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Where is GEORGE AVERY buried ? (1852-1907)

Where is George Avery buried?

He was born 17 October 1852 in Taita, Lower Hutt
- a son of George AVERY & Charlotte TANDY
He married Sarah SCRIMSHAW in 1876
He farmed in Pahiatua for a number of years then moved to Kaponga, in Taranaki, where he owned the Commercial Hotel about 1900 - he was also a butcher there
He and Sarah had 12 children
In 1904 he moved to Hikutaia, near Thames
He died 26 July 1907

If you read his profile here GEORGE AVERY you will see a newspaper article of how he was buried back on Kaponga...

Because I could not find his grave site I have been in contact with the Council in Kaponga and they told me he is not there !! nor are his two sons Alfred and Hugh although they are reported to have been buried there
... which does not mean they are not there

Because he was a very prominent business man in the town and was given a large farewell with expensive gifts it seemed to me that he should have some record, headstone etc - but no

I thought maybe the town of Kaponga just had a service for him in remembrance BUT the article names the pall bearers ...
His wife, Sarah, died 7 years later and she is buried in Omahu Cemetery in a double plot - the plot was "used" when she was interred but George is not with her there
- so it is not making any sense to me

Can you please help


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where are the KELLIHERs of New Zealand

Cornelius Michael Patrick Kelliher/Keliher was born in 1869, probably Ireland
- he married Margaret Theresa RYAN in New Zealand in 1898
- they possibly settled in Otago

They had:

1899 - Leona Keliher
- nothing else known

1900 - Irene Keliher
- she married Leonard Francis GALLAGHER
- she died in 1965 aged 65

1902 - Sydney James Keliher
- he married Kathleen May SOUTHEE
- she was a duaghter of William Southee and Mary Ann QUINLAN
- he died in 1954 aged 52

1903 - Christopher Keliher
- nothing else known

1904 -herbert William Keliher
- born in Clyde, Central Otago
- nothing else known

1907 - Cornelius Leo Keliher
- died 1945 aged 38
nothing else known

1907 - Marie Teresa Keliher
- nothing else known

Where is WILLIAM GREATHEAD buried ??

WILLIAM GREATHEAD was born in Yorkshire, England in 1837.
He emigrated with his parents to New Zealand in 1842.
He married Mary Ticehurst in 1861 in the Wairarapa town of Greytown.
He had 10 children (I'm still working on them)
He died on the 20th July 1895 in Carterton, New Zealand but I cannot find him buried in either the Clareville Cemetery in Carterton or the Masterton Lawn Cemetery.
Do you know anything about William? and where he is buried?

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where is William INKPEN of Perth West Australia ?

There are 26 people with the surname INKPEN buried in the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth, West Australia

ALMA SYLVIA 1903 - 1986
AMY FRANCES 1870 - 1940
ANNIE EVA 1869 - 1932
AVON CYRIL 1903 - 1970
DORA ELIZABETH 1906 - 1982
ELSIE 1883 - 1969
EMILY died aged 27
ERIC PINCOMBE 1902 - 1980
FRANK JULIUS 1873 - 1955
GEORGE EDWARDS 1867 - 1932
GRACE ELEANOR 1882 - 1968
JACK BADEN 1900 - 1997
LAWRENCE HENRY 1878 - 1960

Louisa Inkpen 19-6-1826 - 3-8-1906
- nee Strickland of Westminster, Greater London
- married William Inkpen in 1850 in WA
- where is William buried ?
- her parents were Robert Henry Strickland and Mary Farell
- she had a brother David Strickland, 1818 London - 1898 Ashburton, Canternury
- he moved to New Zealand
- he married Harriet Baldick in Blenheim in 1848

RHODA MYRTLE 1888 - 1969
ROY 1891 - 1953
SARAH ELLEN 1901 - 1973
SYLVIA PEARL 1909 - 1992
THELMA 1896 - 1976
WALTER 1874 - 1949
WESLEY CARTER 1879 - 1939

while looking for Emma STENT I came across this . . .

Emma Stent married my great grandmother's brother and I have just been doing a research on all the women of that family.

I came across this very interesting write up about her father CAPTAIN JAMES HAYTER JACKSON who was one of the first 50 people to emigrate to New Zealand and he set up a whaling station in Marlborough. When he first arrived he spent the early years living with the famous maori chief Te Rauparaha.

BUT, for me, even more interesting is that Emma, his daughter, the woman I was researching, married twice - first marriage (to John Lynds who died in Australia somewhere) she had 4 children to.

The second marriage to Charles Stent she had another 16 CHILDREN TO !!! - (actually 10, see link below)

3 years on and the above info has now been amended after much research and HEAPS of help from Malcolm - read here: Emma JACKSON-LYNDS

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WHIM CREEK In 1887, with the discovery of gold (20 kilometres north of the hotel) and copper in 1887, the town of Whim Creek was born. At its peak, the town sported two hotels, a blacksmith, a shop, stables and a horse track, to name a few of the local businesses.

Originally a post office known as "Whim Well", Whim Creek is on the North West Coastal Highway midway between Karratha and Port Hedland

... thanks to janilye for suggesting I add this bit of info about the Blackrock Stakes:- The Blackrock Stakes is a 122km race from Whim Creek to Port Hedland in which competitors, either in teams or as individuals, push a wheel barrows weighed down with iron ore. Like most good ideas, it was born over a few beers at a bar, in 1971 and what developed has raised more than $1 million for charity and caused grown men, women and children to lump a wheelbarrow full of iron ore from a remote mine site and into Port Hedland. Teams of 10, trios, duos and lone runners now push modified wheelbarrows containing 11 kgs of iron ore over the distance

In the late nineteenth century, this historic hotel was known as Delaney's Public House. During this time, it catered for weary and thirsty Pilbara pioneers, along with its competitor, Dunns Public House (later renamed the Federal Hotel). Since then it has been renamed the Whim Creek Hotel.

On the 23 December 1911 a brawl broke out in the Whim Creek Hotel which resulted in Frenchman Joseph SALENO stabbing 33 year old Thomas Henry DARLINGTON in the neck, thereby killing him.

Thomas was buried in Whim Creek Cemetery

On 20 March 192 some of the witnesses to this murder were shipped off to Perth to give evidence on the ship 'Crown of England'. However, a cyclone whipped up and the ship went down off Balla Balla, Depuch Island. Some of those who were drowned are buried in the

After all this, Joseph Saleno only received a 3 years sentence for the murder

The Whim Creek Cemetery is located on the track to Balla Balla, about 18 kilometres from the town itself. The stories behind the deaths of those buried at the cemetery paint vivid pictures of the harsh conditions endured by pioneer miners in WA. Many of the men died from diseases that are now easily treated, such as mitral disease (heart disease); nephritis (kidney inflammation); gastritis; syncope (fainting); dengue and inflamed bowels.
There are 24 people known to be buried at the cemetery and only two of the graves marked with headstones.
In 2002 town resident Frank Woods set about restoring and beautifying the cemetery.

the burials in the WHIM CREEK CEMETERY are:

Barnadeo, J
- born about 188
- died 8 August 1913 aged 35
- he was a Miner
- he drowned at Negri Well

Darlington, Thomas Henry
- born about 1878
- he was murdered 23 December 1911 aged 33
- he was stabbed in the neck by Joseph Saleno during a drunken brawl
- he has one of the 2 headstones in this cemetey
- The murder of Thomas Darlington rocked WAs tiny outback community of Whim Creek. Darlington was heavily involved in the infant union movement, and on the night of his death, trouble had been brewing at Dunns pub (Federal Hotel), where the miners were celebrating the Christmas season. Unionists were against scab labourers, and fights had broken out, culminating in Frenchman Joseph Saleno stabbing Darlington in the neck in a drunken rage. Darlington died from his injuries and Saleno was arrested and sent to Roebourne Gaol for 3 years. Witnesses were then gathered in early 1912 and sailed on the Concordia and Crown of England to give evidence at the trial in Perth. A severe cyclone hit the ships and swamped them when they were near Depuch Island; all of the witnesses were lost or drowned. The bodies recovered were buried at either Depuch Island or Balla Balla.

Barnardeo, James
- born about 1878 in Lombardy, Italy
- died 8 August 1913 aged 35

Campbell, Daniel James
- born about 1837 in Queensland
- died 23 December 1911 aged 74
- he had the local store - see photo at bottom link

Davy, Charles
- born about 1864
- from Dry Creek, South Australia
- died 21 February 1920 aged 56
- husband of Emma

Donohue, William
- born about 1870
- he died in November 1894 aged 24 from dehydration
- he was a Miner

Eyre, George Henry
- born about 1867 in England
- he died from mitral disease & syncope on 18 February 1914 aged 47
- He was a miner

Fahey, Thomas
- born about 1855
- he died 1 August 1910 aged 45 from pneumonia at the police station at Whim Creek.
- He was a Miner

Farrera, John Edward
- born about 1881 in SOuth America
- he died 13 April 1923 aged 42 at the police station from nephritis and heart failure.
- He was a cook

Grey, Henry Banham
- born about 1874
- he died 12 September 1917 aged 38
- He was a miner.

Gilmore, Hugh
- born about 1854 in Ireland
- he died 15 August 1913 aged 59 of mitral incompetence and syncope
- he was a Cook

Gordon, Norman Harold
- born 16 August 1879 in Armidale, NSW
- he was accidentally killed 27 July 1907 aged 27
- he has one of the 2 headstones in this cemetey

Hartmann, John
- born about 1886
- he drowned on 7 May 1910 aged 24
- he was a mine labourer.

Just, Fritz
- born about 1846 in South Australia
- he died 22 March 1911 aged 45 years when he ell from a horse between Roebourne and Whim Creek
- He was a butcher.

Kimmerman, Harry
- born about 1872
- he did of dengue fever on 14 September 1917 aged 45
- He was a labourer

Leigh, James Alexander
- born about 1876 in New Zealnad
- he died 18 October 1913 aged 35 from shooting himself in the head at Sherlock River
- he was a Miner

McIntyre, John
- born abut 1852
- he died 1 October 1912 aged 60
- He was a station hand who died of heart failure at the residence of G. ADLAMS

Petersen, Peter
- born about 1890
- he died at the town's slaughter yard 26 Jan 1910 aged 20
- He was a carpenter

Piper, Cecil C.
- born in 1888 at Broken Hill, NSW
- youngest son of Richard PIPER & Lavinia DAVIDSON
- he drowned in Balla Balla Pool 1 March 1901 aged 19
- his father, Capt. Richard Piper, was the former underground manager of the Whim Creek Copper Mines Ltd, Whim Creek. He was also the inaugral Mayor of Broken Hill and well known in mining circles.
When his contract expired, Richard left the Creek for Balla Balla to go south.
- Cecil, employed on ore classing tables, decided to accompany his father on the Saturday afternoon. After seeing him off Sunday morning, Cecil and 3 mates decided on a swim. He dived into a very deep part of the pool and did not resurface the second time.
- his Funeral was held Monday with the Whim Creek Mine suspending operations.

Pope, Henry John
- born about 1876 from England
- he died accidentally 9 May 1912 aged 36
- He was a carpenter

Pope, Thomas
- born about 1852 in Ireland
- he died 14 December 1909 aged 57'
- he was a Miner.

Smith, Charles Edwin Silverston
- born about 1878
- he died 7 Jan 1911 age 33 of inflammed bowels at CAMPBELL'S house

Toon, A. H.
- born about 1862
- died 7 June 1912 aged 50

Thompson, Robert McGregor
- died 22 MArch 1912




WHIM WELL TRAMWAY - delivering goods to Balla Balla 1912


William HARRIS's STORE - Whim Crek 1910

INSIDE William HARRIS's STORE - Whim Creek 1910

carting wool MALLINA to BALLA BALLA - 1918

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from the WEST AUSTRALIAN, 5 September 1912

- Roebourne, Spet 4

In the Licensing Court on Monday William John HENDERSON and Thomas Wrixon CONWAY, the licensees respectively of the Whim Creek and Federal Hotels, Whim Creek, were called on to show cause why their licences should not be cancelled for not keeping their hotels up to the standard required by the Act.

The evidence of the police went to show that the premises were unsuitable. There was no accommodation and the buildings were dirty. The walls of the rooms were only eight feet high. Women arriving at Whim Creek had to sit up all night on the verandah opposite the police station, while children slept in the building.
Constable GROWDEN was asked what he would suggest to improve the places, and he replied that a fire-stick would be the best thing.

The defence was a general denial of the allegations. The reason that no money was spent in improvements was that the licensees were saving money with which to build new premises.

Mr DAVIES, who appeared for the licensees, stated that it seemed to him that the reason or the prosecution was to clear the way for a State Hotel, a petition for the provision of which had been prepared.

Corporal FOULKES applied for the cancellation of the licenses.

The Court decided to proceed to Whim Creek to inspect the premises and adjourned the furhter hearing sine die.

Mr SLEEMAN, the manager of the West Pilbarra Trading and Finance Company, said that the material for a new hotel was on the way from England


a list of the WHITE on the tree as at 15 Oct 2010

* Aileen Ruth White (1908-1987)
born Carterton
married William 'Rulon' Hooper BILLMAN 1933 in Greytown

* Alban Vincent White (1892-1964)

* Albert White (b.1838)

* Albert White (1854-1893)
- married Emily Ellen WILLIAMS 1883
- Emily remarried to Reuben KING in 1894 in Taita

* Alfred Ernest White (b.1873)

* Alfred John Stafford White

* Alfred William White

* Allan John White (b.1889)

* Alma Ella White (1895-1968)

* Ann White

* Ann White (b.1846)

* Annie Elizabeth White (1856-1942)

* Bedford Webb White (1855-1937)

* Carol A. White

* Caroline White (b.1829)

* Cecil Courtney White (1893-1971)
married Lydia Selina BRAY in 1916

* Charles Thomas White (1894-1965)

* Charlotte White (b.1834)

* Charlotte Matilda White (1882-1916)
married Robert Stephen AVERY in 1901

* Clarence Osman White (b.1889)

* Denis George White

* Edith White (1885-1958)

* Edna Adaline White (1898-1939)
married Herbert Russell PLAW in 1933

* Eliza Bentinck White (1841-1895)
married Peter Anderson WILKIE 1858
married William GREENWOOD 1886

* Elizabeth White (b.1852)
born Froxfield, Petersfield, Hampshire to Walter John WHITE & Emma Jane TWITCHEN

* Elizabeth White (1835-1904)
married John WILKIE 1857

* Ella Dorothea White (b.1892)
married Rayden Leslie FREEMAN in 1919

* Elsie Myrtle White (b.1898)

* Ernest Alfred White (b.1901)

* Ethel Jane White (1887-1975)

* Florence White

* Fred White (b.1836)

* George White (b.1867)

* George Isaac White (1907 - 1993)

* Harriet White (b.1841)

* Harriot White (1822 - 1882)

* Harry White (b.1855)

* Henry White (1850-1874)

* Hubert Melville White (b.1893)

* Ida Grace White (1901-1944)
married Charles Roy BROUGHAM (1895-1968) in 1927

* Iris Beatrice May White (b.1902)
married Percival Banks WELDON (1896-1969) in 1936

* Iris Myrtle White (1904-1991)

* Ivy May White (b.1900)

* Jay Lynn White

* Jean Baxter White

* Jessie Louise White (1904-2000)
- married James William LIND 1927 in Bulls
- buried Feilding

* Joseph White

* Julia Gladys White (b.1911)

* Lacey White (b.1886)

* Lillie White (b.1885)

* Mabel White (b.1913)

* Margaret Stephanie 'Greta' White
- married Albert Errol SAYWELL 1952 in Greytown

* Martha White

* Mary White (b.1789)

* Mary White (b.1830)

* Mervyn Emerson White (b.1891)

* Nellie White

* Olive Alice White (b.1903)

* Rachel Kate White

* Rufus White (b.1758)
married Elizabeth MILLER in Dorset

* Sylvia Norma White (1926 - 1985)

* Walter White (b.1883)

* Walter John White (b.1832)

* William White

* William White

* William White (b.1811)

* William White (b.1849)

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WHITE buried Marlborough, New Zealand

* any additions or corrections are welcomed. Please leave a comment below
* there are a number of other White buried in the area but the databse does not have their names
* many of the following do not have death dates at database
* dates may be of death OR burial

the WHITE buried in Blenheim, New Zealand to Dec 2010

White, Albert Henry
- 26 August 1981 aged 86
- buried Tuamarina

White, Alfred
- 17 June 1897 aged 3 months
- buried Tuamarina

White, Arthur Clarence
- 26 Oct 1960 aged 66
- buried Omaka

White, Barbara
- 14 August 1956 aged 86
- buried Omaka

White, Benjamin Frederick
- 19 February 1966 aged 80
- buried Omaka

White, Caroline Ella
- 16 October 1914 aged 21
- buried Tuamarina

White, Caroline Louisa
- 23 May 1894 aged 35
- buried Picton

White, Catherine Common
- 10 February 1958 aged 76
- buried Omaka

White, Charles
- 23 November 1934 aged 82
- buried Tuamarina with Elizabeth Ann White

White, Charles Botham
- 18 May 1907 aged 21
- buried Tuamarina with Caroline Ella White

White, Eleanor Jane
- 14 March 1922 aged 69
- buried Omaka with Watson

White, Elizabeth Ann
- 2 April 1912 age 52
- buried Tuamarina with Charles White

White, Elizabeth Jean
- 8 November 1945 aged 4
- buried Omaka with Brian Vernon Myles & Janice Gwen Wratt

White, Ellen
- buried 17 December 1910 aged
- buried Omaka with Ellen Eva White & Leonard Arthur White

White, Ellen Eva/Ada
- 1 April 1925 aged 43
- buried Omaka with Ellen White & Leonard Arthur White

White, Elsie Mabel
- 26 November 1974 aged 83
- buried Omaka with William White

White, Emmaline Alberta
- 17 April 1959 aged 74
- buried Omaka

White, Frank Oldham
- 12 January 1924 aged 42
- buried Tuamarina

White, Gladys Louise
- 20 May 1978 aged 79
- buried Tuamarina

White, Gordon Fred
- 15 September 1994 aged 72
- buried Fairhall with May Shakespeare White

White, Gregory David
- 25 February 2007 aged 55
- buried Fairhall

White, Henry Horace
- 18 May 1956 aged 75
- buried Omaka

White, Ivy Zilpha
- 12 August 1985 aged 94
- buried Tuamarina

White, James
- 24 February 1931 aged unknown
- buried Omaka

White, James Spencer
- 14 February 1971 aged 79
- bried Tuamarina

White, Jean
- 4 July 1972 aged 68
- buried Omaka

White, John James
- 1 June 1881 aged 6 months
- buried Tuamarina

White, Leonard Arthur
- 12 February 1959 aged 78
- buried Omaka with Ellen White & Ellen Eva White

White, Margaret
- 19 June 1988 aged 91
- buried Picton with Robert Frederick White

White, Margaret Ann
- 8 November 1950 aged 75
- buried Omaka

White, Marjory
- 11 November 1924 aged 75
- buried Omaka

White, Martha
- 21 September 1935 aged 47
- buried Tuamarina

White, May Shakespeare
- 30 April 2004 aged 79
- buried Fairhall with Gordon Fred White

White, Noel
- 24 February 1909 aged unknown
- buried Omaka

White, Noel
- 27 July 1945 aged
- buried Omaka with Montgomery, Robyn Allayne Sadler & Susan Simonsen

White, Robert
- 7 January 1900 aged 1 day
- buried Tuamarina

White, Robert Charles
- 16 January 1947 aged 24
- buried Omaka

White, Robert Frederick
- 29 January 1986 aged 84
- buried Picton with Margaret White

White, Wilfred Stewart
- 21 April 1990 age 76
- buried Fairhall

White, William Jabez
- 30 June 1909 aged 65
- buried Omaka with John Liddington Higgs & Lane

White, William
- 6 December 1935 aged 3
- buried Picton

White, William Botham
- 21 April 1973 aged 83
- buried Omaka with Elsie Mabel White

White, William George Clarry
- 31 January 1979 aged 62
- buried Fairhall

White, William James
- 2 July 1970 aged 71
- buried Omaka

White, William Richard Tempest
- 12 October 1963 aged 84
- buried Omaka

White, Winifred Beatrice May
- 2 July 1976 aged 81
- buried Omaka

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Does anyone know of a Edith White who married Samuel Peck jnr in 1905/6 - maybe in Lower Hutt - but some of the family were in Woodville during this era so that is a possibility
I am trying to find who her parents were thereby tracing her back to Reuben King as it is said he was her grandfather

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