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who was Alexander Aaltonen - PETONE

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who was Nurse Caroline HAVERS - Gisborne

who was Nurse Caroline Havers ? (1858-1918)
* her husband was Henry Branston Havers (1858-1943)
- Henry was born in West Ham, Essex
- 28 March 1907 Arbitration Court
... H. B. Havers, gut-house hand, stated he was paid 7s for 8 hours work and was asking 9s
- 23 Sep 1914
... A letter was received from Mr H. B. Havers, Lytton road, complaining about the Council using the old sanitary carts and not washing the pans. It was explained this was necessitated owing to both waggons breaking down at the same time

CAROLINE Havers died 26 Nov 1918 aged 60 (during the Flu Pandemic)
HENRY BRANSTON Havers died 9 Dec 1943 aged 85
- they are buried in Plot 210, Block EC1 at Taruheru cemetery, Gisborne

birth announcements from:
the 'Poverty Bay Herald' (through Papers Past)

8 Sep 1908
"BRANSTON VILLA", 42 Lytton Road,
Certified Nurse (late of Women's Hospital, Melbourne)
Telephone No. 36
NOTE their phone was connected in July 1908

20 Aug 1907 - CAMERON
... On August 20th, at Nurse Havers', the wife of David Cameron of a daughter
1907 - 1980 Alexina Ann Amelia Cameron
- Alexina married ? MULLOOLY
- parents: David Peter CAMERON & Collina CAMERON married in 1894

12 March 1908 - DODS
... On March 11, at Nurse Havers' the wife of H. H. Dods, Mangatu, of a son
1908 - 1956 Allan Engleheart Dods
- parents: Henry Healty DODS married Murielle Frances RICHARDSON in 1900

29 Sep 1908 - GIBSON
... At Nurse Havers', Lytton road, Gisborne, on September 28th, to Mr and Mrs A. E. Gibson, Te Karaka, a daughter
1908 - ? Mary Leah Gibson
- parents: Albert Edward GIBSON married Frances Bertha GREENE in 1907

1 Nov 1909 - PATERSON
... At Nurse Havers', on 30th October, the wife of J. S. Paterson, of a daughter
1909 - 1998 Molly Gwendoline Paterson
- Molly married ? LINKLATER
- parents: James Spiers PATERSON married Margaret Louise DAVIES in 1908

27 July 1910 - BANNISTER
... At Mrs Havers' Nursing Home, Linton road, on 25th, the wife of G. E. Bannister, of a son
1910 - 1918 Keith Ivan Bannister
- parents: George Edwin Josiah BANNISTER married Maud Ivy CHURCH in 1909

31 May 1910 - SHARP
... At Mrs Havers', Lytton road, on May 30, to Mr and Mrs F. G. Sharp, a son
1910 - 1996 Francis Hastings Granville Sharp
- parents: Francis Granville SHARP married Louise Margaret McRUE in 1902
- another son, Basil Rawdon Hastings Sharp, served as NZ401785 with the Royal New Zealand Air Force, 1 Service Flying Training School, Wigram. He died 11 Dec 1940, aged 22, in an aircrat accident.

28 Aug 1910 - RICHARDSON
... At Nurse Havers', Lytton road, on 28th inst., to Mr and Mrs A. Richardson, Tarewa, a son
1910 - 1975 Bruce Arthur Richardson
- parents: Arhtur RICHARDSON married Lillian Olive REYNOLDS in 1909

25 May 1912 - RICHARDSON
... At Nurse Havers', Lytton Road, on 24th May, to Mr and Mrs A. Richardson, Manguhua, Tarewa, a daughter
1912 - 1962 Sheila Hunt Richardson
- parents Arthur & Lillian, as above

6 Oct 1913 - TALBOT
... On October 5th, 1913, at Nurse Haver's, Lytton Road, the wife of J. N. Talbot, Whatatutu, of a daughter
- parents: John Nicholson TALBOT married Milly Issa Martha U'REN in 1911

Nurse Caroline & her husbnad Henry Branston HAVERS
at Taruheru cemetery, Gisborne

Who was Acacia BARLEY - married Leonard Saywell TARRANT 1920

Acacia Barley - unknown birth date or place at this time, married Leonard Saywell Tarrant in 1910
Leonard at the time was aged 46 which could (or not) mean that it was a second marriage for him

Acacia is reported to have died in 1976 which was 54 years after Leonard so she may have remarried in that time

Any information on her, her paretns or any children would be appreciated

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Who was ALBERT STRAWBRIDGE's fiance in Levin, New Zealand 1901?

Albert "HENRY" Strawbridge was killed in action in the Boer War.

He was engaged to be married before he left - do you know her name?

There is a (bad) photo of her you can view by clicking the link under his name

Who was Alfred Whitehead (1856-1917) - Herbertville, New Zealand

I am looking for any information on Alfred Whitehead.

He was born about 1856 - unknown where
He died on the 20th March 1917 aged 61
He was married to Mary Jane Petherick
I would also like info on her - she is not buried at Herbertville

Who was ASAPH GRIFFITHS - UK to Canterbury, NZ 1859

Charles Griffiths aged 35, with his wife Mary aged 30, emigrated to New Zealand on the ZELANDIA, arriving in Lyttelton on November 14th 1859

In the Geraldine District (Canterbury) in 1876-77 a Charles Griffiths had freehold Section 8202, 80 acres, at Orari

With them were 3 children
* 14 year old Eliza Griffiths (sister or daughter ?)
* 7 year old Ephraim Griffiths born 14th June 1852 died 1915 in Timaru - he married Emma Beckingham
* 2 year old Asaph Griffiths

I would very much like to know what happened to Eliza and Asaph
their spouses, lives, burial details etc

Cannot find Asaph Griffiths in the New Zealand BDM so he may have changed his name or he may have died at sea during the voyage ...

who was Catherine ROGUSKY - New Zealand

Adolphus Arthur LYFORD (1879-1972) was born in Kaikoura in 1879
- a son of George LYFORD (1852-1938) & Eleanor Phoebie LYFORD (1854-1935)
- (their fathers were brothers, sons of Lawrence LYFORD & Margaret Helena MAYNE)

Adolphus Arthur Lyford married Catherine ROGUSKY (1877-1963) on 14 June 1900

they had at least 5 children in Waikato & Taranaki

who was Catherine Rogusky??
her parents etc

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Who was Emily Mary Ann Poole Phelps Roberts - NZ

Who was Emily Mary Ann Poole Phelps Roberts?

She was born between 1848 and 1851

I have her as Emily Mary Ann Poole Phelps

the name Poole is unusual and may be a good hint of her mother

I cannot find the Phelps emigrating to New Zealand, maybe you could help
There was a Edgar Phelps from Carterton killed in WW1 whose parents were Charles and Rose Phelps - he was born 1892

But Carterton is a VERY good place for our Emily to be as she married Eli Strawbridge about 1873 and they had 3 children in Carterton from 1872

Emily had a son, Alfred Roberts prior to her marriage to Eli - don't know if she was married to a Mr Roberts or not, but he is reported to have died in 1871

You can find Emily on a couple of sites but nobody mentions anything about her birth place or parents or where she is buried
Most have her written as though Roberts was her maiden name - I don't believe this is true . . as the name Phelps, or even Pool is more likely and that she was using the married name of Roberts when she married Eli Strawbridge

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Who was Emma May Trezise ? - married Charles Bould 1915, Wellington NZ

Charles William Hensman BOULD was born in 1873.
He was a son of Thomas Bould and Georgina Saunders.

He served in the Boer War and in WWI.

He had been married for just 3 months when he was killed in action on the Somme, France

He married Emma May Trezise 28th December 1915 in St Marks Church Wellington.

Emma remarried to William Russell

Who was Emma Trezise?