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WELLINGTON 1919 - Theory of Music Examination Passes

RESULTS of THEORY OF MUSIC examinatios - held Wellington 22 February 1919

The theory examinations were held by the Associated Board of the Ryal Academy and the Royal COllege of Music, London, on 22nd February last. Names in brackets are those of the teacher.

Harmony, Intermediate Grade - PASS
CLARK, Elsie L. M. (Mr Robert Parker)

Rudiments of Music - PASS
GRAY, Lillie (Miss N. Gray)
HARVEY, Kathleen E. (Mr H. Muller)
HOPKINSON, Connie C. R. (Miss Fookes)
- Connie Clare Ruahine - married John Charles Gower JAMES in 1928
SANDER, Claude (Miss Greenish)
- Claude Conrad Emil George (1905-1976)
SMITH, Olive (Miss Greenish)
WEBB, Eileen (Mrs E. Mackay)
WOODS, Margaret P. (Convent, Petone)

Grammar of Music - PASS
MATHER, Jean (Mrs Sawden)

BREWER, Ivy K. (Mr H. MulleR)
BROWN, Doris E. (Mr H. Muller)
CASSIN, Vincent (Mrs Sawden)
GITTINGS, Alan R. (Mrs Gilmore)
- Alan Regnald - married Eileen Constance Heathorn COAD in 1929
HAMMER, Hilda G. (Mrs Sawden)
HARRIS, Thora (Mrs Gilmore)
- Thora Daymar - married Albert Leonard PICKETT in 1926
LEONARD, Eileen P. H. (Mrs Sawden)
- Eileen Phoebe Hewlett - married Gerald Sinclair EVATT in 1929
TUNKS, Thelma (Mrs Sawden)
- Thelma Ethel - married Norman Mansfield HALL in 1928

ANDERSON, Dorothy (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
BARCLAY, William C. (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
BREEZE, Frances B. (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
- Frances Beatrice - married Allan John BARR-BROWN in 1932
BURNS, Jean (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
DIXON, Audrey Z. (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
EMDREY, Phyllis M. (Miss L. Morgan L.A.B.)
EVERITT, Ruby (Mrs Sawden)
GAMBY, Ellen (Mrs A. Gilmore)
HARFORD, Iris C. (Mr H. Muller)
JARVIS, Edna (Mrs Gilmore)
- married Walter PYM in 1929
MILLER, Owen L. (Mrs Gilmore)
MUNRO, Winifred M. (Miss L. Morgan)
SHORTT, Erica J. (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
- Erica Jean - married Horace Raymond TOMKIES in 1930
TAYLOR, Carlyle I. (Mr H. Muller)
TAYLOR, Frances A. (Nrs Gilmore)
TINGEY, Flora (Miss D. Greenish L.A.B.)
TURNER, Mabel A. (Mrs Sawden)
TURRALL, William H. (Mr H. Muller)
- William Hubert (1906-1920)

Wellington DIVORCES - July 1924

the Wellington Divorces as inserted in the Evening Post 25 July 1924

Before a Judge and a Jury of Twelve
David Ruthven GRANT v Annie Gipsie Grant (nee ALLEN), alleged desertion
- they married in 1901

Dorice Maud LAWRENCE v William John LAWRENCE, alleged adultery
- Doris Maud WHISKER married William John LAURENCE in 1919

Arthur Charles Rose BLATCHER v Mabel Agnes Blatcher (nee SHERWOOD) and Haydn ALGAR, alleged adultery
- they married in 1922
- Arthur remarried in 1929 to Ethel Francis ROUGH

William Charles NORMAN v Eileen Margaret Norman (nee CURTIN), restitution
- they married in 1919

John Tylston WICKSTEED v Annie Eireen Wicksteed (nee NIELSEN), alleged adultery
- they married in 1922
- John remarried in 1925 to Doris SMITH

Before a Judge Alone
Samuel Stanley PAGET v Winifred May Paget (nee WHALE), separation
- they married in 1918

William Henry MARSH v Agnes Marsh (nee FOREMAN), separation
- they married in 1914

Walter Scott BLACKIE v Millicent BLACKIE, alleged desertion
- Walter remarried in 1925 to Eva WEBB

Elizabeth RAMSAY v William John RAMSAY, alleged desertion

Mary Simpson (nee CAMPBELL) v Andrew Sloan SIMPSON, alleged desertion and adultery
- they married in 1882

Isabella Chrystall Vickers (nee DONALDSON) v William VICKERS, separation
- they married in 1906
- Isabella remarried in 1927 to Rupert Frank CARVOSSO

Victoria Alice Marjorie Clara Spillane (nee CHORLEY) v Arthur Francis SPILLANE, alleged desertion
- they married in 1915

William ATKINS v Frances ATKINS, separation

Margery Ada Harper (nee HERD) v Edward Ernest HARPER, alleged adultery
- they married in 1919
- Margery remarried in 1932 to Roland Foter GRUAR

Clara HENDERSON v Charles Henderson (nee BOWEN), alleged desertion
- they married in 1917

Isabella Aitken PICKFORD v Henry Ralph PICKFORD, separation
- Isabella remarried in 1928 to James Herbert RAGG
- Henry remarried in 1932 to Audrey SUMMERS

Frederick Charles EDWARDS v Elizabeth Edwards (nee THATCHER), aleged desertion
- they married in 1906

Esther Mildred Yarrow (nee STEWART) v Robert YARROW, alleged desertion
- they married in 1909

Emily Ellen Wattenburg (nee HILL) v Frank WATTEMBURG, alleged desertion
- they married in 1909
- Emily remarried in 1928 to Robert FITTON

Arthur Stanley STEVENS v Ethel Maud STEVENS, restitution

Annie KLEEBER v Duncan KLEEBER, alleged drunkeness

Clara Edith Fearn (nee BACKHOUSE) v John Samuel FEARN, separation
- they married in 1901

Emily Lizzie Maud Andrew (nee WOOD) v Phillip Oswald ANDREW, restitution
- they married in 1899

Jessie Backhouse (nee DRAPER) v Arthur BACKHOUSE, alleged desertion
- they married in 1896
- Jessie remarried in 1925 to Slick Martin JOHNSON
- Arthur remarried in 1926 to Rita Foundy JAMIESON

Alice Wilhelmina HAMER v Frank HAMER, alleged adultery
- Frank remarried in 1928 to Mary MOYNIHAN

George William SMITH-HUBERT v Evelyn Ethelwyn Verna (nee HATCH), separation
- they married in 1919
- George remarried in 1925 to Doris Evelyn BROWN

Laurestina Hare (nee ROBERTSON) v Ernest Gilbert Kimberley HARE, alleged adultery
- they married in 1915

Charlotte Amelia FAIRCHILD v George Leo FAIRCHILD, separation
- Charlotte remarried in 1926 to John HASLETT
- George remarried in 1927 to Ada McMULLAN


taken from EARLY WELLINGTON- written about 1927

Wellington College
It is stated that certain reserves were set aside in 1853 by way of an endowment for this institution, and on Monday, 4th February, 1867, the Rev. E. TUCKEY, B.A., and Mr. W. S. HAMILTON commenced a Grammar and Commercial Schoolthe future Collegein the little Congregational Schoolroom in Woodward Street. Seven youths presented themselves.

In 1868 the school's existence was spent in the old barracks on Fitzherbert Terrace, and in 1869 removed to Clifton Terrace until 1874, when the present College on the Town Belt Reserve was opened by His Excellency Sir James FERGUSSON, father of His Excellency the present Governor-General (Sir Charles), amidst much rejoicing.

Mr. Kenneth WILSON, M.A., was selected by Dr. VAUGHAN to be Principal. Mr. A. D. CRAWFORD, son of the earliest white settler to meet the Tory in 1839, was the pioneer boarder, and slept in the dormitory by himself until the arrival of the other boarders.

In 1881 Mr. MacKAY, of Nelson College, was appointed master, and in 1892 Mr. FIRTH assumed charge.

The writer is indebted to Mr. W. H. FIELD, M.P. for Otaki, for the following information:

Among the masters were Messrs:
* Kenneth Wilson (headmaster),
* H. E. Tuckey,
* C. J. Hardy
* C. R. Buckland.

Some of the boys were:
* C. R. Bidwill,
* A. C. and H. A. Bishop,
* C. S. Brandon,
* G. Burnes,
* G. Butts,
* D. G. A. Cooper,
* H. D. and A. D. Crawford,
* C. M. and A. F. Crombie,
* G. and P. Dransfield,
* W. H. Field,
* M. Fitzgerald,
* J. R. R. Gair,
* R. Giesen,
* H. M. and A. H. Gore,
* H. B. Harvey,
* H. C. Hazelden,
* W. B. and F. B. Henderson,
* F. J. Johns,
* C. and R. Kebbell,
* G. G. Knight,
* A. C. Koch,
* R. and F. McLeckie,
* Albert and Arthur Martin,
* J. M. Meredith,
* W. H. Sefton Moorhouse,
* E. H. and F. D. Morrah,
* James Muir,
* R. Nairn,
* J. T. Nott,
* G. C. Ormond,
* F. G. Parkes,
* R. C. Port,
* C. A. Pownall,
* W. H. F. Richards,
* G. St. John,
* E. V. Sanderson,
* G. E. F. Schultze,
* J. G. Seed,
* S. K. Sleigh,
* C. Snow,
* G. E. Swainson,
* J. and R. W. Taylor,
* K. D. Webb,
* Arthur Young,
* A. W. and F. Young.

The Provincial Council Act of 1871 came into operation in July, 1872. The first Wellington members of the Education Board, which consisted of ten members, one for each district, were Messrs. A. de Bathe BRANDON (City) and E. TOOMATH (District).

The College Jubilee celebrations were commenced on Saturday evening 29th November, 1924, by a concert in the Town Hall, at which Mr. W. F. WARD, Chairman of the Board of Governors, presided. Speeches were given by Sir Robert STOUT, Sir Francis BELL, Mr. FIRTH and Mr. R. DARROCH (representing the Old Boys' Association, on behalf of its President, Mr. Walter BETHUNE, who was absent through illness). The College orchestra assisted in the excellent programme provided.

On Sunday a procession of scholars and old boys proceeded to the Town Hall, where a Jubilee service was conducted. Sir Robert STOUT, Administrator of the Dominion in the absence of the Governor-General (Sir Charles Fergusson), Mr. J. CAUGHLEY, Director of Education, Mr. and Mrs. FIRTH, Mr. and Mrs. CRESSWELL and members of the College Board of Governors occupied the place of honour in the front row of seats.

The opening of the Pavilion, Firth House and the Gifford observatory took place on Monday, 1st December, 1924. A long account is given in the Evening Post, 1/12/1924. The foundation stone of the War Memorial Hall was laid by His Excellency the Governor-General (Sir Charles Fergusson) on the 3rd September, 1926, and officially opened by him on the 2nd March, 1928. About 80 of the old boys, who saw active service, paraded under the command of Colonel page 409 St. J. Beere, and were reviewed by His Excellency. A guard of honour was formed by the College Cadet Corps.

The erection of the Hall was brought about by the active work of the Old Boys' Association, who had contributed over 6000 for the Hall and its internal embellishments.

WELLINGTON Country Districts Directory - 1872 & 1873

the MANAWATU Districts Directory - 1872 & 1873

the WAIRARAPA Districts Directory - 1872 & 1873

the following is a list of people living in the WELLINGTON Province, Country Districts as recored in WISES DIRECTORY:


Ah Tip and Co Gardeners Ohiro
Hitchings J Butcher Ohiro
Lowry J Cooper Ohiro
Madley Mrs Schoolmistress Ohiro
Short J Farmer Ohiro
Stockbridge Mrs Nurseryman Ohiro

Carey - Overseer Evans Bay
Crawford J C R.M. Sheep Farmer Evans Bay
McNabb - Overseer Evans Bay

Brown J Currier Berhampore
Luxford G Boiling Down Establishment Berhampore
Miller W Farmer Berhampore

Riddle J Overseer Hunters farm
Wilton E Farmer Hunters Farm

Andrews - Shoemaker Karori Road
Firth - Carpenter Karori Road
Lessington J Gardener Karori Road
McLeod J Carpenter Karori Road
Thorby E Carpenter Karori Road

Bell D Currier Kaiwarawara
Calder & Bates Rainbow Inn Kaiwarawara
Camfield W W Schoolmaster Kaiwarawara
Chew J Engineer Kaiwarawara
Cockburn R Currier Kaiwarawara
Foley J Miller Kaiwarawara
Gibson J Tanner Kaiwarawara
Guilford J Fellmonger Kaiwarawara
Harris J Tanner Kaiwarawara
Hirst W L Leather Manufacturer Kaiwarawara
Holmes J Tanner Kaiwarawara
Newsom H Tanner Kaiwarawara
Rabins and Reynolds Store Kaiwarawara
Serel A Miller Kaiwarawara
St Hill Reverend W H College Kaiwarawara
Stratford J Waterloo Hotel Kaiwarawara
Storey L Currier Kaiwarawara
Smith J Surveyor Kaiwarawara
Taylor E M Butcher Kaiwarawara
Thompson C Jnr Lessee Toll Gate Kaiwarawara

Clapham - Ngahauranga Inn Ngahauranga
Futter J Wallace Inn Ngahauranga

Austin - Postmaster Johnsonville
Kilsby G Blacksmith Johnsonville
Knox F Surgeon & Coroner Johnsonville
Pelham - Carpenter Johnsonville
Smith - Rifleman Hotel Johnsonville
Taylor Frederick Ames Hotel Johnsonville

Bartlett J Butcher Porirua Road
Bromley J H Ferry Inn Porirua Road
Chew & Wag Saw Mills Porirua Road
Duncan C Storekeeper Porirua Road
Edwards William Halfway House Porirua Road
King - Butcher Porirua Road
McGrath J Porirua Hotel Porirua Road
Prosser - Postmaster Porirua Road
Taylor F Carpenter Porirua Road

Bould T Junction Hotel Pahautanui
Bradey F Shoemaker Pahautanui
Brigham W Cooper Pahautanui
London J Carrier Pahautanui
Nicol A Storekeeper Pahautanui
Payton J Schoolmaster Pahautanui
Smith C Brickmaker Pahautanui
Tappin W Shoemaker Pahautanui

Blackie J Horokiwi Hotel Horokiwi
Roberts S Carpenter Horokiwi

Cornford J Gardener Karori
Donald R Tea Gardener Karori
Kells H Publican Karori
Spiers C A Storekeeper & Butcher Karori
Sutherland W Lunatic Asylum Karori
Thompson J Surveyor Karori
William D Cabinet Maker Karori

Page H Storekeeper South Karori

Catley J Shoemaker Makara
McManaway T D Surveyor Makara

Brown L Publican Ohariu Valley
Kilsby G Blacksmith Ohariu Valley

Bassett - Shoemaker Petoni
Blanchford J Farmer Petoni
Blanchford W Farmer Petoni
Chapman - Gardener Petoni
Collett H & E Wheelwrights Petoni

Golder C Clockmaker Belmont
Golder W Publisher Belmont

Mudgway B Gardener Hutt River
Valentines Hotel Hutt River

Boulcott H Settler Upper Waiwetu
Death C Farmer Upper Waiwetu
Death H Settler Upper Waiwetu
De Roas E Farmer Upper Waiwetu
Ellerm H Sheep Farmer Upper Waiwetu
England - Carpenter Upper Waiwetu
Holland J Farmer Upper Waiwetu
Jose de Silva Gardener Upper Waiwetu
McKenzie D Farmer Upper Waiwetu
Rowe W Farmer Upper Waiwetu
Sanson H Carpenter Upper Waiwetu
Sellars J Farmers Upper Waiwetu
Sinclair T Farmer Upper Waiwetu
Smith F Bricklayer Upper Waiwetu
Smith J Settler Upper Waiwetu

Crowther J Carpenter Wainuiomata
Sinclair - Sawmill Wainuiomata

Brown - Accommodation House Lowry Bay
Governor's Private Residence Lowry bay

Cameron J Farmer Gollans Valley
Cocking H Farmer Gollans Valley
Phillips H Farmer Gollans Valley
Phillips J Farmer Gollans Valley

HUTT - East Side
Buck James Watchmaker Hutt Valley
Cleland Hugh Storekeeper Hutt Valley
Colson Alfred Cooper Hutt Valley
Compton Alfred Gardener Hutt Valley
Evanson C Carpenter Hutt Valley
Grace Charles Shoemaker Hutt Valley
Hall John Carpenter Hutt Valley
Laings Gardens Hutt Valley
McDonald Alexander Whitewoods Hotel Hutt Valley
McIlvride George Blacksmith Hutt Valley
Mullins Thomas General Store Hutt Valley
Parker Shadrack Carter Hutt Valley
Petterol Richard Forester Family Hotel Hutt Valley
Sanson Samuel Bootmaker Hutt Valley
Telegraph and Post Office Hutt Valley
Tocker and Stone General Store Hutt Valley
White George Carter Hutt Valley
Wiggins William Sadler Hutt Valley
Wilford Dr Hutt Valley

HUTT - West Side
Brown John Contractor Hutt Valley
Burt Thomas Storekeeper Hutt Valley
Corbett John Butcher Hutt Valley
Devereux and Lancaster Butchers and Bakers Hutt Valley
Fagan Stephen Bootmaker Hutt Valley
Freethy William Henry Cooper Hutt Valley
Gooch George Gardener Hutt Valley
Hall Joseph Carpenter Hutt Valley
Hill George Gardener Hutt Valley
Hunt W Baker Hutt Valley
Jackson Henry Surveyor Hutt Valley
Kavanagh - Carter Hutt Valley
Keys Charles Carpenter Hutt Valley
McKenzie - Shoemaker Hutt Valley
Poad Thomas Blacksmith Hutt Valley
Ransom John Wheelwright Hutt Valley
Southey John Carter Hutt Valley
Stratton George Carpenter Hutt Valley
Young Charles Gardener Hutt Valley

TAITA - East Side
Buck William S Surveyor Hutt Valley
Churcher H Publican Hutt Valley
Edwards John Carpenter Hutt Valley
Hedges G Post Office and Store Hutt Valley
Mabey J Carter Hutt Valley
Maybe R Carter Hutt Valley
Phillips G Farmer Hutt Valley
Rayner B Butcher Hutt Valley
Ross J Storekeeper Hutt Valley

TAITA - West Side
Clifton R Carpenter Hutt Valley
Death Samuel Publican Hutt Valley
Hirst J Carpenter Hutt Valley
Meager H Carpenter Hutt Valley
Schultze Charles Storekeeper Hutt Valley

Robinson W Carter Hutt Valley
Sinnox W Sawyer Hutt Valley
Wyeth R Storekeeper Hutt Valley

Barton T Butcher Hutt Valley
Brown J & G Butchers Hutt Valley
Cruickshank J Sawmills Hutt Valley
Davis P Storekeeper Hutt Valley
Mabey T Butcher Hutt Valley
Millar M Bootmaker Hutt Valley
Waldin T Criterion Hotel Hutt Valley
Wilkie P Postmaster Hutt Valley
Wilkins John Highland Home Hutt Valley
Williams - Bootmaker Hutt Valley
Woodmas A Engine Driver Hutt Valley

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Wellington Districts BIRTHS in 1872

some 1872 BIRTHS in the Wellington Districts

ANDERSON on 11 Sep, at Tasman-st, the wife of Henry Anderson, of a daughter
:: Henry Anderson & Caroline SCHULTZE had Maud Anderson
... 4th of 8 known children

BAIRD on 27 July, at Taranaki-street, the wife of Mr Baird, of a daughter
:: James Daniel BAIRD & Ellen Hapgood MACE had Eleanor Beatrice Baird
... 2nd of 11 known children

BARBER on 3 Sep, at Molesworth-street, the wife of H. Barber, of a son
:: Henry BARBER & Phillipa Jane KNIGHT had Harold Barber
... 3rd of 6 known children

BINNS on 18th Nov, at Willis-street, the wife of F. C. Binns, of a son
:: Frederick Charles BINNS & Harriet MILLS had Reginald William Binns
... 2nd of 7 known children

BLAIR on 31 Jan, the wife of J. R. Blair, of a son
:: John Bell BLAIR & Janet WADDELL had James Waddell Blair
... 3rd of 3 known children

BLUNDELL on 27 April, the wife of H. Blundell jnr, of a daughter
:: Henry Thomas BLUNDELL & Keren Happuch MARTIN had Mabel Keren Happuch Blundell
... 1st of 12 known children

BUCK on 10 Jan, at Tory-street, the wife of F. Buck, of a son
:: Francis BUCK & Hannah LAWSON had Oliver William Buck
... 6th of 10 known children

BYDDER on 20 July, at Middle Rangitikei, the wife of Robert Bydder, of a daughter
:: Robert BYDDER & Mary Jane WEBLEY had Edith Annie Bydder
... 4th of 8 known children

CARPENTER on 27 March, at Clyde Quay, the wife of Henry Carpenter, of a son
:: Henry & Emma Caroline CARPENTER had Hugh Gamble Carpenter

CLAPHAM on 7 Jan, the wife of Mr Clapham, of a son
:: Thomas Henry & Jane CLAPHAM had Herbert Clapham
... 7th of 8 known children

CLARK on 1 May, at Brougham-st, the wife of George Clark of a son
:: George Clark & Ann MUNROE? had James William Clark

COOPER on 11 Sep, at the residence of Mr E. Bannister, Cuba-street, Mrs Thomas Cooper, Horokiwi Valley, of a son
:: Thomas COOPER & Sarah Anne Ellen BANNISTER had Edwin David John Cooper

COOPER on 25 Nov, Mrs W. E. Cooper, Vivian-street of a daughter
:: William Edward COOPER & Sarah COLEMAN had Emily Margaret Cooper
... 2nd of 8 known children

CORNER on 19 July, the wife of William Corner of a daughter
:: William CORNER & Elizabeth Hayden CROWTHER had Jane Elizabeth Corner
... 1st of 5 known children (4 daughters)

CURTIS on 19 Nov, the wife of G. C. Curtis, Tinakori Road of a daughter
:: George Charles Curtis & Ellen WILTON had Ellen Curtis

CUTBUSH on 3 Jan, at Tasman-street, the wife of T. T. Cutbush of a daughter
:: Thomas Taylor CUTBUSH & Frances Augusta Evelyn WATSON had Blanche Evelyn Cutbush

DUNFOY on 20 Dec, the wife of C. Dunfoy, of a son (sic)
:: Charles DUNFOY & Elizabeth DAVIES had Emily Grace Dunfoy
... 3rd of 8 known children (5 daughters)

EARLE on 5 Sep, the wife of J. Earle, of a son
:: Joseph EARLE & Rosa Elizabeth MARTON had Joseph Maxton Earle

EDMEADES ON 21 Feb, the wife of H. Edmeades, Tory-street, of a daughter

EVANS on 17 Jan, at Lambton Quay, Mrs J. E. Evans, of a daughter
:: John Edward EVANS & Mary Emma CHAPPELL had Maria Hayward Evans

FELLINGHAM on 8 Feb, the wife of W. P. Fellingham, of a son
:: William Peter FELLINGHAM & Jane JACKSON had William George Fellingham

FISK on 11 Nov, at Cuba street, the wife of A. Fisk, of a son
:: Arthur FISK & Elizabeth Ann PAYTON had Ernest Arthur Fisk

FORDHAM on 17 March, at Hopper-street, the wife of W. H. Fordham, of a daughter
:: William Henry FORDHAM & Mary THOMAS had Alice Mary Fordham

FOSTER on 17 Oct, at Pahautanui, Mrs E. R. Foster, of a daughter
:: Erasmus Robert Foster & Emily Georgina DOWLING had Robert Reginald Foster (1872-1945)
* FOSTER on 17 Oct, died at Pahautanui, Emily Georgina, wife of E. R. Foster, surveyor, and daughter of John B. Dowling, aged 26 years

FURLONG on 12 Jan, at Tauherinikau, the wife of C. B. Furlong, of a son
:: Charles Burford South FURLONG & Mary Ann MARTIN had Charles James Malcolm Furlong

FUTTER on 16 July, at Hobson-street, the wife of John Futter, of a daughter
:: John Futter & Mary Ann HATHAWAY had Eva Florence Futter

FRASER on 30 Sep at Lower Rangitikei, the wife of Donald Fraser, of a daughter
:: Donald Fraser & Margaret SMITH had Agnes Fraser

GALLIEN on 5 June, at Thorndon Quay, the wife of H. L. Gallien, of a son
:: Henry Louis GALLIEN & Catherine Pauline BROWN had Arthur Frederick Gallien

GRANT of 17 May, the wife of W. N. Grant, of a daughter
:: William Nelmes & Mary Ann GRANT had Elizabeth Mary Grant

HALCOMBE on 29 Feb, at Hawkston, Rangitikei, the wife of Arthur Halcombe, Esq., of a daughter
:: Arthur William Follett HALCOMBE & Edith Stanway SWAINSON had Mary Lucillia Halcolmbe

HALL on 20 Oct, the wife of Henry Hall, Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, of a son
:: Henry HALL & Mary HADFIELD had Harry Hall

HAYNES on 28 June, at Evans Bay, the wife of H. J. Hayns, of a son
:: Henry James & Sarah Ellen Maria HAYNES had Claude Haynes

HOLM on 18 Jan, at Adelaide Road, the wife of Captain F. Holm, of a daughter
:: Ferdinand HOLM & Mary Alexander CALLAN had Mary Alfreda Holm

HOWELL on 16 Feb, the wife of Thomas Howell, Revans-street, of a son
:: Thomas HOWELL & Ellen CLOUT had Arthur Herbert Howell

IZARD on 28 April, at Woodmancote, Wellington, the wife of C. B. Izard, Esq., of a daughter
:: Charles Beard IZARD & Mary Ann HAYWARD had Lillian Mabel Izard

JONES on 28 May, the wife of Thomas Jones, of a son
:: Thomas JONES & Miriam WELLS had Daniel Jones

KELLS on 26 Sep, at Ingestre-street, Mrs W. H. Kells, of a daughter
:: William Henry Kells & Anne WILTON had Sylvia Evelyn Ann Kells

KIRKER on 7 Sep, the wife of J. Kirker, of a son
:: James & Anna Henderson KIRKER had Robert Kirker

LAWRIE on 11 May, Able Smith-street, the wife of James Lawrie, of a daughter
:: James LAWRIE & Elizabeth RODGERS had Agnes Annie Lawrie

LINDSAY on 6 May, the wife of A. Lindsay, of a daughter
:: Alfred & Jane LINDSAY had Christina Ingles Lindsay

MARCHANT on 5 April, at Taranaki-street, the wife of N. Marchant, of a son
:: Nicholas MARCHANT & Margaret McGowan BLUNDELL had Frederick Nicholas Marchant

MATHEWS on 3 Oct, at Wairongomai, Wairarapa, the wife of A. Mathews, of a daughter
:: Alfred & Hannah MATHEWS had Caroline Mathews

MEECH on 1st Dec, at Karori, the wife of A. R. Meech, of a daughter
:: Alfred Robert MEECH & Mary Louisa WOOD had Clara Louisa Meech

MITCHELL on 14 Jan, at Ghuznee-street, the wife of H. Mitchell, of a daughter
:: Henry & Nancy Mitchell had Agnes Louisa Mitchell

MOSS on 13 July, Mrs Lewis Moss, of a son
:: Lewis & Julia MOSS had Lionel Montague Moss
... 7th of 9 known children

McDERMOTT on 26 Sep, at Mulgrave-street, Wellington, the wife of L. C. McDermott of a son
:: Lewis Cook McDERMOTT & Annie Adam SMITH had Martin Alexander McDermott
... 3rd of 6 known children

NEIL on 29 Aug, the wife to Thos. W. Neil, Tinakori Road, of a son
:: Thomas William Neil & Phoebe HAWTHORN had William Thomas Neil
... William Thomas died 3 March 1879 aged 6, His brother, Ernest Edward Neil, died 7 days later aged 3

NORRIS on 10 Oct, the wife of Dr Norris, Willis-street, of a son
:: Henry Frederick Norris & Charlotte Emma BORLASE had Henry Frederick Norris
... only known (NZ) child

PAILTHORPE on 23 Sep, the wife of Alexander Pailthorpe, of a son
this birth not found but 2 others were: 1874-Isabell Betsy & 1877-Margaret Florence Pailthorpe were born to Alexander & Betsy Pailthorpe. In 1881 Betsy had Mary Ann Pailthorpe & in 1882 Betsy had Herbert Henry Pailthorpe and on both occassions the father was not recorded

PARSONS on 11 Jan, the wife of W. F. Parsons, of a daughter
:: William Frederick PARSONS & Elizabeth WIDDOP had Ellen Parsons
... 4th of 11 known children

PEARCE on 16 July, the wife of Edward Pearce Esq., of a son
:: Edward & Henrietta Diana PEARCE had William Septimus Pearce

PENNY on 6 Nov, the wife of J. B. Penny Esq., Whareama, of a son
:: James Burton PENNY & Teresa WACKETT had James Burton Edward Penny

PLIMMER on 26 April, the wife of H. Plimmer, of a son
:: Henry PLIMMER & Rebecca WILLIAMS had John David Plimmer
... 1st of 8 known children

POWLES on 15 Dec, the wife of C. H. Powles, of a son
:: Charles Plimmer POWLES & Eliza Cay ADAMS had Charles Guy Powles

PRESS on 12 July, at Thorndon, the wife of G. E. Press, of a son
:: George Edward PRESS & Jane ELLISON had Arthur William Press
... 2nd of 8 known children

QUICK on 25 Nov, at The Terrace, Wellington, Mrs Quick, of a daughter
:: William Henry QUICK & Anne Elizabeth THOMAS had Henrietta Beatrice Quick
... 2nd of 4 known children

REID on 25 July, the wife of N. Reid, of a daughter
:: Nicholas REID & Priscilla WEIGHT had Priscilla Mary Reid

RETEMEYER on 11 Feb, at Rangitikei, the wife of W. B. Retemeyer of a daughter
:: William Bernardos RETEMEYER (1848-1912) & Sarah Jane STANTIALL (1848-1873) had Mary Louisa Retemeyer
... 4th of 4 known children

RETTER on 23 March, at Porirua Ferry, the wife of F. C. Retter, of a son
:: Frederick Chapman RETTER & Martha Annie SMITH had Frederick William Retter
... 2nd of 12 known children

RICHARDSON on 15 Dec, the wife of Charles T. Richardson, of a son
:: Charles Thomas RICHARDSON & Charlotte NICHOLAS had George Dennis Richardson
... 1st of 7 known children

St GEORGE on 19 March, at Greytown, the wife of L. S. St George, Esq., of a son
:: Leonard Shaw St GEORGE & Mary Emily VARNHAM had Louis George Varnham St George
... 1st of 7 known children

RIESTERER on 31 Oct, at Lambton Quay, the wife of Lorenz Riesterer, of a son
:: Lorenz RIESTERER & Catherine WICKS had John Vincent Riesterer
... 3rd of 3 known children

RUSSELL on 25 Oct, at the Taita, Hutt, the wife of H. Russell of a daughter
:: Henry RUSSELL & Emma BLATCHFORD had Hilda Lilian Curtis Russell
... 3rd of 9 known children

SCHOLES on 12 Dec, at Adelaide Road, the sife of Thomas Scholes, of a daughter
:: Thomas SCHOLES & Elizabeth Mary COLLEDGE had Eliza Mary Scholes
... 1st of 8 known children (7 daughters)

SKINNER on 1st Sep, the wife of W. H. Skinner, the Terrace, of a son
:: William Henry SKINNER & Agnes DUNBAR had David Frazer Skinner

SMITH on 1st Oct, at Porirua, the wife of Isaac Smith, Wainui of a daughter
:: Isaac SMITH & Margaret BROGDEN had Margaret Maud Smith

STANDEN on 9 Oct, at Karori, the wife of William Standen, of a son
:: William STANDEN & Elizabeth JONES had Edward John Standen

STEVENS on 17 May, at the Willows, Tinakori Road, the wife of Walter Stevens, Esq, of a son
:: Walter Vere STEVENS & Emily Anna BOUGHTON had Reginald Walter Adino Stevens

STRATFORD on 12 Dec, at Frankell Terrace, the wife of G. A. Stratford, of a son
:: George Alder STRATFORD & Emma FAWCETT had William George Stratford

SWINEY on 3 Jan. the wife of Charles Swiney, late of Deniliquin, N.S.W., of a son
:: Charles & Eliza SWINEY had Stephen Charles Gandar Swiney

TOLLEY on 1st Nov, at Tasman-street, the wife of Edward Tolley, of a daughter
:: Edward TOLLEY & Hannah Maria INKERSELL had Amelia Sarah Matilda Tolley

TOMPKINS on 25 Sep, at Tory-street, Wellington, the wife of John Tompkins of twins, one still-born
:: John TOMPKINS & Helen Ramsay SCHULTZE had Harriett Ann Tompkins

TONKS on 2 Sep, at Taranaki-street, the wife of George Tonks, of a son
:: George & Mary Jane TONKS had Henry Edward Tonks

TOXWARD on 7 Oct, the wife of C. J. Toxward, of a son
:: Christian Julius TOXWARD & Jane Hall HUGHES had William Edward Toxward

TWISS on 2 Sep, the wife of G. H. Twiss, Cuba-street, of a daughter
:: George Henry TWISS & Frances Harriet COLLIER had Emily Caroline Twiss
* on 2 Dec died at Cuba-street, Emily Caroline, the infant daughter of G. H. Twiss

VOGEL on 25 Nov, at Wellington, the wife of the Hon Julius Vogel, C.M.G., of a son
:: Julis Vogel & Mary CLAYTON had Julius Vogel

WILLIAMS on 16 March, at the Taita, Mrs T. C. Williams, of a daughter
:: Thomas Coldham & Ann Palmer WILLIAMS had Elfie Clare Williams

WILLIAMS on 26 June, at Masterton, the wife of R. G. Williams, of a daughter
:: Robert George WILLIAMS & Elizabeth DIXON had Mary Dinah Williams

WRIGHT on 5 April, at Hope Lodge, Hopper-street, the wife of Sydney Evelyn Wright of a son
:: Sydney Evelyn & Georgina Amelia WRIGHT had Sydney Evelyn Wright

YATES on 14 Jan, at Lambton Quay, the wife of H. Yates, Masterton, of twin sons
:: Henry YATES & Agnes Bell HAIGH had Samuel Haigh & Thomas Henry Yates

YOUMANS on 13th Jan, the wife of S. Youmans, of a daughter
:: Sidney Man YOUMANS & Jane Elizabeth PHILIPS had Susannah Edith Ernestine Youmans

YOUNG on 18 July, the wife of T. E. Young of a daughter
:: Thomas Edward YOUNG & Laura Haseltine BOUGHTON had Mabel Florence Young

Wellington Districts JUSTICE OF THE PEACE 1908

- This Year's Appointments -

John ANDERSON, Sanson, Manawatu
James Frank ANDREWS, Wellington (1848-1922)

Alfred Henry BALE, Featherston (1857-1943)
James Gardiner BALLARD, Wellington
Edward Daniel BARBER, Wellington (1871-1945)
Robert BARTLETT, Takaka (Nelson)
John BOLLONES, Wellington (Captain s.s. Hinemoa)
James BOYD, Kaikoura
Richard BROWN, Masterton
John BRUNETTE, Hawera

George CHAPMAN, Nelson
William Edward COLES, Onga Onga, Waipawa (1862-1942)
John COLLINGWOOD, Awahuri, Manawatu
John Francis Xavier COULAN, Himitangi, Manawatu
Ernest Hugh CRABB, Moorfield, Feilding (1866-1931)
Arthur Henry Pascal CROSBY, Wellington (1869-1943)
John CROSS, Masterton
John CUNNINGHAM, Flaxbourne, Marlborough

John Franklin EUSTACE, Okato, Taranaki (1849-1916)

Edward Exton FLETCHER, Wangaehu, Rangitikei (1853-1927)

Walter GOODLAND, Normanby, Hawera (1840-1929)

Gray HASSALL, Porirua, Hutt
John Michael HICKEY, Opunake, Egmont (1887-1942)
Thomas Pole HUGHSON, Rahotu, Egmont (1890-1973)
Frederick William HENRY, Kummer, Mauriceville

Patrick MACKIN, Wellington
Adam McPHERSON, Mangatainoka, Pahiatua
Andrew McWILLIAM, Omoana, Eltham

Arthu O'DWYER, Rangiwahia, Kiwitea
James Stirritt ORR, Puketitiri, Hawkes Bay (1867-1926)

George Edmund PARSONS, Waiperi, Jordan, Marlborough (1870-1937)
Collin Francis POST, Wellington (1858-1934) Captain of the ss Tutanekai

James Ernest RODGERSON, Blind River, Marlborough (1837-1913)
WIlliam Francis ROYDHOUSE, Carterton (1856-1939)
Michael RYAN, Elsthorpe, Patangata

Bernard Francis SCANNELL, Carterton (1880-1950)
Guy Hardy SCHOLEFIELD, Wellington (1877-1963)
Robert Blair SIM, Nuhaka, Wairoa (1864-1933)
James Barron SPEED, Wellington (1857-1930)
James Hopkins STEVENS, Hawera (1858-1946)
William STRACHAN, Dunira, Rangiwahia, Wanganui

John THERKLESON, Tariki, Taranaki

John WHITE, Normanby, Hawera
John Thomas WILKINS, Silverstream, Hutt (1852-1931)
George William, Patea
Emerson James WILSON, Waitotara (1859-1916)
George WRIGHT, Seddon, Marlborough

Wellington Divorce Cases set down in MAY 1908

Some Divorce Cases set down for hearing in the Wellington Supreme Court on 15 May 1908:

Stephen JOHNS v Florence JOHNS and William WILSON; dissolution
- Stepen was a Carpenter. William was a Barman
- Stephen & Florence (nee SMITH) were married 19 May 1899. 7 years later he recieved an anonymous letter telling him of his wife and William Wilson being seen on several occasions. He arrived home early one day in December 1906 and on entering the back door saw Wilson running out the fromt door. Decree nisis was granted after 3 months

Mary Jane PARSONS v William James PARSONS; dissolution
- William (1876-1912) and Mary (nee SMYTH) were married in 1891
- they had 2 sons:
1891 William Harrold Parsons
1893 Richard Reginald Parsons
- William was a Wellington Waterside Worker. He died in Wellington Hospital 4 years later aged 46 after a lingering illness

Hannah CASSIDY v Harold CASSIDY; dissolution
- Harold & Hannah (nee LANE) married in 1906 in the Wellington Registry Office after having known each other for a month. Within 3 months Harold (a lot younger that Hannah) left her for someone else. It was implied he married her for her money

Thomas Henry Frederick HATCHARD v Mabel Annie HATCHARD and Alfred LACY; dissolution
- Thomas (1873-1933) & Mabel (nee GARRETT 1877-1959) married in 1897
- they had 2 daughters:
1899 Gladys May Mary Elizabeth Hatchard
- died aged 4 in 1904
1903 Muriel Maude Amelia Hatchard
- Frederick & Mabel were married for 7 years when she left for 3 years with a returned soldier. She returned to Frederick for 6 months and then left with Alfred Lacy. Frederick had daughter Muriel
- Mabel later married Joseph Francis SONTGEN (1883-1947) in 1910
- Thomas later married Anastatia Cecilia MOONEY (1882-1972) in 1912

Edward McCallum BLAKE v Mabel Charlotte BLAKE and Norman JAGGER; dissolution
- Edward (1865-1929) & Mabel (nee EDGE) were married in 1897
- they had 4 children:
1897 Leslie Rowland Blake
1899 Hilda Grace Blake
1901 Douglas Cecil Edward Blake
1902 Doris Mary Blake
- Edward was a Wellington architect
- Norman Jagger was an Insurance Clerk
- Edward later married Martha Caroline TAYLOR (1877-1951) in 1909
- Mabel later married James Pearson SMITH in 1913

Frederick Edgar MARTIN v Matilda Ann MARTIN and Frederick WEISS; dissolution
- Frederick (1871-1935) previously married Mary Frances McKAIN (1877-1960) in 1893, they had a son Federick Robert Martin in 1894. Mary later married John Joseph RYAN in 1907
- Frederick & Matilda Ann (nee MANKLOW) were married in 1900
- Frederick later married Winifred Josephine FREE (1878-1952) in 1909
- Matilda & Frederick Weiss lived together n Petone

William Alexander DOUGLAS v Aimee Eunice DOUGLAS; dissolution
- they had a son, Eric William Douglas in 1903 (there were 2)
- They lived in Berhampore when Aimee left and never returned. They both looked after a child each

Caroline NEAME v Percy NEAME; dissolution
- Percy (1858-1928) & Caroline (nee SHARP) married in 1880
- they had 3 children:
1880 Carry/Carrie Neame
1882 Florence Neame
1884 Walter Percy Neame. Walter married Caroline BUCK in Marlborough in 1910 & had 10 chidlren
- Caroline petitioned for a divorce from Percy on the grounds of cruelty and adultery
- Percy later married Sarah Emilie Winifred ERSKINE (1874-1964) in 1911 in Picton
- Caroline later married Andrew MILLAR in 1928

James Jamieson TAIT v Mary Elizabeth TAIT and Boswell Lee BANCROFT (1870-1932); dissolution
- James & Mary married in 1897, lived in various places, the last being Masterton where Boswell became a boarder. Boswell & Mary later moved in together in Petone
- Boswell married Mary Elizabeth WREN in 1920

Ada ROSENBERG v Herbert Montague ROSENBERG; judicial separation
- Herbert (1871-1949) & Ada (nee OLIVER) married in 1906
- A decree nisi was granted in May 1911 on the grounds of adultery with diver's men

William George LINTERN v Emily Essa LINTERN; restitution of conjugal rights
- William (1871-1928) & Emily (nee BEASLEY) married in 1907 after knowing each other for 3 months. Emily left him due to the lonliness where they lived, in the hills of Korokoro (west of Petone)

Emily BAKER v Charles Herbert BAKER; restitution of conjugal rights
- Charles & Emily (nee ROUD) married 29 July 1901. Charles was a billiard marker, he left her and lived in a hotel in Wellington

Wellington DIVORCE COURTS - Oct 1926

Wellington Supreme Court 23 October 1926
the following couples were seeking divorce:
(I have added the maiden name where found & their year of marriage)

Albert Arnold CRUMP V Lucy Ann Crump (DAWSON) - 1926
- alleged desertion

Amelia Brons (JENSEN) v Invard Nielsen BRONS - 1920
- alleged desertion

Elizabeth Leila Lilac Bowler (HALFORD) v Thomas BOWLER - 1922
- alleged adultery

Frances Rose Crocker (WILKES) v Albert Gustaf CROCKER - 1920
- alleged desertion

Ernest William GREEN v Vera Eileen Green (HENDERSON) - 1922
- alleged desertion

George Stamp TAYLOR b Agnes Lorimer Jane Taylor
- alleged desertion

Silvia Mary Matson v John MATSON
- alleged adultery

Hetty Ellen Findlay (RUSCOE) v William David Thomas FINDLAY - 1917
- alleged adultery

Ethel Moffitt (WINTER) v Reginald MOFFITT - 1915
- alleged habitual drunkenness & cruelty

May Lillian McDonnell (BLAKE) v Herbert John McDONNELL - 1921
- seperation order & alleged desertion

Sarah Ann Isabella Wallace v Henry Roert WALLACE
- seperation order, alleged drunkenness & failure to maintain

Ernest William James CUNDY v Ethel Cundy
- alleged adultery

Lance Alexander SELLARS v Daisy Caroline Sellars (HAWKES) - 1918
- separation by mutual consent

Victor Maldon CLAPP v Laurestina Robertson (otherwise Clapp) - 1925
- non-consummation of marriage
... see 8/ Ernest Gilbert Kimberley Hare

Robert JOHNSTON v Jane Anne Johnston (MANLEY) - 1916
- alleged cruelty

Thomas HARROW v Agnes Houston Harrow
- mutual separation

Charlotte Duke Rice (SCURR) v James Perry RICE - 1906
- alleged drunkenness & cruelty

Ena Lilla Teresa (PARSONS otherwise Ham) v Lewis Joseph HAM - 1925
- alleged bigamy

Erle Edwin VENNELL v Winifred Vennell (MAYNE) - 1920
- alleged adultery
- Erle remarried Anastasia Isalda KINLEY in 1929

Leonard Isaac MASON v Mrytle Mason
- alleged desertion or mutual separation

Mary Alice Latham v James George Abraham LATHAM
- alleged adultery

James Thomas CROSS v Eleanor Florence Cross (DESLANDES) - 1900
- deed of separation

Elaine Amie Bonishal v Mark Joseph BONISHAL
- deed of separation

Ethel Alice Kinniburgh (ELTON) v John Herbert KINNIBURGH - 1920
- mutual separation

Isbella Cousins (MUTCH) v John Joseph COUSINS - 1907
- alleged desertion

Leonard BATTERSBY v Mary Hazel Doris Battersby (CRIGHSON - 1915)
- alleged desertion

Irene May Mallowes (SAVAGE) v William John Stanley MALLOWES - 1922
- alleged desertion

Eva May Thomson (MEAD) v William Alexander THOMSON - 1910
- deed of separation

William Archibald McNISH v Lettia Ethel McNish (HOWARD) - 1923
- alleged adultery

Lewis MILLNER v Margaret Millner (BRICKLEY) - 1906
- alleged insanity

Emery JACKSON v Christina jackson (TOMSON - 1921)
- deed of separation

Annie Ada Hearfield (MASON) v Henry HEARFIELD - 1905
- alleged adultery

Lavington McWILLIAMS v Ellen McWilliams
- separation by consent

Ina Helene Cicely Millar (AVENELL) v Alexander Yule MILLAR
- mutual separation

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taken from 'Wellington Independent' via Papers Past
(I have combined 2 draws, those of April 17 & March 16 1860)

Militia generally refers to an army or other fighting force that is composed of non-professional fighters; citizens of a nation or subjects of a state or government that can be called upon to enter a combat situation, as opposed to a professional force of regular soldiers or, historically, members of the fighting nobility
From the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 until 1844 small detachments of British Imperial troops based in New Zealand were the only military. This changed as a result of the Flagstaff War, with the colonial government passing a Militia Act on 25 March 1845

Militia units were formed in Auckland, Wellington, New Plymouth, and Nelson
Service in the militia was compulsory.
Many localized militia saw service, together with British Imperial troops, during the New Zealand land wars. The militia were disbanded and reformed as the Territorial Army in 1911

Wellington Independent, 16 March 1860
... The Militia was balloted for on Saturday. Two hundred men are required; but to make up for deaths and departures, three hundred manes were drawn. Only the first available two hundred will be called upon for actual service. As the desire for information relative to the names drawn is very great, we publish the list kindly placed at our disposal by Adjutant Kirwan
The following is the copy of a circular now being issued, from which it will be seen that the first meet is to take place on Friday next
ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE - Wellington barracks, March 17, 1860

Wellington Independent, 3 April 1860 The Court was occupied all day in preparing the Militia List for the year 1860. The ages for admission to the force shall be the same as those expressed in the "Militia Axt, 1858" namely, between the aged of 18 to 60 years. A notice has been issued warning all those who have been summoned, that in case of nonattendance, they would be liable to be apprehended and punished

... A ...
ABBOTT, A - Makara Road - Labourer
ABBOTT, William - Hutt - Labourer
AITKEN, William - Pipitea - Carpenter
ALEXANDER, E - Upper Hutt - Sawyer
ALLEN, Eli - Polhill's Gully - Labourer
ALLEN, Frank - Hobson-street - Clerk
ALLEN, William - Hawkestone St - Merchant
AMES, James - Porirua Road - Settler
ANDERSON, David - Lambton-quay - Store Keeper
ANDERSON, David junior - Lambton-quay - Storekeeper
ASHBOLT, Thomas - Cuba-street - Groom
ARMSTRONG, Robert - Lambton-quay - Saddler
ARNELL, William - Herbert St - Labourer
ASHDEW, Henry - Upper Hutt - Farmer
AUSTIN, James - Porirua Road - Labourer
AUSTIN, Joseph - Porirua road - labourer
AVERY, George (1824-1903) - River Hutt - Labourer

... B ...
BACKMAN, John - Wellington -Labourer
BAKER, James - Porirua Road - Labourer
BAMBURY, William (1816-1861) - Upper Hutt - Sawyer
BARNARD, William Hooper - Taranaki St- Boatman
BARNES, James - Ohariu - Stockkeeper
BARNES, Thomas - Ohariu - Labourer
BARRETT, D - Ohariu Road - Labourer
BARROW, George - Porirua-road - Labourer
BARROWS, Thomas - Porirua Road - Servant
BARTLETT, N - Porirua-road - Labourer
BARTLETT, John - Lambton-quay - bootmaker
BEATTIE, Henry - Karori- Labourer
BEETHAM, William - River Hutt - Farmer
BELL, D - Ohariu Road - Labourer
BELL, William - River Hutt - Farmer
BENGE, John D - Lambton Quay - Licensed Victualler
BENTLEY, John - Porirua Road - Carpenter
BENTON, William - River Hutt - Labourer
BERGIN, Robert - River Hutt - labourer
BEST, George - Porirua-road - Labourer
BEST, William - Porirua road - settler
BILLS, Frederick - Tinakori Rd - Farmer
BILLS, James - Wellington - Carter
BIRCH, James - Petoni - Labourer
BLACKEY, William - Horokiwi - Carpenter
BLAKE, J G - Wellington - Carpenter
BLAKER, George E - Lambton Quay - Shoemaker
BOLTON, George - Molesworth-street - Shingler
BORLASE, C B - Tinakori-road - Solicitor
BOULD, Robert - Ohariu-road - Farmer
BOWDEN, William - River Hutt - Labourer
BOWLEY, J - Porirua - Sawyer
BOWTEL, John - Lambton-quay - Boarding-house keeper
BRACE, J - Upper Hutt - Carpenter
BRADEY, A - Adelaide Road - Bootmaker
BRADEY, F A - Lambton-quay - Bootmaker
BRADEY, Frederick - Porirua Farmer
BRAGGINS, Thomas - River Hutt - Carpenter
BRAITHWAITE, A S - Willis St - Accountant
BREEZA, John - Upper Hutt - Carpenter
BREWER, H T - Porirua-road - Labourer
BREWER, W - Wellington Tce - Labourer
BRIEN, Patrick - Porirua Road - Carpenter
BRIER, John - Porirua Road - Labourer
BRIGHT, W - Waiwetu
BRODERICK, C - Porirua-road - Settler
BRODIE, J - Porirua - Settler
BROGAN, Patrick - Molesworth St - Bootmaker
BROMLEY, J H - Porirua - Publican
BROWN, J W - Porirua Road - Labourer
BROWN, John - Ngahauranga - Labourer
BROWN, John - Wellington - Painter
BROWN, R E - Porirua - Gentleman
BROWN, Thomas - Taranaki St - Labourer
BROWN, William H - Ingestre St - Currier
BROWN, William - Porirua-road - Sawyer
BUCK, Levi (1838-1881) - Molesworth St - Messenger
BRYANT, Henry - River Hutt - Labourer
BUICK, William - Petoni - Grazier
BULL, James - Hobson-street - Tanner
BURT, Thomas - River Hutt - Storekeeper
BURKITT, Edward - Town Belt - Labourer
BURKITT, J - River Hutt - Sawyer

... C ...
CAMERON, George - Ngahauranga - Miller
CAMERON, John - Gollan's Bay - Stock keeper
CAMM, William - Porirua Road - Labourer
CAPPER, J H - Lambton-quay - Clerk
CARSWELL, J - Daniell St - Labourer
CARTER, Edward - Ohauri - Labourer
CARLYON, G G - River Hutt - Esquire
CASS, Charles - Te Aro Flat - Settler
CAYLEY, Thomas - River Hutt - Carpenter
CARNEY, N - Upper Hutt - Sawyer
CHAMPION, G - River Hutt - Labourer
CHAPPELL, James - Wellington-terrace - Carpenter
CLAPHAM, Henry - Molesworth Street - Carpenter
CLAPHAM, John - Wellington Terrace - Shoemaker
CLAPHAM, Thomas - Tinakori Road - Licensed Victualler
CLAPHAM, W - Porirua Road - Licensed Victualler
CLARK, J - Thorndon Flat - Carpenter
CLARK, Joseph - Cuba Street - Labourer
CLELAND, H - River Hutt - Farmer
CLELAND, William - River Hutt - Settler
COCKING, William - River Hutt - Sawyer
COLE, John - Porirua Road - Labourer
COLLIER, Richard - Upper Hutt - Sawyer
COLLIER, William B - Upper Hutt - Carpenter
COLLINS, James - Mungaroa - Publican
COLLINS, Raymond - Lambton-quay - Labourer
CONNELL, Patrick - Oharui - Settler
CONNOR, William - Porirua - Labourer
COOK, Matthew - River Hutt - Farmer
COOLEY, Isaac - River Hutt - Farmer
COOPER, C - Porirua - Labourer
COOPER, Joseph - Ngahauranga - Labourer
CORNER, William - Porirua - Labourer
CORNFORD, William - Karori - Sawyer
COTTER, P - Upper Hutt - Builder
CRAWFORD, George - Ingestre Street - Merchant
CRESS, Samuel - Porirua - Sawyer
CRESSWELL, George - Kai Warrawarra - Fellmonger
CRONIN, Patrick - Tinakori Range - Labourer
CRONIN, Timothy - Tinakori Range - Labourer
CROWTHER, Frederick William - York Bay - Settler
CROWTHER, Samuel - Molesworth Street - Stonemason
CROWTHER, Thomas - York Bay - Tailor
CULL, Caleb - Ohariu - Farmer
CURTIS, Robert - Lambton-quay - Draper

... D ...
DALGITY, Alexander - River Hutt - Farmer
DALGITY, David - River Hutt - Farmer
DALY, Owen - Molesworth St - Bricklayer
DAVIDSON, P - Ngahauranga - Labourer
DAVIS, George Upper Hutt Sawyer
DAVIS, H - Ngahuranga-road - Labourer
DAVIS, James - Baring Head - Pilot
DAVISON, J W - Te Aro-flat - Storekeeper
DAYSH, John - Ribert Hutt - Labourer
DE CASTRO, Charles Daniel (1832-1898) - Porirua - Settler
DENHAM, William - Cuba St- Labourer
DIAMOND, D - Wainuiomata - Labourer
DICK, John - Wainuiomata - Labourer
DIMOND, John junior - Tinakori Rd - Labourer
DIXON, M Wellington - Shoemaker
DOCKERY, John - Wellington - Labourer
DODGE, William junior - River Hutt - Labourer
DOOREEN, Peter - Stokes Valley - Sawyer
DOUGHERTY, John - Ohariu-road - Labourer
DOWLING, James (1842-1894) - Wellington - Labourer
DOWNEY, Edward - River Hutt - Labourer
DUCK, John - Quin-street - Carpenter
DUNCAN, R J - Boulcott St - Merchant
DUTTON, John - Tinakori-road - Gardener

... E ...
EAUGENIE, William - Porirua Road - Labourer
EDWARDS, C - Ohiro - Labourer
EDWARDS, E - Willis Street - Clerk
Edwards, George - Willis-street - Comminnios-agent
EDWARDS, John - Dixon St - Labourer
EDWARDS, John - River Hutt - Labourer
EDWARDS, Robert junior - Te Aro-flat - Labourer
EDWARDS, Thomas - Porirua Road - Labourer
EDWARDS, William - River Hutt - Labourer
EGLINTON, H - Thorndon - Labourer
ELDEROY, W - River Hutt - Shoemaker
ELTON, E - Wellington - Baker

... F ...
FAIRWEATHER, C - River Hutt - Labourer
FARLEY, Joseph - Wellington - Tailor
FELTHAM, R - River Hutt - Labourer
FINNUCAN, Michael - River Hutt - Constable
FIRTH, James - Tinakori Rd - Settler
FISHER, James - Porirua Road - Labourer
FITZGERALD, R - Quin Street - Labourer
FLORENCE, Thomas - Wellington - Labourer
FLOYD, Thomas - Porirua Road - Publican
FOTHERGILL, Edward - Molesworth St - Smith
FRANCE, William - Ohariu - Settler
FRASER, Charles - Thorndon-flat - Carpenter
FREDMAN, J - Lambton Quay - Clockmaker
FREEMAN, Walter - Mulgrave-street - Baker
FREEMAN, William - Mulgrave-street - Baker
FRY, Richard - Quin Street - Carpenter
FRYER, Thomas - Herbert-street - Labourer

... G ...
GALE, S W - River Hutt - Gardener
GARDINER, William - River Hutt - Farmer
GARDINER, William - River Hutt - Sawyer
GASKIN, C - River Hutt - Labourer
GAWITH, William - Molesworth St - Publican
GEGAN, P - Porirua Road - Labourer
GELL, John - Cuba Street - Carpenter
GEORGE, Thomas - Wellington - Under gaoler
GIBSON, Thomas - Pipitea - Labourer
GIDDINGS, Robert - Wellington - labourer
GIFFORD, Charles - River Hutt - Labourer
GILLESPIE, Charles - Wellington - Carpenter
GLENNON, John - Porirua Road - Labourer
GODNEY, W - Upper Hutt - Labourer
GOLDER, James - River Hutt - Labourer
GOODEN, Leonard - Wellington Tce - Labourer
GOODEN, Philip - Waiwetu River - Labourer
GOODCHILD, John - River Hutt - Labourer
GOSLING, William - Makara Road - Labourer
GRACE, J L - Wainuiomata - Farmer
GRACE, John - Wainuiomata - Esq., J.P.
GRACE, N - Wainuiomata - Settler
GRADEY, James - River Hutt - Labourer
GRAHAM, John - Upper Hutt - Labourer
GRAY, Alexander - Wellington - Shopkeeper
GREAVES, John - Molesworth-street - Painter
GREEKS, George River Hutt Labourer
GREEN, James - Colonial Hospital- Hospital attendant
GRIFFIN, C - Lambton Quay - Hairdresser
GRIGG, Edward - Cuba-street - Printer

... H ...
HAGIN, John - Upper Hutt - Farmer
HAGUE, William - Pipitea St - Labourer
HALL, David - Mulgrave-street - Wheelwright
HALL, J - Ngahauranga - Gardener
HALL, John - Mulgrave Street - Wheelwright
HALL, William J. - Mulgrave-street - Wheelwright
HANDCOCK, William - River Hutt - Labourer
HANNEKE, J G - Lambton-quay - Watchmaker
HARDING, Thomas - Murphy St - Labourer
HARDWICK, William - Porirua - Labourer
HARGIELD, Daniel - Manners-street- Seaman
HARPUR, George - Karori - Potter
HARRIS, Charles - River Hutt- Labourer
HARRIS, David - Porirua - Labourer
HARRIS, E - River Hutt - Labourer
HARRIS, James - Taranaki St- Labourer
HART, Edward - Nairne-street - Bricklayer
HARVEY, Thomas Vigors - Willis St - Watchmaker
HAWKE, John - River Hutt - Labourer
HAWKINS, George - Webb-street - Tidewater
HAWTHORNE, Morris - Pipitea Street - Labourer
HAYBITTLE, W - Cuba St - Lighterman
HEADLEY, J E - River Hutt - Labourer
HEESE, A A M - Upper Hutt - Settler
HENN, Edward Upper Hutt - Sawyer
HESSLEWOOD, J G - Ghuznee-street - Builder
HEWITT, Stephen - Boulcott-street - Boatman
HIRST, J H - River Hutt - Carpenter
HISSON, Richard - Wellington - Labourer
HODGES, George - Stokes Valley - Basketmaker
HOGAN, David Wellington - Labourer
HOLDSWORTH, J G - Tinakori Road - Manufacturer
HOLLARD, T - River Hutt - Labourer
HOLMES, H - Wellington - Carpenter
HOLMES, John - River Hutt - Labourer
HOLMES, L - York Bay - Settler
HOOD, George Augustus - Willis St - Painter
HOPKISS, - Hutt - Labourer
HOUGHTON, John - Willis St - Lighterman
HOWE, William - Dickson-street - Shoemaker
HOWELL, D - River Hutt - Labourer
HOWELL, Isaac - Wades Town - Labourer
HUGHES, H - Hawkestone St - Labourer
HUGHES, James - Ohariu Road - Labourer
HUGHES, William - Murphy St - Carpenter
HUGHEY, John - River Hutt - Farmer
HURST, Frederick William - Karori - Labourer
HUSKISSON, John - Porirua Road - labourer
HUTCHINSON, W - Te Aro Flat - Warehouseman
HYLTON, Robert - Wellington - Labourer

... I ...
INGRAM William - Upper Hutt - Settler
INKERSELL, Charles (1809-1882) - Berhampore - Currier

... J ...
JACKA, J S - Cuba St - Carpenter
JACKSON, E - Lambton Quay - Waterman
JACKSON, Elwin - Mulgrave Street - Labourer
JACKSON, James - Hutt - Tailor
JACKSON, Thomas Stokes's Valley, Hutt Sawyer
JACKSON, Thomas - Quin-street - labourer
JACKSON, William - Boulcott-street - Boatman
JACKSON, William Wellington Terrace - Labourer
JAMES, Edward - Johnsonville - Shoemaker
JAMES, Joseph - Polhills-Gully - Labourer
JARVIS, John - Porirua - Labourer
JENKINS, John - Wellington Terrace - Boatman
JENKINS, Robert - Te Aro Flat - Seaman
JILLETT, Robert - River Hutt - Settler
JOHNSON, George - Porirua Road - Labourer
JOHNSON, John - Lambton-quay - Tinman
JOHNSON, Walter - Karori - Settler
JOHNSTON, Alexander - Molesworth Street - Surgeon
JOHNSTON, L - Ngahauranga - Labourer
JOHNSTON, R - River Hutt - Labourer
JOHNSTON, Richard - River Hutt - Labourer
JONES, David - Ohariu Road - Labourer
JONES, John - Herbert-street - Cooper
JONES, Peter - Wellington - labourer
JONES, Thomas - Willis-street, Carpenter
JONES, William - Porirua - Shipwright
JUDD, William - Waiwetu - Labourer
JUDD, William - River Hutt Labourer
JUPP, Edward - River Hutt - Settler
JUDGE, A - Porirua - Labourer

... K ...
KENNEDY, James - Ohariu Road - Labourer
KEY, Thomas - Tinakori Road - Labourer
KILSBY, George - Ngahuranga - Blacksmith
KING, John junior - Wellington-terrace - Clerk
KINROSS, John Gibson - Wellington Merchant
KNOWLES, Arthur - Wades Town - Clerk
KNOWLES, Harvey H - Wade's Town - Clerk

... L ...
LAMMAS, John - Makara Road - Labourer
LATHERSWAITE, James - Ngahauranga - Labourer
Laurence, Thomas - Porirua Road - Labourer
LAWES, William - Lambton-quay - Storekeeper
LAWRENCE, Ed - Ngahauranga Rd - Labourer
LAWSON, Joseph - Ohiro - Labourer
LEE, T - Wellington - Shoemaker
LEMON, Andrew - Te Aro - Labourer
LESSINGTON, J - Karori Rd - Labourer
LEVY, Lipman - Lambton Quay - Bootmaker
LEWIS, Edward - Upper Hutt- Cooper
LEWIS, H - Lambton Quay - Storekeeper
LEWIS, John - Porirua - Bricklayer
LEWIS, Joseph - Karori - Sawyer
LIDDIE, Thomas - Wellington - Labourer
LINDSAY, David - Tinakori Road - Carpenter
LINFOOT, William - Porirua - Labourer
LOCKYER, Thomas - Hobson St - Wheelwright
LONDON, Henry - Porirua - Publican
LORD, William - Karori Rd - Labourer
LORIGAN, Bartholomew - Murphy-street - Gardener
LOVE, John - Ingestre-street - Labourer
LOWRY, J - Ohiro - Labourer
LUNN, David - Porirua Road - labourer

... M ...
MABEY, Job - River Hutt - Farmer
MACE, G W - Wellington-terrace - Storekeeper
MANEY, Andrew - Molesworth-street - Labourer
MANN, E - Hutt - Harness maker
MANSILL, Charles - Wellington - Labourer
MARCIA, John - Manners St - Merchant
MARRIOTT, J H - Lambton Quay - Optician
MARSHALL, E - Wellington - Painter
MARSHALL, Thomas - Porirua Road - Farmer
MARTIN, James - Molesworth St - Labourer
MARTIN, James - Sydney-street - Wheelwright
MASSAM, P - Wellington - Labourer
MASON, Sidney - Karori - Government messenger
MASTERS, Arthur - River Hutt - Farmer
MATHEWS, Charles - Thorndon-quay - Storekeeper
MAXTON, S - Lambton Quay - Baker
MAY, James - Cuba St - Brewer
McALLARNEY, John - Wellington - Labourer
McCULLOCH, Robert - River Hutt - Farmer
McDONALD, William - River Hutt - Farmer
McHARDIE, D - River Hutt - Farmer
McHARDIE, John - River Hutt - Publican
McHugh, John - Ngahuranga Road - Labourer
McINDOE, - Wellington - Mariner
McIVOR, - Porirua Road - Labourer
McKAY, Colin - Porirua Road - Labourer
McKAY, William - River hutt - Butcher
McKELVIE, D - Wellington - Labourer
McKELVEY, William - Karori Road - Labourer
McKENZIE, D - Hutt - Settler
McKENZIE, John - River Hutt - Storekeeper
McLACHAN, Donald - Wellington - Labourer
McLAREN, R - Wellington - Labourer
McLEAN, D - Te Aro - Shipwright
McMANAMAN, James - Terawite - Stock keeper
McNALLY, James - Wellington - Butcher
McNEE, M - Porirua Road - Labourer
MEADS, Joseph - Upland Farm - Labourer
MEAGER, Henry - River Hutt - Carpenter
MEDLYN, John - River Hutt - Labourer
MICKLEROYD, C - Wellington - Labourer
MILLER, George - Wellington - Labourer
MILLER, John - Porirua Road - Labourer
MILLER, John - River Hutt - Labourer
MILLS, Charles - Tinakori Road - Builder
MILNE, Alexander River Hutt Farmer
MILNE, William - River Hutt - Farmer
MILNER, Jesse - Cuba Street - Labourer
MILNER, Richard - Cuba Street - Carter
MITCHELL, Henry - Hobson Street - Clerk
MITCHELL, James - Porirua Road - Sawyer
MITCHELL, James - Porirua Road - Farmer
MITCHELL, Joseph - Te Aro Flat - Carpenter
MITCHELL, Joseph - Te Aro Flat - Labourer
MONAGHAN, Michael - Porirua-road - Labourer
MONK, Richard - Te Aro-flat - Groom
MONK, William - Porirua Road - Labourer
MONTEITH, George Dalrymple (1807-1862) - Dixon Street - Surgeon
MOORE, John - Wellington - Labourer
MORGAN, Henry - Porirua-road - Labourer
MORGAN, John - Lambton-quay - Servant
MORGAN, Thomas junior - Porirua-road - Labourer
MORRELL, George - Hutt - Carpenter
MUCHAN, Patrick - Town Belt - Carpenter
MUDFORD, John - Town Belt - Labourer
MUDGWAY, George (1816-1903) - River Hutt - Labourer
MUNGEON, Thomas - River Hutt - Carpenter
MURPHY, Michael - Quin St - Labourer

... N ...
NEALE, J - Wellington - Shipwright
NEILE, Robert - Wainuiomata - Farmer
NELSON, Thomas - Upper Hutt - Saw miller
NICHOLS, William - Brougham-street - Stockowner
NORTON, J - Mulgrave Street - Smith

... O ...
O'BRIEN, Phillip - River Hutt - Labourer
O'CONNELL, James - Ngahuranga-road - Labourer
OSBORNE, Samuel - Wellington - Labourer
OSMER, W - Wellington - Labourer
OVERBURY, George - Mulgrave-street - Printer
OWEN, William - River Hutt - Druggist

... P ...
PAIN, George - Boulcott-street - Bricklayer
PARKER, Benjamin - Pipitea St - Labourer
PARKER, James - Johnsonville - Stonemason
PARKER, Shadrach - River Hutt - Labourer
PARKER, Thomas - River Hutt - Labourer
PARSONS, W F - Wellington Terrace - Carpenter
PARTRIDGE, George - Wainuiomata - Labourer
PATTEN, Richard William - Dixon Street - Clerk
PATTINSON, H - River Hutt - Labourer
PATTINSON, John - River Hutt - Carpenter
PAULS, - Lambton Quay - Fishmonger
PELHAM, T - Porirua - Carpenter
PEMBERTON, C F - Hawkestone-street - Surveyor
PENTREY, William - Porirua - Sawyer
PERCY, Joseph S - River Hutt - Miller
PERKINS, George - Upper Hutt - Labourer
PERRY, Charles - Porirua-road - Labourer
PERRY, George - Porirua - Shoemaker
PETHERICK, George - Porirua Road - Plasterer
PETHERICK, George - Porirua Road - Carpenter
PHELPS, Jacob - Gollan's Bay - Settler
PHILLIP, Francis Lacey - River Hutt - Settler
PHILLIPS, Edward - Majoribanks-street, Labourer
PHILLIPS, George - River Hutt - Sawyer
PHILLIPS, James - River Hutt - Baker
PHILLIPS, James - Wellington Tce - Boatman
PHILLIPS, John - Kaiwarrawarra - Carter
PICKERING, Joseph - Town Belt - Labourer
PLATT, John Tate - Wellington - Printer
PLIMMER, J - Lambton Quay - Wharfinger
POTTS, Christopher (1808-1881), River Hutt - Storekeeper
POTTS, Lawson - River Hutt - Storekeeper
POOL, N junior - River Hutt - Labourer
POOLE, Edward - River Hutt - Labourer
POOLE, Timothy - River Hutt - Labourer
POTTS, Lawson - River Hutt - Storekeeper
POULTER, William - Cuba Street - Shoemaker
PRATT, John - Quin Street - Shoemaker
PREBBLE, John - Aurora Terrace - Labourer
PRINCE, Edward junior - Willis Street - Carpenter
PRINCE, John - Hill Street - Carpenter
PRINGLE, Charles - River Hutt - Bricklayer
PROUSE, Richard - Wainuiomata - farmer
PROUSE, Thomas - Wainuiomata - Farmer
PUDNEY, H - Wellington - Labourer
PUDNEY, Joseph junior - Ingestre St - Labourer

... R ...
RAINEE, David - Wellington - Clerk
RALSTON, W - Makara Road - Labourer
RAMSAY, George - Tory-street - Printer
RAY, James - Ohariu Road - Labourer
RAYNER, John (1811-1881) - River Hutt - Gardener
READ, H junior - Lambton Quay - Tinman
READ, J - Porirua Road - Labourer
READING, A John - Karori - Labourer
READING, G F - Karori - Labourer
REDDICK, James - Lambton-quay - Draper
REGAN, M - River Hutt - Sawyer
REID, Thomas - River Hutt - Labourer
REMMINGTON, Henry - Tinakori-road - Settler
REMMINGTON, John - Te Aro - Painter
RENALL, Alfred - River Hutt - Miller
RENALL, Robert William - River Hutt - Miller
REVER, Samuel - Wade's Town - Farmer
RICH, John - River Hutt - Labourer
RICHARDS, T - Wellington - Painter
RICHARDSON, J - Willis St - Bricklayer
RICHARDSON, William - Willis-street - Clerk
RICHMOND, Edward - Porirua-road - Labourer
RICHMOND, Henry - Porirua-road - Settler
RICKMAN, Alfred - Town Belt - Labourer
RIDDIFORD, Daniel - River Hutt - Sheep Farmer
ROACH, Thomas - Wellington-terrace - Carpenter
ROBERTS, E - Pipitea St - Labourer
ROBERTS, T - Lambton Quay - Labourer
ROBERTS, William - Pipitea-street - Carpenter
ROBERTSON, James - Upper Hutt - Labourer
ROBERTSON, Robert junior - River Hutt - Sawyer
ROBINSON, J - Porirua Road - Carpenter
ROBINSON, John - River Hutt - Labourer
ROBINSON, Thomas - River Hutt - Shoemaker
ROBINSON, William Wellington Tce Labourer
ROE, Charles - Wellington - Printer
ROLLINS, Thomas B - River Hutt - Farmer
ROOKE, Thomas Hesketh Hopper St Clerk
ROSSITER, William - Wades Town - Gardener
ROUGH, J - Ohariu - Labourer
ROW, Samuel - River Hutt - Labourer
ROWLANDS, William - Lambton-quay - Storekeeper
ROWLEY, Samuel - Wellington - Storekeeper
ROWLING, Edward - Manners-street - Butcher
ROWSE, C - Upper Hutt - Labourer
ROY, John - River Hutt - Engineer of roads
RUMBELL, C - River Hutt - Labourer
RUSSELL, John - River Hutt - Farmer
RUSSELL, John - Wellington - Labourer
RUSTON, E Wellington Labourer
RYAN, James S - Karori - Carpenter

... S ...
SAGE, George - River Hutt - Horsebreaker
SANSOM, William - Waiwetu - Labourer
SAUNDERS, Joseph - Tinakori Road - Milkman
SAUNDERS, W H - Ohariu-road - Sawyer
SCOTLAND, George junior - Mulgrave St - Carpenter
SCRIMGER, William - Upper Hutt - Sawyer
SCRIVINER, Thomas - Wellington - Gardener
SEED, John - Wellington - carpenter
SEED, William - Mulgrave Street - Customs officer
SELKIRK, Andrew - Ohariu-road - Labouter
SENNOX, William River Hutt Labourer
SENNOX, William junior River Hutt Labourer
SHARLEY, Mathew - Upper Hutt - Publican
SHARRAN, John - River Hutt - Labourer
SHAW, Hunter - Lambton-quay - Watchmaker
SHAW, William - Otari - Grazier
SHEARSTON, William - Porirua-road - Labourer
SHEEN, James - Porirua Road - Labourer
SHORT, James Ohiro Labourer
SHORT, Job - Lambton Quay - Labourer
SIGNAL, Samuel - karori - Labourer
SILVER, G A - Upper Hutt - Butcher
SIMPSON, William - Bidwell Street - Sawyer
SINGLE, George - Abel Smith Street - Engineer
SLATER, John - River Hutt - Shoemaker
SMITH, A W - River Hutt - Labourer
SMITH, Charles - Johnsonville - Labourer
SMITH, James - Town Belt - Labourer
SMITH, Job - Town Belt - Labourer
SMITH, John - Manners St- Smith
SMITH, John - River Hutt - Bricklayer
SMITH, John - Wainuiomata - Farmer
SMITH, Robert - Manners St - Smith
SMITH, William - Thorndon Quay - Carpenter
SOUTHEE, George - River Hutt - Labourer
SPEARINK, William - River Hutt - Labourer
SPENCER, W - Evan's Bay - Labourer
STACE, Thomas H - Porirua Road - Farmer
STENT, Charles (1819-1891) - Murphy street - Carter
STEVENS, James - Upper Hutt - Settler
STEVENS, John - Murphy Street - Settler
STEVENSON, Joseph Manners Street - Tailor
STEVENSON, Thomas - Manners Street - Storekeeper
STEWARD, Alexander - Tinakori Road - Labourer
STEWARD, Charles - Tinakori Road - Labourer
STEWARD, James - Willis-street - Settler
STEWARD, T S - Wellington - Labourer
STICKLE, Thomas - Upper Hutt - Labourer
STOODLEY, George - Karori Road - Labourer
STRATFORD, G A - Ghuznee-street - Labourer
SUCKLING, Joseph - Lambton-quay - Shoemaker
SUTHERLAND, A - Wellington - Labourer
SUTHERLAND, John - Molesworth-street - Baker
SUTHERLAND, John - Lambton-quay - Labourer
SWAINSON, George - Wellington - Surveyor
SWINBOURNE, James - Lambton-quay - Licensed Victualler
SWINTON, George - Upper Hutt - Sawyer
SYKES, George - Upper Hutt - Farmer
SYMONS, L - Porirua Road - Farmer

... T ...
TAINE, James j - Lambton-quay - Merchant
TARRANT, William River Hutt Labourer
TAVENER, James River Hutt Farmer
TAYLOR, H - Porirua Road - Surgeon
TAYLOR, James - Ohariu Road - Labourer
TAYLOR, John - Wellington - labourer
TAYLOR, R - Karori - Farmer
TAYLOR, Richard - Porirua Road - Labourer
TAYLOR, W W (J.P.) - Herbert Street - Merchant
TETLEY, Frederick - Porirua Road - Butcher
TIDSWELL, Joseph - River Hutt - Labourer
TILL, John - Molesworth Street - Labourer
THOMAS, John - Waiwetu River - Sawyer
THOMAS, Michael - River Hutt - Labourer
THOMPSON, Peter - Quin-street - Mariner
TONCKS, Enock - Lambton-quay - Brickmaker
TONCKS, William - Lambton-quay - Brickmaker
TOMPKINS, John - Karori - Plasterer
TRADFORD, James - Ghuznee Street - Settler
TRANOR, Peter - Lambton-quay - Cooper
TRASK, John Henry - Taranaki Place - Labourer
TRICKLEBANK, Charles - Ngahauranga Road - Labourer
TROTT, T C - Bolton Street - Shoemaker
TUCKER, J - River Hutt - Labourer
TUCKWELL, Thomas - River Hutt- Labourer
TULLY, John - Hutt - Grazier
TURNER, Joseph - Porirua Road - Labourer

... V ...
VALENTINE, N - Manners-street - Licensed Victualler
VALENTINE, John - Kumutoto-street - Tailor
VALLER, Peter - Porirua Road - Labourer
VAUTIER, John Helier (1833-1907) - Dixon St - Carpenter
VENNELL, George - Tinakori Road - Merchant
VILE, Samuel - River Hutt - Labourer

... W ...
WAKELIN, George - Willis-street - Cabinet Maker
WALER, James - Herbert-street - baker
WALKER, James - Porirua - Shipwright
WALKER, James - Porirua Road - Shipwright
WALKER, Robert - Porirua Road - Labourer
WALL, A junior - Porirua Road - Farmer
WALL, George - Mulgrave Street - Barman
WALLACE, John Howard - Lambton Quay - Auctioneer
WALLACE, W E - Ngahuranga - Licensed Victualler
WARD, B - Willis-street - Carpenter
WARD, William - Hutt - Sawyer
WASSALL, E - Tinakori Road - Labourer
WATERS, John - Abel Smith Street - Printer
WATSON, Henry - Upper Hutt - Smith
WATSON, John - Mount Victoria - Settler
WATTS, William - Tinakori Rd - Carter
WEBB, C F - Te Aro Flat - Clerk
WEBB, H - Te Aro - Clerk
WELL, Thomas - Porirua Road - Smith
WENBURN, James - Te Aro Flat - Labourer
WHITE, Joseph - River Hutt - Shoemaker
WHITEHEAD, J S - Upper Hutt - Sawyer
WHITEHOUSE, Joseph - Wellington - Shopman
WHITEHOUSE, Thomas - Wellington - Shopman
WHITEMAN, Frank - River Hutt - Sawyer
WHITEMAN, George - River Hutt - Shoemaker
WHITEMAN, William - Hutt - Labourer
WHITMORE, John George - Lambton Quay - Confectioner
WILEY, Hamilton Jay - Third River, Hutt- Sawyer
WILKIE, John - River Hutt - Labourer
WILKIE, P A - River Hutt - Labourer
WILKINSON, Charles - River Hutt - Labourer
WILKINSON, James - Willis Street - Cabinetmaker
WILKINSON, Joseph - Ngahuranga Road - Labourer
WILLIAMS, George - Willis Street - Clerk
WILLIAMS, J H - Willis Street - Painter
WILLIAMS, William - River Hutt - Smith
WILLIS, T - Porirua Road - Gardener
WILSON, George - Wellington-terrace - Tailor
WILSON, William - Wellington-terrace - Merchant
WILTON, Charles - Lambton Quay - Grocer
WILTON, Job - Willis-street - Carpenter
WILTON, Robert - Ohiro - Storekeeper
WILTON, Thomas - Ohiro - Labourer
WISE, Alfred - Sydney-street - Labourer
WITT, Henry - Wellington - Labourer
WOOD, J - Wainuiomata - Settler
WOOD, William - Pipitea - Shipwright
WOODHAM, Richard - Quin-street - Groom
WOODHAM, Samuel - Wades Town - Carpenter
WOODS, David - Ohariu Road - Labourer
WOODWARD, John - Porirua Road - Settler

... Y ...
YATES, Henry - Molesworth St - Storekeeper
YATES, T Edward - Taranaki Place - Labourer
YORK, Charles - Ohariu Road - Labourer
YOUNG, George - River Hutt - Settler
YULE, Alexander junior - River Hutt - Labourer

View of the River Hutt c1850

by William Swainson and his son, Henry Gabriel.
Drawings & Prints Collection, Reference No. A-189-017
Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington

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WELLINGTON New Zealand Province - Family Names 1897 .. A-B

the list was taken from the site

Each entry contains biographical details, usually an article, although some have only a short entry.

There will be a $NZ 5.00 fee charged for each full length article requested. Short entries are free.
All transcribed articles are put online along with any accompanying photographs.

If you would like a transcript, please e-mail your request with the year of the Cyclopedia concerned and the name and reference number of the person required.
I will then advise whether the entry is a full length one or not and whether any payment is due.

- some of the names have links for bio info (go to link above)
- any numbers are those used for ordering (more info at site above)

A to B .... C .... D to E .... F .... G .... H to J

K to L ... M ... N to O ... P to S ... T ... U to Z

ABLE Frank Foxton
ABBOT Mrs. Beaconsfield Wanganui
ABRAHAM Lionel A Palmerston North
ABRAHAM Lionel Augustus Palmerston North
ABRAHAM Richard Slingsby Pahiatua
ABRAHAM Richard Slingsby Palmerston North
ACHESON Robert John Carterton
ACHESON-GRAY Arthur Ashhurst
ACOCKS & WILLIAMS . Wellington
ACTON Charles SS Rakaia
ADAMS Albert Manukau
ADAMS Dr Harry Wellington
ADAMS John Greytown
ADAMS James F Wellington
ADAMS William Masterton
ADAMSON Thomas Moawhango
ADSETT Henry Pohangina
ADSETT Henry Colyton
AHRADSEN Peter Wellington
AIKEN David Alexander Wellington
AIKEN William Junior Wanganui
AINSWORTH James Wanganui 1429
AITKEN James Wanganui 1389
AITKEN, WILSON & CO John Guthrie Wood Wellington 707
ALDRICH A. S. Japan 510
ALDRICH Arthur Stanhope Junior Bunnythorpe 1212
ALDWORTH Robert Marton 1309
ALEXANDER [James] Wanganui 1440
ALEXANDER J & CO John Wellington 672
ALEXANDER Dr William Copland Wellington 481
ALLAN Alexander Cross Creek 847
ALLAN Mr. J. A. Wellington 490
ALLEN Bertram Bowen Wellington 124
ALLEN Eli Tawa Flat 1077
ALLEN Frank Wellington 522
ALLEN Frank Stanton Wellington 597
ALLEN Miss Porirua 1077
ALLENDER & CO John Aitken Wellington 747
ALLISON Alexander Wanganui 1441
ALLISON James Marton 1311
ALLISON Dr James Wanganui 1441
ALMAO & SONS Vincenzo & others Wellington 636
ALSOP Alfred Paikakariki 1082
ALZDORF Walter Harry Foxton 1133
AMOS Charles Greytown 889
ANDERSON Alexander Eketahuna 995
ANDERSON Andrew Ballance 1051
ANDERSON Axel Frederick Palmerston North 1185
ANDERSON Capt Andrew Joseph Thomas Wanganui 1454
ANDERSON D Wellington 646
ANDERSON David Wellington 294
ANDERSON David Wellington 739
ANDERSON Edmond Carterton 914
ANDERSON Edward Wellington 653
ANDERSON Frank Lionel Makuri 1058
ANDERSON John Longburn 1123
ANDERSON John Wellington 473
ANDERSON John Marton 1305/1324
ANDERSON John Wanganui 1424
ANDERSON James D Wellington 747
ANDERSON John Herbertson Porirua 1076
ANDERSON Neils Andrew Manukau 1103
ANDERSON R Wanganui 1431
ANDERSON Robert Wanganui 1396
ANDERSON R & CO . Wellington 739
ANDRELL Thomas William Wellington 658
ANDREW Rev. John Chapman Tinui 1514
ANDREW William Greytown 887
ANDREWS Alfred Carterton 915
ANDREWS Edward Weston Wanganui 1386
ANDREWS Harry Edward [Clarendon Hotel] Waverley 1478
ANDREWS Joseph & David Wellington 762
ANDREWS William Reid Palmerston North 1177
ANNISON Cyrus Arthur Wellington 608
ANSON Dr George Edward Wellington 481
ANSTEE . Palmerston 1181
ANYON George Fowlers 1248
ANYON Mary Ann, Miss Birmingham 1220
ANYON Mary Ann, Miss Liverpool 1220
APLIN Christopher Crofton 1062
APLIN Joseph Carterton 902
ARKWRIGHT Hon. Francis Marton 1304/1332
ARMSTRONG Francis Akitio 1521
ARMSTRONG George Akaroa 1320
ARMSTRONG Philip James Carterton 916
ARMSTRONG Walter Wanganui 1413
ARMSTRONG W H Auckland 519
ARNEY Sir George . 297
ARTHUR George SS Tainui 786
ARTHUR & CO . Wellington 707
ASHBOLT Alfred Wellington 464
ASHBY Edwin Moutoa 1119
ASHCROFT Albert Edward Hunterville 1286
ASHCROFT James Wellington 345
ASHDOWN Frederick Wellington 641
ASHLEY Mr. F. Otago 1343
ATACK W H Wellington 456
ATACK William Harrington Wellington 456
ATKINS Alfred Wanganui 1408
ATKINS Thomas E Aohanga 1521
ATKINSON Arthur Richmond Wellington 477
ATKINSON John Wellington 703
ATKINSON Thomas Marton 1328
ATTWOOD & CO Thomas Palmerston North 1176
ATTWOOD & CO Thomas Reginald Palmerston North 1176
AUBERT Mother Mary Joseph Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Wanganui
AUSTIN Mrs Croydon, Wellington 668
AUSTIN N B Wellington 697
AUSTIN R Foxton 1131
AVERY Charles Pahiatua 1046
AVERY George Junior Pahiatua 1047
AVERY Thomas Makakahi 1009
AWDRY Fred Tinui 1514
AYLES Adam Carterton 918
AYRES Richard Wellington 490
AYSON Lake Falconer Masterton 952

BABOT Capt Edwin Sinel Wellington 782
BADHAM Richard Tree Wellington 559
BAGGARLEY Augustus Henry Carterton 915
BAGGETT George Noyes Wellington 285
BAIGENT Henry SS Tongariro 781
BAILEY Charles Longburn 1123
BAILEY Walter Ambrose Lucas Feilding
BAILLIE Alex. Pahiatua 1030
BAILLIE Hon. William Douglas Hall .
BAILLIE James Carterton 914
BAILLIE James Greytown 882
BAILLIE James Newman 1005
BAIN David Wanganui 1409
BAKER Arthur Southey Palmerston North
BAKER George Wellington 599
BAKER Herbert Jas. Greatford 1269
BAKER J H Wellington 339/341/1501
BAKER William Feilding 1222
BAKEWELL Frederick H Greytown 879
BALE A Foxton 858
BALDWIN Percy Edward Wellington 472
BALLACHEY Rev. William Carterton 909
BALLINGALL Miss Mary Makara 802
BALLINGER Bros Arthur Samuel Wellington
BALLINGER Thomas Wellington 674
BALLINGER T & CO Thomas Wellington 673
BALLINGER Bros William Henry Wellington
BALLMLLER Emil Wellington 618
BALMLLER Emil Berlin Wellington
BAMBER Thomas Wanganui 1366
BAMBER Thomas Junior Wanganui
BAMBER William Wanganui 1373
BANKS Capt. George William SS Rakaia
BANKS G W Kaiwarra 812
BANKS Mr. J. B. Christchurch 1103
BANNATYNE W M Wellington 292
BANNATYNE W M & CO William McLeod Wellington
BANNISTER Edwin Johnsonville 1069
BANNISTER John Edgar Wanganui 1386
BANNISTER Robert E Wellington 435
BARBER & CO Henry Wellington 703
BARBER Edward Foxton 1137
BARBER Richard Henry Foxton 1134
BARBER W & CO W. H. P. & E. J. - Wellington
BARBER William Henry Peter Wellington 280
BARBER William Peter Upper Hutt 843
BARKER E Wellington 713
BARLOW Arthur Colclough Wellington 1502
BARNES Richard James Wellington 419
BARNES William Frederick Wellington 697
BARNES A & CO Albert Wanganui 1406
BARNETT J Maughan Wellington 391/439
BARNICOAT John L Palmerston North 1170
BARNS Ernest Wanganui 1373
BARR Robert Paisley 853
BARRACLOUGH Henry Wellington 491
BARRATT David Morrison Bush 894
BARRAUD Edward Noel Palmerston North
BARRAUD Charles Decimus Wellington 361
BARRAUD Sidney Clark Lower Hutt 836
BARRON Alexander Wellington 182
BARRON C C N Wellington 108/1497
BARROW James Kiwitea 1245
BARRY James Wellington 599
BARRY David Lower Hutt 835
BARTHOLOMEW Peter Levin 1113
BARTLETT George Aramoho 1350
BARTLEY Hon. Thomas Houghton . 56/99
BARTON Ernest Albert Feilding 1232
BARTON George Elliott Wellington 264
BASSETT William George Wanganui
BASTIN Thomas Palmerston North
BATE Arthur Thomas Wellington 559
BATES John Wanganui 1381
BATHAM James Meacham Wellington
BATHGATE Hon. John . 72
BATKIN Edwin Charles Wellington 658
BATLEY Robert Thomson Moawhango 1301
BATTERSBY Eliza Jane [Mrs. TOOMATH] Kairanga
BATTLE Thomas Henry Wanganui 1412
BAUMBER Rev. William Wellington 396
BAYLEY Bros G O Ngaturi 1055
BAYLEY Bros W H Ngaturi 1055
BAYLISS Thomas Eketahuna 996
BEALE Herbert Masterton 972
BEARD Charles James Greytown 872
BEARD Dr Spencer Francis Masterton 957
BEARD William Gascoyn Masterton 956
BEATTIE A L Aramoho 1348
BEAUCHAMP Edward Hayes Otaihanga
BEAUCHAMP H Wellington 749
BEAUCHAMP Harold Wellington 318
BEAUFORT John William Pahiatua 1020
BEAVIS F Wanganui 1394
BECK . Palmerston North 294
BECK John Wellington 763
BECK James Laurian Wanganui 1397
BECK W Palmerston North 1179
BECKETT R E Marton 1309
BEDFORD Frank Wellington 437
BEDFORD Frank Wellington 654
BEDFORD George Wellington 753
BEDINGFIELD Douglas Shelley Paikakariki
BEECHEY J M Dalefield 921
BEERE E H Pahautanui 1078
BEERE Oswald Wellington 476
BEETHAM Charles Edward Pahiatua 1047
BEETHAM Hugh Horsely Taueru 1512
BEETHAM Norman Masterton 978
BEETHAM William Taueru 1512
BEETHAM William Henry Masterton 943
BELCHER William Wellington 697
BELFIT M Feilding 1239
BELL & CO Joseph Palmerston North
BELL David Wellington 766
BELL Ernest Dillon Wellington 332
BELL Emanuel Elder SS Rakaia 781
BELL Sir Francis Dillon Wellington
BELL Francis Henry Dillon Wellington
BELL H D Wellington 261 298 472
BELL Joseph Whangarei 46
BELL Joseph SS Ionic 787
BELL Peter Wanganui 1366
BELL R & CO LTD C R E Wellington 748
BELL William Halcombe 1268
BELLISS Hugh Tinui 1514
BELLOWS Arthur J. Nelson, Wellington
BELLWORTHY Arthur Joseph Fordell
BENBOW Charles William Wellington
BENDALL Osmond Russell Wellington 559
BENEFIELD W T Aramoho 1353
BENGE David Upper Hutt 843
BENGE John Upper Hutt 843
BENJAMIN D & CO David Edward Theomin Wellington
BENN Arthur Rakaunui 1522
BENNETT Dr Thomas Bulls 1272/1275
BENNETT G H & CO G H Palmerston North
BENNETT Francis Carterton 908
BENNETT Henry Awahuri 1262
BENNETT William SS Wairoa 794
BENNIE John Wanganui 1432
BENTLEY Henry Masterton 979
BENTON Thomas Greytown 891
BENTON William Featherston 855
BENZONI Charles Thomas Wellington
BERGERSON Carl August Palmerston North
BERNARD Charles Edward Cross Creek 847
BERRY William Wellington 110
BEST James Ohariu Valley 1071
BETHUNE & HUNTER . Wellington 708
BETHUNE Finlay Johnsonville 1069
BETHUNE George Henry Wellington 559
BETHUNE Hector Kenneth Wellington 502
BETHUNE J H & CO . Wellington 559
BETHUNE Walter Ellis Wellington 559
BETT John Palmerston North
BETTANY James Henry Marton
BEVAN Thomas Manukau 1105
BEY Dr William Greytown 884
BICKNELL Alfred C Featherston
BIDWILL Charles Robert Martinborough
BIDWILL William Edward Martinborough
BIDWELL Bros. . Pahiatua
BILLOWS Walter George Carterton
BILLS Frederick William Otaki
BING, Mr. . Wellington 708
BING, HARRIS & CO . Wellington 708
BINGHAM James Wellington 590
BIRCH William John Moawhango 1301
BIRCH W. J. Makuri 1058
BIRD & CO Charles Henry Wellington 764
BIRNBAUM B & SON B Wellington 748
BISHOP George Fife Marton 1318
BISS Augustus Samuel Wellington
BLACK Miss F E Wanganui
BLACK Hugh Wanganui 1438
BLACK John Wellington 161
BLACK William Greytown 877
BLACKBURN Barnabas Paikakariki
BLACKETT John Wellington 766
BLACKLOCK James . 183
BLACKWELL Robert Gracey SS Ruapehu 781
BLAIN Lena Valerie London 136
BLAIR Alexander Pahiatua 1036
BLAIR David Wanganui 1389
BLAIR John Rutherford Wellington 370
BLAKE Henry Foxton 1131
BLANCHARD Arthur William Wellington 697
BLOW Horatio John Hooper Wellington
BLUNDELL Henry Wellington 128
BLYTH Miss S F R Wanganui 1390
BOCK Walter Featherston 850
BOCK William Rose Wellington 725
BODEN Benjamin Aramoho 1351
BODDINGTON Joseph Compton Masterton 960
BODLEY George Wellington 666
BOHAN Michael Wellington 608
BOLAM William Isaac Wellington 646
BOLLONS James SS Hinemoa 795
BONAR Hon. J A Hokitika 519
BOND Rev George Wanganui 1393
BONE Capt. John Ernest SS Ruahine 777
BOOTH Alfred Canterbury 904
BOOTH William Wellington 317/508
BOOTH William Carterton 966-967
BOOTH W & CO William Wellington 764
BORLASE & BARNICOAT . Wanganui 1402
BORLASE Charles Bonythorne Wellington
BORLASE Mr. C. H. Wanganui 417
BOSSELMANN Bros Henry Marton 1327
BOSSELMANN Bros Frederick Marton 1327
BOTHAMLEY Arthur Thomas Wellington 98
BOUGHTON Miss J H Wellington 440
BOULD Robert Johnsonville 1068
BOUSTEAD John Alfredton 1519
BOWATER W T Ohakune 1462
BOWDEN William Kaiwarra 812
BOWE Thomas Foxton 1137
BOWEN Hon Charles Christopher . 74
BOWEN John Turakina 1339
BOWEN Miss Makara 1199
BOWEN Sir George Ferguson . 36
BOWICK William Henry Hunterville 1288
BOWLES Walter Palmerston North 1153
BOWLEY Albert Arthur Kent Wellington 598
BOYD John James Wellington 601
BOYD Thomas Upper Hutt 842
BOYES J. C. Rangiora 874
BOYLE Col. Patrick . 26
BRABANT Capt. Herbert William Wanganui
BRACKEN Thomas . 107/1497
BRADING Miss Tinui 1514
BRADLEE R W Alfredton 1518
BRADY William Wellington 618
BRADEY Frederick Pahautanui
BRAILSFORD F C Wellington 709
BRAMLEY William Johnsonville
BRANDON Alfred de Bath Wellington
BRANDON Hon. Alfred de Bath Wellington 257
BRANDON James Poole Masterton 959
BRANDON Richard Kent 357
BRANN John Henry Charles Wanganui 1441
BRASS Peter Raetihi 1461
BRAUN Grace Ludlow Wanganui 1391
BRAUND Victor Maurice Wellington
BRAY Charles Senior Feilding
BREEDS James Ngaturi
BREEN John SS Gothic 785
BREMER Bros Louis Waverley 1481
BREMER Bros Robert Waverley 1481
BREMER Philip Waverley 1481
BREMNER Charles Edward Masterton 945
BREMNER . Wellington 719
BREMNER David Waverley 1478
BRENCHLEY Thomas F Mauriceville 992
BRENT Isaac Feilding 1237
BREWER Gaius Ashhurst 1207
BRIDGE G. S. Wellington 718
BRIDGE Joseph William Wellington 484
BRIDGE Thomas Hyde, Cheshire 941
BRIDGET W Rangiora 549
BRIGGS H W Pahiatua 1019/1033/1054
BRIGHT Frederick Otaki 1100
BRIGHTWELL Edwin Wanganui 1442
BRIGHTWELL Thomas Wanganui 1441
BRINDSEN William Christchurch 642
BRISCOE, MacNEIL & CO . Wellington 686
BRISTOW E. B. Wellington 572
BRITLAND Walter Makakahi 1009
BRITTAIN Henry Wellington 484
BRIZLEY Mr. Ash, Kent 1181
BROAD George Henry Wellington 124
BROAD Thomas Wellington 1504
BROAD W G Wellington 614
BROADBENT Charles Masterton 977
BROADWAY Arthur W Petone 830
BRODIE C W Wellington 611
BRONT Dr Alexander Cotterill Wanganui 1403
BROOKES M. J. Wellington 450
BROOKFIELD Harold C Wanganui 1403
BROOKS John Henry Ohingaiti 1293
BROOME Miss Emily Rose Wanganui
BROOME T J Ballance 1051
BROWN Arthur Winton Wellington
BROWN Andrew Upper Hutt 843
BROWN Byron Otaki 1096
BROWN Charles Wellington 67
BROWN Charles Thomas Harold Wellington
BROWN Charles William Wellington
BROWN David Upper Hutt, Manukau
BROWN Edward Balcombe Wellington 472
BROWN George Senior Upper Hutt 843
BROWN George Upper Hutt 843
BROWN George Wanganui 1394
BROWN H M Otaki 1099
BROWN James Carterton 913
BROWN John SS Takapuna 794
BROWN Mrs E Wanganui 1391
BROWN John Wellington 601
BROWN Richard Masterton
BROWN Richard Wellington 725
BROWN Samuel Wellington
BROWN Walter Wellington 686
BROWN Walter SS Ruapehu 779
BROWN W F Palmerston North
BROWN W R E Wellington 646
BROWN William Robert Edward Wellington 767
BROWN & CO . Aramoho 1353
BROWN, THOMSON & CO . Wellington 725
BROWNE A A Wanganui 1385?
BROWNE Boothwick T Carterton 923
BROWNE C T Wellington 1511
BROWNE Miss Emily Wellington 806
BROWNE Sir Thomas Gore . 36
BROWNLEE James Apiti 1255
BRUCE Capt. Alfred SS Charles Edward 774
BRUCE James Stanley Palmerston North
BRUCE Robert Cunningham . 1219
BRUCE William Wanganui 1435
BRYANT F Palmerston North
BRYANT James Ohariu Valley 1071
BRYCE Hon. John . 80/1360
BUCHAN Alexander Palmerston North 1153
BUCHANAN Francis Taylor SS Rimutaka 778
BUCHANAN Neil Rongotea 1264
BUCHANAN Walter Clarke Carterton
BUCHLER Arthur Owen Porewa 1280
BUCHOLZ Ernest W P Wellington 560
BUCKERIDGE Richard T Featherston 858
BUCKERIDGE Robert Levin 1114
BUCKLE Edward Wellington 1498
BUCKLEY Sir Patrick Alphonsus . 43+
BUCKNELL J J Wanganui 1417
BUDDLE Charles Frederick Wellington 473
BUDDLE Joseph Foster Wellington 461/1506
BUDDLE Thomas Wellington 473
BUDDLE, BUTTON & CO . Wellington 473
BUICK David Palmerston North 1151
BUICK William Butler Opaki 985
BULKLEY Richard C Wellington 484
BULKLEY, DOWNES & EAMES . Wellington 484
BULL Chas. Aorangi Feilding 1253
BULL Edward Dublin 389
BULL Edward Bulls 1272
BULL Reuben Wellington 722
BULLARD W E Bulls 1276
BULLER Arthur Percival Wellington 473
BULLER Sir Walter Lawry Wellington 434
BULLER Wiliam Boyce Wellington 510
BULLER & ANDERSON . Wellington 473
BUNNY Arthur Rigby Masterton
BUNNY Edmund Percy Wellington 473
BUNNY Henry Robert Carterton 906
BUNTING F W Palmerston North 1177
BURGESS Edward Loftie Wellington 473
BURGESS Frederick Ngaturi 1056
BURLING Arthur Alfredton 1519
BURLING W A Pongaroa 1521
BURNETT Alexander Masterton 984
BURNETT C Wanganui 1402
BURNLEY Benjamin Petone 825
BURNS Alex M Wellington 416
BURNS James Wellington 123
BURRIDGE Samuel Vickers Petone 827
BURRIDGE William Henry Petone 830
BURROWS Joseph Pahiatua 1020
BURT A & T Alexander Wellington 674
BURT Thomas Lower Hutt 838
BURT William Featherston 859
BURTON Jonathon Colyton 1257
BUTEMENT Dr William Masterton 957
BUTLER Bros John Edward Wellington 697
BUTLER Fred Palmerston North 1191
BUTLER William James Wellington 141
BUTT John Marten Wellington 509
BUTTERWORTH Bros C P M Wellington 709
BUTTLE B. W. Wellington 710
BUTTON Charles Edward Wellington 473
BUXTON Herbert Wanganui