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Wilfred Smith BADGER 1883 - 1944 New Zealand

During WWI Wilfred Smith Badger was a Reservist (men who were resident in a particular area during the First World War who could be called on for military service)

He was listed as a farmer of Matemateaonga via Eltham - which is in Eastern Taranaki

His father was Wilfred Badger, born 18th Feb 1852 in ROTHERHAM, South Yorkshire, England
- he died 8th Oct 1915 in Christchurch aged 63 of Bulbar Paralysis
- he was living at 429 Gloucester St, Christchurch
- he is buried in PLOT 190, BLOCK 35 of the Linwood Cemetery
- he was a lawyer/solicitor/barrister as were 2 of his brothers, as was his grandfather and 3 of his brothers, as was his father and 2 of his brothers,

His mother was Edith Aldam Stapylton Smith, born 27th Dec 1855 in DONCASTER South Yorkshire England
- she died in Auckland on the 8th Sep 1928 aged 73, 13 years after her husband
- she is buried with him in Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch
- Wilfred and Edith emigrated into Auckland on the Glenlora which left London 0n the 3rd August 1880, arriving in Auckland on the 29th October 1880 (not known at this time if they disembarked at Auckland or if the bargue continued on to Christchurch) - with them were their 1st two sons, Bryan and Ronald

Wilfred's siblings were:
Bryan Smith Badger, born 1879 in Grovedale, Moorgate Road, Rotherham, England
- arrived on the GLENLORA as a 1 year old
- he married Jane Graham of Greiff, Scotland
- he died on 23rd Nov 1946 aged 67 (2 months after brother Ronald)
- he is buried in PLOT 70, BLOCK 21 at Ruru Lawn Cemetery, Christchurch

Ronald Smith Badger, born 1880 in England
- arrived on the GLENLORA as an infant
- he married Sylvia Winifred Eames of Christchurch
- he died on 18th Sep 1946 aged 66
- he is buried in PLOT 63, BLOCK 19 at Ruru Lawn Cemetery

Edith Christine Badger, born 24th Oct 1881 at Vogel street, Stanmore road, Christchurch
- she married Charles Reginald Ford of England
- she died aged 55 in 1937, burial unknown

Eric Smith Badger born 1885 in Christchurch
- he married Gwendoline Isabel Mary Lamb
- he died 29th March 1969, buried at Ashhurst in PLOT 011 - BLOCK 010 with his wife Gwenoline

Henry Smith Badger, born 1887 in Christchurch
- he died in 1957 aged 69, burial unknown

Jessie Stapylton Smith Bagder, born 1889 in Christchurch
- she married Eric Robert Booth
- in 1915 they were farming in Bulls, Manawatu

John Smith Badger, born 2th Dec 1890 in in Gloucester St, Linwood, Christchurch
- he married Harriet Elizabeth Gibb
- he died in 1971 aged 80 in Hamilton, Waikato - burial unknown

Archibald "LIONEL" Smith Badger, born 1893 in Christchurch
- he was a Rifleman, Serial Number 24/39, with the New Zealand Training Unit
- he died on the 4th July 1915 (3 months before his father) at the Trentham Racecourse Camp (scroll to end)
- he was buried in PLOT 125 P PUBLIC2 SECTION of the Karori Cemetery Wellington on the 6th July 1915

Kathleen Adlam Smith Badger, born 1895 in Christchurch
- she married Oswald Fyffe Lamb
- she died Xmas Day 1988 aged 93 in Auckland, her ashes are buried PLOT 095 ROW 32 BLOCK J at Purewa Cemetery

William STALLARD & Amelia DEMENT - Nelson

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William ABSOLUM + Catherine LESLIE, Otahuhu 1860s

...... the family of
William ABSOLUM (1822-1900) of Berkshire England
...........and of
Catherine 'Kate' LESLIE (1833-1899) of County Sligio, Ireland

William Absolum was a sailor (especially whaling boats) and had been to New Zealand a number of times.
As he married in Auckland in 1850 he was a settler prior to that date ..

Catherine 'Kate' Leslie was a daughter of William LESLIE and Ann CORRIGAN of Ireland who emigrated into Auckland on the ANN, leaving Gravesend 5 Oct 1847, Belfast Xmas Day 1847, and arriving 18 May 1848

William and Kate married in Otahuhu in 1850 - making them very early settlers
Their children, all born in Otahuhu, were:
... 1
1851 - 1905 Sarah Anne Absolum
- married Henry James BELL in 1872
their known children:
* 1873 - Clara Elizabeth Bell
* 1876 - William James Bell
* 1878 - Walter Henry Bell
* 1880 - Harold Leslie Bell
* 1881 - Kate Bell
* 1884 - Alice Bell
* 1886 - Frank Norman Bell
* 1887 - Ernest Bell
SARAH ANNE Bell died in Mangapiko, Te Awamutu aged 54
- she is buried in Pirongia

... 2
1852 - 1852 Robert Absolum
- died an infant

... 3
1855 - 1924 Annie Absolum
- married John William SOMMER in 1884
their known children:
* 1891 - Carl William Leslie Sommer
- they moved to Sydney, Australia
ANNIE Sommer died in St Peters, Sydney 7 June 1924 aged 69

... 4
1857 - 1924 Abraham Absolum
- married Georgina BAKER in 1882
their known children:
* 1887 - Harry Hunt Absolum (+ Eileen Annie Perrin Owens)
* 1889 - 1952 Adelaide Margaret Absolum (+ William Platt)
* 1892 - 1985 Dorothy Georgina Absolum (+ Benjamin Bousfield Creagh)
ABRAHAM Absolum died in Otahuhu 19 June 1924 aged 67

... 5
1859 - 1945 William Absolum
- married Mary HASLETT in 1887
their known children:
* 1889 - Walter Russell Absolum
* 1893 - 1973 William Leonard Absolum
* 1899 - 1985 Nellie Mildred Absolum (+ Frank Leslie Kneebone)
WILLIAM Absolum died in Otahuhu 7 October 1945 aged 86

... 6
1862 - 1940 Kate Absolum
- married John HUNT in 1882
their known children:
* 1891 - Henry Farley Hunt
* 1893 - Marjorie Christina Hunt
* 1897 - Marianne Yvonne Hunt
* 1901 - Farley John Hunt
KATE Hunt died 1940 aged 78

... 7
1864 - 1933 Robert Leslie Absolum
- married Charlotte Mary HUXTABLE in 1884
- daughter of John Reid Huxtable & Charlotte Mary JEWILL
their known children:
* 1885 - 1957 Reginald Oswald Absolum
* 1887 - 1943 Olive Kate Absolum
* 1889 - 1890 Fanny Gertrude Absolum (aged 11 months)
* 1890 - 1959 William John Absolum
* 1893 - 1974 Hilda Gertrude Absolum
* 1900 - 1924 Alice Roberta Absolum
* 1902 - 1953 Rita Leslie Absolum
* 1905 - 1987 Clarice Elva Absolum
* 1908 - 109 Elsie Jewel Absolum (aged 3 months)
ROBERT LESLIE Absolum died in Otahuhu 19 December 1933 aged 69

... 8
1867 - 1960 George Latimer Absolum
- married Ida Violet LENNARD in 1903
their known children:
* 1906 - Ida Absolum
* 1908 - Iris Tangiwai Absolum
* 1910 - John Lennard Absolum
GEORGE LATIMER Absolum died 7 June 1960 in Otahuhu aged 93

... 9
1868 - 1869 Fanny Gertrude Absolum
FANNY GERTRUDE Absolum died in Otahuhu 12 April 1869 aged 9 months

... 10
1870 - 1920 Walter Ernest Absolum
- married Kathleen Agaha GILLIES in 1898
their known children:
* 1899 - 1969 Leslie Hubert Absolum
* 1901 - Kathleen Marjorie Mary Absolum
* 1903 - 1980 Walter Ernest Absolum
* 1906 - 1996 Raymond Gillies Absolum
WALTER ERNEST Absolum died aged 2 weeks from 50

... 11
1872 - 1955 Nellie Christina Absolum
- married Harry Woodward WILLIAMS in 1901
NELLIE CHRISTINA Williams died 11 October 1955 aged 82

... 12
1875 - 1963 Hubert Graham Absolum
- married Violet Beatrice May BENSON in 1911
HUBERT GRAHAM Absolum died 23 March 1963 in Papakura aged 88

DAILY SOUTHERN CROSS 8th February 1859
IMPOUNDED at the Public Pound Otahuhu, by W. Absolum, for trespass in his Grass Paddock at Otahuhu, 1 Yellow Poley Cow, Grey Face, White Belly. Branded EL off ribbs, R (in diamond) near Rump x near Ribs. Owner unknown. No damages claimed. If not claimed within 11 days after the date of this notice, application will be made to a Justice of the Peace for an order for the Sale of the above mentioned Cow, agreeably to the provisions of the Impounding Act, 1856J. HALL, Pound Keeper

STRAYED, from Flat Bush, and last seen at Scotch Church, four EWES and three LAMBS - Apply to MR ABSOLUM, Otahuhu

TENDERS will be received on SATURDAY next and until WEDNESDAY, the 11th inst., for the ERECTION of a DWELLING-HOUSE, at Otahuhu for Mr W. Absolum.
Plans and pecifications can be seen at Mr W. McCAUL'S, High-street
R.S. ANDERSON, Architect. N.B.- Not bound to receive the lowest tender

LOST, a Chestnut PONY, about 14? hands high - marked on the near shoulder black, like an N - on the 21st August, at Papakura, the property of Sergeant MAXWELL, C.T.C.. - ?1 reward will be given to any one who will leave the same with Mr WM. ABSOLUM, Otahuhu

DAILY SOUTHERN CROSS 15 September 1863
An Auckland Provincial Gazette was published yesterday. There is a proclamation setting apart land for immigrants expected to arrive. There is a notification declaring the Highways Act to be in full force in the North Tamaki district. Sailing directions for entering the port of Invercargill are published. The Supreme Court is to sit on the 29th inst. under the Debtors and Creditors' Act for the hearing of petition in the matters of William Pritchard; Sir Samuel Osborne Gibbes; and Richard Jame Hunt. The following accepted tenders are published:-
Carting scoria ash to Otahuhu, William Absolum 3s 8d per cubic yard
cutting bush road (six miles), Great North Road, Burns and Chaplin, 5s per chain
erecting toll house at Newmarket, John Booth, ?187 15s ($18,587 in Sept 2009)
working and keeping repair in the Panmure punt and boat from the 1st September till 31st December, Robert Robertson, ?15 10s per month

The following are the names of the ratepayers, with the assessed value of property and amount of rate
W. Absolum ?810 - ?1 13s 9d
(In November 2009) this was: property value $76,784 - annual rates of $107

A PUBLIC MEETING of COUNTRY SETTLERS of the Electoral Districts of Raglan and Franklin will be held at 4 o'clock on TUESDAY, the 14th instant, at the Criterion Hotel, Otahuhu, for the purpose of taking into consideration the working of Provincial Government, so far as regards the Country InteresT of the Province
John Scott
William Absolum
Mathew Fleming
H. S. Andrews
Richard McGee
J. Gordon
C. A. Bowden
W. T. Bassett
H. W. Vercoe
Charles Shepherd
William Hall
Samuel Luke
E. P. Donnelly
John Wallace

THE TRIANGLE For sale on Tuesday, December, at two o'clock, unless previously disposed of, 20 ACRES of MOWING GRASS, in one or more lots (a heavy crop), now growing on Mr J. W. Hall's Farm at Mangere. - Apply to Mr WILLIAM ABSOLUM, or to ALFRED BUCKLAND

In common with the other country villages, Otahuhu held out sport and entertainments of no mean order on Monday to all who willed to visit the charming village of the South ... the various events were duly announced and successflly carried out under the able and energetic management of Messrs. C. Goodwill, W. Absolum, H. Scurrah and T. Rogers, in the ground known as the Village Green, situated between the Star and Criterion Hotels. Seldom has Otahuhu been graced with so much beauty and fashion as on this occasion ...

The first attempt at boiling down in this province took place at the company's establishment on Tuesday last. .. The mustering-yards and killing-house are so arranged and situated that there is no time lost, or unnecessary labour employed, in placing the meat in the boiling-down vat ... the building is well ventilated to allow the fat to cool as quickly as possible ... the company have entered into an agreement with Mr W. Absolum to take all the hind legs, at 2? per lb ...

see also Pirongia Bells posted 21 Jan 2014 by David Bell, includes photo of William

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William ADAMS & Emma DIXON - Masterton

WILLIAM ADAMS and Emma Dixon were the first white couple to be married in Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand

They married in 1854 and had 16 children - 8 boys and 8 girls, all born in Masterton.
I am still researching and adding these children

Emma arrived in New Zealand on the 'Arab'

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William ALDERMAN & Sarah Jane WEST - Hawkes Bay, Manawatu

William Alderman (1848-1912)
married Sarah Jane West (1862-1929) in 1884

their (known) children were:
1885 - Lucy

1886 - Ada Harriet

1887-1948 William - orchardist
- served in WWI as a Rifleman
- serial number 20072
- NZRB, 10th Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company
- embarked 19-8-1916 for Devonport, England on the Aparima
- mother: Mrs W. Alderman, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay
- married Annie Jane Trethewey (1882-1960) in 1929
- she was a daughter of Robert & Selina Trethewey

1889-1964 Richard
- married Bessie Franklin in 1917
- a daughter of Walter Franklin & Emily Williams

1890-1891 Frederick
- died aged 11 months
- he is buried at the Old Gorge Cemetery in Woodville

1894-1929 Arthur - clerk
- married Annie Jones in 1916
- served in WWI as a Corporal
- serial number 49135
- NZEF, 27th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company
- embarked 12-6-1917 for Devonport, England on the Tahiti
- next of kin: wife Annie, Don Bank Private Hotel, Wellington

1896-1897 Joseph
- Joseph died at 5 months

1898-1899 Donald OR Daniel Robert
- he died aged 6 months

1902-1980 Thomas Robert

1904- 1904 Ernest
- Ernest died aged 5 days

William Anderson STOUT + Louisa Helen STRACHAN, Dunedin

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William BEAUMONT + Frances Polynesia JAGGER

William BEAUMONT (1844-1920)
was born in Portadown, Armagh, Ireland 9 March 1844
he died in Auckland 19 January 1920 aged 75
Auckland Star, 19 January 1920 An old and highly-esteemed resident of Auckland, Mr William Beaumont, died at his residence, Argyle Street, Ponsonby, after a very brief illness early this morning, aged 74 years. Mr Beaumont was for very many years an active member of the Methodist Church, and in his earlier days did good work as a local preacher. He was associated with the late Mr W. H. Smith in founding the Helping hand Mission in Freeman's Bay, which subsequently was taken over by the Methodist Church. Mr Beaumont was a native of the North of Ireland, and came to Auckland in the early sixties. After being employed in various business capacities, he was engaged by Messrs Reed and Brett in 1871, on the staff of the 'Auckland Star," and continued in the capacity of business manager until failing health resulted in his retirement on superannuation at the end of 1913. Mr Beaumont was present at the Jubilee gathering of the staff of the "Auckland Star" last Thursday week, and on their behalf presented the congratulatory address to the proprietors. Mr Beaumont then appeared to be in good health and spirits. Last week, however, he over-exerted himself in the garden, and suffered a collapse from which he never recovered, gradually sinking, until death tool place peacefully this morning. Mr Beaumont married Miss Jagger, and is survived by his widow and an adult family. A thoroughly upright man, and a faithful friend, Mr Beaumont was very popular, both in business circles as manager of the "Auckland Star," and also with his fellow-members of the Staff

Frances Polynesia JAGGER (1844-1925)
was born in Rewa, Fiji
she died in Auckland 21 February 1925 aged 80
Auckland Star, 23 February 1925 An old resident of Ponsonby, Mrs Frances Polynesia Beaumont, died at her residence, Argyle Street, Herne Bay, on Saturday, in the 81st year of her age. The interment took place at Waikaraka Cemetery this afternoon. She was the widow of the late Mr William Beaumont, who was for many years commercial manager of the Auckland 'Star'. He was connected with the 'Star' form early days, and only retired when advancing years rendered rest imperative. An adult family survive their parents.

William & Frances married in New Zealand 17 May 1867
they had 11 children:

... 1
1868 - 1949 Richard Wentworth Beaumont
Richard was a Gardener
spouse not found
RICHARD WENTWORTH Beaumont died 1 September 1949 in Auckland aged 81
- his ashes were scattered from Waikumete

... 2
1870 - 1875 Evelyn Frances Beaumont
born in Auckland 12 April 1870
EVELYN FRANCES Beaumont died 10 March 1875 aged 4.11
Daily Southern Cross, 12 March 1875 BEAUMONT - On March 10, at her father's residence, Collingwood-street, Evelyn Frances, eldest daughter of Wm. Beaumont; aged 4 years and 11 months. The funeral will take place this (Friday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. Friends are invited.

... 3
1872 - 1930 Edith Mary Beaumont
born in Auckland 18 April 1872
Edith didn't marry
EDITH MARY Beaumont died 28 December 1930 aged 58

... 4
1874 - 1942 Leona May Beaumont
born in Collingwood street, Freemans Bay, Auckland 5 May 1874
Leona married Albert Victor FURNESS (1882-1932) in 1907
ALBERT died 14 July 1932 in Auckland aged 50
Auckland Star, 18 July 1932 The funeral of Mr Albert V. Furness at Waikumete on Saturday afternoon was very largely attended by commercial men of the city. The family has had many letters and telegrams expressing sympathy from all parts of the province. Mr Furness was in France for about two and a half years, and was wounded at the battle of Ypres. On his return he resumed his position with Messrs A. J. Entrican, Ltd., and had been a director of the firm for several years past. His wife was Miss Leona Beaumont, daughter of the late Mr William Beaumont, the former business manager of the 'Auckland Star'
LEONA MAY Furness died 22 October 1942 aged 68
- they are buried WESLEY DIVISION C Row 2, Plot 18 at Waikumete

... 5
1876 - William Melville Beaumont
born in Auckland
William Melville Beaumont possibly died in Orange, NSW

... 6
1878 - 1943 Alfred Leslie Beaumont
Alfred was a Draper
spouse not found
In July 1910 Alfred was a visitor to the NZ pavilion at Shepherd's Bush, London
Alfred served in WWI as Private 26771 with the NZEF, 17th Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Battalion, A Company. He embarked from Wellington 25 Sep 1916 (with brother Harold) listing his next of kin as his sister Evelyn of 18 Argyle Street, Ponsonby, Auckland
Auckland Star, 9 September 1931 Knocked down by a motor car near Wallace Street, Herne Bay, yesterday afternoon, Mr A. L. Beaumont, aged 54 of 18 Argyle Street, Herne Bay, had his arm broken. he was taken to Auckland Hospital
New Zealand Herald, 20 March 1939 Mr Alfred Leslie Beaumont, aged 61, of 28 Argyle Street, Herne Bay, suffered an injury to the shoulder when he slipped and fell at a picnic at Pine Island yesterday
ALFRED LESLIE Beaumont died 1 September 1943 in Auckland aged 65
he is buried SOLDIERS BURIAL A Row 4a, Plot 16 at Waikumete

... 7
1880 - 1944 Ethel Madge Beaumont
born in Auckland 27 April 1880, Madge was her the name of her paternal grandmother
Ethel married Joshua Cobden KEESING (1865-1945) in 1900
Ethel next married Thomas? LUXTON
ETHEL MADGE Luxton died 19 August 1944 aged 64
- they were cremated at Waikumete

... 8
1882 - 1965 Evelyn Florence Beaumont
born in Auckland 29 April 1882
spouse not found
EVELYN FLORENCE Beaumont died 8 December 1966 aged 84

... 9
1884 - 1972 Muriel Constance Beaumont
born in Auckland 30 June 1884
Muriel married Edward Lester METHERELL Christmas Eve 1914
Auckland Star, 16 January 1915 METHERELL-BEAUMONT - On December 24 1914, at the residence of the brides parents, Edward Lester, son of the late William Edward Metherell of South Norwood, England and Auckland, to Muriel Constance, daughter of William Beaumont, of Argyle Street, Ponsonby
MURIEL CONSTANCE Metherell died 2 May 1972 aged 87 (a widow)
- she was cremated at Waikumete

... 10
1887 - 1976 Clara Lillian Beaumont
born in Auckland 22 December 1887
Clara married Keith Anthony Wallace MacKENZIE (1892-Oct 1976) in 1919
Auckland Star, 13 August 1919 MACKENZIE-BEAUMONT - On July 21, at St Peter's Church, by the Rev Haselden, Keith Anthony Wallace, son of Dr. F. Wallace Mackenzie of Wellington, to Clara Lillian, daughter of William Beaumont of Auckland
CLARA LILLIAN MacKenzie died 25 June 1976 aged 88

... 11
1890 - 1943 Harold Leonard 'Sam' Beaumont
Harold was a Clerk, he didn't marry
he served in WWI as Private 26770 with the NZEF, 17th Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Battalion, A Company. He embarked from Wellington 25 Sep 1916 (with brother Alfred) listing his next of kin as his sister Edith of 18 Argyle Street, Ponsonby, Auckland
HAROLD LEONARD 'Sam' Beaumont died 6 August 1943 in Auckland aged 53
Auckland Star, 7 August 1943 BEAUMONT - On August 6, at his residence, 28 Argyle Street, Herne bay, Harold Leonard (Sam), son of the late William and Frances beaumont. Funeral leaves the above address 11 a.m., Monday for Waikumete
he is buried SOLDIERS BURIAL G Row 3, Plot 2A at Waikumete

Mr Arthur R. BRETT reminiscences: earliest days of the 'Auckland Star' when the press was a primitive little machine of the flat-bed type, operated by hand ...

William BROCKLEBANK & Frances Hodgman TYREE - Dunedin

William BROCKLEBANK was born ?
(unknown where or when, under research. Can you help?)
- William was a Carpenter
Up to 1876 he was a member of the Dunedin Young Men's Christian Association
Otago Daily Times, 15 July 1909, A man named William Brocklebank, a carpenter, residing at Duddingston (a farm in North Taieri), North-East Valley, while working on the roof of a house in Calder street on Monday, fell to the ground and sustained a fracture of the right arm. He was attended by Dr Fleming and afterwards conveyed to the Hospital

Frances Hodgman TYREE was born 1861 in Victoria, Australia
- she arrived in New Zealand when she was about 3
- she died in Dunedin 11 May 1926 aged 65
- her last address was 841 Cumberland St, Dunedin
she is buried in PLOT 2, BLOCK 126A at Northern Cemetery with Edward George Tyree (1878-1952) ??
(3 of Frances's brothers were into photography. James Tyree, Alfred Tyree (1856-1936) & Frederick Jeremiah Tyree (1867-1924)

William and Frances married in New Zealand in 1881
their known children:
... 1
1883 - ? Caroline Frances May Brocklebank

- Caroline married William CAMPBELL in 1912
- nothing else known

... 2
1889 - 1900 Winifred Rose Brocklebank

- born Dunedin
- Winifred died 23 October aged 11
- buried PLOT 1, BLOCK 126A at Northern cemetery
- Winifred is buried with:
Ann Catherine Tyree (1833-1885)
Edward George Tyree (1824-1896)
Frederick Tyree (1831 -1903)
William Tyree (1820-1889)

... 3
1891 - 1917 William Holcroft Brocklebank

- born in Dunedin
- served as Driver 5/7 with NZ Army Service Corps, Samoan Advance Party
- enlisted from Devon St, New Plymouth
- NEXT OF KIN; father, William Brocklebank, Cumberland St Dunedin
- embarked from Wellington 15 August 1914
William re-enlisted (in Sydney, Australia) 8 Sep 1916 aged 25
- NEXT OF KIN; mother, F. H. Brocklebank, 841 Cumberland Street, Dunedin
- served as Private 7196 with 2nd Battalion, 24th Reinforcement
- in Feb 1915 he was reported with Jaundice in Samoa
- embarked from Sydney, NSW, on board RMS OSTERLEY on 10 February 1917
William was KILLED IN ACTION 13 October 1917 at Passchendaele, Ypres, Belgium
- Buried Plot II, Row D, Grave 14 at Ypres, Belgium

... 4
1896 - 1984 John Herbert Brocklebank

- born 7 July 1896
- John was a Drycleaner
- he served in WWI as Trooper 7/1967 with NZEF, 9th Reinforcements Canterbury Mounted Rifles, C Squadron
- embarked from Wellington 8 Jan 1916 on the HMNZT 37, Maunganui for Suez, Egypt
- NEXT OF KIN was his mother at 841 Cumberland Street, Dunedin,
- he married Miriam Myrtle BARBER in 1922
Miriam was a daughter of Stephen BARBER (1860-1939) & Margaret Alice WHELAN (1862-1943)
- Miriam died 27 March 1964 aged 63
- her last address was 7 Tahuna Rd, Dunedin
- she is buried with her parents PLOT 64, BLOCK 153 Andersons Bay cemetery
- John died 20 years later, 1 October 1984 aged
- his last address was Karitane Rest Home in Dunedin
- his ashes at Soldiers Interment Andersons Bay

... 5
1904 - 1988 Norris Athol Brocklebank

- born 31 August 1904
Norris in the Electoral Rolls:
1935 - Dunedin Central
1938 - Dunedin Central
1946 - Oamaru, Otago
1954 - Oamaru, Otago
1957 - Waitaki, Otago
1963 - Waitaki, Otago
1972 - Oamaru, Dunedin
1978 - Waitaki, Dunedin
1981 - Waitaki, Otago
1969 - Oamaru, Otago
- Norris died aged 84
Photo Albums of Norris Athol Brocklebank. 1910-1919 Albums of scenes of New Zealand, and one album of shipboard life and views of Canada and England

do you know more on this family ??

William Brocklebank at Potijze Chateau Grounds Cemetery

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