucy ...(Lucy had only been married 10 months when her parents left)

They had one other (known) child, Ann, in Nelson, but research continuing as there is a 14 years age gap between her and William

Thomas died in 1867, 6 years before Sarah

THOMAS & SARAH's known children

1815 - 1896 James Roil
- James emigrated to Canada
- he died aged 81 in Newfoundland, Canada

1817 - ? George Roil
- nothing known about him

1818 - ? Thomas Roil
- nothing known about him

1821 - 1862 Henry William Roil
- Henry married Jane COWIE in 1852
- he was the licensee of the Sawyer`s Arms Hotel, Papanui at some stage. It was destroyed by fire in 1898
- he married Sarah Isabella COLLETT in 1854 in Christchurch
- he died aged 41 in Papanui

1823 - 1891 Lucy Roil
- Lucy married Isaac FINDEN in 1840 in Alton Parish, Hampshire
- she married Henry LAMBOURNE in 1855 in Newton, Valence, England
- she died aged 68 in Alton, England

1826 - 1910 Eliza Roil
- she married James Hayter JACKSON in 1843 in Nelson, New Zealand
- (Eliza was 17 and James was 43)
- the children of Eliza & James
- Eliza died aged 84 in Jackson Bay

1828 - 1910 Harriett Roil
- she married Charles WALKER in 1849 in Nelson, Marlborough
- she died aged 81 in Collingwood, 130km NW of Nelson The town was originally named Gibbstown after William Gibbs, but was later renamed Collingwood for Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, Lord Nelson's second-in-command at the Battle of Trafalgar

1831 - 1914 Mary Ann Roil
- she married John JAMES in 1854 in Stoke, Nelson
- she died aged 82 in Collingwood, western half of the Golden Bay Area

1833 - 1894 - William Roil
- he married Janet COOK in 1854 in Stoke, Nelson
- he died aged 60 in Richmond, Nelson

1847 - 1910 Ann Roil
- born in Richmond New Zealand
- (the only child born in NZ that I have)
- married Francis SKILTON in 1863 in Aorere, Collingwood
- she lived in Martin St, Monaco (11km SW of Nelson)
- she died aged 63 in Wellington
- her ashes are buried in PLOT 070 - AREA: Fantail Way at Marsden Valley Cemetery, Nelson

I would appreciate further info on this family (children etc)

- said to be one of the first 50 settlers of New Zealand
married Eliza Roil in Nelson 19 Feb 1843

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Thomas Sydney Herbert DYE + Charlotte Elizabeth SHEAD

the following was written as a reply to nobby26's query
Looking for Thomas DYE of Auckland NZ that he wrote on 22 Sept 2010

HOWEVER, the comment would not attach (due possibly to some glitch in the system) so I write it here as a journal:

Hello nobby,
Thomas Sydney Herbert DYE (1844-1913) married Charlotte Elizabeth SHEAD (1846-1933) on the 21st December 1880
- they are both buried in Block F Row 47 Plot 108 at Purewa Auckland

as you say, the children of Thomas & Charlotte are difficult to find but if we search for Elizabeth as well as Charlotte and a combination of both names we get a bigger selection. This also applies to Thomas who is sometimes recorded as Thomas Sidney with Elizabeth OR Thomas with Charlotte Elizabeth etc etc

- therefore the Thomas Sydney Herbert Dye born on the 30th September 1871 is probably a son of theirs. He died in 1871 as an infant and another Thomas Herbert Dye was born in 1881 to Thomas Sidney & Elizabeth so he is a possible son of theirs as well

Albert Victor was born on the 4th May 1879 in Auckland
- he married Margaret LYONS in 1905
- he (possibly) died on 27th December 1940
NOTE BUT his name is recorded as Albert Edward
- Margaret LYONS was born on the 16th September 1881
- she (possibly) died on the 11th September 1922, 5 days from her 41st birthday
- she is buried ROMAN CATHOLIC DIVISION C Row 19, Plot 123 at Waikumete Cemetery Auckland

Margaret was a daughter of John Newman LYONS of Australia + Anastasia FLEMING (1850-1939) of Ireland

SO, I give you a combination of names and the children born to them and you can decide ...

early births without their parents names recorded:
1868 Eleanor
1870 Mary Ann Augusta
1871 George
1871 Thomas Sydney Herbert
1872 Annie
1873 Edith Georgina

1875 - Edward Sidney Dye (Thomas & Elizabeth)
1881 - Thomas Herbert Dye (Thomas Sidney & Elizabeth)
1882 - Emily Maud Dye (Thomas & Elizabeth)
1884 - Ethel May Dye (Thomas & Charlotte Elizabeth)
1887-1953 - Frederick Howard Dye (Thomas & Elizabeth)
1890 - Violet Ruby Dye (Thomas & Charlotte Elizabeth)
2 Aug 1904 - Syrian Gibbons Dye (Thomas & Charlotte)

An Albert Dye served in the South African War, 1899-1902
- serial number 7028

An Albert Sydney Dye served in WWI
- serial number 24988
- his next of kin was his father S. Dye 8 Norfolk St, Ponsonby, Auckland
- he married Ivy Evelyn MUNRO in 1919

A Frank Dye served in WWI
- he was born in Australia
- serial number 12/2760
- his next of kin was his father James A Dye 23 O'Neill Street, Ponsonby, Auckland

A Percy Dye served in WWI
- serial number 3/1767
- his next of kin was his father F. Dye of Kaukapakapa, Auckland

A Robert Newton Dye served in WWI
- he was born in Australia
- note the name Newton in his name
- serial number 81746
- his next of kin was his mother A.E. Dye, 83 Burnley Terrace, Mount Albert, Auckland
- he married Rita Aldridge BURTON in 1924

A journal written by allycat on the 20 January 2007 has the above family in it John Newman LYONS and Anastatia FLEMING

A list of the DYE men who married in New Zealand from 1867-1927

Albert Sidney Dye married Ivy Evelyn MUNRO in 1919
Albert Victor Dye married Margaret LYONS in 1905
Edward Dye married Emily Josephine MARSHALL in 1876
Edward Dye married Hazel Elizabeth RILEY in 1927
Edward Vause Dye married Mary Pamu ROYAL in 1923
Francis Dye married Agnes Alice ALISON in 1867
Francis Dye married Edith Anne MARK in 1883
Frank Allison Dye married Hazel KEOGHAN in 1920
Frederick Howard Dye married Evelyn May McLEAN in 1911
Frederick Howard Dye married Mary KENNEDY in 1920
George Dye married Ethel Maud McCOMISH in 1901
Henry Dye married Isabel Anne MacAULAY in 1926
James Adam Dye married Violet Leith ROBBINS in 1911
James Allison Dye married Florence Elizabeth MARTIN in 1898
Percy Dye married Winifred Myrtle BILLINGHAM in 1920
Robert Newton Dye married Rita Aldridge BURTON in 1924
Samuel Dye married Lena Mary TAIT in 1892
Sidney Edward Daniel Dye married Adeline Catherine O'BRIEN in 1895
Sydney Dye married Emily Laura HUTCHINS in 1915
Thomas Dye married Charlotte SHEAD in 1880
Thomas Herbert Dye married Alice WILKINSON in 1907
William Dye married Nina Olive VAUSE in 1902
William Alexander married Henrietta LAURENSON in 1881

A list of the DYE women who married in NZ from 1889-1930

Bertha Dye married George William FURNEY in 1924
Doris Thelma Dye married William James HALL in 1925
Eleanor Dye married William SIMCOCK in 1906
Eleanor Florence Dye married John Langford GAVEY in 1926
Emily Maud Dye married Charles John FUSSELL in 1904
Emily Rita Dye married Gerald Arthur NAYLOR in 1923
Emma Josephine Dye married Harry Vivian TAYLOR in 1929
Ethel May Dye married Christopher Leo OBUYLIEN in 1913
Ethel Veronica Izitta Dye married Reginald RAMSAY in 1929
Fanny May Dye married Thomas Stanley SHEPHERD in 1922
Florence Ethel Dye married Louis Frank STEWART in 1929
Kathleen Alice Dye married Charles James Maxwell HOOPER in 1929
Louisa Dye married John TREW in 1889
Margaret Dye married George WRIGHT in 1899
Mary Ann Augusta Dye married Eugene FLYNN in
Mavis Eileen Dye married Ernest Trevor MOODY in 1925
Olga Vivien Dye married John Andrew FOX in 1928
Rose Phillis Dye married Louis George Alfred GREEN in 1914
Violet Ruby Dye married Frederick Bernard Ramond KEANE in 1911
Zelliah Ellen Dye married Francie PIERCE in 1930


... A prohibition order was issued against Thomas Sydney Herbert Dye, on the application of his son

29 December 1913
... Mrs Dye and family desire to express their heartfelt thanks to all kind friends who sympathised with them in their resent sad bereavement. Also for letters, cards and telegrams and floral emblems received

18 December 1914
... DYE - In loving memory of my dear husband, Thomas Dye, who departed this life December 18, 1913
With patience great he bore his pain,
His time had come to die.
And we who loved hin here on earth
Will meet him by and by
- Inserte by his loving wife and family

18 December 1915
... DYE - In loving memory of our dear father, Thomas Dye, who departed this life on december 18, 1913
Often do my sad thoughts wander,
To your grave so far away,
Where they laid you, dearest father,
Two sad years ago to-day.
In life I loved you dearly;
In death I do the same.
- Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, Tom and Alice
- (this was Thomas Herbert DYE & Alice WILKINSON who married 1907)

... DYE - In sad and loving remembrance of my dear father, Thomas Dye, who died on December 18, 1913
Dear is the grace where my father is laid,
Sweet is the memory that never will fade,
Flowers may wither, leaves fade and die,
Others may forget him but never will I
- Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law, E. and C. Fussell
- (this was Emily Maud DYE & Charles John FUSSEL who married 1904)

18 December 1917
... DYE - In loving memory of our dear father, Thomas Dye, who passed away December 18, 1913
Wish not that his tolls are over,
Wish not that his race is won;
Got grant we may rest as calmly,
When our work like his is done.
- Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, Thomas and Alice Dye

18 December 1918
... DYE - In loving memory of our dear father, Thomas Dye, who departed tis life on December 18, 1913
Five years have gone - how long it seems,
In all our thoughts your face still beams,
In memory's page we'll never blot,
Three little words, "Forget me not"
- Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, Tom and Alice Dye

18 December 1919
... DYE - In fond and loving memory of our dear father, Thomas Dye, who departed this life December 18, 1913
Not dead to us, who loved him dear,
Not lost but gone beofre;
He lives with us in memory here,
And will for evermore
- Inserted by his loving sn and daughter-in-law, Tom and Alice Dye

18 December 1921
... DYE - In loving memory of my dear father, Thomas Dye, who fell asleep on December 18, 1913. Always remembered. - Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, T. and A. Dye (Tom & Alice)

18 December 1923
... DYE - In loving remembrance of our dear father, Thomas Dye, who departed this life December 18, 1913. Always remembered. Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, T. and A. Dye

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Thomas Thompson HILLAS & Agnes WELLOCK - Mauriceville, Wairarapa

married AGNES WELLOCK (1851-1934) about 1875 in the UK ??

they had a son in 1876 then in 1877 they emigrated to New Zealand
they finally settled in (and were early settler of) Mauriceville (taken in the 1890s, not known if Thomas & his family are in this photo)

(and they brought up 2 grandchildren as their own when their daughter died in 1903)

... 1
1876 - 1926 Fred Hillas
- born in the UK
- Fred emigrated when he was about 1
- he married Blanche EAGLE in 1905 in Kopuaranga
23 Aug 1905 ... At the residence of Mr T. T. Hillas, on the 23rd inst., Mr Fred Hillas was married to Miss Blanche Eagle, both bride and bridegroom being well known residents of the district. The happy couple left by the evening northern train on their honeymoon tour. Quite a large concourse of their friends attended at the railway station to bid them adieu, when more than the customary quantity of rice was showered upon them
- Blanche was a daughter of Henry EAGLE & Catherine VILE

... 2
1876 - 1938 Elizabeth Hillas
- Elizabeth married Robert Charles SEYMOUR (1874-1953) in 1905
- she died on Xmas Eve 1938 in Palmerston North

... 3
1880 - 1932 George Hillas
- George married Grace Amy CUMINGS (1878-1923) in 1903
- their daughter, Alice Marcia Hillas (1905-1921) died aged 16

... 4
1881 - 1903 Annie Hillas
- Annie married Henry Cartwright HOLDEN in 1900
- they had 2 children which her parents brought up after her death (see timeline)

... 5
1883 - 1951 Agnes Hillas
- Agnes married John ALGIE (1878-1937) in 1910
- John was born in Killen, County Tyrone to:
William Stewart ALGIE & Mary Elizabeth SEMPLE
- Agnes is buried in Mangatainoka

... 6
1884 - 1962 Sarah Ann Hillas
- Sarah married Hartey MYERS (1882-1966) in 1913

... 7
1886 - 1955 Thomas Benjamin Hillas
- Thomas married Bertha BRIALEY (1884-1932) in 1914

... 8
1887 - 1929 Henry Hillas
- Henry married Anna Maria ROSE (1886-1962) in 1913
- daughter of Johannes Joachin Heinrich ROSE & Dorothea Catherina Christina SIXTUS

... 9
1899 - 1976 Emily Hillas - to be removed, see comments box below
- because Agnes would have been 48 when Emily was born and because of the large gap between the birth of their last child Henry, it is possible that Emily was also 'taken in', like the next 2 children.
Your comments on this would be appreciated
- Emily married Henry Martin BRADY (1898-1935) in 1928

... 10
1901 - 1919 Annie 'Decima' Holden-Hillas
- see the 1903 notes in the timeline below
- Decima died aged 18 in Mauriceville
6 Aug 1919 ... The death occurred at Mauriceville yesterday of Decima, the 18-year-old daughter of Mrs T. T. Hillas, after a lingering illness. The funeral will leave the residence at 1 p.m. on Thursday, arriving at the Masterton Cemetery at 2.30 p.m.
- she is buried in Masterton

... 11
1903 - 1973 John Hillas Holden-Hillas
- see the 1903 notes in the timeline below
- John married Margaret Lyon WATSON (1906-1989) in 1928


In 1877
... Thomas arrives into Lyttelton on the OPAWA (in the Second, or Saloon, Cabin) on 16 April 1877 which left Gravesend on 16 January 1877
With him was his wife and 1 child (Fred)

In 1878
... Thomas is a Ratepayer of the Karori Riding, of the Hutt County Council

In 1880
... Thomas is a Milkman of Polhill Gully, Aro Valley, Wellington

In 1883
... Thomas was issued a certificate of title for his section of Block XIII., at Mangahao, (near Shannon Manawatu) it having been improved, fenced, and occupied as required by the Immigrants Land Act of Section 31

1 May 1896
... Thomas was granted the title of sections 206 and 207, Block II at Kopuaranga (14km north of Masterton)

13 January 1902
... At the Masterton A & P (Agricultural & Pastoral) Association meeting held in Messrs Lowes and Irons farmers room, considerable time was occupied in appointing the various stewards for the forthcoming A & P Show.
Thomas was given the job of Gate Steward of the Down Sheep

5 October 1903
... at the First Annual Meeting of the shareholders of the newly formed Mauriceville Co-operative Store Company, held in the Foresters' Hall, Mauriceville West, the following men were elected directors:
T. T. Hillas
F. W. H. Kummer
Eskild Pedersen
C. C. Jackson
C. Forsberg
Anders Larsen
Hans Jensen
Ole Isakson
Lars Peter Larsen

11 December 1903
... their daughter Annie dies at the age of 33, 2 weeks after the birth of her second child. Her children are:
Decima Annie Holden, aged 2 and John Holden aged 2 weeks.
(Annie had married Henry Cartwright Holden in 1900). Nothing found about Henry to date. Thomas and Agnes bring up Annie's 2 children as their own

16 January 1905
... At the meeting of the Masterton A & P Committee for the forthcoming Show, Thomas was given the job this year of being charge of the tickets to the Fat Cattle exhibits

16 June 1905
... FOR SALE - That well-known and valuable Property in the Kopuaranga Survey District now occupied by Mr T. T. Hillas, being Section 208 and Part I of 202, BLock I and section 100, Block V., Kopuaranga Survey District, being about 40 chains from the Mauriceille Railway Station, fronting the main Masterton-Eketahuna road, with 7 roomed House and outhouses, all in good grass and fences.
For further information apply to Mr A. R. Mackay, Wairoa, Hawkes Bay

23 August 1905
... At the residence of Mr T. T. Hillas, on the 23rd inst., Mr Fred Hillas was married to Miss Blanche Eagle, both bride and bridegroom being well known residents of the district. The happy couple left by the evening northern train on their honeymoon tour. Quite a large concourse of their friends attended at the railway station to bid them adieu, when more than the customary quantity of rice was showered upon them

2 August 1906
... At the Mauriceville County Council meeting a large deputation of ratepayers interviewed the Council re the footpath on the side of the road adjacent to the overhead railway bridge near the Mauriceville Railway Station. Mr T. T. Hillas pointed out that this part of the road was constantly used by a large section of the residents going to and from the Railway Station, School and Post Office, while the local body has done little, if anything, to accommodate the numerous foot passengers incessantly using this muddiest road in the district, and in fact the residents owe the present footpath, such as it is, the late Wairarapa North County Council. The Chairman and Councillors expressed their sympathy with the object of the deputation, and desired to meet their wishes as far as practical. It was pointed out that it was impossible to widen the road and care would have to be exercised in extending the footpath so that the present narrow roadway may not be further restricted or otherwise injuriously affected.
A committee, consisting of Messrs Hillas, R. and C. Brooks and J. McKenzie, were appointed to meet on the ground with Crs Jackson and Kummer, with a view to devising the best plan of carrying out necessary improvement to the footpath

12 September 1906
... Three canidates have been nominated for the vacancy in the Mauriceville County Council, the names being Messrs R. Brown, T. T. Hillas and Martin Kennedy. The election will take place on Monday 17th September
- The results were:
Martin Kennedy polled 29 votes and was declared elected
Robert Brown polled 21 votes
Thomas Thompson Hillas polled 19 votes

4 October 1906
... A special meeting of the Masterton branch of the New Zealand Farmers Union was held yesterday afternoon, for the purpose of discussing the Land Bill.
Mr W. Perry was chairman, and there were also present: Messrs J. Cross, F. Maunsell, E. E. Meredith, C. E. Cockburn-Hood, D. McGregor jnr, W. Miller, N. Fowler, B. Rayner, G. Maunsell, J. Judd, J. Bourke, A. Mutrie, J. Colway, D. McKenzie, J. C. McKillop, H. Falloon, T. T. Hills, J. Welch, W. H. Beetham and Hugh Morrison

11 October 1906
... CLEARING SALE, FRIDAY, 19th OCT., 1906, at 1p.m.
ABRAHAM & WILLIAMS, Ltd., have been instructed by T. T. HILLAS, Esq., to sell on the property, near Mauriceville Railway Station, the whole of his first-class dairy herd, consisting of 40 young cows, calved and to calve, 1 Shorthorn bull
Auctioneer's Note - The above herd has the reputation of being second to none in the Wairarapa district, and can be recommended with every confidence. The cows, all of which are young, and in good condition, have been heavily culled each season for the past 14 years, and Mr Hillas will be pleased if intending buyers will care to see those in profit milked any morning or evening

26 May 1908
... The seventh annual Conference of the Wellington Provincial District of the Farmers' Union was opened in the Foresters' Hall to-day. Mr J. G. Wilson (President) occupied the chair. Mr T. T. Hillas of Mauriceville was one of the delegates

5 November 1908
... A Cricket Match, Mauriceville County Cricket Club v W.F.C.A. Cricket Club, is to be played at Mauriceville on November 9th (King's Birthday), on Mr T. T. Hillas' reserve

18 January 1909
... STEWARDS for the next A & P Show were appointed. Thomas was the Steward of Fat Cattle along with A. G. Pilmer as Marshal and A. Snodgrass

29 April 1912
... for the upcoming A & P Show, Thomas Hillas, of Mauriceville, was appointed as a Judge of the Milking Cows along with E. M. Bannister of Masterton, Allen Donald of Featherston, G. Sievers of Carterton, E. Eagle jnr of Carterton and Q. Donald of Featherston

19 February 1914
... At the Masterton Ram Fair, Thomas paid 3 guineas for 5 rams (the equivalent in Feb 2011 of about $484 or $97 per ram)

21 May 1914
... At the annual meeting of the Mauriceville Morris Tube Rifle CLub, Thomas was elected as one of the Office Bearers

27 October 1914
... At the general meeting of the Mauriceville Sports Club, Thomas was elected as one of the Vice-Presidents

3 November 1914
... The Mauricville County received a nomination for Thomas Thompson Hillas to be a Councillor

5 May 1915
... It is with feelings of great regret that we have to chronicle the death of Mr T. T. Hillas, of Mauriceville, which took place yesterday afternoon.
The deceased gentleman was one of the early settlers of Mauriceville, and was generally esteemed for his many sterling qualities. He was 65 years of age, and leaves a widow and a family of seven (four sons and three daughters) to mourn their loss.
The following are the members of the family who are left:-
Mrs Seymour, Palmerston North
Mrs J. Algie, Konini
Mrs H. Myers, Mauriceville
Frederick Hillas
George Hillas
Benjamin Hillas
Henry Hillas

5 May 1915
... The Friends of Mrs T. Hillas are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of her late husband, which will leave the residence, Mauriceville, on FRIDAY, 7th May, at 12.30 p.m., arriving at the Masterton Cemetery at 3 p.m. - G. HYDE, Funeral Director, Telephone 233, Private 324

17 May 1915
... At the monthly meeting of the Masterton Dairy Company, held on Saturday last, the secretary was instructed to send a letter of condolence to the family of the late Mr T. T. Hillas

13 July 1915
... At Messrs W. and G. Turnbull's sale of crutchings at Wellington, on Firday, the following sales were recorded:- ... & estate of the late T. T. Hillas (Mauriceville), crutchings 13?d

In February 1916
.. Thomas's deceased estate is valued for stamp duty in the Wellington District at ?9695 (the equivalent in February 2011 of $1,180,000)

6 August 1919
... The death occurred at Mauriceville yesterday of Decima, the 18-year-old daughter of Mr T. T. Hillas, after a lingering illness. The funeral will leave the residence at 1 p.m. on Thursday, arriving at the Masterton Cemetery at 2.30 p.m.

Thomas Thompson HILLAS died 4 May 1915 in Mauriceville
- he is buried PLOT 7 - ROW TTH - AREA PLAN VI at Archer street cemetery, Masterton
Anges HILLAS died 11 January 1934 in Palmerston North
- she is buried with Thomas in Masterton

Mauriceville Railway Station next to Thomas Hillas's land

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Thomas Watson FERRY + Sarah Marion NORTHOVER

- Sarah was born in Sydney, Australia
- she married Thomas Watson FERRY (1845-1914) in 1867

THOMAS WATSON FERRY was born in Cumberwell, Wiltshire
- He died 29 July 1914 aged 69 in Wanganui, New Zealand

the known children of THOMAS & SARAH FERRY

1868 - 1941 John Christopher Ferry
- born in Wanganui
- John married Irene HOURN in 1891 in Waterloo, NSW
- Irene was born in NSW Australia and died in Petersham, NSW
- John died in Marrickville, NSW, Australia

1870 - ? Eva Ann Ferry
- Eva married Joseph DEMPSEY in 1894
their 5 known children:
1895 - Mary Dempsey
1896 - 1965 Clara Grace Dempsey
- Clara married Arthur Lyon GRIFFITHS in 1928
1898 - 1972 Joseph Dempsey
- Joseph married Mabel Lillian COULSTON in 1923
1902 - 1977 Doris Amy Dempsey
- Doris married Wilfred SHARDLOW in 1930
1905 - 1971 Maurice Dempsey

1872 - 1951 Susannah Jane Ferry
- Susannah married John HOWARD in 1896
the only child known at this time:
1897 - Alice Marion Howard

1874 - 1951 Clara Arline Ferry
- Clara married George SHEPHERD (1873-1946) in 1899 in New Zealand
their 3 known children:
1901 - 1929 George Vincent Shepherd
1906 - 1937 Marion Clara Shepherd
1909 - 1995 Irene Margaret Shepherd

1875 - 1880 Isabella Marion Ferry
- Isabella died aged 5

1876 - 1942 Charles Evans Ferry
- Charles married Maggie Burton SMITH (1878-1963) in 1900 in New Zealand
their 3 known children:
1901 - 1988 Irene Madge Ferry
- Irene married George MANVILLE in 1927
1906 - 1975 John Charles Ferry
- John married Muriel Agnes WALKER in 1930
1910 - Marjorie Watson Ferry
- spouse not known at this time
1912 - 1992 Wilfred Lewis Ferry
1917 - 1979 Ernest Hona Ferry

1878 - ? Martha Marion Ferry
- nothing known about Martha but possible she died young

1881 - 1920 Athalia Amy Ferry
- Amy married Harold Peace WHITE (1879-1964) in 1911 in New Zealand

1882 - 1882 Thomas Ferry
- Thomas & Sarah were twins, born on 21 November 1882
- Thomas died aged 3 days

1882 - 1882 Sarah Ferry
- Sarah & Thomas were twins, born on 21 November 182
- Sarah died aged 5 days

1886 - 1937 William Beach Ferry
- William married Lily Sophia FERGUSON (1885-1971) in 1914 at Petersham, NSW, Australia
- Lily was born in Goulburn, NSW
- she died in St Leonards, NSW
- William died in Canterbury, NSW Australia

4 June 1878
THOMAS WATSON FERRY applied for a license for a public house on the River Bank road, to be styled the Aquatic Hotel. Mr Hutchison appeared in support of the applicaiton, and stated that he believed no opposition would be offered. Mr Hutchison drew attention to the report of the police on the position and capacity of the house for which the license was required, and to the good character of the applicant. Mr Hutchison concluded a brief address by suggesting that the Bench should take into consideration the fact that the applicaiton of Mr Ferry was made under different ciircumstances to the applications of those who had previously been refused a license for the same house
... the Court then retired for a few minutes and on returning, the Chairman stated that the application of Thomas Watson Ferry for a house on the River Bank was refused

11 May 1882
I, THOMAS WATSON FERRY, of Wanganui, Hotelkeeper, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will at the next licensing meeting, to be holden at Wanganui, on the 1st day of June, 1882, apply for a certificate authorising the issue of a publican's license for a house situate at corner of Campbell and Wicksteed Place, known as the Occidental Hotel, containing 14 rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of the family; also, for an extension of the time until 12 o'clock p.m. THOS. W. FERRY

1 June 1882
Occidental Hotel - Thomas W. Ferry applied for a license, also for extension till 12 o'clock. The police report stated that the back yard was untidy, and the house in fair condition. The Bench granted the applcation, at the same time expressing the hope that attention would be paid to the police report that the premises were not kept clean, and that the net report might be more favouable

7 February 1885
I, THOMAS WATSON FERRY, of Wanganui, being the holder of a Publican's License in respect of the house and premises situate at Corner of Campbell and Wicksteed Places, known as Occidental Hotel, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will at the next licensing meeting to be holden at Wanganui on or about the 5th day of March next, apply for a transfer of the said license from myself to WILLIAM HENDY REED, my appointee. THOMAS WATSON FERRY

17 September 1887
Notice is hereby given that I, Thomas Watson Ferry, of Wanganui, in the Provincial District of Wellington, in New Zealand, Printer, have this day filed in the said Court at Wanganui a petition to be adjudged a bankrupt. THOMAS WATSON FERRY

31 July 1895
It is hereby notified for public information that the Council of the Borough of Wanganui have appdepinted Mr Thomas H. Battle to be a Fire Inspector, vice Mr Thomas W. Ferry, resigned. FREEMAN R. JACKSON, Mayor

14 October 1896
In the bankruptcy of Thomas Watson Ferry, of Wanganui, Tobacconist
Notice is hereby given that I, the above-named Bankrupt, propose to apply to the District court at Wanganui, on the 2nd day of November next, for an order of discharge. THOMAS WATSON FERRY

11 March 1897
COMMITTEE Meeting at Foster's Hotel at 8p.m. TO-NIGHT (Thursday)
Business: - To receive Correspondence fom Wellington Rowing Clun &c., &c. THOMAS W. FERRY, Hon. Secretary

31 July 1914
By the death of Mr. Thomas Watson Ferry, there passed away another of Wanganui's few remaining pioneer residents. For the best part of half a century Mr Ferry shared the ups and downs of th community, and throughout played his part as a good and worthy citizen. Though born in England, at Cumberwell, Mr. Ferry was to all intents and purposes a colonial, for he left the Old Land when quite a child, proceeding first of all to New York. He was eleven years of age when he crossed to Sydney, and Australia held him till he came to his majority. He came to Wanganui when twenty-one years of age, and for twelve years thereafter occpuied the responsible position of foreman of the "Chronicle" printing and publishing department. He relinquished his trade to become mine host of the old Occidental Hotel, which as old townsmen will remember was located on the sie now occupied by the "Chronicle" Building.
In his young days there was no keener oarsman that "Tom" Ferry, who, besides doing much to promote aquatic sport generally, held the distinction of being the first man to row in a sculling boat on the Wanganui River. Mr Ferry was also an enthusiast in the sailing branch of river sport, and there are those who remember the interest which was arounsed by the friendly rivalry of Mr. Ferry and Mr. T. D. CUMMINS in the building and sailing of boats.
The late Mr. Ferry was a veteran volunteer fireman, and during his long service he filled with credit various responsible offices in the Wnganui Fire Brigade, of which he was for some time captain.
The deceased gentleman was in close touch with the theatrical affairs of his day, and as a clever and enthusiastic amateur was familiar both "on the boards" and in the role of promoter of popular entertainments.
In his later years and until comparatively recently, Mr. Ferry found congenial occupation as custodian of the Municipal Opea House, an appointment which ket him in touch with the modern developments of a profession for whichhe always entertaine a kindly and sympathetic regard.
Mrs. Ferry, who was born in Sydney, is the dauhter of Mr. Northover, an old and respected settler of this district. To her and to the members of her family we tender our heartfelt sympathy.
The sons and daughters who are left are -
* J. C. Ferry (Sydney) (John Christopher)
* C. E. Ferry (Wanganui) (Charles Evans)
* J. Dempsey (Wanganui) (Eva)
* G. Shepherd (Wanganui) (Clara)
* J. Howard (Pipiriki) (Susannah)
* H. P. White (Up River) (Athalia)
... NOTE no mention was made of William Beach Ferry
The funeral will take place to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon, and will be officially attended by the officers and men of the Fire Brigade and the members of the Oddfellows' Lodge.

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Thomas William FOSTER + Mary Ann GRIX - Masterton

Thomas William FOSTER (1858-1915)
was born in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England to William Pinder FOSTER (1835-) & Sarah Ann BURGESS (1836-), who married 14 Oct 1857 in Middlesex.
- See his sister at child ... 15

Thomas William Foster married in 1879 to
Mary Ann GRIX (1862-1911)
* Mary Ann was born to George GREEKS (1827-1871) & Louisa CLIFTON who married in St James, Lower Hutt on 18 June 1852. Her father George was a Soldier with the 65th Regiment which arrived into Auckland on the 'Java' in Nov 1846 with the companies of the 58th & 65th
NOTE On their burial database, Carterton has her aged 49 & BDM also has her aged 49 which is a birth year of 1862. On the birth list at BDM she is recorded as born in 1864. However, 1864 could be the date when her birth was registered (research continues). Also, her name & that of her sister Edith, change at marriage (see her siblings list next)

the known children of GEORGE & LOUISA GREEKS
(born in Taita, Mary Ann's siblings)
* 1853 - ? William Greeks
- William married Mary Ann LONG in 1874 & had 6 known children
- William charged Mary Ann of being a dangerous lunatic in the Carterton Court May 1885. The Court disagreed and the case was dismissed. He was arrested in Kaitoke July 1886 for wife desertion & remanded to Featherston
* 1854 - 1871 Henry Greeks
- Henry died 11 Dec 1871 at Taita aged 17 (3 months after his father)
* 1856 - 1887 Rayner Greeks
- Rayner married Elizabeth Agnes JONES (1858-1938) in 1877
- He died aged 30 in Greytown after a long illness
* 1857 - 1858 Daniel James Greeks
- Daniel died aged 12 months
* 1858 - 1921 George Everfield Greeks
- George married Sarah Scott STRATTON in 1876 & had 6 children
- Sarah divorced him in 1906 for adultery & married Alexander David Carstairs GOSMAN in 1911 of note, a grandson baby John Greeks
- George next married Lena STANDEN in 1912
* 1860 - 1897 Daniel James Greeks
- Daniel married Emily STIRLING in 1890 & had 4 children, He died aged 37
* 1861 - 1934 Richard 'Dick' Greeks
- Richard married Eliza STOCKBRIDGE in 1882 & had 6 children
* 1862 - ? Ellen Winifred Greeks
- born 9 Dec 1962, Ellen married Frederick MILLAR 17 January 1906
- they had a son 21 March 1906-1984, Frederick Eric Millar
* 1864 - 1911 Mary Ann Greeks (as above)
- Mary Ann married Thomas William FOSTER in 1879 as Mary Ann Grix
* 1865 - 1903 Elizabeth Ann 'Lizzie' Greeks
- Elizabeth married James George REID in 1884 & had 4 children
* 1866 - Esther 'Hettie' Greeks
- Esther had a son, James Greeks (1886-1886)
- she married Henry KING 2 April 1887 at Wellington & had 8? children
* 1867 - 1959 Robert 'Bob' Greeks
- Robert married Isabella STEWART (1879-1947) in 1918. He died in Porirua
* 1870 - 1966 Edith Ann Greeks
- Edith Ann married Henry William CLAY (1864-1926) 28 July 1888 in Carterton as Edith Greaks
* 1871 - 1923 John Comley 'Johnnie' Greeks
- John married Rachel WOODS in 1904
* 1872 - Matilda Susan 'Tilly' Greeks
- Matilda had a leg amputated in the Masterton Hospital in April 1880 and her brothers were ordered in court (on a couple of instances) to pay towards for her support

Wellington Independent, 27 September 1871 GREEKS - At the Taita, Hutt, on September 25, George Greeks, aged 44 years

MARY ANN was 17 (or 19) when she married & THOMAS WILLIAM was 21. They had 16 children in 27 years. She died when she was 49, leaving the youngest, May Waereti Foster, aged 5. Some of the older children were married by then
They lived in Masterton & Carterton where William was a Cabinet Maker.
*In August 1887 Thomas & Daniel Thomas King (another local Carterton cabinet-maker) invented & patented a clothes-horse that they called "The Nursery Folding Clothes-horse" *In 1905 Thomas owned 26 perches of land as part of Section 142, Taratahi Plain Block

the known children of THOMAS & MARY:
... 1
1879 - 1879 Sarah Elizabeth Foster
- Sarah died aged 15 days (burial not found in Carterton)

... 2
1880 - 1974 Herbert Henry Foster
- born 18 August 1880 in Carterton
- married Violet Kate Grace BUTLER (1886-1962) in 1903
- 3rd of 6 children (4 daughters) of Edwin BUTLER & Alice Emily REID
- the known children of Herbert & Violet:
* 1904 - Edwin Mercer Foster
* 1906 - Neville Raymond Foster
* 1907 - 1907 Howard Cecil Gibb Foster (aged 3 months)
VIOLET died Christmas Eve 1962 aged 76
HERBERT died 28 August 1974 in Greytown aged 94
- he was cremated at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North

... 3
1881 - 1963 William Pinder 'Bill' Foster
(named after his paternal grandfather)
- married Constance Mary Ellen McGREGOR (1880-1951) in 1907
- first of 5 children of Alexander McGREGOR & Martha Matilda EVANSON
the known daughters of WILLIAM & CLARENCE:
* 1908 - 1989 Waereti Ngai Constance Foster
* 1910 - Zena Beatrice Foster
* 1912 - Eileen Matilda Foster
* 1915 - 1977 Thomas William Foster
* 1917 - 1993 Clarence Christian McGregor Foster
- married Elizabeth O'Reilly (1928-2015)
* 1919 - 1990 William Pinder 'Laddie' Foster
CONSTANCE died 1 October 1951 aged 71
WILLIAM died 25 March 1963 aged 80
- they are buried Plot 222A, Block SUC 2 at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton

... 4
1883 - 1962 Eva Jane Foster
- married James Robert JONES in 1904
- their known children:
* 1905 - 1973 Archer Jones
- married Elizabeth Steel MORGAN
* 1906 - 1971 Eva Louisa Jones
- married Lionel Cyril RUTHERFURD (brother of Norman below)
- sons of Thomas Henry RUTHERFURD & Edith Kathleen DAGG
* 1907 - 1907 Thomas Charles Jones
- died aged 2 weeks
* 1908 - 1963 Clarence Robert Jones
- married Violet DAKEN in 1928
* 1910 - 2006 Monica Eileen
- married Norman Douglas RUTHERFURD (brother of Lionel above)
JAMES died 20 June 1959 aged 78
EVA died 31 January 1962 aged 78
- they are buried PLOT JRJ, ROW 14, AREA Plan VII at Archer St, Masterton

... 5
1886 - 1888 Arthur Stuart Foster
ARTHUR died 2 February 1888 aged 1.11
Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 February 1888 FOSTER - On the 7th February, at Carterton, Arthur Stuart, youngest son of Thomas W. and M. A. Foster, aged 1 year and 11 months - "Gone to be with Jesus"
- he is buried Plot 115 at Clareville Cemetery with sister Beatrice

... 6
1889 - 1973 Ernest Stuart Foster
- married Mary Gertrude FRY (1886-?) in 1918

... 7
1891 - 1982 Isabella Elizabeth Agnes Foster
- born 28 March 1891
- married James Henry 'Jim' FRYER (1890-1929) in 1912
- 5th of 5 children of John FRYER (1832-1902) & Sarah Ann CLIFTON (1855-1919, remarried to Archibald Alfred McNeil RICE in 1906 & lived Lower Hutt)
Wairarapa Daily Times, 2 February 1912
At the Methodist Church, Carterton, on Wednesday afternoon, Mr James Henry Fryer, of Wellington, was married to Miss Isabel Foster, second daughter of Mr T. W. Foster, of Carterton. The bride was attended by Misses Nellie and Mabel Foster (sisters of the bride) and two little dots, Nihera Foster and Florrie Booth. Mr E. Tunnicliffe, of Dalefield, was best man. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. C. H. Standage.
* In 1919 James & Isabel were living in Greytown
JAMES died in Featherston 8 January 1929 aged 38
Evening Post, 9 January 1929 FRYER - On the 8th January 1929, at Featherston, James Fryer, in his 39th year, beloved brother of Mrs Leer (Annie Charlotte Fryer), Mrs Bainbridge (*Eva Matilda), Mrs Randell (Myrtle Alice) and Mrs Doherty (Dorothy)
*Eva Matilda had first married Henry Joseph LEPPER (1878-1908)
ISABELLA ELIZABETH AGNES remarried in 1934 to Hector COE (1889-1969)

... 8
1892 - 1984 Clarence Rayner Foster
- married Iris Evelyn COMPTON in 1927
- daughter of Thomas 'Tom' COMPTON & Helen Elizabeth Bland RAYNER of Masterton
Clarence & Iris divorced in Auckland in 1949
IRIS died 28 Oct 1977 in Auckland, cremated Purewa
CLARENCE died 20 June 1984 in Levin aged 92 & buried Levin

... 9
1894 - ? Ellen Louisa Foster
- married Charles Henry SMITH in 1915

... 10
1895 - 1951 Mabel Rose Foster
- married Hilton George 'Skelly' OLLIVER (1890-1966) 3 April 1916, Palmerston North & had 12 children
- Hilton was born in Parkes, New South Wales to Henry OLLIVER & Mary Jane NICHOLSON. He first married Jessie TUFT in Sydney in 1909
- He served in WWI as Trooper 54578, with the NZEF, 30th Reinforcements Mounted Rifles Brigade (Cairo Camel Corps) & his letters & diary are archived

... 11
1896 - 1985 Harold George Foster
- born 10 July 1896, a twin with Alfred

... 12
1896 - 1987 Alfred Daniel James Foster
- born 10 July 1896, twin with Harold
- married Marjorie Estherbell Bertha GASKIN in 1922
- daughter of Percival William 'Percy' GASKIN & Bertha Mary ZABELL of Carterton

... 13
1898 - 1920 Beatrice Holly Foster
- born 1 December 1898
BEATRICE died 2 November 1920 aged 31
- she is buried Plot 115 at Clareville Cemetery with brother Arthur

... 14
1900 - 1975 Roy Marryatt Herman Foster
- married Emily Ida COE (1901-1992) in 1924
ROY died 2 March 1975 in Masterton aged 75
EMILY died 24 September 1992 aged 91
- they are buried Plot RHMF, Row 13, Area: Ex Servicemen at Archer St Cemetery

... 15
1902 - 1988 Ngaio Edna Foster
- born 14 July 1902
- married Francis Andrew BAXTER (1895-1944) in 1921
- 6th of 8 children of Henry 'Harry' BAXTER (1850-1923) & Sarah Jane FOSTER (1860-1926)
NOTE Sarah Jane Foster was born in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England to William Pinder FOSTER (1835-) & Sarah Ann BURGESS (1836-) & was a sister of Thomas William Foster (featured person). Sarah Jane married Henry Baxter in Nelson 20 Oct 1877 (30 years & 1 week after her parents) & died in Queen Charlotte Sounds aged 65 She & husband Henry are buried Plot 12, Row O, Block 17 at Picton cemetery. Their son Francis Andrew Baxter, married her brother's daughter, Ngaio Edna Foster
NGAIO died 24 April 1988 at 'Homelands' Levin, aged 86
- her prior address had been 12 Union St., Foxton
- she was cremated at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North

... 16
1906 - 1907 May Waereti Foster
MAY died 30 December 1906 aged 5 months (burial not found in Carterton)

Mary Ann Foster died 14 March 1911 aged 49 after a lingering illness
Evening Post, 17 March 1911 CARTERTON - The funeral of the late Mrs T. W. Foster took place at the Clareville cemetery yesterday afternoon, and was largely attended, the cortege including brethren of the Masterton and Carterton Rechabite Lodges. Bros. F. E. Tyler, E. King, W. H. Partridge and W. H. Whyte were the pall-bearers. The Rev C. H. Standage officiated at the graveside
Thomas William FOSTER died 3 April 1915 aged 57
- they are buried together in Plots 113 & 114 at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton

see also FOSTER buried Masterton

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Thomas William LITTLE & Emily Mary GROVES - Kuripuni, Masterton

Thomas William LITTLE (1874-1937)
- was a son of John LITTLE & Martha LOWE
Emily Mary GROVES
- was a daughter of William GROVES & Harriet ? of England

Thomas & Emily married in 1886, possibly in Masterton, Wairarapa
They lived in Kuripuni, Masterton

the 12 known children of THOMAS & EMILY
... 1
1886 - 1893 Charles William Little
- Charles was born 8 October 1886
- he died 24 January 1893 aged 6.3
- he is not found in Masterton cemetery. Were they not yet living there??

... 2
1888 - Mary Ellen Little
- married Sydney COE in 1905
- their daughter Olive May Coe, married Charles Richard TORSTENSON, father of Kathleen Torstenson who married Mary Ellen's brother George Thomas Little (below)
- (see also ... COE family WAIRARAPA)
13 June 1905 ... A girl, named Ellen Little, aged about eighteen years, was arrested at Masterton, this morning, by Constable Brosnahan, of Woodville, on a charge of having committed perjury at a Coroner's inquiry, held in Woodville, on 19th May ... see notes below

... 3
1890 - 1961 George Thomas Little
- George married Mary Alice DALEY in 1915
- he remarried to Kathleen Pytholia Marion TORSTENSON (1925-2010)
- his sister, Mary Ellen Little (above), married Sidney COE in Masterton in 1905. It was their daughter Olive May Coe who married Kathleen's father, Charles Richard Torstenson
- George died in Papakura, Auckland 27 November 1961 age 71

... 4
1893 - Alice Jane Little
- married Herbert William DEVENPORT (1883-1943) in 1909
- Herbert was born in Masterton, 1 of 13 children of George Henry (1847-1930) & Jane (1854-1925) DEVENPORT who were living in Upper Plain Rd, Masterton in 1906 & Westbush Rd in 1915
- 1 son found to date for Herbert & Alice:
19 Nov 1909 - 29 April 1992 Frederick Sidney Devenport (buried Riverside, Masterton)

... 5
1894 - Alfred Thomas Little
- Alfred married Georgina DAVIS in ?

... 6
1896 - Thomas William Little

... 7
1898 - Emily Mary Little
- Emily married Herbert MARSHALL in 1915

... 8
1899 - Minnie Selina Little
- born 11 April 1899, Minnie died 19 May 1978 aged 78
- Minnie married Ernest MADDERN (1895-1966) in 1917
- Ernest was born in Australia. He served n WWI as Lance Corporal 45881. His NEXT OF KIN was his father Albert James Maddern (1866-1941) of Ruawhata, Pahiatua ... OF NOTE - there is an Ernest Alfred James Maddern, born January 1919 who died aged 5 months on 25 May 1919 and is buried Plot 3, Grave 3, Block 3 at Mangatainoka, Pahiatua. Probably a son of Ernest & Minnie
- Minnie next married William Frederick LIDDICOAT (1885-1947) in 1920
- William was the 1st of 13 children (9 of them sons) of William LIDDICOAT (1858-1945) & Alice Ann SMITH (1866-1943). He served in WWI as Private 10/1883. His NEXT OF KIN was his father William Liddicoat of Mangaweka. Alice Ann died in Marton 29 July 1943. William died in Feilding, 28 Dec 1945, & they buried in Mt View cemetery, Marton
- Minnie next married ? PATTERSON

... 9
1904 - Lily Jane?-May? Little
- Lily married Frederick William GROVES (1888-1969) in 1920
- Frederick was the 2nd of 7 children of Frank GROVES (1861-1952), born Milton-Under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire, England to Edward GROVES & Eliza RYAN and Ellen MAISEY (1864-1943), born Fullbrook, Oxfordshire, England to William MAISEY (1836-1879) & Martha RANDALL (1842-1922)
- Frank & Ellen married 10 November 1884 in Woodville, died in Makomako and are buried in Mangahao-Ballance cemetery, Pahiatua

... 10
1907 - 1907 Ivy Eveline Little
- Ivy died 1 June 1907 aged 3 weeks
- she is buried at Archer St Masterton

... 11
1908 - ? Ivy Eveline Little

... 12
1910 - Olive Agnes Little

- anything in (italics) is my additional info

23 May 1905
... At the enquiry at Woodville into a fire which destroyed the house of T. W. Little, evidence showed that Little had bought furniture in Palmerston North and taken over ?50 insurance on it. He had afterwards removed to Woodville, and it appeared that certain furniture had been sent to Masterton. The evidene of Little was that certain items of this furniture had been lent to him by his father, to whom it had been returned, and that other items belonged to his daughter. The verdict of the jury was that there was no evidence to show the origin of the fire, but the jury wished to express the opinion that the majority of the articles mentioned in the proof of loss were not in the house at the time of fire, and that the evidence of the Litlle family was very unsatisfactory

13 June 1905
... A girl, named Ellen Little, aged about eighteen years, was arrested at Masterton, this morning, by Constable Brosnahan, of Woodville, on a charge of having committed perjury at a Coroner's inquiry, held in Woodville, on 19th May
The circumstances connected with the case are that the girl's father, Thomas William Little,had his furniture heavily insured, and the whole was alleged to have been destroyed by a fire, which occurred on 10th April, in the house in which he was then living. There were suspicious circumstances, and an inquiry was held. Certain of the articles which were alleged to have been destroyed were supposed to have been found in the possession of his daughter, Ellen Little, but she swore in her evidence that she had purchased them at Palmerston North.
The girl's arrest this morning, on a charge of perjury, is the result of further evidence having been obtained by the polie. The accused, who has been living in a house at Kuripuni for some time (her condition being such as to elicit sympathy on her behalf) was charged with the offence at the Police Court, to-day, before Mr T. Duncan, J.P., and remanded,on her own recoginsance of ?5, to appear at Woodville, on the 22nd inst.

... John LITTLE (1825-1913), an old age-pensioner, was charged with unlawfully assaulting his son, Thomas William Little, the said offence being ommitted on May 11th.
Defendant pleaded not guilty
Informant, who was blind (then aged 32), deposed that his father came over on the day in question, and after some conversation regarding informant's children, wanted to fight one of the latter, who was present. Witness interfered, and defendant tackled him and committed the assault complained of.
P.C. Buckthought deposed to being called to the house by informant's son. Found the defendant holding informant down on the floor by the wrists. Knew nothing about the cause of the disturbance.
Defendant, in defence, said he was remonstrating with his son for not keeping his children in check.
His Worship dismissed the information, advising defendant to keep away from his son in future.

22 August 1913
... Mr John Little, an old resident of Masterton, died at the Hospital last night. Mr Little, who was 88 years of age, had been an inmate of the Solway Home for some time, but owing to his weak state of health he was recently transferred to the Masterton Hospital for treatment

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