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William SUNNEX + Eliza WEBLEY from Maidstone, Kent to Taita, New Zealand

William SUNNEX married Eliza WEBLEY in 1826 in Bredhurst, Kent

they had 5 children to 1839 then sailed in 1841 on the TYNE leaving London on 25th March 1841, arriving in Wellington on 9th August 1841

On board was the first Chief Justice of New Zealand, Sir William Martin and also the first Attorney General Mr William Swainson

The TYNE sunk 4 years later just outside Wellington when it struck rocks off Sinclair Head in a violent storm

... On her son William`s birth record in 1839, Eliza`s surname was spelt WHIBLEY and husband WIlliam`s was spelt SUNNIX and according to one source the name of Sunnix has been spelt at least 40 different ways and is slmost impossible to trace back. That, plus the family appears to have been very nomadic and have wandered almost aimlessly around Kent ...

William and Eliza had another 4 children in Taita

- their children were:
1826 - 1887 Frances Sunnex
- born Upchurch Sittingborne
- married Charles MUDGWAY in Wellington in 1846
- they had 8 children

1827 - ? Mary Ann Sunnex
- born in England and was on the passenger list of the Tyne
- nothing is known about her

1828 - ? Sarah Sunnex
- married Robert CLARKE

1836 - 1922 Maria Ellen Sunnex
- married George SOUTHEE in 1855 in Lower Hutt
- they had at least 12 children
- George died in 1904
- Maria remarried to Robert James FERGUSON in 1907, she was 71

1839 - 1918 William Sunnex
- married Annie Louisa SYMES in 1888
- William died aged 79 in Wellington

1841 - 1897 Thomas Charles Sunnex
- first child born in Taita, New Zealnad
- married Elizabeth HANNING in 1872
- they had a possible 8 children
- Thomas died in Carterton aged 56

1843 - 1926 John Sunnex
- married Mary Ann THOMAS in 1870 in Taita
- they had 10 known children
- he died in Taumarunui aged 83

1845 - 1893 Emma Elizabeth Sunnex
- possibly born in Carterton
- married Charles David HARRIS in 1866
- Charles was the 8th of 13 children to Abraham Harris and Sophia Harris
- Emma & Charles had at least 8 children
- Emma died in Martinborough aged 47

1850 - 1902 Phoebe Ann Elizabeth Sunnex
- married Joseph WYETH in 1873
- they had at least 7 children
- Phoebe died aged 52 in Trentham

Eliza was widowed in July 1883
- (William died in Upper Hutt aged 89)
- this appeared in the EVENING POST on 6th December 1884:
... William Sunnex, Thomas Sunnex, and John Sunnex, were charged with having neglected to obey an order for the contribution of 6s 8d each towards the weekly support of their aged mother. Wm. Sunnex was the only defendant who appeared in person. He said he was a labourer and lived at the Upper Hutt. He had only been able to earn 2 during the past two months, and it was quite impossible for him to pay 6s 8d per week towards the support of his mother. His Worship decided to adjourn the case against this defendant until next week. Thomas Sunnex`s case was struck out, the accused having paid up the amount in arrears. His Worship decided to hear the charge against John Sunnex at Masterton on the 16th instant.

Eliza died in Upper Hutt in 1897 aged 89
- she is buried at St James

William Tarrant - HMS CALLIOPE, 58th Foot Regiment New Zealand 1846

William Tarrant was born in Beechingstoke, Pewsey, Wiltshire, England in 1824.

William arrived on the HMS CALLIOPE into New Zealand on the 22nd July 1846 as a Private in the 58th Regiment of Foot.

He married Maria Saywell in Lower Hutt, Wellington in 1852.

READ HIS STORY and that of others during the 1st New Zealand War:

William Thomas MOYLE died Mining Accident, Beaumont 1898

BEAUMONT is a small town nestled in the foothills of Otago

William Thomas Moyle (1874-1898) was the 3rd of 10 children (8 sons) of:
Francis MOYLE (1842-1940 of Carnbonellis Cornwall) & Jessie Mason LAWRENCE (1848-1938 of Aberdeen Scotland)
1871 - 1910 James Lawrence Moyle
1872 - 1924 Benjamin Eddie Moyle
1874 - 1898 William Thomas Moyle
1876 - 1936 Mary Mason Moyle
1878 - ? Frances Moyle (buried with parents, no date)
1881 - 1916 George Alexander Moyle, Somme, France 3 Oct
1883 - 1964 John Adam Moyle
1885 - 1963 Henry Arthur Moyle
1887 - 1868 Charles Edward Moyle
1889 - 1916 Albert Robert Moyle, Somme, France 16 Sep

Their father, Francis Moyle, was a Miner, Builder, Carpenter & Undertaker in Havelock, Waitahuna, Lawrence

Tuapeka Times, 15 June 1898

... An inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of William MOYLE was commenced at Mr CROSSAN's Hotel, Beaumont, on Saturday, 11th instant, before Mr Thomas PILLING, J.P., acting-coroner, and a jury consisting of Messrs Robert McKAY, John JOHNSON, Hugh CROSSAN, Alexander CAMPBELL, and James RICHARDSON, Mr Hugh Crossan was chosen foreman, Sergreant KING conducted the inquiry,
... The jury having been duly sworn and an examination of the body made.
... The Coroner intimated that the Inspector of Mines had expressed a desire to be present at the inquest and it had, therefore, been decided, after taking the evidence ofidentificaiton to adjourn the proceedings till Tuesday morning, at 11 o'clock, to enable the Inspector to be present.
... Francis MOYLE, carpenter, deposed that he had viewed the body of deceased, who was his son, WILLIAM THOMAS MOYLE. He was a labourer by occupation, and had been in the employ of the Beaumont Local Co-operative Company for about 16 months. He had last seen him alive about eight weeks ago. He was born at Waitahuna and was 24 years of age.
... At this stage, in order to save time on Tuesday, the jury visited the scene of the accident and made an examination of the ground.
......... ... On resuming on Tuesday morning
... Robert LEDLIE deposed that he was the mine manager for the Beaumont Local Co-operative Company and had been in that position for about four months. He had ten men employed in the mine, and when in regular work they worked three shifts. On the 10th instant they were engaged shifting the elevator plant, when all the hands were employed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Deceased was employed as carpenter for the Company. Witness had told him on the previous day that he wanted the elevator plant shifted and he had full control of the work, which was started on Friday morning (10th instant), James McCORKINDALE, Neil DEMPSEY and James CUMMING were assisting deceased, and he had instructions to call on any of the other men to assist when required. He saw deceased off and on while he was engaged carrying on the work. His first duty in commencing was to make a cutting into the bank for the support of the stringers of the trestle work. This was carried out on the previous day. About 2.30 p.m. on the 10th, while witness was engaged in the Company's office, he heard someone calling out as though something were wrong at the mine. He immediately went to the works and found that part of the bank where the stringer was to be placed had fallen in on deceased. He was entirely covered by the fall. With the assistance of the other men he had the dirt immediately removed and deceased taken up on to the bank. He was not dead at the time, but quite unconscious. He died while being removed to the hotel, about twenty minutes after the accident. He (witness) did not think there was the slightest danger to the men in working at that particular place. The depth of the chambers cut out were about 7ft 6in, and the length about 10ft. Although he was not personally in charge of this particular work, he was perfectly satisfied it was being carried out in a proper and workmanlike manner by the deceased. He did not think there had been any carelessness in carrying out the work. The ground was of a sandy formation, but he did not consider it of a dangerous character.
... To Mr HAYNES (Inspector of Mines): Considering the depth of the cut and that the sides were practically vertical, he did not consider a system of "shoring" necessary. He thought, from his experience of the ground, that it would stand without support. He believed the fall was due to the frost of the previous week and the thaw on the day in question. He had not reported the accident to the Inspector of Mines of the Minister of Mines , as required by the Mining Act of 1891 (section 336). He had, however, wired to the chairman of directors of the company to do all that was necessary. As a matter of fact, he was not in possession of a copy of the Mining Act.
... To a Juror: There were two chambers cut into the bank. There might have been less danger of there had been only one chamber the full width.
... To the Coroner: He had instructed deceased to fill up the chambers as soon as the stringers were in position. He was fully satisfied that by leaving the block between the two chambers the ground was better supported than by taking it out and so forming one large chamber.
... Neil DEMPSY deposed that he was a miner living at the Beaumont and in the employ of the Local Cop-operative Goldmining Co. He was at work in the Co's mine, along with Wm. Thomas Moyle and James CUMMING, on Friday last, 10th instant. He was one of the men who cut the chambers into the bank to allow of the stringers being placed in position. At the time of the accident he was working, along with deceased, in the chamber, Cumming being on the trestles. Witness saw the fall of earth which caught the deceased; it struck him on the breast and crumbled over his head. Witness was only 5ft away from deceased, on the outer side of the chamber, at the time of the accident. It took a couple of minutes to get the deceased's head clear of the earth. When he was got clear deceased was quite unconscious and remained so until he died - almost 25 minutes after the accident. He did not look upon the ground whee the chamber was cut as at all dangerous,
... To Mr HAYES: there was no perceptible evidence of weakness or liability to fall in the ground. Witness looked upon the ground as quite safe.
... To a Juror: In the course of a casual chat a few minutes before the accident happened, deceased made the remark that he did not think there was any danger of an accident happening, as no feeling himself that the ground was unsafe in any way.
... James CUMMING deposed that he did not see the bank of the chamber give way, but almost immediately after DEMPSEY called his attention to the accident which had befallen Moyle, who was then almost buried up. With Dempsey's help, witness got deceased's head clear and then went at once to the telephone office to send a message for medical assistance. He returned in about twenty minutes, when deceased had expired . Witness did not consider the ground dangerous at the spot where deceased met with the accident. He did not think there was any carelessness shown by deceased in carrying out his work,
... To the Foreman: The telegram he sent to Mr Thompson, Chairman of Directors of the Co-operative Company was: "Moyle hurt; send doctor at once."
... Mr Hayes said he was of opinion, after an inspection of the mine and more particularly the spot where the accident happened, that the sever frosts and subsequent sharp thaw which set in was the primary cause of the ground giving way, resulting in Moyle's death. He did not think any blame was attributable to the manager, as all hands apparently were thoroughly satisfied that there was no danger. He would, however, recommend that in future work of this kind appearances of safety should not be trusted to, but a few "shoring" planks and cross stays used which would practically insure safety.
... After the Acting-Coroner had briefly reviewed the evidence.
... The Jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death" adding that there was no blane attributable to anyone, as all necessary precaution had been taken in carrying on operations at the mine.
... The Foreman took occasion, on behalf of the jurors, to thank Mr Hayes for his attendance at the inquest and the valuable assistance he rendered in the conduct of the proceedings.

NOTE Francis & Jessie and a number of their children are buried at Block 4 Plot 12 & 13 & 14, Anglican Section Lawrence Cemetery, Otago


William Thomas NEIL & Phoebe HAWTHORN - Wellington

William Thomas NEIL (1844-1893) married
Phoebe HAWTHORN (1855-1929) 23 January 1872

he was a Hotel Keeper & Gardener in Wellington
they had 8 known children:

... 1
1872 - 1879 William Thomas Neil
- William died 3 March 1879 aged 6
- he is buried at Bolton street, Wellington

... 2
1874 - Zoe Neil
- Zoe married Albert George CLIFTON in 1908
- nothing known of them after that

... 3
1875 - 1879 Ernest Edward Neil
- Ernest died 10 March 1879 aged 3 (a week after brother William)
- he is buried at Bolton street, Wellington

... 4
1877 - 1964 Agnes Jane Neil
- Agnes married Benjamin Thomas WILLIAMS (1873-1945) in 1895
- son of Richard WILLIAMS & Lucy RANDLE
- the known children of AGNES & BENJAMIN:
- (the name Osborn/Osborne also runs through Richard's siblings)
1895 - William Thomas Richard Williams
1896 - Herbert Osborne Williams
1898 - Lucy Osborne Williams
1900 - Cora Zoe Williams
1901 - Herbert Osborne Williams

... 5
1879 - Maud Mary Neil
- born 24 Aug 1879 on Tinakori Road, Thorndon
- Maud had a son, Horace Neil on 16 July 1900. He was 12 when his mother Maud died but as his stepfather moved to America in 1908 I do not know who cared for him. He served in WWI, married Clarice Ivy Rita Swiney in 1920, had 4 children and lived in Dannevirke
- Clarice was a daughter of William Barnard & Mabel Maud SWINEY of Wellington
- Maud married George Dietrich CHRISTENSEN (1875-1964) on 30 Dec 1902. He moved to America 5 years later. George was born on board the ship Lammershagen when his family emigrated from Denmark. He later emigrated to America in 1908, worked for awhile on Vancouver Island off the coast of Canada as a logger. He settled in Kansas. He died in Utah.
MAUD died 16 Jan 1913 in Wellington aged 32
- she is buried Plot 180 Z, section CH ENG at Karori
NOTE that in Bessie's marriage announcement she (Bessie) is said to be the 'youngest' daughter. This could mean Kate was deceased but Maud was still living! Was she 'disowned' because of Horace? Her marriage to George Christensen is not recorded in the papers although her witnesses were her father William and her sister Bessie
GEORGE died 1 Nov 1964 in Logan, Cache, Utah aged 89

... 6
1881 - Kate Susan Neil
- nothing found at this time

... 7
1884 - 1972 Bessie Ellen Gamble Neil
- Bessie married Luke Ellis HOLMES in 1902
Evening Post, 15 November 1902 HOLMES-NEIL - On the 30th October, 1902, at the residence of the bride's mother, 179 Cuba-street, by the Rev Kennedy Elliott, Luke Ellis Holmes, of Hanlow, Essex, England, to Bessie, youngest daughter of the late Thomas William Neil, of Wellington
LUKE died 20 August 1943 aged 66
BESSIE died 7 October 1972 in Wellington aged 88
- they were cremated at Karori

... 8
1888 - 1928 Henry Maurice Mark Hawthorn Neil
- Henry was a Draper
HENRY died 19 November 1928 aged 40
Evening Post, 20 November 1928, NEIL - On the 19th November, 1928, at Wellington, Henry Mark 'harry' dearly loved son of Phoebe and the late Thomas William Neil, A patient sufferer at rest
- he is buried plot 180 Z, section CH ENG at Karori

THOMAS WILLIAM Neil died 13 Nov 1893 aged 49
Evening Post, 14 November 1893 NEIL - On the 13th November, at the Wellington Hospital, after a long and painful illness, Thomas William Neil, aged 49 years; deeply regretted
- he is buried Plot 260, section CH ENG at Karori

PHOEBE Neil died 27 March 1929 aged 74
- she is buried Plot 180 Z, section CH ENG at Karori

The Lammershagen (which brought the Christensen family above) was wrecked 18 November 1882, west of Wales.
Taken from the interesting story Lammershagen Controversy

William Thomas STEER + Annie HORNBY

William Thomas STEER (1854-1923)
married Annie HORNBY (1859-1913) in 1876

they had 12 CHILDREN

... 1
1878 - 1891 Mabel Annie Steer
- Annie died 16 April 1891 aged 13
- she is buried Plot 22, Block 23 at Omaka cemetery

... 2
1879 - 1930 William Arthur Augustus Steer
- William married Alice BOTTOM in 1906
from Denniston ... Mr. Steer, Manager of the Butchery of the Denniston Co-operative Society, was born in Wellington in the year 1879, and educated in Blenheim. He learned blacksmithing, and was afterwards for a short time at the joinery trade with his father. Mr. Steer has been at the butchery business since 1898, and was appointed to his present position in the year 1905. He is a member of the Greymouth Battalion Band, and also of the Denniston Band
- a daughter of William & Alice, Mabel Annie Steer (1908-1931) was killed in Napier during the 1931 earthquake

... 3
1881 - 1938 Amy Frances Steer
- Amy married Jonathan BINNY (1881-1933) in 1908
Evening Post, 12 November 1938 On November 11 1938, at Melbourne (suddenly), Amy, wife of the late Jonathan Binny, and beloved mother of Mrs Edward Fearnley Millner Hall (May Frances), 280 Main Road, Karori; aged 58
- Jonathan was buried 26 Sep 1933, Plot 197C, PUBLIC3 at Karori

... 4
1883 - 1914 Ivy Priscilla Steer
- Ivy married Harold Dennis O'DONNELL (1882-1960) in 1911
- They had a son Kenneth Harold O'Donnell (1912-1981)
- Ivy died 24 June 1914 aged 31
- Harold next married Elizabeth Mary GUSH in 1923

... 5
1885 - 1966 Roy Gordon Steer
- born in Nelson
- Roy married Grace Isabel GOODWIN (1886-1961) in 1910
- he died 8 January 1966 in Waihi
- he is buried Plot 160, Block G at Waihi cemetery with Grace

... 6
1886 - 1942 George Stewart Steer
- no spouse found
- he served as Private 10/685 with the Wellington Infantry Battalion, Main Body. He enlisted from Pohokura. He embarked from Wellington 16 Oct 1914, his father was then living at Pembroke Road, Stratford, Taranaki
- George died aged 56

... 7
1888 - 1979 Queenie Kate Steer
- Queenie married William John SKEDGWELL in 1911
- they had a daughter, Queenie Hilda Skedgwell in 1912

... 8
1890 - 1952 Lena Annie Steer
- Lena married Charles HIORNS (1885-1926) in 1921

... 9
1892 - 1950 Mabel Jane Steer
- no spouse found
- Mabel died aged 58

... 10
1893 - 1966 Archibald Jesse Steer
- Archibald married Elsie May Wenlock STEPHENS (1901-1978) in 1922
- he served as Rifleman 26/1710 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 2nd Reinforcements 4th Battalion, H Company. He embarked from Wellington 1 April 1916. His father was then living at Pembroke Road, Stratford, Taranaki
- he died 17 Feb 1966 aged 72 & buried SOLDIERS BURIAL K Row 1, Plot 74 Waikumete

... 11
1895 - 1942 David Allan Steer
- David served in WWI as Private 10/937 with the Wellington Infantry Battalion, Main Body. He enlisted from Saint Aubyn Street, Hastings. He embarked from Wellington 16 Oct 1914, his father as next of kin was then living at Pembroke Road, Stratford, Taranaki

... 12
1901 - 1908 Donald Steer
- Donald died 12 April 1908 aged 6

Archibald, David Allan & George Stewart Steer are commemorated on the
Srathmore War Memorial

William Thomas Steer remarried in 1915 to Martha BERKETT (1857-1937), who had first married Philip Deck Smith CROSS (1855-1901) on 10 Sep 1877 in Nelson & had 11 children
- Martha was the 4th of 12 known children of William BERKETT & Maria Christina Sophia BUSCH who married in 1851 in Hope, Nelson

William Arthur Augustus Steer

William TUCKER + Mary Ann WILLIAMS - Waikato New Zealand

William TUCKER was born in 1836 in Cornwall, England

William left Plymouth, UK on 18th June 1863 on the ACCRINGTON
He arrived in Lyttleton, Christchurch on 9th September 1863

His future wife, Mary Ann WILLIAMS arrived in Lyttleton 7 years later . .

Not known if they knew each other in England or if they met in Canterbury but William went to the North Island before her within the following 9 years and bought 100 acres at Pukerimu
- He called his farm "Pengover"

In 1874 he sent Mary Ann, (who was still in Christchurch,) 7 through his solicitor, she then went North and in October 1874 they were married in Auckland

- their children were:

1876-1944 William George Tucker
- born in Cambridge
- he married Mary McCORMACK in 1904

1877-1877 Alfred Thomas Tucker
- born in Cambridge
- he died in Cambridge, aged 6 minutes

1878-1956 Elizabeth Ann Tucker
- born in Cambridge
- she married Herbert Gerring PEPPERCORN in 1902

1879-1892 George Douglas Tucker
- born in Cambridge
- he died aged 12

1880-1960 Fanny Francis Tucker
- born in Cambridge
- she married Edward WIlliam HOLLEVER *1874-1957) in 1908

1881-1912 Mary Tucker
- born in Cambridge
- she married Oliver James STRAWBRIDGE in 1911
- Oliver was born in Carerton to Joseph Samuel STRAWBRIDGE & Elizabeth Johanna PAVEY

1883-1968 Ivy Harper Tucker
- born in Cambridge
- she married William Frederick MORSE in 1905

1884-1951 Harry Salter Tucker
- born in Cambridge
- he went to WWI aged 32
NEXT OF KIN - William Tucker (father), Pengover, Cambridge
BODY ON EMBARKATION - New Zealand Expeditionary Force
EMBARKATION UNIT - 30th Reinforcements E Company
EMBARKATION DATE - 13 October 1917
VESSEL - Arawa
DESTINATION - Liverpool, England
- he was gassed and wounded. When he returned he and his brother Jack farmed "Pengover" until until their deaths

1886-1963 Edward John 'Jack' Tucker
- born in Cambridge
- he and his brother Harry farmed their fathers farm, 'Pengover'
- he died aged 77 in Cambridge

William Wilkinson BLAYMIRES & Rose NEALE - Paengaroa, Bay of Plenty

William Wilkinson BLAYMIRES (1844-1931) was born in Bradford, Yorkshire
- an excellent family tree site for this family is Joseph Blaymires of Bradford - be sure to go to the Home Page for much more
- his parents were Joseph BLAYMIRES & Mary WILKINSON who emigrated to New Zealand on the MARINER arriving at Nelson on 20 April 1859

- William married Rose NEALE (1855-1901) in 1888

their children were:

1889 - 1973 George Wilkinson Blaymires
- born 1 October 1889 in Wairau, Marlborough
- George served with the 24th Reinforcements as Private 44818
- his Next Of Kin was his father William of Paengaroa, Bay of Plenty
- at the time of enlistment George was an Engine Driver
- George married Nora Margaret Cecilia HUNTER (1898-1928) in 1919
- he died September 1973 in Auckland aged 83

1891 - 1917 William John Blaymires
- born 1 October 1891 in Kaponga, Taranaki
- William served with the 25th Reinforcements as Private 46274
- his Next Of Kin was his father William of Paengaroa, [url]Te Puke[/url], Bay of Plenty
- he DIED OF DISEASE 16 October 1917 aged 26 in Belgium
- he is buried XXX.D.11A. at Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France

1893 - 1962 Phyllis Mary Blaymires
- born 31 May 1893 in Kaponga, Taranaki
- Phyllis may not have married
- she died 18 March 1962 in Kingseat Hospital, Auckland aged 68

1894 - 1973 Joseph Neale Blaymires
- born 17 October 1894 in Kaponga, Taranaki
- Joseph married Ailene Brenda BRIGHTWELL (1897-1987) 17 Feb 1926 at St Andrews, Te Puke
- he was 31 & she was 28
- he died 25 July 1973 in Te Puke aged 80
- Ailene died 14 years after him, 26 Nov 1987 in Te Puke

1895 - 1976 Mary Rose Blaymires
- born 22 November 1895 in Kaponga, Taranaki
- Mary married George Alexander POOL (1907-1949) 13 Jan 1930 a St Andrews, Te Puke
- she was 34, he was 22
- Mary Rose died 29 May 1976 in Auckland aged 80
- she is buried in Albany, Auckland

1897 - 1984 Annie Sarah Blaymires
- born 2 June 1897 in Kaponga, Taranaki
- she married Arthur THOMPSON
- she died 28 May 1984 in Greymouth, Westland 5 ays from 87

William Wilkinson Blaymires died 2 May 1931 and is buried at Te Puke

William Wilkinson BLAYMIRES & Rose NEALE
- taken from the site Blaymires Family

William YOUNG + Jessie McCLEOD - Invercargill

from WOODLAND marriages 1864 - 1920

* William YOUNG aged 22 (1844-1927)
married 9 October 1867 to:
* Jessie McLEOD (1840-1918) aged 23

- the known children of WILLIAM & JESSIE:
... 1
1867 - Catherine Young

... 2
1868 - 1874 Christina Isabella Young
- Christina died aged 30 Dec 1874 aged 6
1 January 1875 - A most melancholy accident took place on Wednesday, 30th Dec., at Forest Hill. Mr William Young, settler at Hedgehope Stream, was employed during the day in burning some long flax near his homestead. Having been called away to attend to some duties at a little distance, Mr Young's eldest daughter, a little girl six years of age, seems to have gone to the place where the flax was still burning, and her clothing caught fire. Her cries attracted attention from the house, and her mother at once ran to the rescue, but was too late, the poor little creature's clothing being by that time almost entirely consumed. The services of Dr Yorath were speedily procured by Mr Young, who rode hard to town for the purpose, but the injuries received by the little girl were seen to be far too severe from the first to admit of any hope of saving her life, and she expired about 9 o'clock the same evening
- she is buried Plot 2, Block 4 at Eastern cemetery (see photo)

... 3
1870 - 1948? William Thomas Young

... 4
1872 - ? George Young

... 5
1874 - ? Ann Emily Young

... 6
1875 - 1945 Daniel Young

... 7
1878 - 1856 Christina Isabella Sutherlnad Young
- Christina married Quinton Campbell Manson TAYLOR (1876-1933) in 1901
- 5th of 11 children of Ewen TAYLOR & Annie MANSON of Lyttleton
- their known children:
1901 - ? William Forbes Taylor
- (Forbes was a name of one of his uncles, Forbes Kennard Taylor)
1902 - ? Annie Viola Taylor
1904 - 1971 Stanley Edmond Taylor
1906 - 1977 Donald Quinton Young
1912 - 1983 Harold Ewen Taylor

... 8
1879 -1967 William Young
- William married Mary Jane MARSH in 1920
WILLIAM died 18 Dec 1967 aged 88
- last address George street, Invercargill
MARY JANE died 29 July 1970 aged 86
- her last address was Centre street, Invercargill
- they are buried together Plot 717, Block 39 at Eastern cemetery

... 9
1882 - 1942 David Templeton Young
- David was a Coal Merchant in Wellington
- he married Margaret Mckenzie McWHARMELL (1887-1947) in 1907
DAVID died 11 May 1942 aged 60
MARGARET died 6 Jan 1947 aged 60
- they are buried Plot 388 F, Section PUBLIC3 at Karori cemetery

... 10
1883 - Jessie Young
- born 2 December 1883

... 11
1884 - 1917 John Young
- John served in WWI as Private 22151 with the NZEF, 16th Reinforcements Otago Infantry Battalion, D Company, embarking from Wellington 20 August 1916. His next of kin was his father William Young of Oteramika Road, Enwood, Invercargill. John was KILLED IN ACTION 12 October 1917 aged 33 at Ypres, Belgium

* Jessie died 12 December 1918 aged 78
- last address: Oteramika Road
* William died 10 July 1927 aged 83
- last address: Invercargill
- they are buried together Plot 2, Block 4 at Eastern cemetery, Invercargill

Because they had a son William in 1870 and another in 1879, there is a possibility that I have mixed 2 families. William Thomas Young may have been the trade unionist (1870-1953) who was born in Wellington to William Young & Jessie Dykes.
Your help appreciated

at Eastern cemetery
Erected To the memory of
Christina I.S. Young
Who died December 29th 1874 Aged 6 years
John Young son of William & Jessie Young
Killed in action in France Oct 12th 1917 aged 33 years
Jessie beloved wife of William Young Died Dec 12th 1918 aged 78 years
William Young Died 10th July 1927 aged 83 years
Safe in the arms of Jesus

Willis Street WELLINGTON - 1925

some of the HUSTLE & BUSTLE in WILLIS Street, WELLINGTON in 1925

Evening Post, 2 January 1925
... The premises of Mr J. McILRAITH, grocer, of 140 Willis steet, were entered by burglars some time between Wednesday night and this morning, and about 5 in cash was stolen. The police have the matter in hand

Evening Post, 3 January 1925
... FINE PRINTS and PHOTOGRAPHIC CORK at the S. P. ANDREW Studios, 10 Willis street, Wellington. and Bartlett Studio, Auckland. By Appointment Photographers to His Excellency the Governor-General

Evening Post, 5 January 1925
... CALDWELL - On the 26th December 1924, at the Willis Street Obstetric Hospital, to Mr and Mrs Archie Caldwell, Karori - a daughter

Evening Post, 20 January 1925
... Full Cream Cheddar Cheese matured by special process, in perfect condition. 1s 4d per pound at WARDELL'S, Willis street

Evening Post, 20 January 1925
... BUCHANAN - On the 19th January 1925, to Mr and Mrs Buchanan, at Willis Street Obstetric Hospital - a daughter

Evening Post, 21 January 1925
... KLINBERG - On the 21st January, 1925, to Mr and Mrs E. Klinberg, at Willis street Obstetric Hospital - a daughter

Evening Post, 22 January 1925
... Through colliding with a tramcar while riding a motor-cycle down Willis street yesterday evening, a single man, 37 years of age, named THOMAS MURPHY, a wharf labourer, suffered a broken leg. The injured man was removed to the hospital, where his is progressing favourably

Evening Post, 5 February 1925
... The Secretary will be in attendance at the Rooms, Wilton's Buildins, 156 Willis street, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10 to 12.30 & Tuesday Afternoon 2 to 4
All communication strictly confidential. Telephone 770

Evening Post, 6 February 1925
... The wedding was solemnised at St Peter's Church, Willis street, yesterday afternoon of Miss Dorothy PETERS, youngest daughter of Mr J. Peters, Hastings, and Mr James GLOVER, eldest son of Mrs J. Glover, Webb street, Wellington. The Rev. N. A. Stanley officiated. After the ceremony the bride and bridegroom were entertained at Mrs Hath's residence, Hiropi street, Newtown

Evening Post, 23 March 1925
... Miss Constance THEEL, teacher of elocution, who has made a special study of the methods of voice production, will receive pupils at Room 11, 50 Willis street, as advertised

Evening Post, 29 April 1925
... Mt Herbert SEATON, under instructions from Mr M. L. MARIS, will sell by auction, the whole of his stock of diamond rings, watches, clocks, and silver ware on the premises, 27 Willis street, at 1 p.m. on Friday

Evening Post, 1 May 1925
... Large rooms and floor, about 60ft x 30ft, with Small Office; splendid light, heart of city, next Stewart Dawson's. Apply, 11 to 12 or 3 to 4, Room 17, Fletcher's Buildings, Corner Lambton quay and Willis street

Evening Post, 1 May 1925
... who, during his term of office as general secretary of Wellington Y.M.C.A., was responsible for the erection of the building in Willis Street, arrived from Australia per Ulimaroa on Wednesday, after a visit to his aged father in Adelaide. During his visit to Wellington he will speak at a New Zealand Club luncheon, of which he was the founder

Evening Post, 2 May 1925
... Miss PHYLLIS BATES, Studio 68 Willis street. Telephone 870. Private Lessons by Appointment. Fox Trot, Five-Step, Waltz, Tango. MURRAY BLAKES'"BLUES", Paso Doble. Appointments from 10 a.m.

Evening Post, 2 May 1925
... Miss BARBARA PUTNAM is removing to New Studio,, 60 Willis Street on Thursday, 14th May. For further particulars address 43, Northland Road

Evening Post, 4 May 1925
... Brought to us for repairs indicate that too many have courted trouble and married disaster by buying low-grade cycles. Rather enjoy your ride in safety and comfort by buying reliabel Cycles at reasonable prices from F. J. W. FEAR AND CO., 63-65 Willis street

Evening Post, 5 May 1925
... Mr and Mrs KEMBLE WELCH (Palmer School Graduates) have opened Offices for the Practice of Chiropractic, Neurocalometer Service. The Neurocalometer accurately locates nerve impingements, which are the cause of disease. Address: 200 Willis Street, Telephone 20-421

Evening Post, 5 May 1925
... SPEAR AND MURRAY LTD., 7 Willis Street, Wellington. Late Optician to the Wellington Hospital and Charitable Aid Board. Telephone 2562

Evening Post, 5 May 1925
... H. E. ANDREWS & H. JACKSON, Dental Surgeons, 132 Willis street, McDonald's Buildings

Evening Post, 6 May 1925
... Willis Street, Wellington UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. Terms Moderate. F. H. RENNIE. Telephone 863

Evening Post, 6 May 1925
... Auctioneer, retiring from business, continuation of Auction Sale of Mr M. L. MARIS's stock of Diamond RIngs, Gold and Silver Watches, Electroplate, Silverware, Clocks, Watches, Art Beads, Field glasses, etc., etc., on premises, 27 Willis street, opposite Grand Hotel

Evening Post, 18 May 1925
... OLSON - On the 16th May 1925, at the Willis Street Obstetric Hospital, to Mr and Mrs W. H. Olson - a daughter

Evening Post, 20 May 1925
... ANNUAL BOOK SALE, this Friday, the 22nd instant. A Harvest of bargains for Book Buyers. Valuable works at nominal prices. 71 Willis Street, opposite "Evening Post"

Evening Post, 18 May 1925
... Owing to the unexpected arrival, ex ss Tongaririo, of a parcel of exquisite sample furs. The English representative for Russian Furs has extended his visit for three days more. Fur lovers should see this wonderful display of fur coats, stoles, capes and neckwear. 68 Willis Street. Up passageway leading to Ambassador Cabaret

Evening Post, 21 May 1925
... Great Sale of Evening Goods Now On - Brilliant Satin Marocains, double width, 3s 11d, worth 7s 11d. Real Ostrich Feather Trimmings, all colours, 4s 11d, worth 12s 6d. Magnificant Beaded Tunics, at a third of usual prices. French Evening Hair Bands, at 2s 11d. Beautiful Wide Metal Laces and Sequin Trimmings at half-price. See the windows. QUEREE BROS., 116 Willis Street

Evening Post, 27 May 1925
... TOMORROW'S PROCESSION. For the first time since 1922 the Victoria College students will hold their capping procession to-morrow. The procession will leave the college at 11 a.m., and will proceed via Cuba street, to Manners street, Willis street and Lambton quay to the Government Buildings. It will then return via Lambton quay and Grey street to Post Office square, where it should arrive about 1 p.m. It is expected that the procession will be one worthy of the occasion, and that the skits on public affairs, and the speeches at the Post Office square, where the welcoming of the Governor-General by the Acting Governor-General, will be the main feature, will provide the public with much amusement

Evening Post, 27 May 1925
... At the Magistrate's Court yesterday George Geoffrey SHIRTCLIFFE was fined 1 10s for turning his car in Willis street

Evening Post, 1 June 1925
... LINLEY-HURLEY - On the 22nd April 1925, at St Peter's Church, Willis street, by the Rev Mr WATSON, Lewis Frederick, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Linley, Wellington, to Ivy mable, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs D. Langley, Collingwood street, Nelson

Evening Post, 19 June 1925
... WEINSTEIN - On the 30th June, 1925, at Willis street Obstetric Hospital, to Mr and Mrs C. Weinstein - a daughter

Evening Post, 24 June 1925
... DRYDEN-PETTENGELL - On Wednesday, 17th June 1925, at St Peter's Church, Willis street, Wellington, by the Rev. Mr WATSON, Leonard B. Dryden, youngest son of Mrs A. O'SULLIVAN, of Waitara, to Elsie M., youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs F. Pettengell, of Tanera crescent, Brooklyn

Evening Post, 30 June 1925
... CHAMPION-WALLIS - On the 16th June 1925, at St Peter's Church, Willis street, by the Rev T. Feilden TAYLOR. Thomas Keith, eldest son of Mr and Mrs W. H. Champion, of Auckland, to Effie Rosetta, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs T. J. Wallis, of 19 Boston terrace, Wellington

Evening Post, 4 July 1925
... YEATTS-WEBSTER - On the 1st July 1925, at St Peter's Church, Willis street, by the Rev. P. A. STANLEY, Robert Charles, only son of Mr R. C. Yeatts, of Wellington, to Vera May, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Webster, of 4 Crosby terrace, Wellington

Evening Post, 6 July 1925
... James ROGERS, a waterside worker, 66 years of age, died suddenly at 218 Willis street, at 4.30 am., yesterday. He took ill shortly after 1 o'clock yesterday morning, and medical assistance was summoned, but Rogers expired within a few minutes. An inquest will be held at 9.15a.m. to-morrow

Evening Post, 10 July 1925
... Dr (PETER) HAMILTON ROBERTSON. Very general and sincere regret will be expressed at the death of Dr Hamilton Robertson, of Hataitai, which took place from meningitis this morning, following a few weeks illness. Dr Robertson, who was a son of an eminent authority in Glasgow on mental diseases, and was a brother of Dr Alex. Robertson, of Willis street, was about 49 years of age, and had a distinguished career. He served with the Scottish Red Cross Hospital in the South African War. He held appointments in the Glasgow Maternity and Fever Hospitals, and in the Sussex General Hospital, and was a Fellow of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons at Glasgow. For five and a half years prior to the Great War he held the post of assistant to the Regius Professor of Surgery, Sir William Macewen, his duties in that capacity consisting of teaching large classes of students in systematic, clinical, and operative surgery by lectures and demonstrations; also in assisting at the operations in the University Clinique at the Western Infirmary. In addition he held the post of extra-dispensary surgeon to the Victoria Infirmary for seven years and that of extra-dispensary to the Royal Infirmary for six years. He had a varied career during the war, serving as a surgeon at the Battle of Loos and later as a surgical specialist. After the war he settled in Hataitai, where he soon built up a large practice, and won for himself a host of friends. He also did good work on the surgical staff of the Wellington Hospital. Dr Robertson leaves a widow, with whom much sympathy will be felt

Evening Post, 12 July 1925
... SPENCER - On the 9th July 1925, at Willis Street Obstetric Hospital, to Mr and Mrs W. Spencer (nee Eley BASSETT), of Ngaio - a daughter; both well

Evening Post, 30 July 1925
... Messrs. VINE and Co., auctioneers, will sell pianos and and oak and rimu furniture at their mart, 107 Customhouse quay at 2 o'clock to-morrow. On Saturday morning, at 10 o'lock, they will offer office furniture, counters, a Ford motor-car, on the premises, 77 Willis street

Evening Post, 21 August 1925
... The fire brigade received a call last night at 11. o'clock to an outbreak of fire in the Albert Hotel, Willis street. The cause of the fire was a gas heater, and damage was done to the sitting room

Evening Post, 22 August 1925
... During last night five large plate-glass windows in Messrs WALLACE and GIBSON's shop in Willis street were cut, apparently with a diamond. The discovery was made when the window-cleaner commenced work this morning. The panes damaged are marked in several places with vertical scratches, and some of them are valued at 50

Evening Post, 11 August 1925
... The chief feature of to-morrow's programme, and probably what will prove to be the most spectacular event of the whole visit, will be a route march by 2,000 sailors through the city streets. The men will be drawn from the various ships, and the march will commence at 10 a.m. The line of route will be Bunny street, Lambton Quay, Willis Street, Upper Willis Street, Vivian Street, Cuba Street, Jervois Quay, Customhouse Quay and Waterloo Quay, back to the ship. His excellency the Governor-General (Sir Charles FERGUSSON) and Admiral COONTZ will take the salute from the steps of Parliament Buildings

Evening Post, 22 August 1925
... SCHAAB - on the 13th August 1925, at the Willis Street Obstetric Hospital, to Mr and Mrs M. J. Schaab, Kilbirnie - the gift of a son

Evening Post, 22 August 1925
... ANGEL - on the 22nd August 1925, at Willis Street Private Hospital, to Mr and Mrs Angel, Northland - a son

Evening Post, 7 September 1925
... First and Second Prize-winners are requested to be Photographed as early as possible at the Official Photographers to the Wellington Competitions Society. - The P. H. JAUNCEY Studios, 50 Willis street

Evening Post, 7 September 1925
... If you wish to obtain that finish and artistic touch to your wedding, order your bouquets from Miss MURRAY, Vice-Regal Florists, 35 Willis Street

Evening Post, 7 September 1925
... "Nodinit" - Grey and white hair can be restored to its natural colour by the application of this wonderful restorer. It improves the growth of the hair, and completely removes dandruff. Price 4s per bottle. Sole agents: STAMFORD and Co., Ltd., 68 Willis street. Permanent waving, Eugene machine. Our operators recommended by Mr EUGENE himself. Half head 4 10s. Telephone 21-220

Evening Post, 7 September 1925
... THIRTY YEARS AGO we commenced business in Willis street. We determined to purchase only good materials, put in first-class Workmanship, and sell at a reasonable price. Our ideals remain the same, and our unrivalled tailoring experience is still at your service. We have no front shop. Our Show-rooms are on the First Floor, Macarthy's Buildings, 50 Willis street. MORRISON AND PENNEY

Evening Post, 12 September 1925
... HEENAN - On the 11th September, 1925, at Willis Street Obstetric Hospital, to Mr and Mrs J. W. Heenan - a son

Evening Post, 12 September 1925
... LAKE - On the 10th September, 1925, at Willis Street Obstetric Hospital, to Mr and Mrs George William Lake, of 26 William Street, Wadestown - a son; both well

Evening Post, 2 October 1925
... WATTS - On the 1st October, 1925, at Willis Street Obstetric Hospital, to Mr and Mrs E. H. Watts, of Ngaio - a son

Evening Post, 7 October 1925
... A Labour Party demonstration will be held in the Empress Theatre, Willis street, on Sunday evening next, commencing at 8. Labour candidates for Parliament, assisted by others, will address the meeting

Evening Post, 13 October 1925
... FOX - On the 11th October 1925, at the Willis Street Private Hospital, to Mr and Mrs W. M. G. Fox - a daughter

Evening Post, 13 October 1925
... JONES - On the 11th October 1925, at Willis Street Hospital, to Mr and Mrs C. W. Jones, junr. - a daughter

Evening Post, 15 October 1925
... At an inquest held yesterday afternoon by the Coroner (Mr W. G. RIDDELL, S.M.) on Elspeth McPherson WALLINGTON, a married woman, aged 26, who died suddenly on the morning of 13th October at 255 Willis street, evidence was given by Dr LYNCH that death was due to heart failure. A verdict in accordance with the medical testimony was returned

Evening Post, 16 October 1925
... A. M. WILSON & Co., (late J. & A. Wilson). Funeral Furnishers, 263 Willis Street, Tel. 21-949

Evening Post, 26 October 1925
... A minor mishap, with a smashed plate-glass window as its most serious result occurred in Boulcott street at 2.15 this afternoon. A motor-cyclist with an occupied sidecar, lost control of his machine as he was approaching the Willis street-manners street intersection, his foot-brake being rendered inactive through a mechanical defect, and the machine ran across the footpath ten yards from the Willis street corner. The front wheel crashed through a newly installed plate-glass window in the shop frontage recently made in Boulcott street. Neither machine nor occupants suffered any injury

Evening Post, 30 October 1925
... Samuel George FRANKLIN, 25 years of age, and residing at 22 Rimu road, Kelburn, was knocked down by a tramcar while crossing Willis street at 2.25 o'clock this afternoon. He sustained cuts about the head and face, for which he received treatment at a nearby chemist's shop and was afterwards able to proceed to his home

Evening Post, 31 October 1925
... WYATT - On the 29th October, 1926, at the Willis Street Obstetric Hospital, to Mr and Mrs H. Wyatt - a daughter

Evening Post, 13 November 1925
... BLAKE-HOPKIRK - On the 21st October, 1925, at St John's Presbyterian Church, Willis street, by Rev Dr GIBB, Douglas C. E. Blake, second son of Mr and Mrs E. M. Blake, Kent terrace, Wellington, to Sibyl E. Hopkirk, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm. Hopkirk, Majoribanks street, Wellington

Evening Post, 17 November 1925
... Another deal in Wellington City property took place last week, Messrs. FINCH and WEBSTER, land and estate agents, having arranged the sale of the Empire Hotel, Willis street, at a price between 75,000 and 80,000. The building, which is of three stories, has a frontage of 72ft to Willis street and of 75ft to Victoria street
in 2013, 75,000-80,000 is equivalent to $6,995,000-$7,460,000

Evening Post, 21 November 1925
... MILLER - On the 19th November 1925, at Willis Street Obstetric Hospital, the wife of M. B. Miller - a daugher

Evening Post, 10 December 1925
... Messrs C. DICKINSON and Co., 68 Willis street, advertise a sale of crockery and furniture at their rooms, 68 Willis st., to-morrow, at 2 o'clock.

Willis Street
in 1925


WINDLE burials in Otago, New Zealand

... DUNEDIN ...
ANNIE Windle (1920-2012)
- born 6 January 1920 in Brechin, Scotland
- arrived New Zealand about 1926
- died 11 February 2012 aged 92
- last address: Radius Fulton Care Centre, Dunedin
- buried Plot 43, Block 87 at Green Park Cemetery

EDITH Windle (1893-1976)
- last address: Halfmoon Bay, Stewart Island
- died 16 August 1976 aged 83 in Invercargill
- ashes returned

FREDERICK JOSEPH Windle (1915-1996)
- born 6 August 1915 in Gore
- died 6 September 1996 aged 81 at Dunedin Hospital
- buried Plot 43, Block 87 at Green Park Cemetery
- last address: McIntosh Road, Brighton, Dunedin

JOHN Windle (1878-1962)
- married Rose HENRY in 1909
- died 9 May 1962 aged 84
- buried Plot 8, Block Z at East Taieri Cemetery

LAURIE STEPHEN Windle (1926-2002)
- died 17 November 2002 aged 76
- last address: Milton
- ashes buried Plot 43, Block P1 at Andersons Bay Cemetery

NOELINE Windle (1937-2011)
- born in Dunedin
- died 9 April 2011 in Dunedin Hospital aged 74
- last address, Mosgiel
- ashes returned

ROSE Windle (1887-1961 nee HENRY)
- married John Windle in 1909
- died 13 November 1961 aged 74
- buried Plot 8, Block Z at East Taieri Cemetery


... GORE ...
BRYAN FRANCIS Windle (1920-1967)
- son of Henry 'Harry' Windle & Mary Cecelia 'Cis' Holland
- died 6 October 1967 aged 47
- buried Plot 18, Block 64
In loving memory of
died 6th Oct 1967 aged 47 years.
and his loved wife Isobel Jessie (Bette)
Died 14th Feb 2011 Aged 92 years

CORNELIUS FRANCIS Windle (1897-1959)
- died 25 March 1969 aged 71
- buried Plot 42, Block 70
In loving remembrance of
born 1897 - died 1969.
And his wife
born 1897 - died 1977. R.I.P.

DENIS PATRICK Windle (1882-1951)
- died 5 May 1951 aged 68
- buried Plot 45, Block 70
In loving remembrance of
DENIS PATRICK WINDLE who died 5th May 1951 aged 68 years.
Also his son 13960 PTE WILLIAM HENRY killed while prisoner of war 17th Aug 1942 aged 25 years.
And his wife
ELIZABETH who died 23rd May 1959 aged 77 years.
And their daughter EILEEN MARY SOPER who died 29th May 1967. R.I.P.

ELEANOR ANNE Windle (1950-1950)
- died 2 March 1950 aged 8 hours
- buried Plot 53, Block 106 ROM CATH

ELIZABETH Windle (1881-1959)
- died 23 May 1959 aged 77
- buried Plot 46, Block 70 ROM CATH
- see Denis Patrick Windle

HENRY Windle (1886-1969)
- died 11 March 1969 aged 82
- buried Plot 17, Block 64 RON CATH
Pray for the repose of the soul of
and her husband
HENRY WINDLE 1886 - 1969.
Also their daughter MARY CATHERINE TERESA 1924 . 1982. R.I.P.

HENRY MICHAEL Windle (1910-1962)
- died 17 September 1962 aged 52
- buried Plot 44, Block 70 ROM CATH
2nd NZEF 17726 PTE H M WINDLE NZ Infantry died 17.9.1962 aged 52 years.

IRENE ELIZABETH Windle (1897-1977 nee DUNLEA)
- married Cornelius Francis Windle in 1924
- died 6 July 1977 aged 79
- buried Plot 43, Block 70
- see Cornelius

ISABEL JESSIE 'Bette' Windle (1918-2011)
- died 14 February 2011 aged 92
- buried Plot 18, Block 64 ROM CATH
- see Bryan Francis

JAMES NOEL 'Jimmy' Windle (1913-1968)
- son of Henry 'Harry' Windle & Mary Cecelia 'Cis' Holland
- died 4 May 1968 aged 54
- buried Plot 11, Block 117
pray for the repose of the soul of
loved husband of
PHYLLIS WINDLE born 1913 died 1968.
and his wife
born 1911 - died 1996 R.I.P.

KEVIN JOSEPH 'Digger' Windle (1921-1970)
- son of Henry 'Harry' Windle & Mary Cecelia 'Cis' Holland
- died 10 March 1970 aged 48
- buried Plot 30, Block 69 ROM CATH
In fond remembrance of
died 10th Mar 1970 aged 48 years.
Beloved husband of
Also their infant daughter MARY. R.I.P.

MARY Windle (1861-1930)
- died 26 January 1930 aged 68
- buried Plot 11, Block 67 ROM CATH
Erected in loving memory of
MARY WINDLE who died at Gore 26th Jan 1929. R.I.P.

MARY Windle (1947-1947)
- died 18 October 1947 aged 1 hour
- buried Plot 30, Block 69
- see Kevin Joseph

MARY CATHERINE TERESA 'Molly' Windle (1924-1982)
- daughter of Henry 'Harry' Windle & Mary Cecelia 'Cis' Holland
- died 6 July 1982 aged 57
- buried Plot 17, Block 64 ROM CATH
- see Henry Windle (1886-1969)

MARY CECELIA Windle (1889-1955 nee HOLLAND)
- married Harry Windle jnr in 1912
- died 1 December 1955 aged 66
- buried Plot 17, Block 64
- see Henry Windle (1886-1969)

NOEL HENRY Windle (1942-1989)
- died 25 January 1989 aged 47
- buried Plot 10, Block 19 LAWN
In loving memory of
1942 1989. R.I.P

PHYLLIS LILLIAN Windle (1911-1996)
- died 5 November 1996 aged 85
- buried Plot 12, Block 117
- see James Noel

WILLIAM HENRY Windle (-1954)
- died 16 January 1954 aged 1 day
- buried Plot 53, Block 106 ROM CATH
- with Eleanor Anne


MARION NORAH Windle (1904-1979)
- died 4 December 1979 aged 75
- buried Plot 24A, Block 1
Sacred heart of Jesus
Have mercy on the soul of
Beloved husband of Mary Tynan Qualter
Died 8th Jan 1941 aged 72 years
Also his wife
Died 14th Jan 1945 aged 75 years
And their son
Died 11th Nov 1977 aged 70 years
In loving memory of
Died Dec 4 1979 aged 75 years
Died Sept 24 2005 aged 94 years

Sister MARY IMELDA Windle (1913-2011)
- died 4 May 2011 aged 97
- buried Plot 6, Block 1N
S. M. Imelda Windle O.P.
13.10.1913 - 4.5.2011 R.I.P

S. Frances Scully O.P.
11.11.1924 - 30.8.2011 R.I.P.

- died 24 September 2005 aged 94
- buried Plot 1, Block 24A
- see Marion Norah


... RIVERSDALE, Southland ...
ALMA MAVIS Windle (1926-2011)
- died 29 January 2011 aged 84
- buried 13.00 Lawn Block I and 14

CATHERINE Windle (1895-1912)
- died 9 July 1912 aged 17
- buried 1.00 Block IV

CATHERINE Windle (1856-1924)
- died 31 July 1924 aged 68
- buried 1.00 Block IV

HENRY Windle (1850-1904)
- died 15 October 1904 aged 54
- buried 1.00 Block IV

JOHN Windle (1913-1919)
- died 14 April 1919 aged 6.3
- buried 5.00 Block IV

MARY ANN Windle (1890-1973 nee DOWLING)
- Mary Ann married Maurice Windle in 1916
- died 13 January 1973 aged 82
- buried 26.00 Block IV

MAURICE Windle (1889-1982)
- died 13 August 1982 aged 93
- buried 26.00 Block IV

MICHAEL Windle (1885-1907)
- lived in Longridge Village
- died 8 July 1907 aged 22
- buried 1.00 Block IV

NICHOLAS Windle (1891-1907)
- died 28 December 1907 aged 16
- buried 1.00 Block IV


* Henry 'Harry' Windle (jnr) was born 4 October 1886
- a son of Henry 'Harry' WINDLE (1850-1904) & Catherine 'Kate' O'CONNELL (1856-1924)
- Harry married Mary Cecelia 'Cis' HOLLAND in 1912
- they had 4 sons & 1 daughter (see burials above)
HARRY's CHILDREN (& of Cis Holland):
1913 - 1968 James Noel 'Jimmy' Windle
1916 - 1981 Henry Earl 'Harry' Windle
1920 - 1967 Bryan Francis Windle
1922 - 1970 Kevin Joseph 'Digger' Windle
1924 - 1982 Mary Catherine 'Molly' Windle

HARRY's SIBLINGS (children of Harry & Kate):
* 1879 - 1962 John Windle
- John married Rose HENRY in 1909
* 1880 - 1909 Mary Windle
- Mary married Daniel DALY/DALEY in 1904
* 1883 - 1951 Denis Patrick Windle
- Denis married Elizabeth COLLINS in 1908
- a son of Denis & Elizabeth, William Henry Windle, was killed 1942 while POW
* 1885 - 1907 Michael Windle
- Michael died aged 22
- his probate went to Mr Poppelwell?
* 1886 - 1969 Henry 'Harry' Windle
- married Mary Cecelia 'Cis' HOLLAND (1889-1955) in 1912
- daughter of James HOLLAND (1856-1920) & Mary MURPHY (1862-1935)
- sister of Patrick Sarsfield Holland who married Harry's sister Ellen
- he died 2 weeks before his brother Cornelius
* 1889 - 1982 Maurice Henry Windle
- Maurice married Mary Ann DOWLING in 1916
* 1891 - 1908 Nicholas Windle
- Nicholas died aged 16
* 1893 - 1982 Ellen Alice Windle
- Ellen married Patrick Sarsfield HOLLAND (1895-1951) in 1919
- son of James HOLLAND (Limerick-Gore) & Mary MURPHY (County Kerry-Gore)
- brother of Mary Cecelia who married Ellen's brother Harry
* 1895 - 1912 Catherine Windle
- Catherine died aged 17
* 1897 - 1969 Cornelius Francis Joseph Windle
- Cornelius married Irene Elizabeth DUNLEA in 1924
- he died 2 weeks after his brother Harry

They lived in Longridge Village and the children attended the Longridge Village School
Harry Windle (senior) was killed 15 Oct 1904 when, driving home from Riversdale, (12km) his horse bolted and he was pinned underneath the trap - his OBITUARY
... Mr HENRY WINDLE, LONGRIDGE VILLAGE - Very sincere regret was felt in the Riversdale district when the sad news was received that Mr H. Windle, a well known farmer at Longridge Village, met with a fatal accident on Saturday night... (more at above link)

* On 20 October 1882 at the weekly meeting of the Waste Lands Board, an application was made by Henry Windle to be allowed to transfer his portion of 214 acres in the Hokonui district, held on deferred payment by himseld and George Lynch, to the latter. Granted

* On 12 October 1888 among the many applicants for the sections of the 'Wendonside Blocks' was:
BLOCK VIII - Catherine Windle
SECTION 2, 200a 1r 11p, at 25s per acre - Henry Windle & Catherine Windle
SECTION 3, 138a 3r 23p, at 27s 6d per acre - Henry Windle & Catherine Windle

* On 2 May 1890, at the meeting of the householders of the Longridge Village, Henry Windle was elected the Secretary and Treasurer

* in May 1890 while fencing near the Waimea homestead, Henry Windle had a couple of fingers on his left hand crushed through their slipping on to the top of the stake just as his mate brought down the maul. The fleshy part of the fingers was almost reduced to pulp, but fortunately the bones were not broken

* in June 1891 a seven year old son of Henry Windle of Longridge Village (Denis Patrick) had one of his eyes seriously injured through a barbed wire loop on a gate rebounding and hitting him. It was feared that the eyesight would be affected

* On 31 May 1894 Henry sold Lot 6, 87 acres at Sandstone Ridge, for 8s 9d per acre

* On 12 April 1895 at the meeting at Invercargill of the Southland Land Board, Henry Windle's application to complete purchase of Section 613 at Hokonui, was granted

* In October 1898 Mr Walter Gee of Riversdale prepared a petition for signature amongst the settlers and croppers at Longridge Village asking the Railway Department to grant a goods-shed at the siding before next grain season. Mr Henry Windle took the petition in hand and secured a large number of signatures

on 7 June 1900 Messrs Wright, Stephenson, and Co, sold on account of the New Zealand Agricultural Company Ltd (in liguidation), allotment 9, block I, company's special survey, No 18, containing 239 acres 2 roods 17 perches to Henry Windle of Longridge Village

* On 11 August 1900 Henry Windle of Longridge Village, drew attention to the necessity of, and asked for, a cutting between section 1 and 9 on the Sandstone ridge a few chains from Mr Mcfarlane's place. Held over till member and engineer visit the locality

* On Wednesday 13th January 1904, a very pretty wedding took place at Mr Harry Windle's residence, Longridge Village, when his daughter Mary was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mr D. Daley, of Maheno. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Father Keenan, of Riversdale. The bride, attended by her two sisters, was given away by her father, and looked charming in a dress of white silk and the orthodox wreath and veil. The bridesmaids wore dresses of white muslin over blue, and greenstone brooches, the gift of the bridegroom.
Mr J. Windle acted as best man. After the ceremony a very large number of guests sat down to an excellent breakfast, presided over by Rev Father Keenan who proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom in a few well chosen words.
Mr J. Kelly, of Riversdale, proposed the health of the bride's parents, and dwelt on the esteem in which Mr and Mrs Windle and family were held throught the district.
Several other guests also spoke in a similar strain.
Mr G. Stuart proposed the health of the bridesmaids, and Mr G. Butel that of the bridegroom's father, who was present.
Mr J. Macpherson proposed the health of the Rev Father Keenan.
At 2.30 the happy couple left for the railway station en route for the Lakes.
The wedding presents were both numerous and valuable and comprised several handsome cheques

* On Saturday 15 October 1904 Henry Windle, farmer of Longridge Village, was found dead on the Riverdale road, his cart being upset on him. It is surmised that his horse bolted and got one of its legs over a shaft, thereby upsetting the vehicle

* see also Harry Windle of Gore


at Gore Cemetery