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William McGavin MUIR + Lizzie Thompson HARRISON - Wellington

William McGavin MUIR (1860-1927)
- he married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Thompson HARRISON (1867-1943) in 1890

their known children were:

29 June 1891 - 1977 Gladys Cunninhgam Muir
- Gladys married Oswald Keith JEFFS (1893-1980) in 1923

1894 - 1935 William Alexander Muir
- possibly married Gertrude Marguerite HAYHOW (1895-1979) in 1919

11 Nov 1896 - 1975 Christina Mary Muir
- Christina married Alfred RAMSAY in 1925

1898 - 1991 Nora Muir
- Nora may have not married

William McGavin Muir is buried at Karori Cemetery

William Mein SMITH New Zealand (1799-1869) Surveyor, artist, runholder

From the SMITH database

William Mein SMITH (1799-1869) Surveyor, artist, runholder

William Mein SMITH is said to have been born on 7 September 1799 at Cape Town, South Africa and was baptised there on 3 October 1799.
He was the eldest son of William Proctor SMITH, a naval purser, later secretary to the Port Admirals at Plymouth and his wife, Mary MEIN.
Mary Mein's family home was Eildon Hall, near Melrose, Scotland.

William Mein Smith belonged to a military family. He went to school in Devon, entered the army as a gentleman cadet at the age of 14, and obtained his commission in the Royal Artillery in 1822, eventually rising to the rank of captain. From 1822 to 1828 he served in Canada.

On 12 March 1828, at Kingston, Upper Canada (Ontario), he married Louisa Bargrave WALLACE. The couple had nine children, of whom five survived infancy.

After his marriage Smith was stationed at Gibraltar, where he established a library to save soldiers from drink's 'disgrace and ruin.' He assumed the post of master of plan drawing at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich in May 1836. In July 1839 the New Zealand Company engaged him for three years as its first surveyor general.

Late in 1839 Smith arrived in New Zealand on the Cuba, entering Port Nicholson (Wellington) on 5 January 1840. Louisa Smith and their three children arrived on 7 March 1840 on the Adelaide.

Smith's first task was to lay out the company's settlement at Port Nicholson. Beginning in January, he and his three assistants laid out two towns, first at Petone and then, after April, at Thorndon. In July and August he conducted the ballot for 1,100 town sections, at Dicky Barrett's hotel. By 1841 he and his staff had surveyed a number of country sections from Pencarrow to Porirua, considerably fewer than the company's specification, in bush-clad, hilly country. To meet the shortfall, the company attempted to purchase Wanganui, where in September Smith superintended the selection of country acres, only to find that Maori considered the land had not been sold. He made a reconnaissance of Manawatu in December 1841, and supervised its survey by Charles Kettle in 1842.
Smith was in Manawatu when Samuel BREES arrived to supersede him.

In September 1842 Smith was directed to map the harbours on the South Island's east coast, and he explored as far as Bluff, Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands. Unluckily, in November his cutter, Brothers, sank in Akaroa Harbour, with his sketches, charts and instruments. Afterwards he climbed the Port Hills, above Rapaki, to view the Canterbury Plains, but his report, written from memory, was of little use to the company in deciding sites for future settlement.

Smith participated quietly in Wellington public life. The first meeting of the committee formed to maintain the law of England met at his house in 1840; in 1841 he was gazetted a resident magistrate, and in 1845 became captain of the Thorndon militia. He was happiest alone with his sketchbook. His best-known work, an 1842 vista in oils of Wellington, was published as a lithograph in E. J. Wakefield's Illustrations to 'Adventure in New Zealand' (1845). It is one of about 100 of his works now housed in the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington. As a committee member of the Literary, Scientific and Philanthropic Institute Smith was active in establishing a library, and as a prize-winning gardener and Wellington Horticultural Society member, he introduced bamboos to Wellington. He also promoted the installation of a harbour beacon.

Early in 1845 Smith and his family moved to Huangarua, between Greytown and Martinborough, in Wairarapa, where in partnership with Samuel REVANS he became a successful runholder. Smith and Revans made their first profits from their Maori lease negotiated with Te Manihera Te Rangi-taka-i-waho, by supplying meat to government troops.
By 1858 Huangarua ran 20,000 sheep.
By 1868 it had grown to more than 20,000 acres.
Between 1854 and 1865 Smith and Revans had purchased 13,680 acres from the Crown.

Although Smith proved a clever farmer, he was reluctant to leave his profession and returned to the New Zealand Company during 1849 and 1850 as a contract surveyor. He made a sketch survey of Wairarapa and was involved with Henry Tacy Kemp in abortive purchase negotiations with Wairarapa Maori, at a time when it was proposed that the Canterbury Association settlement should be located there. In 1849 he explored Manawatu to estimate the cost of survey, and to inspect the New Zealand Company's purchase north of the Rangitikei River. Later he completed the survey with Maori assistance.

As government district surveyor in Wairarapa from 1853 to 1857, Smith surveyed Crown purchases by Donald McLEAN, and determined Maori reserves. He partly mapped Wairarapa, including the Wharekaka Plains, in 1854, surveyed eastward, completed a coastal survey to Castle Point and the triangulation of the Taratahi, defined the boundaries of Masterton and Greytown during his trigonometrical survey and in 1856 laid out the town of Featherston.

Smith was a member of the Legislative Council from 1851 to 1853, and represented Wairarapa from 1858 to 1865 on the Wellington Provincial Council. For years Wairarapa's sole resident magistrate, he blocked the licence for Morrisons Bush Inn because he was tired of being disturbed by drunken shepherds. In 1865 he retired to Woodside, near Greytown, where he and Revans established a sawmill. He died at Woodside on 3 January 1869.

That Smith adapted readily to the colonial environment is demonstrated by his multifarious achievements. Today he is remembered chiefly for his exact sketches and watercolours of early Wellington, the Hutt Valley and Wairarapa. But it is as a surveyor, and a teacher of young surveyors such as Kettle, that his central contribution to frontier society was made. Arguably the best theoretician in the colony, he tackled new problems scientifically, being an early exponent of triangulation. His career is controversial, however, because he planned the city of Wellington, which is notable for its poor design. Wellington's topography made nonsense of the company's scheme. In accordance with his instructions, Smith tried first to ensure that every holder of a land order obtained one town acre, and only latterly 'to provide for the future rather than the present'. From a pragmatic viewpoint it was no small achievement to survey two towns in six months, in steep bush and bad weather, with inadequate staff and equipment, and amid Maori protest, settler complaints and skulduggery by William WAKEFIELD and his cronies. 'In due time', Revans wrote, 'the difficulties of his task will be his exoneration.'

In addition to his practical surveying work, Smith's reports of his exploratory journeys and surveys have significance for their record of colonial conditions. He noted land-forms and human activity, such as new modes of dressing flax by Manawatu Maori. As a Wairarapa pastoralist he helped to establish New Zealand's wool and beef industry, importing stock from New South Wales. Essentially a scholarly gentleman, religious, and diffident until toughened by Wakefield's deviousness, Smith commanded respect from his fellow settlers. He made a path for others.

William Naylor ARNOLD tries to murder his employer - WELLINGTON 1878

taken from PAPERS PAST
the GREY RIVER ANGUS - 27 August 1878
... the Residents Magistrate's Court at Wellington was occupied recently with a case of an alleged attempt to murder.

Accused, William Naylor Arnold - is a young man with a dullard appearance, and from the evidence it would seem that he had tried to shoot his former employer, a farmer at Porirua, because the latter put a stop to prisoner paying attention to his neice.
Arnold is evidently non compos mentis. His behaviour in the dock was very eccentric. During the hearing of the case he made use of such onservations as the following:- "Well, I know how the world was fixed last Thursday. I see it all in the sun. I see the compass in the sun."
His Worship, in committing him for trial, said he had little doubt as to his insanity.

the EVENING POST - 10 September 1878o
... The Wellington Circuit Sittings of the Supreme Court are appointed to commence on Monday, 7th October. The following are the criminal cases at present set down for trial:- ... and William Naylor Arnold, attempt to murder;

the EVENING POST - 8 October 1878


William Naylor Arnold was indicted for shooting at James WARD on the 4th August.

In answer to the usual formal question by te Registrar and to queries by his Honor, prisoner merely smiled and pulled horrible faces.
Mr IZARD, Crown Prosecutor, said he had information from medical sources that the prisoner was not in a fit state of mind to plead. He suggested that the proper course would be to empanel a jury to try the question of the prisoner's sanity.
- HIS HONOUR - It is not the prisoner's demeanor now which influences me to yield to your request, though, coming from the Crown Prosecutor, I ought to attend to it. I have known a case in which a man behaved in a precisely similar manner in the dock, and yet was perfectly able to plead. I sentenced him to two years' imprisonment. He kept up the farce - for farce it was - for nearly the whole of the two years, until the prison doctor really began to think he had softening of the brain. The next time the man was brought before me he was charged with highway robbery, and he made the best defence I ever heard from a prisoner. But on the face of the depositions in this case there is a good deal which is stated raising doubts of his sanity; and if, in addition to this, you tell me that you have medical testimony, it would doubtless be expedient to empannel a jury to decide the question. I would not have it supposed by anyone that because a prisoner stands silent and pulls grimaces the Court concluded that he is insane. I have seen that tried before.

The jury was then sworn.
Dr JOHNSTON, medical officer to the Wellington Gaol, said he believed the prisoner to be suffering from softening of the brain. Witness believed that he would not get better.
Mr REID, gaoler, gave evidence to the effect that during the nine weeks prisoner had been in gaol he had acted very strangely. Sometimes he would remain silent for hours, and would then begin to talk rapidly to some imaginary person in the sun or under the ground.
Wiliam KEMP, uncle of the prisoner, and James WARD, in whose employ he had been, stated that he had recently been strange in his manner.
His Honour said he had in this case little doubt that the prisoner was insane.
The jury returned a verdict that the prisoner was of unsound mind, and he was then handed over to the gaoler as a dangerous lunatic

EVENING POST 4 January 1882
... A man named William Nayler Arnold, (sic) a patient at the Mount View Asylum, affected his escape from that institution last evening. It supposed he would make off in the direction of Porirua, but he returned this morning of his own accord to his old quarters, without, however, giving any explanation of his wanderings.

William died in 1930 aged 73-75
- he is buried Church of England Area, Row F Plot 37 in PORIRUA

William Nott GOODAY + Emma Harriett HANSON

William Nott GOODAY (1841-1923)
was born Essex, England to:
William GOODAY & Mary Ann NOTT (thanx to Braxted for that edit)
He was a Barrister & Solicitor

Emma Harriett HANSON (1854-1898)
Emma was born in Melbourne, 1 of 2 children to Becher Henry HANSON and Julia Dorothy WADDINGTON. Her parents were from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and died in New Zealand
NOTES on Emma's mother, Julia Dorothy Hanson
The Argus (Melbourne), 1 January 1856 EDUCATIONAL - South Yarra - Belmont House - Mrs. Becher Hanson's School for Young Ladies will be Reopened January 7th. Vacancies for a few boarders and day pupils. English, French, Music, Drawing, and Dancing taught, and the greatest attention paid to the manners and deportment of the pupils. References allowed to the parents of pupils.
The Argus, 5 July 1856 ESSENDON - Mrs. BECHER HANSON having removed her school from South Yarra to Essendon, informs her friends and the public that the duties of the ensuing quarter will commence on Thursday, 10th July French, Music, and Singing taught on the most approved principles. Dancing by a competent master. Mrs. Hanson is also assisted by an accomplished resident governess, and every attention is paid to the health and comfort of pupils committed to her care. Terms moderate
the Argus, 14 February 1857 DIED - On the 10th inst., at Essendon, Martha Julia, the beloved child of Mrs Becher Hanson, aged nine months
The Argus, 1 August 1857 MRS. BECHER HANSON having taken the School at Moonee Ponds recently conducted by Miss Mathison, has Vacancies for a few BOARDERS. The situation affords every facility for the attendance
of Masters from town. Unexceptionable references given. Prospectuses forwarded upon application.
The Argus, 3 January 1859 MRS. BECHER HANSON, having removed to a more commodious residence, in the neighbourhood of Moonee Ponds, has VACANCIES in her establishment for four BOARDERS. References allowed to the parents of pupils. The best Professors in music, French, dancing, &c., attend the school. Prospectuses forwarded on application. The school re-opens January 11, 1859.

WILLIAM & EMMA married in Lawrence (gateway to the goldfields), 1871
Otago Daily Times, 11 November 1871 On the 9th November, 1871, at Trinity Church, Lawrence, by the Rev G. P. Beaumont, A.M., William Nott Gooday, Esq., Solicitor, to Emma Harriet, only daughter of B. H. Hanson, Esq.

WILLIAM & EMMA had 13 children:
... 1
1872 - 1951 George Percy Gooday

In 1892 George & his brother Ernest were rangers and rabbiters of the Gabriels commonage, Lawrence
Tuapeka Times, 17 November 1894 A pair of horses attached to a trap, driven and owned by Mr F. Bentley, hawker, took fright last evening at the top of the Blue Spur hill, at the junction of the Numros and Gabriels Gully roads and raced down the hill at a furious pace. After reaching the foot of the hill, the wheels came off the trap, and Mr Bentley was thrown to the ground, but beyond a few bruises he sustained no injury. The horses wrested the fore-carriage from the body of the vehicle and galloped off with it, but were stopped after they had gone a mile or so by Mr G. P. Gooday. The goods in the trap were scattered about the road, and the trap itself was considerably smashed, but the horses were uninjured
Tuapeka Times, 6 May 1896 An accident happened in Lawrence on Sunday afternoon to Mr G. P. Gooday, who had the misfortune to fall and dislocate his right shoulder, Dr Newell, who was sent for, reduced the dislocation, and Mr Gooday is now getting along as well as circumstances will permit
Otago Daily Times, 18 July 1899 GOLD DREDGING INDUSTRY Mr G. P. Gooday, is dredgemaster of the Empire No 1 dredge and has had a good deal of experience in that line
George married Katherine JOHNSTONE in 1904
their known children:
* 1905 - 1934 Keith Melville Gooday
Auckland Star, 22 February 1934 While working at the State Advances Department Office a few minutes before noon to-day Keith Melville Nott Gooday, aged 28, collapsed and died. Deceased was a single man and an old boy of the Hastings High School. He had been employed in the correspondence department of the State Advances Office for the past 10 years (buried Hastings)
* 1909 - 2004 Guy Graham Nott Gooday
* 1912 - 1975 Leslie Gooday
KATHERINE died 19 July 1928 aged 53
- she is buried Plot 537, Block D at Hastings cemetery
GEORGE died 30 October 1951 aged 79
- he is buried Plot 119, Block Q at Hastings cemetery

... 2
1873 - 1940 Ernest Gooday

In 1892 Ernest & his brother George were rangers and rabbiters of the Gabriels commonage
Ernest married Alice HOLMES (1878-1936) in 1903
Taranaki Herald, 30 March 1903 A very pretty wedding took place in St Luke's (C.E.), Bell Block, on Thursday, March 19th, when Mr Ernest Gooday and Miss Alice Holmes, daughter of Mr John Holmes, sen., were married. The Rev F. A. Bennett officiated. The church was nicely decorated, and was filled with a represntative congregation, whose presence bore testimony to the position the bride's family hold in the regard of the district. The bride looked charming, but the centre of interest were the little bridesmaids, Hilda Holes, sister of the bride, and Daisy Goodwin and Hilda and Dossie Spurdle from Inglewood, who each bore a little basket filled with seasonable flowers. Mr Fred Holmes was groomsman. The Choir and congregation sang Hymn 351, Miss Hoby presided at the organ. After the ceremony the bridal pair with many friends met at the invitation of the bride's parents in the Public Hall where the wedding breakfast was laid. The usual toasts having been honoured, Mr and Mrs Gooday left for Hawera
their known children:
* 1904 - 1960 Dorothy Freda Gooday (+William Stanley BROOKS in 1928)
* 1905 - Vera Gladys Gooday
* 1910 - 1983 Ernest Clifford Gooday
* 1912 - Daisy Marian Gooday
In 1914 the Patea Licensing Committee granted the transfer of the Alton Hotel from Harry Amon to Ernest
In 1920 he sold a House in Hawera to buy a house in New Plymouth

... 3
1875 - Alice May Gooday

In Dec 1886 Alice was in Standard III at Lawrence District High School and came 1st in Knitting
In Oct 1895 she was a 'servant' in Hawera, for Simon & Isabelle Simmons
Alice married Ernest John FOLLETT (1880-1937) in 1905
- Ernest was a son of John FOLLETT & Esther 'Etty' BRACELIN
their known children:
* 1908 - Mavis Thelma Follett
* 1912 - 1987 Kenneth Follett

... 4
1876 - 1876 Emily Ada Gooday

born 9 September 1876 in Lawrence
EMILY died 28 December 1876 aged 16 weeks
buried Plot 18, Block 1, Anglican section, Lawrence cemetery with sister Mabel

... 5
1878 - 1945 Gertrude Gooday

Tuapeka Times, 30 March 1878 GOODAY- At Lawrence, on Tuesday, 26th inst., the wife of mr W. N. Gooday, solicitor, of a daughter
In Dec 1886 Gertrude was in Standard I at Lawrence District High School and came 2nd in Sewing
Gertrude married Charles Joseph JOHNSTON (1872-1947) in 1900
their known children:
* 1901 - Gertrude Dorothy Johnston
* 1903 - Thomas Charles Johnston
* 1905 - 1930 Ernest William Johnston
* 1907 - 1908 Roxanne Amy Johnston
* 1911 - Lillian May Johnston
GERTRUDE died 15 Jan 1945 aged 66 & buried Settlers cemetery, Dannevirke
CHARLES died 26 August 1947 aged 75 and is buried with her

... 6
1881 - 1942 Florence Gooday

Florence married Thomas Nicholson 'Dodd' SAMPSON (1881-1969) in 1906
Thomas was 1 of 4 children of Andrew Eyre SAMPSON (1838-1916) & Mary Josephine MULLOY (1852-1950). He served in the Boer War:
* Surname: Sampson
* Reg No: 5122
* Given Names: Thomas Nicholson
* Rank: private
* Unit: North Island Regiment - A squadron
* Contingent: Eighth
* County/City: Wellington
* Occupation: Engineer
* Ship: surrey 1 February 1902
* Address: Tinakori road Wellington
* Next of Kin: Sampson, Mr Andrew Eyre
* Relationship to Soldier: father
* Next of Kin Address: same
their known children:
* 1907 - Ngaire Adelaide Sampson
Auckland Star, 16 July 1929 Five new companies, one public and four private, were registered in Auckland yesterday. Details are as follows:-
PRIVATE COMPANY - Sampson's Toilet Parlours Ltd., ladies' and gentlemens' hairdressers. Capital: ?500 in ?1 shares. Subscribers: Thomas Nicholson Sampson and Florence Sampson 249 shares each; Alfred Herman Gyllies 2 shares
Auckland Star, 2 September 1929
Sampson's Toilet Parlours, Ltd., to hearer. Debenture, ?500, 7 per cent; charging undertaking and all property, including uncalled capital.
Sampson's Toilet Parlours, Ltd., with A. H. Gyllies (holder). Hypothecating agreement; depositing above debenture with holder to secure amounts due under holder's guarantee of bank account.
FLORENCE Sampson died in Auckland 21 Nov 1942 aged 61
- her ashes were scattered from Waikumete

... 7
1883 - 1960 Rose Gooday

Rose married William Harold MOON (1884-1965) in 1913
- William was born in New Plymouth to William Trenouth MOON & Mary Ann TUNBRIDGE

... 8
1885 - 1948 William Hanson Gooday

Evening Post, 8 December 1916 APPEAL BEFORE THE MILITARY BOARD
... William Hanson Gooday, in his appeal, stated that he had a crippled father (see Timeline Sep 1897), 74 years of age, to support. His ground of appeal was that of undue hardship. He said he was 31 years of age, single, and was a cook by occupation. One brother was at the war and another had been discharged from camp owing to unfitness. Appellant had enlisted, but was turned down. He gave his father ?1 per week. (2013 equivalent of $126)
To Captain Walker: If he went into camp he would not give his father any less than was the case now. The appeal was dismissed
WILLIAM died 5 September 1948 aged 63 & was cremated at Karori

... 9
1887 - 1972 Charles Gooday

Charles served in WWI as Driver 5/550 with the Army Service Corps. 8th Reinforcements. He embarked from Wellington 13 Nov 1915 listing his next of kin as his sister Alice Follett of 9 Boston Terrace, Wellington (Te Aro Valley)
Charles married Judith Sarah (nee LEPPER, formerly HARRIS (1882-1948) in 1925
Judith was born in Wellington, a daughter of John Thomas LEPPER & Susannah Elizabeth 'Susan' HARVEY. She first married Henry Lenza Monty 'Len' Harris (1877-1918) of Greytown, on 23 Sep 1903 in Wellington. Henry was a son of James HARRIS & Mary Jane SHEWBRIDGE
- Judith is buried Plot 151 N, PUBLIC2 at Karori

... 10
1889 - 1951 Emma Harriet Gooday

Emma married Robert Heathcote FENTON (1882-1948) in 1910
Evening Post, 16 March 1910 FENTON-GOODAY - On the 12th March, at St James's Church, Adelaide-road, Robert Heathcote, youngest son of the late Robert Denton, of Canterbury, to Emma, youngest daughter of William Nott Gooday, of Finlay-terrace (Mt Cook, Wellington)
their known children:
* 1911 - Dulcie Emma Harriett Fenton

... 11
1891 - 1905 Alfred Lawrence Gooday

ALFRED died in Wellington 16 April 1905 aged 14
Evening Post, 17 April 1905 GOODAY - On the 16th April, at Wellington, Alfred Lawrence, younger son of W. N. Gooday, of 54 Hopper street (Mt Cook, Wellington), aged 14 years, after a long and painful illness
- he is buried Plot 31 V, CH ENG at Karori with her mother

... 12
1893 - 1893 Mabel Gooday

born 21 August 1893
MABEL died aged 4 days
she is buried Plot 18, Block 1, Anglican section with sister Emily

... 13
1895 - 1941 Albert Gooday

In Dec 1908 Albert was in Standard II at Mount Cook Boys school and received an attendance certificate
In Dec 1909 he was in First Class and received an attendance certificate
In 1914 he was fined 7s for failing to attend military parades with the Teritorials
In 1915 he was a Draper in Wellington City when called as a recruit
In 1917 he was charged with obstructing police in their duty
In 1920 he was fined 5s, cost 7s for cycling on the footpath
In 1922 he was charged in Wellington for breaking and entering, along with George Alfred Christie, & they were sentenced to 6 months gaol
ALBERT died 14 October 1941 aged 46
Evening Post, 15 October 1941 GOODAY - The Friends of the late Albert Gooday, of 245 Willis Street and Members of the Waterside Workers Union are invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave the Chapel of E. Morris, jun., Ltd., 25 Kent Terrace, To-morrow (Thursday), October 16, 1941, at the conclusion of service which will commence at 9.30 a.m., for the Cemetery, Karori.
- he is buried Plot 209 E, PUBLIC3 at Karori

Otago Daily Times, 22 March 1872 BANKRUPTCY ACT NOTICE
DEED OF TRUST. William Nott Gooday, barrister and solicitor, Lawrence. Filed, March 20th

Tuapeka Times, 29 April 1876 Mrs HANSON'S CONCERT
NOTE Emma's mother, Julia Hanson, was a piano teacher in Lawrence
Emma sang at many events in the town over the years. See details here of the concert held in the Town Hall in April 1876
* Mrs Gooday and Mrs Needham sang a duet "Flow on, thou shining river"
* Mrs Gooday "Little Sunbeam"
* Mrs Gooday and Mr Towsey sang a duet "I've wandered in dreams"

Tuapeka Times, 19 September 1877 BOROUGH OF LAWRENCE
I, William Nott Gooday, Returning Officer for the Borough of Lawrence, do hereby give notice that the following candidates have this day been duly nominated to fill the Offices of Councillors for the West Ward of the said Borough, viz. -
HAYES, William
AND to fill the Offices of Councillors for the Middle Ward, viz. -
And that as the number of Candidates exceeds the number of Offices to be filled (namely two) at this Election, a Poll will be taken between the hours of nine o'clock in the foremoon and six o'clock in the afternoon on Monday, the 24th day of September, 1877.
The Polling Booth will be situate at the Ovens Store, occupied by Mr Joseph Williams, at the corner of Beaumont Road and Kilmarnock-street, within the said Borough; and the Poll will be declared in front of the Town Hall, in the said Borough, on the 24th day of September 1877, as soon as conveniently may be after the close of the Poll.
Dated this 17th day of September 1877, WM. NOTT GOODAY, Returning Officer

Evening Post, 12 April 1878
A destructive fire broke out at Monaghan's boot and shoe establishment shortly after 12 this morning. The alarm was given almost instantly but before anything could be done the building was destroyed. Gooday's office adjoining was also destroyed. Gooday's losses are heavy, he not having a penny insurance on the property. There is likely to be an inquest at an early date

Clutha Leader, 4 November 1881
Mr W. N. Cooday, solicitor, late of Lawrence, has removed to Tapanui, and Me E. J. Chambers, recent Tapanui lawyer, has departed for Melbourne

Tuapeka Times, 8 September 1894
Mr John Thompson reports having sold on account of Mr W. N. Gooday his freehold property (214 acres) in Block XIX, Tuapeka East, to Mr Alex Campbell for ?500 (2013 equivalent of $91,800)

Evening Post, 14 September 1897
Sufficient money has been collected by Mesdames O'Dea and Saxby to procure an artificial leg for Mr Gooday, who had his leg amputated at the Hospital lately. Mr Packer has the order well in hand. The above-named ladies wish to acknowledge the receipt of ?10 12s 6d from the officers of the Land Tax and Advances to Settlers Departments, Government Buildings, for the benefit of Mrs Gooday and family

Described by the Crown Prosecutor (Mr P. S. K. Macassey) as a retired solicitor now living at Petone on an old-age pension, William Nott Gooday, almost 80 years of age ...

Emma Harriett Gooday died 17 Nov 1898 aged 44
Tuapeka Times, 23 November 1898 GOODAY - On the 17th November, 1898, at the Wellington Hospital, Emma Harriett, the beloved wife of William Nott Gooday, late of Lawrence, Otago; aged 44 years. Deeply regretted by her family
- she is buried Plot 31 V, CH ENG at Karori cemetery
William Nott Gooday died 2 December 1923 aged 81
Evening Post, 3 December 1923 GOODAY - On the 2nd December, 1923, at his son's residence, St George's road, Hastings, William Nott Gooday; aged 80 years
- he is buried Plot 71, Block M at Havelock North

HEADSTONE at Havelock North
for William Nott Gooday

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William OSBALDISTON + Janet Marion CAMERON - New Zealand

William OSBALDISTON (1860-1938) married:
- Janet Marion CAMERON (1861-1913)

THE OBSERVER - 7 July 1883
... The marriage of Miss CAMERON, of Auckland, to Mr William OSBALDISTRON, of Kaukapakapa, was solemnised by the Rev David Ransiman at the residence of the bride's parents, Scotia Place, Upper Queen-street.
There were a number of guests present, and the bride looked extremely pretty, dressed in cream Egyptian cloth, trimmed with satin; veil of Brussels net, and wreath of orange blossom.
'Miss Agnes SHANKS acted as bridesmaid, and wore a dress of pale cream, trimmed with lace.
In the evening the bride's parents entertained a number of friends, and dancing was kept up till an early hour.
There were several very pretty costumes in the room; some of the most noticeable were worn by the following ladies:
Miss DAW, pink sateen, black lace polonnise
Miss HENDERSON, pink skirt, black velvet body
Miss REID, pale blue cashmere
Miss HODGE, fawn lustre
Mrs Philip McLEOD, fawn silk
Mrs CAMERON, mauve silk, white trimmings
Mr Frank DEACON discharge the duties of M.C. very efficiently. Miss Shanks was the acknowleged belle

their children were:

1884 - 1923 Ralph Cameron Osbaldiston
- Ralph married Eva Elizabeth BARTLEY (1882-1963) in 1915

1885 - 1955 Margaret Osbaldiston
- Margaret married Walter James DAVEY (1877-1945) in 1907

1887 - 1964 Stewart John Osbaldiston
- spouse not found

1888 - 1958 Elsie Elphine Osbaldiston
- Elsie married Arthur Frederick BARTLEY (1887-1968) in 1914

1893 - 1981 Ivy Flora Marion Osbaldiston
- Ivy married John Thomas TODD in 1931

1895 - 1905 Gordon Cameron Osbaldiston
- Gordon died aged 10

1898 - 1973 Mabel Osbaldiston
- Mabel married Edwin Rawi MOUAT (1898-1972) in 1922

William OXBY married Emily SAVILL in Timaru 1869

the known SAVILL marriages in New Zealand 1869 - 1932

- married Louisa Georgina TISCH in 1900
- their known children:
* 1901 - Thelma Alberta Savill
* 1905 - Henrietta marie Savill
* 1910 - Freda Georgina Savill

- married Eva Merilla BROWN in 1915

- married Maud Llewelyn CHURCHOUSE in 1909

? EDWARD Savill
- married Elizabeth HARRIS in 1875
- their known children were:
* 1876 - Albert Edward Savill
* 1879 - Euphemia Maud Savill
* 1885 - William James Savill
* 1886 - Helen Savill
* 1892 - Alfred Ernest Richard Savill

? ERNEST STANLEY Savill (1888-1973)
- married Dorothy Mary HOLLINGTON (1901-1929) in 1923
- he next married Alice HULME in 1932

- married Daisy Mabel Isobel PHILLIPS in 1905
- their known child:
* 1907 - Martin Brian Savill

- married Dorothy STAFFORD-MILLS in 1923

- married Annie JACK in 1904

- married Ellen Kathleen McKEGNEY in 1926

? ROBERT Savill (1853-1925)
- married Harriet HUNT (1862-1934) in 1881
- no children found at this time
Robert was born in Christchurch. He was a Wheelwright, last address was 29 Beresford Street, New Brighton. He died 4 Oct 1925 aged 71 & buried Plot 349, Block 36 at Bromley cemetery
Harriet was born in England, arriving in NZ about 1874. She was still living at Beresford St when she died 9 years after Robert, on 27 March 1934 aged 72. She is buried with him

- married Annie JOSEPH in 1922

- married Arthur Herbert WRIGHT in 1916

- married James Francis HYLAND in 1927

- married Thomas BREEZE in 1880

- married William SHEARER in 1883

- married WILLIAM OXBY (1840-1883) in 1869
- In June 1870 William was a crew member in a whaleboat that helped the stranded Schooner "Aurora"
... The friends of the late William Oxby are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, which will leave his late residence, Arthur street, Timaru, at 2.30 o'clock TO-MORROW (Sunday) Afternoon. Wm Napier, Undertaker
... The members if the Timaru Lodge, No 5208, Manchester Unity, Independent Order of Oddfelows, are requested to meet at the Lodge-room, Barnard street, to-morrow afternoon, to atend the funeral of their late brother William Oxby. Mr Oxby was a very old member of this Lodge, and was held in great respect by the brethren. It will be remembered that he was one of those who took a prominent part in saving life on 14th May 1882 during the Terrible Calamity of Timaru
- William is buried PLOT 19 - ROW 19 - BLOCK D at Timaru cemetery
- (not known what happened to his wife and family. Possibly moved to Australia)
- their known children were:
* 1871 - Mary Caroline Oxby
* 1873 - Annie Elizabeth Oxby
* 1875 - Charlotte Emily Oxby
* 1876 - unnamed born still
* 1879 - Sidney George Oxby
* 1880 - 1969 Mabel Ellen Oxby (born in Timaru, died in Sydney)

? HELEN Savill
- married Frank Fletcher BOLT in 1923

- married Albert Reeve BAKER in 1925

? JANE Savill
- married Andrew GALLETY(?) 29 April 1875

- married Zenas OWEN in 1879

- married John CAIRNS in 1923

Wreck of the "Ben Venue" and "City of Perth". Timaru, May 14 1882
... Nine men died including the harbour-master ...
- see link at William Oxby -

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William PATCHETT + Amelia Ann CHUCK - Blenheim

William PATCHETT (1856-1946)
was born in Muston, Leicestershire, England, the 7th of at least 12 children of John PATCHETT (1817-1893) & Elizabeth DRING (1823-1890)

Amelia Annie CHUCK (1863-1933)
was born in Blenheim, Marlborough, the 3rd of at least 10 children of Joseph CHUCK (1830-1875) & Bithiah BURGESS (1832-1897)

William & Amelia married 7 August 1884 in Marlborough

... 1
1885 - 1900 Lilian 'Lilly' Patchett
LILLY died 11 April 1900 aged 5
- she is buried Plot 50, Block 3 at Omaka with her father William

... 2
1887 - 1925 Elsie May Patchett
- Elsie married Harold James REEVES in 1910
Marlborough Express, 5 January 1910 Wesley Church was the scene of a wedding this aftermoon when the officiating minister was the Rev T. R. Richards. Miss Elsie May Patchett, eldest surviving daughter of Mr Wm. Patchett, of South Street, was wedded to Mr Harold James Reeves, second son of Mr Charles Reeves, of Upper Spring Creek.
The bride was given away by her father. Her dress was of cream taffeta, trimmed with cream silk muslin and white silk, and was made in Empire style, with train. She carried a bouquet of Christmas lilies, white everlasting sweet peas and asparagus fern, and also wore a veil and orange blossom. The bridesmaids were three in number - Misses Maud Hurford, Grace Patchett and Annie Reeves. Miss Hurford was attired in white silk muslin, trimmed with Valenciennes lace insertion and white silk, with white hat and pink roses; carrying also a bouquet of white sweet peas. The two other maids were dressed in pink silk muslin, with hats to match and carried bouquets of pink and white sweet peas.
The bride's travelling costume was of Saxe-blue material, tailor-made and hat to match. The best man was Mr Frank Patchett, brother of the bride. The bridesmaids each received from the bridegroom of a gold pendant.
After the wedding a reception was held at Wesley Hall

... 3
1889 - 1975 Frank Ernest Patchett
- Frank was a tailot and mercer in Blenheim
- he married Beatrice Maude HURFORD (1891-1974) in 1912
Marlborough Express, 27 September 1912 A pretty choral wedding took place at the Methodist Church on Wednesday last, when Miss Maud Beatrice Hurford, youngest daughter of the late Mr Thoms. Hurford, Brightwater, Nelson, was married to Mr Frank Ernest Patchett, eldest son of Mr W. Patchett, of Blenheim. The bride's dress was of silk taffeta, relieved with silk and guipure lace, and she wore a beautiful hand-embroidered veil. She carried a bouquet of clematis, fressias, and maidenhair fern. The bridesmaids, Miss Ivy Thomas (chief) and Miss Grace Patchett, both wore cream radianta dresses trimmed with silk ruching and net, and sunshine hats trimmed with rosettes of violets. They carried bouquets of mauve anemones and maidenhair fern.
The bride was given away by her stepfather, Mr Henry Jellyman. Mr R. Fulton acted as best man, and Mr A. Patchett as groomsman.
As the bridal couple were leaving the church Miss Edna Reeves, a niece of the bridegroom. presented the bride with a floral horseshoe. Mrs Jellyman and Mrs Patchett each wore navy tailor-made costumes and black hats, and carried bouquets of mauve hyacinths.
After the ceremony afternoon tea was provided at the residence of the bride's parents, Springland.
Among the presents, which were numerous and handsome, were several cheques.
The bridegroom's presents to the bridesmaids were gold brooches set with pearls.
The happy couple motored to Nelson, where the honeymoon will be spent. The bride's travelling dress was a cream tailor-made, trimmed with black silk and she wore a black hat with white plumes
FRANK died 14 June 1975 aged 86 & buried Plot 13, Block 7 at Omaka with Leila PearL (1913-1989) & Ronald Henry (1914-1995) EDLIN

... 4
1891 - 1891 Stanley James Patchett
STANLEY died aged 7 weeks
Marlborough Express, 12 June 1891 On June 12th, at Springlands, Stanley James. infant son of WIlliam and Amelia Patchett, aged 7 weeks
- he is buried at Omaka cemetery with brother Harrison (1898-1899) & mother Amelia

... 5
1892 - 1918 Archibald 'Archie' Patchett
- Archie enlisted for war from 52 South Street, Blenheim in 1914
Wanganui Chronicle, 7 December 1918 On the 5th instant, at Wanganui Hospital, Archie, beloved husband of Lily Patchett; aged 26 years. Friends are informed the Funeral will leave the Wanganui Hospital on Sunday at 9 a.m., for the Aramoho Cemetery
Colonist, 17 December 1918 The death has occurred at Wanganui of Mr Archie Patchett, second son of Mr W. Patchett, Blenheim, as the result of pneumonia following influenza. The deceased was 27 years of age and he was well known in Blenheim. Departing with the Marlborough mounted draft of the Main Body, he served with the New Zealand Division on Gallipoli, whence he was invalided to England and ultimately to New Zealand in June of last year. The late Mr Patchett was married only four months ago
Auckland Star, 23 December 1939 On December 19, 1939, at the Filendly Road (?), by T. T. Garland, Jean, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph Carr, 6 Shaddock street, Mount Eden, Auckland, to Archie, only son of Mrs and the late Archie Patchett, of Blenheim

... 6
1894 - 1971 Lindsay George Patchett
- Lindsay was a Taxi driver in Blenheim
- he married Constance Lena TAPLIN (1894-1963) 23 Feb 1916
- he enlisted for war on 18 May 1916

... 7
1897 - 1975 Grace Patchett
- Grace married Archibald Cannall WINSTANLEY in 1915
GRACE died 23 Nov 1975 aged 78
ARCHIBALD died 9 April 1978 aged 84
- they are buried Plot 2, Block 11 at Omaka cemetery

... 8
1898 - 1899 Harrison Patchett
HARRISON died 13 Jan 1899 aged 1
- he is buried at Omaka cemetery with his brother Stanley (1891-1891) & mother Amelia

... 9
1899 - 1966 Glencoe Talane Patchett
- born 8 Nov 1899 in Blenheim
- Glencoe married Doris Emily Henrietta HAINES (1901-?) in 1921
- born in Renwick, 28 March 1901 to Charles William HAINES & Ethel Violet GEE
- Doris next married Mervyn Francis REARDON
GLENCOE died 26 March 1966 aged 66 in Blenheim & buried Plot 38, Block 77 at Omaka cemetery with Inez Merle Patchett (1910-1970)

... 10
1901 - 1925 Victor Roy Patchett
VICTOR died 15 November 1925 aged 24 & buried Plot 49, Block 22 at Omaka cemetery

... 11
1906 - 1985 Shirley Horace Patchett
Evening Post, 27 June 1941 An assurance that his client had no "peculiar ideas" on the subject of warfare, and that he was willing to perform any duty that his country called upon him to fulfil, was given by Mr J. A. Scott in the Magistrate's Court today, when appearing on behalf of Shirley Horace Patchett, a cabinet maker, who pleaded guilty to failing to enrol for military service. Sub-Inspector L. R. Capp said that the defendant signed an application for enrolment on June 17 last, and had stated that some of his friends had told him that as he was not liable for income tax he did not need to make a social security return.
Evening Post, 1 August 1941 MILITARY SERVICE Cases before the Appeal Board - An extension of time was sought by Shirley Horace Patchett, cabinet maker, who said he wanted time to realise an investment of ?150 he had put into a concert-party and from which he had had no return. The appeal was dismissed subject to the appellant not being called before October 1
SHIRLEY died 13 March 1985 aged 79 & buried Plot 10. Row 1. Block 1, RSA Ashes at Fairhall cemetery

WILLIAM died 13 June 1946 aged
- he is buried Plot 50, Block 3 at Omaka with daughter Lilly
AMELIA died 9 Feb 1933 aged 70
- she is buried Plot 49, Block 3 at Omaka cemtery with 2 infant sons

William PECK + Minnie SARGENT - Manawatu

William "Bill" Peck was born in 1862 in Lower Hutt, Wellington
- a son of Richard PECK (1836-1903) & Elizabeth GASKIN (1835-1917)

He married Minnie SARGENT on 14 May 1901 in Wimbledon, Manawatu
- Minnie was a sister of Jane Sargent who married William's brother Daniel Peck

William died in a motor vehicle accident in Waione in 1921
- he is buried in the Pongaroa Cemetery.

I have 4 children for them:

1902 - 1988 Samuel George Peck
- Samuel married Joyce DALGLEISH

1905 - 1942 William Peck b.1906
- married Laura Jensen
- he - died Xmas Day 1942 and is buried in Mangatera

1904 - 1971 Richard John Peck ??

Dorothy Peck ??

Can you add any further information to this family

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William PRYOR + Harryet TRESIDDER - Wendron to Lyttleton

your corrections and additions are welcome, please leave a comment below

WILLIAM PRYOR was born 26 December 1830 in Wendron, Cornwall
- he was the 10th of 10 children of Thomas PRYOR & Dorothy JEFFREY

on the genealogy site PARISH of WENDRON
you can access the transcription of parish records, census, registers etc on their searchable datanase
* there is also: The Will of William Pryor dated 4 October 1746

- William Pryor married HARRYET TRESIDDER in Carnmenellis, Cornwall 21 July 1855.She was the 3rd of 7 children of William TRESIDDER & Harriet PHILLIPS

William died 16 July 1896 in Rimu, Hokitika (Rimu is 23km south of Ross)
... GREY RIVER ANGUS, 17 July 1896 - Thursday's West Coast Times reports a fatal accident at Rimu township yesterday afternoon resulted in the very sudden death of Mr William Pryor, a well known resident of Ross. It appears that Mr Pryor, who lately commenced storekeeping at Ross after years of mining, was returning home from Hokitika driving in a spring cart with a load of goods drawn by one horse. The trap was heavily laden and the horse had been proceeding at a walking pace, when it suddenly took fright, and broke into a trot. In the effort to steady the beast Mr Pryor appears to have pulled one rein only, with the result that the horse swerved suddenly to the roadside, and the occupant was thrown out, falling on a small heap of stones. Before he had time to recover himself the wheel of the cart passed over the unfortunate man, going up his back and over his head. The result was almost sudden death. The police were at once communicated with and medical aid summoned, but the injuries were beyond human aid, and death resulted in a few minutes. An inquest will be held at Lamacroft's hotel at 10 o'clock this morning

William is buried PLOT 38, BLOCK 15 at Ross Old cemetery

HARRYET died 30 August 1913 in Ross aged 76
- she is buried with William

the known children of WILLIAM & HARRYET:
1855 - 1946 Elizabeth Ann Pryor
- born in Wendron, Cornwall
- Elizabeth possibly married Alfred BROWN in 1874

1857 - 1904 William Pryor
- born in Wendron, Cornwall
- doesn't appear William was married
William died 25 January 1904 aged 46
... WEST COAST TIMES, 28 January 1904. Death has removed another well known citizen from our midst in the person of the late Mr William Pryor, who has been suffering from an incurable disease for about three years past, and whose earthly sufferings were ended in the early hours of Monday morning. The late Mr Pryor had up to the time of his illness followed the occupation of a miner, and was a man of quiet and unobtrusive habits. Much sympathy is expressed for the mourning relatives - Mrs Pryor and her sons and daughters - in the loss of a son and brother (does not say father so the Mrs Pryor was probably his mother). The funeral took place at 9 o'clock on Tuesday morning, the services at the graveside being conducted by the Rev H. E. Newton
- William is buried Plot 27, BLock 15 at Ross Old Cemetery with John Pryor (1819-1893)

1859 - 1926 Harryet Jane Pryor
- born in Polmarth, Cornwall
- Harryet married Alfred WILLIAMS (1858-1912) 29 Nov 1881 in Ross, West Coast
- they moved to Bendigo, Victoria, Australia & had 10 children
- Harryet died 22 May 1926 aged 67 in Launceston, Tasmania

1860 - ? Thomas Pryor
- born in Wendron, Cornwall

1862 - 1923 Martin Tresidder Pryor
- born in Wendron, Cornwall
- Martin died 12 January 1923 aged 61
- he is buried Plot 6, Block 26 at Ross New Cemetery

The decline in the mining at Wendron led to a significant migration of miners and their families to the 'New World'. William and Harryet emigrated to New Zealand about 1863

1864 - 1927 Grace Pryor
- born 23 Oct 1864 in Lyttleton, New Zealand
- Grace married Fred JONES in 1897
- their known children:
1898 - Elizabeth Jones
1899 - Charles Jones
1902 - Ivy Jones
1904 - Edward ones
1906 - Florence Jones

1866 - 1908 Walter Pryor
- born in Lyttleton
26 April 1907 ROSS, Westcoast, Municipal Elections T. HOULAHAN 116, Walter PRYOR 1906
28 July 1908 I regret to have to record the sudden death of Mr Walter Pryor, which took place at his residence at an early hour yesterday morning. Mr Pryor has been in business here some years, and his sterling qualities were appreciated by old and young. He was a member of the Borough Council and took an active interest in the welfare of the town. We extend our sympathy to the relatives and family in the sudden bereavement
31 December 1908 DECEASED PERSONS ESTATES - Stamp Duty was paid on 135 estates during the month, the largest amount on which duty was paid being ?75,827 on the estate of Charles A. Smith, Hawkes Bay. The principal amounts for the various districts are as follow: ... WESTLAND, Walter Pryor ?873 (a 2011 equivalent of $136,000)

between 1866 and 1868 William and his family moved from one side of the South Island to the other - 300km to Ross on the Westcoast which experienced a goldrush in 1865, the population swelling to 2500 (today it is around 300)

1868 - 1935 Thomas Richard Pryor
- born in Ross, New Zealand
- Thomas died 23 February 1935 aged 66
- he is buried Plot 7, Block 26 at Ross New Cemetery

1871 - 1940 Mary Catherine Pryor
- born in Ross
- Mary married William Francis DETLAFF (1867-1951) in 1899
- (there was a large family of Detlaff on the West Coast)
- their known children:
1901 - 1973 William Detlaff
1905 - 1968 Albert Detlaff

1873 - 1937 Sampson Pryor
- born in Ross
- Sampson died aged 64
- he was buried 23 December 1938 in Plot 6, Block 36 at Ross New cemetery
- nothing else known

1876 - 1942 Joseph Pryor
- born in Ross
- Joseph married Grace Williams WEARNE (1880-1941) in 1902
- their known children:
1903 - Harriet Pryor
1904 - James Pryor
1906 - Myrtle Pryor
1907 - Wiliam Pryor
1909 - Margaret Pryor

1879 - 1958 Seneth Pryor
- born in Ross
- Senith married Joseph BOLITHO in 1905
- they had 4 known children
1905 - 1949 Joseph Bolitho
- he married Florence Jane HILL
- Joseph died at Blacks Point
1907 - Martin Alymer Bolitho
- Martin married Ena Mildred WATSON (1909-1992) of Crushington
1909 - 1991 Mary Evelyn Bolitho
- Mary married Jack BANKS
1913 - 1983 William James Bolitho
- William married Inez Doreen BLOXHAM

1882 - 1961 Esther Pryor
- Esther married Samuel 'Sam' Meyer MITCHELL (1881-1941) in 1907
- their known children, born in Ross:
1908 - Samuel Vivian Mitchell
1910 - 2001 Harriet Mitchell - twin
1910 - 1988 William Mitchell - twin
1913 - 1998 Ruby Mitchell
1917 - 1942 Norman Mitchell
- Norman served in WWII as Sergeant NZ404084 with the Royal New Zealand Air Force, 75 (NZ) Squadron, RAF,
- he was killed in action 29 June 1942 in the UK
- he is buried Grave 8, Row C, Feltwell (St Nicholas) Churchyard, Norfolk, England
1921 - 2000 Edgar Mitchell
???? - Alan Mitchell
???? - Hubert Mitchell

headstone at Ross Old Cemetery
of Harryet Pryor (nee Tresidder and John Pryor (1819-1893)

William RADCLIFFE - Liverpool - Masterton

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