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Wootton GROOMS - New Zealand 1857-1920

known WOOTTON GROOMS in New Zealand 1857 - 1920
names taken from BDM & some spelling may not be correct, use as a guide only
some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death

Albert Frederick Wootton (1880-1959)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Ellen JACKSON of Dunedin
married Edith Mary PEARCE (1881-1958) in 1903
their known children:
* 1904 - Vera Edith Wootton
* 1906 - Arthur Albert Wootton
* 1907 - 2005 Ivy Lily Wootton
* 1909 - Nellie Wootton
* 1912 - 1986 Harold Jackson Wootton

Albert Firkin Wootton (1873-1943)
- in 1896 + 1899 he was in Caversham, Dunedin
married Jane Ellen GOOLD (1877-1968) Xmas Eve 1902 in Invercargill
- daughter of Frederick GOOLD & Margaret Wallace WILSON
their known children:
* 1903 - William Albert Rundle Wootton
* 1905 - Mabel Ellen Wootton

Alfred Rundle Wootton (1906-1979)
- son of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married Alma Edna Phyllis O'BRIEN (1910-1995) in 1930
- daughter of Alfred Albert O'BRIEN & Ivy JENSEN
their known children:
* 1932 - 2005 Beverley Berice Wootton (+ William Walter Hugh Fallen 1949)

Arthur David Wootton (1892-1980)
married Alice Louisa CORNWALL (1893-1981) in 1916
- in 1917 they were in Paraparaumu
ARTHUR DAVID Wootton died 9 May 1980 aged 88
ALICE LOUISA Wootton died 6 August 1981 aged 88
- they are buried Plot 205-297, Block III at Waikanae cemetery

Arthur John Wootton (1887-1964)
married Muriel Eva Douglas PHILPOTT (1893-1980) in 1913
- Muriel died in Nelson 7 Jan 1980 aged 86

Burt Wesley Wootton (1899-1965)
- son of John Wesley WOOTTON & Hannah EVANS
married Minnie Jane GLASS (1897-1970) in 1920
- daughter of John & Minnie GLASS
Burt & Minnie were in Melbourne Street, South Dunedin in 1922 & 1925. He was a Police Constable in Sydenham, Christchurch in 1929 (see photo)
- they had 2 daughters
BURT WESLEY Wootton died 19 July 1965 in Christchurch aged 66
MINNIE JANE Wootton died 2 February 1970 in Christchurch aged 72

Charles Wootton (1843-)
- arrived in Auckland 1863 on the Bombay
married Ellen ANDERTON (1851-1941) in Bombay, Auckland 1872
their known children:
* 1873 - 1936 Sarah Wootton (+George William Waugh 1898)
* 1874 - Henry Wootton
* 1876 - 1970 Alice Wootton (+Arthur Vivian Bilkey in 1906)
* 1878 - Roland Wootton
* 1879 - Margaret Wootton (+Donald Ewen Morrison 1917)
* 1881 - Isaac Wootton
* 1884 - Mary Jane Evangeline Wootton (+John Henry Ferguson 1906)
Auckland Star, 9 August 1941 WOOTTON - On August 8, at the residence of her daughter, Mr A. V. Bilkey, Favona Road, Mangere, Ellen, beloved wife of the late Charles Wootton, Bombay, and beloved mother of Mr H. Wootton, Albany, Mrs A. V. Bilkey, Mangere, Mr R. Wotton, Bombay, Mrs D. Morrison, Rotorua, Mr I. Wootton, Auckland, Mrs John Ferguson, Wiri and the late Mrs G. Waugh.
Auckland Star, 16 August 1941 SIR ROBERT PEEL'S COUSIN
A cousin of the famous statesman, Sir Robert Peel, and a resident of the Dominion for the past 72 years, Mrs Charles Wootton has died at the age of 90 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs A. V. Bilkey, Favona Road, Mangere. Mrs Wootton was born in 1851 at Bamber Bridge, Lancashire and was educated at the National and St Peter's Schools, Preston. In 1865 she left England with her mother and sisters in the sailing ship 'Royal Dane' and arrived at Auckland after a voyage of five months to join her brothers.
In 1872, at Bombay, she was married to the late Mr Charles Wootton formerly of Wiltshire, who had come to Auckland in the well known sailing ship 'Bombay' which arrived in Auckland in 1865 after a hazardous voyage. Mr Wootton was one of the first settlers in the district, which was named after the ship. After living nearly 50 years in Bombay, Mr Wootton died and Mrs Wootton came to live with her daughter at Mangere. Mrs Wootton is survived by three sons and three daughters. There are 23 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren

Charles Samuel Wootton (1896-1946)
- son of William Samuel WOOTTON & Emma Ann PEARCE
married Nellie Hazel BAILEY (1904-) in 1923
- daughter of Thomas James BAILEY & Ellen Frances NICHOLLS
he married Jessie Ellen GOFFIN (1912-1989) in Auckland
- (Jessie next married Claude Lockhead RUSSELL (1903-1989)

Charles Edward Wootton (1871-1925)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
married May/Mary Steven McKERROW (1878-) in 1898
their known children:
* 1901 - 1972 May Steven Wootton
* 1902 - Ellen Jackson Wootton
* 1905 - Margaret Etta Wootton
* 1908 - Leonard Charles Wootton
CHARLES EDWARD Wootton died 23 February 1925 in Dunedin aged 53
- buried Plots 21 & 23, Block 7AP at Southern Cemetery with:
1897 - Henry Granger Wootton (1875-1897) aged 22, his brother
1906 - Samuel Wootton (1824-1906) aged 82, his father
1912 - Ellen Wootton (1841-1912) aged 71, his mother
1932 - Ronald Wootton (1932-1932) aged 2 days
1952 - James Bertie Wootton (1880-1952) aged 72, his brother
1959 - Phoebe Maud Wootton (1883-1959 nee Cavell) aged 76, wife of James Bertie
1985 - William Henry Jackson Wootton (1908-1985) aged 77, his nephew (son of James Bertie & Phoebe Maud Wootton)
NOTE Headstone says 'Charles Edward, husband of Elizabeth May Wootton'

Charles Edward Wootton (1871-)
married Elizabeth May FISHER (nee ALEXANDER 1870-1941) in 1915
- Elizabeth had first married Arthur Edward Fisher in 1899

Charles Edward George Wootton (1831-)
married Keziah Ann STREETER (1840-1908) 6 July 1857 in Waimea West Schoolroom
their known children:
* 1858 - unnamed Wootton
* 1860 - 1927 William Rundle Wootton
* 1862 - 1936 David Richard Wootton
Keziah married Thomas Wyllie McKenzie (1833-1875) Nelson 1866 + 4 children
Keziah married Francis Decimus Walker (1841-1931) Westport 1877 + 2 children

Charles Franklin Wootton (1894-1956)
- son of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
married Maud Evelyn CANDY (1894-1964) in 1915
- daughter of Thomas CANDY & Honor EDWARDS

Charles Thomas Wootton (1889-1965)
- son of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON
married Evelyn Alice DENTICE (1888-) in 1921
- daughter of Albert John DENTICE & Elicia Jane PHILLIPS

Eric Leslie Wootton (1899-1935)
married Eva Gertrude HEDLEY (1886-1958) in 1923
ERIC died 2 Dec 1925 in Wellington & buried Karori

George Harkus Wootton (1840-1916)
married Emily Charlotte BURGESS (1863-1924) in 1893
- possible daughter of Tingey BURGESS & Betsy FAIRY
their known children:
* 1894 - Gladys Wootton
* 1895 - George Burgess Wootton
* 1899 - 1967 Percy Ernest Wootton

George Samuel Wootton (1895-1952)
married May Fenty BLACK (1896-1988) in 1925
- daughter of James BLACK & Isabella Pettigrew KIDD (of Dunedin)

George William Wootton (1882-1952)
- son of Thomas Edward WOOTTON & Fanny Frances KERR
married Ariel Lilly Elizabeth HOLLIS (1884-1964) in Nelson 1907
- daughter of Thomas HOLLIS & Emily GROOBY
their known children:
* 1907 - 1989 Olive Gwendoline Wootton
* 1910 - Frank Wootton
* 1916 - 1934 Irene Blanche Wootton

Harry Franklin Wootton (1882-1964)
- son of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
married Mildred Annie ROSS (1890-1941) in 1911

Harry Franklin Wootton (1907-1950)
married Elsie Irene KING (1904-1959) in 1928

Henry James Wootton (1903-1979)
married Annie OWEN (1904-1974) in 1928
- daughter of William Joseph OWEN & Susan BOYLE

Isaac Wootton (1883-1969)
married Eliza McGOUGH in 1906
Auckland Star, 9 June 1906 WOOTTON-McGOUGH - On May 2, at the residence of the bride, Pukekohe, by the Rev Mather, Isaac Wootton, youngest son of Charles Wootton, Bombay, to Eliza, only daughter of William J. McCough, Pukekohe West
he married Doris Victoria Maude WILLS (nee CASWELL) in 1932
- Doris first married Frederick Emanuel Wills (1876-1957) in 1906

James Bertie Wootton (1880-1952)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
married Phoebe Maud Kedglie CAVELL (1883-1959) in 1905
- daughter of Henry John CAVELL & Mary Ann JOLLY
their known children:
* 1906 - James Samuel Wootton
* 1907 - 1907 Henry William Wootton (aged 3 months)
* 1908 - 1985 William Henry Jackson Wootton
* 1909 - 1981 Alfred Cavell Wootton (cremated Dunedin)

John Herbert Wootton (1911-1951)
married Violet RICHAN (1909-) in 1931
- daughter of Ernest Augustus (1874-1949) & Ruth Elizabeth (1883-1959) RICHAN

John Wesley Wootton (1865-1949)
- born in Staffordshire, England, arrived in NZ about 1879 (via Sydney 1877)
- son of Charles WOOTTON & Phoebe Matilda LYNEX of Bloxwich, Staffordshire
married Hannah EVANS (1869-1957) in Dunedin 1886
- daughter of William & Phoebe EVANS
John was a Postal Clerk in Dunedin
their known children:
* 1887 - 1950 Matilda Henrietta Wootton
* 1889 - 1963 Phoebe Lilian Wootton
* 1891 - 1918 Hannah Rubina Wootton (didn't marry)
* 1894 - 1894 Charles William Wootton (aged 2 weeks)
* 1899 - 1965 Burt Wesley Wootton
* 1900 - 1979 Gladys Transvaal Wootton
* 1903 - 1986 Philip Horace Wootton (+ Katherine Mills)
* 1909 - 1996 George Clement Wootton (+ Olive Rata Carlisle Irving 1939)
JOHN WESLEY Wootton died 24 October 1949 in Dunedin aged 84
HANNAH Wootton died 9 November 1957 in Ross Home, Dunedin
they are buried Plots 73 & 74, Block 12P at Southern Cemetery with:
1894 - Charles William Wootton, their son aged 2 weeks
1904 - Charles Wootton (1831-1904), John's father aged 73
1917 - Phoebe Matilda Wootton (1831-1917), John's mother aged 86
1918 - Hannah Rubina Wootton, their daughter aged 27

Lawrence Samuel Wootton
married Muriel Gray CARMICHAEL (1894-1924) in 1917
- daughter of John CARMICHAEL & Mary Ann NEILL
he married Mataura KEOWN (1902-) in 1926
- daughter of Eliza Jane KEOWN

Leonard Wootton (1895-1964)
- son of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
married Zoe Isola VERNAZONI (of Christchurch) in 1924

Leonard Charles Wootton (1908-1968)
married Margaret Jane CAIRD (1908-1996) in 1931

Leslie Wootton (1892-1976)
married Annie Gladys HILLS (1897-1976) in 1922
- daughter of William Herbert HILLS & Elizabeth 'Bessie' MILLIGAN

Percy Ernest Wootton (1899-1967)
married Carol McWILLIAMS (1897-1982) in 1919
- daughter of James Alexander McWILLIAMS & Ida HOWELL

Peter Wootton (1860-1936)
married Matilda HUNT (1860-1919) in 1882
- daughter of Joseph & Susan HUNT
their known children:
* 1883 - Edith Emily Wootton
* 1885 - Ernest Peter Wootton
* 1888 - Grace Olive Wootton
* 1891 - Arthur David Wootton
* 1893 - Helen Annie 'Nellie' Wootton
* 1899 - 1976 Charles Harold Gillespie Wootton (lived Kuripuni, Masterton)
* 1908 - Constance Evelyn 'Connie' Wootton
NOTE 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAN
WOOTTON - In loving memory of Matilda, dearly loved wife of Peter Wootton, who passed away on the 24th April, 1919
....Our hearts for you are aching,
....We are lonely night and day;
....We miss you, yes, we miss you
....In a thousand different ways.

....A shadow rest upon our home,
....We miss her smiling face;
....Were'er we turn, were'er we go,
....We see her vacant place.

....Worthy of lasting love was she,
....From those she left behind;
....A better mother could never be,
....Nor one so true and kind.
Inserted by her loving husband and family

Philip Henry Wootton (1884-1910)
- son of Thomas Edward WOOTTON & Fanny Frances KERR
married Lillian Doretta 'Dora' HOLLIS (1888-1974) in Nelson? 1908
- daughter of Thomas HOLLIS & Emily GROOBY
their known children:
* 1908 - Rhona Grace Wootton
* 1911 - 1998 Phyllis Joyce Wootton
* 1913 - 1998 Stanley Wilfred Wootton

Ralph Wootton (1890-1964)
married Marie Josephine McKAY (1895-1985) in 1919

Richard Wootton (1859-1902)
married Ann TURLEY in 1884
their known children:
* 1886 - Alice Louisa Wootton
* 1888 - 1959 Agnes Grace Wootton

Roy Vivian Wootton (1902-1988)
married Gladys Ruby CAVANAGH (1905-1994) in 1926
- daughter of Henry Edward CAVANAGH & Elizabeth Annie WEBB

Samuel Wootton (1824-1906)
- born in Biggelswade, England
married Ellen JACKSON in Dunedin 1863
their known children:
* 1864 - William Samuel Wootton
* 1865 - Samuel Wootton
* 1867 - George Wootton
* 1875 - Henry Grainger Wootton
* 1876 - Alfred Wootton
* 1878 - Matilda Wootton
* 1879 - Albert Frederick Wootton
* 1881 - James Bertie Wootton
* 1893 - Margaret Etta Wootton

Samuel Wootton (1865-1938)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
married Annie KELLY in 1889
their known children:
* 1895 - 1952 George Samuel Wootton
* 1903 - 1979 Henry James Wootton
* 1907 - Robert Charles Wootton

Samuel Eli Wootton (1876-1940)
married Rebecca Robrough FOX (1888-) in 1909
- daughter of William Henry FOX & Jemima Jane PETTIGREW
their known children:
* 1910 - 2006 Una Dolce Wootton
Samuel next married Margaret Hamilton ERSKINE (1887-1941) in 1920

Sydney Harold Wootton (1891-1974)
married Cora Nina Ruby MELLOR (1889-1953) in 1914
- daughter of Henry MELLOR & Charlotte Ellen WILLISCRAFT

Thomas Edward Wootton (1845-1923)
married Elizabeth Frances BURNETT (1852-1876) 21 Aug 1873 in Nelson
- daughter of Richard BURNETT & Sarah Ann IRONMONGER
their known children:
* 1874 - 1938 Mary Ann Wootton (died in New South Wales)
* 1876 - 1958 Elizabeth Jane Wootton (married 3 times)
ELIZABETH died 13 days after giving birth to Elizabeth Jane who was brought up by her maternal grandparents, Richard and Sarah Burnett, therefore her name is sometimes seen as Elizabeth Jane Burnett ...
THOMAS next married Fanny Frances KERR in 1881
their known children:
* 1882 - 1952 George William Wootton
* 1884 - 1910 Philip Henry Wootton
* 1887 - 1951 Harold Edward Wootton
* 1890 - 1962 Minnie Blanche Wootton

Thomas Henry Wootton (1866-1934)
married Marion IKENE (1866-1952) in 1893
their known children:
* 1894 - Elsie Isobel Christian Wootton
* 1896 - 1980 Rena Christian Wootton
* 1901 - Winifred Marion Wootton

William Wootton (1872-1946)
- son of Charles WOOTTON & Phoebe Matilda LYNEX of Bloxwich, Staffordshire
- born in England, arrived in NZ about 1878
married Catherine Theresa SHEEHAN (1891-1963) in 1909
William was a Crane Driver, lived in St Kilda, Dunedin
WILLIAM Wootton died 31 March 1946 in Dunedin aged 73
CATHERINE THERESA Wootton died 10 December 1963 in Dunedin aged 72
- they are buried Plot 50A, Block 8P at Southern Cemetery with:
1908 - Theresa Maria Wootton (1876-1908) aged 32
1912 - Francis Albert Hanley age not recorded

William Charles Wootton (1907-1988)
married Phoebe Annie Myrtle SIGLEY (1910-1992) in 1933
- daughter of Roy Vincent SIGLEY & Minnie TUNN

William Edward Wootton (1887-1956)
- son of William Samuel WOOTTON & Emma Ann PEARCE
married Caroline Elizabeth BROWN in 1913
William was a Butcher in Palmerston North
WILLIAM EDWARD Wootton died 12 August 1956 aged 69 & cremated Kelvin Grove

William George Wootton (1879-1959)
- son of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
married Lucy Agnes ATKINS (1887-1951) 25 Jan 1910 in Christchurch
- daughter of James ATKINS & Agnes ORME
their known children:
* 1911 - 1971 Orme George Wootton
* 1912 - 1988 James Henry Wootton
* 1915 - 1999 Phyllis Leila Wootton
* 1918 - Lucy Margaret Wootton

William Rundle Wootton (1860-1927)
- son of Charles Edward George WOOTTON & Keziah Ann STREETER
married Augusta Christina KLEMPEL (1867-1956) 26 April 1886 in Greymouth
- daughter of Johann Martin KLEMPLE from Poland & Zuzanna EINSPORN
their known children:
* 1887 - 1959 Christina Keziah Wootton
* 1889 - 1972 Lilian Rose Wootton
* 1891 - 1915 William Charles Wootton (Killed in Gallipoli)
* 1893 - 1964 Albert Francis Wootton (Private 6/2966)
* 1896 - 1980 Emilie Sarah Wootton
* 1903 - 1974 Myrtle Evelyn Wootton
* 1906 - Alfred Rundle Wootton
WILLIAN RUNDLE Wootton died 8 June 1927 in Blackball
AUGUSTA CHRISTINA Wootton died 20 December 1956 in Greymouth

William Samuel Wootton (1864-1942)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
- born in Lawrence, Otago - died in Christchurch
married Emma Ann PEARCE (1865-1942) in 1886
- daughter of James & Mary Ann PEARCE
their known children:
* 1887 - 1956 William Edward Wootton
* 1888 - 1941 Ellen Mary Wootton
* 1890 - 1964 Ralph Wootton
* 1892 - 1976 Leslie Wootton
* 1894 - 1964 Lawrence Samuel Wootton
* 1896 - 1946 Charles Wootton


Constable Burt Wesley Wootton

at the retirement of Sergeant Donald McKenzie, 7 May 1929
Back row from left:
* Constable Burt Wesley Wootton (1899-1965)
* Constable Raymond Francis Leith (1899-1965)
* Constable George Stephen Norris (1900-1993)
Front row from left:
* Constable John Cummings (Beckenham)
* Sergeant Donald McKenzie
* Constable Edward William Fibbes (1902-1958)


This is a fascinating site
- the information changes so quickly -

..I should have recorded the population at time of writing
on December 23, 2012 19:48:11, it was 6,882,349,027
this differs from this site which was 7,004,553,839

WORLD WAR I began July 1914 - what was the cause?

The topic of the causes of World War I is one of the most studied in all of world history.

Scholars have differed significantly in their interpretations of the event.

The Causes of WWI or the Great War as it has come to be known, began in central Europe in July 1914
It included many intertwined factors, such as the conflicts and hostility of the four decades leading up to the war. Militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism played major roles in the conflict as well.
However, the immediate origins of the war lay in the decisions taken by statesmen and generals during the July Crisis of 1914, casus belli for which was the assassination of Archduke Franz FERDINAND of Austria and his wife by Gavrilo PRINCIP, an irredentist Serb.

The crisis came after a long and difficult series of diplomatic crashes between the Great Powers (Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Austria-Hungarian Empire and Russia) over European and colonial issues in the decade before 1914 that had left tensions high. In turn these diplomatic clashes can be traced to changes in the balance of power in Europe since 1867.
The more immediate cause for the war was tensions over territory in the Balkans. Austria-Hungary competed with Serbia and Russia for territory and influence in the region and they pulled the rest of the Great Powers into the conflict through their various alliances and treaties ... (much more at the above link)

The murder of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his wife produced widespread shock across Europe, and there was initially much sympathy for the Austrian position. Within two days of the assassination, Austria-Hungary and Germany advised Serbia that it should open an investigation, but Secretary General to the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Slavko Gruic, replied "Nothing had been done so far and the matter did not concern the Serbian Government."

An angry exchange followed between the Austrian Chargé d'Affaires at Belgrade and Gruic. After conducting a criminal investigation, verifying that Germany would honor its military alliance and persuading the skeptical Hungarian Count Tisza, Austria-Hungary issued a formal letter to the government of Serbia. The letter reminded Serbia of its commitment to respect the Great Powers' decision regarding Bosnia-Herzegovina and to maintain good neighborly relations with Austria-Hungary. The letter contained specific demands aimed at preventing the publication of propaganda advocating the violent destruction of Austria-Hungary, removing the people behind this propaganda from the Serbian Military, arresting the people on Serbian soil who were involved in the assassination plot and preventing the clandestine shipment of arms and explosives from Serbia to Austria-Hungary.

This letter became known as the July Ultimatum and Austria-Hungary stated that if Serbia did not accept all of the demands in total within 48 hours, it would recall its ambassador from Serbia. After receiving a telegram of support from Russia, Serbia mobilized its army and responded to the letter by completely accepting point #8 demanding an end to the smuggling of weapons and punishment of the frontier officers who had assisted the assassins and completely accepting point #10 which demanded Serbia report the execution of the required measures as they were completed. Serbia partially accepted, finessed, disingenuously answered or politely rejected elements of the preamble and enumerated demands #17 and #9. The shortcomings of Serbia's response were published by Austria-Hungary and can be seen beginning on page 364 of Origins of the War, Vol. II by Albertini, with the Austrian complaints placed side-by-side against Serbia's response. Austria-Hungary responded by breaking diplomatic relations.

The next day, Serbian reservists being transported on tramp steamers on the Danube crossed onto the Austro-Hungarian side of the river at Temes-Kubin and Austro-Hungarian soldiers fired into the air to warn them off. The report of this incident was initially sketchy and reported to Emperor Franz-Joseph as a considerable skirmish. Austria-Hungary then declared war and mobilized the portion of its army that would face the (already mobilized) Serbian Army on 28 July 1914. Under the Secret Treaty of 1892 Russia and France were obliged to mobilize their armies if any of the Triple Alliance mobilized. Russia's mobilization set-off full Austro-Hungarian and German mobilizations.

Soon all the Great Powers except Italy had chosen sides and gone to war



June 28th
Francis Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo

July 5th
Kaiser William II promised German support for Austria against Serbia

July 28th
Austria declared war on Serbia

August 1st
Germany declared war on Russia

August 3rd
Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium. Germany had to implement the Schlieffen Plan.

August 4th
Britain declared war on Germany

August 23rd
The BEF started its retreat from Mons. Germany invaded France.

August 26th
Russian army defeated at Tannenburg and Masurian Lakes.

September 6th
Battle of the Marne started

October 18th
First Battle of Ypres

October 29th
Turkey entered the war on Germanys side. Trench warfare started to dominate the Western Front.


January 19th
The first Zeppelin raid on Britain took place

February 19th
Britain bombarded Turkish forts in the Dardanelles

April 25th
Allied troops landed in Gallipoli

May 7th
The Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat

May 23rd
Italy declared war on Germany and Austria

August 5th
The Germans captured Warsaw from the Russians

September 25th
Start of the Battle of Loos

December 19th
The Allies started the evacuation of Gallipoli


January 27th
Conscription introduced in Britain

February 21st
Start of the Battle of Verdun

April 29th
British forces surrendered to Turkish forces at Kut in Mesopotamia

May 31st
Battle of Jutland

June 4th
Start of the Brusilov Offensive

July 1st
Start of the Battle of the Somme

August 10th
End of the Brusilov Offensive

September 15th
First use en masse of tanks at the Somme

December 7th
Lloyd George becomes British Prime Minister


February 1st
Germanys unrestricted submarine warfare campaign started

April 6th
USA declared war on Germany

April 16th
France launched an unsuccessful offensive on the Western Front

July 31st
Start of the Third Battle at Ypres

October 24th
Battle of Caporetto the Italian Army was heavily defeated

November 6th
Britain launched a major offensive on the Western Front

November 20th
British tanks won a victory at Cambrai

December 5th
Armistice between Germany and Russia signed

December 9th
Britain captured Jerusalem from the Turks


March 3rd
The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed between Russia and Germany.

March 21st
Germany broke through on the Somme

March 29th
Marshall Foch was appointed Allied Commander on the Western Front

April 9th
Germany started an offensive in Flanders

July 15th
Second Battle of the Marne started. The start of the collapse of the German army

August 8th
The advance of the Allies was successful

September 19th
Turkish forces collapsed at Megiddo

October 4th
Germany asked the Allies for an armistice

October 29th
Germanys navy mutinied

October 30th
Turkey made peace

November 3rd
Austria made peace

November 9th
Kaiser William II abdicated

November 11th
Germany signed an armistice with the Allies the official date of the end of World War One.

Post-war 1919

January 4th
Peace conference met at Paris

June 21st
The surrendered German naval fleet at Scapa Flow was scuttled.

June 28th
The Treaty of Versailles was signed by the Germans

The Chronology of First World War

World War I casualties
The total number of casualties in World War I, both military and civilian, was about 37 million: 16 million deaths and 21 million wounded. The total number of deaths includes 9.7 million military personnel and about 6.8 million civilians. The Entente Powers (also known as the Allies) lost about 5.7 million soldiers while the Central Powers lost about 4 million.

Unlike most (if not all) conflicts that took place in the 19th century and before, the majority of military deaths in World War I were caused by combat as opposed to disease. Improvements in medicine as well as the increased lethality of military weaponry were both factors in this development. Nevertheless, disease (including the Spanish flu) still caused a significant proportion of military deaths for all belligerents

Australia - 61,928 - 1.38%
Canada - 66,944 - 0.92%
Indian Empire - 74,187 - 0.02%
New Zealand - 18,050 - 1.64%
Newfoundland - 1,204 - 0.6%
South Africa - 9,463 - 0.16%
United Kingdom - 994,138 - 2.19%

East Africaa - see footnote at above casualties link
Belgium - 120,637 - 1.63%
France - 1,697,800 - 4.29%
Greece - 176,000 - 3.67%
Italy - 1,240,000 - 3.48%
Empire of Japan - 415 - 0% 907
Luxembourg - see footnote at above casualties link
Montenegro - 3,000 - 0.6%
Portugal - 89,222 - 1.49%
Romania - 680,000 - 9.07%
Russian Empire - 3,311,000 - 1.89%
Serbia - 725,000 - 16.11%
United States - 117,465 - 0.13%

Austria-Hungary - 1,567,000 - 3.05%
Bulgaria -187,500 - 3.41%
German Empire - 2,476,897 - 3.82%
Ottoman Empire - 2,921,844 - 13.72%

Denmark - 722 - 0.03%
Norway - 1,892 - 0.08%
Sweden - 877 - 0.02%

Grand total 16,543,185 - 1.75%

the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 killed more people than the Great War, known today as World War I (WWI), at somewhere between 20 and 40 million people.
It has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history. More people died of influenza in a single year than in four-years of the Black Death Bubonic Plague from 1347 to 1351.
Known as "Spanish Flu" or "La Grippe" the influenza of 1918-1919 was a global disaster.

In the fall of 1918 the Great War in Europe was winding down and peace was on the horizon. The Americans had joined in the fight, bringing the Allies closer to victory against the Germans. Deep within the trenches these men lived through some of the most brutal conditions of life, which it seemed could not be any worse. Then, in pockets across the globe, something erupted that seemed as benign as the common cold.
The influenza of that season, however, was far more than a cold. In the two years that this scourge ravaged the earth, a fifth of the world's population was infected. The flu was most deadly for people ages 20 to 40. This pattern of morbidity was unusual for influenza which is usually a killer of the elderly and young children.
It infected 28% of all Americans (Tice). An estimated 675,000 Americans died of influenza during the pandemic, ten times as many as in the world war.
Of the U.S. soldiers who died in Europe, half of them fell to the influenza virus and not to the enemy (Deseret News). An estimated 43,000 servicemen mobilized for WWI died of influenza (Crosby). 1918 would go down as unforgettable year of suffering and death and yet of peace.
As noted in the Journal of the American Medical Association final edition of 1918: "The 1918 has gone: a year momentous as the termination of the most cruel war in the annals of the human race; a year which marked, the end at least for a time, of man's destruction of man; unfortunately a year in which developed a most fatal infectious disease causing the death of hundreds of thousands of human beings. Medical science for four and one-half years devoted itself to putting men on the firing line and keeping them there. Now it must turn with its whole might to combating the greatest enemy of all--infectious disease," (12/28/1918).

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World War One ROLL of HONOUR - Cambridge, Waikato

The following list of soldiers was taken form the site:
- read that site for more iformation and links -


49683 Rifleman John Roderick ALLWILL
Son of Jared and Florence Allwill
Born 6 September 1890
Enlisted 1917
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 26 August 1918
Vaulx Hill Cemetery

40275 Private Keith ARMER
Son of John and Alice Armer
Born 2 October 1892
Wellington Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 27 July 1917
Messines Ridge Memorial

16058 Trooper Bertie Edwin ATKINSON
Son of Edwin Atkinson
Age 28
Enlisted March 1916
Auckland Mounted Rifles
Died of Wounds 8 November 1917
Beersheba War Cemetery, Palestine

23945 Private Sidney James ATTWOOD
Son of John and Ellen Attwood
Born May 1895
Enlisted 7 March 1916
New Zealand Machine Gun Company
Died of Wounds 3 December 1917
Menin Road Cemetery, Ypres


12712 Gunner Bombardier William Nevin BELL
Son of Henry Alan and Alice Bell
Age 19
Survey Cadet
Enlisted 1914 in Cambridge
New Zealand Field Artillery
Killed in Action 31 July 1917
Coxyde Military Cemetery, Belgium

12/325 Lance Corporal Claudius BERTELSEN
Son of Hans and Gertrude Bertelsen
Born 17 August 1888
Enlisted 24 August 1915
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 15 September 1916
Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Somme, France

12/2963 Private Benjamin Bland BOOTH
Son of George and Jessie Booth
Age 23
Enlisted May 1915
New Zealand Infantry Regiment
Died of Wounds 11 October 1916
Oxford (Botley) Cemetery, England

20960 Rifleman George Herbert BOOTH
Son of George and Jessie Booth
Age 22
Farm Hand
Enlisted with 16th Reinforcements
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Died of Wounds 4 February 1917
Croix-Du-Bac Cemetery, Steenwerck

Private 12/1563 Christie Harold BOYCE
Son of Charles and Sarah Boyce
Born 1 April 1893
Auckland Infantry Regiment 16th Waikato Co
Died of Wounds 3 May 1915
Chatby War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt

16267 Lance Corporal John BUDGE
Son of John and Margaret Budge
Age 29
Enlisted 1916
16th Coy Imperial Camel Corps
Killed in Action 13 November 1917
Ramleh War Cemetery

12/3571 Lance Corporal Martin Raymond BUTLE
Son of Martin and Annie Butler
Age 19 years 9 months
Electrical Engineer
Enlisted in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 21 September 1916
Caterpillar Valley Memorial, Longueval, France


14225 Private Colin Victor CAMERON
Son of Alex and Martha Cameron
Age 20
Enlisted March 1916
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died of Wounds 8 June 1917
Bailleul Cemetery, France

35512 Private John Sharp CAMERON
Son of Alexander and Martha Cameron
Born 1887
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 30 September 1918
Marcoing British Cemetery, France

12/1911 2nd Lieutenant Charles Raymond Max' CARTER MM
Son of George and Elizabeth Carter
Born 6 April 1894
Enlisted 20 October 1914
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died of Wounds 18 September 1918
Bagneux Cemetery, Gezaincourt, France

10/2387 Private George Stanley CARPENTER
Brother of E C Carpenter
Born 17 February 1892
Labourer for Auckland Harbour Board
Enlisted in Wellington 11 August 1914
Samoan Advance Force /Wellington Infantry Regt
Killed in Action 8 August 1915
Chunuk Bair Memorial

48620 Private Joseph CHAMBERS, a member of the 26th reinforcements, was coming home on leave when he slipped at the Frankton Railway Station while getting off the train. He died of injuries 4 April 1917 and was buried at the Leamington cemetery, with the Territorials, Senior Cadets and members of the National Reserve on parade.

12/713 Bugler Norman Douglas COOKE
Son of Evelyn Isherwood & late Frederick Cooke
Born 26 September 1894
Enlisted 16 August 1914 in Cambridge
16th Waikato Co Auckland Regiment
Killed in Action 8 May 1915
Cape Helles Twelve Tree Copse Memorial

12/2672 Private Herbert George COOPER
Son of Thomas Cooper
Born 9 May 1895
Enlisted 17 April 1915 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry
Died of Wounds 22 July 1916
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, France

26/739 Rifleman Edwin Arthur CORDEN
Son of Robert
Age 18 years 2 months
Enlisted 12 October 1915
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Died of Wounds 17 September 1916
Dartmoor Cemetery, France

2/175 Gunner Andrew CORNAGA
Son of Victor and Margaret Cornaga
Born 13 February 1892
Enlisted 13 August 1914
New Zealand Field Artillery
Killed in Action 26 September 1916
Guards' Cemetery, Les Boeuf, France

Private 12/710 Ernest Wilkin COX
Son of Edmund and Ann Cox
Born 11 April 1893
Enlisted 13 August 1914
Auckland Infantry Regiment 16 Waikato Co
Killed in Action 25 April 1915
Plugges Plateau Lone Pine Missing Memorial

13/308 Lance Corporal William CRICKETT
Son of Robert and Mary Crickett
Age 33
Enlisted 18 August 1914
Auckland Mounted Rifles
Died of Wounds 19 May 1915
Ari Burnu Cemetery, Gallipoli


17178 Gunner Geoffrey William DAVIES
Only son of William and Mary Davies
Age 22
Surveyors Cadet
New Zealand Field Artillery
Killed in Action 10 October 1917
Coxyde Military Cemetery

12/3973 Private Charles 'Eddie' DAVIS
Only son of Charles and Mary Davis
Age 20 years 9 months
Timber worker
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 7 June 1917
Messines Ridge Cemetery

45481 Private John DEVITT
Son of Michael and Ellen Devitt
Born 23 January 1875
Enlisted 9 January 1917
Otago Infantry Brigade
Killed in Action 30 March 1918
Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps, France

62276 Rifleman William Alfred Mason DRAY
Son of Frederick and Letitia Dray
Husband of Elsie nee Chambers
Born 23 September 1888
Motor Mechanic
Enlisted 23 February 1917
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 26 August 1918
Vaulx Hill Cemetery

10/113 Private Robert Gordon DUNNAGE
Son of Mrs Mary Ada Dunnage
Enlisted at Dannevirke
Wellington Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 8 May 1915
Cape Helles Twelve Tree Copse Memorial


38831 Rifleman Cyril James ENTWISLE
Son of John and Emily Entwisle
9 November 1896
Enlisted September 1916
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Died of Wounds 3 November 1917
Boulogne Cemetery


12/3316 Lance Corporal Edwin John Alexander FERGUSON
Son of George and Ella Jane Ferguson
Husband of Annie Steele nee Fleming
Born 22 October 1875
Enlisted 23 August 1915
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died 21 November 1918
Cambridge Cemetery, Hautapu

23367 Rifleman Douglas Muir FISHER
Son of Robert and Marion Fisher
Born 11 June 1891
Enlisted in Cambridge
Auckland Rifle Brigade
Died of Wounds 3 February 1918
Lijssenthoek Cemetery, Belgium


90604 Private William Douglas GOW
Son of Rev William J and Jane Gow
Born 13 April 1897
Bank Clerk
Enlisted 10 May 1917
New Zealand Training Unit
Died 17 November 1918
Featherston NZ

49705 Private Robert William GRAY
Only son of William and Elizabeth Gray
Age 23
Enlisted 24 February 1917
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died of Wounds 16 September 1918
Bagneux Cemetery, Gezaincourt, France


12/363 Corporal Charles James HALLY
Son of James and Elizabeth Hally
Born 18 May 1889 in Cambridge
Enlisted 11 August 1914 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died of Wounds 26 July 1915
Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli

23935 Lieutenant Colin HALLY M.C.
Son of James and Elizabeth Hally
Born 24 June 1892
Enlisted 12 October 1915 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry Regiment / Machine Gun Bn
Killed in Action 6 April 1918
Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps, France

26/810 Rifleman John Joseph HICKEY
Son of William and Ellen Hickey
Born 12 October 1892
Farming / Coach Driver
Enlisted 11 October 1915
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Died of Wounds 6 May 1917
Maple Leaf Cemetery

2/761a Gunner John Allan HICKS
Son of Francis and Mary Hicks
Born 9 April 1892
Enlisted 13 August 1914
New Zealand Field Artillery
Killed in Action 24 October 1918
Vertigneul Churchyard, Romeries, France

28588 Sergeant Vincent Aemilian HOLBECHE
Husband of Alice
Born 14 November 1886
Enlisted 26 June 1916
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 18 October 1917
Tyne Cot Memorial

23383 Corporal Arthur Newton HOOKER
Son of James and Hannah Hooker
Age 23
Enlisted 1916
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 29 October 1918
Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-au-Bois, France

65815 Rifleman Kenneth Aubrey HOOKER
Son of James and Hannah Hooker
Age 20
Enlisted July 1917
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 28 August 1918
Favreuil British Cemetery, France

28883 Private David HOUSTON
Born 24 January 1891 in Ireland
Enlisted in Ashton Canterbury Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 29 March 1917
Berks Cemetery, Ploegsteert

12/3053 Corporal Frederick William HUNTER
Son of Charles and Jessie Hunter
Age 26
Agent for Loan & Mercantile
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 29 June 1916
Cite BonJean, Armentieres, France

24/1553 Sergeant Major Robert Wallace HUNTER
Son of Charles and Jessie Hunter
Husband of Florence nee Bollard
Age 29
Land and Commission Agent
Enlisted 1915 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 15 September 1916
Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Somme, France


10/624 Eric Cecil IRVING
Son of Edward and Isabella Irving
Age 25 Years
Enlisted in Cambridge
Wellington Regiment
Killed in action 29 April 1915
Listed on the Lone Pine Memorial


56614 Private William Fred KEELEY
Son of Fred and Blanche Keeley
Born 31 March 1897
Enlisted 31 March 1917
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 1 October 1918
Anneux Cemetery, France

64527 Private William Thomas KELLY
Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Kelly
Born 28 November 1893
Enlisted 17 July 1917
Otago Regiment Entrenching Battalion
Killed in Action 23 October 1918
Grevillers Memorial, France

12/774 Corporal William David KEMP
Son of David and Alice Kemp
Age 22
Enlisted 13 August 1914 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 13 August 1915
Chunuk Bair Missing Memorial

2/898 Bombardier William George 'Bob' KROGMAN
Son of the late Charlotte Baldwin and stepson of Samuel Baldwin
Age 23
Enlisted in Wanganui
New Zealand Field Artillery
Died of Wounds 15 September 1916
Longueval Road Cemetery, France


11493 Private Alfred George LIBEAU
Son of Theodore and Elizabeth Libeau
Husband of Annie
Age 35
Enlisted 11 January 1916
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 17 September 1916
Caterpillar Valley Memorial, Longueval, France

13/2339 Gunner Eric John LIBEAU
Son of Frederick and Flora Libeau
Born 17 June 1895
Enlisted 23 August 1915 in Cambridge
New Zealand Field Artillery
Died of Wounds 29 September 1917
Gwalia (Senalia) Cemetery, Belgium

10/1884 Private Samuel John LIDDINGTON
Son of Samuel and Annie Liddington
Born 1889
Enlisted 6 January 1915 in Cambridge
Wellington Infantry Regiment
Died of Wounds 24 August 1915
Chatby War Memorial Cemetery

28745 Private Thomas Leslie LIDDINGTON
Son of Samuel and Annie Liddington
Born 24 December 1895
Enlisted 26 June 1916 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Accidentally killed on 21 April 1917
La Plus Douve Cemetery, Belgium

12/4041 Lance Corporal Basil Arthur LOCKLEY
Son of Basil and Mary Lockley
Born 8 March 1893
Farm Labourer
Enlisted 16 November 1915
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 24 June 1916
Cite BonJean, Armentieres, France

13/2840 Gunner Arthur Gordon LOW
Son of John and Margaret Low
Born 20 January 1895
Enlisted 19 October 1915
New Zealand Field Artillery
Died of disease 21 February 1917
Bailleul Cemetery, France

13/1062 Trooper William James LUNNON
Son of James and Sarah Lunnon
Born 15 July 1889
Farm Hand
Enlisted 1914 in Cambridge
Auckland Mounted Rifles
Died of Wounds 16 November 1917
Ramleh War Cemetery


14455 Private John MARTYN
Jack was born at Tamahere in 1887, the son of John and Elizabeth Martyn. He had married Elsie nee Vosper two years prior to being called up and they had a daughter Gwendoline.
Jack was with the 14th Reinforcements and went into camp at Trentham on 7 March 1916. While in training, on 27 May 1916, Jack died of cerebro spinal meningitis. He was 27 years old. The Waikato Hunt abandoned its meet that day - Jack was very well known and respected in the district.
His body was brought by train to Bruntwood and buried at St Stephens Church, Tamahere.

12/4053 Private Eric Harold MARX
Son of Jacob and Eliza Marx
Born 30 March 1886
Enlisted 16 November 1916
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in action 7 June 1917
Messines Ridge Memorial

12/413 2nd Lieutenant James Alexander MELVILLE
Son of James and Margaret Melville
Born 25 November 1892
Enlisted 11 August 1914
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died 15 November 1918
Featherston Cemetery


12558 Trooper Francis John McCARTHY
Husband of Wilhemina nee Young
Age 34
Enlisted January 1916
Auckland Mounted Rifles
Killed in Action 9 August 1916
Kantara War Memorial Cemetery

32528 Private Malcolm McKINNON
Son of Donald and Margaret McKinnon
Born 10 June 1886
School Teacher
Enlisted 25 July 1916
Wellington Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 1 August 1917
Messines Ridge Memorial

23931 Corporal Roderick Angus McKINNON
Son of Donald and Margaret McKinnon
Husband of Marjory
Born 13 August 1884
School Master
Enlisted 14 December 1915 in Cambridge
Otago Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 31 July 1917
Ploegsteert Wood Cemetery, Belgium

25922 Rifleman Frederick Thomas McLARNON
Only son of Thomas and Katherine McLarnon
Born 14 September 1892
Farmer / blacksmith
Enlisted 29 May 1916
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 21 May 1917
La Plus Douve Cemetery, Belgium

25/510 Lance Corporal Duncan Benjamin Stevenson MacLEAN
Son of Rev Alec MacLean
Born 23 March 1890
Enlisted 12 October 1916
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Died of Wounds 6 September 1917
Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, France

12/3104 Private Leonard McMILLAN
Son of Joseph and Caroline McMillan
Age 24
Enlisted May 1915
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 30 September 1916
Caterpillar Valley Memorial, Longueval, France

13/210 Sergeant George Francis McNEISH
Son of James and Jane McNeish
Age 22
Enlisted 13 August 1914 in Cambridge
Auckland Mounted Rifles
Killed in Action 8 August 1915
Chunuk Bair Missing Memorial

2/768 Seargeant James Alfred McNEISH
Son of James and Jane McNeish
Born 14 February 1881
Husband of Louie nee Norgrove
Age 37
Enlisted 14 September 1914
Driver - New Zealand Field Artillery
Died 19 November 1918
Karori Cemetery


14310 Gunner George Jonathan NORRIS
Son of George and Sussanna Norris
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Died of Disease 20 October 1918
Advent (St Adwen) Churchyard, UK


932 Sergeant Francis Herbert O'NEILL
Son of the late William and Mary O'Neill
Age 35
1st Australian Battalion
Killed in Action 21 September 1917
Ypres Menin Gate Memorial


Private 12/830 Francis Asbury PAINE
Son of Mr and Mrs Frank Paine
Enlisted 1914 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry Regiment 16 Waikato Co
Killed in Action 25 April 1915
Plugges Plateau, Lone Pine Missing Memorial

14319 Private Robert Sydney PEPPERCORN
Son of James and Sarah Peppercorn
Born 19 September 1883
Enlisted 7 March 1916
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 23 June 1917
Messines Ridge Memorial

12/3124 Private Rhys PERKINS
Son of William and Margaret Perkins
Age 21 years 5 months
Enlisted 15 June 1915
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 21 June 1916
Cite BonJean, Armentieres, France

23/879 Rifleman William 'Mick' PETERSEN
Son of Mrs Florence Davies
Age 18 years 9 months
Enlisted in Cambridge May 1915
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 13 September 1916
Thistle Dump, High Wood, Longueval, France

13/728 Corporal Thomas Wallace PHILLIPS
Son of Mathew and Mary Phillips
Age 20
Enlisted in Cambridge
Auckland Mounted Rifles
Died of pneumonia 18 October 1915
St Mary's Church, Walton-on-Thames

12/3122 Private Rowland James 'Jack' PEARCE
Son of Charles Pearce. Gloucestershire UK
Enlisted in May 1915
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Accidentally killed 6 August 1916
Cite BonJean Military Cemetery, Armentieres.

2/1462 Gunner Alexander Archibald PLAYFAIR
Son of George and Elizabeth Playfair
Age 29
Enlisted 3 February 1915
New Zealand Field Artillery
Died of Wounds 28 September 1916
Etaples Military Hospital, France

23/883 Company Sergeant Major Fred Leslie PREBBLE MM
Son of late John and Susan Prebble
Born 4 March 1893
Enlisted 29 May 1915
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Died of Wounds 7 November 1917
Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, France

29477 Private John PRESTON
Son of William and Nancy Preston
Born 15 April 1891
Enlisted 27 June 1916
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 7 June 1917
Messines Ridge Memorial

12/3128 Private Thomas PRICE
Son of Mrs Maria Price
Age 21
Enlisted 15 June 1915 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry
Died of Wounds 19 February 1917
Wimereux Cemetery, France


12/227 Private Holgar Bro RANDRUP
Son of Niel and Andrea Randrup
Age 27
Enlisted 12 August 1914
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 8 May 1915
Cape Helles Twelve Tree Copse Memorial

Sergeant 11/360 John Lauderdale Stewart RICHARDSON
Son of Sir James and Lady Harriet Stewart Richardson
Born 18 January 1879
Commission Agent
Enlisted 15 August 1914
Wellington Infantry
Killed in Action 17 May 1916

12/234 Private Macinroy Robertson ROBERTS
Only son of Charles and Lucy Roberts
Born 23 October 1893
Enlisted 7 September 1914
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 8 May 1915
Cape Helles Twelve Tree Copse Memorial

Lieutenant William Owen Nelson ROUT
Son of William and Mary Rout
Husband of Sarah Habicht
Age 22
Medical Student
Enlisted in UK
10th Bn. Highland Light Infantry
Killed in Action 25 September 1915
Cambrin Churchyard, France

12/3804 Lance Corporal William Arthur RUTTER
Son of William and Mary Rutter
Born 11 October 1892
Enlisted 19 October 1915
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died of Wounds 30 March 1918
Doullens Cemetery, France


16343 Sergeant Owen Frederick SANDERS
Son of Frederick and Emma Sanders
Born 29 July 1893
Enlisted 8 February 1916
16 th Coy Imperial Camel Corps
Died of Wounds 6 November 1917
Beersheba War Cemetery, Palestine

13/2366 Private Edwin SEARLE MM
Son of Thomas and Mary Searle
Born 26 March 1895
Killed in Action 20 January 1918
Menin Road Cemetery, Ypres

13/651 Sergeant Gordon SIMPSON
Son of Robert and Henrietta Simpson, England
Age 19
New Zealand Mounted Machine Gun Squad
Killed in Action 30 March 1918
Jerusalem Memorial, Israel

12/858 Private David STEWART
Brother of Mrs R Campbell
Farm Labourer at Monavale
Enlisted 13 August 1914 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry Regiment 16th Waikato Co.
Died of Wounds 27 July 1915
Cairo Memorial Cemetery

2/643 Gunner Samuel James STEWART
Son of David and Nancy Stewart
Age 37
Enlisted 1914
NZ Field Artillery
Died 22 February 1919
Cambridge Cemetery, Hautapu

12/4280 Private Stanley James STEWART
Son of W and Letitia Stewart
Born 31 March 1895
Farm Labourer
Enlisted 14 December 1915 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 15 September 1916
Caterpillar Valley Memorial, Somme, France

2/567 Sergeant Allan STRAWBRIDGE
Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Strawbridge
Born 30 June 1891
Enlisted 18 August 1914 in Cambridge
New Zealand Field Artillery
Died of Disease 27 December 1915
Pieta Cemetery Malta


12/3167 Private Secil Alder Ratcliffe TAYLOR
Son Mr and Mrs C R Taylor
Railway Cleaner
Enlisted 15 June1915
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Secil died of wounds on 28 September 1916 age 20
Heilly Station Memorial Cemetery, Mericourt-L'Abbe, France.

12/881 Private Alexander THOMASON
Son of John Thomason
Born 19 December 1893
Enlisted 13 August 1914 in Cambridge
Auckland Infantry
Died of wounds 19 September 1916
Heilly Station Memorial, Mericourt-L'Abbe

60011 Sergeant James Thomas THOMPSON
Son of William and Ellen Thompson
Born 9 April 1893
Enlisted 23 February 1917
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Died of influenza 24 February 1919
Cologne Cemetery, Rhine Province

Sapper Daniel THORNTON
At the beginning of December 1916 the Waikato Independent reported that Dan Thornton had been killed in action. He was the only son of William and Hilda Thornton late of Maungakawa and 17 years old when he enlisted in Britain in 1914. He joined the munition column of the Army Service Corp going through the retreat at Mons and in the second battle of Ypres.
He had seen 22 months service in France when he was killed in action serving as a dispatch rider to the Royal Engineers.

Trooper Herbert Stanley TYLER
was training at Featherston when his parents received word that he was seriously ill. He died the next day - 20 March 1916.


45579 Private Harry VICKERS
Son of Thomas and Emma Vickers
Born 16 September 1883
Farm Labourer
Enlisted 10 January 1917
Otago Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 30 March 1918
Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps, France


23457 Walter Beville WADE
Son of Albert and Mary Wade
Age 22
Died of Illness 9 March 1918
Pukerimu Cemetery, NZ

15315 Rifleman Kenneth James WALLACE
Son of James and Mary Wallace
Born 16 February 1895
NZ Railways Cleaner
Enlisted 3 April 1916
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 12 October 1917
Tyne Cot Memorial

12/3861 Private Reginald Alfred WATKINS
Son of Matthew and Mary Watkins
Age 30
Enlisted 18 October 1915
6th Hauraki Coy. Auckland Infantry
Died of Wounds 23 July 1916
Bailleul Cemetery, France

12/478 Private William Wilson WEBB
Son of Seth and Mary Webb
Born 3 June 1892
Sheep Farmer
Enlisted 14 August 1914 at Opotiki
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died of Disease 7 December 1917
Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey, England

17548 Trooper John WEST
Son of William West
Born 7 October 1882
Enlisted 1916
Auckland Mounted Rifles
Died of Wounds 24 September 1918
Jerusalem War Cemetery

12/3194 Private Harry William WICKS
Son of Harry and Annie Wicks
Age 35
Enlisted May 1915
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 30 September 1916
Australian Infantry Force Burial Ground, Flers

12/289 Corporal William Brian de Laval WILLIS
Son of Rev William and Mary Willis
Born 17 May 1888
Enlisted 12 August 1914
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died of Wounds 12 May 1915
Chatby War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt

12/3515 Private Johnson 'Jack' Livingstone WILSON
Son of John and Annabella Wilson
Born 3 April 1889
Enlisted 24 August 1915
Auckland Infantry
Killed in Action 15 September 1916
Caterpillar Valley Memorial, Somme, France

23/956 Lance Corporal Robert James WILSON
Son of R J and Winifred Wilson
Age 23
Enlisted 28 May 1915
New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Died of wounds 21 October 1916
Rue-David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix

2/1261 Driver William WORTHING
Son of John Worthing
Born 11 April 1893
Enlisted 14 December 1914 in Cambridge
New Zealand Field Artillery
Killed in Action 7 October 1916
Bulls Road Cemetery, Flers

Researched and written by ERIS PARKER
Ref: Cambridge Museum Archives
National Archives Wellington
Auckland City Library

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WORM marriages New Zealand 1896 - 1924

some WORM marriages New Zealand 1870 - 1924


Johann Julius Worm
- married Sarah Jane McDONALD in 1896
- were in Midhurt, Taranaki in 1886
- their known children:
1877 - Johann Richard Arthur Worm
1879 - Anna Minna Charlotte Worm
1881 - Maria Wilhelmiane Rosalie Worm
1887 - Emma Martha Edith Worm
1889 - Frederick William Prince von Prussia Julius Worm

John Richard Arthur Worm (1878-1918)
- married Gertrude TOMLINSON in 1902
- their known chidlren:
1903 - Horton Lusby Worm
1908 - Charles Maurice Worm

Oscar Paul Agathon Worm
- married Helena Malvina McBURNEY in 1907
- 1 known child:
1909 - Vera Charlotte Worm


Edith Emma Martha Worm
- married Frederick Alexander HOLLAND in 1910

Louise Friederike Worm
- married Frank EFFER in 1924

Rosalie Marie Worm
- married Francis James ROBERTSON in 1906

would like info on BEAR family of TIMARU NZ

I have one BEAR on my family tree - his name is George and he was born in Timaru NZ in 1875 and married Jessie Sutherland.
Can you add more to that?

WRAGG marriages New Zealand 1874 - 1927

known WRAGG marriages in New Zealand 1874 - 1927


Abraham Wragg
- married Emma BATE in 1889

Charles Wragg
- married Grace BUCKINGHAM in 1876

Arnold Adamson Wragg
- married Isabel Mary McGRATH in 1927


Marion Helen Grant Wragg
- married Thomas HUGHES in 1874

Maude Wragg
- married Sydney Ashmore DAWSON in 1927

WRIGGLESWORTH & BINNS - Wellington Photographers - 1863

taken from various scources ...

from NZETC, written about 1895:
James Dacie WRIGGLESWORTH and Frederick Charles BINNS, were photographers in Willis Street, Wellington.
They also had branches at Christchurch and Dunedin

The business of this celebrated firm of photographers was established in 1863 and was carried on by its originator, Mr. Wrigglesworth, until 1871, when he was joined by Mr. Binns.
Their premises are large and of good appearance, being five stories
high, and possessing a floorage space of something like 10,000 square feet.

Messrs. Wrigglesworth and Binns have always maintained a very high excellence in all their work, and in 1879 gained first award at the Sydney exhibition.
Again in 1881, they were similarly successful at Melbourne, and at the New Zealand exhibition of 1885 they carried off the only first award given in New Zealand for portrait photography.

Though they have at various times done a good deal in the landscape branch, their efforts have been mainly devoted to the production of high-class portraits.

The firm are patentees of the process which has become so well known under the name of the Matt-Opal Type Process, which gives a most delicate finish to the work. The perfecting of this process did much towards keeping the firm in the very foremost ranks of Australasian photographers.

The newest speciality in their work is the Mona portrait, which is a bromide enlargement upon a new principle, giving to the picture very much the appearance of a direct photograph, though there is a softness and delicacy of tint far surpassing the very finest direct prints by the process which science has so far revealed to us. Messrs. Wrigglesworth and Binns are producing these works of art at a price which places them within the reach of all, and at exceptionally low rates for so fine and costly a process as the Mona is known to be.

The Wellington business is personally superintended by Mr. Wilgglesworth; that at Christchurch by Mr. Binns; and the Dunedin branch, which is conducted under the name of Eden George, Limited, is in the charge of an experienced manager.

This is a firm to be thoroughly and unreservedly recommended. Their trade extends throughout the length and breadth of the Colony and even beyond, while tourists and others passing through the Empire City invariably take away with them a specimen of the work which New Zealand is capable of producing at the hands of Wrigglesworth and Binns.


James Dacie WRIGGLSWORTH (1836-1906) was born in Middlesex, England the son of James WRIGGLESWORTH, an alchemist, and Elizabeth CLAYTON
He arrived in Lyttelton with his mother, on the "Samarang" on 31 July 1852, he was then a hairdresser aged 16. His mother Elizabeth Wrigglesworth was a Governess aged 48. He originally set up as a hairdresser and perfumer in London Street, Lyttelton.

Later after moving to Wellington his mother ran a circulating library, bookseller's and fancy goods shop in Lambton Quay. She died at her residence in Cuba Street, Wellington on 14 June 1864 aged about 62.

He married three times,

firstly in Wellington about 1864 to Jane Caroline de MONTMORENCY. There were two children of this marriage:
* James de Montmorency Wrigglesworth born 23 July 1866 at Cuba Street, Wellington and
* Harold de Montmorency Wrigglesworth born about 1868.

- His wife Jane and their two children lost their lives when the ship "Cyrus" ran aground near Wellington during a storm in 1874.

secondly at Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, Hobart, Tasmania on 7 April 1875 to Jessie MARSHALL or PEARSON. There was one daughter of this marriage:
* Kate Wrigglesworth born about 1877. She was an actress known as Miss Kate Gair and married Dr. (Robert?) SCHACHNER the Professor of Political Economy at the University of Jena (he died March 1912).
- Jessie Wrigglesworth died at her residence in College Street, Wellington on 26 July 1886 aged 42

thirdly at St Johns Presbyterian Church, Willis Street, Wellington on 2 November 1887 to Isabella Waters Sutherland GUNN the daughter of William GUNN and Margaret (Isabelle ? see below) Gunn SIMPSON.
James Wrigglesworth was then aged 51 years, he gave his occupation as "artist".
There was one son of this marriage:
* Alfred Gunn Wrigglesworth who was born about 1891. Alfred Wrigglesworth was educated at Wellington College, and at the Church of England Grammar School in Melbourne. He served in the British Army during World War One as a Second Lieutenant with the 3rd Battalion Manchester Regiment and died in France on 4 September 1916 aged 25 years. He is buried at Thiepval Memorial, France. His next of kin was listed as: Son of Isabelle Gunn Wrigglesworth, of Jolimont Square, Melbourne, Australia, and the late James Dacie Wrigglesworth. Born at Wellington

... visit the link above fo a very indepth look at his life and work and many wonderful old photos to view...

From the EVENING POST 21 October 1901:
Wrigglesworth and Binn's New Studio.

The photographic business of Messrs. Wrigglesworth and Binns has more than a local reputation. The firm's work is to be seen in homes and offices and public places throughout the colony, and not a few people have in years part taken advantage of a visit to Wellington to "have a sitting" in the well-known Willis-street studio.

The unfortunate fire of some months ago not only caused the destruction of thousands of valuable negatives, but temporarily banished the firm from the place where its operation had been carried on so successfully and for so many years. But there has now risen upon the site a bigger, brighter, and better building than that of old. The new studio of the firm is located in premises which immediately catch the eye of the person who passes along Willis-street. The three-story, substantial looking building has been neatly designed by Mr. W. C. CHATFIELD, and well and truly built by Messrs. J. and A. Wilson. But it is upon the interior of the building that taste has been lavished by Mr. Wrigglesworth, the design having been carried out excellently by Messrs. R. and E. TINGLEY. The colouring on walls and ceilings is in harmony with an artistic scheme of furnishing; and embossed zinc, which has been used for the covering of the walls and ceilings, has been effectively toned and decorated.

Upon the first floor, the main business of the firm is to be done, and this is approached from the street front by a stairway of easy grade, flanked by such a fine collection of photographs as makes the visitor pause often in the upward journey to scrutinise the individual exhibits.

Overlooking busy Willis-street is one of the handsomest of reception-rooms, furnished with the upmost good taste, with a beautifully painted ceiling, and containing so many attractive objects as to make it a pleasure to wait within such a bower. There will be no complaints from patrons about weariness of waiting amidst surroundings so agreeable.

Off the reception-room is the public office, which is the centre of a house-telephone system, and which also contains a lift communicating with the work-rooms above. The office has a store-room attached, and alongside, is a dressing-room which ladies will declare to be "a dream," so tasteful is its decorative scheme of geranium pink, and its pretty furnishings. Approaching the studio, the visitor passes a dressing-room for gentlemen, containing, like all the other room's, a neatly-set gas-stove, to warm wintry temperature, and a lavatory for the use of patrons.

Then comes the studio, commodious, well-lighted, conveniently arranged. With an area of 40ft x 20ft, it gives facilities for the taking of the largest of groups, and is equipped with the most modern aids to the photographer's art. Mr. Wrigglesworth has secured a series of backgrounds specially painted to suit the gallery, which has an elaborate system of shades for regulating the lighting. Off the studios are the changing-room and the dark-room, the latter being lighted by both gas and electric light.

On the second floor are located the workroom, and what may be termed the hive of the industry. In the eastern corner of the floor, Mr. Wrigglesworth has his "snuggery," which is cosy and comfortable-looking. Adjoining are separate rooms for the re-touchers and the artists, the toning, fixing, enamelling, mounting, and burnishing rooms; also storerooms for chemicals, etc. The enlargement department of the firm's business has become one of the first importance, and a commodious room has been set apart for this work. Off this room access is obtained to the fire-escape, and the whole floor is well equipped with lighting and sanitary appliances.

Up another flight of stairs, and the visitor comes to the "printery," a room specially designed to catch the sun in its various aspects, and with ample provision for its purpose. As an adjunct, there is a balcony, overlooking the back-door of Willis-street." Altogether, Messrs. Wrigglesworth and Binns's new premises may be classed as among the most up-to-date, and, in some respects, the best-equipped of the colony's photographic establishments, and they should attract many visitors.


Frederick Charles BINNS (1844-1915) was born in London in 1844, where he was brought up as a civil engineer, but devoted much of his leisure time to amateur photography. Shortly after his arrival in Wellington in 1864 he became associated with James Wrigglesworth and established the partnership of Wrigglesworth and Binns. He became one of the most prominent Freemasons in New Zealand

He married Harriet MILLS, their children included:
* Reginald William Binns also a photographer, who married in 1911 to Elizabeth ARROW and
* Stanley Walter Binns, a clerk, who married in 1909 to Grace Elizabeth HENEY.

While walking to work on 13 August 1915 with a friend Mr. W. I. Bolam he was struck by a motor vehicle in Victoria Street and received serious head and body injuries. He was taken to hospital unconscious and died early in the afternoon. At the time of his death he lived at 73 Winchester Street, Merivale, Christchurch. He was buried in the Papanui Churchyard on 16 August, his wife Harriet died in 1921 aged 72.

Fredericks obituary from his link above:
... While proceeding to business this morning Mr. F. C, Binns, of the firm of Wrigglesworth and Binns, was the victim of a collision which occurred between a motor-car and a motor-cycle with side-chair attached, in Victoria street. Mr. Binns, who is 71 years of age, was by some means knocked over by one of the vehicles and sustained severe injuries which necessitated his immediate removal to the Christchurch Hospital, where he expired as the result of the injuries he had sustained.

The late Mr. Binns was born in 1844 in London, where he was brought up as a civil engineer, but devoted much of his leisure time to amateur photography, and shortly after his arrival in Wellington in 1864 he became associated with Mr. Wrigglesworth, and established the partnership which had continued ever since. Mr. Binns was one of the most prominent Freemasons in New Zealand; he was initiated in 1873 in the Pacific Lodge, Wellington, and was Master of the Lodge in 1870 and 1880. Subsequently he became the Z.V. in the Royal Arch Chapter, was twice Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Wellington (English Constitution), and for a time was also treasurer. With the Pacific Lodge he came over to the New Zealand Constitution, and later on, on coming to Christchurch, he affiliated with St. Augustine Lodge. He was installed as Grand Superintendent of Canterbury in 1902, and on the inauguration of the Provincial Grand Lodge, as Grand Master, an office which he held till his death. He was a foundation member of the Civic Lodge. Mr. Binns was also Grand Master (honoris causa) of Grand Lodge of New Zealand in 1911, and he was also Pro-Grand Master in 1906-08.

The funeral will take place on Monday, at 2.30 p.m.

... again, a MUST SEE site with lots of info and many wonderfu old photos


Early New Zealand Postcards
... An article in the Wellington Independent of the 23rd of April 1863, mentioned views of Wellington being taken by a Mr Richards "...of a size suitable for albums so much in vogue..." The talents of Mr Richards were recognise New Zealand Exhibition in 1865. The Jurors stated "... Among them may be specially mentioned a little picture of Thorndon Flat, as deserving of great praise for the delicate manipulation and care bestowed upon it...." The same report mentioned another Wellington firm with the following criticism "... in two or three pictures, there is evidence of imperfection in the manipulation of the plate, a dullness that might have possibly been avoided....", this describes some of the entries from a newly formed partnership, SWAN and WRIGGLESWORTH.

Swan who had carried on alone for five years, since his brief association with Davis, must have yearned for a reliable partner to help him with the booming carte craze that inundated his Wellington studio. Doubtless he eyed with business acumen the areas to the north of Wellington that did not boast a resident photographer. When he journeyed to Napier to found his Hawke's Bay branch, he left his practise in the charge of James Dacey Wrigglesworth. This seeed a well-timed move, but there is speculation that his departure was motivated by the return of Mrs FOLEY's Theatrical Company to the area. Eventually Swan sold out his Napier photographic interests to Samuel Carnell in 1870, having previously dissolved his partnership with Wigglesworth after a three-year association. While Swan's career in photography was not a lengthy one when compared with some others, he made several important contributions to the craft. His coverage of news events and his involvement inthe theatre combined to add a touch of showmanship and personality to early New Zealand photography. His later life was by no means dull. For many years he held controlling shares of a brewery in Napier and later served a long term as major of the city. His interest in politics eventually took him to Wellington where he represented his district in parliament. The final years of his long and eventful lifes were spent in Wanganui.

Swan's successor, Wigglesworth, had a long and extensive association with Wellington, which began as a hairdresser in 1854. After his association with Swan was dissolved in1867 he carried on alone for several years before joining up with Frederick C. Binns in 1874.

Their names virtually became household words throughout the country, as they followed their Wellington success with branches in all the major centres. Wellingtonians have every reason to regret the disastrous fire which enguulfed the premises of Wigglesworth & Binns inlower Willis Street in 1901. Undoubtly the bulk of Swan's plates, along with those views Wigglesworth took in late 1860 and early 1870 were destroyed by the flames. The criticism made by the jurors in the exhibition in 1865 must be taken at face value with littl hope of a fresh evalution. Whether the photographs in question originated from either Swan's or Wigglesworth's camera is of little consequence. A reassessment of their talent through a comparison of their work with that of their contemporaries, is reduced to a handful of authenticated prints which have fortunately survived. Because of the small number involved, this can hardly be considered absolute and definitive

WRIGHTs buried at Mangaoranga Cemetery EKETAHUNA, New Zealand

The Maori name Eketahuna means 'to run aground on a sandbank' so named by the tangata whenua to describe that location where their waka could travel no further up the Makakahi River, which bisects the township.

The Wright family buried at the Mangaoranga Cemetery in Eketahuna are:

Arthur Charles Wright
- born February 1923
- died 21st November 1923 aged 9
- buried PLOT 51 BLOCK AA with 1 month id Margaret and 8 month old Mildred

Arthur Herbert Wright
- born 1865
- Arthur was a farmer
- died 1st November 1951 aged 86
- buried PLOT 128B BLOCK AA with his wife Catherine

Catherine Tait Robertson Wright
- born 1868
- died 30th October 1944 aged 76
- buried PLOT 128B BLOCK AA with husband Arthur

Margaret Guthrie Wright
- born May 1905
- died 18th January 1906 aged 8 months
- burie PLOT 51 BLOCK AA with 1 month old Mildred and 9 year old Arthur

Mildred Evelyn Wright
- born January 1911
- died 3rd Gebruary 1911 aged 1 month
- buried PLOT 51 BLOCK AA with 8 month old Margaret and 9 year old Arthur


from the Auckland Star 20 November 1941


A notice cancelling for various reasons the calling up of 36 reservists in the No 1 (Auckland) Area for service with the armed forces under the National Service Regulations, 1940, appears in a special Gazette isuued yesterday.
The men concerned are:-

Eric Hooper BISS
- Pharmaceutical Chemist, City

Edward Trevor Vivian BOAKES (1924-1992)
- Labourer, Te Papapa

Hendrik Jacob BODE (1923-1997)
- Clerk, Balmoral Road

Roy Noel BOWDEN (1912-1979)
- Clerk, Devonport

William Dalgleish BURNS (1912-1980)
- Gardener, Mangere

David Henry BUTTERWORTH (1908-1999)
- Soldier, Papakura

William McKenzie CAMPBELL (1912-1992)
- Factory Hand, City

Arthur Harold CLEAVER (1922-1984)
- Labourer, Onehunga

Terence William DEIGHTON
- Carpenter, City

Cosmos GEORGE (1922-2005)
- Seaman, City

Desmond James GILLIES (1918-1969)
- Clerk, Otahuhu

Nelson Lockyer HALL (1914-1989)
- Driver, City

John Graham HEDLEY (1919-2003)
- Carpenter, Balmoral

Robert William KING
- Labourer, Grey Lynn

William KIRBY
- occupation not stated, Point Chevalier

Clive Kenneth LAW (1916-1982)
- Bricklayer, Grafton

Selwyn James McGIVERN (1914-1950)
- Nurse, City

Arthur McNEILL
- Clerk, Point Chevalier

Donald MUNRO
- Shop Assistant, Glendowie

Frederick Raymond NEILSON
- Steward, City

David Roy NENO (1920-2007)
- Farmer, City

Harold Douglas NICHOLSON
- Soldier, Devonport

Robert Noel OTTER (1920-1967)
- French Polisher, Takapuna

Albert Leslie PINFOLD (1917-1956)
- Porter, Newmarket

John PYE
- Farmer, Awhitu

Joseph RATCLIFFE (1910-1962)
- Labourer, Parnell

David Charles RAWNSLEY (1921-2006)
- Nurseryman, Avondale

Robert MacLaren ROBERTSON (1905-1965)
- Manager, City

Albert Lloyd ROUSELL
- Ordance Artificer, Devonport

Maurice Richard SCHLESINGER (1907-1980)
- Delicatessen Hand, Point Chevalier

John Rankine Ramsay SIMPSON (1901-1948)
- Locomotive Fireman, Ponsonby

William Roy SNELGAR (1923-1999)
- Baker, Devonport

Donald Linsley TWEEDLE
- Motor Driver, Devonport

Herbert Rex WALDEN
- Radio Announcer, City

Henry Alfred WHEELER
- Packerman, Onehunga

Clive Comet Edwin WILLIAMS (1910-1960)
- Freezing Worker, Devonport