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who was the wife of William Henry TUBB - Timaru

William Henry TUBB was born about 1850
- he married Jane L. ? (1850-1918)
- Jane died 27 Nov 1918 aged 68
- William died 23 July 1933 aged 81
- they are buried together PLOT 452, BLOCK 02 at Timaru cemetery

where did they marry?
they arrived as immigrants into Timaru on the PEERESS from London & Gravesend in July 1874
did they have children prior to coming to NZ ?
what was Janes's surname ?

William was a partner, as a storekeeper in Timaru, in the firm Tubb and Targuse. In 1882 he absconded with 100 (2011 equivalent of about $16,400) of the firm's money he had embezzled, was arrested in Wellington with 30 on him and his wife later handed over the balance of 70. He was remanded to Timaru in the custody of a Wellington constable by the last train on Saturday. In 1886 he was elected Lieutenant of the Timaru Vointeer Fire Brigade. In 1897 he was granted a permit to erect a washhouse at the rear of the Mechanics Institute in wood and iro, instead of incombustible materials. In 1899 he applied for permission from the Timau Borough Counil to make alterations in wood and iron to the house of Mr Rowley in Sophia street.

their New Zealand born children were:

1875 - 1960 William Edmond 'Willie' Tubb
- William married Lavinia May WHEELER in 1899
TUBB-WHEELER - On October 25th, at the Primitive Methodist Church, Waimate, by the Rev Mr Raine, assisted by the Rev Mr Nixon, William E. Tubb of Timaru, to Lavinia, eldest daughter of Charles Wheeler, of Waimate

1877 - Jane Tubb
- Jane married John ROBERTS in 1908

1878 - 1912 James Alfred Tubb

1880 - 1920 Thomas Leach Tubb
- Thomas married Mary McCORMICK in 1905

1883 - 1918 Ernest Albert 'Ernie' Tubb
- In Nov 1895 Ernest (age 12), was presented with a prize for having contributed the most items during the Congregational Sunday School Band of Hope 'open night' of readings and recitations
- Ernest served in WWI as Corporal 45041 with the Canterbury Infantry Regiment, NZEF, 28th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company. He was KILLED IN ACTION Le Cateau, France
- he is buried I. B. 44. at HONNECHY BRITISH CEMETERY, France

1885 - 1961 Cecil Leonard Tubb
- Cecil married Violet Evelyn BURFORD (1886-1959) in 1911
- Cecil die 10 July 1961 aged 76
- he is buried PLOT 268, BLOCK M at Timaru cemetery with Violet

1887 - 1957 Leonard Charles Tubb
- Leonard married Mildred Olive WHITFIELD in 1915

1890 - 1891 Hyacinthe Mary Tubb
- Hyacinthe died aged 17 months
TUBB - On Monday 18th May 1891, Hyacinthe Mary, beloved infant of William and Jane Tubb; aged 1 year and 5 months
- she is buried PLOT 329, BLOCK S in Timaru cemetery

1893 - 1986 Gordon Henry Tubb
- Gordon served in WWI as Troope 7/2321 with the NZEF, 10th Reinforcements Canterbury Mounted Rifles, C Squadron, leaving from Wellington 4 March 1916
- Gordon married Laura Mildred LYNE (1901-1960) in 1921
- his last address was the Waihi Lodge in Geraldine
- he was buried 2 April 1986 in PLOT 272, BLOCK 1 at Timaru cemetery wth Laura

28 October 1891
the prize giving of the CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Timaru
- 2nd Class - Jane Tubb 1st
- 1st Class - William Tubb 2nd also received the 'special prize'
- 2nd Class - James Tubb 1st, Thomas Tubb 3rd
- Infants - Ernest Tubb 1st, Cecil Tubb 4th

12 December 1893
the prize giving of the CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Timaru
- 1st Class - Jane Tubb
- 1st Class - Willie Tubb
- 2nd Class - Thomas Tubb
- 3rd Class - Ernie Tubb
- Infant Class - Cecil Tubb

30 October 1894
the prize giving of the CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Timaru
- 1st Class - Jane Tubb
- 3rd Class - Ernest Tubb
- 5th Class - Cecil Tubb
- Infant Class - Leonard Tubb

who was the wife of Alfred Stephen KILSBY - Masterton, Wairarapa

Alfred Stephen KILSBY was born in 1903 in New Zealand
- son of James KILSBY (1867-1942) & Eleanor Mary WOODMAN (1865-1935)

his known siblings were:

1891 - 1951 Albert James Kilsby
1892 - 1966 George William Kilsby
- married Ruth LAURENCE 1918
1896 - 1928 Elsie Eleanor Kilsby
- married Bert LAURENCE 1920
1898 - 1999 Winnifred Emma Kilsby
- married Philip George KETTLEWELL 1921
1901 - 1937 Sarah Elizabeth Kilsby
- didn't marry
1908 - 1948 Sidney Thomas Kilsby
1909 - 1987 Maurice David Kilsby

- Alfred graduated from Victoria University NZ with a B.A. in 1927
- he was a teacher

- he married Ruby 'Grace' LAKE (see comments)
- he died 4th May 1992 aged 89
- he is buried in Row J, Lawn A-X at Archer St Cemetery Masterton

his wife Ruby Grace (1898-1977) died 5th May 1977 aged 79
- she is buried with him in Masterton

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taken from the site: First peoples in Maori tradition

Who was Toi?

Toitehuatahi (Toi the lone born) is an important early ancestor of Maori people. In some traditions he comes from Hawaiki, while in others he is indigenous to New Zealand. All, however, speak of his authority and prestige. A tribe known as Te Tini o Toi (Tois multitudes) are said to have inhabited the land prior to the arrival of canoes such as Te Arawa, Tainui and Mataatua. Early peoples such as this are often referred to as the tangata whenua the people of the land. Their tenure and prestige is recognised in the traditions of the later Polynesian peoples.

Stories of Toi
As with many important early ancestors, there are various stories about Toi. Particularly well known is the tale in which Toi, of Hawaiki, eats the dog of Uenuku. Another version has Toi as the consumer of trees or forest food, which is the meaning of his name Toikairakau. Some tribes place Toi on the North Islands East Coast, while Hauraki peoples say he lived at Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Whakatane place names
Perhaps the greatest number of traditions about Toi can be found with the Mataatua peoples, particularly Ngati Awa of the Whakatane district. Here there are numerous place names and places associated with Toi, the most famous being the pa called Kaputerangi, the home of Toitehuatahi. Located above the present-day Whakatane township, the pa affords a magnificent view of Te Moana-a-Toitehuatahi (the sea of Toitehuatahi) in the Bay of Plenty. Another place name is Te Puku-o-te-wheke (the centre of the octopus), just west of Whakatane. The tentacles of the octopus symbolise the sphere of Tois influence, and its centre indicates his home.

Toi and Ngai Tuhoe
The stories of Toi are used in later traditions about the celebrated Tuhoe, ancestor of the Ngai Tuhoe people. Tuhoe enjoys mana through being a descendant of Toi and Potiki (another early ancestor) and later ancestors of the Mataatua peoples. This is commemorated in the Ngai Tuhoe saying:

Na Toi raua ko Potiki te whenua,
na Tuhoe te mana me te rangatiratanga.

The land belongs to Toi and Potiki,
the prestige and chieftainship belongs to Tuhoe

who was WILLIAM VENEY (1831-1907) - 50th Regiment

Riverton, (38km west of Invercargill) was established by Captain John Howell (1809-1874) as a whaling station about 1837, when it was called Jacob's River. He took a Maori woman of high rank as his wife and thereby acquired a lot of land. Today, a large memorial beside the Aparima River estuary commemorates Howell. His house, (Howell's Cottage) which survives, was built about that time and is the oldest surviving building in the South Island

William Venery died on Christmas Day 1907 in Riverton aged 76
his OBITUARY appeared in the Otago Witness, 8 January 1908
... A typically colonial adventurous life closed when William Veney, aged 76, died at Riverton on Christmas Day. Veney first came to New Zealand while a soldier in the 50th Regiment, and fought under General (Duncan Alexander) Cameron after Gate Pa. He did not leave with the regiment, and made for the West Coast diggings, coming south to work on the construction of the early railways; he then went to *Orepuki and Longwood. He went south again, and afterwards worked about the Orepuki district. He was part owner of a water race, and sold his share for 1000, which he invested - and lost - in a coasting vessel. Then he unwillingly fell back on the old-age pension, and though bent double with rheumatism contrived to find for himself till almost the last

*Orepuki, is a settlement on the cliffs overlooking the ocean at Tewaewae Bay. It is connected with Invercargill, via Riverton, and Thornbury and Makarewa Junctions, and is 43 miles from the capital of Southland.
Gold was discovered at Orepuki, in 1865

William Veney's burial not found in Orepuki or Southland District
can you help?

taken from Officers of the 50th Regiment

(William Veney not included. Added here to show the uniform etc)

Who were the children of Adolph Adwin Amundsen & Anna Mara Southee in New Zealand

Adolph Adwin Amindsen was born in Ormondville, in the Manawatu, New Zealand
His father was Amind Amindsen MALDERSEN Amundsen from Grue, in Norway
His mother was Elise LARSDATTER Waalberget also from Norway

Adolph married Anna Maria Southee in Taihape, New Zealand in 1919

Anna Southee's parents were George Southee b.1864 in Lowry Bay, Wellington and her mother was Emma Hedges from Chakrata, India

I believe that Adolph and Anna had at least 10 children
I would like to know who they were

Can you help please

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the WIBLIN in Whangarei as at July 2011:

WIBLIN, ALBERT - 77 Years 4 Juyl 1962
- at Hukerenui Cemetery

WIBLIN, ARTHUR ALLEN - 21 Years 18 July 1944
- at Hukerenui Cemetery

WIBLIN, MINNIE ETHEL - 66 Years 9 Oct 1955
- at Hukerenui Cemetery

WIBLIN, WILLIAM ALBERT - 7 Days 1 Sep 1917
- at Hukerenui Cemetery

WICKSTEED marriages New Zealand 1863 - 1925

known WICKSTEED marriages New Zealand 1863 - 1925


Andrew Swanwick Wicksteed
- married Jeanette Laybourne Proude in 1902

Arthur Wicksteed
- married Louisa Adelaide Harrison in 1863

Charles Phillip Wicksteed
- married Alice Emerald Nicholls in 1922

Frederic Wicksteed
- married Annie Reston in 1911

John Tylston Wicksteed
- married Annie Eireen Nielsen in 1922

John Tylston Wicksteed
- married Doris Smith in 1925

Robert Hartley Wicksteed
- married ertha Reston in 1912

Shafto Harrison Wicksteed
- married Dorothy Greenwell in 1921

Shafto Harrison Wicksteed
- married Norah West in 1894

Stewart Lylston Wicksteed
- married Lillie Rose Strauchon in 1901


Alice Mary Wicksteed
- married William Tasman Smith in 1903

Dorothy Wicksteed
- married Lionel Thresh Rowson in 1922

Elsie Bell Wicksteed
- married Allan John McDonald in 1921

Helen Campbell Wicksteed
- married Harold Wilfred Thatcher in 1930

Helen Emma Wicksteed
- married Thomas Charles Jones in 1892

Norah Wicksteed
- married Eugene Howard Nicholls in 1926

Phyllis Wicksteed
- married Harry Brookhouse Wylde in 1923

WIDDUP marriages New Zealand 1895 - 1924

some WIDDUP marriages New Zealand 1895 - 1924:


David Widdup (1871-1960)
- married Charlotte Hall (1863-1933) in 1899

George Widdup
- married Mary Jessie Purchon Delany (1879-1961) in 1916

George Widdup
- married Ann Leach in 1890

John Widdup (1897-1968)
- married Martha Wordsworth (1899-1982) in 1921


Alice Widdup
- married William Sheldon Wordsworth in 1913

Ann Widdup (1849-1920)
- married William Sill (1837-1919) in 1895

Ann Leach Widdup (1887-1923)
- married Jabez Fitness (1884-1944) in 1908
- Jabez married Grace Ethel Cousins in 1924

Elizabeth Alice Widdup (1884-1959)
- married John Joseph Molloy (1882-1934) in 1907

Eva Widdup (1901-1975)
- married Charles Magnus Olson (1899-1969) in 1924

Isabella Lydia Widdup (1899-1985)
- married Frederick Arnold Wordsworth (1895-1985) in 1921

Mary Widdup
- married William Alfred Burgess (1880-1965) in 1911

Nora Widdup (1903-1991)
- married Harry Vale Livick (1901-1946) in 1922

WILDEY buried in Christchurch, Canterbury

the WILDEY buried in Dunedin, Otago

the WILDEY buried in Christchurch, Canterbury as at July 2011:

Wildey, Alexander Edward Morton
- born about 1894 in Wellington
- son of Alexander WILDEY & Annie Angel THOMAS
- Alexander was a Carpenter
- he died 20 December 1972 aged 59
- he is buried Plot 78, Block 5 at Memorial Park Christchurch

Wildey, Annie Angel (nee THOMAS)
- born about 1866 in Dunedin
- she married Alexander Wildey in 1885
- they had 5 known children (see at above link)
- Annie lived at Antigua St, Christchurch
- she died 9 Jne 1945 aged 79
- buried Plot 45, Block 5D at Sydenham (with Annie Constance below)

Wildey, Annie Constance
- born about 1878
- daughter of Alexander WILDEY & Annie Angel THOMAS
- Annie died 21 November 1918 (Flu Pandemic ?) aged 26
- she is buried Plot 44, Block 5D at Sydenham (with Annie Angel above)

Wildey, Edna Beryl Antoinnette
- born about 1910 in Christchurch
- Edna died 27 September 1973 aged 63
- she is buried Plot 78, Block 5 at Memorial Park (with Alexander)

Wildey, Graeme Richard
- born about 1922 in Winton
- Graeme died 12 October 2001 aged 79
- he is buried Plot 235, Block 1J at Ruru Lawn Cemetery

Wildey, John Chester
- born about 1916 in Christchurch
- John was a War Amputee
- he died 10 February 1979 aged 63
- he is buried Plot 225, Block 1E at Ruru Lawn Cemetery

Wildey, Lawrence Milford
- born about 1922 in Balclutha
- Lawrence died 15 November 1978 aged 56
- he is buried Plot 28C Southside, Block 1H at Ruru Lawn

Wildey, Murray
- born about 1945 in Christchurch
- Murray worked for the Post Office
- he died 19 December 1975 aged 30
- buried Plot 31, Block 5 at Memorial Park


Benjamin Milton WILDEY





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WILDEY buried in DUNEDIN, Otago

The WILDEY buried in Christchurch, Canterbury as at September 2011

The WILDEY buried in Dunedin cemeteries as at September 2011:


WILDEY, BENJAMIN MILTON - 77 Years - Burial - 10 Apr 1905
- born about 1828 in England
- emigrated about 1862 to Dunedin
- married Catherine Wesen Munro in 1863 in New Zealand
- OCCUPATION: Carpenter
- LAST RESIDENCE: Caversham, Dunedin
- buried Plot 24, Block 131 at SOUTHERN CEMETERY with wife Catherine (nee Munro) & 4 year old son Joseph Wildey (1878-1882)

WILDEY, BENJAMIN MILTON - 95 Years - Cremation - 23 July 1967
- born about 1872
- son of Benjamin WILDEY & Catherine Wesen MUNRO
- OCCUPATION: Horse Trainer
- LAST RESIDENCE: 85 Cannington Rd., Dunedin
- Ashes scattered 26 July 1967

WILDEY, CAREN LOUISE (nee Lyders) - 95 Years - Burial - 17 July 1976
- born about 1882 in New Zealand, daughter of Peter Andrew LYDERS & Maria Louise JENSEN?
- married David Munro Wildey (1881-1939) in 1909
- LAST RESIDENCE: 8 Picardy St., Mornington, Dunedin
- buried Plot 29, Block 152 at ANDERSONS BAY CEMETERY

WILDEY, CATHERINE WASEN (nee Munro) - 85 Years - Burial - 27 May 1926
- born about 1841 in Glasgow, Scotland
- emigrated to Dunedin about 1861/52
- married Benjamin Milton Wildey in 1863
- had 9 known children
- LAST RESIDENCE: 11 Playfair St, Dunedin
- Sburied Plot 24, Block 131 at SOUTHERN CEMETERY with husband Benjamin Wildey & 4 year old son Joseph Wildey (1878-1882)

WILDEY, DAVID MUNRO - 58 Years - Burial - 28 March 1939
- born in Dunedin 1881, son of Benjamin WILDEY & Catherine Wasen MUNRO
- married Caren Louise Lyders in 1909
- OCCUPATION: Bookbinder
- LAST RESIDENCE: 8 Picardy St., Mornington, Dunedin
- buried Plot 27, Block 152 at ANDERSONS BAY CEMETERY

WILDEY, JOHN - 16 Years - Burial - 1 June 1909
- born about 1893, son of Edward Milton WILDEY & Martha Ann OLIVER
- his mother died when he was 6. His father remarried in England in 1908
- OCCUPATION: Printers Apprentce
- LAST ADDRESS: 35 Bradshaw St., Dunedin
- buried Plot 29, Block 5B at SOUTHERN CEMETERY with his mother Martha Ann Wildey (1870-1899)

WILDEY, JOSEPH - 4 Years - Burial - 3 Aug 1882
- born 1878 in Dunedin, son of Benjamin Milton WILDEY & Catherine Wesen MUNRO
- LAST RESIDENCE: Caversham, Dunedin
- buried Plot 24, Block 131 at SOUTHERN CEMETERY with his parents

WILDEY, MARTHA ANN (mee Oliver) - 29 Years - Burial - 10 May 1899
- born about 1870 in England, daughter of Henry Oliver & ?
- emigrated to Dunedin about 1890 when aged 9
- married Edward Milton Wildey in 1890
- had 4 known children
- died in Gordon St., Caversham aged 29
- buried Plot 29, Block 58 at SOUTHERN CEMETERY wit 16 year old son Joweph Wildey (1893-1909)

WILDEY, MARY HELEN - 75 Years - Burial - 28 Jan 1989
- born about 1914 in New Zealand
- LAST ADDRESS: 6 Adian Place, Shirley, Christchurch
- died in Christchurch
- buried Plot 1898, Block 195C at ANDERSONS BAY CEMETERY

WILDEY, MERLE DAVINA - 59 Years - Cremation - 17 Oct 1980
- born about 1921
- Merle had never married
- LAST RESIDENCE: 6 Picardy St., Mornington, Dunedin (see residence of David Munro Wildey)
- died at 85 Cannington Rd., Maori Hill, Dunedin


Benjamin Milton Wildey





the grave of Martha Ann Wildey (nee Oliver 1870-1899) & her 16 year old son John Wildey (1893-1909) at Southern Cemetery Dunedin