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examination results at HIWINUI SCHOOL, Manawatu 1901 & 1903

14th May 1901 - HIWINUI SCHOOL
The following is a list of the pupils who passed at the recent examination:-

Allan Greenhow
Rulf (sic) Rowling
Annie Henaghan
Mary Henaghan
Lily Nissen
Franzy Gerusehkat
John Greenhow
Robert Suisted
Mary Moffatt
Pearl Rowling
Edward Henahjan
Thomas Hurry
Hetty Geruschkat
letty Nissen
Ivy Smith
Elsie Suisted
Cyril Olsson
Violet Hills
Violet Moffatt
May Basset
Lucy Hockley
Conny Moffatt


Claude Page
Janet Henson
Pearl Rowling
John Greenhow
Robert Suisted
Arnold Ollson
Ellen Suisted
Cyril Ollson
Joseph Anderson
Doris Argyle
Robert Henson
Lucy Hockley
Herbert Geruschkat
Stanley Suisted
Alfred Entwisle
Edward Hockly
Henry Maul
Milly Hills
Fanny Hockley
Grave Anderson
Cyril Entwisle
Albert Geruschkat

family of John HART & Lucy RUSHER - Staffordshire UK to Clarendon SA to Carterton NZ

John HART was one of 9 (known) children of Martin Hart of Seighford, Stafford, Staffordshire and Hannah FORD of Ranton, Stafford, Staffordshire

He was born in 1894 in Ranton - 5km W of Stafford, Staffordshire, England
- he died aged 81 of Decay of Nature in Clarendon, South Australia
- he is buried in Kangarilla Cemetery

He married Lucy RUSHER in England about 1820
- Lucy died in Clendon aged 92
- she is buried in the Kangarilla Cemetery

They emigrated to Australia on the ship LADY LILFORD which departed from Liverpool on the 18th June 1839 arriving in Port Adelaide on the 27th September 1839 with 203 passengers

All of their 8 known children were born in England prior to their emigrating. Their oldest son Thomas Rusher sailed alone, a few months prior to them, as a lands Surveyor

- their family was:

1820 - 1820 unknown Hart
- born in Ranton, Staffordshire
- died as an infant

1821 - 1874 Thomas Rusher Hart
- born in Ranton, Staffordshire
- died aged 53 in Kadina, South Australia
- emigrated to Australia on 7-6-1839 on the Sir CHARLES FORBES
- married Cecillia Ellen JAMES in 1851 in Kapunda a town near the Barossa Valley South Australia
- they had 9 known children in the Murray District

1823 - ? Lucy Hart
- born in Wilmslow, Cheshire, Engand
- nothing is known of Lucy. As she is not on the passenger list in 1839 it is possible she died before then

1825 - 11913 Mary Ann Hart
- born in Preston Brook, Runcorn - 44km W of Wilmshire, Cheshire
- died aged 88 in Clarendon, South Australia
- emigrated to South Australia at the age of 14 on the LADY LILFORD with her parents and 4 siblings
- married James Paul CHAPMAN of England in Clarendon
- they had 10 children

1827 - 1868 James Rusher Hart
- born in Birmingham, West Midlands, England
- died aged 41 in Goolwa a historic river port on the Murray River
- buried at the Old Goolwa Cemetery
- emigrated to South Australia at the age of 12 on the LADY LILFORD with his parents and 4 siblings

1828 - 1911 Seth Mattison Hart
- born in Birmingham, West Midlands, England
- emigrated to South Australia at the age of 10 on the LADY LILFORD with his parents and 4 siblings
- married Thirza DIX of Lancashire, England in Clarendon
- they had 7 children in South Australia and moved to New Zealand where they had another 4 children in the Wairarapa
- he died aged 82 in Carterton New Zealand
- buried with Thirza at Clareville Cemetery

1830 - 1880 David Hart
- born in Birmingham, West Midlands
- died in Auckland, New Zealand
- not known when or if he went to South Australia first

1833 - 1875 Rose Elizabeth Hart
- born in Cheshire, England
- emigrated to South Australia at the age of 6 on the LADY LILFORD with her parents and 4 siblings
- married Charles George MOLLER of Berlin in Clarendon
- they had 7 known children
- she died aged 42 in Georgetown, South Australia

I will gladly add any further information you may have for this family

the HARTs at Kadina Cemetery South Australia

The HARTs that are buried in the Copper Coast town of Kardina are:

Fanny Ethel Matilda Hart 1879-1959
- Path 53 - Block 73

Greta Benetia Hart 1905-1992
- Path 62 - Block 4

Jeremia Hart 1878-1964
- Path 53 - Block 73

Richard Benjamin Hart 1903-1983
- Path 62 - Block 4

Shirley Hart age unknown
- died 29-9-1936
- Path 12 - Block 77s

Thomas Rusher Hart 1821-1874
- Path 28 - Block 82

The database for the Copper CoastCemeteries South Australia includes burials for for Kadina, Wallaroo, Moonta and Greens Plains Cemeteries

the HARTs at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton Wairarapa

the HARTs buried in the Clareville Cemetery in Carterton New Zealand are:

Amy Agnes Hart 1875-1960
- Plot 216
- buried with John McIntish BRIGHT, Margaret Ann Shaw REID

Dulcie Zena Hart 1906-1906
- died aged 9 months
- daughter of Herbert Ernest Hart & Minnie Alma Eleanor RENALL
- Plot 42

Frances Fanny Hart 1854-1929
- Plot 5

George WIlliam Hart 1879-1955
- Plot 1 - Row 1 - Block 1

Jane Hart 1880-1960
- Plot 1 Row 1 - Block 2

John Hart 1853-1942
- Plot 6

John Hart 1861-1918
- Plot 120
- buried with Mary Ann

Mary Hart
- ashes in Plot 101 with Sidney Howard Hart

Mary Ann Hart (nee UDY) 1861-1943
- born in Greytown, Wairarapa
- Plot 120
- buried with husband John

Mary Ann Hart (nee Reid) 1857-1907
- Plot 18
- buried with husband William

Seth Mattison Hart 1828-1911
- born Birmingham, West Midlands - 140km S of Runcorn
- emigrated to South Australia married in Clarendon
- moved to NZ between 1864 and 1867
- Plot 102 with wife Thirza

Sidney Howard Hart 1919-1992
- ashes in Plot 101

Thirza Hart (nee DIX) 1831-1914
- wife of Seth Mattison Hart
- Plot 101 with Seth

Walter Alfred Hart 1877-1955
- Plot 217 with Evelyn Mary STUBBS, & Charles REID

William Hart 1850-1913
- Plot 17
- buried with wife Mary Ann (nee Reid)

the HARTs at Clarendon-Kangarilla Cemetery, City of Onkaparinga, South Australia

this is the database for the 6 cemeteris in the City of Onkaparinga in South Australia
* Cherry Gardens
* Happy Valley
* Morphett Vale Scotch
* Morphett Vale Bains
* Coromandel Valley
* Clarendon/Kangarilla

City of Onkaparinga Cemeteries

the HARTs (whose descendants are buried in the Clareville Cemetery, Carterton New Zealand) that are buried at the Clarendon-Kangarilla Cemetery are:

Arthur Maxwell 'Max' Hart 1917-2000
- lived in Malvern
- husband of Marjory
- Plot 1 - Section H

Arthur P C Hart 1888-1965
- lived in Unley Park
- husband of Emily Grace
- Plot 10 - Section H

Elizabeth Hart 1863-1945
- lived in Kangarilla
- Plot 269 - Section Old
- buried with husband Phillip Edmund Hart

Emily Grace Hart 1887-1960
- lived in Unley Park
- wife of Artur P C
- Plot 10 - Section H

John Hart 1794-1875
- born in Ranton, Stafford, Staffordshire, England
- emigrated to South Australia in 1839 on the LADY LIFORD
- husband of Lucy
- Plot 2 - Section Old

Lucy Hart 1791-1883
- born in Eynsham, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
- emigrated to South Australia in 1839 on the LADY LIFORD
- lived in Clarendon
- wife of John
- Plot 1 - Section Old

Marjory Helen Hart 1915-1980
- wife of Arthur Maxwell 'Max'
- lived in Malvern
- Plot 2 - Section H

Mary Ann CHAPMAN (nee Hart)
- daughter of John & Lucy above
- lived in Clarendon
- Plot 3 - Section Old
- buried with husband James Paul Chapman

Phillip Edmund Hart 1884-1913
- lived in Kangarilla
- Plot 270 - Section Old
- buried with wife Elizabeth

Frederick Christian ZANTUCK Richmond, Tasmania to Woodville New Zealand

Frederick Christian ZANTUCK was born in 1885 in Richmond, Tasmania Australia
- his parents were Louis Herman Joseph Zantuck & Mary Kline of Hutton Park, Jericho, Tasmania
- his paternal grandparents, Johan Frederick Augustus Zantuck and Louisa Johanna Hormuth, were from Deutsch Netkov, Frankfurt, Prussia.
They had emigrated to Tasmania on the SAN FRANCISCO which departed from Hamburg, arriving in Hobart 2 Nov 1855 with 42 immigrants on board.
German-speaking Immigration in Tasmania in the 19th Century

Frederick's siblings were:
22 May 1882 - Louisa Matilda May Zantuck
- married Arthur Barwick

31 May 1884 - Ida Minnie Grace Zantuck

19 April 1888 - Elvie Mina Zantuck

10 Nov 1890 - Vera Mary Zantuck
- married Robert Tillack

28 May 1893 - Hidla May Zantuck

18 Jan 1896 - Vernon Louis Zantuck
- married Bridget McAuliff

- Frederick married Ethel Jane ?
- he served in WWI with the NZ Force at the age of 31

Serial No.: 39928

First Known Rank: Private
Occupation before Enlistment: Grocer
Next of Kin: Mrs E.J. Zantuck (wife) 7 Angus Avenue, Wellington South, New Zealand
Body on Embarkation: New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Embarkation Unit: 23rd Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company
Embarkation Date: 14 March 1917
Place of Embarkation: Wellington, New Zealand
Transport: HMNZT 79
Vessel: Ruapehu
Destination: Devonport, England

They were living in Wellington in 1917

Frederick died aged 82 on 18th OCtober 1967
- he is buried in PLOT 43, BLOCK A at RSA Woodville Cemetery
- the burial details have him incorrectly listed as 67

Ethel Jane died aged 66 in 1954
- her burial details unknown at this time

thanks to 1daisy and her message of 9-2-2011:
... I do not know where you obtained your information for the familytreecircles, however it would appear you have two families mixed as there were two Frederick Christian Zantucks and their fathers were brothers.
One, (my uncle) I know went to New Zealand, I do not know if her was in the Armed forces. I do know the other FCZ was in the Forces. The siblings mentioned in the article refer to my family although there was a sibling missing - Eileen (married William Ray) dob born 8th March 1901 dod 11 June 1940. Another fact I do know and that is both FCZ's had siblings of the same name -
Another fact I know is that my uncle FCZ died prior to 1965 - not sure when but I do remember bringing my father home from hospital the day he died, and VLZ didnt die until 1965.
Another fact which is not correct is that Ida Minnie Grace born 22 May 1982 should be Ida Minnie May.
I realize that it may be confusing with cousins having the same names but the father of FCZ who was in the Forces was John Frederick born 7 June 1858 - dont know the mothers name.
My email is [email protected] and I would be interested to hear your comments ...

- 1daisy posted a journal 9-2-2011:

A family tree for this family of ZANTUCK by the Archives Office of Tasmania

Francis Frederick ELMBRANCH Stockholm to Woodville

Francis Frederick Elmbranch was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1841 a son of Frederick Aronquist and ?

Francis received his Naturalization papers on 18th September 1868 - he was reported as a fencer of Wakaroa, Hawkes Bay and also kept an accommodation house
- he died in 1899 aged 58

He married Annie Hansina GRONNEBECK in Woodville in 1882
- she was a daughter of Jorgen Gronnebeck and Bodil Marie Missen who were from Maugstrup, Schleswig, Denmark and had emigrated to New Zealand with 6 children after 1867
- Annie died in Auckland aged 74 in 1931

The seven known children of rances and Annie were:

Annie Hansine Elmbrach 1881-1964
- born in Wellington

Jorgen Frederick Elmbranch 1882-1917
- born in Norsewood
- he was killed in action in Ypres Belsium aged 35

Mary Louisa Elmbranch 1884-1886
- died an infant

Mary Louisa Elmbranch 1886-?
- born in Dannevirke
- married Joseph MCartney WILSON

Georgina Catrina Elmbranch 1889-?
- born in Dannevirke
- married John Watson

George Laurensen 1891-1976
- born in Dannevirke
- married Florence HALL
- George died in Auckland aged 85

Jacobina Frances Elmbranch
- born in Dannevirke

Clara May Elmbranch 1895-1983
- born in Dannevirke
- married Jessie DAVEY
- Clara died aged 98

Charles Leander Elmbranch 1897-1959
- married Mina Constance LANNAN
- Charles died aged 61 in 1958

Johann 'Jack' TAUCHER 1873-1959 - Bohemia to Otaki

Johann TAUCHER was a son of Josep TAUCHER & Josepha HOLMAN of Spindleruv Mlyn - northern Czech Republic

Josep and Josepha emigrated to New Zealand on the TERPSICHORE (their name is written as Daucher) in 1876

Johann married Isabella PECK in Lower Hutt in 1896
- they had:

1896-1956 John Percival Taucher
- born in Naenae
- married Kathleen TALL
- John died aged 59 in Palmerston North

1900-1958 Leonard Charles Samuel Taucher
- born in Naenae
- married Effie WALSH
- Leonad died aged 57 in Otaki

1902-1979 Frederick George Taucher
- born in Taita
- married Annie GLAISTER
- Frederick died aged 76 in Otaki

1904-1974 Norman Harold Taucher
- born in Naenae
- married Elsie NICOLLS
- Norman died aged 69

1906-1965 Raymond Joseph Taucher
- born in Naenae
- married Aileen Jean MERWOOD
- Raymond died aged 58

1910-1988 Maisie Isabella Taucher
- born in Naenae
- married Alan McARTHUR
- Maisie died aged 78 in Lower Hutt

1915-1992 Ivy Joyce Taucher
- born in Kuripuni, Masterton
- married Norman WILLIS
- Ivy died aged 76

1919-1988 Dorothy Kathleen Taucher
- born in Kuripuni, Masterton
- married William ARNOLD
- Dorothy died aged 69

Michael John CRADDOCK + Elzabeth Ann BRYAN - Christchurch, New Zealand

Michael John CRADDOCK was born in 1854
- he died in Christchurch in 1939

he married Elizabeth Ann BRYAN in 1877
- Elizabeth was born in 1858
- she died in 1926 in Christchurch

their children were:
1879-1885 Maude Frances CRADDOCK
- Maude died in Christchurch aged 6

1880-1958 William Henry John CRADDOCK
- died in Christchurch aged 78

Edwin Samuel CRADDOCK
- died aged 66 in Christchurch

1886-1963 Sussanah Mary CRADDOCK
- married Alfred James CADE

1896-1946 Minnie Elizabeth
- married Stanley Beckenham KERSHAW