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Christina Olivia ANDERSON + Louis Edward SAWARD - Burnie

this is an attachment to the journal:
Louis ANDERSON + Annie Oliva HANSEN - Burnie, Tasmania


Christina Olivia Anderson (2nd child, 1st daughter, of Louis & Annie) was born 7 April 1889 in New Zealand, she married Louis Edward SAWARD (1884-1970) on
27 December 1904 in Burnie, Tasmania
- her parents Louis ANDERSON & Annie Olivia HANSEN had married on
27 December 1884 in New Zealand

CHRISTINA & LOUIS had 16 children:
(information taken from the family tree Ancestors: Annie Mary Saward)

1... George Edward Saward (1905-1988)
* George married Eliza Maira WINTER (1906-1989) in 1929 & had 4 children

2... Archibald Harold 'Archie' Saward (1906-1984)
* Archibald married Mary Elizabeth SANKEY (1905-1980) in 1928 & had 3 children, Annie Mary, Eileen Elizabeth & Barry Saward. They moved to Wesley Vale in 1942 (Wesley Vale is 58km east of Burnie)
27 April 1949 - ENGAGEMENT, Mr and Mrs A. H. Saward, "Glenholme," Wesley Vale, have much pleasure in announcing the engagement of their eldest daughter, Annie Mary, to Maxwell Thomas (Tom), eldest son of Mr and Mrs L. E. Lusted, 31 Dodgin Street, Wynyard.
3 November 1949 - COMING OF AGE PARTY, On Saturday night, October 29, Mr and Mrs A. H. Saward, "Glenholme," Wesley Vale, entertained 120 guests in the Northdown Hall to celebrate the coming-of-age of their eldest daughter, Anne. The guest of honor pinned to her frock of sky blue crepe a platinum key set with diamonds, the gift of her parents. The evening was spent in dancing and community singing. Supper was served buffet-style. A feature of the table was a two tiered cake, made by the guest of honor's mother and decorated by her sister, Eileen, in pink, blue and white icing, and topped with 21 candles, a blue ladder and gold key. After the cake had been cut, Mr Tom. Lusted responded to good wishes on behalf of his fiancee, who received many gifts.
16 February 1950 - ENGAGEMENT, Mr and Mrs A. H. Saward, "Glenholme," Wesley Vale, have much pleasure in announcing the engagement of their youngest daughter, Eileen Elizabeth, to Maxwell Raymond, youngest son of Mrs H. Hardacre, South Riana, and the late Mr. W. Hardacre. Northdown.

3... Florence Olive Annie Saward (1908-2007)
* Florence married Cyril SMITH (1897-1973) & had 5 children
(Burnie, Tasmania), Tuesday 20 May 1924 WEDDING BELLS, SMITH-SAWARD, On Wednesday last a marriage took place between Florence Olive, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Louis Saward of Glanco Creek, Stowport, and Cyril, third son of Mr and Mrs J. J. Smith, of Upper Stowport. The ceremony was performed hy Mr George Atkinson, at the Gospel Hall, Burnie. The bride was attended by two bridesmaids, Misses Lorna Arthur and Lucy Saward. The bridegroom was supported by Mr Arch. Sawnard. The bride wore a costume of embroidered voile, with white hat trimmed with orange blossom, and carried a bouquet of chrysanthemums.
The wedding breakfast was held at the residence of thc bride's parents.
In the evening a wedding social was held in the Public Hall, which was well attended, and at which many presents were given. The future home of the young couple will be in Stowport.

4... Stanley Louis Saward (1909-1915)
* Stanley died in Latrobe Hospital 23 May 1915 aged 6

5... Wilfred 'Norton' Allen Saward (1912-1967)
* born in West Montagu, Tasmania, Wilfred died 20 August 1967 aged 54
* he is buried Plot 12, Section 5-G at Penquin General cemetery

6... James Campbell Saward (1918-1970) (Marj's father)
* James married Olga Mary FRANKCOMBE (1924-2008) in 1944 & had 4 children
Burnie, Tasmania 1944 - WEDDING BELLS, SAWARD-FRANKCOMBE On July 8, at the Preolenna (Gospel Hall, the marriage was solemnmied by Rev. W. Bampton, of Wynyard, of Olga Mary, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs H. U. Frankcombe, Preolenna, to James Campbell, fifth son of Mr and Mrs L. E. Saward, of Burnie. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore an ankle-length white satin gown. Her pale gold tulle veil was hand embroidered by her mother, and worn with a halo of orange blossom. She carried a beautifully-bound Bible, the gift of her paternal grandmother, and was attended by her sister, Miss Betty Frankcombe (aged 12), as bridesmaid. She wore an ankle-length dusty pink lightweight woollen frock, and a shoulder-length pink tulle veil. She also carried a beautifully bound Bible. The groom was attended by his brother, Mr Les Saward. A reception was held at the bride's parents' home, about 30 guests being present. A feature of the bride's table was a three tier wedding cake, made by the bride's mother, and decorated by Mrs A. Poke, of Wynyard. Mr and Mrs. J. C. Saward are residing at Preolenna.
* James was buried 19 Oct 1970, Plot 4, Section S-J at Penguin General cemetery
* Olga was buried 7 March 2008, Plot 5, Section R-J at Penguin General cemetery

7... Lance William Saward (1921-1958)
* Lance married Mavis Beryl BUSZARD in 1946 in Melbourne & had a child
(Burnie, Tasmania) Friday 26 April 1946 - BUSZARD-SAWARD, In the Northcote Church of Christ, Melbourne, on March 23, the marriage of Mavis Beryl, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Buszard, Northcote, to L.A.G. Lance William, sixth son of Mr and Mrs L. Saward, Ladbrooko street, Burnie was solemnised by Padre Graham
The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a gown of brocaded satin, and carried a bouquet of frangipanni and gladioli. She was attended by her sister, Miss Doreen Buszard, who wore a gown of white sheer, with a white picture hat, and carried red cactus dahlias and gladioli. The best man was Dvr. W. Bassett (ex.A.I.F.). Master Jack Baker sang "Because." A reception was held in Austral Hall, Northcote, where the usual toasts were honored. The bride and groom toured Tasmania, before returning by plane to Melbourne, where they intend making their home.
* Lance is memorialised at the Garden Of Remembrance 3 Wall Niches, Fawkner Memorial, Melbourne, 14 May 1958

8... Lucy Mary Saward
* Lucy married Thomas McCARTY (1910-1957) & had 6 children

9... Ida Violet Saward
* Ida married Ralph George de BOMFORD & had a daughter
(Burnie, Tasmania) 14 Sep 1949 - GRANTED DECREE NISI, In the Supreme Court at Devonpoort yesterday, Ralph George de Bomford petitioned for divorce from Ida Violet de Bomford ...

10.. Stella Maud Saward
* Ida married Thomas GUTTRIDGE & had 4 children

11.. Eileen Daphne 'Jean' Saward
* Eileen married Robert 'Bob' GUTTRIDGE & had 3 children
on 25 September 1946 - GUTTRIDGE (nee Jean Saward), at Adelaide, South Australia, to Bob and Jean, a son. Both well.

12.. Jack Saward
* Jack married Dorothy Frances HILL & had 5 children

13.. Nellie Marie Isabelle 'Nell' Saward
* Nellie married Wilfred Marcus Allan COWELL & had 2 children
on October 25 1953 COWELL, Wilfred Marcus Allan, dearly loved husband of Neille Marie Cowell and loving daddy of Richard and Suzanne, and brother-in-law of Mr and Mrs L. Saward (Penguin); aged 44 years. Accidentally drowned
on October 25 1952 Wilfred Marcus Allan, dearly loved second youngest son of Mrs E. Cowell (Stanley) and loved brother of Elsie (dec.), Gladys (Mrs Nicholls, Melbourne), Archie (Traralgon), Irene (Mrs Ferguson, Richmond), Frank (dec.), Claude (Stanley), Gwen (dec.); aged 44 years. Accidentally drowned.
THREE DROWNED WHEN FISHING VESSEL STRUCK REEF AT NIGHT - Raymond Etchell (34), his son John (6) and Wilfred Marcus Alan Cowell (44), all of Stanley, lost their lives when Etchell's fishing launch 'Telopea' struck a reef off Guyton Point, on the north-eastern corner of Robin's Island, early on Saturday morning. Residents of the island who saw the Telopea ashore on the beach about 9.30 a.m. discovered tho bodies of the two men. With the pedal radio service at the island temporarily out of order, first news of the tragedy was taken to Smithton by Mr William Holyman, who arrived there by launch at 4.30 p.m. on Saturday.
The Telopea left Stanley I at 10 o'clock on Friday night for the crayfishing grounds of Hunter's Island and should have been off Robins Island about midnight. The reef, which runs out from the bluff at Guyton Point for about 200 yards contains three pinnacles at spaced intervals. They are nearly awash at high tide. In the darkness they are almost invisible and sailors give the point a wide berth. Etchell had a good knowledge of the island, and would have been aware of the dangers of the reef.
Local fishermen state that Friday night was fairly calm and clear, and find it difficult to know why the boat should have been close enough inshore to strike the reef.
As both bodies were without coats or boots it is thought the men made an effort to swim ashore. The presence of the child, John Etchell, on the wrecked vessel was not suspected until contact was made with Stanley. His body was found yesterday morning about 100 yards from the wreck. Plans to take Dr. D. G. Packham and the police to thc Island yesterday by air were upset by rough weather, which grounded planes in the area.
Sen. Constable R. Lockett and Trooper S. Crocket, of Stanley, were taken to the Island by Etehel's brother, Mr Oscar Etchell, in his fishing boat, the Cutty Sark, yesterday morning.
In the course of an extremely rough passage, with gales estimated at about 50 miles per hour, both police officers sustained cuts and bruises. After another hazardous voyage the three victims were taken to Smithton late yesterday afternoon.
An inquiry will be opened in Smithton to-day when evidence of identification will be taken by the Coroner (Mr R. H. Atkinson). Etchell is survived by his widow and a three-year-old daughter and Cowell by his widow and a small son and daughter
25 October 1954 - IN MEMORIAM, In loving memory of our darling daddy, Wilfred, accidentallly drowned, October 25, 1952. Always remembered -Inserted by his loving children, Richard and Suzanne, Railton.
* Nellie next married George de BOMFORD

14.. Valerie Lorna Merle Saward
* Valerie married William KEENAN & had 4 children
* Valerie married Mervyn COLQUHOUN

NOTE of interest - On 25 April 1953 William Keenan, Valerie's husband (above) and her brother Leslie Arnold Saward (next) were in Burnie court for theft ... Two men, charged with stealing blankets and food from a camp at Rulla, near Sisters Creek, on March 1, were convicted in the Police Court yesterday. Leslie Arnold Saward (27), married, laborer, of Penguin; and William Keenan (about 25), linesman, of Terrylands, pleaded guilty before Messrs G. Lyons and G. G. Moline, J.P.'s, to a charge of having stolen four single blankets, a lumber jacket, tin of meat, and tin opener, to a total value of 9/10/, the property of John Wallace. Each was fined 2, with 2/6 costs, and ordered to make restitution of 30/ each. Senior-Constable D. M. Rattray, who prosecuted, said that with Det. V. J. Rainbird, he recovered some of the goods at Sisters Creek on Thursday, and later found the tin-opener in Keenan's possession at Terrylands. On a further charge of having damaged three panes of glass, valued at 6/, the property of the Public Works Department, convictions were recorded against Saward and Keenan, with 2/6 costs. They were each ordered to pay 6/ damages.

15.. Leslie Arnold Saward (1928-1991)
* Leslie married Ethel WRIGHT & had a daughter
* Leslie married Winnifred CANUSH
* Leslie was buried 10 July 1991 aged 63 Plot 906, Section S-A R-Q at Central Coast Memorial park, Tasmania

16.. Lyle Raymond Saward (1931-1999)
* Lyle married Doreen SHERRIFFE & had 3 children
* Lyle married Kelly ?
* Lyle was buried 13 September 1999 aged 68 Plot 28, S-C R-B at Central Coast Memorial

Louis Edward Saward died 11 October 1970 aged 86
Christina Olivia Saward died 31 May 1982 aged 93
- they are buried Plot 3, Section S-I at Penguin General Cemetery

PENGUIN, on the northwest coast overlooking Bass Strait

taken from Penguin, Tasmania

Christmas Holidays from Auckland - 1936

the following list was taken from Auckland Star, 23 December 1936
- some marriages may be suggestions only -

Mrs J. A. ALGIE, of Takapuna, left for England, via Australia, by the 'Niagara'

Mrs I. ARNOLDSON, of Remuera, left to-day for Rotorua

Mrs W. F. BEECHEY, of Royce Avenue, Mount Eden, leaves to-morrow for Gisborne

Mrs H. BRAHAM, of Mission Bay, has returned from a motor tour, including the Chateau

Mr and Mrs BRAHAM, was staying at the Chateau, Tongariro

Mr and Mrs A. Stanley BROWN and the Misses Brenda and Joy Brown, of Remuera Road, leave for Taupo on Thursday morning
* Margaret BARCLAY married Albert Stanley Brown in 1926

Miss Olwen BURTON, L.T.C.L., L.R.S.M., left by the 'Niagara', en route for England, where she intends to further her musical studies
* Olwen Henrietta Burton (1904-1972) daughter of Hedley Vickers BURTON & Winifred Emma GASH

Miss Kathleen CALEY, of Epsom, has returned to Auckland, via the South Island, after spending the past year in Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne
* Kathleen Marjorie Caley (1902-1992) daughter of Thomas Lace CALEY & Josephine SPENSE

Miss M. COOPER, of Herne Bay, left by the 'Niagara' yesterday for Australia

Mrs R. CULPAN and Miss Joan CULPAN have returned to Auckland from Rotorua. They will leave at a later date for England

Mrs W. W. DOVE and family leave on Saturday for their cottage at lake Taupo
* Mary Hinemoa WHITNEY married William Walter Dove in 1921

Mrs D. DOUGLAS, and Miss D. DOUGLAS, of Morrinsville, are spending a holiday in Auckland

Mrs W. EMENY, who has been visiting Auckland, returned to-day to New Plymouth

Mrs W. A. FAIRCLOUGH, of Remuera Road, and family, left to-day for their home at Lake Rotoiti
Esther Hay FOSTER married William Aiken FAIRCLOUGH in 1924

Mrs M. E. GOERTZ, of Epsom, is the guest of Mrs P. J. H. MUNRO, of The Mount, Tauranga Ida Matilda RHODES married Peter John Hugh Munro in 1891

Mrs A. I. JOHNS, of Bassett Road, Remuera, leaves on Christmas Day for Taupo

Mrs T. W. J. JOHNSON, of Ranfurly Road, Epsom, and family, leave on Thursday for Taupo

Mrs Hugh KIRKER, of Remuera, has left for Mairangi Bay
* Margaret Dryden KNOX married Hugh Rea Kirker in 1916

Mrs C. D. D. de LABILLIERS, left for Sydney by the 'Niagara'

Miss Pat LAIDLAW, has left for Taupo, where she will spend the holidays

Mrs Clifton LEWIS, of Remuera, leaves to-day for Rotorua

Mr and Mrs RAWLINS, of Wolverhampton, England, are making a world tour, and are at present spending a month's visit in New Zealand. They will leave Auckland for Australia, China, India and will then proceed home to England. Mr Rawlins is a member of the Wolverhampton City Council, and takes a very active part in local borough legislation

Miss Una REIMERS, of Remuera Road, has returned from a visit to relatives in Hastings
* Una Kathleen Reimers (1906-2001) was a daughter of Hermann Heinrich REIMERS & Florence Butler BEALE

Mrs H. P. RICHMOND, of Orakei Road, Remuera, has left for a lengthy visit to Taupo
* Elsie Wilhelmina Mary macTAVISH married Howard Parris Richmond in 1909

Mrs Raymond SHEATH and Miss Joyce SHEATH, of Remuera, leave this week for Waiwera

Miss D. J. SPENCE, was staying at the Chateau, Tongariro

Mrs V. E. WARBRICK, was staying at the Chateau, Tongariro
* Victoria Effie CAMPBELL married john Warbrick in 1919

Mrs Dorothy WHEELER, was staying at the Chateau, Tongariro

Miss Audrey WOODROFFE, of Takapuna, has left on a holiday visit to her aunt, Mrs E. T. WILDER, of "Springbush" station, Hawkes Bay * Beatrice Eleanor BEALE married Edmond Thornton Wilder in 1911

Mrs H. A. WOOTTON, accompanied by her daughters Pat and Denise, left for Rotorua this morning

Miss M. WRAITE, of Manukau Road, Parnell, has left for Nelson

at Tongariro was open for guests by the 1st August 1929, even though it was still unfurnished. It was officially opened on 13 November 1929

Christopher HANHAM + Deborah MUMFORD

Christopher HANHAM (1850-1928)
was born in Essex, England
- he married Emily Elizabeth ? (1850-1877) about 1872

CHRISTOPHER & EMILY had a son in England
... 1
** 1874 - 1939 Stephen 'Steve' Hanham

- Stephen married Sarah Maria MARSON (1863-1944?) in 1896
- their known children:
* 1897 - 1971 Frank Stephen Hanham
- a (possible) spouse is Jessie May NORRIS (1894-1969) in 1934
*1899 - 1980 Harold Richard Eric Hanham
- Harold married Emma Susan YEARBURY (1898-1968) in 1924
*1902 - 1981 Vera Hayman Iris Hanham
- Vera married Arthur MORLEY in 1931
*1903 - 1958 Donald Raymond Hanham
- Donald married Gladys Alexandria Louden STRONG (1908-?) in 1927
- 1 of at least 6 children of Edward STRONG & Winifred May LOUDEN
*1905 - 1964 Mavis Elva Eunice Hanham
- Mavis married Jack Errol HILLIAM (1899-1988) in 1927
- they were cremated at Waikumete, Auckland
STEPHEN & SARAH divorced in 1924 (see ** below)
- Stephen (possibly) remarried to Jessie May NORRIS in 1934

When Stephen was a month old they emigrated to NZ on the Buckinghamshire
They left London 8 March 1874, arriving in Port Chalmers, Dunedin 29 May 1874

CHRISTOPHER & EMILY had 2 daughters in New Zealand
... 2
1875 - 1959 Minnie Hanham

- Minnie married Charles Gustavus ODEN (1858-1940) in 1897
- their only known child:
*1903 - 1933 Minnie Elizabeth Oden
- Minnie Elizabeth married Henry NEWSON in 1927

... 3
1877 - 1968 Rose Hanham

- born 29 August, her mother Emily dying 13 days later
- Rose married John Henry LAMPITT (1868-1928) in 1896
- their known children:
*1896 - Florence Rose Lampitt
- Florence married William Robert Augustine NEVILLE in 1918
*1899 - Nelly Lampitt
- nothing known
*1905 - 1975 Mabel Lampitt
- Mabel married Robert Sydney HEDLUND (1897-1985) in 1930
*1907 - Elsie Lampitt
- nothing known
*1909 - 1984 Leonard Henry Lampitt

EMILY ELIZABETH Hanham died 12 September 1877 aged 26
she is buried Block 11P. Plot 114 at Southern Cemeter, Dunedin

Christopher Hanham remarried on 30 March 1878 to:
Deborah MUMFORD (1858-1929)

CHRISTOPHER & DEBORAH had 12-14 children
the first 2 were born in Christchurch then they moved north...
your help in adding all their children would be appreciated

... 4
1879 - Lily Maud Hanham
- nothing known

... 5
1880 - Alice May Hanham
- can you help with Alice. Did she marry Joseph Possad??

25 August 1880 - they are in TARANAKI
Applications received for sections in the Moa, Manganui and Ngaire Districts, on Saturday, August 21, 1880
... District: Ngaire, Block 6, No 1 on Plan, Christopher Hanham

... 6
1881 - 1955 Amy Hanham
- Amy had a partner, George Charles DAVIS
- it is possible they did not marry as he may have still been so (go to above link)
- they had 9 children (7 listed here):
*1905 - Ivy Amy Davis
*1906 - 1979 Christopher Valentine Kenneth Davis
*1907 - 1978 Frederick John Davis
*1908 - possibly a still birth Davis
*1910 - 1988 George Joseph Davis
*1912 - 1962 Lucy Jane Kate Davis
*1915? - Lilly Davis
AMY died in Auckland 24 July 1955 aged 74. Her ashes were scattered
- she was listed as a widow

... 7
1883 -1921 Lucy Emily Hanham
- Lucy married Joseph 'William' HINDLEY (1870-1913) in 1907
- William was a Fireman in Auckland
- their 3 known children:
*1907 - 1939 Elizabeth Dora Emily Hindley
*1909 - 1949 William Atholstone Hindley
*1912 - 1975 James Harold Hindley
William Hindley died in 1913 aged 43
7 August 1913 Charles Clauson and William Hindley, both married men, were drowned in the Auckland harbor from the tug Young Bunaree yesterday. Both men were seen in the stern of the boat, apparently skylarking. Later Clauson was noticed struggling in the water but he was dead when pick up. Hindley's body was not recovered. William Hindley had been acting as relieving fireman on the tug. full report & inquest of Clausen. An Open Verdict
- Lucy remarried in 1920 to Albert Edward CLARKE
LUCY died the following year, 1921, aged 38
on 6 Oct 1921 after a shor illness, Lucy Emily, dearly beloved wife of Albert Edward Clarke, and third daughter of Mr and Mrs C. Hanham, of 36 William street, Dominion road; aged 38 years. Private interment

... 8
**1884 - 1967 Fred Hanham
- Fred married Marion BARLOW (1882-1963) in 1920 (see ** below)
FRED Hanham died aged 83

... 9
1889 - 1967 Annie Hanham
- Annie married Arthur John SKELTON (1889-1975) in 1908
- Arthur was 1 of 9 children of John Thomas SKELTON & Ann KEENAN
2 of the known children of Annie & Arthur:
*1909 - Annie Muriel Skelton
*1911 - 1997 Arthur Henry Skelton
ANNIE died in 1967 aged 78
ARTHUR died in 1875 aged 86

... 10
1891 - 1894 Maggie Hanham
- Maggie died 9 May 1894 aged 3
- she is buried NONCONFORMIST DIVISION B Row 3, Plot 13 at Waikumete

... 11
1893 - 1969 Ida Hanham
- Ida married George Frederick BILLING (1887-1925) in 1910
- son of George (1856-1918) & Mary Ann (1852-1928) BILLING
- George was a Compositor for the newspapers, just like his father was in Australia before coming to NZ and working as a stereotyper for the 'uckland Star' & the 'Daily Telegraph' in Napier
6 Jan 1925 suddenly at Shelters, Auckland, George Frederick Billing, youngest beloved son of the late George Billing of Napier and Mary Billing of Wellington and brother of W. H. Billing, Eden Terrace and Mrs F. Blackburn of Wellington (Jane Elizabeth Billing married Frank Blackburn in 1900)
- he is buried WESLEY DIVISION D Row 3, BETWEEN Plot 12-14 at Waikumete (his father George is buried ANGLICAN DIVISION D Row 7, Plot 25 at Waikumete - his mother Mary Ann is buried Plot 58 G Section CH ENG at Karori)
3 July 1928 at Lyall Bay, Mary Ann, dearly beloved mother of Mrs F. Blackburn, of 4 Puru crescent, Lyall Bay and wife of the late George Billing, of Napier
- Ida remarried in 1926 to Daniel Oswald STEVENS (1883-1937)
- Daniel was the 4th of 7 children of Bartlett STEVENS (a Carpenter in Hastings) & Jane McLEOD

1894 - 1895 Ivy Hanham
- Ivy died 21 May 1895 aged 10 months
- she is buried NONCONFORMIST DIVISION B Row 3, Plot 37 at Waikumete

... 13
1896 - 1943 Charles Christopher Hanham
- Charles married Olive Mabel BATTEN (1896-1983) in 1915
- Olive was born in Auckland, first of 2 children of Henry 'Harry' Boon BATTEN (1869-1942) & Sarah Edith BREW (1873-1956) Harry Boon Batten was born in Thames to John & Mary Jane Batten. He was committed to the Kohimarama Indusctrial School on 14 Dec 1880 at the age of 12. He was still there in 1887 when he 'did a runner' and was harboured as a fugitive by Joseph Batten
- Charles & Olive had 2 children
CHARLES died 26 June 1943 in Auckland aged 47
- Olive remarried in 1944 to James John FOX (1893-1958)
OLIVE died 24 July 1983 in Auckland aged 87 & her ashes scattered Waikumete

... 14
1897 - 1971 James Alfred Hanham
- when James was called up for war in the Poverty Bay ballot in Sep 1917, he was listed as a 'Rabbiter' in Wairoa, c/o Mr N. Mackay the Rabbit Insprctor
- James married Clara Elizabeth MILDON (1897-1971) in 1921
- 6th of 9 children (4 boys) of Richard Oliver MILDON & Jane KENNEDY
- in the NZ census 1880-1946 Richard & Jane lived in Masterton (briefly) and Clive & Waipawa in Hawkes Bay
JAMES ALFRED Hanham died aged 74

... 15
1899 - 1965 Wilfred Roland Hanham
- Wilfred married Eveleen May McCARTHY (1902-1976) in 1927
- 2nd of at least 5 (possibly more) children of Thomas John 'Tom' McCARTHY (1875-1954) & Flora PAPA (1880-1953?), who was 1 of at least 10 children of Stephen PAPA (1839-1898) & Ellen ALLEN (1842-1917). Stephen Papa was a seaman when he arrived in NZ. He was living in Owen street, Grahamstown (Thames) as a Fruiterer & Greengrocer in the 1860s & 70s. A daughter, Maria Margaret Papa, was born at Manukau Hill, Waiotahi, Bay of Plenty in 1873. They lost 2 children in Grahamstown in 1878, Annie Papa aged 7 months in January & Lorrance Papa age 2 months in December. In 1881 Stephen was living in Brown street, Thames, he was also the Guardian of the Grahamstown Branch of the H.A.C.B Society. He was a miner in Thames in 1884 (but probably prior to that also). He died 17 June 1898 aged 59 at the stunning coastal village of Upper Kuaotunu, Coromandel Peninsula
WILFRED Hanham died aged 66

CHRISTOPHER Hanham died 1928 aged 78
5 Sep 1928 A former settler at Hokianga, Mr Christopher Hanham died in Auckland, aged 78 years. He was born in Essex, England, and was apprenticed as a coachbuilder at the works of the Great Eastern Railway, London. He came to New Zealand in 1874 and was at once employed in the railway workshops at Dunedin. He left the service in 1887 and settled in Hokianga Valley, but came to live in Auckland seven years later. Mr Hanham was a prominent worker for the Church of Christ, Ponsonby Road. He is survived by Mrs Hanham, five sons and six daughters ??
- he is buried NONCONFORMIST DIVISION D Row 8, Plot 24 at Waikumete, Auckland
DEBORAH Hanham died 1929 aged 73
On July 4, at her late residence, 91 Burnley Terrace, Dominion Road, Deborah, wie of the late Christopher Hanham, in her seventy-third year. Funeral will leave the above address Sunday afternoon
- she is buried with Christopher

**Steven & Sarah and Fred & Marion ... Dec 1915
two brothers & their wives

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Christopher Robinson HOBBS + Lucy Mary Ann AUGUST Taita, Lower Hutt

Christopher Robinson HOBBS
- was born 21 August 1843 in Wellington to:
Charles HOBBS (1811-1849) & Sarah Veal ROBINSON (1813-1892) who arrived into Wellington in 1842 on the BIRMAN

Chistopher married 30 Oct 1872 at Taita, Lower Hutt to:
Lucy Mary Ann AUGUST (1853-1951)
- Lucy was born in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

- (7 sons & 8 daughters) -

... 1
1873 - 1934 Leonard Alexander Hobbs
- Leonard married Christina HANSEN in 1896 in Wellington
- they had 4 children
- he next married Cecilia Hamilton DAVIS in 1912 in Wellington
- they had 5 children
29 March 1910 - Inquest at LOWER HUTT
... Mr Haselden, S.M., held an inquest at the Courthouse, Lower Hutt, yesterday, on Agnes Noeline Davis, aged three months. According to the evidence of the mother, Cecilia Hamilton Davis, the child was a twin, and was born on 25th December. Witness was housekeeper to Leonard Hobbs, labourer, Upper Belmont. It seemed well on Saturday night, and at 2 o'clock next morning witness fed it. At 5 the same morning she looked at it and it was then dead.
The Coroner asked witness how it was that the dead child was so emaciated; but witness could not account for this. It had been ill and she fed it upon hygienic food. She believed it the stronger of the twins. Its sister appeared to be much more delicate. Both children slept in a perambulator.
Constable Mackenzie elicited from witness that the perambulator was big enough for both children. There was no window in the bedroom in which the children slept. The only access was by a door off the passage, but there was a fireplace in the room. The room was not close.
Leonard Hobbs said the mother of the child came to keep house for him about three years ago. He had to get someone to look after his children as his wife was not living with him. He supposed she would be between 20 and 21 to-day. When the twins were born there was no medical man present, but a nurse was in attendance and she said the twins were delicate from birth.
Dr Mirams, who made an examination of the body of the child at the court, said death was due to convulsions. This was common in children sufffering from malnutrition, and this was due to improper feeding or want of assimilation of food. After hearing the evidence of the mother he judged the convulsions to be due to the want of assimilation of food. He saw nothng in the case that showed neglect of the deceased on the part of its parents.
Constable Mackenzie said the bedroom in which the perambulator was, was badly ventilated and very stuffy. At the Coronoer's request witness weighed the deceased in her clothes and gave the weight at 5lb (2.49kg)
The Coronoer found that death was due to convulsions

... 2
1874 - 1957 Christina Hobbs
- Christina married George Samuel GOSS (1869-1898) in 1894
- they had 2 children
31 Aug 1898 - TAITA
... Messrs A. G. Taine & Co. will sell at the Taita to-morrow, at 1 o'clock, in the yards opposite the hotel, dairy cattle, horses, pigs, young cattle, and a great number of fowls, ducks, geese, &c. On Monday next, by order of the Public Trustee in the estate of George Samuel Goss, deceased, they will hold at the farm, Upper Belmont, an unreserved clearing sale of dairy cows, sheep, horses, traps, harness, &c
- Christina mext married Richard Anthony PALAMOUNTAIN (1863-1940) in 1902
- they had a son

... 3
1876 - 1912 Drusilla Hobbs
- Drusilla married Herbert Smallmon CLEMENS (1870-1923)
- they had 3 children
- Herbert next married Maud Alice MITCHELL in 1914
19 Sep 1923 at Ewart Hospital, Hernert Smallmon Clemens, Nelson street, Petone, in the 53rd years. (Feilding papers please copy). The Friends of the late Herbert Smallmon Clemens are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral which will leave his residence, 84a Nelson street, Petone of Saturday 22nd Septmeber, 1923 at 2 p.m. for the Karori Cemetery

... 4
1878 - 1879 Oliver Charles Hobbs
- Oliver died aged 1

... 5
1879 - 1962 Clara Hobbs
- Clara married Charles Thomas GOSS (1871-1950) in 1895
- they had 4 children

... 6
1881 - 1943 Albert George Hobbs
- Albert died aged 63 in Wellington
18 June 1913 - PETONE
... Prohibition orders were applied for and granted against the following persons:
Anthony Martin, Albert George Hobbs, and James Coles
... "A very thin excuse," said Mr S. E. McCarthy, S.M., to-day, when Albert George Hobbs, who was charged with being found on the licensed premises of the Princess Hotel during prohibited hours, explained that he had gone to the hotel to deliver milk after 10p.m. "If he had said that he had gone into the hotel to mix whisky with his milk, I might have listened to the explanations" said his Worship. A fine of $1 (2012 equivalent of $106), cost 7s, in default seven days imprisonment, was imposed
11 Oct 1918 - PETONE
... Albert George Hobbs was fine $2 and Court costs for having been found on the licensed premises of the Princess Hotel after hours
... Insector G. H. Jarrett said that originally the license for Cavanagh's dairy had been held by Albert George Hobbs, but the license was cancelled on 8th September following inspections made. The sale of milk, however, continued
5 Dec 1923 - COURT CASE
... Albert George Hobbs, with one previous conviction for drunkenness, was ordered to forfeit the amount of his bail, $1
1 Oct 1928 - PETONE COURT
... Albert George Hobbs was convicted and fined $2 for being drunk in charge of a horse and cart
11 Oct 1928 - PETONE COURT
... For being drunk in charge of a horse and trap, Albert George Hobbs, was convicted and fined $3
... Albert George Hobbs was fined $1 on a charge of being found in a public place drunk in charge of a horse and trap

... 7
1882 - 1964 Middleton Hobbs
- Middleton married Anges Susan Annie PILSBURY (1879-1940) in 1917
- he died 22 Dec 1964 aged 82 in Otaki

... 8
1884 - 1902 Alice Hobbs
- Alice married Alfred Henry JUDD in Otaki in 1900
- son of David JUDD & Sarah Jane PARKER
- Alice & Alfred had a daughter
- Alice died aged 18 in Dec 1902 along with her newborn infant
- Alfred remarried in 1909 to Bertha Evelyn WILSON
16 July 1909
... At Otaki yesterday, Miss Bertha Wilson, daughter of Mr J. Wilson, was married to Mr Alfred Judd, son of Mr D. Judd. Both parties are highly respected and the church was well filled with relatives and friends
- they had at least 11 children

... 9
1887 - ? Herbert Hobbs
- nothing known

... 10
1889 - 1967 Lucy Ada Lena Hobbs
- Lucy married Charles 'Charlie' WALTERS in 1909
- they had a daughter
- Lucy died 13 Jan 1967 in Levin aged 77

... 11
1890 - 1970 Ethel Hobbs
- spouse unknown
- Ethel died 21 Sep 1970 aged 80

... 12
1892 - 1967 Gwendoline Hobbs
- Gwendoline married Frederick Walter WIGGLESWORTH (1883-1963) in 1916

... 13
1894 - 1955 Reginald Charles Hobbs
- Reginald married Elizabeth Grassie TAIT in 1914

... 14
1897 - 1960 Myrtle Hobbs
- Myrtle married Robert Millan WAKEFIELD (1863-1936) in 1915
- Robert had previously married Mary Ann LUNNEN in 1883 & had 9 children
21 Nov 1927 - NOTICE
... I will not be responsible for and Debts contracted in my name without my written authority. ROBERT M. WAKEFIELD, Victoria steet, Lower Hutt
... Myrtle Wakefield charged Robert Wakefield with disobedience of a maintenance order. The defendant was sentenced to seven days imprisonment, the warrant to be suspended while he pays current maintenance and 2s 6d a week off arrears

... 15
1898 - 1976 Clarence Christopher Robinson Hobbs
- Clarence married Maude Ethel COOK (1899-1990) in 1921
1 April 1938 - LOWER HUTT COURT
... For not having a driver's licence, Clarence Christopher Hobbs was fined 10s and costs an a smiliar amount for not carrying a warrant of fitness

Christopher Hobbs died 19 Nov 1918 in Taita aged 75
Lucy Hobbs died 4 Oct 1951 in Silverstream Hospital aged 98
- they are buried at Taita Lawn cemetery

19 Nov 1919 IN MEMORIAM - Christopher Robinson Hobbs
In loving memory of my dear husband, Christopher Robinson Hobbs, who passed away on 19th November, 1918
Sad to-day, our thoughts do wander
To a grave not far away,
Where they laid my dear husband
Just a year ago to-day

Words would fail our love to tell,
But in Heaven we hope to meet you,
Jesus doeth all thing well

None know how sad the parting
Nor what the farwell cost,
But God and His loved Angels
Have gained what we have lost
- Inserted by his loving wife

In loving memory of my dear father who departed this life 19th November, 1918
Night and day he bore his pain,
To wait for cure was all in vain,
But God above who thought it best
Did cure his pain and give him rest
- Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law, Ada and Charles Walters

In loving memory of our dear father, who departed this life 19th November 1918
Dad is gone, but not forgotten,
Nor the good advice he gave,
Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger
Round our darling father's grave

A better father never lived,
Nor one more kind and true,
His equal in this weary world
You'll very rarely find

His heart was always in his home,
He tried and did his best,
Until a message came one day,
God called him home to rest
- Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law, Myrtle and Robert Wakefield

In loving memory of our dear faher who departed this life 19th November 1918
It's one sad year ago to-day
Since one we loved was called away
When days are dark and friends are few,
Oh! dear father, how we long for you
- Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, Reg and Elizabeth

In loving memory of my dear uncle, who departed this life 19th November 1918
Manly and true in all his ways,
Slow to condemn and quick to praise,
Ready to help in time of meed,
Gentle in thought as well as deed.
With his loving smile and gentle face,
No one on earth can fill his place
- Inserted by his loving nephew, Robert August

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CHURCH MINISTERS in New Zealand 1848 - 1849

the following list of CHURCH MINISTERS in New Zealand 1848 - 1849 was taken from HELEN's PAGE

Church Of England - 1848

Rev. W Colenso - Ahuriri
Rev J Hanlin - Wairoa
Rev. Octavius Hadfield - Wellington
Rev. R Cole - Wellington
Rev. S Williams - Otaki
Rev R Taylor - Wanganui
Rev. H Butt - Nelson
Rev. TL Tudor - Nelson

1849 all of the above and;
Rev. TB Hutton - Wellington

Free Church Of Scotland - 1848

Rev Thomas Dickson Nicholson - Nelson
Rev Thomas Burns - Otakau

Reformed Presbytarian Church - 1848

Rev. James Duncan - Manawatu
Rev. John Inglis - Patea

Wesleyan Methodist Society - 1848

Rev.John Woon - Patea
Rev. James Watkin - Wellington
Rev. Samuel Ironside - Wellington
Rev. John Aldred - Nelson
Rev. Charles Creed - Otakau

1849 all of the above and;
Rev, William Kirk - Patea

Roman Catholic - 1848

Rev. JJP O'Reilly - Wellington
Rev. DB Le Comte - Wellington

Lutheran - 1849

Rev. JFH Wohlers - Ruapuke
Rev. JWC Heine - Nelson

CHURCHMAN marriages New Zealand 1913 - 1929

the known CHURCHMAN marriages New Zealand 1913 - 1929


Albert Churchman
- married Sara GUTHRIE in 1921

James William Churchman
- married Mary AGnes ELLWOOD in 1920


Dorothy Cecily Churchman
- married Matthew Craven NOTMAN in 1913

Eva Muriel Churchman
- married William Familton RENNER in 1929

Gwendoline Churchman
- married Richard George HOOD in 1920

CHYNOWETH marriages New Zealand 1883 - 1928

some of the CHYNOWETH marriages New Zealand 1883 - 1928:

Alfred Chynoweth
- married Catherine Theresa ASHER in 1896

Annie Chynoweth
- married Niels Peter PETERSON in 1892

Jane Blair Chynoweth
- married Francis PETER in 1893

Minnie Chynoweth
- married Albert Ernest TONKS in 1901

Roseina Chynoweth
- married Robert CRAIG in 1883

William Claude Chynoweth
- married Thelma CARWELL-COOKE in 1928



Successful Wellington District Candidates 19 Feb 1913
The results of the Civil Service senior examinations, held last January, are to hand. The appended list includes the names of those candidates from Wellington and district who have passed the examination or who have succeeded in two or more subjects. The results of former examinations and of equivalent examinations have been taken into account.

- denotes died while on active service
- (some birth dates may be approximate, based on age at death) -

The list is as follows:-
George Edward ALLEY (1894-1963)
Thomas William Mark ASHBY (1892-1957)
Bernard Carl ASHWIN (1896-1975)

Arthur Edwin BATE (1896-1966)
Francis Evenson BEAMISH (1876-1942)
James Henry BEAUMONT (1895-1983)
Nellie Ellis BROWN (1894-1983)
- Nellie married Carl August BERENDSEN (1890-1973) in 1917
- Sir Carl was knighted in 1946
Enoch BRUCE-LEVY (1892-1985)
Howard Francis BUCKLEY
Ambrose Patrick BURKE

Charles Samuel CARRAD (1888-1972)
George Herbert CHESTERMAN (1886-1978)
Fred CHITTENDEN (1890-1959)
Alice COCKER - New Plymouth (1895-1986)
- Alice married William Hector SCARROW (1892-1975) in 1926
Francis William COMERFORD (1883-1871) - Palmerston North
Thomas Collins COMRIE
Ronald Webber COOPER (1895-1971)
Ernest COYLE (1882-1964)
Thomas Henry CROSBIE (1897-1971)

Victor Leonard Marie DANIEL (1888-1980)
Roy John Montgomery DAVIES (1895-1973)
Arnold Fielder DOWNER (1895-1984) - Palmerston North

Veronica FLANAGAN (1895-1982)
- didn't marry
Cedric Victor FORDHAM (1891-1968)

Arthur Milne GILL (1890-1984)
Amos William GODSELL (1897-1917)
- son of John GODSELL & Margaret Eleanor MEAGHER
- KILLED in ACTION 7 June 1917 in Belgium. His next of kin was Mrs Katherine McKeowen (sister), 50 Ohiro Road, Wellington
Reginald Henry GREVILLE (1894-1972)

Samuel HALE - Wanganui
Douglas Stuart HAMILTON (1894-1989)
Margaret Amy HARLE (1895-1988) - New Plymouth
- Margaret married John Joseph McKAY (1885-1971) in 1923

Thomas Joseph KING (1891-1971)

Levi Albert LOWE (1886-1957)

Alfred Alexander McARTHUR (?-1916)
- Alfred served in WWI as Sergeant 10/4505. He was KILLED in ACTION 2 July 1916 in Somme, France. His next of kin was Mrs J.J. McArthur (mother), Francis Street, Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Australia
William Ross McCULLOCH (1896-1982)
Samuel McDOWALL (1891-1976)
Richard Thomas McELLIGOTT (1892-1949)
Robert Harry MARTIN (1895-1976)
Evelyn McLaurin MONTEATH - New Plymouth
James Alexander MUNRO (1882-1922)

Lucy O'DONOGHUE (1876-1970)
Peter Joseph O'SULLIVAN (1890-1969)

Robert Adams PATTERSON (1892-1971)
Ebenezer PEARCE (1896-1957)

Frank Stanley READ (1890-1972)
Edwin Walter Horace RIDDELL (1887-1959)
- formerly of Wanganui, in Auckland 1917
Stephen ROBERTS (1893-1963)
Frederick Charles ROBINSON (1889-1977)
John Thomas RUTHERFORD (1889-1962)
George William SCOTT
Francis SHAW
Robert Patrick SMYTH (1894-1981)
Leslie Harvey STEEL (1899-1975)

Robert John TAYLOR
Alfred Charles THOMSON (1892-1967)

James Stanley WAITE
Harold Beanland WALTON (1891-1968) - Wanganui
Gerald Hill WEIR (1891-1971)
Ernest Charles Beresford-WILKINSON (?-1915)
- Ernest served as Rifleman 23/678 with 1st Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade, C Company. He was KILLED in ACTION Xmas Day 1915 in Egypt. He enlisted from Paeroa, his next of kin was Mrs M. Beresford-Wilkinson (mother), Broadway, Reefton
Nevill Lushanus WRIGHT
- served in WWI as Sergeant 22743 with NZ Rifles, 7th Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company. He was a Chemist. On 13 August 1948: a British Subject, of 25, Kitchener Road, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand, do hereby declare the nature of this invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, to be particularly described and ascertained in and by the following statement: The invention relates to building board of the type comprising matted or interlocked wood or other cellulosic fibres, and has for its object the provision of improvements designed to render said type of building board fire-resistant.
Irene Kathleen WYLLIE (1895-1958) - New Plymouth

Victor Raymond BERNARD (1891-1918)
- Victor was the 7th of 9 children of Manuel Joseph BERNARD (1847-1928) & Ann Eliza Newcomin RAYNER (1856-1912). He served in WWI as Private 1/306 with Samoan Advance Party, B Company, embarking from Wellington 15 August 1914. His next of kin was M.T. Bernard, 87 Tainui Terrace, Lyall Bay. Victor died aged 27 during the Flu Pandemic

John Joseph O'CONNOR
Reuben James CORNWELL (1894-1962)

Herbert Kerr EDIE (1891-1965)

Albert Barton-GINGER (1891-1969)
- sometimes named Barton or Albert, surname may or may not have been hyphenated. Barton starred in the 1927 NZ movie "Under The Southern Cross" as Robert Fenton, an English fraudster who framed the hero for crimes he himself had committed. He married Irene STONE (1901-1971) in January 1936. He is mentioned in the book The Trials of Eric Mareo

Harry Cecil HEAYS (1884-1965)

William Moore ISITT (1892-1978)

Michael Joseph LAWLESS (1894-?)
- 4th of 6 known children of John LAWLESS (1869-1905) & Bridget FRANCIS (1875-1935). He served in WWI as Staff Sergeant 66224 with the NZEF, Army Pay Corps. His next of kin was J. Lawless (father), 48 Broughton Street, South Dunedin
note his mother Bridget is buried in Block 0R at Southern Cemetery, Dunedin with 159 others

Charles Edward Claud MILNER (1889-1972)

George Felgate PENLINGTON (1891-1979)

Thomas Cedric Victor RABONE (1892-1970) - New Plymouth
Hugh Miller Christie ROBERTSON (1882-1927)

Leonard SPILLER (1884-1949)

Charles Gardiner WILSON (1895-1968)
- son of James John WILSON & Emma GARDINER

Bazilius de BAKKER (1865-1922)
- 1 of 3 sons of Bazilius de BAKKER & Henrietta THIELE
Robert Charles BARNETT (1890-1986)
Samuel Alfred BENNETT (1884-1945)
Roland Yorke BOYES (1882-1972)
Joseph Downes BURNS (1891-1957)
Russell Grant CAIGON (1891-1971)
- born in brighton, Victoria Australia to Charles Daniel CAIGOU & Sarah Jane ALEXANDER (who married in NZ as Caigon). Russell died in Rotorua as Caigou. He married Esther Ann LAWN (1895-1982) as Caigou in Greymouth in 1921
Harry James CAMERON (1890-1918)
- Harry served in WWI as Company Sergeant Major 1/9 with the NZEF, 25th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company. His next of kin was his father, William Cameron, Manan Road, Whangarei, North Auckland. He was KILLED in ACTION 18 July 1918 in France aged 28
Charles CATES (1894-1971)
Francis Leslie CHAPMAN (1891-1971)
Charles Oliver COAD (1894-1975)
Philip Sydney Newell CONNELL (1896-1986)

Royden Robert DAWLER/DOWLER - New Plymouth
Kouru EREATRA - New Plymouth

William Thomas FINDLAY (1891-1937) - Wanganui
William James FORSYTH (1895-1967)
William James FURRIE (1885-1932)
Charles Jeremiah March FAIR (1895-1915)

John Hugh Zealand GEDDES (1895-1915)
- John was born at Coalbrookdale Mine on the West Coast of NZ, 3rd of 9 known children of William GEDDES & Harriett Matilda ROWLEY from Newcastle, NSW. John served in WWI as Private 8/726 with the Otago Infantry battalion. His next of kin was Mrs Harriet Geddes (mother), Millerton, Westport, Greymouth. He enlisted from 3 Lipman Street, Wellington and he DIED of his WOUNDS 9 May 1915 at sea on the HMT Southland from Gallipoli. See photo below
William Alexander GORDON
Ian Burman GOW

George Moffatt HAIGH (1892-1916)
- George was the 1st of 9 children of George HAIGH & Anne Isabella JAMES. He served in WWI as Rifleman 24/173 with the 2nd Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade, A Company, embarking 9 Oct 1915. He enlisted from 30 Papanui Road, Canterbury, his next of kin was: G. Haigh (father), 8 Wilson Street, Wellington. George was KILLED in ACTION 15 Sep 1916 on Somme, France
Thomas Robert HANCOCK (1895-1966) - New Plymouth
James Stanley HUNTER (1898-1972)

Charles Ronald KREEFT (1892-1949)
- Charles was a son of Charles Vaughan KREEFT (1859-1924, born Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, played Right-hand batsman, fast bowler for Wellington 1882-83) & Annie Henrietta LAWSON (1864-1923)

Henry Alexander LAMB (1885-1953)
Horace George Hewett LARKING (1895-1916)
- Horace was 1 of 6 men killed in a tunnel in a Premature Railway Quarry Explosion in Ohakune ... On the 15th May 1916 at Ohakune, accidently killed, Horace Gregory Hewitt, eldest son of mr and Mrs J. F. G. Larking, of Duncan St., Wanganui East; aged 21 years. Friends are informed that the Funeral will leave deceased parents' residence, Duncan St., at 2.45 p.m. to-day (Thursday), 18th inst., connecting with the tram leaving town at 3.10 p.m. at Aramoho Terminus
Ernest Thomas LAYBURN (1894-1986)

Joseph Leo McALISTER (1896-1952)
Garland Oswald MORGAN (1893-1915)
- Garland was the only son of 4 children of Tom Henry MORGAN & Mary Amelia Ann EVERETT. He served in WWI as Sapper 4/558 with the New Zealand Engineers. He enlisted from Bealey street, Saint Albans, Christchurch, his next of kin was Mrs Mary Amelia Morgan, 35 Wilson Street, Hawera. Garland was KILLED in ACTION in Gallipoli 11 May 1915
George Richardson Onslow MULHOLLAND (1890-1944) - Dannevirke

Ivan Comrie ROBINSON (1896-1965)

Walter George SAGE (1893-1917)
- Walter was THE 11th of 11 children of Clifford SAGE & Mary Eliza ASHBY. Walter served in WWI as Sapper 17008 with the NZEF, 16th Reinforcements Divisional Signallers, New Zealand Engineers, embarking from Wellington 19 Aug 1916. His next of kin was Clifford Sage (father), 230 East Belt, Ashburton. Walter DIED of his WOUNDS 15 Oct 1917 in Belgium aged 24
Joseph George SCHMIDT (1888-?)
- Joseph was a son of George SCHMIDT & Hannah KANE. Joseph married Mary Patricia BAILEY in 1911. They had a son 21 Jan 1913 at 212 The Terrace, Wellington. He was an active member of the Victoria University Debating Team & was elected Treasurer in March 1916 & the Hon. Auditor in April 1917
Walter Edmund SHANAHAN (1887-1953)
Laurence William SIMPSON (1895-1940)
Charles Spencer SLOCOMBE
Norman Robertson SMELLIE

Leonard Walter TATTLE
Harold Mill TREMEWAN - Palmerston North

John Bruno WALTER
James Browning WATSON
Stewart Lyons WHITE
Edward James Lister WHITING 0- Wanganui
Rowland Williams WILLIS


Mark Campbell AULD - New Plymouth

Charles Hugh BEGGS
Francis Henry BRIGGS - Wanganui

Herbert Stanley CLARKE
William Harold COOP
Harold James CRAIG
Mathew William CUMMINS
James CURTAYNE - Palmerston North

George Edward DINNISS (1879-1955) - New Plymouth

Percival GRANGER

Henry Lloyd HALLIDAY
Herbert HARRIS

Cecil Albert JEFFREY

George Thomas KELLEWAY
Frances Isabel KNIGHT

Chrissie LAW - New Plymouth
Ernest Wellesley LEE
Philip Arthur LEWIS
Horace Campbell LUSTY
Michael James LYNCH

William Osborne OXENHAM

Frederick Joseph PASSMERE

William Roy ROBSON

Michael Patrick SHALE - Wangaui
James Alexander Graham SIMPSON - Wanganui
Alfred Walter SMITH
William Ernest STEVENS
Karl Justus STRACK

George Austin THOMSON

Herbert Oscar WISELEY

Frederick Benjamin ABURN (1895-1975)
- 1st of 4 children of Stephen Samuel ABURN & Bessie DAVIS, Frederick served in WWI as Lance Corporal 26/1559 with the NZ Rifle Brigade, 2nd Reinforcements 4th Battalion, H Company, embarking from Wellington 1 April 1916. His next of kin was Mrs S.S. Aburn (mother), 82 Harbour Terrace, Dunedin. Frederick married Lucy Eleanor MILLINGTON (1893-1944) in 1921. His probate was in Masterton in 1976

Launcelot Thornton BOYES
William James BROOKE
Lionel Robert St Pierre BRUCE

William Vincent CHEGWIDDEN
William Henry COULTER

Claude James Hunter DAVIDSON


George Albert HAMPSON
Melville Earl HANKINS
William Henry HOCKING - Palmerston North
Paul Donellan KOSHINS
Charles HUNT

John Howard Leigh JAMES

Ernest Biuckley KAY
Tom Chisholm KENNEDY

Arthur Henry Douglas MacDOUGALL
Denis Thaddeus NORONEY

Niels Israelsen NIELSEN - Palmerston North

Frederick George PARKER
Edgar Morgan PHILLIPS
Leonard Rahiri POUTAWERA

Richard RYALLS
Francis Newport RYAN

Robert Joshua SINGENOR

Roy Cameron WATSON
Annie Millicent WEBB
Reginald Norman WILTON - Masterton

, birth place of John Hugh Zealand GEDDES
taken from the site Denniston, 8th Wonder of the World

Civil Service Examinations - New Zealand 1910

The following people passed their CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION in 1910

The town in brackets is the centre they sat the exam in
- therefore, probably where they were living in 1910

The name in brackets is the person they later married

Aitchison, Charles John (1892-1949) - Masterton
Anderson, Caroline Grace (Barnett 1894-1967) - Taihape
Anderson, Douglas - Wellington
Armstrong, Hugh Crossie (1893-1942) - Wellington

Bailey, Alan Reynel (1895-1934) - Wellington
Baxter, Roy B. - Taihape
Blake, Philip - Wellington
Boyd, Kate Ruth (Coutts 1894-1982) - Wellington
Bradley, Daniel - Wellington
Brock, Edward J. - Wellington
Brown, George Kinneburgh (1894-1978) - Wellington
Brunton, Eva Elizabeth (MacDonald 1893-1976) - Carterton
Buchanan, David - Palmerston North
Butler, Fenton (1894-1953) - Carterton
Byrne, Joseph - Wellington

Chapman, William Levin (1894-1980) - Wellington
Clachan, William James (1892-1918) - Wellington King's African Rifles
Clapham, Herbert Neville (1894-1970) - Wellington
Coad, Charles Oliver (1894-1957) - Wellington
Coyle, Percival (1894-1915) - Wellington
Craig, Andrew John (1894-1944) - Levin
Curtis, Kenneth Oscar (1895-1916) - Carterton

Davis, Annie E. - Wellington
Dawson, Albert - Masterton
Downer, George Edwin (1893-1961) - Palmerston North
Duff, Edna Lillian (Nicol) - Wellington
Duflou, J. - Wellington
Duncan, Eliza Veitch (Adams 1894-1964) - Wellington
Duncan, William M. - Wellington

Edwards, Ralph Wallace (1894-1935) - Wellington
Ellison, Kate Rose (Burr 1893-1983) - Wellington
Engel, John Edmond (1894-1955) - Wellington
Ewart, Harold Meredith (1894-1976) - Masterton

Fowler, William Coulson (1894-1963) - Palmerston North
Frederic, Jessie P. - Wellington

Goddard, Vaughan H. - Wellington
Greenwood, Reginald Eph (1892-1983) - Wellington

Hagan, Bernard J. - Levin
Hirschberg, Ivan AKA Jack (1894-1965) - Masterton
Hoar, William John (1892-1951) - Masterton
Hollaway, George T. - Wellington
Hornblow, Reginald Reed (1895-1947) - Wellington
Hunter, Vera (Marsden 1892-1940) - Masterton
Hutchings, Iris Ada (Sampson 1892-1972) - Wellington

Inkster, James Laurence (1895-1966) - Wellington
Isles, Flora May (Wrigley 1894-1972) - Pahiatua

Jarrett, Owen George (1894-1918) - Masterton
Jensen, Ellen T. - Wellington

Kane, Paul Francis (1892-1953) - Wellington
Kay, Winifred M - Carterton
Kirkpatrick, Jane - Masterton

Lawlor, Patrick Anthony (1893-1979) - Wellington
Leadbeater, Doris E. G. - Wellington
Little, Arthur Stanislans (1894-1968) - Wellington

Macfarlane, Margaret R - Masterton
Mackay, Cyril A. - Wellington
Mahoney, Patrick M. - Wellington
Mahoney, Gerald Joseph Fleming (1894-1962) - Wellington
McAuliffe, Ethel Mary (x 1894-1992) - Taihape
McCartin, Patrick (1896-1925) Taihape
McColl, Alexander Bastin (?-1916) - Wellington
McEldowney, Edith - Wellington
McKenzie, Cristina Y. - Masterton
Mellor, Sylvia (Blundell) Wellington
Miller, Priscilla Montgomery (1894-?) - Wellington
Milne, William Horn (1895-1973) - Palmerston North
Mowlem, Stanley (1891-1912) - Palmerston North

Neilson, Niels - Palmerston North
Neylor, William N. - Wellington
Nicol, Katherine A. - Wellington
Nutt, Nena Cooper (Cameron 1893-1986) - Wellington

O'Donnell, Thomas Martin (1893-1926) - Wellington
O'Leary, William Robert (1895-1971) - Wellington
Ordish, Walter Norman (1894-1969) - Carterton

Palmer, Edgar Oliver (1886-1957) - Wellington
Parsons, Cecil Herbert Albert Daniel (1894-1963) - Masterton
Paul, Pauline M. - Wellington
Pickering, Leonard (1895-1951) - Wellington
Polson, Harold Charles (1894-1967) - Wellington
Punch, Joseph Pierce (1890-1969) - Wellington

Reading, Harold Gordon (1894-1975) - Levin
Riley, Edgar (1894-1961) - Palmerston North
Ruskell, Ruby Olive Patricia (Verry 1893-1970) - Pahiatua
Russell, Keith Dudley (1894-1917) - Wellington

Scott, Ernest James Russell (1894-?) - Wellington
Sievers, William N. - Carterton
Smylie, Wilhelmina - Wellington
Snell, Francis Mary A. - Wellington
Sullivan, John - Wellington

Tees, Ethel May (Hooper) - Wellington
Tyman, Cuthbert R. - Palmerton North

Urquhart, Fanny Irene (x 1896-1964) - Wellington

Wagg, William Joseph Keep (1894-1961) - Masterton
Ward, Thomas C. - Wellington
Welsby, Nina L. - Wellington
White, Ella Dorothea (Freeman 1892-1972) - Wellington
Williams, Mary E. - Taihape
Willis, Clarence Arthur (1895-1980) - Wellington
Wilson, Alexander W. - Wellington
Wilson, Mary A. - Wellington

Yourelle, Fergus J. - Wellington
Yule, Ella Frances (Robertson 1894-1985) - Carterton

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Clara Hannah HUTTON + Charles William HURLEY + Robert Stewart PARK - Wellington & Dunedin

1/ - Clara Hannah HUTTON (1852-1935)
- was born in Tring, Hertfordshire, England
- the 4th of 12 children of:
John HUTTON (previously HILLDSON) & Annie CATO of Hertfordshire, England
Clara died in 1935 in Wellington

2/ - Charles William HURLEY
- was born in Dunedin in 1851, a son of:
John HURLEY (1815-1900) & Margaret WOODS (1815-1907) from Ireland
Charles died in 1883 in Dunedin Hospital

3/ - Robert Stewart PARK
- was born in Dunedin in 1849, a son of:
Gavin McIntyre PARK (1823-1903) & Grace Jane STOBIE (1827-1894) from Scotland
Robert died in 1921 in Akaroa, Banks Peninsula

1/ Clara Hannah HUTTON & 3/ Robert Stewart PARK
Clara & Robert had 4 CHILDREN

... 1
1872 - 1951 Lucy Beatrice Jane Park
- Lucy didn't marry

... 2
1874 - 1890 Gavin McIntire Park
- Gavin drowned in a boating accident, Hokitika on 3 Feb 1890 aged 16. His body was found on the beach north of the Arahura River 9 days later (12th Feb)

... 3
1875 - 1968 Charlotte Eliza 'Lottie' Park
- Charlotte married Cyril Percy GINDERS in 1901
- they had 4 children
... 1 1902 - 1980 Guy Alfred Lloyd Ginders
... 2 1903 - 1997 Kathleen Lucy Percy Ginders
- Kathleen married George PATON
... 3 1909 - 1966 Fabian Cyril Ferguson Ginders
- Fabian married Ada Rose ROGERS in 1932
... 4 1910 - 1962 Gilbert Ian Ginders

... 4
1877 - 1961 Grace Jane Park
- born in Kumara, West Coast
- Grace married George ARTHUR in 1902 in Ashburton
- they had 5 children
... 1 1903 - 1977 Keith Douglas Arthur
- Keith married Doris Mary BAILEY
... 2 1904 - 1942 Gavin Alexander Arthur
- Gavin married Jean ?
- he served in WWII as Lance Corporal 37137 with the 19 Infantry Battalion. He died in the Western Desert 15 July 1942 aged 37. His parents were in Ashburton, his wife was in Lower Hutt. He is buried XXX.B.12 at El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt
... 3 1906 - 1906 Nettie Arthur
- Nettie died aged 6 days in Ashburton
... 4 1910 - 1988 Dorothy Jean Arthur
- Dorothy married Philip Gavin CALLENDER (1916-1988)
- she married Hubert Emile BARBER (1905-1957)
... 5 1915 - 1999 Gregory Stuart Arthur
- Gregory married Pauline Alma PRESTIGE

1/ Clara Hannah HUTTON married 2/ Charles HURLEY on 17 May 1880
- Charles was a Tram Inspector
Clara & Charles had 1 CHILD

4 March 1881 - Margaret Hurley
- (Margaret married Ralph THOMPSON in 1903)

Charles William Hurley died 7 February 1883 aged 35 in Dunedin Hospital
- he is buried in Plot 17, Block 169 in Northern Cemetery, Dunedin

1/ Clara Hannah HURLEY then married 3/ Robert Stewart PARK 28 Dec 1883
Clara & Robert had 2 CHILDREN

... 1 1885 - 1962 Irene Norma Park
- Irene was not married
- she died 8 Sep 1962 aged 76 as Irene Norma HURLEY
- she was cremated at Karori, Wellington

... 2 1887 - ? Muriel Anita Morrison Park
- Muriel married Harold Bulmer GRAY in 1907
- Harold was an accountant for the Wellington Meat Export Company Ltd
- in 1913 they lived in Eastbourne, Wellington
- Muriel was granted a decree nisi 29 Oct 1932 on grounds of seperation

Clara Hannah PARK had 2 children
- with unregistered fathers, they were named Hurley

1890 - 1963 Reginald Victor Hurley
- born in Wellington
- Reginald died 19 March 1963 aged 73
- his ashes are buried Plot 1, Section Sold Ashes at Karori, Wellington

1893 - 1984 Jack Aubrey Hurley
- born in Wellington
- Jack married Grace Gray YOUNG in 1924
- Grace died 22 Feb 1989 aged 88 & cremated at Karori, Wellington
- still researcing Jack

Clara Hannah HURLEY died 22 Feb 1935 aged 82
- she was cremated at Karori, Wellington

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