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William SHAKESPEARE & the tragedy of MacBETH

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (baptised 26 April 1564 - died 23 April 1616) was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist.

He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".
His surviving works, including some collaborations, consist of about 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and several other poems.
His plays have been translated into every major living language and are performed more often than those of any other playwright.[3]

Shakespeare was born and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon.
At the age of 18 he married Anne HATHAWAY, with whom he had three children: Susanna, and twins Hamnet and Judith.

Between 1585 and 1592, he began a successful career in London as an actor, writer, and part owner of a playing company called the Lord Chamberlain's Men, later known as the King's Men. He appears to have retired to Stratford around 1613, where he died three years later. Few records of Shakespeare's private life survive, and there has been considerable speculation about such matters as his physical appearance, sexuality, religious beliefs, and whether the works attributed to him were written by others.
... read a lot more at the above link

One of my favourite Shakespeare tragedy is his play MacBETH
Over the centuries, the play has attracted some of the greatest actors in the roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. It has been adapted to film, television, opera, novels, comic books, and other media.


... picture the scene, a dark cave, in the middle is a Caldron boiling and bubbling, thunder crashing outside. Enter three Witches

Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd.
Thrice and once, the hedge-pig whin'd.
Harpier cries:'tis time! 'tis time!
Round about the caldron go;
In the poison'd entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone,
Days and nights has thirty-one;
Swelter'd venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i' the charmed pot!
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
Scale of dragon; tooth of wolf;
Witches' mummy; maw and gulf
Of the ravin'd salt-sea shark;
Root of hemlock digg'd i the dark;
Liver of blaspheming Jew;
Gall of goat, and slips of yew
Sliver'd in the moon's eclipse;
Nose of Turk, and Tartar's lips;
Finger of birth-strangled babe
Ditch-deliver'd by a drab,
Make the gruel thick and slab:
Add thereto a tiger's chaudron,
For the ingrediants of our caldron.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon's blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.

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William SMART & Sarah WILLSON had 14 children - Moulten Northamptonshire - New Zealand

WILLIAM SMART was born 1805 in Moulton, Northamptonshire, England

He married SARAH WILLSON in Moulton, on the 11th November 1830
- Sarah was born 1810 in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire.

They had 12 children in Moulten.
They emigrated to New Zealand on the RANDOLPH arriving in Lyttelton on the 16th December 1850
They had 2 more children in Riccardton, Christchurch

- those born in Moulten:

Edmund Smart 18 Sep 1831 - 1919
- he married 1. Sarah Jane COX (1835-1920) in 1853
- he married Sarah when he was 22 & she was 18
- they and had 6 children
- he married 2. Frances MEEK (1829-1888) in 1873
- he married Frances when he was 42 & she was 44
- no children
- Frances was previously married to William Thomas PENTECOST and had 9 children. The first, Isaac Henry Pentecost, married Edmund's daughter Clara Jane SMART and the second, Frances Sophia Pentecost, married Edmund's brother Enon
- he married 3. Jane Susannah UREN (nee WALKER) (1842-1918) in 1899
- he married Jane when he was 68 & she was 57
- no children
- Jane was previously married to John Ellis Uren (1834-1896) in Victoria, Australia in 1861 and had 10 children. John was born 16 Feb 1834 in Madron, Cornwall to John UREN and Elizabeth ELLIS. He arrived in Victoria on the "Indiana" in July 1857. He died in Christchurch in 1896 aged 62.
- A daughter of John Ellis & Jane Susannah Uren, Elizabeth Jane Uren, (born 1862 in Ballart - died 1901 in NZ) married William Matthews JARDEN (1859-1903) in 1883

Amon "Itaman" Smart 1 Dec 1832 - 25 Jan 1913
- buried Tempelton Christchurch
- he married Ann BAKER in 1873 - no children
- he married Mary Elizabeth LINKWATER in 1906 - no children

Amos Smart 13 Feb 1834 - 14 Sept 1915
- buried Balcaim, Rangiora
- married Margaret HULCUP 4 Aug 1856 St Michael's Christchurch
- they had 14 children

Amey Smart 13 Oct 1835 - 9 March 1896 buried Timaru
- married Charles BOURN 20th May 1852 in St Michael's Christchurch
- they had 17 children
- (Charles had arrived on the same ship as a 21 year old)

Horton "Acton" Smart 22 Jan 1837 - 10 June 1877
- buried Barbadoes Christchurch
- (didn't marry) Rosanna NEAL and had 5 children
- she is buried as Rosanna JOHNSON, the surname of her husband whom she married in 1856

Eliza Smart 29 May 1839 - 12 Aug 1901
- buried St Saviours, Templeton
- married William ELLIS 30 Dec 1858 Wesleyan Church Christchurch
- they had 10 children

Enos Smart 23 Jan 1841 - 22 May 1933
- buried Park St Napier
- married Elizabeth IRELAND Register General's Office Ashley, Clinton
- they had 4 chidren

Enon Smart 9 Feb 1842 - ?
- married Frances Sophia PENTECOST on 9 March 1874 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Christchurch
- they had 5 children
- (see the notes at brother Edmund above)

Enoch Smart 16 Aug 1844 - 10 March 1907
- buried St Saviours, Templeton
- married Margaret GOODWIN 1 May 1867 St Peters Church in Riccarton, Christchurch
- they had 12 children

Elijah Page Smart 16 April 1846 - 5 Dec 1930
- buried Burkes Pass
- married Mary GREIG (Gregg) on 28 August 1878 in the residence of Mr Andrew BURNETT in Timaru
- they had 8 children

Eli Perkins Smart 17 Jan 1848 - 23 Sep 1938
- buried Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville
- married Mary COGAN on 25 October 1872 at St Peters Church in Riccarton, Christchurch
- they adopted 2 children

William Wilson Smart 22 March 1850 - 31 March 1935
- buried Havelock North
- married Mary MOODY on 18 July 1877 in Kaiapoi
- they had 7 children

- those born in Riccarton, Christchurch:

Emily Smart 8 Jan 1852 - 7 June 1894
- buried Old Waimate
- married George DEANS on 21 July 1879 at St Marys Church School in Timaru
- they had 8 children
(after her death George married her neice Sarah Ann ELLIS on 27 July 1910 in Dunedin - no children)

George Thomas Smart 1 Sep 1853 - 28 June 1896
- buried Linwood, Christchurch
- married Isabella McDONALD 24 January 1878 at the St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Christchurch
- they had 9 children

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William SPEARINK 1823-1903 (died in Featherston New Zealand)

William Spearnik was born in 1823
- do not know where he was from, can you help?

He was in Wellington by 1860:
17th April 1860

William was on the List Of Names Drawn For the Militia as a labourer in the River Hutt (Hutt Valley, Wellington area)

16th February 1872

The annual meeting of the ratepayers of the Featherston Road District was held at the Court-house, Featherston on the 10th inst.
There was a very good attendance, which is usual when question affecting the breeches-pocket are disicussed.
Mr Pharazyn was voted to the chair and the accounts for the past year were duly audited and passed
The state ment showed that 157 8s 7d had been received from the Provincial Government and 87 13s 8d collected in rates; and that there was a balance in hand of 60 10s 7d, which, it was estimated, with the amount due from the Government, would pay for the works now under construction
The following were elected the Board of Wardens, viz, Messrs
Two or three of the members of the old board were proposed buth they declined to serve on the ground that it was hardly worth while to elect a new board for the short time it would have to act


Christmas Cheer
The customary Christmas show of meat by the butchers (in Wellington) took place last evening and as usual attracted a large number of sight-seers
In Mr Luxford`s shop, Manners-street was to be seen the largest beef in town. One large ox, bred by Isaiah Pureto, weighed 1,760lbs (800kg).
The display in Messrs Barbers` shops was considered by many to be the finest of the night
... in sheep the finest specimans were three Romney marsh breed, averaging 140lbs
... 5 Leicesters, bred by Mr Spearnik of Featherston, averaged 110lbs (50kg)

3rd May 1899

- WAIRARAPA NEWS - Featherston This Day
In the election yesterday for a Commissioner for the vacancy on the Town Board, Mr W. Spearnik was returned by 29 votes to Mr C Burt`s 16. Very little interest was manifested in the election, only 45 votes recorded out of 160
- OF NOTE William`s son in law was a Burt ..

18th October 1899

160 ACRES of FIRST CLASS LAND, with an eight-roomed house, dairy, barn and stables, situate at South Featherston and two miles from the Featherston Railway Staion. Cheese Factory adjoining the property. For full particulars, apply to
Mr M. J. H. JACKSON - South Feathersotn
or to Mr W. SPEARINK - Featherston

7th January 1903

The Friends of the late Mr William Spearnik are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral which will leave the residence of Mr Murray J. H. Jackson, Featherson, on Thursday 8th January 1903; at 1.30pm
- A. DONALD - Undertaker
NOTE Mr Murray James Hamilton Jackson 1849-1935

In April 1903 William`s (deceased) estate was valued at 1483 - equivalent to April 2009 to $226,910.

William married Harriett Dobson in 1852, in Berkshire, England
- he was aged 29

He married Ellen Jane Dillon in Featherston 1878
- he was aged 55
- he was her 3rd husband
- her 1st was Edward Mathews, married Auckland 1866
- her 2nd was William McNassar, married Auckland 1870
(I would like info on William McNassar)
- Ellen was a daughter of Thomas Dillon and Eleanor Nowell of Bath, Somerset who emigrated to New Zealand

He married Maria Ewart (OR Hewitt) in 1884
- he was aged 61

From correspondence from Peter Dillon it is possible that William was married a 4th time ...

Of his marriages only one child has been found so far - that of Wilhelmina Mary Helena "Polly Spearnik (1881-1917)
- Polly married Kenneth Earl Burt (1876-1943) in 1902
- Kenneth was a son of WIlliam Burt and Rebecca Copelane
- after Wilhelmina's death in 1917, Kenneth remarried to Emma Charlotte Newman in 1919

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William SPINLEY + Emily WILHAM - Auckland 1800s

William SPINLEY was born in 1868
- he was a Coach Builder in Queen St, Auckland
- he married Emily WILHAM in 1890
- they lived in Auckland

- they had 3 children:
1892-1973 William Henry Barker Spinley
- William married Arabella STANCLIFFE in 1918

1893-1893 Clarence Percy Spinley
- Clarence died aged 10 months

1895-1966 Lucy Doris Spinley
- Lucy married George Haye Friend HYNES in 1919

In August 1892 William wrote this testimonial to the makers of HITCHEN BLOOD RESTORER:
... Karangahape Road, Auckland, August 25th, 1892
In justice to you I think it only right that others should know what a wonderful change has been effected in me by the use of Hitchen`s Blood Restorer, In Janury, 1890, when in Melbourne, I caught a severe cold, and had to lay up for five months. Several doctors whom I consulted told me that before I could recover I must run the risk of having an operation performed on my liver, that no medicine they could give me would do any good. I came back to Auckland and consulted several medical men, who said they could not do me any good, but advised me to go into the country. I went to Helensville, where I met Mr Bassett. He advised me to take Hitchen`s Blood Restorer, saying, "It cured me when I had been informed that there was no hope for me". I am glad that I took his advise, for I am to-day thoroughly cured, and can do a day`s work as well as even I did in my life. Anyone wishing to verify the above statements can find me any working day at Mr Adler`s Coach Factory, Upper Queen Street, when I will be happy to give a detailed statement. - I remain, faithfully yours, WILLIAM SPINLEY, Body-maker. I certify the above to be correct - H.A. ADLER, Coach-builder

- that ad was rerun in the Bay of Plenty Times in February 1895
- William died aged 27 in September 1895
- the ad may suggest cause of death
- his new daughter Lucy was then 8 months old

Emily remarried in 1900 to Joseph Frederick SOFFE (1862-1929)
- Joseph was a plasterer in Auckland

- they had 2 known cildren:
1901-1935 Reginald Clarence Joseph
- Reginald died aged 33 in 1935
- he is buried in Waikumete

1904-1922 Violet Verona Soffe
- Violet died aged 18 in 1922
- she is buried with her brother Reginald

William Stewart ALGIE + Mary Elizabeth SEMPLE Alfredton, Wairarapa 1880s

Alfredton is a Farming Community 18km west of Eketahuna

William Stewart ALGIE was born 14 June 1853 in Ireland
Mary Elizabeth/Eliza SEMPLE was born 1 June 1854 in Galway, Ireland
William & Mary married about 1877 in Killen, County Tyrone, Ireland
They had a son John Algie in Tyrone in 1878
When John was about 5 months old they registered to emigrate to New Zealand.
They sailed from London 17 July 1879 on the Zealandia, arriving into Wellington 3 months later on 17 October 1879
They then arrived in Castlepoint, Wairarapa.
They worked on a Farm at Tinui, and from there they purchased a property "Hillside' Saunders Road, Alfredton and were sheep farmers there

- they had 8 children in New Zealand

... 1
1878 - 1937 John Algie
- born 31 October 1878 in Ireland
- he married Agnes HILLAS (1883-1951) in 1910
- they were Farmers in Masterton Rd, Pahiatua
JOHN ALGIE died 24 July 1937 aged 58
AGNES ALGIE died 3 August 1951 aged 68
- they are buried Grave 25 & 26, Block 2 at Mangatainoka
- the inscription reads:
In loving memory of
John, beloved husband of Agnes Algie
died 23rd July 1937, aged 58 years
And Agnes, died 3rd Aug 1951, aged 68 years

... 2
1880 - 1929 William Algie
- born 4 September 1880 in Waihoke Valley, Eketahuna
- William married Olive 'Elsie' EDMONDS (1893-1964) in Eketahuna 1915
Wairarapa Daily Times, 14 June 1915 A wedding was celebrated at St Aidan's Church, Alfredton, on Wednesday last, the contracting parties being Miss Olive Elsie Edmonds, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs George Edmonds, Alfredton, and Mr WIlliam Algie, second son of Mr and Mrs W. S. Algie, Saunders road
- Olive was a daughter of Albert George Edmonds and Emily Elizabeth DOWSETT
- Olive's brother Arthur Stanley Edmonds married William's sister Mary Elizabeth Annie Algie
- their known children (thanks to Algie123, see comments below):
* 1915 - Jean Algie
* 1916 - 1983 Louis Algie (19 April 1983, 3 weeks before his brother Campbell)
- Louis was a Farmer, last address 21 Ormond St, Woodville. He is buried Plot 095, Block 02A, Area Q at Kelvin Grove cemetery with Joan Beatrice (1918-1998)
* 1918 - 1983 Campbell Stewart Algie (10 May 1983)
- Campbell was a Farmer at Rongotea Rd, Kairanga. He is buried Grave 15, Block II at Alfredton Cemetery. His inscription reads: In loving memory of Campbell Stewart Algie, loved husband of Alison, died 10th May 1983 - aged 64 years. Loved father of Ian, Ross, Wayne, Neil and Virginia. "In our hearts always".
* 1920 - 1986 William George Algie
- William was a Farmer at RD2, Kohinui, Pahiatua. He is buried Grave 18, Block II at Alfredton Cemetery. His inscription reads: In loving memory of William George Algie, 1920 - 1986. Dearly loved husband of Vicki. Loved father of Richard, Warren, Joy and Robert
* 1922 - 1987 Alan Norman Algie
WILLIAM ALGIE died 30 May 1929 aged 48 - his probate was in Masterton
OLIVE ELSIE ALGIE died 30 December 1963 aged 71
- they are buried Grave 27 & 28, Block II at Alfredton.
The inscription reads:
In loving memory of
William Algie, 1880 - 1929
Olive Elsie Algie, 1892 - 1963
Ever remembered

... 3
1882 - 1966 Jeanette 'Jessie' Algie
- born in Waihoke Valley, Eketahuna
- married Thomas SAUNDERS (1870-1935) in 1905
Wairarapa Daily Times, 4 April 1905 SAUNDERS-ALGIE - On Wednesday, March 29th, 1905, at St Aidan's Church, Alfredton, by the Rev V. Kitcat, Thomas Saunders, of Saunder's road, to Jeanette, eldest daughter of Mr W. S. Algie, Alfredton
- they were Farmers at Glen Oroua
- the 2 (known) children were:
* Rita Jeanette Saunders (1906-1955)
* Thomas Richard Saunders (1908-1977)
THOMAS SAUNDERS died 2 December 1935 aged 65
JEANETTE SAUNDERS died 10 July 1966 aged 83
- they are buried Plot 003 & 005, Block 003, Area H at Kelvin Grove
- inscription reads:
In Loving Memory of
THOMAS, beloved husband of Jeanette Saunders
died Dec 2 1935 aged 65 years
died July 10 1966 aged 83 years
- foot stone reads:
and their son
loved husband of Edna
died 1st Aug 1977 - aged 69 years
died 7th Nov 1999 aged 92 years

... 4
1884 - 1953 Colin Semple Algie
- Colin served in WWI as Private 25172 with NZEF, 14th Reinforcements, J Company, embarking from Wellington 26 June 1916, His next of kin was his father at Saunders Road, Alfredton
- married Florence 'Florrie' DOUGLAS (1890-1972) in 1916
Dominion, 6 May 1916 ALGIE-DOUGLAS - On April 24, 1916, at Lansdowne Presbyteriam Church, by the Rev T. Halliday, Colin Semple Algie, third son of Mr and Mrs W. S. Algie, Hillside, Alfredton, to FLorrie, daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Douglas, Alfredton
- Florence was a daughter of John DOUGLAS & Sarah GOODWIN
COLIN ALGIE died 1 June 1953 aged 69
FLORRIE ALGIE died 5 July 1972 aged 82
- their last address was 21 George St, Levin
- they are buried Plot 11, Row 21 at Old Levin Cemetery
- inscription reads:
In Loving Memory
beloved husband of
died 1st June 1953 aged 69 years
died 5th July 1972 aged 82 years

... 5
1886 - 1963 Marion Algie
- born 22 March 1886 in Tinui & died in Masterton
- Marion married Harold SKEET (1885-1962) in 1908
- they were Farmers
- their known children were:
* 1908 - 1998 Clarence Hector Skeet
* 1909 - 1988 Harold Stuart Skeet
* 1911 - 1994 Mavis Algie Skeet
* 1912 - 1997 Colin Algie Skeet
HAROLD SKEET died 19 March 1962 in Lower Hutt
- his last address was 7 French Street, Lansdowne, Masterton
- he was cremated at Kelvin Grove

... 6
1888 - 1888 Charles Algie
- Charles died aged 2 months

... 7
1890 - 1916 Robert Algie
- born 6 January 1890
NEXT OF KIN - William Stewart Algie (father), Saunders Road, Alfredton
BODY ON EMBARKATION - New Zealand Expeditionary Force
EMBARKATION UNIT - 11th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Battalion, B Company
PLACE OF EMBARKATION - Wellington, New Zealand
VESSEL - Tahiti
DESTINATION - Suez, Egypt (1 May 1916)
LAST UNIT SERVED - Wellington Infantry Regiment
CAUSE OF DEATH: Died of his Wounds 19 November 1916 in France
GRAVE: III. I. 13. Estaires Communal Cemetery, Nord, France
MEMORIAL: Auckland War Memorial Museum, World War 1 Hall of Memories

... 8
1890 - 1918 Walter Algie
- Walter married Esther Kate 'Kitty' HAZELL in 1915 at Eketahuna
Wairarapa Daily Times, 31 December 1915 At Eketahuna on Wednesday, Mr Walter Algie, youngest son of Mr W. S. Algie, Saunders Road, Alfredton, was married to Miss Kitty Hazel, of Pleckville (near Alfredton)
- Esther was 1 of 11 children of Charles Draper Hazell & Eliza Jane ELLIOTT
- Esther had a brother, Frank Edmund Hazell, who died of wounds in Belgium 1917 and a son, Frank Hazell Algie, who was killed in action at El Alamein in 1942
- Walter lived in Bartholomew Rd, Levin
ESTHER KATE ALGIE died 9 February 1952 aged
WALTER ALGIE died 4 March 1962 aged 72
- they are buried Plot 037 & 039, Block 003, Area L Kelvin Grove Palmerston North

... 9
1893 - 1929 Mary Elizabeth 'Annie' Algie
- Mary married Arthur Stanley EDMONDS (1895-1958) in 1919
Dominion, 29 March 1919 At St Aidan's Church, Alfredton, Miss Annie Algie, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs W. S. Algie, of "Hillside" Alfredton, was married to Mr Arthur Stanley Edmonds, third son of Mr and Mrs A. G. Edmonds, "Mona" Alfredton. The ceremony was performed by the Rev mr Davies. Miss May Edmonds was bridesmaid and Mr A. Elliot best man. A reception was afterwards held at "Hillside" and later in the day Mr and Mrs Edmonds left by motor-car for the north
- Arthur was a son of Albert George Edmonds and Emily Elizabeth Dowsett and a brother of Olive Elsie Edmonds who married Mary's brother William Algie
- he was a Bus Proprietor at Foxton Beach
ARTHUR STANLEY EDMONDS died 29 March 1958 in Palmerston North Hospital
- he was cremated at Kelvin Grove

WILLIAM STEWART ALGIE died 21 April 1932 aged 78
- In William`s Will it reads:
In the Matter of the Will of William Stewart Algie, late of Pahiatua, retired Sheepfarmer
MARY ELIZABETH ALGIE died 6 Aug 1946 aged 92
- they are buried Grave 25 & 26, Block II at Alfredton, Eketahuna
- their inscription reads:
In loving memory of
William Stewart Algie
who passed away 21st April 1932 in his 79th year
Mary Elizabeth Algie
died 6th Aug 1946 aged 92 years
At rest
"Peace, perfect peace"


re Martha Jane Semple (sister of Mary Elizabeth/Eliza Semple above)
Martha Jane SEMPLE (1854-1939) married Theodore John 'Percy' COBB (1845-1919) in 1882
- Percy was born in Alresford, Kent, England to Charles COBB & Elizabeth MUNRO
- they lived in Mauriceville & Masterton (and surrounding areas)
- their known children:
* 1884 - 1884 Eva Munro Cobb
- Eva died aged 3 months
* 1886 - 1939 Lucy Isabel Cobb
- Lucy married William INNES in 1915
* 1887 - 1969 Charles Herbert Percy Cobb
- born 10 September 1887
- married Gertrude Annie HARRIS (1890-?) of Wellington
- daughter of John & Albina HARRIS
- moved to Hampshire, England
- Charles died in Basingstoke, Hampshire
* 1890 - 1961 Grace Munro Cobb
- Grace married Thomas Nicholas MAGER/MAUGER (1878-1965) in 1920
- Thomas was born in Christchurch 13 March 1878, a son of James MAGER/MAUGER (1842-1888) from Guernsey to Hotelkeeper in Timaru, and of Nunnai NICHOLAS (1851-1884) from Cornwall to Canterbury

Wairarapa Daily Times, 30 June 1919 OBITUARY Mr Theodore Cobb
... The many friends of Mr Theodore John Percy Cobb, an old identity of the Wairarapa, will learn with regret of his death, which took place at Masterton yesterday. The deceased gentleman, who was 74 years of age, came to New Zealand in the early days of colonisation, and had resided in the Wairarapa for over forty years. He was at one time in partnership with Mr Job Vile in carrying on the Mauriceville mail coaches. For many years he ran poultry farms at various places and he was considered an expert authority on poultry-breeding. The late Mr Cobb, whose end was due to heart trouble, leaves a widow, two daughters, and a son, and to these general sympathy will be extended in their sad bereavement.
The daughters are Mrs W. Innes, of bannister Street and Miss Grace Cobb, while the son, Mr Charles Cobb, resides in Hampshire, England.
The funeral will leave Mrs Innes' residence, 43 Bannister Street, at 1p.m. to-morrow
Percy is buried Plot TPC, Row 11, Area: Plan II at Archer Street

GRAVE 26, BLOCK II at Alfredton Eketahuna

see William Stewart & Mary Elizabeth Algie

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William STRICKLAND + Mary Theresa NORRIS - Marlborough New Zealand

William STRICKLAND was born in 1850 in Port Underwood, Marlborough
- his parents were David STRICKLAND & Harriet BALDICK

William married Mary Theresa NORRIS in Blenheim in 1877

they had 11 children:

1878-1957 - Mary Jane 'Polly' Strickland

1879-1956 - David Henry 'Dave' Strickland

1881-1923 - James 'Jim' Strickland

1883-1965 - William 'Bill' Strickland

1886-1936 - Norris Thomas Strickland

1888-1876 - Strickland

1889-1968 - Strickland

1891-1978 -

1894-1921 - Elsie Strickland

1897-1900 - Marquerita Victoria 'Rita' Strickland

1898-1898 - George Francis Strickland

William SUNNEX + Eliza WEBLEY from Maidstone, Kent to Taita, New Zealand

William SUNNEX married Eliza WEBLEY in 1826 in Bredhurst, Kent

they had 5 children to 1839 then sailed in 1841 on the TYNE leaving London on 25th March 1841, arriving in Wellington on 9th August 1841

On board was the first Chief Justice of New Zealand, Sir William Martin and also the first Attorney General Mr William Swainson

The TYNE sunk 4 years later just outside Wellington when it struck rocks off Sinclair Head in a violent storm

... On her son William`s birth record in 1839, Eliza`s surname was spelt WHIBLEY and husband WIlliam`s was spelt SUNNIX and according to one source the name of Sunnix has been spelt at least 40 different ways and is slmost impossible to trace back. That, plus the family appears to have been very nomadic and have wandered almost aimlessly around Kent ...

William and Eliza had another 4 children in Taita

- their children were:
1826 - 1887 Frances Sunnex
- born Upchurch Sittingborne
- married Charles MUDGWAY in Wellington in 1846
- they had 8 children

1827 - ? Mary Ann Sunnex
- born in England and was on the passenger list of the Tyne
- nothing is known about her

1828 - ? Sarah Sunnex
- married Robert CLARKE

1836 - 1922 Maria Ellen Sunnex
- married George SOUTHEE in 1855 in Lower Hutt
- they had at least 12 children
- George died in 1904
- Maria remarried to Robert James FERGUSON in 1907, she was 71

1839 - 1918 William Sunnex
- married Annie Louisa SYMES in 1888
- William died aged 79 in Wellington

1841 - 1897 Thomas Charles Sunnex
- first child born in Taita, New Zealnad
- married Elizabeth HANNING in 1872
- they had a possible 8 children
- Thomas died in Carterton aged 56

1843 - 1926 John Sunnex
- married Mary Ann THOMAS in 1870 in Taita
- they had 10 known children
- he died in Taumarunui aged 83

1845 - 1893 Emma Elizabeth Sunnex
- possibly born in Carterton
- married Charles David HARRIS in 1866
- Charles was the 8th of 13 children to Abraham Harris and Sophia Harris
- Emma & Charles had at least 8 children
- Emma died in Martinborough aged 47

1850 - 1902 Phoebe Ann Elizabeth Sunnex
- married Joseph WYETH in 1873
- they had at least 7 children
- Phoebe died aged 52 in Trentham

Eliza was widowed in July 1883
- (William died in Upper Hutt aged 89)
- this appeared in the EVENING POST on 6th December 1884:
... William Sunnex, Thomas Sunnex, and John Sunnex, were charged with having neglected to obey an order for the contribution of 6s 8d each towards the weekly support of their aged mother. Wm. Sunnex was the only defendant who appeared in person. He said he was a labourer and lived at the Upper Hutt. He had only been able to earn 2 during the past two months, and it was quite impossible for him to pay 6s 8d per week towards the support of his mother. His Worship decided to adjourn the case against this defendant until next week. Thomas Sunnex`s case was struck out, the accused having paid up the amount in arrears. His Worship decided to hear the charge against John Sunnex at Masterton on the 16th instant.

Eliza died in Upper Hutt in 1897 aged 89
- she is buried at St James

William Tarrant - HMS CALLIOPE, 58th Foot Regiment New Zealand 1846

William Tarrant was born in Beechingstoke, Pewsey, Wiltshire, England in 1824.

William arrived on the HMS CALLIOPE into New Zealand on the 22nd July 1846 as a Private in the 58th Regiment of Foot.

He married Maria Saywell in Lower Hutt, Wellington in 1852.

READ HIS STORY and that of others during the 1st New Zealand War:

William Thomas MOYLE died Mining Accident, Beaumont 1898

BEAUMONT is a small town nestled in the foothills of Otago

William Thomas Moyle (1874-1898) was the 3rd of 10 children (8 sons) of:
Francis MOYLE (1842-1940 of Carnbonellis Cornwall) & Jessie Mason LAWRENCE (1848-1938 of Aberdeen Scotland)
1871 - 1910 James Lawrence Moyle
1872 - 1924 Benjamin Eddie Moyle
1874 - 1898 William Thomas Moyle
1876 - 1936 Mary Mason Moyle
1878 - ? Frances Moyle (buried with parents, no date)
1881 - 1916 George Alexander Moyle, Somme, France 3 Oct
1883 - 1964 John Adam Moyle
1885 - 1963 Henry Arthur Moyle
1887 - 1868 Charles Edward Moyle
1889 - 1916 Albert Robert Moyle, Somme, France 16 Sep

Their father, Francis Moyle, was a Miner, Builder, Carpenter & Undertaker in Havelock, Waitahuna, Lawrence

Tuapeka Times, 15 June 1898

... An inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of William MOYLE was commenced at Mr CROSSAN's Hotel, Beaumont, on Saturday, 11th instant, before Mr Thomas PILLING, J.P., acting-coroner, and a jury consisting of Messrs Robert McKAY, John JOHNSON, Hugh CROSSAN, Alexander CAMPBELL, and James RICHARDSON, Mr Hugh Crossan was chosen foreman, Sergreant KING conducted the inquiry,
... The jury having been duly sworn and an examination of the body made.
... The Coroner intimated that the Inspector of Mines had expressed a desire to be present at the inquest and it had, therefore, been decided, after taking the evidence ofidentificaiton to adjourn the proceedings till Tuesday morning, at 11 o'clock, to enable the Inspector to be present.
... Francis MOYLE, carpenter, deposed that he had viewed the body of deceased, who was his son, WILLIAM THOMAS MOYLE. He was a labourer by occupation, and had been in the employ of the Beaumont Local Co-operative Company for about 16 months. He had last seen him alive about eight weeks ago. He was born at Waitahuna and was 24 years of age.
... At this stage, in order to save time on Tuesday, the jury visited the scene of the accident and made an examination of the ground.
......... ... On resuming on Tuesday morning
... Robert LEDLIE deposed that he was the mine manager for the Beaumont Local Co-operative Company and had been in that position for about four months. He had ten men employed in the mine, and when in regular work they worked three shifts. On the 10th instant they were engaged shifting the elevator plant, when all the hands were employed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Deceased was employed as carpenter for the Company. Witness had told him on the previous day that he wanted the elevator plant shifted and he had full control of the work, which was started on Friday morning (10th instant), James McCORKINDALE, Neil DEMPSEY and James CUMMING were assisting deceased, and he had instructions to call on any of the other men to assist when required. He saw deceased off and on while he was engaged carrying on the work. His first duty in commencing was to make a cutting into the bank for the support of the stringers of the trestle work. This was carried out on the previous day. About 2.30 p.m. on the 10th, while witness was engaged in the Company's office, he heard someone calling out as though something were wrong at the mine. He immediately went to the works and found that part of the bank where the stringer was to be placed had fallen in on deceased. He was entirely covered by the fall. With the assistance of the other men he had the dirt immediately removed and deceased taken up on to the bank. He was not dead at the time, but quite unconscious. He died while being removed to the hotel, about twenty minutes after the accident. He (witness) did not think there was the slightest danger to the men in working at that particular place. The depth of the chambers cut out were about 7ft 6in, and the length about 10ft. Although he was not personally in charge of this particular work, he was perfectly satisfied it was being carried out in a proper and workmanlike manner by the deceased. He did not think there had been any carelessness in carrying out the work. The ground was of a sandy formation, but he did not consider it of a dangerous character.
... To Mr HAYNES (Inspector of Mines): Considering the depth of the cut and that the sides were practically vertical, he did not consider a system of "shoring" necessary. He thought, from his experience of the ground, that it would stand without support. He believed the fall was due to the frost of the previous week and the thaw on the day in question. He had not reported the accident to the Inspector of Mines of the Minister of Mines , as required by the Mining Act of 1891 (section 336). He had, however, wired to the chairman of directors of the company to do all that was necessary. As a matter of fact, he was not in possession of a copy of the Mining Act.
... To a Juror: There were two chambers cut into the bank. There might have been less danger of there had been only one chamber the full width.
... To the Coroner: He had instructed deceased to fill up the chambers as soon as the stringers were in position. He was fully satisfied that by leaving the block between the two chambers the ground was better supported than by taking it out and so forming one large chamber.
... Neil DEMPSY deposed that he was a miner living at the Beaumont and in the employ of the Local Cop-operative Goldmining Co. He was at work in the Co's mine, along with Wm. Thomas Moyle and James CUMMING, on Friday last, 10th instant. He was one of the men who cut the chambers into the bank to allow of the stringers being placed in position. At the time of the accident he was working, along with deceased, in the chamber, Cumming being on the trestles. Witness saw the fall of earth which caught the deceased; it struck him on the breast and crumbled over his head. Witness was only 5ft away from deceased, on the outer side of the chamber, at the time of the accident. It took a couple of minutes to get the deceased's head clear of the earth. When he was got clear deceased was quite unconscious and remained so until he died - almost 25 minutes after the accident. He did not look upon the ground whee the chamber was cut as at all dangerous,
... To Mr HAYES: there was no perceptible evidence of weakness or liability to fall in the ground. Witness looked upon the ground as quite safe.
... To a Juror: In the course of a casual chat a few minutes before the accident happened, deceased made the remark that he did not think there was any danger of an accident happening, as no feeling himself that the ground was unsafe in any way.
... James CUMMING deposed that he did not see the bank of the chamber give way, but almost immediately after DEMPSEY called his attention to the accident which had befallen Moyle, who was then almost buried up. With Dempsey's help, witness got deceased's head clear and then went at once to the telephone office to send a message for medical assistance. He returned in about twenty minutes, when deceased had expired . Witness did not consider the ground dangerous at the spot where deceased met with the accident. He did not think there was any carelessness shown by deceased in carrying out his work,
... To the Foreman: The telegram he sent to Mr Thompson, Chairman of Directors of the Co-operative Company was: "Moyle hurt; send doctor at once."
... Mr Hayes said he was of opinion, after an inspection of the mine and more particularly the spot where the accident happened, that the sever frosts and subsequent sharp thaw which set in was the primary cause of the ground giving way, resulting in Moyle's death. He did not think any blame was attributable to the manager, as all hands apparently were thoroughly satisfied that there was no danger. He would, however, recommend that in future work of this kind appearances of safety should not be trusted to, but a few "shoring" planks and cross stays used which would practically insure safety.
... After the Acting-Coroner had briefly reviewed the evidence.
... The Jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death" adding that there was no blane attributable to anyone, as all necessary precaution had been taken in carrying on operations at the mine.
... The Foreman took occasion, on behalf of the jurors, to thank Mr Hayes for his attendance at the inquest and the valuable assistance he rendered in the conduct of the proceedings.

NOTE Francis & Jessie and a number of their children are buried at Block 4 Plot 12 & 13 & 14, Anglican Section Lawrence Cemetery, Otago


William Thomas NEIL & Phoebe HAWTHORN - Wellington

William Thomas NEIL (1844-1893) married
Phoebe HAWTHORN (1855-1929) 23 January 1872

he was a Hotel Keeper & Gardener in Wellington
they had 8 known children:

... 1
1872 - 1879 William Thomas Neil
- William died 3 March 1879 aged 6
- he is buried at Bolton street, Wellington

... 2
1874 - Zoe Neil
- Zoe married Albert George CLIFTON in 1908
- nothing known of them after that

... 3
1875 - 1879 Ernest Edward Neil
- Ernest died 10 March 1879 aged 3 (a week after brother William)
- he is buried at Bolton street, Wellington

... 4
1877 - 1964 Agnes Jane Neil
- Agnes married Benjamin Thomas WILLIAMS (1873-1945) in 1895
- son of Richard WILLIAMS & Lucy RANDLE
- the known children of AGNES & BENJAMIN:
- (the name Osborn/Osborne also runs through Richard's siblings)
1895 - William Thomas Richard Williams
1896 - Herbert Osborne Williams
1898 - Lucy Osborne Williams
1900 - Cora Zoe Williams
1901 - Herbert Osborne Williams

... 5
1879 - Maud Mary Neil
- born 24 Aug 1879 on Tinakori Road, Thorndon
- Maud had a son, Horace Neil on 16 July 1900. He was 12 when his mother Maud died but as his stepfather moved to America in 1908 I do not know who cared for him. He served in WWI, married Clarice Ivy Rita Swiney in 1920, had 4 children and lived in Dannevirke
- Clarice was a daughter of William Barnard & Mabel Maud SWINEY of Wellington
- Maud married George Dietrich CHRISTENSEN (1875-1964) on 30 Dec 1902. He moved to America 5 years later. George was born on board the ship Lammershagen when his family emigrated from Denmark. He later emigrated to America in 1908, worked for awhile on Vancouver Island off the coast of Canada as a logger. He settled in Kansas. He died in Utah.
MAUD died 16 Jan 1913 in Wellington aged 32
- she is buried Plot 180 Z, section CH ENG at Karori
NOTE that in Bessie's marriage announcement she (Bessie) is said to be the 'youngest' daughter. This could mean Kate was deceased but Maud was still living! Was she 'disowned' because of Horace? Her marriage to George Christensen is not recorded in the papers although her witnesses were her father William and her sister Bessie
GEORGE died 1 Nov 1964 in Logan, Cache, Utah aged 89

... 6
1881 - Kate Susan Neil
- nothing found at this time

... 7
1884 - 1972 Bessie Ellen Gamble Neil
- Bessie married Luke Ellis HOLMES in 1902
Evening Post, 15 November 1902 HOLMES-NEIL - On the 30th October, 1902, at the residence of the bride's mother, 179 Cuba-street, by the Rev Kennedy Elliott, Luke Ellis Holmes, of Hanlow, Essex, England, to Bessie, youngest daughter of the late Thomas William Neil, of Wellington
LUKE died 20 August 1943 aged 66
BESSIE died 7 October 1972 in Wellington aged 88
- they were cremated at Karori

... 8
1888 - 1928 Henry Maurice Mark Hawthorn Neil
- Henry was a Draper
HENRY died 19 November 1928 aged 40
Evening Post, 20 November 1928, NEIL - On the 19th November, 1928, at Wellington, Henry Mark 'harry' dearly loved son of Phoebe and the late Thomas William Neil, A patient sufferer at rest
- he is buried plot 180 Z, section CH ENG at Karori

THOMAS WILLIAM Neil died 13 Nov 1893 aged 49
Evening Post, 14 November 1893 NEIL - On the 13th November, at the Wellington Hospital, after a long and painful illness, Thomas William Neil, aged 49 years; deeply regretted
- he is buried Plot 260, section CH ENG at Karori

PHOEBE Neil died 27 March 1929 aged 74
- she is buried Plot 180 Z, section CH ENG at Karori

The Lammershagen (which brought the Christensen family above) was wrecked 18 November 1882, west of Wales.
Taken from the interesting story Lammershagen Controversy