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LOWER HUTT New Zealand BUSINESS OWNERS in the 1800s

Some of the people that were settlers of the Lower Hutt Wellington in the 1800s

George and Walter Thomas CUDBY were Coach, Livery and Bait Stable Proprietors and Contractors, near the Railway Station.
The business was established in 1856, the contracting linecoaching being added about twenty years later by their father John Cudby J.P., who arrived in Wellington in 1842 on the Thomas Sparks,
Coaches ran daily to and from Taita to meet all trains arriving at the Hutt.
Buggies, carriages, and saddle horses were supplied to picnic and other parties.

Percy Robert and Cruwys Dee PURSER, were Coach Builders and General Smiths, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
The business, was established in 1842 by Henry Collett, and was conducted for some years by the COLLETT BROTHERS. (Cruwys was a coachbuilder in Te Puki by 1916)

Alexander James LUMSDEN, was a Coachbuilder and Wheelwright in the Main Road Lower Hutt

Miss Ada McKAIN, was a Dressmaker and Milliner, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
Ada was apprenticed to Miss DEVEREAUX, and subsequently gained experience at Messrs Warnock and Adkin's, Wellington.
The business was established in 1893.
(she was still Miss Ada McKain of Lower Hutt/Taita in 1897)

Devereux, Miss, Dressmaker and Fruiterer
Main Road, Lower Hutt.
Established 1895.

George NICHOLAS, had the Central Hotel, from February 1895
It was on the corner of Main and Waiwetu Roads, Lower Hutt.
A two-story wooden structure of thirty-three rooms which was erected about 1870
The house had sixteen bedrooms, a dining room with seating for thirty, a billiard-room, and several sitting rooms.
Behind the hotel there were stables, including ten loose boxes, and sale yards capable of holding 2000 sheep or fifty head of cattle.

PATRICK CASEY had the FAMILY HOTEL, Main Road, Lower Hutt
It was established in 1874.
Patrick had it from 1891.

Archibald A. GRAY, had the Railway Hotel, Main Road, Lower Hutt from 1898
It was established in 1875.

Francis Joseph McGOVERN, had the Taita Hotel from 1896.
It was first licensed in 1893,

George McILVRIDE, (1838-1910) was a General Blacksmith, Farrier and Wheelwright, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
George emigrated from Perthshire, Scotland, where he was born in 1838, arrived in Auckland on the Andrew Jackson, in 1864.
Married Janet Sinclair in 1864, had Peter McIlvride in Auckland 1865 and settled in the Hutt the following year, having another 9 children
He founded the business and acquired the freehold.
It was a large allotment on which his workshops and two-story dwelling of eight rooms stood.
The building included blacksmith, wheelwright and paint shops and included lathes, boring machine, iron cutter and band-saw, are used in connection with the business, about eight hands being employed. The leading line is horse-shoeing and general work, but coach repairing and some coach building was also done.
George tapped a flow of artesian water on his property, which was invaluable.

Isaac JAMES was a General Blacksmith in Taita.

James McMENAMIN was a General Blacksmith on the Main Road, Lower Hutt
It was established in 1896.
In 1906/1907 a James J. McMenamin (possible son ?) of the Wellington Dioceses, at the Holy Cross College (Mosgiel, Dunedin) passed the matriculation examination
The Holy Cross was an Ecclesiastical Seminary which was blessed and opened on May 3rd 1900)
- by 1909 he was Reverend James McMenamin, subdeacon of Wellington archdiocese, but still training in Dunedin
- in 1910 he was Father McMenamin and took over from Father Bergin at Westport
- on 9th June 1917 John Joseph McMenamin (next of kin from Lower Hutt) was killed in action at Belgium aged about 36. He was Chaplain-Captain - Chaplain Class IV (Captain), #6/1215 and served in Gallipoli, Egypt and France, the first Catholic priest to offer himself for service with the NZEF,
He was a member of the well-known Wellington family. He played representative cricket and was a talented musician. He had engaged in journalism in Australia and business in Wellington prior to being the first pupil of the Mosgiel Seminary

- on December 30th 1908 Margaret McGrath, second daughter of Mr John McGrath of Taita married W. H. McMenanin, eldest son of Mr J. McMenamin of Lower Hutt (350 guests attended)
- they had a daughter on the 10th Feb 1911

NOTE - in the early days (1800s onwards) there were McMenamins in Invercargill, Lower Hutt, Taranaki, Thames and Auckland. There was a Sister Mary McMenamin (Sister Mary Theophane) in Auckland in 1900
- a Frank McMenamin was a horse trainer/breeder in the North Island

Timothy TWORMEY (Twomey ?) was a General Blacksmith, Main Road, Lower Hutt.

William Checkley DEVEREAUX, established the wholesale and retail butchery in the Main Road, Lower Hutt in 1856 the only one of its kind in the district
He emigrated in 1855 on the Myrtle, and settled in the district. He took a keen interest in local and colonial politics for over thirty years, and died in 1887 five minutes after having voted at the general election of that year and is buried in the Christ Church Taita Cemetery
His son Frederick William Devereux, took over the business in 1886
The freehold premises included a two-story shop and dwelling.
His slaughter-house, fitted with every modern appliance, was situated on the Main Road about a mile from the shop.
Frederick Devereux was born in Lower Hutt in 1859, and learned his business with his father, assisting in the management of the business for several years before taking it over

Thomas BURT was a General Storekeeper, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
The business was established in 1847 by his father Thomas Burt, (1818-1888) one of the early settlers in the Hutt Valley.
The building was of wood and iron and was erected on freehold property, centrally situated, the total floorage space being nearly 5000 square feet.
Thomas occupied a foremost place as a business man in Lower Hutt and the business was the oldest in the district. He traded in produce, grocery, drapery, boots and shoes and ironmongery.
He was a direct importer of paper-hangings and other special lines.
He employed four skilled assistants in the trade, which extends over a wide area, three horses and a cart were used in the delivery.

Egbert FEIST & Co were General Storekeepers, corner of Main and Waiwetu Roads, Lower Hutt.
The business was established in the 'early days',
Egbert owned it from 1889.
It was a two story wooden shop and dwelling, the firm were agents for the Liverpool, London, and Globe Fire, and the Colonial Mutual Life Offices, and for Messrs. Nimmo and Blair's seeds.
Egbert was born in England and emigrated to Wellington on the ship Mallard in 1865.

Joseph CARTER was a General Storekeeper, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
It was established in 1880.

William CLELAND was a General Storekeeper in Taita.
It was established in 1861.

John Augustus MASON was a General Storekeeper, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
It was established in 1865.

John H. ROSS was a General Storekeeper in Taita.
It was established 1839.
(John was also an agent for the Evening Post)

St. Clair JOUNNAX was a Baker and Confectioner, Lower Hutt.
The shop was in The Square - the bakehouse was in Waiwetu Road.
It was established in 1869.
St Clair purchased it in 1894.
(St Clair and William Jounnax applied for a patent for "Improvements in knife cleaners")

Daniel McKAIN was a Baker and Confectioner, Main Road, opposite Railway Station, Lower Hutt.
It was established in 1891.
(possibly a son of Daniel, Thomas McKain)

Edmund MILLS was a Tailor, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
It was stablished in 1896.

Richard Walton KEEYS was a Painter, Wood, Coal and General Dealer on the Main Road, Lower Hutt.

Henry BRANDT was a Boot and Shoemaker, Main Road, Lower Hutt.

Walter Peter PRINGLE and Frank REID were Saddlers and Harness Makers, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
They conducted business from 1893.
Walter was the first All Black for the Petone Club in 1893

David and William David EVEREST, father & son were Grain Merchants and Orchardists, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
It was established 1894.

Charles TREVETHICK was a Brush Manufacturer, Main Road, Lower Hutt.
It was established in 1879.
Charles's house corner of Randwick Road & Whites Line, Lower Hutt
- Charles married twice at above link
- 3 times at this link Charles and Elizabeth & Eliza Frethey

Edward Joshua RIDDIFORD J.P., (see link at Egbert Feist above) was a Station-owner, Lower Hutt
He was the son of Daniel Riddiford, who arrived in Wellington on the Adelaide (cabin passengers) in 1839, bringing, in sections, the first house that was erected at Pipitea Point (named Belsize Point on Chaffer's map, 1840.)
Edward's mother Harriot used to write the despatches for the New Zealand Company.
Edward, who was born in Lower Hutt in 1843, was the first child baptized by Bishop George Augustus Selwyn in New Zealand, and was educated primarily in Wellington, and at [url='s Scotch College[/url] in Melbourne.
He owned the Te Awaiti estate of 50,000 or 60,000 acres on the east coast beyond Cape Palliser, the Orongaronga estate, which included 640 acres of freehold and 7000 acres of leasehold, and 272 acres in the Hutt, on ten acres of which he had built his house
In the early days he took his share in defending the settlement, acting as a lieutenant in the militia under Colonel Gorton.
- Edward was married in 1879 to a daughter of the late Henry Bunny

Daniel WEST was born in Croyden, Surrey in 1822.
He arrived into Port Nicholson (Wellington) on the Martha Ridgway aged 16 in 1840.
He spent a short time in Wellington and some years in Chatham Islands and then settled in the Hutt Valley in 1857, having a 35 acre farm in Waiwetu

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Wong ah Poo (APPO) Hoc Ting (HOCTON) - first Chinese immigrant to New Zealand

Appo Hocton was born in China, the son of Fook Ting and his wife, Pae See

He left China at about nine years of age and served on various English ships as a cabin-boy and a steward

Appo is 'famous' for being the first Chinese immigrant to New Zealand, arriving in Nelson on the 26th May 1842 on the immigrant ship THOMAS HARRISON where he was a ship's boy.
When the ship berthed in Nelson he and some other crew members jumped ship.
- he said one reason was the captain's refusal to supply soap with which to wash his clothes

He settled in Nelson, married twice and had children, with his descendants numbering over 1600 at the beginning of the millenium
He was a servant, a landlord, a carter, a farmer
By 1849 was working as a carter in Nelson, where he rented a one acre section with a cottage, barn and 10 cattle. Literate, astute and hard-working, he prospered in his business and in 1852 applied for naturalisation in order to acquire and lease real property, which as an alien he was not permitted to do...

Visit his grave at DOVEDALE cemetery, NELSON and read all his stories at the links

Who was Alfred Whitehead (1856-1917) - Herbertville, New Zealand

I am looking for any information on Alfred Whitehead.

He was born about 1856 - unknown where
He died on the 20th March 1917 aged 61
He was married to Mary Jane Petherick
I would also like info on her - she is not buried at Herbertville

HERBERTVILLE Cemetery New Zealand

Herbertville is a small settlement on the eastern coast of the North Island, in the Tararua/Manawatu District, 143km south of Napier

The township was founded in 1878 in honour of Charles (1844-1917) & Ellen Mary Ann Louisa Herbert (nee Hales) (1854-1927), and his brothers, early settlers who gave the land for the local school and post office.

Herbertville is 92km east of Woodville via Dannevirke (66km), then on Weber Rd down through Tipapakuku, Kaitoki, Mangatoro
(an interesting story on early Mangatoro), Motea, Waipatiki, Weber, Ti Tree Point and then Wimbledon (9km from Herbertville)

At the turn of the century Herberville was a thriving community. It had a large hotel and several shops, a police station and a blacksmiths.

There are 47 burials in the Herbertville Cemetery

This is a list of those buried at the HERBERTVILLE CEMETERY with the death year

ARMSTRONG - Eva - 1900
ARMSTRONG - Phillis Sarah - 1894

BARKER - John - 1895

BOYD - William Edmund - 1891

BRADLEY - Dorothy Mary - 1920

BREAKWELL - Robert Arthur - 1894


COOK - ROBERT - 1890

CURTIS - John - 1890

DRISCOLL - Florence Timothy - 1889

ELLIS - William Maitland - 1893

EXELL - Mary Ann - 1912

FISHER - John Martin - 1914

FRANKLIN - Annie Isabella - 1888

HALES - Arthur Reginald - 1901

HERBERT - Herald James - 1886
HERBERT - John - 1901
HERBERT - Joseph - 1889
HERBERT - Kate - 1901
HERBERT - Percy Jesse - 1902
HERBERT - Sarah (nee Woods) - 1876
HERBERT - Thomas Woods - 1901
HERBERT - unnamed baby boy - 1894

HEWALD - unnamed baby girl - 1908

IRELAND - William Lister - 1890

IRVINE - James - 1902

LOVEJOY - Arthur Siqurd - 1906

MARTIN - William - 1892

McINTYRE - Duncan Campbell - 1888

McKAIN - Kathleen - 1903

MITCHELL - William - 1893

MORGANS - Richard - 1892

NICOLS - Charles - 1890

NILSON - Olaf - 1890

PASCOE - Gertrude - 1892

PROFFITT - Mary Jane - 1901
PROFFITT - unnamed baby boy - 1902

SITEMAN - Julia Alice - 1940
SITEMAN - Melissa Louisa (nee Eisan) - 1906
SITEMAN - Thomas Alonzo - unknown

TURNER - Eileen Maud - 1897

WATSON - James - 1888

WHITE - Taylor - 1914

WHITEHEAD - Alfred - 1917

WYLIE - Herbert Arthur - 1886

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List of men who took out GAME SHOOTING LICENSES in 1893 MANAWATU - HAWKES BAY

In 1893 the Shooting Season of Native and Imported Game was from 1st May until the 31st July

The License Fee for - selling Native or Imported Game was £5 ($864 in 2009)
and for - shooting Imported Game it was 10 shillings ($17 in 2009)

It was illegal to sell any Game before the 1st May or after the 1st August

The 'reward' for giving evidence against someone who broke these laws, which lead to convictions, was 2 guineas($380 in 2009)

This is a list of men who took out Shooting Licenses for the 1893 season:

- George Lionel Leonard Thornton (1852-1904)
- Charles Hancock (1854-1944)
AUSTIN - William
BAKER - John H.
- George Frederick (1857-1943)
- William (1857-1935)
- Frederick Carl Wilhelm (1851-1919)
BIRD - William
BLAKE - James A.
BLAKE - James Charles
- Charles Henry (1874-1939)
BRITTEN - Ernest
- Cartwright (1843-1923)
BRYAN - Charles
- Robert William (1865-1918)
- John (1858-1898)
- Davis (1871-1918)
CANNON - Harry
CARR - Cuthbert
- Harry (1868-1950)
- Guy Selwyn Sisson (1856-1922)
- Henry John (1872-1894)
- Arthur James (1848-1902)
- Donald McLean (1863-1928)
- Walter James (1860-1848)
- Frederick James (1854-1913)
CROSS - William
- Thomas Ezekiel (1855-1952)
- Thomas (1840-1920)
- Samuel (1849-1924)
- Richard (1851-1929)
Harold Devereaux (1861-1926)
DAVIS - Robert
- Frederick Irving 91846-1919)
- Walter Herbert (1874-1936)
DILLON - Alfred jnr
- Joseph (1863-1928)
- David (1839-1927)
- Robert John (1856-1966)
- Henry (1846-1909)
- Tatton George (1872-1933)
FRIES - Alfred
GOOCH - Richard
- Frank Lindsay (1866-1938)
- George Thompson (1865-1948)
- George Frederick (1866-1956)
HARMER - Charles Ernest
- Raymond (1864-1934)
HERBERT - Alfred C.
HERBERT - Charles
HERBERT - Frank J.
- Kenrick Jones (1830-1909)
HOWELL - Charles
- Percy George (1876-1959)
IRELAND - Thomas
- Lionel (1857-1942)
- John Ferguson (1853-1925)
KEMP - James
- George Robson (1868-1945)
KNIGHT - William
- James (1846-1915)
- Francis (1857-1933)
LORD - John
LOVEDAY - William
- Thomas Henry (1865-1944)
MaCHIL (?) - J.J.N.
- Letham Wallace (1855-1936)
MacLEAN - C.H.
- Frederick John (1858-1932)
MAY - Henry
McINTOSH - George
- Benjamin Michael (1865-1934)
MORTENSEN - Hams Peter Glerup (1865-1955)
NELSON - Frank
NELSON - Fredrick
NELSON - William Henry
- Joseph Thomas (1878-1958)
- Frank (1868-1948)
ORMOND - J. jnr
OSWALD - Nelson
- Robert (1860-1906)
- Thomas (1852-1937)
- Ambrose (1852-1929)
- William (1839-1908)
- John Robert (1848-1932)
- Denis Phillip (1872-1947)
- Hugh Maurice (1862-1937)
- Stephen (1886-1936)
SHAW - Langley
- Walter (1842-1936)
- Frederick Edward Telling (1846-1929)
SMITH - Samuel
SMITH - James
- Charles (1865-1908)
- Joseph (1844-1921)
- David (1853-1934)
- Thomas Henry (1872-1918)
- David Addison (1861-1941)
SULLIVAN - Michael
SYLVESTER - (unknown if 1st or surname)
TAIT - George
- Charles Ord (1864-1928)
- Francis Bering
- George Seton Veitch (1867-1955)
WHITE - Frank
- James (1853-1909)
WILSON - Robert
WOOD - John
YOND - George
- Robert Moreton (1847-1900)

WEBER Cemetery, Dannevirke, New Zealand

Weber is situated 62km east of Woodville via Dannevirke, Mangatoro and Waipatiki
It was founded in the late 19th century as an overnight stop for coach teams on the journey to and from the coast.
This was the distance a team of 6 horses and a coach could travel in one day

At the turn of the century it was a thriving small community.
It had a police station and one cell jail, a large hotel, shops and a post office.
Today (2009) it consists of a church, a school, a pub, a rural fire depot, a community centre and several houses

There are 51 burials at Weber cemetery at least 23 of them are under 13 years
Those buried at the WEBER CEMETERY

ARNABOLDI, Philip James - aged 46
Philip was a sheep farmer in Weber
he married Dorothea McAULEY (1878-1959) in 1899 & had 4 daughters:
* 1901 - Esther Dorothy Arnaboldi
* 1903 - Winifred Agnes Arnaboldi
* 1904 - 1909 Phyllis Beryl Arnaboldi
* 1908 - 1985 Myra Annie Zita Arnaboldi (didn't marry)
Philip died 6 November 1909
Evening Post, 8 November 1909 Philip James Arnaboldi, a settler of Weber, was killed by a fall from a horse to-day, his neck being dislocated. Death was instantaneous. At an inquest a verdict of accidental death was returned
buried: Grave 258 - Block 3
Evening Post, 26 May 1892 LAND BOARD
W. J. and P. J. Arnaboldi, to H. A. Lambert, Mangaone
DOROTHEA remarried in 1911 to John McAtamney
* the ashes of Myra Agnes Arnaboldi (no age) were buried with Dorothea at Mangatera in June 1991. Possibly her 4th daughter above ??

ARNABOLDI, Phyllis Beryl - aged 5
daughter of Phillip James ARNABOLDI & Dorothea McAULEY (above)
Beryl died 16 July 1909
buried: unknown plot

BATES, T or F - aged 1
died: unknown
buried: unknown

BROOKS, ? - born still
unknown gender
buried Plot 2C, Block 3

BURKE, William 'John' - aged 59
John was a Bullock Driver
he died in Weber 8 August 1918
buried: Plot 74B, Block 3

BURNETT, Cashman Edward - aged 10 days
Cashman died 17 September 1914 in Weber
buried: Grave 4C, Block 3

CAMERON, Kenneth Forbes - aged 79
Kenneth married Margaret Reid in 1896
died: 4 January 1931

CAMERON, Margaret (nee REID)- aged 87
died 16 May 1960
buried together in Grave 91A, Block 4
their known children:
* 1895 - Malcolm Cameron
* 1897 - Margaret Annie Cameron
* 1900 - 1978 Kenneth Donald Cameron
* 1901 - 1970 Finlay Alexander Cameron
* 1902 - Catherine Jessie Cameron
* 1904 - 1996 Florence Lilian Cameron
* 1907 - 1977 Colin Alan Cameron
* 1910 - 2001 Forbes Ewen Cameron
* 1911 - 1986 Jean Cecily cameron
* 1917 - 2008 Heather Grace Cameron (+ William Basel Hagan)

CHARTERIS, George - 1897, aged 9
read more here
born: 2 May 1888 to George CHARTERIS & Mary Ann CASTLES
died: 11 November 1897
buried: unknown plot
his mother (1864-1942) was born in County Armagh, Ireland & died in Wanganui
his father, George Charteris (1856-1938) was the local Constable of Weber
his parents married in 1886 and had 12 children, all born in Weber
* 1887 - 1944 Leonard Charteris
* 1888 - 1897 George Charteris
* 1889 - 1967 Janet 'Jessie' Charteris (died in Napier)
* 1890 - 1932 Annie Charteris (twin)
* 1890 - 1983 Frank Charteris (twin)
* 1892 - 1966 James 'Jim' Charteris
* 1894 - 1968 Robert Charteris
* 1895 - 1917 William Charteris
* 1898 - 1981 Helen 'Nell' Charteris (died in Palmerston North)
* 1900 - 1994 Mary Charteris (died in Auckland)
* 1904 - 1989 Catherine 'Kate' Charteris (died in Auckland)
* 1906 - 1984 Walter 'Joe' Charteris
Bush Advocate, 20 May 1899 WEBER ROAD BOARD - From Mr George Charteris, stating as the small birds (sparrows etc) are getting a perfect nuisance, would the Board provide poisoned grain to give anyone (himself included) anxious to destroy the vermin. Proposed by the Chairman that a quantity of poisoned grain be obtained for distribution amongst the settlers. Seconded by Mr Chote and carried
Bush Advocate, 14 August 1905 Mr George Charteris, who has acted as district constable at Weber, for some years, has sent in his resignation, and intends to devote all his time to agricultural pursuits in future. Constable Charteris has carried on his duties with much tact and ability and has always maintained the goodwill and appreciation of his fellow-settlers
Bush Advocate, 15 September 1906 At a meeting of the Land Board yesterday, a transfer of section 5, block 8, Tahoraite, from Channon and Charteris, to George Charteris, was sanctioned
Bush Advocate, 16 February 1907 On Wednesday next Mr W. Rose will hold a clearing sale of dairy stock at the farm of Mr George Charteris, Weber
Poverty Bay Herald, 8 November 1917 Mr George Charteris, one of Mangatoro's best known settlers, met with a serious accident last week by an explosion, whereby he had his left hand blown off

CHAVENTIS, C - aged 65
he was a labourer in Weber
died: 18 September 1918
buried Grave 75B, Block 3

DAVIS, John - 1897, aged 43
(BDM has John D. Davies)
John was a Carrier
he died 18 August 1897 in Weber
buried: unknown location
Bush Advocate, 18 August 1892 From John Davies, re improvements on section 34, block 5, Weber, and transfer - Transfer confirmed

ENGLEBRETSEN, Cecil - aged 15 days
born: 11 November 1905
died: 26 November 1905
buried: unknown location

ENGLEBRETSEN, Mary - aged 1 month
born: 23 October 1904
died: 19 November 1904
buried: unknown location

ENGLEBRETSEN, Richard Henry - aged 2.9
born: 24 March 1901
died: 4 December 1903
buried: Grave 82C, Block 3
NOTE 3 of 10 known children born Waione, Dannevirke to:
John ENGLEBRETSEN (1874-1930) & Angelina 'Lena' MILLETT (1880-1957)
* 1897 - Angelina Englebretsen
* 1901 - 1903 Richard Henry Englebretsen
* 1902 - 1914 Frank Englebretsen
* 1903 - Alice Maud Englebretsen
* 1904 - 1904 Mary Englebretsen
* 1905 - 1905 Cecil Englebretsen
* 1907 - 1874 William Victor Englebretsen
* 1908 - 1993 Violet May Englebretsen
* 1909 - 1909 Peter Englebretsen (aged 4 months)
* 1910 - Ivy Maud Englebretsen

FORSYTH, Ellen Lydia (nee RYAN) - aged 35
born: Peckham, England 1866
lived in Napier
married: John James Forsyth of Perangahau on 4 May 1891 in Wellington
their known children:
* 1895 - 1967 William James Forsyth
* 1899 - 1957 Ada Elizabeth Forsyth
died: 6 February 1902 in Weber
Bush Advocate, 12 February 1902 FORSYTH - On 6th February, 1902, at Waipatiki, after a brief illness, Ellen Lydia, the dearly beloved wife of John J. Forsyth, in her 36th year. Deeply regretted. [Waipawa Mail please copy]
Bush Advocate, 12 February 1902 HOROEKA The death of Mrs Forsyth, which occurred suddenly last Thursday morning, at 3 o'clock, came as a great shock to her many friends. Late on Tuesday night, she complained to her husband of feeling faint and after retiring to rest she suffered great agony. The following day Dr Macallan was sent for, but the end could not be averted, and Mrs Forsyth passed away peacefully at the time stated above, death being due to heart disease. Very great sympathy is felt for Mr Forsyth in the great loss he has sustained. The deceased lady, who was in her 36th year, was born at Peckham, England, and arrived in Napier some 20 years ago. She will be greatly missed by her friends and by the settlers generally in the district, and her kindness and generosity, I am sure, will never be forgotten. All were heartily welcome under her roof, and her loving and amiable disposition caused her to become endeared to her many friends in the Province.
The funeral of the late Mrs Forsyth which took place at Weber on Friday, 7th inst., in the afternoon, was very largely attended, friends and relatives coming from far and wide to pay the last respects due to their esteemed friend. A great many beautiful wreaths and crosses were sent. Mr Forsyth desires me to thank all friends for the great kindness shown him in his sad bereavement

FORSYTH, John James - aged 44
died: 9 October 1902
Bush Advocate, 13 October 1902 FORSYTH - On Oct. 11th, at Napier Hospital, John James Forsyth, of Weber; aged 44 years. Deeply regretted
Bush Advocate, 13 October 1902 WEBER Coroner's Inquest J. Halligan, licensee of the Club Hotel, deposed that he knew the deceased, who had lately stayed at his hotel, and who was low-spirited on account of the loss of his wife ... The Jury returned a verdict that the deceased came by his death from the effects of a bullet wound, self-inflicted, while suffering from temporary insanity
Bush Advocate, 11 October 1902 The news of Mr Forsyth's death will cause widespread regret in this district. Deceased was one of the most prominent settlers in the Waipatiki district and was largely interested in public affairs, having for some time been a prominent member of the Weber Road Board. Mr Forsyth always aimed at doing his best to promote the welfare of the district in which he resided, and his labours were thoroughly appreciated by his fellow settlers. He was of a quiet, unassuming disposition, and was highly esteemed and respected by all with whom he came in contact. The deceased was undoubtedly a sterling settler, and his death will be mourned by a wide circle of relatives and friends. He leaves two children - a boy and girl, aged about eight and five years respectively, his wife predeceased him in February last
buried: Graves 1A & 2A, Block 3
Bush Advocate, 23 January 1902 Mr John Forsyth has sold his property at Oporae which consists of about 600 acres, to Mr Jas. MacKenzie, the price paid being £4 15s per acre
Bush Advocate, 27 August 1902 Owing to ill-health Mr J. J. Forsyth has resigned his position as a member of the Weber Road Board

FRANCIS, William - aged 56
died: 3 July 1915
buried: Grave 73C, Block 3

HANSEN, Sidney Herbert - aged 45
born: 5 June 1872 in Bay of Islands
13th of 13 children of Edward HANSEN & Mary Ann CAINS
died: 13 October 1916
buried: Grave 15C, Block 3

HARRIS, Ernest Edward - aged 3 months
died 8 February 1908
buried: Grave 28A, Block 3

HARRIS, Leslie - aged 2 months
died: 13 December 1906
buried: Grave 27A, Block 3
2 of 14 children of David HARRIS & Ellen GARDNER
* 1892 - David William Harris
* 1893 - 1944 Thomas James Slater Harris
* 1895 - Elizabeth Jessie Harris
* 1896 - 1972 Malcolm Roy Harris
* 1898 - 1966 Francis George Harris
* 1900 - 1976 Cecil Harris
* 1902 - 1902 David Leonard Harris (aged 9 weeks)
* 1902 - Reginald Harris
* 1904 - Raymond Harris
* 1906 - 1906 Leslie Harris
* 1907 - 1908 Ernest Edward Harris
* 1908 - Ivy Evelyn Harris
* 1911 - Ellen Zoe Harris
* 1912 - Eileen Eva Harris

HATTS, unknown baby - aged 4 hours
(nothing on BDM for that name)
died: 9 February 1898
buried: unknown grave

HOPCROFT, James Bruce - aged 14 days
died: 27 November 1914
buried: unknown Grave, Block 3

HOPCROFT, Margaret Wilson - aged 1 day
died: 15 November 1914
buried: unknown Grave, Block 3
NOTES James & Margaret were twin children of Thomas Henry HOPCROFT (1883-1933) & Euphemia Wilson 'Effie' COWAN (1889-1970)
Bush Advocate, 28 October 1908 The Weber-Waione dairy factory, which has been closed for the past year, has recently been purchased by Messrs J. B. MacEwan and Co., Mr W. Hales and Mr T. Hopcroft, who have re-opened the factory, and are carrying on the business as the Weber-Waione Dairy Company. The re-starting of the factory should prove of considerable benefit for the settlers in the Weber district. Owing to the satisfactory prices which are being obtained for dairy produce and the low prices ruling for wool, dairying will prove more remunerative than sheep-farming. The new proprietors are now paying 1d per lb more for butter-fat than was paid by the former company. With careful management they anticipate being able to pay out good prices and regain the confidence of the suppliers in the Weber district. The company have been fortunate in securing the services of Mr T. Hopcroft as manager. Mr Hopcroft has considerable experience in the manufacture of butter, and for three years acted as butter-maker for the late Mr T. L. Joll, at Okaiawa, Taranaki, whose annual output of butter amounted to over 800 tons annually
* Thomas Henry Hopcroft died 27 Nov 1933 aged 50 & buried Mangatera

JENSEN - Hans Rudolph Christian - aged 75
Hans was a farmer in Weber
he married Edith May TAYLOR (1882-1976 of Foxton) 11 March 1899
they had 8 known children:
* 1900 - Frederick Rudolph Jensen
* 1902 - William Lauritz Jensen
* 1904 - Christine Elizabeth Mary Jensen
* 1906 - Eleanora Hansigne Jensen
* 1907 - Laura Rose Jensen
* 1910 - Peter Robert Jensen
* 1914 - Edith May Jensen
* 1920 - Henry Christian Jensen
he died 19 August 1935
buried: unknown location

JOHNSON, Gladys Noreen - aged 5 months
born: to Edward & Ellen JOHNSON
died: at Waione on 22 August 1907
buried: Grave 78C, Block 2

LOVEJOY, Robert George - aged 2 months
born: Christmas Day 1893 to George LOVEJOY & Lydia 'Matilda' TAYLOR
died: 22 February 1894
buried: unknown location
George & Lydia married in Foxton 1893. Their known children:
* 1893 - 1894 Robert George Lovejoy
* 1895 - 1919 Henry George 'Harry' Lovejoy
* 1896 - 1937 Frederick Thomas 'Tom' Lovejoy
* 1897 - 1956 William Arthur Lovejoy
* 1899 - 1941 Rudolph James 'Dick' Lovejoy
* 1901 - 1999 Elsie Freda Lovejoy
* 1909 - 1990 Alfred Raymond Lovejoy
Evening Post, 2 February 1918 The death is announced of one of the early settlers of the Coast district, in the person of Mr George Lovejoy, who died at Dannevirke on Wednesday evening at the age of 51 years. The late Mr Lovejoy was born at Oxford, England, and arrived in New Zealand 47 years ago with his parents, settling in Wellington. He came to Dannevirke in 1887. Deceased was a splendid type of British settler, and was widely known and highly respected in the Coast district. He is survived by his widow and a family of five sons and one daughter. One of the sons is on active service at the front, while another is in camp.
* Lydia Matilda Lovejoy (1868-1951) remarried to Percy KNIGHT in 1926

LUNN, Henry - adult
died: unknown
buried: unknown location

LUNT, Alma (formerly VIDDLER) - aged 46
Alma married Fred Lunt (1868-1945) in 1896
they were Sheep Farmers
died: 28 December 1902
buried: unknown location

LUNT, Charles Thomas - aged 9
born: 8 September 1902 to Charles LUNT (1869-1941) & Priscilla CARTER (1868-1946)
buried: Grave 83B, Block 2
Evening Post, 9 October 1911 A CHILD KILLED
DANNEVIRKE, This Day. Charles Lunt, aged nine years, a son of a settler at Horoeka, was killed yesterday. It was supposed that deceased became entangled in a rope attached to a horse in his father's paddock. He sustained a fracture of the base of the skull
Charles & Priscilla were married in Lyttelton, they also had a daughter:
* 1908 - 1980 Mary Lunt (+ Percy Puflett MAYO (1906-1963)

MARTIN, Florence Lillian (nee CAMERON) - 1996, aged 92
born 7 August 1904, 6th of 10 children of Kenneth CAMERON & Margaret REID
Florence was a registered nurse
died: 1 September 1996 at Brightwater Centre, Palmerston North
buried with her parents (see above)

McDONALD, Flora Margaret - aged 5 months
born: 14 May 1905 to James Little McDONALD & Elizabeth HANSEN
died: 5 October 1905
buried: unknown location
Bush Advocate, 5 October 1905 McDONALD - On October 5th, at Weber, Flora, the beloved daughter of J. A. and Elizabeth McDonald, aged 5 months. The funeral will take place at Weber on Saturday, at 2 p.m.

McLEAN, Kenneth - aged 88
died: 1929
buried: Grave 90A, Block 4

McLEAN, Mary - aged 60
died: 26 January 1920
buried: Grave 89A, Block 4

McMILLAN, unknown baby (2 of them)- unknown
buried: Graves 77B & 78B, Block 2

PHILLIPS, Thomas - aged 65
died: 3 October 1908
buried: Grave 84C, Block 2

RICE, John Maurice - aged 13
born: 10 July 1897 to John RICE & Marian Elizabeth MURRAY
died: 28 May 1911
buried: Grave 32A, Block 3
the children of John & Marian: (married in Napier 1896)
* 1897 - 1911 John Maurice Rice (born in Weber)
* 1898 - 1987 William James Rice
- born in Weber, married in Carterton, died in Hamilton
* 1900 - Jessie Rice
* 1905 - 1974 Stanley Rice

RYAN, Bertha - aged 3 weeks
died: 28 October 1897
buried: unknown location
daughter of Michael RYAN & Elizabeth OETGEN

RYAN, Edward John - aged 6.3
died: 28 October 1889
buried: unknown location
son of Michael RYAN & Jane RIDLEY
Bush Advocate, 9 November 1889 RYAN - On Oct. 28., at Weber, near Danevirke, of croup, Edward John, son of Michael Ryan; aged six years and three months. Wairarapa papers please copy
the known children of Michael & Jane:
* 1880 - Ellen Charlotte Ryan
* 1881 - Eliza Jane Ryan
* 1883 - Edward John Ryan

RYAN, Roy - aged 5 days
born: 1904 to Dennis Philip RYAN & Eliza Mary LAWLISS
died: 21 March 1904
buried: Grave 88A, Block 4
the known children of Dennis & Eliza:
* 1897 - 1976 Thelma Aureen Mary Ryan
* 1899 - 1969 Desmond Dennis Ryan
* 1901 - 1976 Earl Richmond Ryan
* 1902 - 1976 Jack Sarsfield Ryan
* 1904 - 1904 Roy Ryan
* 1905 - 1920 Edwin Lawliss Ryan
* 1907 - 1979 Philip Eric Ryan
* 1910 - 1974 Leo Owen Ryan
* 1912 - Iris Zeta Ryan
* 1913 - Geraldine Ryan

SLATTERY, Timothy - aged 74
died: 25 December 1920 (Xmas Day)
buried: Grave 77B, Block 3

STAINTON, unknown baby
died 27 October 1915
buried: Grave 9C, Block 3

SULLIVAN, Margaret - aged 3 months
born: 1901 to Dennis & Minnie SULLIVAN
died 27 July 1901
buried: unknown location

THOMPSON, Henry Woodward 'Harry' - aged 11 months
(cemetery database has Harry WOODWARD aged 11 months)
born: 5 Nov 1896, a twin with Fred Woodward Thompson, to Isabella Anderson Thompson (Fred Woodward Thompson died aged 7 weeks but not on Weber database)
died: 8 October 1897
Hawke's Bay Herald, 12 October 1897 The child of George Woodward, of Weber, died on Friday night. There was no doctor in attendance. The police think an inquest is desirable
Hawke's Bay Herald, 15 October 1897 WAIPAWA - An inquest was held at Weber before Mr S. Franklin, J.P., acting in the absence of the coroner, touching the death of Henry Woodward Thompson, aged 11 months. As this was the third illegitimate child in the family that had died during the last three years, the local Justices considered it necessary to hold an inquiry and to have a doctor's opinion as to the immediate cause of death. The following is a synopsis of the evidence:-
Mrs J. A. Thompson, the mother, said the child was taken ill on Saturday, 2nd October; seemed feverish, and thought it was teething. She gave it magnesia, which relieved it, but next day it got bad, apparently having a bad cold. She poulticed it and called in Mrs Pratt, a neighbor, on the Thursday, who approved of the course taken. Next day she called in Mrs Ryan, who said it was very bad with inflammation of the lungs, for which she administered cream and brandy, and the child died at 7.15 the same evening. She always looked after her children to the best of her ability, and could do no more for this. It was not true that she neglected her children. She took the child to a doctor at Danevirke last January, who said it was weak and suffering from English cholera; it was one of twins. She did not think the child was likely to die until Mrs Ryan came in, therefore did not send for the doctor. The evidence of Mrs Ryan and Mrs Pratt was to the same effect. Dr Riddell stated that in his opinion the child died from pneumonia; it was well nourished and was teething. The jury decided that death was due to natural causes, and desired further to state that on account of Dr Macallan's advice to Mrs Thompson in January last, relative to the child's illness, she should have called in medical assistance

THOMPSON, Isabella Andersen (nee COCHRANE) - aged 31
born: 1870 in Glasgow
She arrived in Hawkes Bay c1874 with her parents & brother Archibald Cochrane
died 13 February 1901 aged 31
buried: Plot unknown
NOTE Isabella had several illegitimate children to George Woodward but bore the name Thompson after her absent husband, James Nathan Thompson, whom she married in 1888
* re George Woodward of Weber ...
Hawke's Bay Herald, 17 November 1900 The following transfers were sanctioned:- Section 24, block 5, Weber, from George Woodward to M. Davitt
Evening Post, 5 September 1901 At the Palmerston North Police Court this morning, George Woodward was charged with the theft of £15 15s
(a 2009 equivalent of $2,401), the property of the Weber Road Board. Accused, who was clerk and foreman, was remanded to Dannevirke
Southland Times, 25 September 1901 At the Supreme Court, George Woodward, who pleaded guilty of theft of the Weber Road Board funds, was placed on probation for two years and ordered to pay £10 costs

VERNON, Mary Fannie - aged 36
died: 31 October 1908
buried: Grave 19B, Block 2
Bush Advocate, 5 November 1908 WEBER - We are very sorry to have to mention the loss Ti Tree has sustained by the death of Mrs Vernon. The settlers around there are so very neighborly and kind, that they had made Mr and Mrs Vernon feel quite at home among them, although they have not been long in the district. Mrs Vernon passed away peacefully on Saturday night. During her short illness, the doctors did all in their power, assisted by the kind offices of neighbors, but without avail. Quite a gloom was cast over our neighborhood by this sad termination. Very great sympathy is felt and shown towards Mr Vernon and his three children. The nearest cemetery is at Weber; the funeral rites were conducted according to the rites of the Church of England, in the presence of a large number of the settlers. Mr W. Roberts, of Weber, was the undertaker
BDM has that Mary Fannie Vernon died 31 Oct 1908 but unfortunately the newspaper articles do not have an exact date of death nor a first name (for either of them)
The facts I found are:
* an Ivy & Gordon Vernon attended the Ti Tree Point School as in this
1909 Ti Tree Point Picnic
* .. "sympathy is felt and shown towards Mr Vernon and his three children"
* Bush Advocate, 9 July 1908 WEBER - Mr Vernon is in charge of the new stables at Ti Tree. The change of horses was made there on Monday, July 6th, for the first time. Mr Vernon has two children for Ti Tree School, bringing the roll number up so seven again
* The only 3 children born to one mother & with these names:
1901 - 1963 Iris Vernon (+ Conway Richard Charles Ferguson in 1921)
1903 - Gordon Vernon
1904 - Daisy Mona Vernon
They were children of Archibald & Maud Vernon ?
- if you know this family your help would be appreciated

WALKER, Edward - aged about 48
Edward was a brickmaker
died: 3 Jan 1920
buried: Grave 76B, Block 3

WARDLE, Herbert - aged 23
died: 26 November 1905
buried: Grave 111B, Block 3
Bush Advocate, 13 January 1906 Mr W. Rose, agent for the Public Trustee, asks for all claims in the estate of Herbert Wardle, deceased, of Horoeka, to be sent in

WEAVERS, Amelia Frances (nee LAWRENCE) - aged 41
married Charles Morris Weavers in 1881
died: 20 September 1903
buried: Grave 83C, Block 3

WEAVERS, Charles Morris - aged 80
died 21 November 1938
buried: Grave 81C, Block 3

WEAVERS, Minnie Amelia - aged 21
died: 25 March 1914
buried: Grave 83C, Block 3
the children of Charles & Amelia:
* 1882 - 1913 Bertha Ada Weavers (+ Walter John Gilbert in 1902)
* 1885 - 1915 Clement Charles Weavers
(Clement Charles Weavers, Salvation Army Officer, Georgetown)
* 1887 - 1915 Leslie Gordon Weavers
* 1890 - 1964 Edith Agnes Weavers (+ Gordon Chatfield in 1909)
* 1892 - 1914 Minnie Amelia Weavers
In 1908 he was Charles Morris Weavers, of Waione, farmer
In loving memory of Amelia Frances, beloved wife of C. M. Weavers.
Died 20th September 1903, aged 41 years.
In loving memory of Minnie Amelia, beloved daughter of C M. Weavers.
Died 25th March 1914, aged 21 years.
Also a headstone in memorial:
In memory of L. G. Weavers (10/2024)
died of wounds at Gallipoli 28th August 1915, aged 28 years.
"He died for his King and Country like a soldier, brave and true"

Private 10/2024 Leslie Gordon Weavers
of Horoeka
Died of his Wounds Egypt to Gallipol 28 Aug 1915 aged 28

Hugh McMillan KENYON + Susan Elizabeth EDEN

- was a Weaver at Mossend of Airies, Kirkinner
he married Isobela Garroch (1775-) in August 1793
- their known children, born in Knockefferrick, Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland
179? - ? Kenyon
179? - ? Kenyon
1798 - Elizabeth Kenyon
1799 - Fergus Kenyon (died Connecticut)
1801 - Jane Kenyon
1803 - 1875 PETER KENYON
1805 - Mary Morison Kenyon
1807 - John Kenyon
1809 - Alexander Kenyon
1811 - David Broadfoot Kenyon (died in England)
181? - ? Kenyon
1817 - William Kenyon
... see Old Parish records of Kirkinner

PETER KENYON was born in Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, Scotland 21 Feb 1803
Peter married Hellen McCreadie (1806-1889) 20 Jan 1829
- daughter of Thomas McCreadie & Mary Coid
They passed away in Sorbie, Wigtownshire
- their known children born in Glasserton, Wigtownshire
1829 - John Kenyon (died in Kirkinner)
1830 - Margaret Kenyon (died in Sorbie)
1833 - 1916 HUGH McMILLAN KENYON (died in New Zealand)
1836 - Alexander Kenyon
1838 - Thomas Kenyon
1840 - Peter Kenyon
1841 - William Kenyon (died Rous Mill, Alstonville NSW)
1844 - David Kenyon (died in Wigtownshire)
1848 - Margaret Kenyon
1855 - Helen Isabella Kenyon

- was born 4 Oct 1833 (also seen 7 Sep 1832)
he married SUSAN ELIZABETH EDEN 23 May 1866
- born 2 June 1844 to Thomas EDEN (1820-1901) & Jane AINSWORTH (1824-1900)
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 26 May 1866
... On the 23rd May, at St Michael's Church, Spring Grove, by the Bishop of Nelson, Mr Hugh Kenyon, of Dovedale, to Miss Susan Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Eden, of Waimea-west [No Cards]
also see link at daughter Isabella

the children of HUGH & SUSAN, all born in or around Nelson:
... 1
Helen Jane Susan 'Nellie' Kenyon
- 21 Feb 1867 - 5 Oct 1951
- married George William KINZETT (1868-1941) in Wakefield, June 1906
- 1st of 12 known children of William James KINZETT & Sophia Dora Elizabeth BUSCH
- brother of Minnie Alice Kinzett who married Helen's brother Frank


... 2
Susan Margaret Kenyon
- 25 Aug 1868 - 20 Apr 1955
- married Henry Bishop THORN (1868-1941) in Nelson in Oct 1893
- 9th of 9 children of John THORN (1828-1893) & Mary Ann NEWPORT (1832-1870)
- the known children of SUSAN & HENRY:
* 1894 - 1955 Martin Henry Thorn
- Martin married Grace Annie HODGES (1894-1946) in 1925
* 1895 - 1927 Clarice Isabel Thorn
- Clarice married Rodger Lloyd WIN (1890-1963) in 1916
* 1897 - 1981 Edith Helen Thorn
- Edith married George Henry BURROUGH (1893-1985) in 1920
* 1899 - 1978 Kenneth Gordon 'Ken' Thorn
- Ken married Nellie Gladys GROOBY (1904-1995) in 1925
* 1903 - 1980 Hugh Arnold Thorn
- Hugh married Verna Florence HEATH (1907-1984) in 1929 (sister of Ashley)
* 1905 - 1982 Thelma Margaret Thorn
- Thelma married Ashley Elwyn HEATH (1902-1982) in 1930 (brother of Verna)
* 1908 - 2007 Una Mary Thorn


... 3
- 1870 - 29 April 1952
- married Mary Lauretta 'Minnie' HARDING in Ngatimoti, Nelson on 6 Sep 1894
- she was the daughter of George HARDING & Anne Jane SUTCLIFFE, grand-daughter of R. SUTCLIFFE of Ngatimoti
Nelson Evening Mail 11 Sep 1894 At St James Church Ngatimoti, on Thursday last, there was a large gathering of neighbours and friends to witness the marriage of Mr David Kenyon, eldest son of Mr Hugh Kenyon, of Dovedale, to Miss Mary L. Harding. The ceremony was performed by the Rev W.G. Baker, the bride being a member of the church choir and assistant organist. The service was choral, Mr Harold Ellis presiding at the organ in his usual efficient manner. The interior of the church was very neatly and artistically decorated with ferns, flowers, etc. The bridegroom, attended by his brother Mr George Kenyon as best man, was waiting at the altar rails when the bride entered the church leaning on the arm of her grandfather, Mr R. Sutcliffe and followed by her two bridesmaids, Miss Sarah White, her cousin and Miss Anne Kenyon, sister of the bridegroom. As the happy couple left the church they were greeted with showers of rice and the congratulations of the numerous assembly. The afternoon tea at Mr Sutcliffe's was a happy reunion of the parents and other members of the bridegroom's family and several of Mr Sutcliffe's numerous children and grandchildren. In the evening Mr and Mrs D. Kenyon left to spend their honeymoon at the Upper Moutere
- they known children of DAVID & MINNIE:
* 1895 - 1981 George Hugh Sutcliffe Kenyon
- George served in WWI as Driver 18484 with the NZEF, 22nd Reinforcements New Zealand Army Service Corps. He embarked from Wellington 16 Feb 1917 on HMNZT 76 Aparima. His next of kin was his father David Kenyon at Woodville
- George married Freda May (1901-1978) SKIPAGE of Featherston
- a daughter of Charles Robert SKIPAGE & Ella Christina SIMMONDS of Greytown
- he was an Engine Driver living in Palmerston North in 1981 when he died aged 86
* 1896 - 1916 Bertram David Kenyon
- Bertram served in WWI as Sapper 4/1806 with the NZEF, 9th Reinforcements New Zealand Engineers. He embarked from Wellington 8 Jan 1916 on the HMNZT 37 Maunganui. His next of kin was his mother Minnie c/o Post Office, Ross, West Coast. Bertram was ACCIDENTALLY DROWNED 17 Oct 1916 aged 20 in France. Grave Reference: IV. A. 5. at Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres, France
Colonist, 2 November 1916 Private advice received in Greymouth contained the sad intelligence of the death by drowning, of Private Bertram Kenyon, son of Mr and Mrs Kenyon, late of Ross, but now of Woodville, and grandson of the late Hugh Kenyon. The telegram stated that the deceased met his death "somewhere in France". A brother, Mr George Kenyon, of the local Railway Department, enlisted with the 21st Reinforcements, and is now in camp.
* 1897 - 1970 Pearl Lauretta Kenyon
- Pearl married William SHIRLEY in 1927
* 1898 - 1951 Wilfred Donald Kenyon
- Wilfred married Agnes Isabel O'CONNELL in 1931
* 1901 - 1992 Muriel Joyce Kenyon
- Muriel married Frederick Stephen BALSON (1892-1961) in 1923
* 1902 - 1993 Marjory Vida Kenyon
- Marjory married John Patrick DONAGHY (1897-1986) in 1930
* 1906 - 1984 Douglas Arthur Kenyon
- Douglas married Unis Frances MONK (1908-1989) in 1930
- 6th of 11 children of Maurice Stephen 'George' MONK & Lilian Mary BRYANT
* 1907 - Evelyn Winifred Kenyon
DAVID died 29 April 1952 and is buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery at Woodville
MINNIE died 8 February 1958 and was cremated at Kelvin Grove (see comment below). She had been at Grant Street, Hawera


... 4
Annie Louisa Kenyon
- 23 July 1871 - 16 Jan 1933
- married Joseph MEAD in Thorpe, Dovedale 9 Oct 1901
- he was the 5th son of 13 children of Hubert MEAD & Jessie LOUDEN of Motupiko
Colonist, 5 November 1901 MEAD - KENYON - On October 9th, 1901, at the residence of the bride's parents, Thorpe, Dovedale, by Canon Lucas, Joseph, fifth son of Mr Hubert Mead, of Motupiko, to Annie Louisa, third daughter of Mr Hugh Kenyon
- the known children of ANNIE & JOSEPH:
* 1904 - 1980 Annie Isabel Mead
* 1905 - 1979 Robert Cyril Mead
- Robert married Isabel Robertson GOLDIE in 1920
* 1907 - 1976 Joseph Douglas Claude Mead
- Joseph married Florence Margaret GREENBANK in 1930
* 1908 - 1970 Theodore Mervyn Mead
- Theodore married Mary Catherine WARREN in 1931
* 1910 - Elsie Myra Mead
ANNIE died in Greymouth


... 5
Ada Kenyon
- 1873 - 1950
- she married Henry Peter HAWKINS (1866-1945) in Nelson in June 1905
- the known children of ADA & HENRY:
* 1909 - 1987 Clarence Kenyon Hawkins
* 1913 - unnamed infant


... 6
George Hugh Kenyon
- 15 December 1874 - 4 July 1896
- George returned home from spending a couple of months in the West Coast, with a severe cold which developed into inflammamtion of the lungs. He died 3 weeks later aged 21
Colonist, 8 July 1896 KENYON - July 4th, at his father's residence, Dovedale, George Hugh, second son of Hugh and Susan Kenyon, aged 21 years and 6 months


... 7
Isabella 'Belle' Kenyon
- 30 June 1876 - 24 Aug 1941
- Isabella was a Teacher at Dovedale Nelson Evening Mail, 25 Feb 1896 Miss Kenyon, who has been a probationer in the Dovedale School for nearly four years, and who is about to leave us for 'fresh fields and pastures new', was presented by her pupils with a small token of their affection and esteem. Its intrinsic value did not perhaps amount to much, but the good-will that prompted the gift cannot be assessed in £. s. d. The good wishes expressed ought to encourage Miss Kenyon in her new sphere
- Isabella married William Patrick KILLEEN (1876-1948), a Miner, in Nelson in 1910
- William was born in Stratford, Victoria, Australia his family here


... 8
Francis 'Frank' Kenyon
- 1 May 1878 - 28 Dec 1941
- married Minnie Alice KINZETT in Nelson on 30 Feb 1901
- she was the 6th of 7 known children of William James KINZETT (1844-1911) & Sophia Dora Elizabeth BUSCH
Nelson Evening Mail, 5 February 1901 WEDDING BELLS
... A very pretty wedding was celebrated at the residence of Mr Wm Kinzett on 20th ult., when Alice, fourth daughter of Mr Kinzett, was married to Frank, third son of Mr Hugh Kenyon, of Dovedale. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Canon Lucas, of Wakefiled. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore dove-coloured cashmere, trimmed with white silk and pearls. The bridesmaids were Miss Kinzett and Miss Sarah Kinzett, dressed in blue shot material trimmed with cream silk and lace, with hats to match and Miss Isabel and Unice Kenyon, who wore green trimmed with cream satin, with hats to match. Mr Arthur Kenyon acted as best man. In the evening the friends of the bride and bridegroom were entertained at a social in the Tadmor Hall by Mr and Mrs Kinzett. Early in the evening the happy couple started on their honeymoon trip, amidst showers of rice. Dancing was kept up till nearly morning, the music being supplied by Mrs Win, Mr A. Kenyon and Mr G. Bromwell. The presents were numerous and valuable
- the known children of FRANK & MINNIE:
* 1902 - 1986 Keith Malcolm Kenyon
* 1904 - 1963 Cleveland Lancelot Kenyon
- Cleveland married Esther Lucy Thurza MORGAN in 1927
* 1907 - 1973 Alma Marjory Kenyon
- Alma married Charles William COURT in 1928
Probate: 9 Nov 1955 will filed, Minnie Alice Kenyon, Rangiora, widow


... 9
Eunice Ainsworth Kenyo,
- 31 Aug 1879 - 19 May 1962
- Eunice married William Othen HEWETSON (1879-1951) in Nelson 11 April 1907
- 8th of 11 children of Thomas HEWETSON and Johanna Sophia Charlotte ROSE
- the known child of EUNICE & WILLIAM:
1908 - 1991 Cyril Hewetson
- Cyril married Beatrice Mary Elizabeth BRICE (1912-) in 1931
- daughter of Alfred William Stanley BRICE & Mary Josephine SILVA
- they were gone from Nelson by 1911


... 10
Arthur Alexander Kenyon,
- 1881 - 27 June 1968
- married Mave Evelyn Annie COLEMAN (1888-1947) in Nelson in 1906
- a daughter of Peter COLEMAN (1855-1919 from Wollongong NSW) & Annie Elizabeth WRAY. Her sister, Ellice Maud Millicent Coleman (1887-1949) married Herbert Humphries WIN (1884-1923) in 1911
- Arthur was a farmer in Motueka in 1911
- the known children of ARTHUR & MAVE:
* 1907 - 1952 Maxwell Arthur Kenyon
- Maxwell married Beatrice Ida ROWLING
- Maxwell is buried Plot 034, Block 25 at Wakapuaka cemetery
* 1908 - 1932 Hugh Kenyon
* 1909 - 1929 Ashley Wray Kenyon
* 1913 - 1987 Annie Evelyn Kenyon
- Annie married ? McKENNA
- she married ? PRINCE
* 1929 - 1991 Thora Helen Kenyon
- Thora married ? REILLY

HUGH Kenyon died 26 June 1916
Colonist, 27 June 1916
... KENYON - On June 26th, 1916, at his late residence, Thirpe, Hugh, beloved husband of Susan E. Kenyon, aged 83 years. [Wellington papers please copy]
... The ranks of the hardy band of pioneer settlers of this district were further thinned yesterday by the death of Mr Hugh Kenyon, J.P., of Thorpe. Deceased, who was born in Scotland in the year 1833, came out to Australia in the early fifties. He at once went to the gold diggings, which were then in full swing, and worked there with more or less success until he was attracted to New Zealand by the Gabriel's Gully rush. In the year 1861 he came to this district, and took up an unimproved farm at Dovedale, which he developed into splendid property. The late Mr Kenyon took a keen interest in all matters which affected the welfare of the district, and served on the school committee and road board for many years. Deceased, who was highly respected in the district, leaves a widow and grown-up family of three sons and six daughters, viz., Mrs George Kinzett, Awa, Mrs H. B. Thorn, Awa, Mr David Kenyon, Ross, Mrs J. Mead, Greymouth, Mrs H. Hawkins, Collingwood, Mr Frank Kenyon, Bennett's, Mrs Killeen, Westport, Mrs W. O. Hewetson, Martinborough, Mr Arthur Kenyon, Thorpe; also thirty-four grandchildren. The deepest sympathy will be felt with the relatives in the loss they have sustained. Only recently Mr and Mrs Kenyon celebrated their golden wedding. The occasion was marked by a large family gathering, and the aged couple were recipients of presentations from the family and friends

Colonist, 22 July 1916
... In the Supreme Court at Wellington on Tuesday last, in Chambers, on the application of Mr A. C. Maginnity, His Honour the Chief Justice granted probate of the will of the late Hugh Kenyon to Henry Bishop Thorn (son-in-law) and Arthur Alexander Kenyon (son), the executors named in the will

SUSAN ELIZABETH Kenyon died 9th Feb 1934 in Nelson age 89

Sapper Bertram David Kenyon
son of David & Minnie Kenyon

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"C" names - OLD GORGE Cemetery, Woodville

the 'Residents' of
, Woodville, New Zealand


- unknown baby 1908-1908
- Margaret Agnes 1879-1937
- May Bertha 1917-1921
- Robert 1875-1964
- William Mackenzie 1904-1904

- John Henley 1914-1914

- James Joseph - nothing known
- Margaret 1862-1895

- Mary Amelia Maud 1885-1890

- Helen 1834-1902

- Julia Jane (nee Begg) 1856-1891

- Arthur Edmund 1886-1887
- Leonard Percy 1879-1887

- Amy Gertrude 1876-1900

- Patrick 1855-1896

- Basil Prometheus 1908-1949
- Gordon Peter Longden 1868-1948
- Ira Galileo 1916-1938
- Leah (nee Eades) 1887-1980
- Vivenne Iolanthe 1918-1921

- Bertha 1888-1926

- Benjamin 1869-1952
- Elizabeth 1831-1915
- Robert 1896-1896

- Rosetta (nee Williams) 1865-1886

- Ann Drew 1819-1899
- John 1819-1900
- John 1849-1908

- Annie Priscilla (nee Rennaut) 1860-1956

- Ann Margaret 1878-1947
- Christine D. 1847-1934

- Peder (Peter) 1848-1929
- Phyllis Merla 1914-1918

- Arnold Leslie 1923-1924
- Bertie 1891-1983
- Betty 1926-2008
- Christina 1836-1897
- Douglas 1921-1921
- Elizabeth Victoria 1867-1929
- Jessie 1918-1935
- John Thomas 1862-1938
- Margaret Isabel 1889-1956
- Thomas 1839-1889
- William 1823-1887

- Alwina (nee Rader) 1863-1952
- Elizabeth Jane (nee Waugh) 1885-1954
- Eva Annie 1892-1921
- George Henry 1889-1972
- Herbert 1863-1908
- Herbert William 1896-1913
- Nellie Bertha 1893-1961
- Percy Frederick 1898-1899
- Robert Thomas 1870-1905
- Robert 1919-1920

- Arnold Cumberland 1911-1912

- Maud 1883-1919

- Leopine 1868-1910

- William Charles Thomas 1891-1953

- Faith Hill (nee Burnett) 1862-1900
- Marie Louise 1899-1903
- Thomas 1842-1921

- Annie Grace (nee Payne) 1889-1935
- John Samuel 1922-1942

- Agnes 1865-1912
- Alec Lance 1923-1923
- Charles Arthur 1883-1883
- Edward 1862-1944
- Louis Samuel 1884-1884
- Martha 1864-1923
- Reuben 1854-1889

- William 1856-1893

- Emmily Amelia (nee Nott) 1872-1925
- Jacob William 1875-1938

- Ann Elizabeth 1843-1917
- Thomas Roderick 1876-1922

- Alfred William 1872-1949
- Elizabeth 1837-1916
- Gladys Lilian 1896-1935
- Mary Eliza (nee Paice) 1873-1941
- William Thomas 1835-1921

- Margaret 1885-1933

- Eileen May 1915-1915
- Margaret 1892-1892

- Margaret Josephine (nee Hunter) 1846-1926

- unknown baby 1917-1917

- Florence Elizabeth 1880-1976
- Ivy Florence 1905-1971

- Alice Mary 1885-1959
- Thomas 1882-1955

- Charles Edward 1859-1927
- Mary Alice 1874-1959

- Ada 1890-1937
- Frances Jane 1845-1940
- Henry 1844-1915
- Robert 1841-1889

- Marion Ada 1866-1952
- Mary Anne Charlotte (nee Andrews) 1838-1922
- William Gibb 1836-1919

- Louisa 1834-1905

- unnamed 103 year old aboriginal African 1788-1891

- Mary 1867-1912

- Mary 1867-1912
- John Waldram 1851-1942

- Emma (nee Hobbs) 1851-1913

- Alexander 1905-1905

- John 1859-1888

- James 1838-1889
- James Bruel 1930-1953
- Jonathan Blair 1921-1939
- Mary Anne (nee Millin) 1872-1959
- Victoria Dorothy May 1899-1989

- John Keith 1902-1967
- Mary Ann 1883-1962

- Alice Ada 1880-1939
- Archibald Bernard 1917-197
- Catherine Mary Hilda Anne Agnes 1886-1951
- Elsie Isabel 1900-1905
- Ethel Mary 1901-1901
- Eva May 1885-1957
- Gertrude Rose 1893-1900
- Harriet 1856-1927
- Harriett 1891-1891
- James 1853-1945
- John 1836-1916
- Sarah 1835-1928
- unknown baby 1918-1918
- Victoria Gertrude 1900-1900
- William 1969-1969

- William 1900-1901

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The COOK family in Old Gorge Cemetery WOODVILLE New Zealand

The Cook folk who are buried in the OLD GORGE cemetery in Woodville, New Zealand are:

Alfred William Cook born 1872 died 3rd Jan 1949 aged 77
- plot 9 block 20

Elizabeth Cook born 1837 died 14th March 1916 aged 79
- plot 14 block 6

Gladys Lilian Cook born 1896 died 12th Dec 1935 aged 39
- plot 10 block 20

Margaret Cook born 1885 died 8th Oct 1933 aged 48
- plot 50 block 18

Mary Eliza Cook born 1873 died 2nd May 1941 aged 68
- plot 9 block 20

William Thomas Cook born 1835 died 11th Mar 1921 aged 86
- plot 15 block 6

The COLLINS family in Old Gorge Cemetery WOODVILLE New Zaland

There are 7 Collins buried in the OLD GORGE CEMETERY at Woodville, New Zealand

Agnes Collins aged 47 1865-1912 - Plot 35, Block 9

Alec Lance Collins aged 3 weeks Mar 1923-Apr 1923, Plot unknown

Arthur Collins aged 1 month unknown year, Plot 29, Block 21

Edward Collins aged 82 1862-1944 - Plot 10, Block 14

I. Samuel Collins aged 10 days - Plot unknown

Martha Collins aged 59 1864-1923 - Plot 11, Block 14

Reuben Collins aged 35 1854-1889 - Plot 29, Block 21
- Reuben and Arthur are buried together

Can you add any more info for that family ?